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Kiaora all, :-)

I'm finally joining the blog world! ..... really I just want somewhere to post my pics so I'm not emailing them all the time. Hope you are all laughing and smiling lots! :-)

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Location: Mallorca - Palma, Spain


Have been in Mallorca, Palma for about a week and have been loving it. Heaps more layed back then barcelona, warm breezy days, everybody is a bit more relaxed. Have been staying in a really cool hostel with lots of kiwis and Oz's and we've all been carving it up together. Mostly spending the days at the beaches then getting in the beers and going out at nights. Jay and Scott came over for the weekend so it was carnage!

The old city is cool, lots of old streets with a very mediterranean feel. Lots of boats everywhere,....think Palma is the biggest recreational harbour in Europe. Went to the Super Yacht Pavilion the other night,....managed to scam our way in and that was another great night! Beautiful surf but.

Nyway, flew into London yesterday and am susing out a plan.

Hope everyone is sweet as a nut!



Friday, 08 June 2007

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Hola hola!! :-)

Barcelona is awesome! I've been here 4 days now and I recon this city has shot to number one in best cities for me. There is a constant buzz, so many beautiful and historic sites to see, the weather is beautiful.....its been sunny and around 32C every day, the beaches are close and european styles and the chiqas are guapa, night life is crazy.....pretty cool all round! I'm staying in a cool hostel in the royal square, everybody is happy and friendly and its all gd. Have been doing quite a bit of exploring, even just walking around the old city and gothic quarter is awesome. Just heaps and heaps to see. Have been at the beach all day today and just got back, had a shower am downing a litre beer for 1 euro. Nywyay, ra ra ra,...I'm having a wicked time here! Plans are to stay till about wednesday, gona head to Mallorca and get some work on the yachts for the summer. Bumped into another kiwi today who is doing the same thing. Nyway its all gd here, hope its all gd with everyone.



Monday, 04 June 2007

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Hi all :-)

Well I've been up in Warsaw for the last few days and it has just flown by! Have been catching up with the whanau up here and my cousins haven't been letting me get much rest. It has been awesome catching up with them and with some friends I haven't seen for ages. Flying out to Spain tonight and am really looking forward to it.

Nyway the last 5 days have gone really quickly. Managed smack out Mt Gievont the day before I came up to Warsaw,...... was a gd little hike. My Gran has been feeding me non stop (its a bit of a polish tradition to feed people in Poland!). Nyway, hope everything is sweet back home and around the word!

Catch you all l8r! :-)


Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Location: Krakow, Poland

Yak sie mas! :-)

Well Pland is going all gd, I'm sitting here on a bit of a gray morning still contemplating whether I should smack out Gievont (one of the mountains). All comon sense would say no as the weather forecast doesn't look gd...... but there isn't any thunder, and its not very windy......hmmmmm......+ its my last day here in Zaks so I really wanted to do it........ have to think on it a bit more. Went on a cool hike yesterday and had really gd timing as a really big thunderstorm rolled in just as we got back to the car.

Had a wicked trip up to Krakow on Sunday, was a beautiful summer day.... 28C and sunny,...... spent the whole day just catching up with heaps of my sisters friends, having some beers and wandering around..... was a really awesome day and it went really quickly! ........ oooo......theres a crazy squirel doing back flips just outside the window! (well....not backflips but being a bit crazy). Nyway.....where was I ...... oh yeah,..... things are sweet! ..... off to Warsaw tomorrow to spend some time with the cousi bro's and whanau.

Hope you are all excellent!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Location: Zakopane, Poland

Hi all! :-)

Well I've been in Poland for about a week now although the time has gone really quickly. I've just come back from a walk with the old man up on of the hills nearby. Its a beautiful spring here with lots of flowers in the meadows and a little bit of snow left on the mountains. Was an amazingly sunny walk, although there were big dark thunder clouds all around and the distant rumbling of thunder was getting louder and more frequent. The dark clouds have rolled in and it feels gd to be inside.....there be a big storm coming. The horsies in the field infront of me are all agitated and keep galloping around and swishing their tales.

Nyway, things have been all gd here, has been beautiful weather and I've been on lots of walks. Had a cool bon fire the other night and we've had some Americans staying which has been fun and interesting.

Booked my ticket to Barcelona a few days ago and I fly outa here on the the 4th of June. Will spend a bit of time with gran and the cousi bro's and then head off to Spain....... thinking Ibiza of De Palma for the summer..... will see how it goes.

Nyway, its all fantasically gd here, hope it is the same for all of you!



Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Z Frankfurter......well it was a bit of a short stay but I'd say almost long enough. Really had 1 day and the bit of the morning to have a look around. The flight over was really good......had an empty seat and slept most of the way so it went really quickly.

Nyway, found a cool hostel.....basically just walked out of the train station and viola. Had a gd mosey around the city most of the day and saw some cool stuff. Was a really gd crew at the hostel and we all went out boozing and had a really gd night! Lots of fun...... German beer is pretty gd.

Well I'm now in Poland in Zakopane,..... had a day of R&R yesterday which was gd cause it was a bit rainy. Its a stunner this morning though and I'm looking out over the mountains at the moment. Gona head out soon and go for a mission to one of my favourite spots in the world. ( A big secluded spring in the mountains). Sweet :-)

Hope you are all gd!



Friday, 11 May 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Hi all :-) ,

My time in Vancouver is coming to an end,..... I'm flying out to Frankfurt tomorrow, have a couple of days there and then on to Pland for a bit. Pretty stoked about my flights, $240 Canadian all inclusive to Frankfurt!

Anyway,..... Part 2 in Vancouver has been really good! We've been having some magical weather here so I've got a pretty sweet tan going on! Have been biking around lots and usually visit Stanley Park on a sunny day and have a read under some of the big old trees. Have been doing some really full on biking missions around Vancouver, went out the Uni Campus the other day which was really gd. They had a cool art gallery which inspired me a bit and I found an amazing Japanese memorial garden that I had lunch and chilled out in for a bit.

When it was raining,...... and there have been a few rainy days...... I went to the Casino! Yes I thought instead of getting a job I'd go be a professional gambler and win some money! .....well guess what..... I actually did! haha lol. Played Poker on the tables on 2 separate occasions and actually came out with a bit of extra pocket money both times! Also had a really good time and has some gd chats with locals who reckon it was just beginners luck :) Nyway, I've been meaning to go back and win some more money but it has just been too sunny, and there is something about being indoors when its sunny that just isn't right!

I've also been going to the gym pretty much every day in the evenings for a bit of a work out and a spa/ sauna ..... I feel like I need to try and balance out the beers :-) ...... nyway, they have a diving facility there and I made it my mission to jump off the very top ....10 meters! Well I made this decision from the bottom.....I started off on the 3.5 spring board and even that made nervous! Took me a long time to jump of the 5m.....which when you are up there looking down is a whole new ball game! Anyway, after a about a week or more of jumping off the 5m I decided it was time and I spanked the 7.5m and 10m..... all gd.....vey high up there, but I'm glad that I did it!

Went to the Vancouver Art Gallery last week and was blown away! There are some amazing exhibitions on and I'd rate it right up there! Spent a good fair few hours there and yeah.....was awesome! .....So I've been doing lots of exploring and biking around. Meeting lots of interesting people, great conversations, learning, experiencing and having random events occur that make you go hmmmmm. All in all an awesome time in Vancouver!!

Hope all of you are well!



Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Hi all, :-)

Well I've been in Vancouver for about a week now. I was a bit disappointed when I first got here, but it has definitely grown on me big time and I'm loving it!

There are just some areas that you don't really want to go,....lots of druggies and homeless people.....its a bit sad. The rest of the central city is beautiful,..... lots of water and parks.

We've been having some beautiful sunny weather (but its raining today). I bought a mountain bike off craigslist yesterday for $20!!...sweet,.....was a bit of a mish to go get it as it was out in the burbs, but wasn't really a problem. Spent half the day in the park yesterday pimping it out,..... sanded it down, gave it a new paint job, gave it a clean and polished the steel..... its sweet az now and I'm really happy with it! Have been cycling around heaps ...... best way to get around.

Stanley park (its the big one here) is really nice..... saw a raccoon yesterday having a mozy around, lots of squirrels and birds....all gd.

I am loving the sushi here!! There is an awesome place a couple of doors down from the hostel.....mmmm so gd......$2 for a role of sushi.....yum......I'm getting hungry.

Have also found the a sweet gym....its part of the aquatic center here, so theres a 50m pool, sauna, spa, gym and a diving facility. I've been having a go on that and I'm slowly working my way up higher and higher..... haven't been right to the top platform yet but its on my list! The gym is sweet ...... its got a boxing bag and speed ball and an outdoor area to do some skipping....nyway am pretty stoked with it and have been going pretty much every day.......trying to compensate for the punishment my liver has been getting :-)

Nyway, thats about it for my Vancouver update and first blog post....woohooo.

Hope you are all well and smiling! :-)



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Recent Messages

From tree
glad you are rocking the world Jakub - enjoy the Dali Museum while you can - but make sure you don't try to eat the bread... and the Picasso and Miro museums are worth a look too - and a must is the Gaudi park - but you've probably already been there huh?
Enjoy a jug of Sangria for me!
Love love
Response: Hiya Tree! :-) , yeah Guell Park was awesome, loved all the buskers everywhere. Gona go to the Picaso museum today. Nyway, hope you are awesome!
From Andre
Hey Jakub,
Glad to hear you're safe 'n' sound and all is well out in the wide world (except for the homeless people).
Party on Wayne!
Response: Sweet bro! Yeah its all gd, homeless people make me sad.....drugs are bad! ..... nyway its all gd, life is a dream. :-)
From Bugsy
Yo sup my brother,
good to hear all is well! Love the dollar pizza in Vancouver, can't remember what street I used to go to...
Sup bro,....yeah dollar pizza is all gd,....very bad after a few brews in the evening! The $2 sushi roles kick arse too!
From Kate
Nice blog! Love your photos! Nice bargain with the bike too. Have a great few more weeks in Van!
Response: Yeah bro! The bike rocks! Hey Guess pic is the feature photo on the homepage! Sweet.
From Anita
Happy Birthday!!!!

Hope you have a great day, and are feeling a bit better.

Response: Thanks man..... yeah big night....the hangover is gone, smacked it out at the gym and had some yummy sushi so its all gd!
From Max
very cool pics - keep the story coming
Response: Yeah....its a cool site ay.