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Isaac's Adventures!

Welcome to Isaac's Adventures! Here is where I will be keeping a record of my 13 week travel adventures for all of you to read. Please view the photos and feel free to leave a comment for me, I'll do my best to reply.

Diary Entries

Thursday, 29 June 2006

Location: UK

Kia Ora, Kia Ora, Haere Mae!

In London, back to Sunshine! It's forecast to be 29 degrees on Saturday, can't wait! Sweden was rainy most of the time, except for great weather in Stockholm last weekend and on the last afternoon in Gothenberg, was great to have a couple of drinks in the sun!

In London for Europride this weekend, so that will be an experience... then perhaps Spain, Wales or Ireland early next week, have not decided yet.

Hope you're well, let me know what's happening in your corner of the world, leave me a diary entry!

x Isaac

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Location: Gothenberg, Sweden

I am in the green and lush Sweden at the moment, writing from the 'Bibliotek' (library - similar to the French spelling)... went to the Capital Stockholm for two nights, saw the sights, visited incredibly restored and splendid 16th century castles, went on a calm and scenic river cruise, walked for hours and hours (up to six per day - good for the cardio!) and took heaps of photos. Speaking of cardio and exercisey things, have started to do 100 press-ups and sit ups each morning... don't wanna get too spongey, after all, it is summer over here and there is no ATTACK, PUMP or RPM around to keep me on track!

I fly back to London tomorrow, where I will stay with Leon and Andrew for 5 or so nights. It's great staying with them, it's like a home away from home, I have my own room and feel very comfortable - similar to when I was staying with Min and Dean. At this stage I plan to take the train to Spain in early July, but plans may change depending on my whims!

Missing home, missing family, missing friends, missing Tim so much too. It's kinda lonely at times making your own way in this big wide world. The more you see, the more you realise there is to see, just like the pursuit of knowledge, the more you learn, the more you realise how much there is yet to learn!

Let me know what you're up to, leave me a note on my website, you don't realise how much hearing from family and friends means, until you're over the other side of the world away from it all.

x Isaac

Sunday, 18 June 2006

Location: London, UK

Hi friends and family!

I arrived into London yesterday afternoon after having been in Dubai for 5 nights with my sister Miriam and her partner Dean, what a great time we had!

Miriam and Dean live in a mansion of an apartment... guess how many bathrooms they have? SIX! Oh my goodness! Including three baths and four showers! Ha! Crazy. Their pool is amazing too... and the water is cooled! If it wasn't cooled, the temperature would rise to 40 degrees, and that's as hot as a spa pool. Miriam and Dean have decorated beautifully too, it's like a hotel, so nice.

On Wednesday we went to a cool water park called Wild Wadi... hydro-slides set in a really well designed, theme-park style setting. On Wednesday evening, we went to the top of the Burj Al Arab, the world's only 7 star hotel... we had to spend a minimum of NZD $100 each, and the drinks started at NZD$35 each. So, Miriam and I ordered a Burj Royale, it cost NZD$60! Delicious though, but ridiculously overpriced. Such a great experience and an amazingly beautiful building... such different, Arabian style (think gaudy and a little tacky). Amazing water fountains, gold everything... there is such wealth in Dubai, construction everywhere... it costs $2000 minimum NZ dollars to stay a night there - but at least you get your own private butler!

On Friday we took a 3 hour drive to a different country called Oman. It's more strict than Duabi, females mustn't show bare shoulders etc... we had to go through customs and show our passports... We went on a six hour boat cruise, went snorkelling, read our books, took photos like Japanese tourists and relaxed. It was a really cultural experience in Dubai... crazy hot too, it reached 50 degrees yesterday! I am a little burnt at the moment and hope I don't peel.

The flight from Dubai to London was 7 hours, there was this really annoying indian man on the seat behind me that kept arguing with the flight attendants, over wearing his seatbelt, moving seats etc, he was such a rude "parrot" that of course I had to step in. The first time, I turned around and said to him, 'would you please just do what the flight attendant tells you and get back to your seat' - I think he was quite surprised, but did as we said. Ten minutes later, the flight attendant came to me and delived a complimentary glass of champagne and said thanks! Towards the end of the flight when we were ready to begin our descent, he wouldn't put his seat belt on, or his seat up to the vertical position and continued to argue at length with a different flight attendant. I said to him "excuse me sir, have you never flown before" to which he answered, "yes". My reply was "well then, perhaps you should be a good boy and put your seatbelt on like the lady says and stop acting like you're five years old" - that shut him up. I was relatively afraid of getting a plastic fork through my temple for my efforts afterwards though, I am going to have to learn not to jump in when things don't concern me, especially when I am travelling! I'll try, I promise.

Leon and I went partying last night with a friend of his called Josie (yes, as in Josie and the pussycats) - had a great time and danced the night away. I'm off to Sweden on Tuesday afternoon to visit my good friend, Heidi - looking forward to that, I have read that Sweden is beautiful.

Keep in touch, love you all, x Isaac

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Recent Messages

From Louise
I miss you!
Response: Little Fouie... I miss you too! Back now, let's do dinner! BODYATTACK?
From Ang
Hey babe, what's up with the early return? Missing your boy too much aye?? xoxo
Response: You got it in one! Arrived back on Saturday... see you in Attack some time soon my friend! x
From Jess
Hello. Looks like your having a blast... theres nothing wrong with being a Jap tourist anyway. We love photos!
Response: Excellent! I look forward to being back for your birthday too, see you soon, x
From Mansta
looks like the champers and snaps are goin down nicely mr mcgregor! haha. yum that traditional swedish meal looks exquisite mmm. looks like you're doin enough celebrating for the rest of us hun, keep on keepin on! still miss u xx
From Trish
Hey Isaac, what a whirlwind break away, looks fab. Slightly green checking you lushing out in the sunshine with your six pack to boot. Big hugs and love from Trish xox
From "Snaps-girl"
Hej! I miss my Kiwi flatmate. It was so nice having you here. Hope the rest of your adventures will be as exciting as it was in Sweden.
Puss å kram Jennie

P.S I like your new haircut.
Response: Thanks for being such a great tour guide! Loved drinking champagne and seeing Goteborg with you! Come to NZ!
From Tim
Hi boy!!!
The photos are amazing! You look good as ever and am glad that you are enjoying it. I know its hard at times, cause I'm so on the same boat, but its ok...I'm just a phone call away. Its nice to talk to you quite often...makes it feel like you're still in

think about ya lots!!!
HUGE hug and kisses.
From Monshill
Kia Ora Brother

Good to see you're having a most excellent time trapsing around the world. Dubai, Sweeden and London all look great, as do you and your beautiful friends and family. I'm loving knowing what you've been up to and seeing you happy in the sun, also loving proof that beautiful weather does still exist, even if is not here in NZ. Love you, viv Monica
Response: Ha! I managed to dodge Auckland's coldest June in 36 years, but now I'm back and shivering in the cold with everyone else! Love you Mon, hope to see you soon as.
From Sarita Pita
Isaac baby i really miss u! Just like you say u miss home and such! But i'm looking forward to exploring melbourne in the next 2 days by myself obviously will force me to be very outspoken and rediscover myself a little before a photoshoot :)
Love you always,
your Rita Pita
From Kirsten
Hey boy,

Hey Isaac! Great website- but when are we going to catch up???
Give me a yell /email if you get time...or if you wanna come to any of our attack or pump classes.
Response: Hi Kirsten... sorry we didn't get to see each other in London... I decided to cut the trip short and flee back to the cold of NZ! x
From Carolyn W
Hey Isaac :)

I love this website you have made - it's neat to check out all your pics and read about what you've been up to. I just adore the photo of Ebba - with the traditional dress, you have a real talent for taking pictures. We miss you but of course wish you all the best for your time away and hope you enjoy yourself - it looks like you are! Love Carolyn.
Response: Carloyn, was so great to see you and Guy in the weekend, you are positively glowing! x
From Kristen
Hello Wonderful Wonderful Isaac, I am so sad that you won't be here for my engagement party but I am so glad that you are having such a fantastic time. The Gym isn't the same without you!
Love you lots and lots,
The future Mrs. Hannan
Response: Congratulations friend, I am sorry that I will miss your special engagement party, but I will be thinking of you, you little princess, x
From Raul
Sweden looks pleasant but you totally need to be in Spain this weekend. Too bad they lost :(

Good news - I can stay in NZ for another 2 years. I just got my permit/visa back 2 weeks shy of my current one expiring - what a close one!

Hope to hear from you soon.
Response: That's cool about your visa, fun - you get to stay in cold NZ for another 2 years! How is Vince and the new apartment, are you boys having fun?! I was in London for Europride, it's in Spain next year, so perhaps Tim and I can visit then. Take care, let's catch up soon.
From Nicky
One last thing. Yes it does get lonely travelling sometimes. I always feel a bit like that when I am in the US without Matt. But the day you get home it's like you were never away and you are back in the same old life you always live. So all those memories you bring home are so worth the few moments of feeling lonely. They really are priceless
Response: Good advise, but I miss Tim and want to be home! Now!
From Will
Ha ha. I see Fou has her normal Fou Foto Face in the bon voyage photos. (Lyndal and Kristin look fierce)

Hey Mr Isaac, your trip sounds wonderful. I'm very jealous. Fou and I are off to Blakie's tonight for a Madonna inspired 80s party. We will be certain to have some fun for you!!!
Response: They will always be fierce, just as Fou will always be exceptionally sexy in real life and usually not as attractive in photos! I hope you all had fun at Blakes 80's party, sorry I couldn't join you.
From Welshy
Funky website Isaac! Do you have a contact number? I'll find out when I need to go back to uni in August and go from there.... looking forward to seeing you.
Home number if you need it - +441497851630
Take care - you travels look amazing - sadly the farm is not as impressive as the Hotel!!!
Response: No, the farm will be brilliant... I am looking forward to it... early mornings doing wholesome farm type activities, taking pictures of us shovelling manure in sexy gumboots! Can't wait! Perhaps I should come visit you next week, will call you soon, x
From Mansta
OMG the Burj al Arab is phat.. and OMG stop et with your 6pack on the boat! miss you xx
Response: Manster! How's Aucks, cold, rainy - oh, boo hoo! Thanks for the compliment, but there's still a bit of work to be done there! Say hi to Young and the girls on reception for me, x
From Lynnius
Hey Izzouz (can't remember how I use to spell your name). I am so glad that you have finally gone on your big OE. Have fun, try not do out do the Japanese with all the photo taking! Take care. Lots of love Lynnius, husband and Liam xxxxx
Response: Lynnius! I feel I may have even surpassed the Japanese with my happy snaps, I even took a picture of the waffles I ate for lunch the other day, that's a bad sign! I hope you're well my friend, say hi to Lance and give Liam a high five from me, x
From Shirls
Hey Isaac!
great photo's, keep them coming. Enjoy the hot weather, it brrrr freezing here!
Response: Hi Shirls, thanks, I plan to! Sweden was rainy most days, but glad to be back in London... it's forecast to be up to 29 degrees on Saturday, can't wait, x
From Emily
Hi traveller! Great website, love the pics. Amazing you got to swim with dolphins - nice six pack!!!! Om xxx
Response: Ha! Thanks Em, I hope you have fun with the family when dad comes to town... I'm just sorry that Min and I can't be there to join you guys. Take care sister, x
From Paddy and Cody
Hey darling Isaac!!
So excited for you to be experiencing everything that you have ahead of you! We know how you feel. Have fun and keep smiling...Love US xo
Response: Thanks Cody and Paddy, nice to hear from you! Thanx so much for your helpful email the other week, it was much appreciated. Happy and safe travels my friends, x
From Love from Kate
Wow Isaac, you've taken some BEAUTIFUL picutres... and there's some cool ones that aren't of Min too ;) You all look like you were having mucho fun! It's fantastic to be able to see a visual diary of everything you do - whoops for getting burnt. I'm impressed big bro, keep it up!
Response: Thanks Katey koo my splendid little sis... have just uploaded some more pix, hope you like them too, thanks for taking the time to have a peek! Hope you're enjoying a well deserved break from Uni, I know Tim is too! Love you lots, x
From Sarita Pita
Hey Isaac! of course we all love you and i see you wore your doily shirt as it sets the mood quite nice when you are visiting your grandma in your nice hotel :P hehehehe nah i'm just jealous! Looks great as do you! Surely you were spotted by some rich arabian men who wanted to make statues of you for their foyer... anyway of course proud of you for steppin in on rude indian man :) when all else fails call on Isaac! True saviour of the world!! I love you friend and am soo glad you are safely in London and about to visit Heidi... Do say Hi! Miss you lots. Love Sarita Pita :)
Response: I miss you friend, and having fun times with you! No, sadly no statues are scheduled to be made of me just yet, I will try harder to be talent scouted when I am next in Dubai! Speaking of such things, tell me more about you being flown to Melbourne for a Nike shoot you sexy thing! Love you, x
From Jackie
Looks like you are having a great time. Miss you and see you soon
Response: Thanks Boss, nice to hear from you! I am looking forward to coming back to organise the best Christmas bash ever! Say hi to John and Tamlyn from me, x
From nicki
Im so glad you look like your having a great time. So good for you to keep in touch while you away so I know as soon as you get back. Keep the updates and pictures coming. I can now live vicariously through you while I am stuck in Sydney. Luv Ya. Stay Flash.
Response: Thanks Nickybooboos! C'mon, Sydney's not so bad... zipping through the streets of Sydney with Matt in the passenger seat in your sexy new BMW with your flash Maui Gym sunnies! Would be great to visit you both later this year, keep in touch my friend!