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Ian & Pam Living in London

Hello, we have created this page to keep everyone up to date with what we are doing. Feel free to leave a comment so we can keep in touch.

Diary Entries

Friday, 07 March 2008

Location: UK

3 months since our last entry god we're slack!!.
Trying to think of what to write since we went to venice, will try my best.....
We had a great Xmas, New Year and all that stuff.
We went for a weekend away in to York about a three hour drive, from London. The little red beast did really well, was a bit worried as it was our first decent trip since we bought it. York is a really nice place, probably one of the best little cities we have been to over her in the uk that is. Went to all the touristy things. I think we have been to to may cathedrals in this country though when you can walk into york minster and say you've seen better! Went to some viking ruins they found when building a shopping mall and you do a sort of cable car thing under ground in the foundations of the shopping centre and have a look. Dylan loved this with his nerdy little sister giving him them history lesson all the way around. in all a top weekend away.
We got the Eurostar to Belgium two weeks ago and toured around for 5days. Brussells was ok. Not alot to do there but in all glad we went. Brugge was really nice. Very old. Got stuck into lots of chocolate, tried some beers (very over-rated). Bella finally got her Mussells and got stuck into the fresh cooked waffles (awsome!). Really nice little country, but expensive compared to a lot of the others we have been to.
Trips that are in the pipeline are: Scotland- we leave on the 4th ofg April and will be gone for around the 10 day mark. We are staying with friends in Edinbourgh, then head up and around then take our time to get back to london. We have also booked flights Austria (Salzburg) in early May which is going to be great, just going for three days.
Thats about it really we do stuff but it's just general life things that I wont bore you with.
Anyway all is well, and are still having an amazing time.
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Location: Venice, UK

Well we went to Venice for the weekend which was great. So we left Friday night after leaving the kids with our friends (spud & Kareen) and took our nice liesurly drive out to Gatwick airport with plenty of time to spare. SOOO after getting stuck in a traffic jam and then the buses from the car park not working as they should we made our flight, after sprinting through the airport. We arrivaed in Venice on the Friday night and checked into our room which was only one block away from the main square. We got got up nice and early on Saturday and went to the clock tower in St Marks square where the views are fantastic. We then went to the basilicca, and just generally wandered around. After lunch we went on the obligatory gondala cruise. In all a great weekend away. Ate lots of pasta, drank lots of espessos and wine.

Other than that we hav'nt been doing to much, just getting ready for Xmas. Shopping lots. The weather is getting cold, getting down into the minus temps now! Still having a great time over here and will post photos soon,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan

Monday, 05 November 2007

Location: Malta, UK

Hello, well we have just got back fron Malta where we had a fantastic time.
We got in nice and early and went straight to our hotel, we where all rugged up from leaving Gatwick at 6am (4 degrees) then landed in Malta 26 degrees! So we sweltered to the hotel checked in then went for a harbour cruise around the huge harbour. and that was pretty much it the kids had a swim in the pool on the roof of the hotel while I sampled the local beer (cisck) if you get a chance try it.
DAY 2.
Went to Valetta today and walked around the city. The city is really old, a lot of it has been rebuilt since the war. Went to St Johns Co-Cathedral which is painted and carved from floor to ceiling, by far the best one we have seen. Had a look and the general sights then went on a horse ride around the city. Sampled more cisck.
DAY 3.
Caught a bus out to Hagar qim and the blue grotto. Hagar qim are some old temples 5000bc and are apparently the oldest monuments in existance (older than stone henge). The blue grotto was really rugged/beautiful coastline with huge cliffs. Sampled more Cisck.
DAY 4.
Went on a cruise up to the blue lagoon and spent the day swimming in the bluest water I have ever seen. The water was a warm 24 degrees (yes, I went in even though it was'nt my required 28 degrees). Also went on a speedboat ride around the caves and whatnot there. There had been some films shot there, The count of Monte Cristo and popeye in the 70's. When we came back the sees where so rough, pam had to do all the walking around with the kids cause if I moved I would have lost lunch it was ok if you just sat but when you started to walk......Sampled more cisck.
We wanted to go to the Valetta markets today, but when we got over there they were not on and they had a grand prix on instead. Dylan was really in his element and did'nt want to go home. So it was a bit of a wasted day. We just looked around a bit more and spent the afternoon in the pool. Sampled more cisck.
We went to a water park today, I know very touristy. Got there at 10 and left at 6.30. We had a great day. The kids really enjoyed themselves and we just chilled out all day. They got to see a dolphin and seal show which they loved. got home late and sampled more cisck.
We went to a war museum today before we had to fly out that night. Spent the afternoon getting a last minute swim in. Satrted withdrawral from cisck.

Flew out of malta 28 degrees-flew into london 5 degrees! We all got a bit of a tan and are now working on our next big trip away which looks like rome/florence/venice in Feb. We will be doing a few weekends away but will make up our minds when they are nearer. Everyone is well and doing well. Before you think Im an alco pam was the only one who bought the 2 litres of vodka on the way back in duty free!!
Till next time,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan.

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Location: UK

Update time.

Well the kids have started school and Dylan is loving it, he's up bright and early 6.30 usually and raring to go unlike his sister who takes after me and is struggling every morning to get out of bed.
We have been doing a fair bit but I cant remember what so will try and remember as I go on.

We went and seen Lord of the Rings stage show 3 weeks ago, forget the reveiws it's pretty awful if you havnt seen all three movies you would have no idea what was happening. The theatre looked pretty amazing though.

I finally went to Montpellier for the rugby which was fantastic, really beautiful city. The night life is pretty good too had some absolute blinders. Ended up in a gay bar one night and had a ball especially spud who had no idea what was going on, he was very popular and being a guy who is really friendy had a lot of admirers and he was totally oblivious, fricken hilarious. Went to the game on Sunday and sat in the absolute nose bleed section and watched Oz destroy Fiji. So now it's back to work for three weeks and then we are off to Malta. Cant wait!!.

We bought a car the other day so life is becoming very cruisy now and we are thinking about going away next weekend somewhere. It's our little beasty and Dylan is now begining to refuse to walk.

We will be putting most of our photos onto Facebook now because you can fit more, our name for a name search is Iannpam Anderson so join up it's free and you can have a look. We will put some on here eventually.
Anyway thats about it, will update soon,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan

Friday, 07 September 2007

Location: UK

Again on nights updating this page, Geez it's nice to have a computer at the bedside that you can do what you want with.

We havent been doing that much over the last fortnight so it's going to be a short one.

We went out to camden market last weekend (our kind of place), bought some clothes and what not and found a great food market out there, all good watching american tourists taking photos of punks then getting threatened if they did'nt pay them for it!!.

Dylan and Bella start school on Monday so its been full steam ahead getting Dylan all his gear, he has been wearing his school shoes everyday for a week now, he's very keen to start. We are keen also and are having a champange breakfast with spud and Corrine to celebrate them going, it's just like christmas to have both of them at school (3 more sleeps).

Im finally off to Montpellier to go to the rugby world cup next week so am looking forward to that and we are hunting in earnest for a decent car.

Thats it!! Nothing new.

Bye for now,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Location: UK

Hi again,

Bored on nights again, so I thought a quick update was in order.

Well mum and dad left suddenly as our nan is quite ill so it is going to be quite here for a while. No more babysitting on tap! It was quite weird for them to go so suddenly we had sort of worked it into our heads when they would be going so it dos'nt feel like we said a proper goodbye but such is life eh.

Anyhow, had a great time while they were here and when we got back from Ireland we went to Brighton for the day. This is a really nice beachside resort area. The beaches are made up of rock so hurts the feet a bit! Yes people I went for a swim (well to my waist). Water was what you would expect and as my family know I dont even get into the pool unless it's a reliable 28 degrees. There are photos to prove I went in flotin around but you would be quite dazzled by the brightness of my skin. We went out to the famous Brighton peir which was good fun and Bella had her first go on a logride which was hilarious scared the crap out of her but she wanted to go straight back on.

We just hung out at home for the rest of the week pretty much. Took the olds out to Kew gardens for an afternoon which they enjoyed and thats about it.

Now that they are home dads going to have to get used to schooners again, knocks you a bit when you drink three pints as quick as the three schooners in an hour dont it dad!!!. Mums legacy over here is she has us addicted to phish food icecream (choc chunk, marshmellow, nougat, choc icecream yum).

Hope you feel better nan and we will all talk to you soon, make sure you comb your hair (we will give Daphnes cure a go eh!!!)

Anyway thats about it till next week or so,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan

Wednesday, 08 August 2007

Location: Ireland

World tour of Ireland 2007.

Well we are back from Ireland after our 8 day trip. This place is absolutly amazing, probably the most scenic place I have ever seen. I know it sounds bad but in some aspects it absolutely smashes oz. Anyway to make it easy will go day by day.

Arrived at a bright 7am in Dublin and picked up our beast of a van and off we went. First stop was Killkenny which was a bit of a disapointment. The guide books talk this place up a lot but there is a castle and that's about it, quite nice enough but nothing to do so we took off again and went to the Rock of Cashel which is this huge old church/castle on top of a rock funny enough, the views were spectacular and my comment from a distance of "I thought it would be bigger" quickly disapeared as we climbed up the side of a hill and walked around for an 1 1/2 to have a little look. We then went down to cork and spent the first night down there in this hostel that was so small you couldn't help but laugh. 6 foot wide with 6 bed in it you just couldn't move- good fun but.

Did a day trip out to Killarney from cork and did a jaunty cart horse ride out to Ross Castle which was good. Kids loved "Pepsi" the horse. Nice castle with good views. We then drove around some of the ring of Kerry- a really scenic part of Ireland. Trouble was it was quite misty but still got some ok views. We then crossed over to the ring of Baera and went through a mountain pass called Healy's pass -views were spectacular. Off to Cork again for the night in our shoebox.

Left cork today and went to the Dingle Peninsula for a drive- this place was awesome, we have never seen views and scenery as we did here, really rugged. Saw some neolithic rock houses which made you think if they could make a house out of rock why not use wood? We then got the car ferry over to The Burren where we stayed for a night.

We went to the Cliffs of Moher this morning. The cliffs are huge and look out into the Atlantic -then into the Burren and had a look at a stone fort (caher commaun) and a grave from 3000BC (poilnabrone dolmen) wandered around in the limestone crevaces for a while then went up to Sligo for the night. Stayed at the Gyreum a hostel inspired by Star Wars. Very cool- kids had a great time. Probably because they didn't have to duck to walk around the place.

Went to Londonderry (Derry) and did a red bus trip around the city. This place has a weird vibe about it it was where the "troubles" as the Irish call them where at there height as well as Belfast. Had a look at all the murals and what not and drove up to the Antrim coast where we went to this amazing castle (Dunluce castle) on a cliff that was slowly crumbling into the sea, really beautiful.

Went to the giants causeway today -great place, thought it would be a bit bigger though, then went out to the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and walked across that, a nice 40 metre drop into the ocean. Funnily enough this was our first day of real rain. Then onto the Bushmills distillary ( Good Stuff!!!!!!!). We then travelled down to Belfast and did a Black Cab tour of the city with a guide and they take you right into the heartland of protestant and Catholic heartland. This city is having major work done to it now the "troubles" are over. We loved this city the people are so accommodating/friendly etc and couldn't do enough for you, I just hope it lasts.

We did a red bus top tour of Belfast tour to get a few more sites in then travelled down to Dublin. On the way we went to Jamesons distillary- after we eventually found our way around all the one-way streets to get to it- and did a tour( Also very good!!!!!).

We got up bright and early - me and Pam wandered down and around temple bar in Dublin ,then did a red bus tour when everyone was up. We stopped in at the Guiness factory for a tour which is really good ( had to drink!) then wandered around the city before we flew out. Dublin is a great city and we could very easily have spent 2-3 days there ( maybe next time).

Anyway home now all is well and will update again soon.
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Location: London, UK

Hi again, time for another entry,

This weekend we went on a little road trip with the oldies, we went out and hired our matching purple fiestas and off we went. The plan was to go to Cambridge then onto the Cotswalds, did this happen of course it did'nt! Cotswalds went under water on the Friday night so we we thought we would cut our losses and run from the water.. Sooo..
On friday we went to Cambridge as planned and is flogged down pretty much all day we went and saw a few of the colleges and went into kings college chapple which was awsome the ceiling was very elaborate. We then headed of to stay in Coventry where it continued to bucket down and then flood warning for all of the cotswalds was sounded so the next morning headed over to the other side of the isle so after a bit of back tracking we found the sun. We went to colchester on the way and went to the castle there which was good and did the guided toour and got to go right down into the catcombs, lots of history started out as roman and then ended up norman so lots of mosaics plus tapestrys etc. Then went down into the town centre to have a look at an old abby in church grounds which were nice. The town itself wass a bit run down so we headed out to Harwich on the coast words to describe this town.... hole pretty much sums it up. The main tourist attraction is a lifeboat museum fun stuff. We bailed out early next morning and went to a place called Hever castle which was great, absolutly beutiful grounds and the castle was in really good repair. When we got there we fluked a medievil day so got to see some jousting and sword fighting etc. They have a water maze which you walk around and if you step on the wrong one a jet of water comes up and you get wet. Kids loved this and of course bella slipped in and got soaked. So thats about it.

During the week we have taken the oldies to the museums through the week and we will go to brighton this week. Next teusday we fly out to Ireland for 8 days which is going to be great.

Other than that thats it. We are getting tickets to lord of the rings for Sept and are going with our friends Spud and Karrine so that should be a good night.

OK thats it for now,
Ian, Pam, Bella, Dylan

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From Brian & Leanne
Hello All, It's nice to read that everything is going well and you have settled in with work and the kids are happy at school. Everything in Largs is happy and rosy. Ian have you been receiving my emails? Had a great B Day Party with your brothers the other weekend. It was good to catch up with everyone but we missed you all there. Sorry for the delay in sending a message but we check your website out on the odd occassion as we have been having problems with this shitty old computer. Talk to you soon. The kids said to say hello to Bella and Dylan.
Response: Yes we are getting your emails you dirty old man. Nice to hear from you. Will email you soon.
From Adrian & Jess
hello from sunny newcastle-bet its warmer here than over there. hope u havent drowned..we are bored stuck on nite shift:(
Response: Hi guys, you need to bring in the 2-3 hour sleep breaks on nights makes them go much quicker. Good to hear from you.
From Kim
Thanks for the Dali photos, greatly appreciated
From Dave Red
Posted a message the other day but it hasnt appeared. Glad to see you are all well - the photos are great. You will really enjoy those couple of pints of lager now that spring has sprung. All is well here - keep missing you on the webcam but will catch up soon.
Response: The messages dont appear until I answer them. Off for pints right now so talk soon
From Dave Red
Glad to see you are getting out and about. Spring has sprung it will be different again for you. Dont know where you are keep missing you on the windows cam. All is well here - went to see Luke up in Tamworth last weekend which was good and had a good look in the country - you ever been to the pub at Courabubula - you havent lived. take care.
Response: Gday mate, I think we keep missing each other because of daylight saving. Talk to you soon
From Kevin, Kathy, Liam &
Hi guys, it's good to here you are having a good time. We don't have a computer at the moment so it's been hard to e-mail you... Well Becky's over her first term of school and loves it. Liam's settling back in good. Kev's happy just driving the truck again and i've been fairly flat out with the elections and still doing the van. I hope you all have a wonderful easter and the easter bunny is good to you all. Our love alway's Uncle Kevin, Aunty Kathy, Liam & Becky.
Response: You too, talk soon.
Luv I,P,B,D
From Kelly Monaghan
Hey Ian
I am so jealous.. not long and we will be on your door step and out for dinner also. Leaving about july so cant wait.. Lost you email address so drop us one will ya..
oh and adrian and em had a beautiful big baby boy. Jack Watson, poor thing was something like 13 days late... Both are well .
Catch up soon
Kelly and Adam
Response: I'll give you an email within the week.
From Brendan
Dear Bella
how are you? Are you doing good at school? how is Dylan? is he still chasing squirrels? I have lots of toys from Santa. How many toys did you get? Did you make snow balls? I wish I had snow here. I like your photos. i am doing good at school. I play with Liam at school. my teachers name is Miss Downing. What is your teachers name? I miss you. Do you miss me?
From Brendan
Response: Hello brendan, I will ring you soon and talk with you
From Alison & Drew
Not sure if you got my last couple of emails. Phil & Leonie had a baby girl on Thursday. Mother & baby well. No name as yet. Julie & I are off to Deirdre's for drinks tonight. No boys allowed. Take care.
Response: The emails are getting through fine. Give Phil congrats.
Ian & Pam
From Deirdre
Great to hear you are all having a good time. Probably time to come back now before the jealousy becomes unbearable! Should be a comfortable 38 deg here today, think what you are missing.
Response: Thanks, a very comfortable 2 degrees today expecting snows showers this week. Will email you soon.
From Luke & Janet
Hi Guys,
We hope all was well over christmas & new year. Janet and I still laugh about the night we had at your place with Nick and Mel. We all tried so hard to clear out that wine cellar of yours. Have you had any of those dinners yet? Anyway hope all is well, talk soon.
Response: Hey mate,
have had a couple of big ones alcohol is very cheap so I have been making a bit of a glutton of myself. I will give u a ring soon.
From Jacqui
Hi All, Hope you guys had a great christmas and santa was good to you. Hope the weather was kind, you'll be pleased to know it rained here!
Response: Did'nt rain here, just COLD!! When are you back?
From Jac
Hey guys, thought you would have started work y now Ian, stop being lazy and just get on with it. New york was awesome, will bore you with all my pics when i get back. Was so much colder there than london, thought i was going to die. Am now in sunshine again, yah! catch ya
Response: Keep rubbing it in Start on Monday. See you when you get back.
From Dave and Kel
It is good to hear that all is working out and everyone is happy especially you Pam. Happy wife and house!!! Kel is chasing your postal address. Bloody hot today. Tegan did her dance concert last night, 9 dances. She did very well as any dad would say. We got the 8m Christmas tree up again in the front yard. Catch you later. The Worboys'
Response: Good to here from you, Thanks for the email address I will email it to you.
Ian & Pam
From Julie & Peter
Hi 006 & 007

We have organised the next wine outing. It will be held at Beijing International Hotel on 20th February 2007. Hope you can make it.
Response: Hi 1 & 2, Look forward to seeing you there.
From joseph
thanks for the photos, all of the photos. can you put some more into the computer? (which one was your favourite?) all of them.
Response: Dad will nhave the internet next week so I will send you a movie.
From Rae Hillman
Hey bel n dyl
i loved recieving ur email. i dont hav the net anymore so sorry for delayed response.
miss ya heaps n heaps.
lots of love n bearhugs
p.s the weather here is horrid, way to hot xoxo
Response: The weather here is great. will email again soon.
From Alison O
Sounds like your having quite the adventure over there. Perth is still treating me well, I'm a bit worried though, I recently bought an ironing board! Can't exactly fit that one in the backpack and so unlike me....might even become a lady living over here!! Take care guys, and keep us updated!!!
Response: Hi,
Still enjoying it, will catch up with you soon.
From Julie & Peter
Good to see you have settled in and its sounds great. Enjoy the cold weather. The secret seven has now become international now that you are over there.

catch up with you later

Response: Hi,
When would you like us to organise the next wine weekend?
Ian & Pam
From brendan
hello bella how are you
i have glasses and there cool
they have a red case nicholas is sucking his thumb is it hot over there which school do you go to how is dylan are you having fun at school i miss you
love brendan
Response: Hi Brendan,
I go to The Grange public school. I have lots of friends. Dylan might be coming to my school too. Love Bella
From Dave Red
G'day to you all. Sounds like you are settling which is good. Dont expect to much english hospitality in London you have to go north for some of that. Things good over here, Lukes wedding was excellent - I changed the label on that present so it read from the Redferns - thanks for that, he was a bit upset you forgot to get him something. Take care.
Response: G'day mate,
Glad to here Luke's wedding went off ok. I here the party at my place went off the other day at our house (really raised the roof!!!!). I will be giving you a ring in the near future. Talk soon,
From Mum
Must run in the genes, Dad can't find his way around England either. Love Mum
Response: Im not that bad, plus im getting better at it.
From Nick
Good to hear you have found somewhere decent to stay, you will have to put us up in the lounge room. You haven't missed much good weather over hear, raining every day for the last 4-5 days, then the first thing you hear on TV is how abd the drought is, might as well be over there. Mel is going well, nearly 25weeks. When you go into London make sure you visit the tower of London do the guided tour, really intersting. Anyway sounds like everything going well will keep in touch.
Response: Hi Nick,
Everything is falling into place at the moment so all is good.
From Matt S and Grant
Glad to hear everything is moving along, if anything expensively.
Movenber is kicking on nicely, we have Chopper Reed, Milat and a few other familiar faces, we haven't seen Ron Jeremy as yet - will see what happens. A few boys with the nude heads need to catch up.
Take care , best of luck and best wishes.
Response: Thanks mate, Keep in touch,
From brendan
helllo bella are you good how big are the planes
Response: The planes where big, but I did not sleep very much I watched 4 movies
Love Bella