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Welcome to Ilena's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 03 April 2007

Location: UK

Well guys a lot has happened in the last 6 months, lucy and i moved out of chesterfield to a place called barlow, i currently took over a pub called the tickled trout and am now managing it, it a country pub, beautiful surroundings, and bloody hard work, what can i say im a sucker for punishment. I absolutley love it, and so far its going really well. I was doing the cooking for the last month which was great to get back into after not doing it for so long, really started to enjoy it again, but unfortunatly managing takes its toll, so ive hired a chef finally and now am just managing it. Lucinda has gone back to oz, needless to say i will miss her like crazy, we have been in seperable for the last 6 months and its a little hard with out her here... yes she kept me sane while the pub was getting up and running, with my moods and all, she put up with them, and very well too.
Sorry to say guys im not comming home for at least another year, so save your money pack your bags and get your arses over here!!! I have a whole house to myself so there is plenty of room if you come for a visit. Keep in touch, im on internet every day now so there is no excuses.
Love and miss you all. Write soon.

Monday, 23 October 2006

Location: UK

Hello all well just to fill you in on where i am right now. Im living in chesterfield which is north of london, its actually near a town called Mansfield!! Which apparently is not so nice. Ours is better by far.
Im living in a pub, with Lucinda, we are both working behind the bars, in two different pubs. The one where we live and work is called Gardeners, and the other is the Blue Bell. Im loving the change of job, its so much better than the bloody kitchen, im meeting people and they are all really great. Its like one big happy family.
The hours are long, but i dont mind, im kinda used to that like you all know.And we are consuming loads of alcohol.
Very happy, ill put another entry in soon.


Up date, the weather is now getting colder, so its rug up time.They think that it just may snow this year!! Great!
I swear ive never been this pale.
Ive started doing some kitchen work at the pub cause the boss wants to build it up a bit, nothing special just basic food. Its quiet for food but at least i still get paid.
Social life is good, been going out too much, so now have decided to slow down and not drink so much. Wednesday nights are still crazy, its Camp Karaoke,at the blue bell,and that means plenty of white sambucca shots, every one is crazy on sambucca over here. Bloody knocks your socks off, every week regardless of drinking or not lucy and i are bound to get up and have a sing. We shocked them all when we got up and sang Ring of fire by Johnny cash.But we have decided that we are onlhy to go out one night a week, cause trying to save to go to austria.
Any way, i hear the weather is going crazy over back home, miss you all heaps. Ill write again soon.xoxoxoxo

Monday, 14 August 2006

Location: UK

Hello all,
Well these are the pics of my adventures so far, hope you enjoy them as much as i still do. Gives you an idea of what im up to and where ive been.

Look forward to recieving your messages, its always nice to hear from you all.
Take care love always

Me xoxox

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Recent Messages

From Tasha
Heeeeeeey, thought i'd tap u a quick msg while i am nosying on your site :D Great pics btw, am lovin the Late Lounge ones haha we defo need to take some before i leave, i wanna be on ur site!!!! hahaha well best run, need those eyelashes!!! will c u laterz chickpea *mwah* luv ya x x x x x x x x x
From Kyla
Hey Sexy. Check out your email soon. I will be sending you pictures of Kasey's hens night. Hope you are well!! Love lotsXOXOX
Response: hey babe, saw the pics, looks fantastic, you are so brown!!! You all look great. miss ya heaps will buxx you soon. love you lots, big kisses to zac. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo
From Jax
Hey beautiful.

Just a note to say hello. Great pics.

Hope your all good and happy.
Tell Lucy we miss her too
Kisses from us. Jax Josh & Courtney
Response: hey babe, how are you guys going, we are all good and very happy, got a man, so im wrapped and happy as a pig in shit, off too italy soon, cant wait. Will send lucy your love and kisses, big hello to the kids. xoxoxoxoxooxoxox good to hear from you. xoxox
From Tin TIn
Right Missy!!
Just thought i'd take a nosey at your page...not expecting to see any picture of me on, let alone the COMPLETELY HORRENDOUS looking ones! What must your friends back at your other home think! (Sorry guys...I'm keeping her!)
TINA x x mwah x x
Response: ha ha ha ha, of course you expected photos of you on there other wise you would not have looked!! ha ha ha, they are not horrendous, there helarious. lol... love you chicken xoxoxox
From rebecca_pinder@hotma
Right that does it. Im taking u up on your offer to come and stay. I just saw our photo on here and although u look stunning (as always) Im looking every inch the little trash bag that i was that night!! Ah the memories!... So we need to do a reshoot there!!He he. Talk again soon hon....mwah bec xxoo
Response: ha ha,, i shall hold you to that girl, you better come stay with me, that would be great. And be the way you never look like a trash bag, you always look stunning... biatch!!! Love ya, cant wait to see you.mwa xoxoxox
From janet & jackie
Hi leni,
You look beautiful in your new dress. You've lost heap's of weight escpecilly around your tummy!! and i like your hair mines purple now its jackie by the way now hears janet, well hello there baby!!! I AGREE WITH JACKIE, you look stunning!!! I will be there soon to see you and i cant wait xoxoxox
Response: Yeah well your family you have to say that... ha ha ive really not lost that much, its your eyes playing tricks on you!!! Its all gone to my arse, like i needed But thanks anyways at least you made me feel good for a bit. hee heee,thanks jackie,love and miss you, email me some pics of yourself!! if you can.
Janou, i cant wait to see you, only a couple of weeks to go, cant wait either, you dont understand how excited i am. im not going to let you go home.. love you xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxox
From leash
WOW Babe!!! looks like your having fun!!!
your man is gorgeous so happy your in love!!!
And the dress u wore to dans party makes u look hot too!!
so much to say....... when u coming home??
i so should be there with u, u don't understand.soooo jealous......

Response: hello baby girl, good to hear fromyou, im having a good time, its weird having two lives, one here and the other at home which i miss like crazy. Why dont you get your butt over here girl. I wont be home for about a year. still got lots of travelling to do.
Miss you too, please take care of yourself, and email me the goss. love you xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
From D.D
Hia Cuzz#2
Well I've just sat here with a cup of coffee looking through all of your photo's & boy am I jelous! It looks like you'll have an awsome collection when eventually make it home. We made it to the snow yesterday & the kids loved it. I'll put the pics on myspace for you. Jazz made the scariest looking snowman on earth. It brought back memories of when we were little & it was great to see your folks. Keep up your awsumness & enjoy every moment hun. Can't wait to see you again. xxxx D.D
Response: Yey, you left me a message, fantastic. Should be good to put them all together when i get home. Im going to have to jump on my space to see this scary snowman i think, sounds intriguing. Take care and keep in touch. xoxoxoxox
From janet & jackie
well what can we say...who is that nuddie girl on the beach??? she looks like she is not wearing a top. he he!! you have lost weight and you look so fine with that great tan..oh and russ is a honey and a half plus more.. nice going girl!!! but what is with your hair????? Dont you think it is a little to blonde??? or it is just how the photos turned out?? love you lots mufti love pierre and jackie
Response: No my hair is just fine thankyou, i like it this blond. You know that. Yes russ is a hunny, i think so anyway, glad you approve. Love you all, so much miss you like crazy.
From Tania
Hi lena,
I have enjoyed seeing all your pics and watching you have a great time. I am very envious and cant wait to go to all the places you have been to. Enjoy the rest of your trip, look forward to catching up when you get back.
Love Tan
Response: Hey chick, good to hear from you, hope the kids are well, will be in touch. take care. xox
From Jacqui
hey spunky. just checked out you latest photos. Glad all good. looks like fun. Kisses to all. all good in sunny, COLD, Mansfield.
Response: Yeah everythings great, ill pass the kisses on to lucy, glad to hear we finally have a great winter, lets hope the snow lasts. miss ya, take care babe.
From Karin
Hey shit head!
wish you would surprise me for my birthday next week!!! (it happened in my dream)
Oh well i know ur have too much fun and have responsibilities now so u cant pack up and F off....(for once in ur life) love ya lots and miss u so much more - birthdays just aren't the same without u....
Response: Oh sweetie i know you would love to have me there i just cant make it. Dont worry i will make it up to you when im home. I love and miss you too babe. Please try and enjoy your day as much as you and miss you more. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
From Margie
Hey lena,
Sounds like your having an absolutely fabalous time. Great photo's - your looking fantastic! Sorry ive been really bad on the emails...but better late than never!
miss ya heaps! take care xoxox
Response: hey you good to hear from you. Im having a great time. Hows things with you whats new? email my hot mail and tell me all the goss. xoxoxox miss you too mate, you should come visit!!!!!!
From Vickie
WOW! Ilena, it looks so great! Thank you so much for getting those photos together - it gives us a real good idea of what it's like. LOVE the old beams by the bar! Great idea to have Mansfield ale on tap looks a little bare though, may have to do something about that! :o) Keep us posted on how you're getting on. And get down to Northampton when you can - I'll email my sister so she can show the sights by night!
Speak soon matey!
Vic, Ed & Jackson
Response: hello guys, thanks for keeping in touch its really great recieving messages from everyone. keep enjoying the photos. ill be puttin more on after i come back from spain. xoxoxox
From janet, jackie and ni
hey wow you look great!! oh you have lost weight girlfriend. Glad all is going well for you. hopefully Niz and I will be there with you in august fingers crossed.
love you heaps xoxox
hey len, hope you doing good. Love the place where you work looks classy from the outside. love you your little sis Jackie.xoxoxo
Response: well you better hurry up, and start saving heaps so you can come visit. cant wait to see you.
Hey jackie, good to hear from you babe,hope your doing well. Miss you heaps, hope your taking care of everyone and yourself. xoxoxoxox
From Susie
Hey Leni, life looks pretty darn good for you at the moment! beautiful pub i'll have to sit & have a beer with you soon. Sorry for delay in returning emails...been flat out. but still in my mind to write one...will be done soon. love you miss you heaps!! take care of yourself xoxoxo ps. loving the pics keep em comin'
Response: Life is brilliant at the moment. I love my job and the pub and the area. Made some really good mates here, its weird i feel like i now have two lives and homes, one here and one back home. Going to be so hard to leave here when i do.
You and bonnie better bloody come and have a beer or ten here with me, oh would be so good for you to come visit chick. Miss you so much. Ill send you an personal email soon. love ya chicken. zxoxoxo
hi mish, you look great good to see who is in you life now take some photos of your pub and show us if your on the internet every day send me an email is your addresss the same i will check tonite to see if you get this
Yeah i am on the internet nearly every day now that i have a computer,my email address is the same. love and miss you loads,xoxo
From jax
hey beautiful. Nice to see your back on the computer. Lucy is great. Nice to see her. But she will be with you again soon. bugga.

luv & kisses
have fun
Response: hey babe, nice to hear from you, hope all is well back home. Yeah, bugger, she's comming back!! ha ha na just kidding, guess she couldnt keep away from me that long. say hi to all, love and kisses back to you. xxoox
From Goddard Family
hey ilena
hows it goin. just checked out ur pics lol looks like ur having fun. cant wait to see u again.
much love from alll the family missin u xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Response: oh my god so good to hear from you, im having a ball, and loving my job. hope to see you over here for a visit soon, give big hugs and kisses to all. love aand miss you loads. xoxoxox
From Michelle
Hey Nena. Corey keeps on asking if I've heard more from u. I ran into Bonnie at the Mansfield the other night & she said that she had a ball over there with u. Y couldn't u take me with u. Speak to u later.
Love ya. Michelle. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Response: sorry chick, been so busy! Tell him hello and ill try to keep in touch more. Whats stopping you from travelling girl, save your cash and do it. xoxo love you too
From lucy
bla vla vla b;la as if we don't see and talk to each other enouigh we have to typr to each other as well!!!!!!
Response: yep yep yep
From lucy
how good was our night the other night!!!
Response: Brilliant, how was that 18 year old???
From lucinda
hi babe, i'm sitten next to you in the library and I did't have anyone to type to so I chose to send you a message on the planet ranger while you complain about your pictures being blurry and how you tan a fadded and that you want to be that colour again!! love ya lucy xx
Response: You smartarse!!
From Kyla & Zac
Hey Chick, Great to hear you are happy where you are at the moment. I went up to Gold Coast for 5 days so that was a nice break. I will have to catch up and talk to you soon. Give my love to Lucinda. Love ya lots!!
Response: Yeah its all good, just working hard and partying too, the gold coast would have been lovely,you deserve it.She sends her love back, love you and miss you loads. xoxoxox give the little man a great big hug and kiss from his aunty lenna, xoxoxox
From Michelle
Hey Nena.
How r ya? I can't believe all the fun that ur having & the places that u've been. The boy's keep on asking about u. U wont believe it but Kenny has finally left us & Corey's the head chef for now.
U need to send more photo's for us. So we can keep with what ur doing. Speak to u later.
Michelle. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Response: will put some more pics on when i get more than an hour,its just a bit difficult now,promise soon,say hi to all the boys. xoxox