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I'd Bless the Rains Down in Janfrica..

Well it's been awhile since I've spent an incredible amount of money..oh no..wait I went to University So here's my graduation present..2 months in Africa! and here is Jane's "I'm starting school in the fall" present to herself. Follow along for some crazy adventures...interesting side thoughts...and I'm sure many an embarassing tale between the two of us...

Diary Entries

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Hello folks,
Well as you know it has been raining since we got here so yes I am still fair skinned and no I am not pink in color but on a positive note Janny finally woke up and we got out of the city. We went on a tour of the coast. our tour guide Lisa was amazing. She was very informative and told great stories as we ventured out for the day with her. We saw a great view of Table Mountain which is locaated in the center of Cape Town. We then headed out of the city and got to see where rich ppl live. Apparently Tom Cruise has a place there somewhere. We headed to the harbour and boated out to Seal Island where we watched seals bask in the sun and splash about. The had quite the smell to them. We eventually ended up on this cute little town where we stopped for a bite to eat. We had fish and chips, the fish being the size of a small car. It was delicous as we ate on steps over looking the ocean. We continued to a small town where we were able to visit penguins. They might be small in stature but have a good bite. As Janny was observing the baby penguins a mother penguin almost got her heels. We finished off our tour walking up Africa's south west corner lighthouse where the two oceans currents meet. What a beautiful sight it was. We travelled bacl home to end our day. It was a beautiful day and a grat way to see Cape Town. Headed to Namibia tomorrow morning at 6 bells.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Well, Cape Town is a pretty rad city, well what we have seen of it so far. We slept alot yesterday, trying to adjust to the time. We were supposed to be off bungy jumping today, but they called and cancelled on us, due to too many ppl not we will for sure be coming home with all of our body parts intact!!

Instead we are switching gears and heading out to Cape Point tomorrow, to hang with some seals and penguins and check out the beautiful scenery. Should be nice, just not as much of an adrenalin rush.

Pics to come soon, we hear its rainy at home, it is here too so we can' brag about weather quite yet.

Love janny and janey

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

We have a bit of a stop over in Amsterdam, so that's where Jane and I will be the next time ya'll check this.
Keep in touch everyone..

j and j

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Location: North Battleford, Canada

Well my friends, what a crazy month. 2 weddings of dear friends, a few stagettes to host, a sad funeral of an old buddy and my convocation from the University of Regina, Faculty of Education. Miss Hiebert is tired, but now comes the time I can be excited for the trip.

T- 34 hrs


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Location: Regina, Canada

63 days until I am back off traveling a new area of the world. We fly to Amsterdam and then to Cape Town, South Africa...who needs to be on The Bachelor ha ha.

Can't wait to put up pics and stories of our soon to be adventures.


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Recent Messages

From Emmy
Hello Auntie Janny!!
I am looking at all of your pictures so am getting to know your face...can't wait to meet you in person!! :)
Lots of love from my mom and I
Response: hi Emmy I cant wait to meet you!
From Jackie
Hey Jan,
I hope you are enjoying every part of your adventures. Jealous. Check your UR email when you get a chance, we have some New Teacher Seminars, I will sign you up for both if you can make it, RAP Aug 17/18, and Training Aug 23/.24. Miss ya tons see you soon!
Response: thanks dude.. sign me up!! see u soon. xo
From cammy
Last day of school. Miss u.
Response: yay have fun at the lake and see u in aug
From Rachelle
Hi Girls! Procrastinating while working on report cards and thought I would check out your site. This is awesome! Looks like you two are having a great time already...have fun and keep us posted!
Response: thanks we will be putting up pics soon. its been hard to get on the internet anywhere. going bungee jumping tomorrow so stoked
From Hi girls!!!
Can't wait to see pictures!! Miss yous!
Response: We don't know who this is but hello and enjoy our first batch!!
From Mom
Hi Jan and Jane
You girls SB in Cape Town, getting real anxious to hear from you. CT is 8 hours ahead of here ...Love Mom
Response: Hi mom all is well, although you have heard from us already a few times. Hopefully we can get some pictures up soon.
From Jennifer
Miss you already!! xoxo
Response: HI.... miss you too... still waitin for bebe