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Diary Entries

Saturday, 20 May 2006

Location: London, UK

Hi there,

Just a quick note to let you all know that our Italy photos are on here now.


Love Alice & Jack

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Location: London, UK

Hi Everyone,

Sorry its been a long time again. We are very slack! We are both working people now though so don't have much time for emailing!

Jack and I signed up to Temp agencies and didn't have much trouble getting work on a temp basis before we head off to Germany in June after a Bon Jovi concert.

Jack has been doing work as a gardener and I have entered the wonderful world of retail at the Burberry factory outlet.

Anyway, this is only a quick message to let you know we are still alive! Photos of Italy are coming this weekend so stay tuned.


Love Alice & Jack

Friday, 28 April 2006

Location: Rome, Italy

Hi Everyone,

Its been a while sorry. Thanks for all your messages. You will all be glad to know that there are some photos on the page now. If you look to the right of the screen you will see the links. They are only just a taste for now. We have some awesome ones of Italy that we will put on when we get back to London.

So yeah, we are in Italy at the moment in Rome. Having a great time. We flew into Milan last week and spent a night there. Wasnt too impressed by Milan. Lots of great shops but it was very dirty and there were quite a few dodgy looking people around who looked like they wanted to mug us.

We then went to Lake Como for a couple of nights. Its absolutely beautiful and very 'Italian'. We just wandered around for the two days and went on a boat trip around the lake. Lots of gorgeous houses. George Clooney actually has a house there but we didnt see him.

We then were supposed to go to Cinque Terre but all the trains were booked so we went to Florence. It was really pretty but super crowded. Turned out it was a long weekend in Italy so all the italians must have been there for their holiday. Its a very pretty city but a bit too English. Makes it easy to get around but I like it better when the restaurants etc are a bit more authentic.

At the start of the week we went to Cinque Terre which we were really excited about as so many people rave about it. It is this group of five towns on the Mediterranean which are linked by a path. The 5 towns are really gorgeous and are clinging to this cliff. Amazing scenery but a very challenging walk. It took us 6 hours to walk the whole 12 kms and then we caught the boat back. Probably the most beautiful place Ive ever seen.

And now...we are in Rome! Have been doing a bit of sight seeing. Went to the Vatican yesterday and then walked around to the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. Its a very beautiful city.

Tomorrow we are off to the Amalfi Coast for a week. We have rented a flat in Positano for a week so hopefully it will be nice and sunny. Looking forward to staying in the one place for a while.


Ciao Bellas!

Jack and Alice

Monday, 10 April 2006

Location: London, England

Hello Everyone,

Sorry about our recent absence from the internet. Its been over a week! Jack and I have just been trying to put our photos on the page but unfortunately we are having some probs. We'll keep trying though.

Well, we have been quite busy over the last week or so visiting Freeman relatives! We spent about 5 nights in Scotland with Jacks Uncle and Aunt. Had a great time up there and managed not to catch the bird flu even though we were in very close proximity to the dead swan. We did a little bit of sight seeing and alot of relaxing. Our bodies have now become accustomed to getting out of bed at 9am! We went to St Andrews one day, saw lots of golf things (this is where golf originated) and didn't see Prince William (this is where he went to Uni). We also visited some castles and monuments which commemorate William Wallace (think Braveheart).

Jacks cousin took us for a night out on the town in Bonny Bridge which was quite funny. I couldn't understand a word anyone was saying and didn't pay for a drink all night!! They are also very into Karaoke in Scotland so that was quite funny.

We are now back in London staying at another Uncle and Aunts place and have been doing alot of sight seeing around London. We saw the changing of the guard today - but didn't actually see much because as always, we were running late and there were thousands of people there. Did see their fluffy hats though and we heard the band playing! Then went for a big walk around the place. Finally ended up in the shopping area (Yay!) The shops here are fantastic and the clothes are gorgeous. I could spend alot of money. (Sally M - went to Topshop in Oxford St and was blown away!)

Anyway, we are planning on heading to Italy next week which is extremely exciting. Airfares are so cheap here. We will be spending about a month there so we can have a good look around.

Anyway better go - we will keep trying to put our photos on here.

Alice & Jack

Friday, 31 March 2006

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Hi guys,

We just arrived in Scotland this arvo after spending a couple of days in York. Its a really nice town - we highly recommend it. We had a bit of trouble with the train getting up to Scotland. We caught the 8:59 train from York this morning and then when we got to Newcastle we asked if the train was continuing onto Glasgow and the train man told us yes! Then when the train got going again we realised we were heading back to York again. So we had to get off half way in between and then catch another train to Edinburgh and then another one to Glasgow. We are very sick of trains!

We are spending a couple of days here in Glasgow staying with Jacks rellys and then heading back down to London next week. Not sure what we are going to get up to.

WE will be putting photos on the website as soon as we get back to London. Have some really great ones. Yesterday we bought some batteries from a £1 shop and each one lasted one photo. Wasn't really worth the money.

Anyway, better go and see the sights. We hope you are all well.


Jack and Alice

Monday, 27 March 2006

Location: London, UK

Hello Everyone,

Well we have arrived in London finally and it is freezing! We definitely didn't bring enough jumpers.

London is a huge change after the United Arab Emirates. It was a fantastic place and we were lucky enough to have my cousin look after us for two days whilst we were there. We saw many things and experienced a lot of aspects of their culture. Its a amazing what you can do in two days! It is definitely a place we would recommend to visit.

On our first day we toured around Dubai seeing some of the big hotels and developments and visiting the old Gold Souk. We then travelled out to Al Ain which is an old town in the middle of the desert on the border of Oman. It is actually an Oasis town as the run off from the Oman mountains settled there. It is quite amazing as the rest of is sand. We went to a camel souk whilst we were there (by the way, souks are there traditional market places) Jack was asked if he wanted to sell me for a camel!! Camels are a sign of status and are used for racing and eating.

We then travelled onto Abu Dhabi which is the capital. It was a beautiful city. The next day we travelled around the city visiting yet more amazing hotels including the Emirates Palace which is enormous. We also went to the new golf club and equestrian centre. In the afternoon we visited the cultural foundation and had some traditional arabic coffee with some nationals. They showed us around and we were lucky enough to see Sheik Zayeds personal library collection which had books which were thousands of years old. Hardly anyone gets to see these so we were extremely lucky.

Anyway, thats enough for now. We are heading out to see the sights of London today!


Jack and Alice

Friday, 24 March 2006

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Hello Everyone!

We have arrived at our first destination. We landed in Dubai this morning and had a full on day of seeing the sights of the United Arab Emirates.

The flight was quite good (very long). (Moylo for your information there were 500 channels to choose from. I watched Elizabethtown and Walk the Line and for dinner Jack had Lamb Korma and I had a Mushroom Canneloni!)

Anyway, today we saw some pretty amazing sites. Will update on them later. We also took some photos but we will put these on once we get to London.

Update you all again soon!


Jack and Alice

Monday, 13 March 2006

Location: Edgeroi, Australia

Hi there and welcome to our travel page! At the moment Jack and I are in Sunny Edgeroi preparing ourselves for our trip overseas. We leave next Thursday.

Our plans are to fly to Dubai first where we will stay for a couple of days and then onto London.

This page is so that everyone at home can see what we are up to throughout our travels. You will see on the right hand side of the page we can put our photos up for everyone to see and you guys can also send messages to us.

So hope you all enjoy reading about our adventures.


Jack and Alice

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Recent Messages

From Bettsy
Hey little chickapuks

Love the photos and hoping your having a whale of a time.

Make sure you don't leave any weeds behind jack. and All put that money back in the till!

Look forward to hearing how the jovi concert goes.

Response: Hey mate,

The concert was awesome. I'll try and send you some photos later. Hope alls well in Crooky,

From Alana
Hey Jack and Alice,
Sorry I haven't messaged yet but I'm glad to hear all is going well over there. You both sound like you are having an amazing time! I hope it has warmed up for you, enjoy London and I can't wait to hear about the rest of your Europe adventures, luv Alana.
Response: Hey Lans,

Thanks for the message. Sorry our reply has been so long. We are both having a great time. Getting sick of having no money and missing Australia though! My Dad told me that your Dad was around over here as well for the world cup???

Catch up soon
From Larissa
Hi Guys!
Your photos are amazing! Wish I was over there and not stressing over little kids reports!! Hope you are not working too hard! Miss you both, Larissa xx
Response: Hey Larissa,

Great to hear from you. Sorry we have been slow with our replys. Time has gotten away! Dont worry we aren't working too hard and we are spending far too much. Hope alls well in Grafton!

Love Alice and Jack
From Dan
Hey Jack,

you'll b happy to hear Moree went to the bri in 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade on the weekend.

have u been to a Jovi concert yet? take it easy & have a nice day.
Response: Yay, go the Bri!

From Rick
Hope you blokes are keeping well over there!
Response: Yeah Rick we are. By the way who's Rick??
From Margs Leitch
Hi Alice and Jack, What a great website! So much news that I feel I have been travelling with you. It all sounds so exciting and a wonderful time for you both to be travelling. Home is fine and sunny, with love to you both, Margs
From Annikins
Hey Jackabud and Ally!
Thanx for keeping us updated, sounds unreal.
Take care hopefully speak to you on the weekend.
From John & Pam Waters
Hi Jack and Al,
Great to see your website - have viewed all the pics and looks like you are having the best time.
Beautiful and sunny in Narrabri, putting winter off as long as we can!
Love to you both
Pam xo
From Katy-Rose
Hi Jack & Alice,

Was just thinking of you guys and thought I would check in and see what you have been up to. Sounds like you are having a great time.

Not much news to report here - just busy working and with wedding plans (you guys will know what that is like when you get back!)

Anyway won't keep you - just wanted to touch base.

Response: Hi there,

Great to hear from you. Having a good time but missing the comforts of home a bit. Hope you and Sam are well.

Ciao Alice
From Brooke & Steve
Hi Jack & Alice,
Glad to hear you're having a fab time. Very jealous. Sydney living is going well but missing N'bri. Nosh went fantastically if you haven't already heard. Was such a buzz seeing it all go so well.
Happy shopping and sightseeing,
Brooke & Steve
Response: Hi Brooke and Steve,

So glad to hear Nosh went well. Jacks Mum said she had a great time! How is everything going in Sydney?

Great to hear from you

Cheers Alice and Jack
From Tom
Hi Kids!

Sounds like your having a great time. Hope you enjoy Milan it should be all time. Stay safe and speak soon big rocks!!

Response: Hey Tommy,

Having a great time. Italy is going well. Very nice place.

Cya Jack and Alice
From Moylo
I would book a ticket Coley, but I'm just too busy keeping the dream alive in beautiful bloody Moree!!!
From Bin
Hi guys! Glad to hear you are already having lots of fun! Sounds like you are seeing lots of the countryside... even if it is twice in the one day! ha how funny about the train, I bet you were cursing! Take care, can't wait to see the photos. BIN
Response: Hey binny,
Yeah it is all alot of fun, very worth the trip over here. We are trying hard to get some photos up on the website, but are havung a little bit of trouble. We hope to see you here soon.
From john
update your page you jerks
From Cath
Glad to here things are going well. Loved the update on the food on the plane...have something to look forward to!
Response: Hey Cath, hope all is going well, great to hear from you. It will be awesome to see you over here when you come. By then we will be locals and can maybe show you around a bit!! Tell Moylo he should book a ticket over, very worth it. See you soon.
From Larissa
Hi guys! Seems like you are having a great time. I'm glad you didn't sell Alice for a camel Jack, how much were they asking? I want to see some pics soon. By the way Jack I'm having a 'true blue' time back here in Australia and I'm hoping you, the 'bushman', 'CAN survive the city life'!! Alice good thinking not to pack enough warm clothes, now you'll HAVE to buy new ones! Have fun guys, love Larissa xo
Response: Yeah, I'm glad Jack didn't see me for a camel. I think he was willing to negotiate a price! We will be putting photos on the site once we get back to Jacks rellys. We are in Scotland at the moment!
From Muppet
Hi Jack and Alice. Pleased to hear you guys arrived safe and sound. It is raining here today 29-03-06! Just enough to be annoying. But you never know it may develop into something and fill the dams.

This is a great site.

Keep in touch. Thomas says Hi
From john
should have sold her for a camel jack, and traded the camel for several local wives who could then fight for your attention. we could wife fight night and i could be the head of the wife fights accounting department
Response: You're an idiot John
From Moylo
G'day team,
Great to hear the update on the movies during the flight!!!
From john
mums missing all of us so i've decided to move back there and mooch off them until you come and home and replace me
Response: You can't replace me! I am irreplaceble
From Dan from Hylan
No matter where you go or who you just remember 'its my life' & to always 'keep the faith' and you'll be right.
From Roger
So normal.... ah na!