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Ahuva Priya's India Adventures

I look forward to update this blog as frequently as I can. You are all in my heart as I roam this beautiful country...

Diary Entries

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Two months in Israel!! wow! who would have predicted this??
Two months of living at home, in Har Nof, a religious neighbourhood in Jerusalem, and actually- it is not sooo bad. not at all!
i've had time to really digest and chew over a lot of the past few months, of my trip to India and of my journey- and where I stand in life in general... really- a great opportunity to reevaluate my life- where i'm at and where i'm headed...
I actually feel that staying quite stationary for a few months- has been very good for me.. i have a vonage phone in my room- spent a good few hours calling Toronto and NY and LA and speaking to all my dear friends (almost all- and it took a while.. i had to split it up so i can eventually get to almost everyone... )
i have my internet. laptop compliments of Oren- my dear friend.. (thank you!!) hope to get my own laptop soon!!!
i have been resting, going to this great class named 'Yemima', which is a system of self-awareness based on classes taught by the late 'yemima avital'. (you can google it- it's quite interesting..) have been making new friends!! (amazing ppl) and hanging out with old friends... i traveled a bit- mainly the North of Israel. but primarily- just reorienting myself...
now i'm starting to feel this huge wave of energy piling up- and me ready to go out and do some really great things- both personally and professionally. I'm feeling very confidant in my skill-set and my ambition and determination. I feel like i'm at that stage in life- where i'm still young and strong- yet i'm confidant and experienced.. it's a great space!
can't wait to see what's waiting for me around the corner... :)
I'm happy to be in Israel right now- the weather is great! Israel is as beautiful and flourishing as i've seen it in the last few years...
economically as well- Israel is at its height.. the only issue with that is that my dollars are running out really fast.. time to make shkalim!! ;)
i also love the endless options for classes and circles to hang with.. i've been to the spring rainbow gathering- and have made some new friends there... have been hanging out in Nachlaot (the artsy part of Jerusalem) and met many old friends- made some new ones too... and have spent quite some time in Har nof- often at the Jerusalem Forest (cycling or walking or meditating) and really enjoying the nature...
so- all in all- life's good! i'm really getting stronger and stronger- and will very soon need to put all this energy somewhere!! :)
miss you all!
and sending love to anyone who happens to stumble on my pages...
luv luv luv!
Ahuva Priya!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Location: Amman, Jordan

Wow!! what a crazy turn of events... how crazily and abruptly my india trip has come to an end (For now...)...
I had been struggling for the past month and a bit with somewhat of a failing of health and spirit.. a combination of challenges and the journey taking their toll on me...
finally, i realized as pesach was approaching- how much i miss my family and how deeply i yearn for an internal trip- a dive into the world of Jewish spirituality and healing.
as the trip progressed over the past few monhts- i was realizing that i was gravitating more and more towards the 'bayit hayehudi's of sorts and the 'bayit chabads'... and when i realized i'm not enjoying the hassle of the trip any longer, and was falling apart- both physically and emotionally- i decided it's time to cut.
it was not an easy decision at all. i have been looking forward to nepal and the north of india since the beginning of the trip. they were my main interest actually- as far as locations in india are concerned. but all along my main priority was the process rather than the destination. and a process did occur, slowly but surely, often very painfully....
at the end of the day- i realize that healing can happen any place. but most importantly- surrounding yourself with people who care for you, who are supportive and are generally on a path of spiritual growth and self-improvement- is a prerequisite to healthy growth. the trip in india is full of unexpected events- and crazy energies- of all sorts... so many ppl who you meet on the trip- some have strong positive energies, some negative.. some powerful- and it's hard to determine if their energy is actually good or bad for you- and you sometimes learn the hard way...
but in the reality of a trip- your enviroment is hardly controled. you don't know who you'll meet, etc... and you keep having to use your judgement of who to trust and whether or not your heart tells you this is right or not.
i had had a very painful lesson- and learned the hard way- that i must listen to my heart and follow it boldly and assertively. i know next time i will...
and a bit about the technicalities of my trip...
i'm at this hotel in amman.. don't even know how the hell i got here... i booked my flight to amman- thinking i'll decide there if i'm up to taking the bus or a flight.. when i was on the flight- and all the israelis were going to transit- to their connecting flight to tel-aviv i realized- hey, maybe i made a mistake.. and i tried to see if i can get on the flight last minute- but it was full.. so i figured-- this will be an adventure... i got my visa ($15- or 10 dinars) and didn't even exchange other money to dinars... i met this guy at the airport- who i guess liked me- although he knew not a word of english- he bought me coffee- and then paid for my fare on the bus to amman- express bus from the airport. he kept giving me notes with his # but without any common language i wonder what that conversation would be like, and what he was thinking when he gave me the still he was sweet.. on the bus i met a nice arab israeli business man who's now living in london- from east jerusalem. he was trying to help me too- and in the end put me on a cab to the hotel in amman from which the bus to israel leaves. he paid for the cab too (still not a single dinar in my purse..) and now i'm at the hotel- where they offered me to use their internet for free..
jordan is soooo strikingly 'empty' and 'quiet' after india.
i do have this sense of emptiness- of missing the hustle and bustle of india.
i'm sad that i left india to some extent- i think that taking a break from the trip coule be a good thing.. i would like to focus now on my health (i lost tons of weight and have gotten sick for over a month now- form stomach to flues, to colds etc. time for me to strengthen my immune system...)
i will get strong again and flourish and find love and move on! i know it..
i may even decide to come back to india after pesach and finish my trip (it's one of the possibilities...)
my bus should arrive soon- i can't wait to see an israeli again- it's a bit unnerving to be the only israeli/jew/ white woman around in amman... the news was on in the cab- and all i could hear and understand was 'hammas' and 'ehud ulmert' and 'izrael..'' (arabic accent..)
anyways- g-d is with me- and watching me.. so i'm good.. he's sending me good angels on the way :)
i want to thank all my amazing readers / friends who've kept me company on this amazing journey to myself...
i hope to continue updating my blog from israel... and would love to hear from you- the last time i checked, my blog had been visited about 1200 times by you guys!
thank you! thank you! thank you! for your support, for your interest in my 'stories'.. for your love... for being YOU! for being in my life!
i am so blessed to have each and every one of you! and would love to be there for you in any way i can!
this portion of my tirp has come to an end- but a new beginning is around the corner- and i know it will be an exciting one- with much focus on building my core- my future...
hope to share good news with you always!
love love love!
ahuva priya huvi huverama huvster huv luv luv luv :) :) :)

Monday, 24 March 2008

Location: Palolim Beach, India

dearest all!
i'm in Palolim beach after the toughest part of my trip so far.
i had quite a bad stomach problem, and some small guy problem- which is now resolved- making room for a new, fresh page in my life...
i spent over 10 days in om beach, gokarna, karnataka- totally not feeling well... now i'm finally back to myself... shopping (bought two cute dresses for like $3 each today...) and sun tanning, and hopefully will go for a good massage.... and wax... and just pampering myself and nursing myself back to health.. (physical and emotional....)
being a lone traveler, one must cope with whatever challenges that arise- on their own. resorting to their innermost resources..
I've found that in getting closer to g-d and praying... in learning how to love myself more. and accept myself- body and soul...
i've missed my friends alot while going thru this 'downer'.. and have realized how much i rely on my support system when i fall- but realizing i must learn to cope on my own -has been a very powerful lesson for me... and has hopefully made me a stronger person.
i'm now in palolim, on the last week in the south. then off to Rajastan- and back to delhi.
i may have to go to nepal for pesach- or maybe be able to renew my visa for a few weeks- so i can stay in India for pesach.
i thought of leaving and going back to israel- but then decided that i want to leave this trip on a very strong and healthy and positive note - so i still have some work ahead of me- to learn more, and grow more and get even stronger...
israel will wait for me- but my trip is leading me closer and closer to my roots- and to a yearning i have to my faith, to my people and to my own self (and g-d...)
so by the time i move to israel- g-d willing- i will be so thirsty for more knowledge and closeness to our spirituality and wisdom and GOOD PEOPLE- i realized at the 'bayit hayehudi' that the kind of Jewish warmth that i need can only be found closest to home.. in my people- the faith abiding ones....
so i'm excited to get closer to it-whether from abroad or from home...
miss you all!
thinking of you!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Location: Gokarna, Karnataka, India

hey! just got the sickest i've been so far in india, so am staying at the 'bayit hayehudi' (the jewish home) in om beach. pretty much not even going out (except for today- on my way to the Dr., i stopped by here..) and waiting to get better, after which i decide if i continue with the trip or go home, and finish some other time... ;0
being kinda bed-bound is making me think of many of you- and i am missing you so much!
sending you love from India!

new edits...
i'm at the town again- this time to discover my first diagnosis was wrong! and i was taking the wrong meds for the past two days... my pains are still here- so in a way its' relieving to know that the meds didn't work for a reason. then again it's really disconcerting to know that this dr. may misdiagnose me just as well.. meanwhile my symptoms are quite bad and painful....
i'm waiting for lab results later this afternoon, and am anxiously waiting to recoup..
miss you all- esp now!
love huvi

Monday, 10 March 2008

Location: Madikeri, Karnataka, India

I'm at the bus station waiting for a bus that will take ma back to Mangalore, Karnataka. I am meeting up there with a buddy i made friends with named Salomon. Indians are sometimes so hospitable. he wanted to invite me to his home, bus since they had relatives staying there, he INSISTED on paying for a hotel room for me, and of cuorse- took me out to dinner... totally sweet. and i feel so grateful for ppl like that who i meet along the way- away from home...
I had been rushing and running around too much in the last week or so, and it caught up with me. my body just caved in- as did my spirit. so i decided to take a break from my vacation- a vacation from the vacation lol.. i looked for the highest area where i was- and discovered this small (relatively, in Indian terms 50,000 ppl) town, on the hilltop in the mountainous area of karnataka. the temperatures were significantly lower. i stayed at the house of Anoop- this Eco fighter who is the 'elephant advocate/ activist'... i had such a relaxing time, just hanging out in his HUGE backyard- looks like a wild forest.. on a hammock... and in my huge bed- which had the BEST mattress i've had so far in india (found out later he paid quit a lot of $ to get this one..)
it was hard to leave.. i had some time to think. to read (finished 'eat, pray love' this AWESOME book about a woman who, following a bad divorce travels across italy, india adn indonesia.. ) it was hard to put it down- and sad when it finished.. what a delightful book!!)
spent shabbat there on my own- fantasizing about 'cholents'... and did quite a bit of thinking, reevaluating, reflecting.. now i'm off back north- towards mumbai, with a few stops and then to Rajastan- and finally in Delhi. my visa expires in April (15th) so i have to decide if i cut the trip short (initially my plan was to stay til about august..) or to to go Nepal, renew my visa and then go to the north of india- for the grand fanallie..
it's strange- when the traveling reality- becomes your life- and you start to get disconnected from 'real life' - working, staying in one place and havnig your own corner...
but this trip has allowed me to reevaluate these things again and realize how important it is for me to settle down sooner or later- adn have my own garden, my own bed, my own kitchen.....
for now- i'm making the most of my lucky fortune- travelign across one of the most beautiful countries in the world!!!
hodu l'hashem ki tov!!!!!!! :) :) :)
love to all!!!!

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Recent Messages

From Livy
I would LOVE to see you! I think it's overdue.
I will be in israel one year from now... for a bar mitzvah. how's that for pre-planning.

Lots to disclose, lots to ask... i would love to spend a little while with you. Your energy is so contagious and it radiates off this web page!

Response: :)
ahhhhhh.. can't wait to see you! yo'ure amazing!!
love xoxox
From livy
good thing for facebook. i decided to stalk you, and your photos and lo and behold discovered your travels and your blogs. Huv, love what you're doing and where you're going - both physically and spiritually and emotionally! i can't wait to see you - wherever and whenever that may be. Have you learned to speak any new languages?

I'd like to read more about how and what to listen to from your heart - sometimes the messages can be so confusing.

L'chayim - to you and your beauty and strength in going forward on a wonderful new journey. xoxoxo
Response: Dearest Livy!!!
soo good to hear from you and thank you so much for you kind words! i may drop by in Toronto over the summer to wrap up my stuff and say goodbye to some ppl as i'm hoping to relocate to israel for next year!
would love to see you then!!! xoxo A.
From Arie
Hi Huvi, refuah shelemah! I too know how it is to be sick in India
Hopefully its not too hot
Response: hey! just swallowed TWO garlic heads (or teeth, whatever they're called..) and am fasting... so i hope it'll help....
cheers! thank you so much for thinking of me and for the support!
love, huv
From zvi blech
i told Mindy- that u r enjoying her book. Glad to c that u r stil anti-authority. atb, tzvi
Response: glad to see that too.. i guess some things never change... lol... but if i felt total respect for something- i would chose to submit to it...
From marcine
hey huvi... hard to believe you've been travelling for nearly 3 months!!! I've ben enjoying your blog. what's your plan for the next few months? Any idea when you'll be back?
Response: hey!! it's actuallyl nearly FOUR months.. and it's funny- i'm at that point of the trip (i've been told four months is a marker..) where i'm reevaluating my trip and regroupign. my plan was to go to mumbai, rajastan nad then delhi- possibly veranasi on my way to Nepal- where i anyways need to go as my visa expires on April 15th. (a week b4 my b-day) then after a couple of months trekking in the Hymalyas- get back to india- to the north of india- and then off to israel (around august.. b4 the monsoons..)
but i may cut it short- who knows... it's got to work out for me... and why shoudlnt' it..??
miss you! love! huv
From Arie
Hey! Good for you for facing up to your fears and taking your challenges head on! I know you're capable! Your journey (on all its many levels) brings me a lot of "nachas" and makes me very happy for you!
Response: ahhhhhhhh.... i LOVE you Arie.. this trip is soooooo good for me on SO many levels... Hodu LHashem ki TOV!!!!! :) :)
From O.H.
Greetings to you Huvi from
Please think of me when you swim in a lagoon or take a nap under a coconut tree!
Your friend
Response: i spent shabbos at the 'Bayit Hayehudi'. the Breslev 'Chabad House'... such an uplifting shabbos - i have no words to describe.... filled with love and joy...i was looking through some Orot.. and Likutei Moharan and was totally thinking of you... and wishing we can do a 'chavrusa'... would have been just perfect for now... miss u sooo much!! looovvee....
From buddha-man
did you do the buddhist temple retreat thingy yet?
what are you waiting for?
we all know that's why you went there in the first place duh!!!!
Response: i hope to go to an ashram next and then vipassana at some point... mmmwwwaaaa
From marcine
Hey Huvi.... sounds like you're having an amazing time! I miss you.... but I'm enjoying your jewelery :P

Response: hey marcine!!!!!! miss you too darling! i'm officially starting to feel like i'm actually 'living' in india... soo much is happening here.. its' such a dynamic place!!!
i'll send you an email soon- when things calm downa bit...
miss you!
From Arié
Hey, forgot to say (after seeing your facebook status) how cool is the chabad in Delhi? hehe
I really enjoyed my shabbat there!
Response: totally cool! i'm feeling like part of the family ther! and every shabbat i meet new, awesome! ppl!
From O.H.
Shalom Huvi!

Greetings from Isabella Freedman- its just not the same without you. I had a great Shabbat nonetheless- actually davened Friday night in the yurt with 20 women that call themselves "Kohanot"-Heading to Toronto on Wednesday-
Have a great week!
Response: hey!! i'm in delhi at the moment.. had sooo much happen here! i'll hopefully write you a long email soon- when things calm downa bit...
love and miss you! you're in my heart!!!
From Arie
Biodiesel very cool!
So is the rest of the entry obvioulsy hehe
Good to see energy moving for you!
What's happening in Delhi?
Response: SOOOO MUCH is happening in delhi- i can't keep track.. and i can't stop to report it.. but i will add an entry soon- probably by the time i'll be down south.. and relaxed.... ;)
but i LOVE DELHI now!! i've hung out in so many parts of it and met so many diff. ppl here from all walks of life!! ;)
loving it......!!! ;)
From zvi blech
Huvi ! what's up ? how come u r not posting ? hope all is well.... tzvi
p.s. went to hear Rabbi Michael Skobac speak-he was great. he asked about u
Response: hey zviiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
i miss you sooo much!
i'm planning to write today- or tom. just got back to Delhi- much better this time around.
hope to write you a personal email too.. just sooo hectic- now i'm also doing business here- while trying to also enjoy- so busy ....
miss you TONS! tell rabbi skoback i say hi- if u see him again!
loveeeeee! huv
From O.H.
Shabbat Shalom Huvi!

You have been in 2 of my dreams in the last 10 days...You must be doing some serious tikunim over there that are effecting my neshama!

All my love!
Response: Shabat Shalom Dearest!!!! you've been in my thoughts and in my heart....
love! huvi
From Arie
Hey! Great to hear the energy is moving for ya! Sounds like youre getting what you needed! I was worried there when I didnt see you on facebook or posting on here. Glad to hear things are going well. I'm in Aus til early July....
Response: Arie!!! how's it going hon??? miss you! maybe i'll add Australia/ NZ to my trip.. we'll see how much mula is left.... LOVE YA!!
From zvi blech
have you met any yogi guru's yet who are so flexible that they can give themselves their own.............................?
Response: Lololololol.......
From Danny zehavi
Hey Huvi!
I am thoroughly enjoying your posts from India and they are certainly bringing back great memories for me.
I was walking back from shul on Friday night and passed by your apartment. At that point I thought to myself that "we really have to invite Huvi over for Shabbos - we haven't seen her for awhile" then of course I remembered that you were "away" and that we really miss your presence here.

Keep sending your posts. I am finding them very inspirational.

p.s. looks like we'll be in Israel for the whole summer, if you're heading in that direction.

Warm regards,

Response: Dearest Danny!!! what a sweet message! thank you!!! :) i often think on shabbat- 'oh, i must drop by the Zehavis.. haven't seen them in a while.. and really miss Suzan's amazing food!!', then i remmeber 'wait a second! i'm in India..., well let me travel in my mind to the Zehavis'.... i haven't told you and Suzan this- but you guys are a major 'role model' for how i'd like my home to be G-d willing, when the time comes... thank you for all the warm shabboses.. i miss you very much!! hope to see you in Israel in the summer!!!!! love, Huvi
From zvi blech
Huvi- there is absolutely nothing going on- there is nothing to miss or be home sick about - most people would luv to trade places with you right now- Pesach Seder in India is supposedly mindblowing-hang in there. your friendly nag...........
Response: Zvi!!! it's funny cuz i do feel very lucky to be on this trip! and recognize how wonderful this opportunity is.. yet- there are many moemnts in which i am humbled.. or realize deeply how imp. my friends and family are in my life..
i've had for the first time a few not such great exp. with some ppl- and in those moments you wish you had a warm home.. a warm hug- from a dear friend... and you realize that 'this whole world is the same.'- ein chadash tachat hashemesh..'
and deep down- we all want to settle down with love.. a family.. and a good community..
not taking away from many powerful moemnts in solitude.. many amazing experiences in my travels.. and many stunning places in this world..
next trip- g-d willing- WITH a partner..
i hope.. (prehaps my honey moon?... :)lol
miss you tons! and appreciate our friendship at this moment in a new way!
From Arié
Hi babe,
So glad you;re enjoying yourself! Hope you find what you're looking for! Peace and Love!
Namaste! Ommmmmmmmm :)
Response: ARIE!!!!!!! how are you hon!!! i miss you tons!! i'm meeting so many nice australians.. maybe i'll come join you there??? hugs and kisses!! mwwwwaaaaaaa
From Esther
Huvi, my dear,
Wow, reading your diary brought tears to my eyes.. emotional & joyful to you... i feel closer to you than ever, yet you are so far away.. but i feel that your soul is reaching & will reach new heights... you're such a special person & so lucky to be able to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience. I miss you & Im so happy to have & know you as a friend... you're in my heart & thoughts! Enjoy your travels to its fullest!! & come home safe & strong...xoxoxo
lov, esther
Response: awwwwww..... your message brings me to tears...... sooo sweet!!! misss you TONS! love!!!! and HUGE hugs!!!!!!!!
From O.H.
"The world says that the world is getting less and less religious,
but I say, on the contrary, the souls of people are becoming more and more refined. Maybe on the outside it looks like they are breaking away from G-d, but on the inside, they are getting
closer and closer."- Rebbe Tzadok HaKohen

Hanuka Samayach!
Response: i LOVE that.... especially connecting with so many souls of different nations who are also all yearning to connect wtih spirtuality and g-d, it's so inspiring.. i feel that while universal spirituality is there and is so real and vital.. and essential.. it's equally important to find your own unique path, the one that connects YOUR soul to its creator... and we all yearn upwards just like the candles burning in my window- all face up and flicker upwardly in a similar motion... yet each is connected to its own wick, its own candle.....
happy chanuka!!!!!
From Ben Adam
"There is no such thing as a simple man- because its not simple to be a man"
Response: :)
From Keely
I am loving reading your blog! Hope you enjoy rishikesh ... dont forget to go to sunset puja at Parmarth Niketan Ashram.
Response: hey!!! Yeah- i was in the area several times but didn't actually make it to the puja... but hope to go soon.. (i am also sending you an email tonight... ;)
From yoga man
did you try any curry?
yeah yeah curry's good
how bout nah nah juice?

nah nah juice will help you cleanse.... CLEANSE CLEHHHHHHHHNNNNNZZZZZZZ
get all the shtus outta ya
atta girly huvie!!!
Response: hey!!! :) i can use some nah nah juice now.. had my first travellers' sickness yesterday.. weak.. sick.. vomit.. and all... :( and yeah- i did try curry- but no curry for me for a while......
From Lahkshmi
Response: lol...