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Welcome to Jai and Terhi's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping photos and a few stories of our travels together for all of you to see and read. So, hope you like them and please feel free to leave messages for us! We'll do our best to get back to you :)

Photos - Click Below


Home & Dubai, November 2005

Our long long awaited trip begins!!


Cairo & Luxor, November 2005

From Dubai we flew to Cairo, Egypt... I'll let the photos speak for themselves.


London, Nov & Dec 2005

After Cairo we flew to London, whose crispy air felt unbelievably good after the arid Egypt....


Porto & Lisbon, December 2005

After London we flew to Porto, which is the second biggest city in Portugal and the home of port wine :) And while in Portugal we also did a weekend trip to Lisbon, the capital...


Prague, December 2005

After Portugal we stopped in Frankfurt for a day and then caught a train to Prague, which ended up being one of our favourite stops...


Finland, December 2005 + 06

Just a few pictures of scenery, people, and activities in Finland... :)


New Year's Eve in Finland

The funniest New Year's Eve ever! We had mum & dad's cazebo thingy for ourselves and we stayed outdoors most of the night having drinks and pissing ourselves laughing. Such a good night!


Finland, January 2006

These pictures pretty much some up what we got up to in our last few weeks in Finland: Drinking, drinking, and more drinking...Had a LOT of fun, though! :)


The Finnish Wedding 05/06/04

Here's some photos of our Wedding in Finland (7 months after we were married in Australia)...


Frankfurt & Vienna, June 2004

After our "second" wedding in Finland, we headed out to central Europe, first stopping quickly in Frankfurt (Germany) and then catching a train to Vienna (Austria)...


Paris, June 2004

Ok, from Vienna we took a train to Paris and spent a couple of awesome days there.


Amsterdam, June 2004

And from Paris to Amsterdam...


Lyon, June 2004

From Amsterdam we caught a train to Lyon to visit Marie (a French girl Terhi met on a train 4 years earlier) and her boyfriend Sebastien.


Barcelona, June 2004

From Lyon we made our way to Barcelona and our camping ground by the beach...


Rome, June 2004

From Barcelona we took an all night all day train to Rome, arriving almost 24hrs later...

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Recent Messages

From Hanna
Hey lovely aussies!
I've been doing some thinking and serious calculating... What about A DATE in somewhere in Asia next summer?!? Maybe late summer like August/Sept? I'm so missing you guys and it's time to do something about it! Still, before that no can do cause of the wedding and a honeymoon (yes yes yes). Let me know is it too wakky idea...
Congrats to Jaiden for coming graduating! Well done! I hope we could be there celebrating with you. But just let us know when, and we surely will chear you here!
Wirh Luuv,
Response: Hi darling,
Sorry for such a hugely late reply, haven't been to the site for months... But your idea sounds great, especially if we don't get a chance to come to Finland next summer... That would be so cool! Oh and mum & dad might (MIGHT) come to Oz for Christmas next year!!! But we'll see, still a fair time away... I'll talk to you soon anyway! Miss you!! Terhi
From ab
Missin you guys still!!! But having a ball. Love Ab. xoxoxo
Response: Hey Ab :)
Sorry (for never replying on time), I don't check this site very often as the photos aren't changing for a LOOOOONG time... But so refreshing to have you visiting :) AND MISS YOU TOO!! We're having a house warming drinks for Jai's birthday and wish you were there! But no can do. But when ARE you coming?? Anyway, miss you, hope all is well with Rob, Ireland, work and life in general :)
Love Terhi
Here this: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. -Mark Twain.

Such wise words I think! I love it!

The midsummer is here again.. It means lots and lots of fun! Sun has been shining two weeks in a row, today raining though, but forecasts for the weekend seems promising :)

Kinda miss you Again. Have fun there. Enjoy, dream, explore...

Greetings to Jai!

With Love Hugs and Kisses, Hanna
Response: Thanks honey :) Miss you too!
P.S. Finally got internet back, yay!!!
From Ab
Hey guys. Cant help but look at all your trip again! Am moving again to Belfast tomro. Got a wicked job in a Recovery woo-hoo! Monday to Friday too which I will LOVE. (You guys can appreciate that). Great news bout Mervi. Congrats!!
Love you guys and miss you too. xoxo
Response: Hi Abster :)
Moving to Belfast? Cool :) And congrats for the job! And good to see you survived your trip to Rhodes and you're back in the real world :) We've got no internet for a while (takes forever to change the connection to a different phone number) so haven't had much chance to get on the net and do anything! (Really makes me realise how addicted I am to it!) So I haven't read yours or Dan's diary entries yet! But I will as I need to stay up to date!
Anyway, will head off now, keep in touch!
Love ya. :)
From Danskina
Hey guys
Abs just told me that Mervi is preggers!!! Wow- that's great! Oh so good. It is their wedding in August yeah? Well, very happy to hear that. Love you guys and miss you too. Love dan. XOXOXOOX
Response: Yes she is!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that, I still can't believe it!! And yeah, wedding in August, Mervi will have a slight belly by then (due in January)... :) :) :) So excited!
From Danski!!
Perkele!!! I cant believe how much i miss you guys!! Wish you were here right now- we are having an awesome time though! Hey, we are in the midst of planning a house boat for some time over the summer- would be great if you guys came!!!!! Have to go and get something to eat- starving!! When abs told me that you'd put up more photos I was so excited- its like our little link! And, Hanah saying hello, which i Hanah!! We had an awesome time with you in Finland too. What about when we all broke out in song down the street in Helsinki? "calling out around the world, are you ready for a brand new city? summer's here and the time is right for dancing in the street!!" K, better go coz been on the net for hours it seems! Love you all and miss you heaps. Love Dan. XOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
Response: Hi Dan!!
Funny girl... I have to say my memories of singing and dancing on the street in Helsinki are a bit blurry... I think I had a few too many that night :) Great times, though :) Hope you're making the most of summer, it's cold and gray in Melbourne... And how's Rhodos going?? Amesome, of course, but tell me more!
Anyway, better go, lots of packing and moving to do! Miss you and love you too, have an awesome week in Greece!
Love Terhi
From Abbey
Hi Hanna and Teemu! Can definately write us a message - I love checking this site out because it gets me so excited about travelling!
Speaking of which am flying out to Greece, Rhodes today so better go get organised!!! Miss you both too.
Have some great news - am besotted with an English bloke Rob (in case you havent been able to tell in photos). We are going great. He is excellent. Will keep you updated.
Response: Hey Ab!!!

So excited about your trip to Greece!! One of my subjects at Uni is ancient mythology and the first bit of it has been entirely Greek myths (so cool!), can't tell you how much I'd love to be there with you!

Also happy that you've found a good old English fella :) He's cute (from the photos) and you two look great together! Awwww... :) You gonna be ok being apart for a week, all these Greeks chasing you? :)

Anyway, hope you have an awesome time in Rhodes, keep those photos coming!! Kisses and hugs to you both!!
Love Terhi
From Hanna
I can't have a look your photos (which I've already done so many times though) cause I miss you guys sooo much!!!!!!! I Just have a feeling that it would do so much good if I could go somewhere abroad for a while... But what do you do when you have to work 5 days a week?! At the moment I have a phase that I just wanna have fun and take it easy ;) Well the summer is going to be great here, we have parties almost every weekend but still... It's not the same.
I also found Danni's and Abs' webpages, awesome! Seems they're having so much fun :) Say hello to them and lots of hugs (or girls if you read this, hi!), they're just lovely girls. I almost send a message to them through their planetranger but then didn't?!?
Anyway, love you and miss you heaps (you use that word A LOT) ;)
Response: Hey sweetie!
Miss you too!! And so jealous that it's summer there and you have parties lined up for every weekend... You two are crazy! As for us, we're house hunting, working and studying and have no time for anything else! But all in good time, I guess. We'll be very happy once we have our own place again and I'll hopefully have a study room to myself! So exciting (provided we get this place that has the extra room)! And I think we'll get a kitten pretty much the day we move out - SO excited!! (Still miss Kahlua, though!) Anyway, party away my love, talk again soon!
From Hanna
Great pics and lots of fun! Missing the days of Brussels, Prague and Finland... Hope to see you soon! Hugs and kisses :)
Response: Hello my darling! :)
Yeah, good times, weren't they! Especially Brussels, that weekend was the best and we've got the funniest pictures of it! Missing you heaps, hope the wedding plans are going well :) Anyway, will talk to you soon on e-mail!
Love Terhi
From Abster
Oh my god!!!!! You guys are absolute legends!!! Your photos are amazing - terhi I think you have a brilliant eye for photography (i am assuming it's Terhi Jai because she is the arty one; i will stand corrected if not Terhi taking those shots in Finland of Hikki Helmi/Sinni Salmi cant remember - Saila and Raijo's holiday house).
Soooo good to see your smiling faces! Reminds me of our awesome trip together - funny photos from there. We look like absolute piss heads!!! I guess there were some photos without alcohol in them but not many!!!
BIG HELLO to both of your families - and to extended Birchall family too!!
Give Australia a kiss for me! I miss her so much!
But am having a fabulous time myself which you can update on my website - been on it heaps coz talking to Mum through it.
Love to you both.
Ab. xoxoxoxo
Response: Hey gorgeous!
Yep, quite proud of myself for getting around to do all this - and yes it's me behind the lense on the photos :) Jai has not yet even looked at the website but I'll forgive him 'cause he's seen all the photos billions of times! Been visiting your planetranger fairly often and taking a peek at your photos - so jealous and so wish we could be there too!! When are you coming home??
Miss you....
Love Terhi
From Danni!!
Hi guys!!
Glad to see you've joined the planetranger travel page ranks- Abs will be pleased. Oh you two look great!! Makes me miss you guys heaps looking at these photos. Well, not long to go now anyway. So cool. Love ya guys. Love Dan. XOXOXO
Response: Hi Dan!!!!!
Sorry for the late reply, still learning how to use the website! Very excited about getting the photos done, Jai thinks I'm nuts for spending so much time handling photos. Oh well. Been looking at your photos as well and my god you two look like models or something!! Anyway, miss you too! Talk soon!
Love Terhi