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Janet's Journey to Europe

Hey, hello!
First of all, thanks for visiting this site, I hope you finding it at least a little bit interesting! The web entries you'll find below will detail all the adventures I experience whilst backpacking around Europe for 7 months. So sit back, read, enjoy and prepare to be jealous! If you want to contact me my email address is!

Diary Entries

Friday, 15 September 2006

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

First of all..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Little Brother CHRIS!!!

Well with only 16 days left before I leave to go back home the count down has really started!!!

The reason I havent written in sooo long is mainly because Ive been in Belgium for the last 2 weeks without any internet access~!

But lets back track a little before I get on to that.....
After having drifted from family to family for about 2 weeks it was finally time to go pick up my MUM from the airport! It was a great reunion not only for me but also for the rest of the family, some of whom hadnt seen her in almost 6 years!!! So after a few days of reunions with family and friends, Mama1, Mama2, my uncle and I packed our bags and headed off to relax in Belgium for 2 weeks.

Luckily for us on the second day we were there the weather turned and we've seen sunshine everyday since! So for the last 2 weeks my days were filled with visiting lots of small, cute Belgium villages, going on hikes, visiting pubs, a day trip to Luxumberg, a visit to an old monastry and a "wild" kiyaking adventure where I learnt that my Aunt can not steer a kiyak to save her life, which was unfortunate for me because I was the one sharing the kiyak with her! I also had lunch in a chocolateria where I ordered chocolate sushi!!! I HAVE to put up a photo of that on the website!!! We also saw the opening of the hunting season in one village where all the locals brought their dogs to the church to get blessed with holy water by a special "Hunting" priest!!! Very interesting!

But now Im in the Netherlands again where I'll stay until my flight back home. Im still busy busy busy visiting family, today I even have a wedding and next week Im going on a holiday with my grandparents, an aunt and my mum to the south of Holland!

Hope all is well with everyone and I guess I'll be seeing some of you real soon!

xxxx Janet

Friday, 18 August 2006

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hey Everyone!

Well what an adventure Ive had! On Saturday afternoon Marije, Marije's Dad, a friend of her Dad, and I all packed out stuff into their tiny little car and drove up north to the state Friesland. After a VERY long struggle Marije and I sort of managed to set up our tent (we couldnt help that it was broken!!!). On Sunday morning we all got up at 5am to go WADLOPEN! Ok this will be a new concept for the Aussies, so here goes my attempt at trying to explain it: Along the northen coast of Holland are a few small islands and these islands protect the mainland from rough surf and because of this layers of sand and clay have been able to build up and during low tide it is possible to walk through these sand/clay layers (in dutch this stuff is called wadden and lopen means walk, get it now??). By 6am we were at the docks dressed in some very sexy, pink, fake converse which were actually too small for me (this will explain everything later on) so off we went. The first 30 min of the walk was pure mud (coming up at least to our calf muscles) and so after 10 min everyone was exhausted, its worse than jogging on wet sand! Slowly the mud turned into sand and soon we were walking along huge streches of sand in the middle of the sea! It was absolutely amazing, the mainland was a small stripe on the horizon and the sun was slowly rising giving everything a pink glow! At one stage we were asked to be quite for 1 min and all you could hear was the wind, the lapping of water and seagulls crying. After about 2 hours of walking along the sand we reached this massive channel that we had to cross! So we all balanced our bags on our heads and started to walk, and water got deeper and deeper until it was right up to our chests, some of the smaller people even had to swim across! But we made it across OK and our bags somehow managed to stay dry. We crossed a few more canals but none so deep as the first one. After about 3 hours of walking we finally touched dry land and the first thing I wanted to do was TAKE MY SHOES OFF!!!! This of course was easier said than done because they were caked in mud! But I finally got them off and ever since then Ive been hobbling around like a cripple because the backs of my heels are one big festering flesh wound! I'd show you a picture of them but this is a G rated webapge ;)

Ever since then I havent been doing much except sitting on mu butt because its too painful to walk! Luckily Im at my grandparents house now and they have no problem doing everything for me :) So no, there were no wild parties to celebrate my birthday this year! Guess I'll have to make up for that later!

Well from what Ive heard about back home you guys are enjoying exactly the same weather as us Europeans so that gives you an idea of how shitty the summer has turned! At the moment I cant go outside anyway so I guess its not that big a deal!

Hope all is well and until the next "adventure" (which will hopefully be less painful!)


Saturday, 12 August 2006

Location: Haarle, Netherlands

Well I can now officially say that I think European summers are crazy- for the first month I had nothing but stinking hot weather and now for the last week and a half I´ve had nothing but rain across 3 different countries so there´s no escaping it!!! Hopefully it´ll clear up soon.

Well I´ll start by saying that Im soooo glad I made my little detour to Prague before going back to the Netherlands, I had an awsome time there and stayed in one of the most friendliest hostels yet! I arrived in Prague completely exhausted and it took me 30 min to find my hostel but once I got there my room mates straight away welcomed me and put a glass of vodka in my hands! That night me and my fellow american and UK roomies went out to this really cool club and danced the night away. At 6am we went to check out the sunrise from the Charles Bridge but unfortunately it had already risen and of course the sky was completely clouded over!

I did manage to do some sight seeing that day after a brief nap :) I went up to Prague castle, walked around the new district. Although this area was built in the 10th century its considered "new" compared to the old district which was built in the 6th century! I then also wandered along the river side and across the Charles Bridge and walked to one of the islands in the middle of the river. That night I again met up with my roomies and we ended up going to a pub around the corner and then to a Jazz club so again we didnt get home until 6am!

Again after a quick sleep I went up to Prague castle again and actually went inside the buildings this time. Prague castle isnt really a castle but more a collection of buildings surrounded by a wall and gardens. The most impressive was the St Vitus church which had the most amazing stainglass windows. Compared to that the rest of the building were a little dull! After I was done there I again walked across the Charles Bridge- this bridge is the best ever!!! Across the entire bridge are small markets stalls selling everything and anything, guys willing to sketch your portrait and most importantly groups of little jazz bands playing music. One day I even saw a 20-man brass band playing on it!! From the bridge I walked down to Old town and looked at the famous astrological clock and town hall. By then I was sick of the rain so went back to the hostel. This time I had a quiet night and stayed in the hostel pub until about 1am ;)

The next day I went sight seeing with 2 dutch girls from my room. We just walked around town and saw the national gallery and then went to Old Town again and had lunch in a cafe before going to the Mucha museum which was AWSOME! I didnt know who Mucha was but he´s a famous Czech artist who drew a whole lot of advertisement posters in Paris during the 1920s. Then it was back to the hostel for happy hour and yet more beer and a meal before heading out to the pub and jazz club yet again! That night we stayed out all night and didnt get any sleep and I just went straight from the club to the hostel to pick up my bag to the train station!!! The train ride home was quite exhausting but I made it back OK and slept most of the time!

Now Im back in the Netherlands again with the family. On thursday I went to Rotterdam and met up with Gen who we met in Spain and showed her around and had some good ole dutch beer and finally saw Pirates of the Carribean, the first time Ive been to the movies since coming to Europe!

Right now Im at Marije´s house and on a little over 3 hours we´re going to the north of the country to go wadlopen!!! This involves trekkking through mud and sand during low tide from the coastline of the Netherlands to one of the northen islands!! Ive never done it before so it should be very interesting!

Alright I think thats enough for now so hope all is well and I´ll try and put up some photos soon now that Im back in the Netherlands!
xxx Janet

Saturday, 05 August 2006

Location: Prague!, Czech Republic

The first time in 1 month of travelling that I have seen RAIN again!

Upon arriving in Venice Mel and I were greeted with the heaviest rain storm I have seen in Europe yet! It was raining good old cats and dogs as the saying goes! SO this is what you have to imagine: Mel and I with our massive back packs on trying to navigate our way through venice's many tiny, twisting, endless alleyways whilst at the same time trying to avoid puddles, stampedes of American tourists and rain coming out of gutters and roof tops! Quite a challenge for us thats for sure! But we made it and by the time we had settled in and were ready to go the rain had calmed down to a light drizzel. THat afternoon Mel and I just followed our noses and eyes around Venice and did quite a bit of shopping too!!

On our second day there we bought a whole day bus pass and went up and down the grand canal admiring everything we saw and getting off occassionally to check out cafes and shops and churches. WE also took the boat out to the island of Murano which is where most of Venice's glass work is made and we got to have a quick look at how they do it.

On our last day we just followed our feet and got ourselves lost in the streets of Venice! Quite fun! We also went to Saint Marks of course and did a free guided tour inside and we checked out the bridge of sigh right behind it. And I do have to add that as we were walking away from the plaze Mel got shat on by a bird for the record 3rd time in the last month!!! Unbelievable!

Time is running out so I'll give you the Prague stories later on!
xxx Janet

Tuesday, 01 August 2006

Location: Florence, Italy

Hey Hey!

WEll I have now officially visited my most favourite place in Italy!!! After Rome Mel and I headed to the Amalfi coast, 50Km of nice, little villages lining the Italian coastline. We stayed in a tiny village called Atrani which was next to the bigger town of Amalfi. Because the town was so small all the locals know each other so when Mel and I walked through the extremely small town square the locals that were standing there were staring at us as if they had never seen a human being before! We quickly found our hostel which turned out to be the only hostel\hotel in Atrani and it was situated only 30M from the beach front so of course as soon as we got there we unpacked our beach stuff and went swimming. It was great to be near the sea again after stinking, stiffling, dirty Rome. For the next 3 days Mel and I didnt do much except swim around, eat pasta at the local bar (and get happy hour priced drinks even after happy hour because we were friends with the owner, hehehe) walk around Amalfi and go in the 200 tourist shops there etc etc. So it reallly was a holiday from our holiday! On the last day Mel went to Pompei but I did a day of snorkelling and actually got quite burnt! Oops. Although Atrani wasnt as beautiful as the towns along the Quinque Terre it still was a gorgeous little town at the bottom of some moutains right on the beach with lemon groves EVERYWHERE and Mel and I fell deep in love with the place. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!

After a teary goodbye we unwillingly left Atrani and headed up to Florence. We got here late on the first day so couldnt do much but the day after we did 2 museums to see Michelangelo's David in of course and we also went to see a number of famous works in the Uffizi (Birth of Venus amoung them which I really liked). After those two we didnt have much time for anything else so yesterday after a quick visit to Pisa to see the tower we did the rest of our sight seeing- St Lorenzo church, the Duomo and an amazing sunset panaramic view from the Michelanglo piazza.

WEll a little later on today Mel and I are jumping onto a train to visit our last place together- VENICE! Yeah! We saved the best for last (we hope at least) so you'll hear more stories about that later!

Hope all is well with everyone! Catch ya later!!

Ciao ciao!

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Location: ROME (last night), Italy

Well these last 4 days have gone by in a blur of history and culture! Mel and I have learnt so much whilst staying in Rome its been amazing and a real eye opener!

So our first afternoon here we walked through the Roman Forum- the same place where the body of Julius Ceasar was burnt and where millions of millions of people have walked through for over 200 centuries and now we were standing in the same spot!!! And of course we checked out the Colosseum. Then we walked up to some building that Michellangelo designed and is now a museum before walking down to the amazing Monument of Victory. Then it was a quick stop at a supermarket and yet ANOTHER pizza for dinner! I cant stand the sight of pizza anymore!!!

The second day we walked ALL ALL around Rome! We started off with St Peters at 7am! It was great because we could get photos without crowds in them! Then we walked down to Castel St. Angelo and across the bridge to Piazza Navona with its lovely fountains. Then it was across to the amazing Pantheon where we stopped again for gelato this time! Then it was across to Palazza Montecitorio and into a shopping center to escape the heat!! We stayed here quite a bit before getting dinner which was of course PIZZA (this was the last time for Rome thank goodness!) By then we'd run out of steam so went back to the hostel but later on that night we went to the Colosseum to check it out at night which was really cool of course and a lot of other people were doing the same too! It was whilst we were going back to our hostel that we dicovered how dirty and foul Rome actually is with rubbish dumped absolutely EVERYWHERE and lots and lots of drunks, beggars and bums everywhere as well. Me and Mel were REALLY glad to get back to the hostel after that!

Yesterday we went back to the Vatican city to go to the Vatican museum but when we got to the museum the line was MASSIVE, absolutely crazy so we decided not to do that and ended up tagging along with a free guide around St Peters again. This time we got SO much more information and insight into what everything was and was it represented and why it was where it was and the history behind it and who made it. Everything suddenly had meaning and we apppreciated about 200 times more!!! It was like reading a Dan Brown book and discovering all the secret meanings and symbols and codes!!! Because the tour was so good we decided to go with the same guide on a tour of the Sistine Chapel which was amazing. I now know A LOT more about the history of Rome, the artists at the time, the styles and techniques and the life stories of the artists- so well worth it! That took a whole day so we just trecked back to the hostel full of information!

Today Mel and I spent yet another full day out walking around Rome. Whilst Mel went into the Colosseum I went back to the Vatican to use their postal service to send postcards before going back to Piazza Nuova and the Pantheon again (which also had more meaning thanks to the tour). I then met up with Mel again and the two of us walked across the river to the Santa Maria Trastevere which was amazingly decorated, with LOTS of gold!!! We then climbed a massive hill to get a beautiful view of the city where there was also a HUGE fountain where we splashed around in to the amusement of others there :) After that we went to the St. Maria Cosemedin where the 'bocca' is located- the big stone face with a hole in the mouth for you to put your hand in it, know what Im talking about? Then it was yet more walking past the old Roman circus and then a metro to the Spanish steps and Trevi fountain before FINALLY walking back to the hostel. ANd all this was done in like 37 degree heat, are we die-hard tourists or what!!! Luckily there are FREE water fountains all around Italy or me and Mel would be broke.

Tomorrow Mel and I head off early to the Amalfi coast which should help us in escaping the heat. If its anything like the Cinque Terre it should be absolutely amazing! We cant wait!!! Hopefully I'll be able to put up photos real soon!

Well thats all for now for the Italian Adventures of Janet and Mel so until the next update!



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From mel
btw hurry with those pics, but be kind. tash i read what u wrote. grr ull keep
Response: Its sorta hard to put photos up on the web when I dont have them with me! Im hoping from family to family so its a bit tricky! I'll do my best (Tash I'll show you ALL the juicy photos when I get back, hehe)
From mel
just to say hi
lots of love xxxx
switzerland is awesome. xoxoxo
Response: Glad your having fun, I loved Switzerland too! Thanks for the phone call the other day, it was a real shock for me! Eat plenty of Swiss chocolate for me!
xxx Janet
From Herman
Hallo Janet,

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, had dat gistermorgen willen doen maar je was al vertrokken. In elk geval een heel leuke dag gewenst vandaag en hoe gaat het nu met je voetjes, zijn ze al weer een beetje opgeknapt na dat vreselijke wadlopen?

groetjes Herman
Response: Hoi Herman en familie! Nog bedankt voor het leuke weekend, ik vond het wadlopen super, dat ga ik zeker nog een keer doen (maar mischien over een paar jaar pas...!) Nog bedankt dat ik mocht logereen en dat jullie mij hebben mee gevraagd met dat wadlopen! Mijn voeten zijn i.d.d. nog erg slecht aan toe maar dat komt wel goed, het was het waardt vind ik!!! Tot de volgende keer!
Groetjes Janet
From Xin
Happy Birthday!!!
We are having a lab lunch today, Kim is coming as well.
I miss the time when we are having lunch together and the campos coffee!!!
Take care and have a lovely day!
Response: Hey Xinny!
You remembered my bday!?!?! You must have a fantastic memory! I hope you had a nice lab lunch, how I miss those!! Have a campos coffee for me! We'll definitely have one together again when Im back! Have fun in the lab!
xxx Janet
From tash
Hi Janet,

Now that I have just remembered that tomorrow is a very special day, I thought I had better send you this message before I forget!


I bet you don't look a day over 22!!! Glad to hear that you'll be spending it Hooland with friends and family, beats celebrating on your own!

Can't wait to see the photos you've promised to put up - hope you've captured some silly mel moments (sorry mel if you're reading this, but you know they're inevitable!)

I look forward to reading more of your posts on this site!!

lots of love

Response: Hey Hey Tash!
What are you talking about, Im not turning 23 im turning 19 :) Actually thats what I told these guys in the pub on the weekend and they believed me, hehe. Being with the family for my bday will be great, it means that I wont miss celebrating with the rest of the family as much! We will have a lot of bday celebrations to catch up on when Mel and I get back! Yeah! Still have to get all the photos organised but you'll get to see them real soon, after Ive finished celebrating my bday at least :) (oh and you are SOOOO right about Mel, hehe). Hope all is well with uni and your not working too hard!
Veel liefs
xx Janet
From mel!!!!!!!! hehe
hey lovey, long time no see. hehe. i actually have time to read ur website now that im in prague! its so beautiful. have fun on the weekend, say hi to loes and marije for me. hurry u and get those pics up now that u arent doin much hehe. ill keep in touch. glad to have had the chance to experience the wild ride of spain and italy with u.
lots of love xx
Response: Hey Traveller!
Guess what, I had vegetables for dinner yesterday AND the day before that! WOW!! Remember what those look like? In over 3 hours Im leaving to go wadlopen, should be another adventure to add to the list! WIll put up photos some time next week, remember I have to write up a CV now as well so Im very busy atm, hehehe. Is it raining in Germany as well? Hope the weather gets better cause travelling in the rain is such a downer!
Take care babe!
xxx Janet
From mama one
hoi janet ik geef je wel een belletje deze week .als je bij opa en oma langs wil die zitten denk ik bij tanta pia .passen op arjan ?
maar ik hoorde van tante jeanet dat ook mee gaat met ons drie.ik denk dat je opa en oma niet een groter plezier kan doen .
he tot gauw liefs mama xxxxoo
Response: Hoi Mama1!
No worries, ik heb Opa en Oma al gebeld, ik ga daar diensdag langs. Tuurlijk ga ik mee op vakantie, dat kan ik in Australie niet zomaar doen dus ik kan deze kans niet missen! Tot over een paar weekjes!
xxx Janet
From Sandra Nap
Hi Janet!

Echt leuk om je verhalen te lezen en al je avonturen digitaal te volgen. Super stoer dat je dit allemaal doet en durft. Doe rustig aan met de terugreis want het is koud en nat in Holland, regen...regen...
Tot in Voorthuizen!!Have fun en een goede&gezonde terugreis.

Liefs Sandra

ps: als de rest van de Eerseltjes dit lezen: groeten vanuit Voorthuizen, ik denk nog steeds aan jullie :) Ben bijgepraat door Janet haha!
Response: Hoi Hoi Sandra!
Nou mijn avonturen zullen niet te lang meer duren, nog maar 2 maanden en dan zit ik in een vliegtuig op weg naar Sydney toe! Het gaat erg snel maar als ik terug kijk dan zie ik hoeveel ik allemaal gedaan en gezien heb! WOW! Ik kan het zelf bijna niet geloven! Ik vind het hartstikke leuk dat je het allemaal volg! Hier in Prague is het weer ook niet warm en ook een klein beetje regen :( Hopelijk wordt het snel beter!
Tot in V'huizen!!!
xxx Janet
From Marije
Hi Janet (and Mel) thank you for your lovely postcard from Italy! I'll see you soon, we are going Wadlopen YEAH! Don't laugh when you see the shoes :-). xx
Response: Hey!
We couldnt resist sending you a card to tease you with all our lovely travels! But soon we'll be having adventures together as well- wadlopen! YEAH! And for you Paris as well!!! I hope the weather gets better though for wadlopen! Im sure the shoes are way cool and sexy, real BEAUTIES!!! ;)
xx Janet
From mama one
hoi janet.

wel het gaat ook voor jouw op shieten ,maar eerst nog een maar weken met je moesje .
he leuk om te lezen dat het goed gaat met je.
kreeg net een email van martina volgende week verwachten ze de baby ,10 aug woord ze op genomen.
ze komen niet naar hester de party bbq toe ,te begrijpen.
ben beniewt hoor .
he nog een fijne tijd wat er van over is voor je .

liefs mama xxxxxooooo
Response: Hoi Moeders!
Wat leuk en spannend nieuws! Echt heel leuk voor de Poot familie! Dus Hester heeft toch wel voor een feestje gekozen! Ik vind het echt HEEL jammer dat ik niet kan komen, echt jammer! Kan ze niet tot october wachten??? Nou ik moet nu "eten" koken dus tot over een paar weekjes!
xxx Janet
From janny
Hai Janet,
Hoe gaat het daar vrouwtje alles goed daar met je.Hier gaat alles prima we genieten hier ook van het zomerse weer.Nog even en dan is moesje ook hier hoera hoera dikke kus van ons en tot snel maar weer.mama en papa 2
Response: Hoi Hoi ouders 2!
Nog maar een paar dagjes en dan kan ik weer EINDELIJK in mijn eigen bed slapen zonder 10 vremeden om me heen! Wat zal dat hierlijk zijn!!! Het zal wel jammer zijn dat mijn backpacking reizen afgelopen zullen zijn, ik ben het nu erg geweend! Maar ik heb geen geld boom dus moet er een einde aan komen, hehe. Dikke zoen voor iedereen en tot snel weer!
xxx Janet
From Loes
heee Janet,
hoe is t reizen?
kom je binnenkort nog naar NL met Mel? Moeten we nog maar een x afspreken met z'n 4e!
xx Loes
Response: Hoi Hoi Loes!
Ik ben nu in mijn laatste vakantie land en zal erg snel weer in NL zijn, jammer genoeg komt Mel niet met mij terug, zij moet nog heel wat landen bezoeken dus het zal moeilijk zijn om wat af te spreken maar we zien wel. Anders moet je gewoon weer terug naar Aussie komen, hehe.
xxx Janet
From Brandon
Heya Babe!!!
Long time, no speak!!! Youre adventures sound amazing, almost as amazing as mine!! hahahaha! This is the first time i have been able to check out your page, so im catching up on what you have been up to. Reading your messages reminds me soooo much of the places i went to, and my experiences. Cant wait to share them once we are all back home!!! Miss ya heaps, and if you are still with mel, give her my love.
Lots of love,
Response: Hey Brandy,
well your adventures are about to end whilst mine will still continue for a while so keep reading! Hope your having fun and enjoying your last few days, such a shame to be leaving this weather behind, im not jealous about that fact! Say hi to all when you get back for me!
See ya in a few months!!!
xxx Janet
From papa
Hi Janet,

You know your story about Rome reminded me about our trip through Rome in 2000. Did you had a bit of Day Ja Vou?
I thought that it was not safe to drink water from the fountains? ;-)

Keep safe!

Response: Hey Papa,
Well I now officially know that it IS safe to drink from the fountains, a tour guide told us, and tourists were crowded around every fountain we came across. I certainly did get De ja vu, just like in Paris and I'll prob get that in Venice too! IT still is different doing it now by myself or with a friend, I appreciate it more cause its my money and I can see the importance of art, history and culture better now!
xxxx Janet
From schooneveldjes
hoi janet wat een leuke verhalen allemaal ,hou je het nog wel vol in de hitte ,waneer ben je weer in nederland?? geniet er nog maar van en tot gauw groeten ven de schooneveldjes,,
nog even een vraag voor je moeder... ik probeer jullie te bellen maar het telefoonnummer is of niet goed of er is een storing wil je mij daar over mailen groetjes
Response: Hoi Familie Schooneveld!
Het is hier inderdaad bloed heet! Maar daar raak je wel gewend aan naar een tijdje en als je aan het strand lig merk je het niet zo erg, hehehe. Nog maar een paar dagjes to gaan en dan ga ik waarschijnlijk terug naar NL. Ik zal jullie nog wel een email steuren! Groetjes xxxx Janet
From alimac
Hoi Jaqnet! Hehe nope i cant speak dutch :P
Sorry ive been bad and haven't written to u for ages mayb i haven't since i've been home, sori.. i've been home now for just ova 2months and am waiting for u to get ur lil butt home so we can go out together.
Nothing much here has happened i've just been still seeing the physio about my gay arm, and applying for jobs..
Sounds like ur having an amazing time, how do u get time to write the logs about each place. Ur amazing... have a wonderful time ovac's! luv alison. xoxo
Response: Hey HEy!!! I didnt even know you were back home! I totally agree, we have to catch up and swap stories for sure! Guess that'll have to wait for a few more months! Good luck with the job hunting and the gay arm as you put it :)
Lots of love Janet
From mistress
shock, bloody horror
the day i go back to uni and no longer have time to stare at the mail box, i get a postcard!!!!
woo hoo finnally....
u are very lucki i picked up the mail and not my mum.....explicit language JANET!!!!!
anyway hope ur having a blast, im workin fulltime and doing uni fulltime very busy and no time to think of anythin else
see ya soon

love nat
Response: Are you finally happy, will you finally get off my casse now?!? The card wasnt that bad........ was it?? Well glad to hear your nice and busy WORKING, im having a pretty tough time myself visiting major tourists attractions and eating gelato and swimming in the mediterian, hehe.
Good luck with uni and work, dont wear yourself out!!!
xxxx Janet
From Me
Where are my postcards and presents?!?!?! I'm your sister, you should be sending me things!! You cant even be bothered to send me email you poo. I want to get a BIG present on my birthday! You owe me. And everyone else reading this, buy me a present for my birthday. You a have a month. 13th of August. Ask janet for my address if you dont have it. The present doesnt have to be big, just pricey. So miss janet, stop thinking of yourself, skip dinner (and probably breakfast) and sent me a present. Please.
Response: Hey Hey!! Im a poor travelling backpacker so where are MY donations?? But seriously everything you see here in the shops you could also pretty much get in the shops back home and I have hardly bought myself presents so get back in line. Dont hold your breath either because (a) I have no money to waste on you and (b) I dont have enough room to carry my own stuff let alone presents for you! So get off your soap box and get back to work and write me a PROPER email for a change ;) And learn to speak proper english!!
Love ya! xxxx Janet
From mama one
hoi janet.

spanje zit er op voor jullie,op naar het volgende stop .
nu janet ik zal wel wat exstra geld mee nemen .maar zo te horen ga je her reizen wel vermoeid vinden ,en verlang je naar ons ,wij ook ik rekend er helemaal op dat je er bent als ik kom,en mee naar belgie.
maar je opa en tante rineke zijn jarig volged weekend ,stuur een kaartje of beld even naar ze .
ook dit was je moeder one voor je weer .
liefs miss you to darling xxxxxxoooolove to mell to
Response: Hoi Moeder Lief!
Ik ben heel blij dat ik nu met Mel reis, het maakt het allemaal een beetje makkelijke, vooral nu dat het wat vermoeiende wordt. Maar Spaanje is echt super leuk, Mel en ik zien elke dag hele mooie en vreemde dingen! Dus het reizen is nog steeds leuk hoor! Het is hier allen ERG ERG warm ALTIJD! Ik ben de laatste 3 weken allen maar 1 keer naar het strand geweest jammer genoeg. Morgen zijn wij van plan om de hele dag op het strand te liggen! Groetjes en dikke zoen voor jullie allemaal!
xxxxxxxxxx Janet
From mama one
hoi janet.
net een paar heerlijke pannekoeken op,we waren met zijn drie aan tafel,maar daarom smaaken ze toch nog lekker.
he goed om te lezen dat het goed gaat daar met de een beetje aan de warmte gewent?ik was van de week aan deewhy beach ,heerlijk weer,mooi strand,veel mensen krijg je al heinwee.
maar alles gaat zijn gangetje hier zo.nog veel plezier samen met mel,en ik kan zegen tot ziens,liefs mama miss youxxxooooo
Response: Hoi Mama1!
Het is hier stinkend heet in Barcelona, bijna net zo erg als in valencia, bijna. Wij zijn vandaag gewoon rond gelopen en toeristen dingen gedaan maar we gaan binnen kort ECHT naar het strand toe! Het is hier heel mooi, veel leuke ook dan Madrid!! Mel en ik hebben ook onze trein kaart naar Nice, Frankrijk geboekt, ook erg spannend! Ik krijg inderdaad nu wel wat meer heimwee, het zal ERG leuk zijn om mijn moeder weer te ZIEN!!! Yeah! Tot ziens en doe de groeten aan iedereen!
xxxx VEEL liefs, Janet
From janny
Hai lieve nicht.
zo telezen hebben jullie het naar je zin fijn omdat telezen.Geniet ervan het weer is gewelig voor jullie geef mel een dikke kus van ons en jij natuurlijk ook een dikke kus heel veel liefs van ons pap en mam 2
Response: Hoi Mama en Papa2!
Spaanje is echt ontzettend leuk, vooral omdat ik nu met een maatje rond reis, het maakt het wel wat leuke en makkelijke vind ik. Vandaag was onze eerste dag in Barcelona, het is echt heel mooi maar ook erg ERG veel touristen hier. Wij zijn straks van plan om naar het strandt to gaan om een cocktail te drinken, of 2 of 3 ;)
Groetjes, knuffels en dikke zoenen voor jullie allemaal!
xxxx Janet
From Marije
Hey Janet,
Nice stories, I enjoy reading them! We are in the middle of a heathwave in the Netherlands at the moment! So hot! But no complaints from me :-). Please say hi to Mel from me and I hope to see you again in August or September. xx
P.S. My happiest moment lately was when Brazil didn't get through in the World Cup :-)
Response: Hey Marije!
Well its been SO hot in Spain but I dont think its a heatwave, i think thats just normal for here ;) I think its even warmer than the summer in Aussie but mabye thats because I live near the beach in Aussie and i have a pool! Mel says hi back, she´s very entertaining, the other day a pigeon did a MASSIVE shit on her head, hehehe! Very funny. Its great to be travelling together, makes everything more funnier and the late nights are MUCH later now! Prob see ya in August cause Im running out of money at last, hehehe. I love the French now just because they can beat Brazil. The only thing Mel and I saw of the finals was the last penalty because we were on a train for the rest ;( We didnt want Italy to win cause they didnt win fair and square against us. Ah well.
xxxxx Janet
ps Thanks for the cool photos, theyre great!
From Mistress
aiii Janet,
now ive currently spent 3 days looking at my mail box and still havent received that postcard uve promised (uni holidays can be boring when all your uni friends are overseas or passed out drunk somewhere like the majority of my law friends) so me and my mail box decided to get acquainted. u need to be more organised like brandon :)
seems like ur really getting up to mischief over there....tsk tsk..mischief without is that really possible??? my translator is great so dont knock it...its helping me understand certain words in another non-disclosed language...
im on holidays at last, cant believe my first semester is over and im 1/6 complete of my new degree :) so many sleepless nights ahead :(
im really starting to talk like a lawyer now and that scares me....heartless bitch world, here i COME at least ill have a degree that qualifies me as one!!!! anyway hopefully next time i view this page i would have either received my irish fireman by express post or my postcard :)
take care nymphoette (yes SKANK is replaced by my new word after all your complaints...)
Nat xxxxxxx
Response: Well once again your message made me laugh. I guess Ive REALLY run out of excuses now so will start looking for a post card as soon as I hit Barcelona. Well at least youve been having a productive year, completing a part of your degree, pity I cant say the same but I sure am having fun travelling instead! Only 2.5 more months to go and then I´ll be back to the "real" world of work and study again! Ahhh! Im not surprised that the bitchy attitude of a lawyer has come to you so quickly and naturely, hehe. Not sure if i´ll be able to converse with you when I get back though!?!
Have fun and good luck with your results and 2nd semester! Dont learn too much!
xxxxxxxxxxx Janet
p.s. Miss ya!
From papa
Hi Janet,

It was good to c you update this morning, especially after the tragic accident in Valentia. Its reminds me that life can be cut off at any time and every day is precious. Take care!

Much loved and missed

Response: Hey Pap and Family!
I had such a good time in Valencia and thought it was such a nice town it was a real shock to hear about the accident. Ive always taken it for granted that I´d get around safely on the trains but luckily no probs so far. Hope all is well at home. Starting to miss you guys and "home" a bit more now!!!
Lots of love
xxxxx Janet
From mama one
go aussia go aussie .
te gek naar de vogende ronde .
wie weet komen we holland dan tegen?janet wat denk jij.
he je zal het wel reuzen naar je zin hebben in duitsland,samen met mell.
alles goed hier beetje te weinig slaap hoe zal dat nu komen?liefs mama onexxxxxooooo
Response: Hoi Mama1!!!
Nou ik ben nu weer terug in NL wat een beetje jammer is want het was SUPER SUPER gezellig in Duitsland, echt wanzinnig! Ik heb nooit zoiets mee gemaakt. Heel veel aussies hier zeggen dat het zelfs beter is dan de Sydney Olympics!!! Ook helemaal te gek dat Nederland EN Aussie door zijn naar de volgende ronde, dat betekent ook twee keer zo veel feesten, hehe! Hier krijgen Mel en Ik dus ook ERG weinig slaap!!!
Veel veel liefs
xxxxxx Janet