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G'day from Kev in Oz

Howday Doday just a few photos from our local travel and adventyres

Diary Entries

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Cooooeeeeee .
Wow how have things changed over the past few months , this whole global melt down thingy .
Never did sign for land , got screwed and they want an other $180 000 , so will find out on the 22nd of October .
Have found an egg donor for an other IVF run in the New Year .
Have not been home in ages and getting quiet home sick for the people I miss .
the whole thing of getting to home via work has blown up after Boss taking a huge hit .never mind keeping me in a job !
Hopefully things will work them selves out .
Hope to get a break in Jan but will wait and see .
Have taken up wavesking and love it ,will up date phots soon as we have a new camera.

Peace Love doughnuts .

Monday, 19 May 2008

Sorry been months since up dated diary .Lost my camera some where in Vegas so don't even have any photos to add will update as soon as i get camera .
Hope to sign for land in June and will be in a world of debt ,not to mention even building a house !
Really exited by the prospect of building our dream house and the amazing location of it ,but not the 30+ mortgage .
Still in the throws of IVF but fingers crossed .
Keep in touch and send us an e-mail


Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Location: Australia

Hello how are you all doing , hope all is well in your world .Still no baby news but think positive thoughts for us .Moving house on the last week of June so will send out new address nearer the time . Thought i might of got home in may may but only got as close as Paris , which aint so bad , but hopefully this year.
Going on a wee break to Byron Bay so hope to get a few more pics and will post soon .So look after your self

K and S

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Location: Black stump, Australia

Oh goodness dosen't time fly ,getting settled into winter, feeling the cold something cronic at night time , what a big softy !
Still spending every penny and minute in the garden , when we're not working or reading the paper , now we have the worst draught in 100 years , so hope the plants don't snuff it .
Hope your all well ,and if i don't know you what do you make of this site ?.
popped a few new photies on as well .

Monday, 17 April 2006

Well hello hope your good ,still settling in to life , and enjoying the cool winter, and still spending loads of time and what money we have on our garden .To say we have big grass hoppers is an understatement! they are bloody huge i reckon they eat about $5 dollars worth of plants a day , still trying to source some DDT ! or Napalm .
Can't belive its almost May !
Will try and update more reguarly

Thursday, 29 December 2005

Location: Australia

Well hello and thank you looking up this page , we're both terrible at keeping in touch, and hope this is some consolation .
We both bad a good year ,got married ,Sonia changed jobs and moved in to our house , and was lucky to go back to Inveraray for two weeks .
Will make a consious effoert to keep in touch because that is what matters .(when i remember)
Still had nobody visiting us yet (except fot he wedding ) so hopefully this year we will have some of you over for a visit.
Did'nt send any christmas cards this year ,as i thought it would be better to give the money to under privaliged children!
Bollocks! just didn't have time , so from both of us we wish you a happy (belated ) Christmas and a very merry new year from us both .
So be healthy happy and hoprfully we will see you this year.

Kevin and Sonia

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Recent Messages

From Auntie Myra
Hi Kevin

Sorry sorry sorry for losing touch with not only you and Sonia but also Ann (no excuse as she's a lot closer) and virtually everyone I know on the planet.

Hope your move went well and I get through to this address - lost your new email sent with your Christmas card.

My son Augustyn and partner Natalie are planning a trip to Australia for Christmas and New Year and are looking for tips about travel etc. I think they'll be all right once they understand the concept of hundreds of miles rather than 'just up the road from ...!'
I'll keep lookimg for your other email or perhaps you could send it when you pick up on this one and and I can let you know about my brand new life.

love to both of you

Response: G'day Auntie M ,Ann said you where down in Kintyre I sent you an E-mail but it was returned .My address is .I have not been on here for about a year and am just updating some of the photies .
Look forward to hearing from you. k
From mike watt
For starters malcy says "Getitupye!!", hi kevin not sure if you remember me but i am the chef that helped out at birkhall -we only worked together a couple of times but am coming to oz in november and thought it would be rude not to visit a fellow scot along the way!! if you email me where you are i will drop by at some point ,julie and malccy say hi too!!! See ya mikey
Response: Mike my mail address is drop me a line and let me know what your up to and if you need any help i have a couple of cntacts in Brisbane .have a good flight and don't pack any plastic explosive as they tend to take it of you at customs !!
From Helen
Hi Kevin. So glad you managed to see Gordon and Julie with baby Dylan, Whey I cannot believe how much you have changed, Mum gave me this website to look at and I reAAAAALY DO NOT RECOGNISE YOU, you have changed soo much, glad to see you and Sonia looking so happy. Was so glad to hear that Aunty Sandra got to see her grandchildren. Chris and I have got two gorgeous kids, bit of a handful at times but worth it. Keep in touch, will be great to hear from you and Sonia and even better if we could try and meet up, whatever part of the world, love from us all xxxxx
Response: Sorry Helen it has only been 4 months since you sent an e-mail i don't go to this site much never mind checking it for mail ! my e-mail address is please drop me a line and i will reply great to here from you and take care.
From mum
hi kevin ' sonia thank you for the photos they are super love your garden john and i have been walking a lot even ventured the main road and made it to garelochead will go nw love you loads mum john says helloxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Have updated a few photies
Love Kand S