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Sara's Adventures in Italy!

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I will be using this site to keep all of you up to date with all of the amazing things I will be doing and seeing while in beautiful Italy and the rest of Europe! Please feel free to leave me a message as I would love to hear from all of you! Hope you all are doing well! See you in May.

Diary Entries

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Location: Firenze, Italy

Hey everyone! Wow, it's been so long since I've written! Sorry, been sooooo busy with traveling! So....where to begin....Spring break was a blast! I went to Barcelona first with my friends Jill and Michelle. We also had some other friends from our program there so we met up with them too! Barcelona was interesting, but we had terrible weather the whole 3 days we were there. The first day was ok, just cold, but we went the to Mediteranean and walked along the beach for a while. Then it started to rain so we went back to our hostel and then had paella and sangria for dinner! The next day we bought tickets for one of the big tour busses that stops at all the tourist spots. We got to see some of Gaudi's architecture, which was reall interesting! He designed this huge church that is still under construction! He started building it in the late 1800's and it's still not finished! It's absolutely magnificent! If you want you can probably go on line and find pictures of it! It is unlike any building in the entire world! After that it started raining cats and dogs, so it was hard to see much more. The third day it poured all day too. Overall, we liked it, but I think the weather prevented us from falling in love with Spain. We were so glad to head to Paris! We spent 6 days and five nights in Paris. It was probably my favorite trip so far! It was nice to have a lot of time there so we didn't have to rush through everything. Our hotel was really close to the eifle tower, which was really nice! Paris has a really great Metro system, which made getting around to all the sights really easy. Things we did: Climbed to the top of the Arc de Triomph, walked down the Champs Elysees, went to the Saint Sulpice church (from the Da Vinci Code!), went to Sacre Coeur, went to Versailles, the Louvre (and saw the Mona Lisa!!!!), the Tuilleries gardens, had dinner on a boat cruise down the Seine, and much more! It was sooo amazing! We had georgous weather too! The gardens at the palace in Versailles were the most beautiful gardens I have every seen in my life! Can't wait to show everyone pictures of it! We sat there almost all day soaking up the sun and enjoying its beauty! I was actually surprised to find that the French people aren't as rude as everyone thinks theyt are. Plus French men are way less aggressive than Italian men so it was nice to get a break from being hit on all day! haha! Jill and Michelle are great traveling buddies! We got along great and had a wonderful time! When I got back, I had three days of classes and then headed off to Amsterdam last weekend! I was with Michelle and Jill again and also our friend Matt. Amsterdam is a very interesting place! It's very pretty, but a little strange. Its weird to be in a city where drugs are legal and theres prostitutes posing in windows!!!! VERY weird! But the weather was sooo hot and nice! We went to the Anne Frank house which was a very touching and memorable experience. The walls of her bedroom are still decorated with the magazine pictures she pasted on, and her real diary was there as well. It was very eerie to be in the house that she hid in for all that time. We also went to the Van Gough museum! He was such a brilliant painter! I loved all of his paintings! One of the best days was when we went to the Heiniken factory! It's like Disney world for adults! (actually all of amsterdam is!) There's a show where you stand on a moving floor that makes you feel like you're a bottle of Heiniken being bottled! So silly! They also give you free beer, which tasted so good! We spent a lot of time relaxing in the sun and walking around. One night we went to the Red Light District to check it out...but after about 10 minutes we had to get the hell out of there! It's just rows and rows of windows with protitutes trying to lure in customers!! All of the windows have red lights at the top (hence the name), and there are red curtains that they close when the rooms are occupied! SOOO STRANGE! It was definatley culture shock! It was just so degrading. You cound tell that men on the street had no respect for women and were very vulgar and gross! We were very glad to have Matt with us! But don't worry, as I said we pretty much ran out of there after about 5 minutes! Overall, Amsterdam was an interesting experience but I really can't see myself ever having a desire to go back. So, I got back this monday, and I'm leaving again today!!! I'm going to the Almalfi Coast for the weekend on a orgainized trip with a company called Euro Adventures that organizes trips for American students. Here's a description of the trip!! :

Set out for Capri by ferry to see the celebrated island considered by some to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world.
A highlight is sure to include one of the 7 wonders of the natural world, The Blue Grotto. There are chances to swim in the Blue Grotto and cliff jump, so bring yourbathing suit!

Go to the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. Destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD. Its ruins have been excavated and now exist as one of the finest archeological sites in the world.

Wind your way along the awe-inspiring UNESCO protected Amalfi Coast (via bus, car, or scooter) and enjoy stops in the towns of Positano and Amalfi. Paestum has some of the best preserved ancient Greek ruins and temples in the world.

Head to the birthplace of pizza, the chaotic and cosmopolitan city of love it, or leave it, Naples. Naples contains some of the finest museums in all of Italy.

Your accommodations will in 3-star private bungalows each with their own private porch/deck. There is a swimming pool and restaurant on site and the hotel is only a few minutes walk from the beach.

SOOOO COOL! I'm really excited to be at the beach in fabulous weather!!! Really looking forward to it! Two of my girl friends, Jill and Justine, will be going with me. We return on Sunday, then next week we have a long weekend, so on Tuesday I'm heading to Greece! We will be spending 6 days on the Island of Corfu!!! All of my friends here are going so it should be a blast! We will also spend some time in Athens! We are all staying at a really famous hostel called the Pink Palace that seems to be really focused on showing students a great time! I can't wait!!! So, as you can see, I am very busy the next few weeks! After that we have finals and then my last weekend here I'm going to try to go the Cinque Terre for a day trip and spend time with my friends. May 11th is when I get home! I'm really excited to see everyone but very sad to be leaving Italy. I have truly had an amazing time here and have grown immensely! I have made amazing friendships that I know will be lifelong! Michelle and Jill are already planning to come to Boulder this summer to visit! It will be nice to have friends to visit all over the US! On a different note, my roommate Molly goes to Virginia Tech and has been having a very hard time dealing with the tradgedy. She knew some of the people who were killed in the shootings, which has been very difficult for her. It's interesting being in a different country during a tradgedy like this as we have seen their views on the massacre. BBC was almost making a mockery of America, basically saying that they were not surprised, etc. Just wanted to say that we were all struck by this tragic event and are thinking of everyone at home and symathising with everyone at Virginia Tech. It really makes you realize how delicate life can be, and makes you miss the people you love. So, on that note...I love all of you very much! and am looking forward to when we meet again! I don't have time to post pictures but if I don't get any up before I come home you will all have plenty of opportunities to see them! I will try to write on Monday next week to tell you about my weekend! A presto! Arrivederci!


Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Hola! hey there! Just wanted to leave a quick message to let you all know that I´m on Spring break and won´t be able to write much till I get back next monday. I´m in Barcelona right now and will be in Paris on Wednesday! I´m having a great time! Just got my feet wet in the Mediterranian! So crazy!!! When I get back to Florence I will write a nice long description of my trip for you!-and post pics! Love you all! Ciao! Adios! Bye!

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Location: Italy

Buongiorno! Hey everyone! Finally recovered from last weekend in England!! I LOVE England!! I had such a great time. On Friday I went to Milan with my Leonardo da Vinci class to see The Last Supper. We got in to Milan around noon and saw the Milan Cathedral, which is extremely extravagant and beautiful. It took 500 years to build! After that we went to a museum and saw a few more pieces by Leo and others from the Verocchio workshop. Then we went to the monestary where the Last Supper is. For those who don't know, the Last Supper is actually painted on a wall that is part of a room that used to be a cafeteria for the monks. Because of it's location and medium, it has been severly damaged over the years. The humidity has much to do with this. Over the last few years there has been extensive restoration done on it to try to revive the colors of the original painting. Before we saw the painting we had to enter 3 separate rooms that are equiped with sophisticated ventilation systems that removed the bacteria and humidity from our bodies!! Well worth is because the Last Supper is AMAZING! I can't even explain the difference in seeing it in person versus in a book. We were only allowed to be in the room for 15 minutes, but I feel so lucky to have seen such a masterpiece. We were very lucky to have seen it as you have to make reservations almost 6 months in advance to be able to get tickets! After that we went to Castello Sforzesco, a castle that has served many functions ove the years. Now it is a museum. One of the ceilings was painted by Leo, so we were able to see that as well. After the tour, Molly, Corina and I met up with Michelle at the train station and headed to the airport to catch our plane to London. Molly (my roommate) has a friend that lives in Kettering (an hour away from London in the country), so we were able to stay with him for the weekend to save some money (1 pound= 2 dollars!!). On Saturday we walked around some of the little country towns, which are absolutley georgous! We saw Geddington and Kettering. Richard took us to an English pub for a proper English breakfast and a cider. English breakfast= a fried egg, hash browns, beans, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, and toast. Cider is like a beer but sweeter and lighter. Cider with black currant is the best drink in the world! Then we went to the Foxton Locks, which are a series of canals (like Panama Canal) for boats to pass through. It's an interesting system. Each section of the canal has to be drained for boats to pass through. Then once each section has been drained you push open the gates to the next section. A nice old English man let us help him get his boat through! It was such a nice day so we sat on a picnic bench and enjoyed another cider while watching all of the boats pass through. That evening we cooked a cheep dinner and went out to some clubs in Kettering. On Sunday we woke up really early and headed into London on the Chube (train/subway). We went to Buckingham Palace first and watched the changing of the guards, which is a very exciting and long process! The new guards march in with a band and go through an intricate ceremony! Then we got on the bus (a double decker with an open roof) and went to Harrods, the HUGEST deparment store possibly in the WORLD! They sell everything imaginable! You can even order an elephant there!! We even asked a guy that worked there and he said all you need is 57,000 pounds! haha!Then we went to the Convent Gardens (not actually gardens), which is a little area with open markets, pubs, and street performers. We had pasties, chips, and a cider for lunch, then got back on the bus and headed towards the Thames for a cruise! We saw Big Ben, the House of Parliment, the London Eye, and several other monuments and buildings. It was a great day! I really wish we had had more time there as it is really hard to see everything in one day, but I feel so lucky to have gone! Our flight left at 6:30 in the am on Monday so when I got back to Florence I was exausted!!! This week I will be glued to my computer as all of our research papers and midterms are due this week and next. I might go on a day trip this weekend though. I am going to post some pictures now, so have a look! Miss you! Ciao!

Monday, 05 March 2007

Location: Florence, Italy

Buongiorno! I got accepted to nursing school! yeah!! I'm so excited! I can't wait to begin classes this summer! Still having a blast over here in Italy. I went to Arezzo on Friday to look at a chapel painted by Piero della Francesca. It was beautiful! Arezzo is another beautiful city in Italy. I stayed in Florence the rest of the weekend. A few of my friends had friends from home visiting so it was like a never ending party. Plus I was celebrating my fabulous news about nursing school! It's warmed up a lot here! It was about 78 yesterday and about 75 today! I've never been so excited! Yesterday we walked to the Piazale Michelangelo, which is a huge piaza that overlooks all of Florence! It's a little bit of a hike but well worth it for the amazing view! We ate popsicles, sat in the beeming sun, and gazed at the magnificent city! It was a moment to remember forever! My friend John visited us this weekend. He cooked dinner and entertained us for a night! He's going to tour the states in November so I'm going to be his Colorado tour guide! I'm excited for everyone to meet my lovely British friend! Not doing much this week but working on papers! Then on Friday I am going to Milan with my Leonardo da Vinci class to see the Last Supper (SOOOO COOL!). Then Molly (my roomie), Michelle, Corina and I heading to the Milan airport to fly to London! We will be staying with one of Molly's friends from the states. I'm so excited to see England! I hope I run into Prince William! I will definatley write about the trip when I get home on Monday! Well, I should probably do some homework, will write soon! Miss you Love you! Ciao!

Monday, 26 February 2007

Location: Italy

Hi everyone! Just had an amazing weekend! On Friday I went to Cecina, a beach on the west coast of Italy, also known as the white beach! The sand was white, and the water was the clearest, bluest, prettiest water I’ve ever seen! My friend John drove me there so it was also really nice to be able to drive through Tuscany to see the landscape. Tuscany actually reminds me a lot of Boulder. There are a lot of hills (they look like the foothills/flatirons) with towns right at the bottom. I actually felt like I was home! After going to the beach, we took a train to Bologna. We went out in Bologna Friday night and had a blast with our English friends! They have been teaching us all of their English lingo and slang! It’s so fascinating to me! Then on Saturday we walked around and saw the town (plus did some shopping!). Bologna is beautiful! I plan on going back next weekend for a day trip! Then on Sunday I went to the Academia museum and saw The David! There aren’t words to explain how amazing that statue is. As one guy put it…after seeing The David, there is no need to ever see another statue. I stared at it for a good 15 minutes! There are some other amazing paintings there as well. It’s so neat how I can now look at a painting and understand the meaning and techniques. During the Renaissance period artist painted their paintings to tell stories as the majority of the population couldn’t read. Because no one could read the bible, they used the paintings to tell the stories. There are a ton of Annunciation paintings. For those who don’t know, the annunciation is when the angel comes down from the heavens to tell Mary that she will carry God’s son. At the museum they also had about a dozen statues that Michelangelo started but never finished! They are really neat because it’s kind of like seeing a work in progress! Tonight John and Joe (the English boys) are coming to Florence, so my friend Michele and I are going to cook them a nice Italian dinner to repay them for all they’ve done for us. I’m really excited to be able to show my gratitude for all the amazing things they’ve showed us! Make sure to check out the new pictures I’ve posted! A presto!

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From Kyla
Hi Sara! Just wanted to check in, haven't talked to you in a while. When you get a chance, check your facebook account because I sent you a message. I'm excited to see you!
Response: me too missy! very very soon! sorry i haven't written you back yet i've been real busy! i will right now though!
From Jeremy
Heya! It was great to talk to you the other day! I hope you're spending your last few weeks over there well! I cant wait to see you and admire all your pictures! Take care!
Response: very soon Jeremy! it's been so nice having someone so interested in my stories! thanks for reading my page!
From Eva
Sara, It sounds like you are having so much fun! I can't wait to hear all about it in person when you get back. Crystal, Jessie, and I are going to Vegas right after graduation so after that we are definitely going to have to find some time to catch up. I'm glad to hear you are having an amazing time!
Response: sounds like fun! im happy for you that you're graduating! can't wait to see you!
From Mom
Hi Honey,
Thanks for the great update! Post pictures soon and have a great time these last few weeks!
Cards are activated.
Love, Mom
Response: sorry we got cut off last night mommy! probably won't get any pictures up till after Greece, but i'll work on it! love you and miss you!
From Dustan
Sara! i havent been very good about remembering to check your travel page. you pictures look amazing. i wish i could have done what you are are having the time of your life! congrats on all the nursing news....although, if i were you, i might just stay over there! Have fun. Dustan
Response: Yeah, I have to admit staying over here has ran through my mind! i can't believe I have to go home! But, excited to see everyone. can't wait till I get to see you and the Hucks again! i miss you guys! Hope everyone is doing great!
From Matt Umbaugh
HELLLLOOOOOOOO SARA! Well it looks like you been a very busy person since I was last here at your site. I didn't realize you would be traveling all over europe, that is awesome. I must admit Im still jealous, but good for you what an experience you deserve it. I saw your apartment pretty cool I like it. How is everything over there? Everything is changing around Boulder day by day. A lot of things have changed but its still Boulder so it stays the same I guess, if that makes since. Do you have any idea when you are coming back? I know we will be having a coming home party for you and we need to start planning for a day. Im glad your having such a great time it looks excellent. Congratulations on being accepted to school thats great. Well talk to you soon. I miss you and so do a bunch of other people. I look forward to hearing from.
Response: Always good to hear from you Matty! Miss you!
From Mom
Hi Honey,
just a thought. Maybe you should make a photocopy of your passsport. Good luck on you rlast month of classes. Enjoy Amsterdam. Go see the Anne Frank home.
Love, Mom
Response: Done and done!
From Aunt Halene
I am sooo glad Eric, and your Mom were able to spend time with you, You must have had a terrific time. Great experience for all of you. I look forward to talking to Eric when he comes home. I hope he will be able to be with us for Passover. I will miss you, as will the rest of the family.
Write when you can,
Love you,
Response: Yeah, we had a great time together in Italy! I´m so glad they were able to join in on my experience over here. I´m sad I´m missing passover, but you will have some good stories from Eric! Love you! See you soon!
From ariel
Hey crazy! was just looking at your pictures and reading your entries im so jealous i really want to travel now. when do you get back again? the dresses came in for the wedding! well I miss you and i hope your having fun.
Response: wow....i hope i can fit into my dress by July!!! 5 months of pasta, pizza, gelato, and paninos might be a little bit of a problem...miss you too! can't wait to come home and see everyone
From Aunt Halene
The Italian wine country looks amazing.
Terrific pictures. Keep sending
these updates. It is great to
follow your fabulous adventure.

Love you.
Response: Hi aunt Halene! thanks for taking the time to look at my page! Mom and Eric are here, we are having a blast! I'm off to Rome with them tonight. Tell everyone I love them!
From Aunt Halene
I am so glad you had such a great
time in England. Harrods is truly
unbelievable isn't it. Sort of makes Macy's look pretty sad.(ha). Anyway you did get a little taste of England. I am sorry you did not have time to see some of the Palaces, and museums, but I am sure there will be
another trip in your future. Everything is good here. Beautiful weather. Take care. Look forward
to hearing from you soon.
Great pictures.
Love, Aunt Halene
Response: If only I had enough money to shop at Harrods!!! Yeah, I would have loved to have more time there, but I will just have to make sure I get back there sometime later in life! I got accepted to Cu Denver! But now I don't think I can go because I had to drop that on-line microbiology class. I might try e-mailing one of the advisors there to see if they might still let me attend. Hope you are doing well! Tell Cathy and everyone I say hi and love them! Ciao!
From Mom
Hi Sara,
Loved the description of London, the Last Supper, and the pictures. Good luck on mid-terms and your papers. Do them right!
Response: I can't believe I got in to CU Denver, what a bummer....yeah, I really had a great weekend! Have a midterm today...ugh. Love you too, hope you're feeling better!
From Cathy
Sara - congratulations on school! I am so proud of you! If CU becomes an option for you, you are welcome to stay with me at my house as long as necessary so don't let housing be your roadblock! I love keeping up with your adventures and can't wait to talk about them in person! Be happy and safe! I love you and I am so happy that you are realizing the benefits of all of your hard work and dedication.
Response: Hey Cathy! Thank you so much! I am so excited to start nursing school this summer! You know how anxious I have been! I have decided on UNC for other reasons besides housing, but thank you so much for the offer. I had to drop an on-line class that I needed if I wanted to go to CU Denver because it was too hard and would have made it hard for me to fully enjoy my time here. Just got back from London, and had an amazing time! Well, it was great to hear from you, and I hope you are feeling better! Miss you!
From Jonny Stokes
Very sweet of you to mention me in your messages. make sure you have a nice time in the UK, say hi to my friends for me (were not actually as smaller place as you americans think !!). May I advise you to try the local delicacey - "Fish & Chips", as long as you throw lots of salt & Vinegar on them !! Wow its making my hungry now. Im off to Serbia & Montenegro in a week or so, but im def gonna make time to drop by Florence and catch-up. Your friends think alot of you, it must be nice to have such a close group of friends. XX Good Luck on your travels, your such a lovely girl, and deserve the world, and everything in it. XX Mwah.
Response: Hey Jonny! Thanks for the message! Just got back from England!!! I had an amazing time! How lucky you are to have been born in such an amazing country! I did not want to leave at all! Sad news though....I never got a chance to try fish and chips. I was really dissapointed, but it just didn't happen in the short time i was there. I did try an English breakfast and a pastie though. Plus. I drank cider with blackcurrant, which is by far my favorite drink in the world now!! Hope you had a great weekend, and hope you make it to Florence soon! Ciao bello!
From Jeremy
Hey!!! Congratulations!!!! Thats totally freaking awesome!!!! I couldnt be more excited and jealous of ya!!! I hope you're havin a blast and I cant wait to see you this summer!! Take care!
Response: Thanks Jeremy! Hope school is going well for you. Might be really busy this summer but we'll definatley hang out! are you working for COB this summer? I can't wait to go swimming at scotty! I'm having slide withdrawl!
From Mom
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You were accepted to UNC Nursing!!!
I hope to hear from CU Denver this week. Of course I will call you!
Love, Mom
Response: Thanks for the good news! Can you believe it??? I'm going to be a nurse!!! Happy Birthday mommie! I love you
From Kyla
Hi Sara dear! Guess what? I'm an auntie!!! Courtney had her baby tonight, it was very exciting. Don't you worry about nursing school, it always works out (I know thats not what you want to hear but its true) Just think if you would have gotten in you would probably be like taking someones blood pressure or something boring like that now instead of having the time of your life in Italy. Miss you tons and tons!
Response: Congradulations on becoming an aunt! That's so cool! Is it a boy or a girl? I got in to nursing school! yeah!!! I tried to call you the other day but it said your phone was out of service?!?! do you still have the same cell phone number? If you changed it let me know! miss you!
From Mom
Hi Honey,
Bennissimo update! Magnifico pictures! I have more details to tell you about Italy. I'll call soon. Getting museum tickets from the hotels!
Buona notte! Buon divertimento!

Love, Mom
Response: Thanksw Mom. Hope you call me today. I am getting some bad anxiety about the letters from nursing school. Im really really scared! We need to talk about what I will do if I don't get in. ugh~ Can't wait for you to come, Love you!
From Kyla
Hi Sara! I miss you tons and tons and tons! Greeley just isn't the same with out you! When do you hear about nursing school? I hope your having so much fun! Love you!!!
Response: Kyla! hey girl! i miss you too! So sorry you have to be in Greeley right now! I am having a blast! Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch, its really hard to get in internet time. this is probably the best way to communicate, and facebook too! hope everything is well! how's jack? hows the job? and school? miss you!!
From Eva
Hey gorgeous! Things are good here. Unfortunately I'm still at GCI for another couple of months but let me tell you evening shift isn't the same without you. I can't sneak around and avoid people like I can with you...Ha Ha! Crystal and I were talking about going to Boulder again but we want to wait till you get home cause it just won't be the same. Glad to hear you are having so much fun! Any new hotties??? Miss you!
Response: Eva! Oh how I miss you girls! Well, I hope you're not scratching your eyes out at GCI. I don't know what I'd do if I had to work ther without you ! We were a great team! Even if we were a little sneaky! haha! Well, I know it won't be the same if you go to Boulder without me, but at least you know where to go! We will definately hang out a lot this summer though! I talked to Joe and he told me about California! I can't believe it! We will have to go visit him since I won't get to see him before he leaves! No hotties in Florence if you can believe it. There are a lot of good looking Italian guys, but they are so disgusting and repulsive! I met an awesome English guy though! He took my friends and I to Carnevale last weekend! He's such a gentleman! Do you have AIM? if you do tell me your SN because I'm able to use it every once in a while. Love you and miss you!
From Mom
Let me know how you are feeling and what you found out at the doctor's. I will try to call you. Also, let me know that you've got the package I sent. How are your classes going? Tell us about Carnivale too.
Love, Mom Hugs and kisses to my baby.
Response: Feeling slightly better today. Im at school right now and the list says that the package has arrived at the shipping company, so I will go get it today or tomorrow. Classes are going fine. I love you too, it was good talking to you yesterday!
From marilyn foster borel
Sara- your mom called me here in KC last night and told me about your great news- that you're in Italy for school- what a wonderful experience- I have really enjoyed your diary and your fantastic photos- just loved the ones of the apt. It looks great and your friends look like so much fun- your photos of Rome were wonderful too- I am so glad that your family is coming to visit- you all will have a ball- wish I could stow away- I am crazy about Rome- think the Vatican is so beautiful- have fun in your classes- so glad that you are taking advangtage of being able to travel on the weekends- your mom's pal, Marilyn
Response: Hi Marilyn! What a nice surprise! I'm glad you were able to read a little about my time in Italy! I really am having an amazing time here! I feel like the luckiest girl alive! I'm very excited for mom and Eric to come! I know they will love it here, just as I do. Hope you are doing well! Thanks for the note!
From Jeremy
Hey Sara! just wanted to drop a line and say happy valentines day! How's class and the such? Glad to hear you're gettin along with your roomy! Its so snowy and cold here right now! Im gettin kinda sick of the snow. We still havent seen the ground since that big snow storm back in december. its depressing! Anyway, hope all is well!
Response: Hey Jeremy! That sucks about the weather! I am SOOO glad that I missed the rest of the winter there! you know how I hate the snow! Its starting to warm up a little here, which is nice. Hope school is going well! miss you!
From Mom
Hi, Check email for important message. $ available. Package to be sent today.
Love, Mom
Response: Thanks Mommie!
From Mommy
Happy Valentines Day! I wish I could have sent you a card and some chocolates. Hey, how's the chocolate there???? Don't forget to help me know where to make hotel reservations. . soon!!!! Where shall we visit???
Love you lots! Mom
Response: I wanted to talk to you so bad last night! We cooked a nice dinner and ate by candlelight, then we walked to get gelato. there's a man who sets up a microphone in the piazza where the David is and sings Beetles, Elton John, etc. every night! So went and sat and listened to him play while we ate our delicious gelato! He played a Cat Stevens song and it made me think of you! So overall,I had a lovely valentines day! and yes, the chocolate is really good! A pastry shop just opened right next to my apartment= TROUBLE! haha, well, I can miss class wed the 28th so we can go to Siena or Bologna (somewhere close) for the day. then we can leave thurs evening and stay in rome until sat morning, then leave early sat to go to venice, spend the day in venice and then take a train from venice that night back to Florence. how does that sound? then we can do stuff around florence during the week, and on tues you and eric can take a day trip somewhere. The museums you want to go to in florence is the Uffizi (which you could spend a whole day in!). I will get back to you with a longer list, but i want to pick out the ones that you will enjoy the most! There's a museum with inventions of Leonardo! Ok, well I will try to call you tonight! Oh, and that packet needs to be mailed to the same shipping company as the textbook! thanks! love you!