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Cara's Whistler page wohoo!!

snow snow snow! wohoo its so much fun!

Photos - Click Below


more whistler pics

these are a mix of vancover, the hockey, work and skiing



finally you can all see how i am living!!

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Recent Messages

From lez
Hey Carz just had a look at ur pics they are so great. You must be having such an awsome time. No news really oh umm.... i booked to go to New Zealand on the 6th August. See you soon
Love always
Lez XxXxXx
Ps Any good guys over there that u have been with ... co'mon tell us the goss>>_PR_html
_entity_gt_> :)
Response: hey you!! thats sooo cool you are off to NZ - are you going to the snow or just travelling? hows chris? hope all is well catch up when i get ack
From skinny
heya cara.. canada looks awesome... so jealous right now haha. good ol' sydney weather being unpredictable as usual. 35deg and 80% humidity one day, 25deg and drizzly the next.

good to see youre safe and well, and having kickarse fun at it.
take it easy
Response: hey you!!! hope your hols are good! yeah havin fun here...will be over all too soon! c u back at home!!
From Skye
Oh My God Cara I am SOOOO jealous! The pics are fantastic, i really wish i was there! Miss you heaps and heaps, can't wait to hear ALL the stories!
Love Skye xx xx
Response: hey hey hye!!! yeah still having fun! hope all is well at home - hope you had a good bday!! c u in a few weeks!!
From Prue
looks tops chickie!!! so jealous but that will be me living it up soon!!! YAYA
Response: ohh yes it will!! cant wait to c u!!! luv xxx
From maryke
hey Cara!
It look as though you are having a wonderful time! Well it does look VERY cold there... but also so exciting. Just got back from the beach... sorry yes I am trying to rub it in! Back into the polo training tonight after not having done anything for 2 months... ahhhhh
we won last weekend... can't say its the same without you in the pool!
take care and I am sure I will see you very soon!
x maryke x
Response: ohh sounds good - cant wait to get back to polo - need to lose the canada kgs!!! c u soon!
From Carla
Hello! Miss you!
Response: hey hon!!! hope you are well - was good to talk the other day - caqnt wait to catch up back home - lots to tell!
From batman
yo yo crazy lady, as you can tell i have bugger all to do these days so thort i'd write ytou another message. here's a poem:
yum yum timtams in my tummy, get real fat fat but oh so yummy, i like to et them all day long....blah blah boring boring cant write poems tonight.
yeah will have to work on my creative writing and get back to you.
From amos rodrigus(ha!)
hey loser face, cool web site, how the hell did you do this, you'vve got a clever little computer nerd friend dont you? what date do you come home mate? you can play with me coz i'm STILL unemployed damnit! arghh well, having a nice time tho, going to the berra tmrw to c andy, should be good. looks like your having a ball, keep it up monkey man. keep me posted on all your fun adventures and remember i'm living thru you at the moment so make them good, dont mind if you have to exaggerate. c u soon , amy
Response: your such a loser - but you make me laugh!! having lots of fun! 40cms of powder over night but i had to work...bastardo - oh well i'll just wait for a 50ccm day - that;ll teach em'.

talk soon you crazy kid!
From Jas
cara. good to hear u r enjoying urself.. rock onz and party hard girl... and do me a favour.. fall on ur ass once for me.. thanks..
love jas
Response: haha - yeah i have already fallen plenty of times dont you worry!- i have the bruise to prove it ill take a photo and post it on here! hahaha
c u back in oz!
From Steph

Your photos look great, Whistler's really beautiful, eh? I miss you very much, keep having a fabulous time!!!

Response: yep its awesome!! hope you are well - be good!
From Gill Lee
WOW Cara thats AWESOME!!! those pics are great!!!!!! can't wait to catch up! xx
Response: ill put some up of australia day tomorrow - it was sooo razy
hope all is well at home
catch up in a few months! love cara
From Whitey

i am muchos jealous.. that looks so cool.. i wanna come skiin with you... i am sure that there is room in that little house for me to join ya right.. how much longer ya there for???

miss ya !!

Response: boo!

happy birthday! hope you got my email and had an awesome one! i partied enough on aussie day for you it was huge. think i arrive in syd on 1st march! ill be lonely think amy is the only person able to pick me up! mum and dad in japan and james there sad...we'll have to have a party to liven it up!