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High Fiving It all Over The World

Hey Guys, its hard to believe I've been travelling nearly one year already, time certainly does fly when your having fun and also while your on a plane ;-) Hope your all well and enjoy my Bro-tacular adventures, drop me some messages and keep me posted on the news back in reality.


Diary Entries

Friday, 08 January 2010

Location: Back In B - Town, Australia


So where was I??? O yeah basically telling my life story as always right ??

Well have had a few issues with my last post basically as always people wanting more than im willing to give but being a new year and all I guess ill let ya in on the craic down under ;-)

So me and Sharah were playing happy families in our little Queenslander on Menzies street (me since October and Sharah joining in the mid of November) the house was in a really awesome location, 10 mins walk to work on Queen Street (B-towns Shop Street) and there was a pool at the end of our street oh and a skate park cause Sharah is the new Toni Hawk these days lol

Anywho it was a simpler time involving me working the crap out of it in Myer and being how you say "raped" by the tax man for my sins (feckin 40% of my wages every week ;-( ) but all this fun had to come to an end and as everyone in the Northern Hemisphere knew Fabi was coming down under to join Sharah, Moppi , Lauren, Ulli (Moppis Gfriend) and Me on an awesome trip along the East coast culminating in a new years party NO..... "EXTRAVAGANZA in Sydney.

Well basically thats exactly what happened, I finished up work on the 7th of December (conveniantly the day of Myers Xmas Party where I seriously did the dog on it and had the night of my life for numerous numerous reasons, thats another awesome story but another day and another time) then myself and Sorcha packed up our stuff and made like bums and got the hell outta there where we went to Laurens as we had to get Fabi on the 9th from die flughafen.

SO I guess thats where the road trip adventure really begins and being fair I guess I should give it its own Post..

So again for now


James aka the Blog Tease ;-)

Friday, 01 January 2010

Location: Sydney, Australia

Happy Happy New Years Everybody!

What a year its been guys and gals, honestly couldnt list all the amazing places people and experiences Ive had in 2009, probably the best year of my life so far but I have no doubt 2010 is where its at!

Well now that the mushy crap is out of the way ;-) (Yeah I know you knew it wouldnt last long ey?) lets begin with a weeeeee weee appology for my absence on this site that is like the bible to some (I totally didnt make that up lol)

Well the Idea of this page is to keep everyone and myself up todate with my travels and experiences whilst im away, god knows I probably need it more than you guys as alcohol does not keep the brain as fresh like people say, well basically after the Interval and the beginning of world domination part 2 down under there really wasnt a whole lot of shenanigans to report, I didnt get arrested, customs allowed me past security and as always my many fans and followers where waiting at the airport where I was whisked straight to the Hilton no scratch that the Bellagio palace ... yeah im not even bothered to go somewhere with this either ;-).
Basically I arrived in Brisbane and as always Lauren and her awesome family where there to pick me and I camped out and recovered from my jet slag for the next 3 days in there house before getting on with it and landing myself a house in the city and job within my first week here so a pretty great start it has to be said.

Well im not gonna bore you with all the work stuff and all that cause basically there wasnt much happening over here from october until december except for :

1. Moving into my house in Petrie terrace and living with 4 Irish Ppl and and english guy (All really awesome and we had a blast together in the house).

2. Sarah coming and moving in (kicking the english guy out as the generl rule of nature ;-) and it being an awesome reunion and many Sarah's on the vodka nights.

3. Having some unbelievable nights out in Brisbane with Moppi aka Rene, with two many nights spent in the down under bar and in Hungry Jacks on Queen St at 6 am.

4. And Finally meeting some really nice people that I had the utmost pleasure working with on level 4 in Myer Brisbane City.

Basically folks bar one or two wild nights, alot of jogging along south bank, a couple of barbies and whole lotta work and beering going on down here you didnt miss much, so hence the quietness and absence of your spiritual / comical leader aka ....ME.... ;-)

So this brings me up to December which was a whole other story and James the international amazing traveller was back in action and thus the story continues, so from now on guys prepare for the next chapters on what hopefully will be another great year for me and all of you who take the time to read this, oh and of course all of my family and friends :-)

Happy Belated Christmas and New Years Five


Tuesday, 06 October 2009

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Check out my map to right... Oh yeah you guessed in back down under!!! Whoop Whoop, Stay tuned for all the craic cause you know its coming soon

James! --------------------------------------------------

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Location: Kiel, Hamburg und Gottingen, Germany

Guten Abend!

Hi people sorry its been a while but I have been a busy bee since my last entry so now that im finally back to being the awesome traveller you once knew as James the Legendary traveller I feel its now apt to fill you in on my life ;-)

So although im writing this a bit late and technically im on the other side of the world and not in Europe not to mention Germany any more I guess I should try to piece together what was of course one of my many awesome Germany experiences..

As most know by now the trip got off to a rocky start, after working my self to the bone or down to the bone aka Posh spice (cheers again kathi ;-) I was in such a bloomin rush to pack say goodbye to people and party that I kinda mixed up my flight times (oh and dates which I guess is more important lol) and ended up missing my flight to Hamburg but thankfully due to the modern space age invention of a credit card I managed to get a last minute flight the next day to Lubeck with the really posh airline Ryanair and Thomas was awesome enough to drive back from Hamburg where he originally had driven to get me and pick me up to begin the next Kiele Woche!!

So yeah after being dead I got my shit together and the first night we headed out into the really really cough beautiful city of Kiel of course to our favourite bar (The Irish Pub) cause you know I like to keep it real, after many drinks including a dodgee Guinness which I actually showed the guy how to make it was all about Kareoke and of course our fans requested for me and Thomas to serenade them with the best rendition of the Wild Rover known to man so of course you know we appeased them.. basically long story short it was amazing bar the fact were not sure Thomas actually was singing but I did get offered a recording contract, had a string of top 10 hits in the German top 30, made millions of euro and ended up in Rehab married to a 30 year old catwalk model so I guess you could say it was a good night all in all ;-)

So after this the rest of the week consisted of pretty much the usual antics we get up when in the North of Germany, We attempted to do Oktoberfest but as you can imagine by using the word attempt previously in this sentance it was an unsuccessful night (mainly on my part for being drunk, falling asleep in a cubicle ja ja ja I know whats new, and of course losing everyone, most imprtantly losing Thomas's jumper, my dignity and getting kicked out so all in all yeah pretty unsuccessful, although the pictures really look great so at least it looks like we had fun ;-) oh the other unsuccessful bit was the fact there was only 10 people there so this was the initial catalyst for the previous statements as one can imagine (I just realised why am I writing in the third person and like a lawyer oh well ;-)

So after Thomas murdered me, we hugged it out and the next day we braved the freezing Baltic sea and Thomas wind surfed which was pretty impressive it has to be said.. and I went jogging (this was actually the stupidest idea ever as I ended up being sick and it kinda f'd up me being awesome and drinking much for the rest of the week..)

Finally on Friday Thomas and I went to Hamburg where we did a flying tourist blitzkerig of the city and I bid ado to Thomas and hoped in a car full of Strangers and we drove 4.5 hrs down to see the gang in Gottingen.

Before I finish part one special mention to Thomas who wasnt as much of a loser as he was in the Ireland road trip, he actually deserves a pat on the back and big thank you for having me there and not studying for his exam like he should have been, so for once Thomas, " THANKS" I know basically that just made your life, now get over it ;-)

So part 2 (I know basically your on the edge of your seats but relax im getting to it)

Well after the longest drive in History due to feckin traffic and road works I arrived in Gottingen at about 9 at night and Steffan was there and waiting with an awesome jacket and scarf like a good slave sorry ment to say friend and we then headed over to Kathi's were Jan and Kerstin were waiting for me and we headed out to a greek restaurant they had reserved for a meal and it was game on..

At the meal Fabi made his debut (fashionably --- well maybe not fashionably as he wasnt wearing a suit ;-) late entrance as always)
The meal was awesome and it was great to finally use all my new German language skills as all the gang know im basically fluent now lol.. Then it was post pre drinks followed by craic galore and dancing the night away in einsb (I think i spelt it right)

The next day was a national holiday in Germany for some little event called Reunification so everything was closed, so unfortunately we couldnt do any of the 1000 amazing activites Fabi had planned so we settled for ordering a gigantic Pizza and watching 11 episodes of awesome tv with Steffan which was actually better craic then the sky dive Fabi had organised ;-)

Of course that Saturday night we all met up again in the city for drinks and ended up checking out the Irish pub (to see if we were still barred after Steffans antics the last trip refer to previous posts ;-) and fortunately we werent although Steffan is, or at least thats what the poster with his picture says on the entrance door..
It was an awesome night and we sang and drank into the late hours which we then paid the price for the next day--- feckin hangovers!!

So yeah that was my week the next thing I knew it was goodbye time again and the gang brought me to the train station and I said goodbye to them and Europe for the next 10 months.. so all in all another great trip and awesome reunion with the German Luftwaffe (sorry guys but it wouldnt be right if I didnt make an inapropriate joke every now and then ;-)

And thats it my next entry will be the begining of the World trip phase 2... Special thanks to everyone at home especially the parentals for the last 3 months as always its greatly appreciated..

Well thats it for today...

Schön sie kennen zu lernen

The pleasure was all mine


Bis bald

That guy from that place who you thought was awesome !

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Recent Messages

From shay
hi james good to see your back on planet ranger ,how are you and sara whats the up date on work etc weather here is cruel at present you would crack up if you were here ,usual irish stuff the government did not order enough salt and grit and it will take 2 weeks to get it ,by that time heaps of crashes and lots of visits to A and E will have accured in the mean time ,we are just not equipped for any thing here out of the ordinary, any way thats about it from me at present hope to hear from you soon and take care of your self in the glorious sun shine
Response: Hey Shay, mailed you on Face book glad to hear the weather has finally let up over there, its back to raging heat here, but id definitely prefer that to minus temp, tell them all I said Hi
From Ash xx
tell me more!! scarce on the aul details there! xmas? new year? sarahs presence? the roadtrip?? ur slackin' slackin'!!!!!
Response: Ha ha Asho its all coming but theres so much to tell its hard to know where to start, ya know all the craic with Sharah but the rd trip stories will be forever known x x
From Steffen
Yeah, I was wondering if this site was dead or what.
Sorry i did not react to any of your 20 tries to greet, wish me a happy new year or christmas thing.... *g*
I'll try to pick up the slack here ok, keep messages comeing
your religious reader
Response: Hey Buddy like this site i also thought you were dead ;-) but thankfully were now both back in business will send you and the tom master a wee email as soon as I can, one last time... Happy New Years dude
From Brett
Hi Anne and Shay. thought i'd leave a message on here for you because i know how bad Anne is on facebook. All is well back in Aus and have found a bit of work in the shearing sheds at the moment. Speaking of sheds, how's my shed looking? still sitting in the backyard i hope. Your backyard at that too. Thanks for having me crash for the week and hope to catch you guys in Aus sometime. Cheers Brett. P.S. Trev says to say G'Day. P.S.S. thanks James and if you're down Melbourne way at all, give us a holla and we'll catch up. plenty of beds here. Stay cool.
From shay
hi james how are you tried ringing you but just getting answering machine will try again in a while
Response: 2 months later, cant believe i missed this call
hi my little smuggler hope alls well with you dont enjoy the weather con grats on job and flat take care talk soon love u xxxxx
Response: ha cheers mrs FBI agent want to open my credit card statement while your at it ;-) cheers for the congrads loving living in the city my housemates are all from Ireland but there all lovely so its pretty cool, chat ya soon x x
From shay
well better early than late. bret here from aus having a good time putting new shed up with me,
Response: ha true, hope the new airport hanger is going up smoothly.. and btw who the feck is Bret?? youve replaced me already.. nice
From shay
hi james hope all is going well with you down under , all here ok , how did the first day on job go for you.
Response: Alls well, dont start until next friday so your a wee bit early as always.. move into new gaf on sunday
From Ash x
Ahhhhh you're back! LOL
Response: ha with a vengance baby.. hows London??
From naimh
yeah i realised that afterwards but then i thought oh it can be a test, you passed well done, cool it ll be next tues cos im working til then but if i get chance before then ill try my luck, cant wait xxx
Response: deadly, great to hear its working out for ya, cant wait to hear all about it x x x
oh you crack me up davern, cork is such a nice city, not as nice as galway but still nice, ive become very patriaoch, i have internet now as i moved house and i got a part time job thats not part time so i have loads to tell ya, message me a day a time that suits you to skype and we ll sort something out my dear xxx
Response: em im so glad i crack you up, but you kinda forgot to leave your name so I know who im entertainig lol ;-) drop me a message am free most evenings
From Thomas
hey james!
am in your sitting room right now, thanks for the wild ride i just had in ireland!!!
cant wait to see you in germany..

p.s. steffen sucks
Response: I just checked and your not in my sitting room ;-( glad you enjoyed the trip buddy honestly was the most fun week ive ever had in my own country seriously!! looking forward to germany already... oh and Steffen is Gay Gay Gay right!!! :-)
From Robyn
Hi James. I finally got around to reading your blog. There's nothing for the last month so what's been happening in your part of the world? Are you still coming back to Oz early October?
Response: Hey Robyn,so great to hear from you, ive been pretty busy working and not doing anything pretty exciting so havent been able to write but am feeling a writting splurge coming on any day now, btw you officially got me hooked to grand designs its on like twice a day here ;-) hope you and the Dansie clan are doing well looking forward to seeing you all sooner than you think..
From Kathi
You're welcome :D
loved your post!
I see after some days in Germany you are back to awesome!
Kisses Kathi
Response: Ha cheers, it was so great to catch up with you guys, am glad Germany has finally stopped crying for me ;-) see you again very soon x x x
From Ash xx
Ur gas. Obviously you've been uber busy since you got back. Also, may I just say. I feel like absolute crap. Suffering the real hangover now, which kinda makes sense because I was drunk til after 4pm yesterday but still,k sucks :( Oh ya and I left myself with €14 in my bank acc WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREWED!!! Ive to go out tues, think ill be making a visit to the local parental fund :(

other than that - EPIC. and I guess thats priceless but then again, I could have done it without actually bankrupting myself. gay
Response: ha glad you had a good one, I spent 20 euros for the night madness ey ;-) me and Nolan where dead yesterday I was sooo freakin tired especially after doing town again :-( i Hear the parental fund gives good rates ;-) oh btw dont forget you also have a wedding this weekend whoop whoop :-)x x
From Lila
Wow, now i have soooooooo much to read!!!:D
i'l read!!I think i can read everything!!:D I want to send you an invite for our Luso-irish Family blog, but i need your e-mail!!!LOL

See you soon:D
Response: ha im glad you finally made it lol ;-) my email addresses are and , looking forward to seeing all the pics
From Lauren
Good to hear you got home safely - my parentals were worried.
State of origin was on last night and of course Queensland won, making Origin history (It's a big deal, trust me). My holidays have been great so far, i've nearly finished breaking dawn! The weather has improved. I'm pretty sure winter is over whihc is laaaaaame, it's getting hotter every day.
Anyway just wrote this to show that i've been reading your blog.
Talk to you sunday.
Response: Hey darling congrads on the big win I actually watched some of it as it was aired on the sports channel over here, goooo Queensland, tell your parentals I said thanks a mill for everything.. Breaking Dawn rocks socks its awesome!! anyways looking forward to chat sunday, Holiday fives!
From Thomas
Hey James, can't wait to see you which will definately happen before part 2 of your trip continues, at the latest sometime after my exams!
..and guess what, if you manage to drop by in Kiel we'll finally teach you some surfing ;)
Response: Hey Dude that will be awesome cant wait to catch up, im officially back in Ireland now in Dublin hopefully ill get over to Kiel or vice versa european Re-union fives!!
From Chloe
Lovin the phonetic spelling of Ko Ni Chi Wa probably almost as much as McDonalds. Have a good flight, good reunion party etc etc. Talk to you ina more reasonable time difference :)
Response: Hey cheers yeah im home now, Japan was pretty cool but I didnt see much of it to be honest, I never got to have maccy dees in Japan, sooo sad ;-) we'll call once im back in the west Of Ireland again wohooo x x
From Kathi

I am looking forward to have you soon back in EUROPE!
Don't be sad that you have to have a little break in your worldtour!
There will be great things to come!
I am pretty sure of that!
Kisses and cheer-you-up-hugs

Response: Hey Kathi, thanks for a million Im not too bad and am really excited to see you guys hopefully over the next couple of months before we rock oz in november ;-) its gonna be legend... wait for it.,..... Coming November 2009!
From Sarah:-)
James I think your absolutly making the right decision:-) your just taking a break in between your travels theres loads to look forward to in october .... :) cant wait to see ya darlin xxxx love ya loads:)
Response: Cheers I think the same, getting pretty excited now to see ye guys, Aisling has already planned a Sarahs on the vodka night, til be nuts, love ya loads too x x
From Ash x
haha, no worse than i was before, head just a lil the physical sense haha! yeah, we'll meet up, mayb thurs or fri or that weekend, have a catch up of the usual 3 suspects ;)
ive buncaise back, or sarahs..
Response: Aargh I cant wait to see ya, you and Sarah will officially be on cheer me up duty its gonna be legendary!!
From Ash x
Whoop! didnt see that coming! xx
Response: ha yeah right!! cant wait to see ya x x even if your now officially brain dead after your fall lol
So you're coming home, WOHOO!!! No1 is going to think you suck, you,ve lasted a lot longer than a lot of people who went to oz this year. So when shal you be in Kinvara?xx
Response: I will be back prob on wednesday! fly in late monday night but will go to see Sinead up in Dub and my family there for a day, looking forward to seeing ya xx
From sarah g
hey james ya ledgend ya:) well done on the interview...when will u knw about the job....a few hours s better than nothing!!read some of ur blog ther...hilarious!!just in work waiting 2go2 tag rugby training in a field and its lashing rain...exciting stuff!!hows all with u me dear anyways??xx
Response: Hey pet, you ledgend you too ;-) thanks the interview went pretty well and find out today otherwise im officially done on interviews and applications ;-) glad your liking the blog its prob been a bit morbid these days but you know I like to keep thing REEal.. fair play on the tag rugby when did you become ms sporty?? all else is quiet basically trying to find a job is all havent done anything exciting im afeared the joys of living on the other side of the world its basically the same shit but in another place! you going away anywhere this summer???