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Sunday, 11 March 2007

Location: Bangkok airport, Thailand

Lessons learnt on my trip - I cannot type! Apologies for appaling typos! Bangkok airport is cold and boring and i am trying not to spend money or peel.
She's coming home......

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand

Booooooo - said goodbye to Amy this morning as we headed in different directions home - New Zealand and London.
I headed back to Samui today so I can fly back to Bangkok 1st thing tomorrow and on to London , Amy opted for 10 hr coach to Bangkok as she has a few days to kill there instead - nutter!
At the end of my budget so am staying in a 6 pound beach bungalow with fan - slightly downmarket from my last few nights but am chilling out with Ollie and Kath this eve for my last meal in Thailand so i figured it was just a bed! Really pleased they are over in Samui as its not my fave place in the world - it feels a bit like Greece here.
I have just been chatting to a russian guy on the taxi truck who saved $1000 dollars to come here because he saw 'the beach', i pointed out that the beach was actually in phiphi on the other side of thailand and he couldn't believe it... he thought that it was samui as some dodgy thai at bangkok airport told him so!!! 'U want beach. yes, i show u beach, u pay good price.....!!!' i sent him off to a travel agent to rearrange seeing the dream!
So what an amazing trip - I feel i've done so much but also had a load of chill out time too which is great. Met some great people and loved the freedom of doing what I want when I want etc....In a funny way im looking forward to heading home, cuddling trumpet, sleeping in my own bed etc.... i'm sure the tube and 4am heart starts will soon make me eat my words!
There are some new pics from the last couple of weeks on too but I'm sure you will get a full slide show on my return in person - form an orderly queue now!

Thursday, 08 March 2007

Location: Nang Yuan, Thailand

What a lovely day....snorkelling on a lil isalnd off ko tao we jumped in a longtail boat and got dropped off at the rickety pier. I am really having to get to terms with my fear of boats and wooden piers on this trip! Had to climb out of the boat on top of a rubber tyre and haul myself onto the pier with poise and grace!!!! haha, likely story! Anyway once on the island we snorkelled all over the place and saw lovely coral and amazing fish as well as some tiger sharks. Our longtail came to pick us up at 3 and I prepared myself for a repeat peformance down the pier. what I was greeted with however...... yikes. 1 wooden ladder into longtail and a clamber across 4 other boats to reach ours. Needless to say I broke out into a sweat, started breathing like I was in labour, clambered on all 4's and heckled at the thai taxi boat man nearly wetting himself at my lack of elegance. We headed straight for a large chang beer once on dry land, I think I am still shaking now!!!! I will conquer this fear, I must!
Off for a foot rub and then to watch a thai boxing match........ eat, drink, blah, blah. 2 days to go booooooooooo. and just got a msg from m and s with bookings for next week - good that there is work but bad to be reminded!! BBC have emailed re: some voiceover work too - that can only be good so I think i may make the effort to come home.

Wednesday, 07 March 2007

Location: Ko Tao, Thailand

Ko Tao is lovely...... very small and remote, not as touristy as samui or phanang, the divas contuinue in style... not really doing the backpacking thing as Amy and I have managed end up in a remote cliff side villa up in the hills, infinity pool, spa and waiters who giggle at us for ordering 2 portions of rice!! 'U western girls have healthy appetite yes???!!' Isn't it normal to have a portion of rice each with your curry?
I'm fully recovered from 24 hr illness, me thinks it was a stray whisky bucket/full moon illness rather than anything else too sinister!
Last night we screamed in our room as we were joined by a giant spider that decided to settle into amy's toilet bag! it wasn't that giant it was just big and brown but we had to get 2 staff to move it as we hid in the loo squealing! We are defo at one with nature in our villa! We could hear them laughing at us for 5 mins as they left with said spider, we buried ourselves under the mosquito net and had a broken nights sleep at things that went bump in the night!
Tomorrow we are off snorkelling on a beautiful coral island off ko tao to nang yuan. Until then i dream of curry and spiders

Tuesday, 06 March 2007

Location: Koh Pagang, Thailand

Well i survived full moon.... just! It was pretty huge - 10,000 peeps dancing on the beach, after parties going on till yesterday afternoon.... took it all in my stride but got struck down by some lurgy last night and won't go into detail but me and the loo have formed a good relationship! Feeling very delicate today but we are off to pastures new and have to get on a boat :-( over to Ko Tao where we are planning full relaxation and no whiskey buckets!!!!!
It's been fun but the dancing shoes have been put away. I just need to find someone to carry my bag today and all we be good!

Saturday, 03 March 2007

Location: Thailand

hmmm I'm just not sure why I do it to myself - Amy arrived on Pagnang yesterday so obviously we had to celebrate! 1 big beach party later.... made it back to cocohuts, slept for 4 hrs, got woken up by the sun streaming through and decided to go and do another thai boxing lesson, rocked down to the ring and no-one else turned up as I had got the wrong time, the trainer took pity on my sorry state and gave me a personal lesson advanced stylee!!! 2 hrs..... eeek - my hands were wrapped up, gloves on and we did 5 min rounds of sparring sessions of kicks, elbows, punches etc..... I was a mess, co-ordination out the window and a small thai man yelling at me - 'come on sweat out your party, fight like a lady not a lady boy, 5 kicks in a row pls - aaaaaarrrrrggggghhh.' But a weird part of me loves it and I'm going back for more tomorrow!!! Full Moon party tomorrow which will be huge! Tues Amy and I are heading off to the lovely isle of Ko Tao. Trouble going on in Laos and peeps are being advised not to go there so unfortunately I have to stay in Thailand and visit some more islands!!!! I think a return trip to Laos and Vietnam is in order next time, until then I shall be an island diva.

Thursday, 01 March 2007

Location: Koh Pagnang, Thailand

Koh Pagnang is beautiful - have hooked up with a girl Lyndsey from Leicester! Coco huts is a result (thank you Ms C but too many Israeli's possibly the rudest nation on this earth)
Yesterday we headed up into the mountains and found some elephants so went on a trek - it was a relief to be out of the sun as I burnt myself on the 1st day here in excitement of finally reaching the beach! The nightlife here is huge - full moon warm up parties every night, fire dancing, whiskey buckets blah, blah, blah - nedless to say the days are consiting of lazing on the beach or pool - the eves..........
Amy (the girl I met travelling in Cambodia) is heading down today to join me and am hooking up with Ollie and Kath from Bangkok too - so am looking forward to raving on the beach for Full Moon Party this weekend.
My only quandry in life at the mo is deciding where to spend my last 6 days - am torn between heading of to Phi Phi which is a bit of a trek but from all accounts would be worth it or maybe nip over ot Koh Tao (turtle Island) the same side of Thailand I'm at now or maybe the snctuary for a full cleanse before i return home? Hmmmm decisions decions.... its a hard life.
Just returned from thai boxing class - loved it but I know I'm gonna hurt tomorrow!

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Location: Thailand

Sun sand sea Island = :-)

Monday, 26 February 2007

Location: Bangkok airport, Thailand

Left Cambodia this morning - I shall definitely be returning here, if only to pick up beautiful Metta! went to the siem rap mardi gras last night (cambodian spelling marti grand!!) which consisted of no parade, 1 ice bar and some flashing hats. bizzare but fun. Bowed out tout suite as I fancied a foot rub - they are much more gentle in Cambodia and it is actually relaxing rather than painful masochistic thai's!!
Am killing 3hrs at Bangkok airport whilst I wait for my flight to samui and then transfer onto boat over to koh panang so a long old day but it will be worth it when i get to my cliff villa - woohoo.
Right am off to find a seat, i-pod at the ready, book to hand, ass to expand

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

ouch, ouch, ouch why do i do it to myself been up for 24 hrs : - ( after Angkor Wat instead of going to chill, Bridie (oz) Amy (kiwi) and I decided to hit Siem Reap and get some more Cambodia raving in. - Hit our beds at 5.
Who needs markets anyway!
Koh Pagnang and complete chill out is calling.......

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

ouch..... so its prob best not to go out for bday drinks and karaoke, roll home at 3 and get up at 5 to see sunrise at one of the most beautiful places in the world??? Erm, nice one.
Angkor Wat is fantastic - so beautiful - I really don't know what else to say about that one. 45 degrees and 12 hrs spent at the temples - 2 hrs sleep - you do the maths! The trees and roots growing all over the temples are stunning, the visitors not so, Quite sad to see the lack of respect that peeps have for these places a) dressing like they are on the beach b) touching things which shouldn't be touched c) fighting for the best pic and peace sign/grumpy faced posing rather than actually taking in what they have come to see.
Witnessed a brill argument between koreans and germans over photo opportunity - koreans stole the spot and german lady pushed korean out of the way cue: lots of shouting at each other with no comprehendo, finger pointing and alas no photo!
Climbed up the hill and very scary steps to see sunset too - sunrise was so much better, worth the lack of sleep :-)
All the elephats had been booked out by the koreans - do you see a recurring theme here!!? so walked back down the hill, jumped on the bus and running into my bed!
Markets and massage day tomorrow - will try and sort some pics too.

Friday, 23 February 2007

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Í'm all shook up'! wow what a way to spend your birthday - just got off the truck from Phonm Pehn where I have vibrated and shook for 4 hrs straight - I feel like one of those fat men who stand n vibration belts!!! From now on I am wearing a sports bra!Needless to say the roads here are non-existent and an erm adventure? On the way we stopped off in a village where the local delicacy is fried tarantula - seeing as I am 32 today I thought I had better mark the occasion with something memorable so today I ATE A FRIED SPIDER! All i can say is that it does not taste like chicken!!!!!!
We are off to a floating village for sunset and then some bday drinks and, yessssssssssss................KARAOKE!!!!!!! woohoo.
Gotta go shower and cover myself in deet - i am one big mozzie bite :-(
Angkor Wat tomorrow - can't wait.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Location: Phonm Pehn, Cambodia

Arrived in Cambodia yesterday morning and it is quite a stark contrast to Bangkok - very very poor, lots of guns, no going out alone etc.
Met up with my group for the next 5 days - 10 ozzies, 1 kiwi, 3 New Yorkers and moi - the token brit. So as yo can imagine I am the butt of all jokes - but one takes it in her stide!
Sharing with a girl called Bridie - how oz is that - but she is a sweetie and the rest of the group are all cool too - they have come through from Vietnam so are full of tales and very welcoming.
Our guide is called......... c--ty!!!!!!!! He is like Borat even saying 'niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice'I love it.
In all seriousness today has been an emotional day, went to the killing fields this morning and to the genocide prison after, which is full of pictures of some of the 2 million people who lost their lives during the Khemer Rouge regime - c--ty told us his story of being sent out to work in the rice fields - he was a teacher and therefore a threat, he lost his father, sister and brother in law to the regime and was beaten every day for a month for eating a crab. It brings home how horrendous this time was, how could this happen and in our lifetime - yet to see him today is an inspiration to us all and a good wake up call to remember to be thankful for the life we have.
In the afternoon i seperated from the group and went to visit an orphanage - armed with top fashion from Primark. Again this was very moving - the kids ranged from 5 days old to 7 yrs old - many had lost parents to land mines, or had been abandoned at birth. I spent about 3 hrs playing with them, they were obsessed with my digital camera, handing out sweets, puting babies to bed and talking with the director and voluteers of the orphanage.
Today was the 1st time in my life I think I understand what it must be like to have real bond with a child. I spent most of my time with a young Boy called Metta - he is 6 and clung to me all afternoon wanting cuddles and to be spun around and have his head stroked until he slept. I was putty in his hands, needless to say I am going to sponsor him on my return to the UK. Jolie - eat your heart out!!!!

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Location: Kachanburi, Thailand

5.30 Building site alarm call but today I actually needed it as I headed off out of Bangkok today to floating markets, river kwai and a tiger sanctuary - the main reason for my day out.
Got picked up and stuck my head in the van to see who my fellow travellers were only to be greeted with a happy camper bus of lesbians!!! woohoo.
Happy and Gay we whizzed off to floating markets where i hooked up with another group - phew and not a lesbian lady in sight but funnily enough someone who went to the same Uni as me - although a yr below who was on honeymoon with hubbie Ollie!
Al and Emile - u would have been proud at my spritelyness getting into the river boat - at least a meter drop from the pier and I didn't bat an eyelid, our NZ kayak drama sorted me out a treat Al!!! Bring on the boats - i challenge thee.
Headed up to Kwai - looked at the bridge - tick!
Then we whizzed up to the tigers - a sanctuary for orphaned cats where they live with monks in the middle of a big cave! They were just chilling in the sunshine, full bellied and sleepy so you are alllowed to go and stroke them and rub there ears - I LOVED it!!! They are such amazing creatures - if I can post some pics I will. Long ol treck back to Bangkok and I'm off to pack my bag and sleep - 4am start tomorrow off to Cambodia - cannot wait!!!
I think a foot rub is calling.
Favourite site today - an overweight Japanese tourist being chased by a wild boar at the tiger sanctuary - funnily enough it did not like a nikon lens being shoved in its face. 35 degrees and running like a baby - funniest thing I've seen for a long time ;-0
Jack - food, tummy and tan updates - slight tan am working it - red nose though! No dodge tum - weehee. Food - yum, yum, yum

Monday, 19 February 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

5.30 buildig site wake up call but i'm raring to go. Head up to the roof for a swim and plan to take things easy for today - no rush!!
A few hrs later I headed off to the Grand Palace within walking distance so managed to avoid tuk tuk nutters, bumped into Maria and Sinead so spent the day wandering the magnificent grounds with them - parted company and headed off to the big reclining bhudda. It was big, gold and reclining - tick!
Decided to get a tuk tuk home and remembered why I walked in the 1st place!
Met up with Maria and Sinead again for dinner and went to the most amazing restaurant in the world! Whenever you are in Bangkok - you HAVE to visit this restaurant - Scirocco on the top of the State Tower - amazing views, amazing food and a window in the sky that looks like the millenium falcon - an experience!! Lynsey - thank you so much for the tip off I would never have found it without you. It was a battle to get in as you had to wear 'ladies' shoes and none of us had decided to bring court shoes travelling - but funnily enough they had a lil deal with the shoe shop round the corner where we had to buy a nasty pair of 3 pound shoes to look like a lady and therefore enter said fancy restaurant - we got 3 matching pairs and walked in heads held high. - the girls were working it!
4 posh courses and several apple martinis later - we staggered back to what now looked like a very studentsville khao san rd, bed and full belly :-)

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

So i touched down on Sunday eve after one of the most suprisingly comfortable long haul flights I've ever experienced! I think being in bed by midnight on friday helped - Stef thank you for making me be sensible! Viv - how long did you stay!!?
Long live Thai airways and there lovely leg room. Anyways - stepping into airport I stood wondering about the journey ahead and got chatting to a couple of Irish girls, Maria and Sinead who of course were heading to the khao san rd so jumped in a taxi wih them and began bartering from 1st minute on thai soil. 1 quid later i'm in the city of Bangkok.
Got myself to Buddies lodge - a fab hotel right in the thick of it complete with rooftop pool, sauna (as if u don't sweat enough) and building site next door which sparks up at sunrise 5.30am. luverly.
footrubs and noodles later, i'm excited, knackered and hot.

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From jill
still reading about your jollies and only 2 days to go... poop!
have to hear more over a cup of tea soon!
Response: you will be mopping up my tears mrs!!! secretly looking forward to seeing trumpet tho and not sweating!!! x
From phet
hello imygin

remember me full moon? We have good time yes, u really drunk. I like you much. I hope visit you england soon. You give me happy time and we make boom boom. high five.
Response: Phet I canny remember you!!! Remind me what you look like?!
One of many you see....oioi ;-0
Not really mum!
From A Girl in The End
Are you the f*cker that was sick on my jacket?
Response: yep.... and yer shoes! Wanna figh? Super fight? - me thai boxer, u sissy banky girl!
From Fayon
A'right Ninja! Your trip looks awesome! Really love the big cat ...i'd like to see Trumpet give him attitude!! Cheeky puss ;) We'll i've been whoring out our flyer electronically, gonna be doing some printing later this week. Lots to tell re ME, but ill fill you in when i see ya. Sending happy vibes, Fayon xx
Response: Cool - hope all is good my friend - see you next week. I'm on the 4am starts as soon as i get back from holiday so am gonna be packing it in as usual - but all good. hapy vibes right back at ya, off to another island today :-)
From Moseph
Just started "Fight Fit" myself (like combat but with punch bags), so can understand your addiction to punching! Cant say that the pikey sports centre is much like thai boxing on the beach though!

Mo x
Response: I hurt :-(.... some of it due to boxing like a lady boy, some of it full moon carnage......... eurgh.
From Lynsey
No I'M Lynsey from Leicester (well Loughborough actually) how freaky is THAT!!! Just a 'D' between us! Ah, sorry about that but how is my beach swing? Still there? And that beach!!??! I'll keep my eye on where u decide to go! Remember the sea plane if it's Phi Phi, that makes it less of a trek!

Duff Duff Duff! I can hear Haad Rin from here!

Response: The swing is still here..... I am swinging on it!
From Kristie
You found the mini lizards on sticks yet? Mmmmm makes a delightful hangover cure ;)

Go get brown biatch!!! (so not jealous)

Kristie xx
Response: no - where do i find said lizard - the whiskey buckets require a cure!!!
Brown on one side - red on the other, burnt to a frazzle by chilling in the sea and forgetting sun reflection - ouch, ouch. But its beautiful here so am tres happy. love to you and the trotts!
From Moseph
Hi Imo

Your travels sound great and piccies look fab, bet you dont want to come home, especially with gorgeous little kids providing lots of hugs! Glad you've been flying the "fush and Chups" flag - bet you've been telling the brown eye story! You can always rely on aussies and kiwis to be around, dont reckon there are any left back down under! Anyway, all dull dull dull back here, so wont bore you with it! Take care and happy travelling!

Luv Mo and B x
Response: Am surrounded by Israelis.... they are not nice like fush and chups.
From trumpet
love you mummy.... am being spoilt loads the food is great here at "hotel melly" got a lovely blanket to lay on and am getting loads of cuddles xxxxxxxx
Response: ah thanks Mel.... give him a big hug for me! But just make sure he wants to come home!!! x
From David T
u smell of fried spider!

Well arent you a little brave one.

I've been at Jack's for lunch n just chatting with K online...she's reading ur blogg :-)

Going to see 8 properties tomorrow althop if they all fail to impress we may put in another offer on the Ribblesdale road one so be even nearer to u.

anyway's be safe.

Response: You HAVE to move into Ribblesdale Rd my furzedown friend.... imagine cups of cha and the OC on the sofa and being able to walk home..... love it. Love to K, hope all is good trotts. Can you all fly out for full moon pls xx
From banker w*nker
I know i just sent u a message but that was before I saw the photos.

2 things:

1) Is that f*cking tiger real????? It's MASSIVE!!!!!!

2) The photo's of ur dirty feet: Girl, i know ur on holiday but you really need to shave ur legs!
Response: You should see my armpits!! ;-o
oh and yes the tiger is real - big pussy for sir, good price he all real no changey changey nip and tuck.
From banker w*nker
Sawadi Kap!! My, my, u are a busy bee aren't u!!

Sounds like ur having a wicked time though!!! Still jealous!!

Happy B'day (belated I know). Obviously very proud of you for celebrating in true style... tell me, was a tactical chunder necessary?

Week 2 of banker watch:
Think I'm starting to enjoy it now. Think I also need to buy an audi, start fox hunting and only buy my groceries from Harrods. Only then will I truly be accepted! ;-)

Response: Don't forget the braces pls, pink shirt, grow your hair into curtains and slick it back - only then will I be proud to call you a wanker banker. Oh and when you get the audi, swing by st. reatham mews to take me for a spin pls - my clio just doesn't cut it!
No tactical chunder required, it is so bloody hot I think i sweated out all impurities as I went along - hmmmmmmmm.
Right I'm off to Bangkok and the beach ta-ra wanker x
From Mum
Great to see pics particularly maxi Trumpet. Better warn him that he carries on visiting his 'alternative restaurant 'upstairs he will probably expand to the same size as the tiger. Lovely to have ongoing news. I'd like to have seen the battle for the perfect photo opportunity!
Love from everyone here.
Response: I am fully expecting tiger trumpet on my return! I'm sure he is comfort eating without me!! Love to you all x
From cheryl
hey immy!i laughed until i cried reading your diaries,your amazing....i felt like like i was right there with you babe.think you need to change your day job,your blooming wasted!happy belated xxxxxxxxxxx be careful sweetcheeks xxxxx
Response: Ah thanks mrs so ... hows m and s coping without me? I hear I am irreplaceable?
Love to the girls
From Sophie
Ha! Got up early to phone you to wish you happy birthday only to realise a) you're not home and b) it's probably not your birthday any more...but sounds like you're having an awesome time. Hope this mess isn't thwarted by the evil email thief. Have fun! xxxxx
Response: the email thief only visits yahoo..... i have met a great kiwi lady who I am gonna pass your deets onto as she is on her way home after some idiot in the UK dumped her before getting married. she is a dog leg lover so take her out!!!!
Last day in cambodia today - off for some serious beach action tomorrow - my boating prowess knows no bounds - you would be proud! Love to mr healey -pwer him up xxx
From Lynsey
Urgh, why did it put my minging surname on before, how formal!


Angkor Wat! Aaaaah... the adventure continues... I'm so with u on the child front! There's a little girl on an island in Indonesia that I keep an eye on (it's hard though). I'll show u pics when u get back.
Response: As a lady it is only right tobe formal - you're not a lady you're a doll - if i could sing 'plastic girl' on karaoke i would! lovin yer msgs - will write from coco huts to give you marks out of 10! x
From Mum
Can't compete with the previous messages! Happy Birthday!
Love from everyone this end enduring the daily slog and the foul Feb mizzle.
Response: Wow - techno mum! Its been a great day the group organised abday cake and beer at sunset- lovely - will email some pics soon. Love to dad and the clan! x
From Techmo
Hey Imo

Kareoke, sounds like they knew you were coming! Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY IMS!!! Cant think of a better way to spend it - jealous!
Take care and spk soon
Love Moseph x
Response: Mo - i love it here and I love youooooooooo - lov to brycey too, im bigging him up to the fush and chup kiwi's x
From Katie and co
brings back memories of heading home from oz with brad, eating curry for breakfast and cold showers! loved it.

say hi to the lezzas...
take care
Response: Katie, Brad and lil one....... i need a cold shower! Bday today and off for karaoke - i'll singy you a tooooony lady x



From Lynsey Cowlishaw
Hold on a minute £3 shoes in Bangkok!!?? You may as well have been wearing Laboutin!!! So funny! How great is it up there by the golden dome? Wind in your hair, BKK for the view and apple martinis in your hand! Jealous... me? And now for the Tomb Raider bit. You go girl! Bring me back a pricelss antiquity & an orphan! ENJOY! XXX
Response: I am in lve with boy called metta - he has dark hair and big brown eyes..... and he hugs me and he loves my boobs oh and he is 6! am sorting adoption papers as we spk
From banker wanker
So, let me get this straight.... the highlight of your trip has been stroking pussy with a bus full of lesbians.... well, when in rome i guess!!

First day as a banker today. I have no idea what took place from the moment I got there to the moment I left. Other than lots of posh people spent the day speaking words I did not understand.

Have fun missy and remember, if in doubt get the jaegerbombs out!!
Response: hmmmm sound advice coming from the biggest pussy of them all. Just got to Cambodia - sharing a room with an ozzie girl - who funnily enough is a lezza - what is going on!!!!!!!!
Keep banking mr and we shall play monopoly on my return so you can practice.
From Mary
Hello -bet you still look gorgeous even with a red nose! - looks like I need to have a look at our luv verly planet now that I have retired - off to Belfast soon and then Sri L-
look forward to the rest of your diary- Love M & Al xx
Response: Oooh Sri Lanka - have a lovely time! Hope you and Al are well -spk soon x
From Vivi
Hello lovely, sounds like you're having a fab time! I'm so jealous - I want to stroke a tiger too.

Didn't stay too long after you left on Friday - turned around and realised Craig and I were on our own (despite me telling him earlier that I wouldn't be last to leave). Still giggling from Craig's parting words ("Vivienne, you're small but lovely") I jumped in a cab and was home 12.45, with only a slight hangover the next morning. Made a change from the previous 3 weekends! Feeling knackered this week tho', so planning to take it easy. Mmmm, warm sun on my skin and the sound of waves lapping the shore... well, I can dream can't I?

Have fun chick! xxx
Response: All I remember is Craig saying you 2 smell sooooooooo nice - as we sandwich danced around him - haha.
love to frukteees x
From Jill
hooray!!! loving your dedication to the cause - keeping us boring jobs worths day dreaming....
Response: will do my sweetness!!!
great to see you on friday btw! and my tag is still on bag!