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Hi friends,
My previous blog have refused my login so I have decided to create a new one.

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 05 September 2007

Location: Malaysia

THANK YOU!! Thank you for praying and supporting the Kampung Youth Camp in Kepayang, Simunjan.

Our topic was Love God, Love Self and Love Others. And so many of the young people do want to Love God with ALL their heart mind and strength, but they do not know God the Father and that He loves us because He just loves us. No strife.

It was a revelation for the young people as many comes from Paganism background and some very devout church goers. We saw many giving their life to Jesus Christ for the 1st time and many were delivered from oppression and guilt and many receive healing. So many of them were weeping and it was amazing the see the transformation from the first day to the days that follows.

Apart from Sessions, we organized two workshops for them. I was doing the Girls Workshop while Ps Sam from Penang did the Boys Workshop. I was sharing on Self-Image, how we see ourselves as a woman and knowing our self-worth. It was an honest time and we had so much fun. For me, it was the first time to share in this area. When we planned for this workshop, we had three ladies in mind to share, two married and one single. Both the married ladies can’t make it to the camp and so I had to take the challenge. I am glad I did it because it actually gives me and them an opportunity to see ourselves honestly and realized how much God loves us, as a woman.

Ps. Sam shared about being a True MAN and the responsibilities that comes with it to the boys.

The other workshop was on Career Guidance which Lily, Diana and Shiok Ngo did. They shared the how and why we should never give up our dreams and they are many ways we can contribute to our society. Many of the young people responded with questions and a lot of them have a clearer understanding of how to pursue their ambition.

Our Church Leaders from Simunjan Church, David and Sarah sent their love and want me to tell you that they have changed their name. It was David and Sawa, but during this camp we had a deliverance ministry in many homes. Many charms and idols were destroyed during this time. In one of the home visitation, somebody saw a vision of a snake and Sarah (Sawa) found out that her name Sawa actually means king of snake. She was immediately reminded that her ancestors were snakes worshippers. She asked to be prayed for and asked for freedom. God poured our His love and God gave her a new name, Sarah (from Genesis).

Perfect Love cast out fear..... 1 John 4:18
This verse is so alive in Kpg Kepayang. Many of the young people and families have been under Fear for too long. Please continue to pray for the folks in Kepayang. Youth from the followings came for the camp:
1. Saratok town
2. Mendas village
3. Sengkalan, Simunjan
4. Batu Pengansah, Simunjan
5. Sega, Simunjan
6. Kepayang, Simunjan
7. Tebun, Simunjan
8. Simunjan town
9. Serian
10. Dunuk, Padawan
11. Simuti, Padawan
12. Sibakar, Padawan
13. Karu, Padawan
14. Matang, Kuching
15. Kuching city

Once again, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Thank you for the Career Guidance team for their willing to come and ministry and share their experiences and thank you for making it happen. Thank you to the Church Leadership for giving their trust and 100% support to the Organizing Committee. Thank you all for giving in cash and kind. Thank you for making a difference and May God bless you richly.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Location: Kuching, Malaysia

Today is a day of doubles...

Firstly, one friend in Spore just gave birth for a twin! One girl and One boy. The miracle of birth.

Secondly, double layered rainbow. Or rather an upside down rainbow. Really dunno how to describe it but it was awesome. It was round with the sun in the middle. At first looks like something from the movie 'Independant'. Then the rays of rainbow is seen... check out the photos.

Third, my friend's dad passed away 3 week ago....he accepted Christ before he went..

A double & triple blessing from God to me and to you....

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Location: Penang, Malaysia

First night we stayed in Gurney Hotel, a really posh hotel but we have 6 people in the room so we share out the cost. Gurney Hotel is along the beautiful coast of Gurney Drive I think. We walk to Gurney Plaza in the evening, the locals told us it was close by but when we actually walk was FAR!!!

One of friend who just got an operation nearly faint because of the long distance. I suppose they didnt know that we Kuching people are not use to walking from one place to another. We drive! Oh well, I like the Gurney Plaza. Got Cold Storage and FOS, this are my favourite stores.

We went to the hawker place next to Gurney Plaza and have our Penang char kuay teow, prawn mee, penang laksa, rojak, osyter fried egg...too much to eat!

Going back...we took the taxi!! Hehe

The next day we went up to Bayview Beach Resort on Bt Ferrengi for our conference. We stayed there for 2 nights. I didnt walk to the beach because we have workshops the whole day. Each hour from 9.00am we 3 workshop where we decide which one we want to go to. Altogether they gave us 36 dance workshops, we go to 12 workshops only. BUT I ONLY 'ROUGHLY' REMEMBERS 2 DANCES!!!!!only :-P

Most time I got everything mixed up and know the song better than the dance. All in all I really learn a lot from going to this conference. To see participant from UK, US, Japan, HK, China, Singapore, Canada, Australia and Malaysia dancing together to the same song and same dance is amazing. We learn from each other to improve our dancing style and etc.

They were a few group from KL.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Location: Kuching, Malaysia

Our heart can be so fragile at times, and time and time again, even when we try to guard our heart, it still get hurt and broken. A portraits of human nature:-
1. Hurting people often find someone to blame
2. Nothing hurts more than our life or family jeopardy
3. Nothing helps more than finding strength in our God.

BUT God promised victory for us, yet God in His mercy is a practical God. Victory is a journey we will walk with Him, as we stay close to Him...blood, sweat and cry unites. What come not wealth in material but a secure and safe place in Him. Knowing that our Father loves us always, daily, now.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Location: Kuching, Malaysia

You ever wake up tired? I have been feeling like this a while now. Wish today is a holiday! Sigh :-(

Thursday, 07 June 2007

Location: Kuching, Malaysia


The PM is getting married this Saturday.
(To Ms Jeanne Abdullah)

Wednesday, 06 June 2007

Location: Kuching, Malaysia

Yesterday I listened to sermons and did my bible reading in office which was refreshing. Then going to Prayer Meeting completed the process of healing in me. I got lots of stale stuff and disappointment in me that I needed to deal with. But God is using my past for the future. I may not understand it now but I trust that God knows what is best for me.

Next week I will be in Penang for Dance Funtasia. Check out the site:

Tuesday, 05 June 2007

Location: Kuching, Malaysia

Right now, I am the only one in the office, which is great. I prayed for a quiet time and i got one. Really need to be alone and be able to reflect, write and think. Last week was tough because I felt so defeated but like it or not, I have to surrender all to God and pick myself up to start aligning my life back to His path. I read Psalms 54 this morning and really minsitered to me as a person.

Why as a person...well, lately i find it hard to seperate myself as a church worker and as just irene. I was a horrible feel when I have to take leave to get out of the church. It should be I am willing to sacrifice my leave to serve in church. It is hard to explain but it was a horrible feeling. I can only conclude...i need to get back with God.

Tuesday, 05 June 2007

Location: Kuching, Malaysia

Hello....esp Jennifer,

I will try to update this page as much as possible.
I put three photos from the Kids Camp in this site.
I went to watch shrek 3 last was okla. Same as in the previous ones, nothing new. Nothing much to look forward to. Hey, did I tell you I will be going to Penang next week?? For Funtasia - dance conference. Aiyo..all i want is travel now. Sick of been in the office and doin the same all things.
Hope this blog works..

Friday, 20 October 2006

Location: Bangkok, Malaysia

Yesterday, my friend told me her 'shocking' experience in Pttya, how it was like Sodom and Gomorrah all over again. I cannot deny this, but also I feel sad for the country for the generations to come.
This morning during our devotion the Spirit of Truth spoke to Isaiah 45:15-16


The day will come when this beautiful country will be free and cleansed by the Spirit of Truth.

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Yesterday, the Iban Quran was launched. Soon other languages too. More people will know who Isa Al-Masih now.

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Location: Disneyland HK, China

It's the day after my birthday. Last nite, my friends gave me a surprise, a birthday cake with one candle. I really appreciate their effort but deep inside I wanted to be in Disneyland for my birthday. And I was actually miserable because I am fast the year past!
But God is good, I went to Disneyland on the eve of my last day in Hong Kong, after thinking about going for months...finally everybody agreed to go and it was GOOD! I cried watching Lion King and listening to all the songs....At least for a day, I was in my childhood again. Thank you Lord.

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