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Hopo's Trip to Canada

Hi guys! This is my page for Canada this is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read, and leaving lots of pictures :)!!. Please leave a comment for me so I can see what you have all been up to. And if you are lucky enough :) and If I have time I will reply to them! Remember to write me heaps of emails, my address is

Diary Entries

Friday, 02 June 2006

Location: Carignan, Canada

Hey Guys!
whats been happening??
hows it been hanging?? lol i am very bored at the moment, im at school and in the computer rooms and its very hot and i have nothing to do and im very tired and yeh thats about it!
well this is just a quick note to inform you all that i went and got my formal dress yesterday lol very scary stuff!! lol but i do have to admit that my dress is kinda pretty but yeh it fits me really good but yeh i dont really like it lol but its all good! i am thinking about putting like blue foils in my hair for the prom so do ya`s reckon that that would look pretty cool wild and different?? lol not sure if my friends will talk to me lol but i think that it would look awesome!! but yeh well i guess i had best be off byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps!
have a good weekend :D :D

Saturday, 27 May 2006

Location: Carignan, Canada

Hey guys
How are ya's all??
what has everyone been up to for their weekend?
hope you had a great day n got lotsa pressies :D lol and yeh had a fun time out at izzys! i was thinking of you lol wile getting my hair done :D :P
well my weekend was ok, i didnt really do that much, got my hair coloured saturday - its like a brown sandy colour and yeh i just got streaks, so ive like got sandy coloured hair with blonde streak but yeh its really nice!! - and yeh then saturday night i went to a party which was fun! and yeh sunday i went swimming :D and tanning - the water was cold like freezing lol but it was still nice! oh yes and im very sunburnt especially on the back of my legs, do you have any idea how much it hurts to sit down when you've got a sunburn practially on your ass lol not cool!!! lol but yeh well anyways i guess that i had best be off, got lots of homework to do..and like 15mins to do it in lol byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps

Friday, 26 May 2006

Location: Carignan

Hey Peeps
how are ya's all going??
me well not too bad, im very happy lol cause it has finally stopped raining and its starting to get hot :D :D 17 degrees here today and boy its nice lol finally got to go tanning today :D lol! so what are you guys up to for the weekend?? me well not alot ay just going to Montreal as i have to start buying presents for everyone considering theres only like what another 45 or something like that days until i get back lol!! hmm what else HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIE i know its not saturday yet lol but its all good!! umm oh yeh and sunday i might be going to 'La Ronde' which is a theme park, so that should be pretty cool :D :D but yeh other than that not alot else has been happening!! starting to get very excited lol cause in 2 weeks time its our graduation like the valedictory like where i get to wear the little hats and the dresses and yeh look all fancy nancy lol cool ay :D soo excited lol!! oh yeh and of course the after party that is gonna be HUGE the whole of yr 12 is gonna be there :D lol how cool is that gonna be :D! but yeh other than that not alot of other goss ay!! my prom is in like 20 something days so thats pretty cool lol im going to get my dress tomorrow afternoon so yeh that should be umm lets say interesting lol!! wow you guys should feel lucky as i have written a diary entry here like the last 2 days in a row LOL! well anyways im just babbeling on with crap now lol so i guess that i had best be off, going to go rollerblading :D lol byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya's heaps!

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

yes its still the 23rd here ;) :P
hope you had a good day :D :D
minichello aint playing in the state of origin :'(
byebey luv yas heaps!
miss ya heaps

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Location: Carignan

lol nah sorry umm oh yeh i need help mkay i am going shopping this weekend to buy presents for everyone, and i need help, like what do you guys want? pls just tell me what you would prefer, like a teddy, jewellry, clothes umm cant really think of other stuff but yeh ya know what i mean lol any ideas PLEASE lol ok now this is a weird diary entry lol but yeh any ways i gotta go byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps!

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Location: Carignan

Hey Guys!
how are ya's all??
well i just wanted to say
cause as all of you must know by now, we are gonna WIN like the last what 2 maybe 3 years lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but yes just thought that i would let all you Cane Toads know that you's are going down and long live the mighty Cockroaches :D :D lol!!! :'( i dont get to watch the game :'( do you understand how devistating that is for me??? lol!! and to make things worse, i wont get to see who wins for another 24 hours, as some of us live in another country and its now like 8pm lol :'( which means that i shall be lets see SLEEPING while they are playing :'( lol ok well its ok stress less erin lol!!!
hmmm well so whats goss? just 47 days left :D :'( arent you guys lucky :P not much time left now :P lol!! profit while you can cause when i get back its time to party :D lol ok i couldnt really think of anything else other than party lol but its all cool!
so whats goss with all of you peeps?? whats been happening at school?? is everyone starting to get excited or scared or stressed about the formal??? lol!!!
not alot has been happening here.....i get my prom dress friday :D :( lol :S :S :S!!
but yeh got nothing else really exciting to tell ya's!! not up to much this weekend, but i am getting my hair dyed :S lol :D very happy but scared that its gonna look like crap but its all good! well anyways i guess that i had best be off!
byebye luv ME :) xoxo
miss ya heaps!!
GO THE BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!

Monday, 24 April 2006

Location: Carignan, Canada

Hey guys!
how are ya's all?
me well im as supa as silva ay!!
well i hope everyone had an awesome easter n got lots of choccies! :P lol n yes dont worry the easter bunny found me :P lol! well i hope thats you's all had lots of fun on your holidays!! what did ya's get up to?? me well not alot lol i only had one week! :( lol but yeh they were pretty boring well not boring, but very relaxing lol a nice break from school lol!! well its starting to get hot here, so the holidays were ok i guess as i got to go tanning, bike riding, rollerblading, walking etc yep lol did just about everything i could outside lol it was good lol to finally have nice warm sun lol! but yeh other than that i just went shopping, i bought me formal dress :D :D yay lol finally got that out of the road, n i've now also bought me shoes so yes i have very little stress left, other than how i am gonna actually get to the prom lol (dont have a lift :S :S) my jewellry n yep oh yeh lol n if im gonna go get me hair done fancy or if i just chuck it up meself lol dont really want to do that, but yeh i really couldnt be bothered going to the hairdressers when it aint even that important to me lol i think i'll leave the really special stuff for ours lol otherwise that will be like two lots of makeup in like 2 months owww imagine if they put eyeliney black stuff whatever :'( lol!!! so yes oh yeh and then i went to the movies twice on the hols! the 1st time i went n saw 'take the lead' it was very very good!! n then the other time i went n saw 'she's the man' which was also pretty good!! Then on saturday night, i along with patrick, chelsea (other girl from aust), rejean and other family from here, went to a monster trucks show in the olympic stadium, it was pretty awesome there, the monster trucks was pretty boring lol but they had ski-doos (ski mobile thing) doing jumps which was COOL and then they had the racing 4-wheelers doing jumps which was also COOL lol i have decided that that is gonna be my new sport when i get back to australia lol along with lets see, snowboarding, wakeboarding, motorcross (LOL), umm yep thats about it ohh yeh and hockey, and i plan on making an ice hockey team LOL yes this is nearly all a joke lol!!!
lol but yeh thats about it!! hmm dont really have much more news ay! what about you guys?? how was the brendans formal? what about the after party? lol!!
so what else is goss? what else has been happening? hows things at school going? how are you guys finding yr 12? is there people starting to stress?? lol
hmm yes well im all out of goss lol, so i guess that i had best be off, byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps!

Saturday, 25 March 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!!!!!!!!!!!! BONNE FÊTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope you had an awesome day! and got lotsa prezzies!! :D
well i better go lol pat needs the computer! byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps

Wednesday, 01 March 2006

how are you all? me well im fine, a bit bored lol but its all good! well im on spring break at the moment and its nice to be on a break, but its so boring lol i have literally stayed inside for 2 days in a row now and i swear im gonna die lol and you cant go outside cause its cold like really really cold like -25 it has been this week :( which sucks cause ya can go snowboarding in that weather :( but oh well, its starting to warm up a little bit so me n cyn are going snowboarding soon :D yay and yeah oh im going for my tattoo tomorrow :D !! which is like heaps cool ay! lol oh well im not sure if i actually get it tomorrow, but im going to pick one if anyone has suggestions lol they would be greatly appreciated ay! like i was thinking maybe something like in chinese writing, but im getting it on my shoulder so i dont think that that would look very nice, or maybe somehting like an animal or something like that! but yeh any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D hmm and yeah thats about all me goss ay, lol my new host sister is all pissed off at pat and mat lol but i find it kinda funny lol shes angry because she thinks that they are immature lol and all they were doing was joking around lol and making jokes about me, but i know that they were only jokign lol man she stresses like evryone out, she cant even take a joke :@ lol but yeah any ways so whats new? whats goss? whats been happening at school? well any ways i guess that i had best be off, cause i dont really have anything else interesting to say lol so byebye luv ME :) xoxo

Thursday, 16 February 2006

Location: carignan, Canada

~*The Cruise*~

how is everyone? i hope that you are all well! im fine, but its starting to get cold here again, but yeah! so what has been happening? whats new? whats goss? me not alot, the cruise was LOTS of fun! I had an awesome time, as did the whole family! The boat was 12 stories high and Very big! It had a gym, Casino, 7 Clubs, 5 Resturants, Heaps of different fast food places, 5 Pools, 7 Spas, an Basketball court, an Volleyball court, a running track, a theatre..and heaps more, all on board! It was so cool!
On the first day we just arrived in miami and boarded the boat, which seemed to take FOREVER, but we finally got there! Miami is alot like in the movies lol (funny that :P) but yeah like the road through the middle of the water, it actually exists!! cool ay! well i thought it was pretty cool! about 30mins after we left miami, some stupid lady had a heart attack, which made me sea sick lol cause we had to stop and wait there for another boat to come get her lol! but yeah i spose poor lady, but still! but yeah after that we just hung around, went swimming, went in the spa, went in the gym and yeah it was fun!
the second day we spent it at sea the whole day, so we mainly just tanned and went to the gym and went swimming, but it was lots of fun! that night we had a formal dinner, which we had to get all dressed up for, which was pretty muchly a waist of time lol cause we didnt do anything but yeah it was still fun! after dinner me pat and mio went 'exploring' the boat, and found another group of 'teenagers' who were all alone, so we made our first friends lol :P we didnt do much, just went in the clubs and continued exploring the boat, which was fun, the other people were really nice, 2 girls from quebec (french like pat) and then 1 guy from canada michael and 1 guy from the USA, not sure of his name lol it was too difficult to remember, so we just called him america lol!
the next day we arrived at our first island The Grand Caymans, it was really pretty there, very exotic i spose you'd say lol! when we were there, we went shopping and exploring the island etc. and then after that we went swimming with the Stingrays which was lots of fun a little bit scary cause sometimes they got cranky lol but DONT WORRY i didnt get stung and die!! after that we returned to the boat and tanned a bit more! that night after dinner, pat went off and left me n mio ..meany ay! lol but its ok cause then me being the brave one talked to ppl so i made even more friends lol, 2 girls (sisters) from canada, who are soo nice, we got along really well, not sure about mio lol cause shes like very umm lets say 'different' but ya get that! so then we made our own little party lol.
The next day we got to our next island the Belize, it was very pretty there, very jungle like, but also a very poor island so it was like half cute, half scary and half sad! there were all these little kids there asking for like $1 or trying to sell us crap or asking for food, it was sad! we basically just walked around, went sight seeing etc, then we went back to the boat, had lucnh and returned to the island with apples for the kids lol, they were all so excited, then we got swarmed lol, but we made friends lol i bought a braclet for one, she'll probly sell it for money lol but its all good lol i felt nice :P! after that we went back to the boat for a nice afternoon of sun tanning again lol, thats when i made the smiley on my face, oh yeah you dont know about that lol well cynthia put sunscreen on my belly in the shape of a smiley with a tongue and im now tanned with it! :D but its soo cool, everyone on the boat thought i was the coolest! (well everyone stared at me!) that night me and me new friends went and found all the others lol so we made a HUGE party which was heaps fun!!! we basically just ran a muck lol i dont think that alot of the old people were very impressed lol but they got over it!
The next day we went to the honduras, it was alright there, but i didnt really like it all that much it was kind of scary but yeah nothing much exciting there, just a whole heap of people asking if you wanted your hair braided, or if you wanted a city tour etc. but i dont think that i would really want to see that city, it was really dirty and yeah scarey!! that arvo i didnt really spend much time sun tanning lol cause i was just a little but sun burnt from the day before lol! that night, we had a huge huge party there must have been like everyone there i swear it was lots of fun, we just went into all the clubs and yeah then went swimming and yeah stuff like that, but yeah it was heaps n heaps of fun! except that night, it wasnt so fun ..for me, i was sick all night, i threw up probly about 8 time (spose you probly dont really want to know this lol) but yeah then the next morning i was so sick i couldnt go to the island, so i was made to stay in the room the whole day! when everyone else came back from the best of all 4 islands :(, they took me to the sick bay and the mean mean lady there was from australia right, AND SHE GAVE ME A NEEDLE and then on top of that she locked me in my room for 24 HOURS MAN it was soooo boring! but i couldnt handle it lol so i convinced rejean to let me go party that night, as long as i was back by a normal hour, and that i didnt 'over do it' lol so i returned to the room at 1:30am and crashed to sleep lol even though i probly slept for like 20hrs the day b4 lol!
the next day i was feeling heaps better so i made the most of it, and just partied partied partied cause it was the last day :'( :'( so yeah basically we all just partied, we didnt really sleep that much lol probably around 2 hours lol but yeah!
so that was my cruise! you should feel very special that i was finally that bored to write it all down :P lol !!
well any ways i guess i had better go
byebye luv ME :) xoxo

Saturday, 04 February 2006

Hey Everybody
How are you all?? well im fine and VERY excited...guess where i will be in 17 hours??? yes thats right ill be on my way to the cruise, so yeah thats pretty cool ay! i thought i would write one last message before i go ay, cause they do have like an internet cafe on the ship, but i dont really want to be a computer nerd ay, lol so ya wont hear from me for a while ay! arent ya sad!! :P lol but yeah, going shopping today for all the little last minute things lol andthen were goin to dinner at me cousins house (mat) and yeah thats about all me goss ay! oh yeah get this i have to wake up at like 4am tomorrow morning cause the plane leaves pretty early!! :-O lol!! yeha um im getting a cold, so that sucks lol but i think its just starting to get better! well last night, me and mio were meant to be going snowboarding! but devastation, it started raining :'( which meant that we couldnt go cause it was all ice!! lol so yeah i havent been snowboarding for soooo long ay! but yeah then one of pats friend came over and yeah that was heaps of fun and yeah thats all me goss, im running out of things to say now ay! lol so i hope you all have lots of fun at school and work lol while i am relaxing on a nice HUGE cruise ship :D i might think of you guys once in a while ...guess what they have a 24 hour pizza and ice-cream room delivery HOW COOL IS THAT and its all for free :D so yeah im gonna be heaps huge but the time i get back from the cruise lol.. ok i gotta go, bye bye luv ME :) xoxo

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From FRENCHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey hop! not long now aye! well today was very bad we had our english exam and then our maths exam straight away! well i did everyone else had finished their english before me lol. i dont have anything tomorrow and mum is coming up tomorrow and she is making me wait till 3 30 to pick me up! arrghhh and we are going to a 40th on saturday and mums like, oh u can do work on the sunday.. lol yea like thats gonna happen but yes, not much has been happening, heaps of exams like u. i am so over boarding, i cant wait to go home! holidays are going to go way too fast! i dont want next term to happen QCS stress!! oh and by the way.. im sending you to health centre when we have qcs ok u are not permitted to annoy me lol. and it seems to be ur life ambition haha jokes i luv ya. well i better get going and do work, catchya later! love frenchie xoxo
Response: hey french
how are ya? me not too bad lol sooo sick of school i swear im gonna kill just about everyone other than 4-5 ppl lol STRESS!! lol suck shit :P well have fun on the hols lol n i guess that i shall talk to ya most likely on msn or whatever and lol nope nope i am not going to sickbay, it is my destiny to stress everyone out lol but lately it seems that i am the one getting stressed but thats just cause of a heaps of little fags lol! well anyways gotta go bye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya ehaps
From frenchie
hey hopo!
how are you my friend? well i am very happy that you FINALLY decided to show us ur ring! its very pretty but i dont get where the engraving is??
i am soooo looking forward to the end of this term omg i am so ready to leave aye, like i could finish school and leave its so stressful here! and did i tell you that i am going to apply for an apprenticeship in the callide mines as an office chick! this information came to the school and i wasn't really sure what i wanted to do next year so i am looking for other apprenticeships in the moura mines and stuff .. mum is pretty pumped that i'll be hanging around for a while.. i wont be living in our house tho i'll move out to our other house.. just across the paddock lol and then i wont be lonely cuz we get backpackers :) no funny business im a good girl but yes thats my plan, then i can save up my money and get a ute :D very excited i am. and i want a dog, but she might have to wait lol. and i'll be able to have people over for dinner, and stuff like that im so excited :D
well enough chat i really really have to do my bct assignment. love ya!! counting down the days, love frenchie xoxo
Response: hey french!
how are ya mate? well im great! haha lol i only just recieved my ring on monday so calm down! :P! lol well ya cant really explain it any other way lol its inside the ring!! haha lol..when do holidays start??? and when do they finish?? ok cool cool sounds like fun! lol not sure that i could do that lol ..but of course u know i couldnt be an office chick lol!! haha lol ohhh spose you were just trying to suck up trying to take over andrew and gill's spot as favourite child ay :P lol nah jokes! haha lol but what are ya gonna do when you dont have backpackers? then ya shall be shit as lonely lol! but oh well your problem :P lol but how are ya gonna save up all this money? cause if you live there doesnt that mean that you have to pay for food etc?? lol!! :P haha lol who would want to come to dinner with you ?? :P lol nah i will, but only when the theodore b&s is on :P lol jokes sorry!! wow omg i only have 4 days of school left :D :D do you have any idea how excited i am?? lol VERY :P but yeh after that we have like 2 weeks of block exams but i mean i think i only have 5 exams so thats really really cool :D :D!! and i probably wont even study lol cause i dont really care if i pass or not lol so yeh thats cool!! hmm well yeh not alot else has been happening here! only 3 more days till my graduation :D i get to wear one of them fancy little hats :D :D lol! well anyways no other goss, so i guess that i had best be off, byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps!
ok i have 5 minutes tow rite this so... haha
i am back form thailand. got back yday afternoon which was monday afternoon at like 6pm and i havnt slept for 72hors and i am in the middle of block week!!!! STRESS!!!

so yes that is my story. thailand was good, went for around 9 days and had a ball. i rode on an elephant, had an orangutang pick its nose then wipe its snot on me , had a tiger roar at me and i basically shat myself. ahm rode a motorbike/scooter thing round bangkok (the capital city) for a whole day and got toasty red like a lobster. ahm then i went shopping but only got one shirt and one pair of pants kuz the fukes over there r so skinny and they dont have NORMAL and same with shoes. they only go yup 2 size 9 and im a god damn size 11/12!!! not happy jan.

oh and enough about thailand. i got my learners and man i am the bestest driver in the world.BAHABAHA
do u remember the round about near macdonalds? well i was going past macdonalds and turning towards BIG W and i accidentally ran up the roundabout. like ran up the gutter and on2 the roundabout. haha very embarrassing. and also at the yacht club, near marina, there were no parking spaces and so i just parked on the grass... and i got pulled over by the cops for speeding WOOPS lucky they were nice other wise i would have got my L's taken off me!!!!
NEWAY time for lunch n i am starving ok!
ciao xoxoxo
talk later ok !!!!
n no 2 the blue foils !!! BLURGH!!!
Response: Hey candy!
how are ya mate?? whats been happening? whats goss? me well im great! not alot has been happening ..only 4 days of school left :D and yeh dont got no goss lol! so how was thailand? haha lol that would suck lol especailly considering you havent slept in ages lol and why did you choose to go in the middle of block ?? lol crazy child! :P! haha lol sounds like it would have been interesting lol :P!! yuck you've got orangutang snot on you :P lol do they have showers over there? cause if not that would be soo gross!!!!!!!!! lol!! haha lol that would suck being heaps sunburnt for like the plane trip etc! haha lol how funny i never knew that there werent fat thailand ppl lol! shit ay i guess that i shouldnt go to thailand lol especially for shopping lol :P!! haha lol why the hell did they give you your learners ??? omg! lol and you call yourself the bestest driver lol my god your an embarassement to honda :P lol do you remember my bro when he said that lol!! :P!! well yeh not alot else oh yeh only 3 days until my graduation where i get to wear the fancy hat and omg we get to keep them :D :D lol exciting ay! but yeh other than that i have mostly just been partying lol not long to go now :S! I am having a HUGE party next weekend the 17th for my bday (1 month in advance lol) cause yeh everyone else gets a party..and i dont :( lol so i make one :D im soo excited ay its gonna be the nicest party ay theres gonna be atleast 70 like 16-17 year olds there :D :D my god im sooo excited lol i have been counting down for the last 2 months lol :D but yeh!! ohhh you dont reckon blue folis would look good??? not even just one?? lol!! well anyways i had best be off, im gonna go rollerblading cause its nice and hot outside :D and then i shall go swimming / tanning :D :D byebye luv Me :) xoxo miss ya heaps!
From Stevie!!!
Hey hoppy-d!!
Yes I think blue foils is a good idea =D You're hair looks very pretty in those photos.. it's so long now. Not long now until you come back...yay!! We were watching old videos from year 10 and 11 yesterday and everyone started to miss you so much :( Can't wait until you get back. Well things here are pretty stressful as block starts THURSDAY!! Aagghh!
I'm particuarly stressed out 'cause I still don't have a formal dress :S I'm pretty sure I'll find a nice one on the hols though. Hey you're taking Gus!! That's cool..
Well dear I better go and do my legal assignment
kisses and hugs
luv stevie
ps. sorry if it seems like i'm snobbing you on msn. My computer automatically logs in without telling me so half the time I don't even know that I'm on.. promise I'm not bring a snob!! =D
Response: hey stevie :D
how are ya? lol me well im fine! lol i dont know about my blue foils ay lol very stressful stuff! :P! lol thanks...but im thinking about dying it like yeh probably your colour or maybe a bit darker! lol but im not sure if i would look like a sick gothic person lol.. no ppl dont stress im not gonna dye it black!! :P!! lol yep i think its something like 32 days now :S lol! very scary exciting stressful stuff lol!! lol well yeh things here are like 5 times worse than there lol its like the end of year exams which count for atleast 50% of the WHOLE YEAR lol but no just to clarify im not stressed lol dont need to be :D :D thankgod lol!! but yes very good news, only 4 days till we finish school and then only 3 days until my graduation! :D ! oh yeh but like for the next 2 weeks we are in block..but thankfully i only have 5 exams lol so yeh thats awesome :D :D!! lol yes im sure you will find a formal dress! lol even more stressful..i have already bought my formal dress..but i dont like it lol :( but oh well i guess that i shall just live with it! :P! lol yep yep im taking gus lol im soo scared that its gonna be weird cause like he went 2 years ago lol and now hes coming again lol but oh well its all good! lol no its ok i know that you wouldnt snob me i mean who would :P lol JOKES nah i understand the comp here does it all the time lol and it stresses me out too lol!! but yes good luck with you exams etc.. byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps!
What is the dress which exppresses your personality then. One just below ur ass cheeks, leather, black skin tight thats ur personality ay!!! haha!!! touch down for I... O the weekend was filled with excitment. not really. i had to serve at the race day which was not that exciting some parts were interesting but i ate so much there it was pritty good food i say well the nibblies were anyway. Yeah ur mate (pop) is good now i think me mum hasnt called me for like a week grrr. o its show holiday on wednesday i am so excited to have that day off just before we start block. I still have to find a hair dresser n stuff. grrr the one place which i really wonted to go is renivating during the formal grrr... o n candice is still not back from thailand. I think kels showed me a pic of ur dress is it orange n blue... i have to find f--king shoes do u no how gay that is one thing i hate is dressers but when it comes 2 shoes, hair and makeup well that just stresses me. But im startin 2 to de stress even though my stress should be at the optimal levels at the moment. But yeah i have a BCT oral 2 write in 4 days which is suppose to go for 5 minutes so im a bit f*** at the moment so i shell have to get to that one. How did ur weekend go? sounds more exciting then ours my biggest news ive heard all weekend is big brother o its sad n their is so many hotties. even though one fu*kin left tonight so angry dont get me started. Hopefully their will still be some of the hot ones on it by the time u get back.. N way -bleep- im ganna cruse.BYE BYE
luv cole
Response: yes nicole duh lol why do you think that i dont like my dress, its long, silky, white and its kinda puffy, the total opposite of my personality :P lol no jokes! lol well sounds like your weekend was goood ...eating, serving :P lol well my weekend was excellent! i went to the theme park friday with one of my friends from school, that was pretty good, could have been better but yeh its all good! and then saturday morning i went shopping in montreal with my really good friends silja (swiss) and christine (danemark) and then mio was there aswell, but yeh we had an awesome time, it was soooo much fun :D :D and then saturday night all of us went to a party at another friends house and yes it started off a bit boring and stuff, but once we brought out the alcohol.. ok so we walked to a corner store and bought it lol but anyways yeh after that we had an awesome time.. i learnt how to dance like the latino americans do and yes im soo good that i fell over and i have got a huge lump on my knee now lol HUGE and lol when i fell over i kinda slammed the bottle of beer on the ground at the same time lol and then i got beer in my eye, do you have any idea how much that HURTS lol it does ok note to colie: 'never put beer in your eye' ok!!! and yeh after that pat came and picked us up lol we were all soo drunk except mio and yeh pat was there with his new g/f and yes i was talking to her lol and she is very nice lol but yeh we were 4 squeezed in the back of a tiny car lol and then went we dropped pats g/f off i fell out of the car whilst trying to move into the front lol but yes it was quite an interesting night!!! and then sunday the girls left around like 11 am but yeh it was such a good weekend and then sunday afternoon i went to a dance show of my little "cousin" but yeh that was pretty good, very cute lol but yeh thats about all i got up to lol! lol colie dont stress ok life is too short to stress :P lol!! when does candice get back? no my dress is white and blue, i shall take a foto of it and send it to ya's! haha lol yeh dont ya just hate shoe shopping lol i have found mine but cause i was very sick and angry of shoe shopping i just bought the last pair i saw lol and yeh they are kind too small lol :S not cool they hurt soo much lol so i will probably end up just wearing my thongs LOL!! well good luck with your bct oral ;) :P! lol oh no im missing out on the hot big brother ppl! :( are they as bad as last year? anyways i guess that i had best be off, byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps!
From Kels the kool
hey hop
this is just a quick note i really have to do some skool work.. i think you are taking gus to the formal cause like today i home room we had to fill out who our partners are... and yours is gus!! welll just though i would inform you of your formal partner!! cya miss ya lots love me xoxoxoxoxo
p.s i will wirte you a long letter later bi xx
Response: Hey kels the not so kool
lol how are ya? me well yeh im not too bad ay! so what ave ya been up to? me not alot im at school at the moment and its 9am and im already in my 2nd period lol (we only have 4) lol but yes im in the computer rooms and im like dying of heat!! lol they dont have airconditioning here :o!!lol well after school today i am going to La Ronde which is like a theme park, so that should be fun, im going there with one of my friends from school and one of her cousins (dont know the cousin) but yeh its all good it should be lots of fun :D :D but there will probably LOTS of ppl but oh well ya get that! and yeh well i now know my plan for the weekend lol but i still dont know if it will all work out lol cause im not sure if i will have a lift :S lol hopefully! but yes well today = La Ronde and then tomorrow sat i think that im going shopping in montreal with another one of my friends but shes from switzerland and then yeh saturday night i have a party at another one of my friends house shes from colombia lol and yeh then saturday night the girl from switzerland is sleeping at out our house and then sunday im going to my little cousins dance show and yeh i might be going with the girl from swiss but yeh not sure yet, so yeh kinda busy this weekend so it should be good :D so what are you up to on the weekend?? lol yeh so i just found out lol im going with gus lol but do you think that will be weird if he has already been?? lol im soo scared that i will rock up with gus and jess nobbs will be there and then she will think im a tossa cause i took the same formal partner as her lol omg how scary and shame lol but yeh its all good!! omg kelsey there is only 10 days of actual school left for me :D cool ay! and yeh omg the graduation is next weekend!! and yep very exciting stuff lol and omg im sooo hungry lol!! but yeh i dont really think i have much else to say, im just trying to write a long letter like you told me to lol i hope its long enough for ya lol cause yeh dont got no other goss!! well i had best be off, byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps!<
p.s i feel like an idiot lol cause i just read your p.s and you said that you would write a long letter lol not for me to write a long one lol but ohh well ya get that ay!
From alyce
are you serious, 17 to 35 overnight? that's crazy! i didn't think that it got that hot over there! it's the first day of winter today and it's a little warmer than it has been. hmm, co-ed social this friday but i don't think that i will go. and the rggs race day is on this saturday too. the rocky show is on wednesday, the day before our block exams start. so we could be either having fun at the show... OR........ studying. hmm, which shall i choose? and yeah, lots of assignments like you. to add even more stress i get assessed next weekend, the long weekend. i have to muster, brand, eartag, dehorn and all that plus do a water run and fencing! anyhow, see ya!
Response: hey lycie!
how are ya? me well yeh not too bad ay! lol yeh it was quite shocking lol and now it has started cooling down, so thats a good thing! lol well i had an english exam today but i mean it was easy lol its like what we did in yr 5 lol but yeh its all good! and then i had an oral in french and omg i sucked so bad lol and it was soo embarrasing lol i could have cried lol!! but yeh other than that, im VERY excited about the weekend :D:D! ok cool lol sounds like you have a pretty interesting weekend coming up lol me i know what im doing, but i just have no idea when lol! confusing i know lol but im going to a theme park, but i dont know if im going friday or saturday and then if i go friday then im going shopping saturday and then i have a party saturday night and then im going to a dance show sunday lol!! haha lol well alyce i HOPE that you will choos the fun!!!!!!!!!! lol! well i know i would lol! omg i must be soo smart now days lol cause i have never studied since i've been here and i haven't failed one exam yet lol but yeh thats probably just luck lol oh yeh and that dont mean that i got a good mark, that just means that i didnt fail ;) :P! well good luck with your exams and your assement!!! i had better go byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps!
You smell. LOL. We just had hospitality and we had heappps of muffins. VERY full and obese right now lol. HOW MANY DAYS TIL U COME BAK NOW???? Exciting yet sad for u i'm sure! Eww someone farted in here lol and it wasn't me lol. How have u been???? IT'S HOT HERE ay. well @ night it's bloody cold (to us anyway.) Soz gtg. Luv ya and miss ya heaps! luv kate xo
Response: Hey kate! how are ya my mate?? me well yeh im not too bad, pat is here doing some very weird dance for me lol and im like cracking up cause he's a weird one at times! lol!! so whats been happening? well not alot here ay! lol cool cool well i think its like 39 days until i come back so yeh i bet your excited lol :P lol jks! wow well there is a HUGE storm here at the moment, so its cool man 1st time i've seen lightning since i've been here lol!! but yes its very and scary and sad for me about coming back lol stress!!!!!!!! haha lol kate you notice some things really weird lol! :S lol yep cause everyone has been complaining that it has been cold there lol and now kates complaining that its really hot lol! weird child :P lol nah but seriously here its very hot lol it went from 17 to 35 over night do you have any idea how big of a shock that is lol we are all like dieing of heatness!! lol but yeh it shall surely cool down a bit soon..hopefully lol cause if not i will just have to keep tanning lol and yeh im not really sure that thats a good thing lol!! well yeh i had better go, pat "needs" the computer lol byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps!
From Rachel..
Hey good lookin'
yeah it has been a while.. too long. But i'm excited about u coming home.. although it doesn't feel like it's been a year.. i still remember u leaving like it was last month.. not 9 months. How exciting you getting your formal dress. Are you wearing the same one to your prom in Candada?? Yeah i'm getting mine made and i know how u feel.. i really don't think it's going to turn out how i want it to .. i have bad images in my head. But it's a pretty chocolate brown so at least she can't screw that up. lol. It's startin to get pretty bloody cold here. And omg guess what i have to get my tonsils out.. i have a fear of surgery. i have to stay in hospital over night and for 10 days i have to stay within an hour of a hospital because my throat can just start bleeding and i have to go back into surgery. =S. At least i get to drugs and ice cream! =) lol. Bct is shit boring so i'm just going to talk about shit mmkay. Spose you heard that hannah is goin out with rothy now and kerrie is goin out with some dude @ co-ed and nicole is in love with ross from grin and tonic that we had yesterday afternoon.. can't blame her because he was DAM FINE!! he looked kinda like ben stiller but tan and really really hot. Best grin and tonic we have ever had. =) izzy's takin Karl to the formal hehe and sara still doesn't have a partner.. she's just to fussy. any way i have to make a group now and talk about nothing. ta ta
luv me xo
Response: Hey rachel!
lol yep ay! so how are ya? me well not too bad ay! cant wait till the weekend lol not that im doin that much lol but im starting to get sick of school lol!! lol yes me too im excited about coming home but at the same time not lol and i think i have already told you this, so i shall just shut up now lol! yeh lol time flies ay it dont feel like ive been here for 9 months lol its kinda scary actually lol but its all good! and i have a feeling these last 2 months are gonna go soooo fast especially cause everything is alot easier now, like the french and school etc and cause theres like soo much happening on the weekends so yeh its gonna fly by so quickly! :D :'(!!! yes lol i get my formal dress friday :D :S lol thats good i was thinking that it was just me who is scared about my dress lol but if you are aswell, well that means that its normal lol! haha well your lucky atleast yours is a pretty colour lol im not even sure if i like the colour of mine anymore :S lol but its all good! lol yes im wearing the same dress, but when i get to australia im like modifying my dress a little bit so that its a bit different lol! ok im mainly doing that cause im so scared that im not gonna like it lol but yeh its all good! lol yes so i've heard lol cause its like the same temperature here and everyone reckons that its hot lol!!!!! shit ay how scary lol imagine how much thats gonna hurt to eat like the days afterwards :S lol sorry you probably dont want to hear about that lol! but thats mighty scary ay lol you are a real problem child ay lol why do you have to get your tonsils out?? scary! but yeh good luck!!! lol when are you getting that done?? lol haha trust you to think of the drugs lol hehe oh well should i say trust you to think of the drugs AND the food lol hehehe nice work!!! yes lol stevie told me about hannah and her man the other day lol i bet hannahs happy lol hasnt she liked him for ages?? lol!! and nope never knew about kerrie but cool cool lol! hahaha lol colie and her men lol shes a funny chid :P she has a new lover like every week, but dont worry colie me too :D :P!!! haha lol nice! shit ay lol yep sara is just WAY too fussy :P lol but yeh its all good me neither i dont have a partner, but thats kinda cause i dont have any friends lol!! arrrkkk lol im just sitting here next to pat lol and hes talking to his g/f who he has been going out with for like 3 days and yeh ots kinda pathetic ay lol like they saw each other yesterday lol and they are talking on the phone and they are like oooooo i love you soo much and i cant wait to see you again lol and its only gonna last like 1 month lol but yeh its all good you probably dont care about htat lol sorry!!!!!! yes lol izzy told me about her and karl lol its soo funny n cute! :P! who are you taking? im guessing your man who omg im sorry i seriously cant remember his name.... cameron?? lol sorry!!! well anyways i had best be off byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps!
From L aka izzy lol
Well i;m back... oi im sure your dress will be pretty. i don't really like mine n e more ay... but ya get that...wait i wil be back for more gotta go to tea
Response: lol WOW this email is long, im so glad that you seperated the photos, cause if not omg it would have been sooo long!!!lol what colour is yours?? yeh its all good lol im over it its all gonna be ugly anyway lol ok well anyways i guess that i had best be off, byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps
From L aka izzy lol
Sup mate
how's it going... god i am slack ay me internet wasn't workin for a bit the other day... n i been gettin to sleep at 8:30 every night... how bad is that... well yas the hippy festivle was great ay.. so many cuties ay... mmmm nah no shiting behind da trees though i must admitt that the toliets were gross so you were prob better off doing that n e ways lol... how exciting you come home soon... STRESSS formal... n yes kinda shame but you shouldn't worry bout your partnre cause like your excuse was you haven't been in Australia for like a year... lol wats mine... i have been n still struggle lol oi heaps of gal are taking their partners... we've gotta get you at a table... oh man its alll been organized i am so glad im not involved its soo funny ay... well yes the after party seems like fun... id say right now were having it at the river lol i can't belive you been away that long, time fly's... it's like ya never left ay... you'll come back from travelling the world n we'll well i can't think of anything that we have done since ya left lol (i have a plan, i'm writing two letters so their not so long mkay C of Erin Hopson) lol oxoxoxo
Response: hey L
how are ya? me well not too bad ay! bit stressed but its all good! eeewww so them weird people actually shit behind trees lol :P!hmmm so what has been happening? what did you get up to on the weekend? me not alot went to one of me mates house for the weekend, therefor i was not able to get to a comp for like a long time! lol! hehe lol yes less than two months :S :S :S lol very scary/ exciting/ stressful stuff lol seriously ay!! lol well yep im worrying about my patner :S :( lol! wat are you worrying about you already have a patner god your crazy girl! oh and i hope that quote "oi heaps of gal are taking their partners" cause if not lol they would look kinda lonerish ay :P LOL!! lol cool cool well yes me too im so happy that im not there lol i can just imagine the stress LOL!!! haha lol yeh i think it will be a bit of a change when i get back lol not that big just everything will probably slow down a bit, hopefully not cause when i get back, its party party party my friend :D:D!! there will be no sleeping lol there will be no silence :D lol nah jokes! we will sleep one night a week ;)! :P! lol yeh well anyways i dont really have anything else to tell ya ay, so i guess that i had best be off ay, byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps
From Tia
hey hopo , what you up to i hope that your havin lots of fun .. missin you heaps ... whats goss ?? hows your dress comin along ?? talk to you later darl take care bibi mwa xoxo
Response: hey tia :D :D
how are ya? lol long time no talk ay! lol and even longer time no see :P!! so hows things? whats been happening? me well not alot ay! omg test like huge test for french tomorrow :S :S lol but yeh its all good! i'm gonna fail lol but it dont matter cause it dont count, i am actually at the moment trying to figure out whether i try hard and see whats the best note i can get, or do what my friends have told me to do lol and write " i dont care about your stupid exam and nor does anyone else!" along with other words lol but in french that is very rude, but no swearing so i cant really get into much trouble lol!! hehe hmmm decisions decisions lol :P! but yeh thats about all me goss, not alot else has been happening here lol pretty quiet n boring lately!!! but yehhhh so whats goss from australia? or even more exciting whats goss from ubobo :P heheheh lol!!! yes well my dress hmm what stress lol im soo scared that its gonna turn out to be really ugly n yep ohh boy am i scared lol but yeh its all good! hmm yes well i guess i had best be off, as i seriously have well not alot else to say ay! lol byebye luv ME :) xoxo miss ya heaps!!