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This is where you can keep updated on my wonderful( or not so wonderful) travel adventures. I will try to keep a fairly record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. I would love to hear from you all. I will try my hardest to reply!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 25 November 2006

Location: Italy

hello my baby ones
i am i very bad blog writer have writen in forever no hope in catching you up on very thing so i shall just tell you a about my walk along the chiquer tier coast line (thats no how you spell that by the way) i had been told by ever one that i just had to do this walk el and vet mostly but very one you talk to about it said how great it was i had been trying to book ahead for day but every time i called no one answwer the phone it be came most annoying in the end i have up and thought i just turn up and hopefully theyll have rooms so i great into town around 7.30 8 i had been travling all day because the guy at the train station sadi i had to go though malian which i didnt have too and it added like 5 hours onto my travel time morel oh this story dont trust train guys so anyways i get there and everything is shut i mean its a ghost town i am starting to get a little worried thinking maybe i would to go back a town or sleep in the street so bang on a feew doors hopeing someone will open for me they dont now this little town was on the biggest hill if you can picture me walking up and down banging on different door trying get a bed it was most depressing finaily i get so tried and cold and misable that i sit down on a step and just started crying i mean what was i meant to do CUE HERO: up comes this guys from melboure and his is like right come with me a group of us are about to eat dinner is american chef is cooking a storm and we have an extra bed you can sleep in tonight so not quiet sure what else to do i follow this complete strAanger into the drankness up some very steep stairs and in a lovely bright room full with laughing poeple the food smell fanstic everyone is so wonderfuly friendly though they do laugh at me for being just a little silly well i dont think i have eaten better food all the time ive been away it was amazing and the guy set it all up and had everyting pretty looking after this wonderful food (yes i do have pictures) we all walked down to the habour and sat on the rocks a wonderful ending an intersting day.

the next id cold and gray and it looks so much like rain i could smell it, but i set off now this walk any ways well i got to the fist not a problem took about 100 photo very was so pretty then part between the next two town was meant to be closed but being my fathers daughter i took no notice of the signs and walk straigh on claiming over just one or two fences that got in my way and trecking on to discover that the landslide was really an issue at all, with only one or two miner issues ( if any chooses to do this walk my only recomendation is dont leave the opath and if you dont head down it can be very hard to find the path again) i made my way though the first 3 town it was only during the last strech when it started to rain that things looked bad it was fine then all of a sudden i couldnt see two inches in fornt of my face i had to hide in a small cave with a very wet cat and picture of the virgin mary for half an hour before i could go anywhere and by then i was tried and wet and beguing to get cold and the last town was still at least an hour away, over all though i had wonderful day even with the rain and cat and everything else i went back to my hostel tried but happy cover in mud and ready for a shower only to find no hot water oh well there had to be hot water in florence right?

in florence there was not only hot water and a lovely clear hostel with lovely people but an american doing tahnks giving hehe its such an odd hoilday all it seems to be about is eating pumikin pie and turkey and seeing your family but thats ok this guy (is name is dan) got so excited about it he spend 3 days cooking and i have to say i rather in enjoyed my first ever turkey i loved florence i spend 5 days there i was only meant to stay for 3 i could not bring myself to leave i had packed up all my stuff and thinking about where next when i reliesed i really didnt want to leave at all i really think that if i hadnt already booked a hostel in rome i would of just stayed till i had to go to veinna oh well im sure i will get back one day sooner or later i could spend days just walking around that city and never get tried and always be happy rome is wonderful too and i have had a fanastic time here met a few wonderful people but a differnt kind of wonderful people compeared to thoses in florence i will always remember as one of the magical places maybe even my favouret if i really had to choose as much because of the people but thats the same as ever where. well my dears i will be home in no time at all so its more then likey ill see you all before you read this but thats ok i have had a wonderful trip and cant wait to see you all

Monday, 30 October 2006

Location: cork, Ireland

hello my blogers

ireland is wonderful country i think i fell in love with it as soon as i steped off the fairy, the people are amazingly friendly and helpful the landscape is beauitful and everything seems to just dift aaround in a happy misty state, i left edinburgh at 9am on wednesday and arivved in belfast at around 5pm after one of the most horrible day on public transport of my life, it started out with rain and alot of traffic it took two and a half hours to yet to glasgow, it usally takes one hour... needless to say i missed my connecting bus, there was 6 of us who missed that bus so they simple put us in a taxi to the port which is about a two hour drive which shouldv'e been fine but there was one woman weho felt so strongly about the traffic and how late we were that she left it nesseccery to talk about it the inter trip. bad weather made the fairy ride very wobbly but rather more exciting then it would have been otherwise, when i did get to belfast it had just stopped raining. the hostel i was staying in was just a quick walk from the bus stop and for once i didnt get completely lost, the hostel was wonderful the people were so lovely as soon as i walked in the door they offered me tea, everyone was just so friendly that night one of the girls took me out for drink and we listen to a funny old blue and roots band made up of 3 old timer who looked like they were having the time of there life, the next day i did a blackcab tour which is were they shw you the wall and tell you some history and stuff its amazing what people live with everyday of there lives, next it was off to dubline and the book of kells amazing beauitful and everything else along those lines then on the next bus to cork i dont like i've spent so much time running from place to place scince the tour, there is a jazz festival in cork this weekend which means at the very least more poeple and at the most a lot less hostel beds but luckly even though i didnt book i found one YAY for me, the poeple in ireland are so friendly i mean everyone tell you they are but you dont quiet believeit till your here well i dint at least it great every one says hello to you where ever you go.

today i went to blarney in order to kiss the blarney stone this really deserves an entery all of its own, it was gary and misty when i set out this morning not a sad cold mist like in london kind of a hapy little hello your in ireland mist. blarney is a beauitful little town which surives on the tourism the castle and the blarney stone brings in. the castle is gergouse the garden are green and lovely and there is river that weaves it ways though the different areas of the garden so there are many bridges and all sorts of lovely little hidden things the castle stands in the middle decaying and fanstic, empty room follows empty room as you make your way up to the battlements and the blarney stone the stairs seem to get smaller, wetter and steaper the futhers you go till your pracitle on all fours climing these 1000 year old relicts simple wishing they'd rip it all down and put in a nice lift. when you get to the top its kinder like yup show me to this blarney stone it had better be worth it after looking around its kinder like right so uhm... where is it then almost by accident you see a little man sitting on a plastic mat with his leg dangerling over the side and another man with a camera posed and dangerous i wandered over i mean if i cant find the blarney stone i should at least ask where it is right? i am invited to sit down, take off my glasses and backpack confused i do, only to be told im sitting the worng way even more confused i sit with my backtowards the two men suddenly before i know what happening the man who was sitting down grabed my shoulders and triped me backwards there is the blarney stone right in fornt of me 600 meters above the ground and so i kissed the blarney stone hanging upside down my life in the hands of stranger, stuggled upright and run to the other side of the battlement still laughing unable to till if it had been sucessfully to overwelmed to test of my new skills. the rest of the day is a blur.

Friday, 20 October 2006

Location: edinburgh, Scotland

hello well i judt thought id tell you all about my many adventures in edinburgh well lets see i got a plane here because i was so over long bus rides arh. i got into edinburgh international airport at around 4.30pm its so small after heathrow it reminded me of the canberra airport feeling rather proud of myself i got full dircetions to annies house before leaving the airport got onto the shuttle bus and arrived in edinburgh city around 5pm wow i mean nothing went wrong at all, the man at the airport said it was best to catch a bus to southclark street so off i went in search of the no. 12 bus stop i got so lost somehow i found my way into this underpart of the city when i asked someone how to get to the bus stop 'sorry no engish' so i keep on walking about 3 non engish apeaking people later i found a scotland very willing to point me in the right direction to the bus when i got to south clerk street (which was only 3 stops down the road) i was feeling very happy it was now 6pm not to bad right? well i just couldnt find annies house i went back forwards back and forwards i juct couldnt see it anywhere i asked a few people mostly i got the now familer i dont speak engish or blank looks and 'your on south clerk st' i did manger to find annies house after many a treck up and down south clerk street but low and behold no one was home it was heart breaking, i was almost ready to just sit down and wait for anyone to let me in the building but i bravely continued on to the internet cafe across tje road where i found an email waiting for me from annie saying if im not home when you get there come to the forest cafe, this time i made sure i got very simple directions from the girl behind the counter before leaving i found annie running home in the hopes that she hadnt missed me i dont think i have ever been that happy to see someone in my inter life but my adventures were not over yet, after trecking back to annie house i made the horrible discovery that the bottle of wine i had carried all the way from germany had broken all though my bag there was glass and wine everywhere it was a tragic moment that my dear is the full acount of my first day in edinburgh. there where many more advetures to be had in edinburgh and scotland in the week and after i was there but this will have to wait to another day when i have more time.

Monday, 16 October 2006

Location: everywhere, Europe

hey guys

i have started writting this many times now it never seems right for some reason nothing can ever fully express my expenice with the topdec tour it was amazing nothinglike expected at all. it doesnt help that the computor im useing right now kinder sucks right ill do my best sorry if it doesnt make sence at times here goes...

i actully wasnt looking forwards to the tour at all i thought i wouldnt make any friends and that the 2 weeks would drag on for ever well wasi ever wrong it started outmuch like i imagined 35 rather nervouse people gathered the grimy bar at a horried hour and a long bus ride to dover were people begain to introduce themselve and feel comfortable i lost count of times i introduced myself after the long bus trip there was a ferry ride and then another bus ride we got in to paris late afternoon, its too long ago now for every moment to be retold soi shall just try to get the main bits and hope i dont miss too many things the next day is blur we saw many things runningfrom place to place in order to fit as much in as possible inthe afternoon we went on a bike ride around paris which was so beauitful i felt like life was a postcard as we weaved dangously in and out of traffic we were told by our american guide that we own the road and not to give way no maatter what. of course ut was peak hour but life threating situation only bring people closer together right? well it seemed work in our case people seemed to open up on our sunset picnic were i tried my first ever snail, iu would have been okay if i hadnt looked too closely and seen that it still looked like a snail gross it was all i could do to eat the poor little creature i shall neverf orgive my self.

the very next day we were off again at horrrible hour for yet another long day in the bus it was time to introduce ourselve formanly to the group this meant getting up infornt of 35 strangers and talking about urselqf to bad if you scared of pulic speaking we arrived in lucerne switerland later afternoon and walked around the beauitful little town i have never seen such a lovely little town every thing right down the wooden bridges and swans on the litlle rive that run though the town it was amazing, after vistiting a swiss army knife shop we checked into our luxury accomdation small cabins that smelt like and mixure between mold and mice that night i had the best potos of my life and rest is just a blur... it was up early again the next morning us the group took on mount pilatus i hate to repeat my self so let me just say WOW and ill show you the photo's if you dont belive me.

i cannot say that i didnt regret how soon we had to leave the lovely lucerne no rest for the wicked and all that stuff plus we where headed to the land of pizza, pasta and ice cream h my i think i put on 10 kg as we crossed the border that we stayed in a truly wonderful camp site with a pool we swam as the sunset in the tuscan hills then drank coctails and ate pizza pasta and icecream till none of us could move brillent, you wouldnt believe the next day even if you tried i barely remeber it now and it was only 2 weeks ago we went to florence in the morning then it was onto rome by luch time it was hectic but the pizza was good which is the most import thing right?? we took on the vatican and the roman underground the next day we conquered both almost successfully but there were two causilties thankfully then turn up back at camp a good 10 hours later i think there were many question asked but the whole trth will never been know. what amazed me most was the amount of people in rome and as far as i could all tourist it was astounding. that night i did washing for the first time i am willing to say in was the most diffeclt thing i did on that inter trip and if you ever go to italy dont bother even trying just wear dirty colths its safer. our whirwind tour continued as we moved on the magical city of venice there was a gondola ride, brigdes and the whole lot nothing could have been better then venice to end the itlian part of our journey.

i kinder just rushing though this giving a small tast but unless you where one the lucky few who got to exprence this too you will never fully understand you dont get the laughter and the friendship which was such an important part of this trip the truly wonderfully memories which had nothing to do with senery any ways where was i yes germany, munich and the worst camp site ever it was about 20 sardine cans in a few cramed lines and unforgetlable night in a beer hall which involed a pork nuckel and very big glass of beer i just couldnt drink! oh the shame... we wound our way though germany the next day to the magstic rhine valley were we cernaded by a live brass band sampled the local wine and cheese and spend the night in a real live castle where there were firer works which i of course slept right through.

our trip was so close to ending i could taste the lonelness that was to come but fist we had to live through amsterdam i saw anne franks house the red light district and the post office i spent a long time in the post office and eat the last pizza i shall ever eat a beautiful bike ride though the country, met the oddest farmer in the world and had the saddest farewell cruise in the history of the world i may never stop seeing flashs.

i shall not bore you with the 12 hours and 4 countries we traveled through to get back to london. i have a theory about touring with people im not really sure how to word it but it something like this travling with that many people you expence something which no one else will ever understand its like life is sped up you make so many new friends so quickly and get so close in such a small amount of time most of the time sharing something none of you have ever expenced or seen before its amazing if any of you guys are still reading this long and rather dull account of our adventure thanks heaps for making the trip what it was in all its brillents.

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