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Jas & Walt's European Adventure

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Grindelwald -Outdoor Adventure

We couldnt wait to get back to the Jungfrau region which if just one of the most beautiful places on earth. On our first day we went Mountain biking and hiking although is was drizzeling with rainmost of the day it was great excersise. On our second day here, Mick and I did Paragliding ... I have finally done it and it was unreal!!! Can't wait to do it again some day. Then Walter and Mick went to do White water rafting - no photos yet.



We took a scenic boat ride on the lake to get to Lucerne which was beautiful, as the weather was perect during the day. But when we got to Lucerne it was cold and raining and due to the Blue Balls festival all backpackers were booked out, so we hade to pay up for a hotel for the night. But ion the upside, Ash Grunwald was playing at the festival, so we managed to have a chat with his girlfriend while he was on stage and it turned out to be a really cool night! We spent the next day sightseeing and had a great traditional meanl for dinner taht night.... Cheese fondue... mmmmm !


Chur and Locarno

We spent 2 nights in Chur while we waited for Walt's bag to be delivered and then moved on to Locarno in the Southern/ Italian region of Ticino. Locarno was on a huge lake which goes down into itally and had a much more Italian feel than Swiss. We had a swim in the lake and then at night went out to a street festival that was on.


Back to Switzerland

We started our Swiss expedition in Zurich, which is a great city with a beautiful lake, although much of our time was spend shopping to try and find clothes to compensate for the Airline loosing our luggage. This proved to be a little distressing as the only shops open on Sunday are the tourist and souvenier shops in the train station.

Then on to Schwanden, a small town outside of Glarus, to stay with Balz, a friend of Walts dad. It is such a beautiful place right in the Swiss countryside, with views out to the snow capped mountains from all rooms in the house. He also has a dairy farm with lots of cows and now in spring, lots of calves too.


Back in London

We were back in Old London Town for a few days after the tour before we flew out to Switzerland so I thought we should do the tourist thing and try to take in a few more of the sights.


Weekend trip to Brighton

After the tour Jaz, Al and I went away to Brighton for the weekend while Walt went to Portsmouth to spend a few days with Mickey.


The last day

As we left Amsterdam, headed back to London it was time to say goodbye to all of our tour buddies and some great new friends. Although most of the bus ride for most people was spent recovering from some hard partying the night before.

We have have the most fantastic time spending 7 weeks camping our way around Europe with a top group of people.

Now the challenge really begins as we try to continue backpacking on our own....


Amsterdam - where do we begin?

Cheese, Clogs, Windmills, Dykes, Bikes, Shopping, Beer, Shrooms, Hash, FEBO, Canal cruise, Storms and a live sex show.... It pretty hard not to have a wild time in "The Damage"!!!! Needles to say A´dam was defiantely one of our favourites. On our first night we had the Live Sex show - which got very close and personal when Walt got taken up on stage to participate - if only I was allowed to take photos, it was priceless!!! The next day we did a bike tour, shopped at the markets, got caught in the rain, saw the Anne Frank museum and got really, really lost - so bad that we had to pay 30 Euros to get back to camp so we could get ready for our Canal Party Cruise.


Berlin - Part Two

So for Part Two - After our walking tour, we did a bit more walking around and saw the Brandenberg Gate and the Reichstaag across the way, by wich time we were pretty thirsty and hungry. So our next challenge was to hunt down a nice traditional german meal and a big stein of beer!!! After that, we dicided taht we were all monument and history-ed out, so we went to the zoo for the afternoon - yay!!! I think Berlin may also be high on the list of cities with the most smart cars - cause our game of "Slap a asmart car and pinch a mini" was off the chart on that day!! he he!!


Berlin - Part One

Well, we had such a big day in Berlin, Germany, that I have had to seperate it into 2 parts.... For part one - The group did a "Third Reich Walking Tour" through Berlin, to learn more about Hitler, the Nazi regime and post war effects on Germany. It was really interesting to see where it actually took place - among many sights we saw the site of where hitlers bunker was (which now has an apartment building partialy on top of it!!!) and lots of the remaining parts ofthe Berlin Wall.



Prague is such a cool city!! I had really been looking forward to seeing Prague and was definatly not dissapointed!! It was exactly the cute, old, romantic historic town that I have been picturing in my mind. On our first night there, the whole group went out to a really nice coctail bar and then much later in the night moved on to the big 5 level club - had a great night. Needless to say that we had a bit of sleep in the next day, and got back into town at about 3pm to have some beers and goulash then went up to the Castle to for some sightseeing. We also popped into the Sex Machine Museum.


The pretty city of Wien

We arrived in Vienna on the night of our annivesary and wnt straight to Prater Park, a fun park whic is home to the world largest ferris wheel (look more like shipping containers!) The day we had an absolute ball - We hied bikes to ride around the city with a few of the others guys and got up to all sorts of mischief, then moved on to the schnapps museum - mmmmm - one shot, two shot.... Vienna was really pretty, full of old buildings and lots of nice cafes and shops!


Brataslava - Don't Blink

On the day of our 7 (yes S-E-V-E-N) year anniversary, we were on a drive day - with a 3 hour stop in Brataslava, Slovakia. A cute town, altough not much to report on - a little bit like blink and you'll miss it!!


The Buda and the Pest...

We had a 2 night stop in Budapest, kindly greated by another great thunder and lightning storm, whilst Walt made his specialty Spaghetti Bol for all the group to share. The Eastern block countires have proven to be a really nice surprise, still so rich in history and they seem full of promise and optimisim to keep moving forward and creating better cities.


We start the Eastern Block

From Turkey, We headed north to Bulgaria and spent 2 nights in Sophia. Unfortunatly, I was feeling really under the weather for most of our time there so there are no photos to show. Then on to Romaina - first to Bucharest, where we treated ourselves to a movie, Shrek 3. Then, we had 2 big drive days so we broke up the time by having an 80´s dance comp. Oh yes, lots of embarrasing photos!! We stayed in a really cute town, Brasov which we are told has good sking in the winter.

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From erin
Hey guys , hope ur doing well. just over at ur folks checking out ur website. Looks like ur havin a ball . Switzerland looks fukin amazing, things are good and well over here, just waiting to see ur funky asses when u get back. Take care and taste test many foriegn beers for me . Erin
Response: Hey hey hey, Look at that, Ezza on the internet!! How you doin' buddy! Awesome to hear from you!! The Beer, Oh the beer..... where do we start? The biggest problem is that Europe does not believe in Ice, which greatly restricts the potential to drink, but when you can find it cold - there are so many diferent kinds and it usually dirt cheap! The best so far was in Bulgaria where beer comes in a 2lt bottle (like soft drink) for about 2 aussie dollars - giddy up!! Or Prague where the beer is cheaper than soft drink or bottled water - go figure?!? Anyway dude, hope all is well and the arm is healing, be good!!! cheers J & W
Hey Guys,

So jelouse! Everywhere looks amazing! Your starting to make me want to join you! Check out my myspace i have posted some pic's (got a new camera) All is great! Moving soon and starting the new job! Make sure you keep in touch! ANd keep the Pics coming!!! Miss you both.LOVE ME xoxoxoxoxoxXO
Response: Hey Babycakes, who said nothing changes back home when we go away??! Moving?? New job?? whats the story?? The trip is fantastic, there are so many things to see and do, its almost impossible to know where to start, but I know that for all of you that haven't been over yet, I can't recommend highly enough for you to get your ass over here!! There have been so many things we have seen or things to do, when we both think "wouldn't it be cool if ??? was here!!!" Anyway, hope all is well, good luck with all the new things - shoot me an email to give me more details!!! luv you lots mmmwwah!!
1. It's NICK, not Nicholas, despite what you may, or may not have a thing for calling me.
2. Of course I'm keeping in line, no big nights on the water at press--well, not since you left.
3. You would not believe who is now in the office.
4. You would totally not believe who kissed me on the weekend, because yeah.
6. Where's my Doctor Who postcard? I hope you haven't forgotten.
Response: Hey kiddo, is taht better? I will look again for a Dr Who post card in London, didn't have any luck when I was there last!! I got your text so I am partially up on the curent goss - good to see there are events happening to keep you on your toes!! Keep the updates coming! Miss you too - Mmmwwah!!
From archie
i miss sleeping with my mum on these cold nights, i have been sleeping in the laundry, and i take wally and franca for a walk every day and come home with a branch. my new nick name is bargearse aka the brick aka the bulldozer. your son archie
Response: Ohh, my little bubba bear, Mummy & Daddy miss you so very much!!! But I am sure you are having fun with granma & pa. We will have lots and lots of huggles when we get home! be good! love you lots xoxo
From mickey
hello ladies,
Still having fun good to see, yeah i think Dave and Sam are goig away for a week from the first, so that is out but you can stay in my room,(the lady i live with is a f--khead, so fair warning)i am working a fair bit, but i am going to organize a boat trip for us,maybe a bit of fishing wally.
Peace out your timeis coming to an end, and you money i bet.
Response: Hey Kid, we are just about to start planning what our next moves are going to be... We have decided that heading down to pamplona straight of the tour was a logistial nightmare, not to mention about the millions of pounds that it was going to cost.... so we are thinking that we will just take it easy for a little while, come down and hang with you for a few days, probably on the Monday (9th ?). Jaz is booked on back to back tours from here on, so we were thinking of doing a bit of a country pub crawl weekend with her & Al for next Sat & Sun?? will ring you in the next couple of days when we get is sorted! Looking forward to trying some pizza ! he he!! cheers, J xo
From Tons
Hi Jas, thank you so much for the Birthday Wishes you are so sweet! Mean't so much to me, miss you so much!! Love all of you pics keep them coming. Luv Tons xox
Response: Hey Mis Tons, Missing you guys too! How is everything going? - getting throug the course?? Almost at half way now right?? Have you had any time off yet - my poor little muffin, I can imagine you are very busy still!! Hope everyone is keeping Nicholas in line - tell him to send me some normal msgs!! :) gotta go, lots of luv to you and hugs to Louis & Dan.... & Nicholas!! xo
From pete
Wally Jas,
How are things? You both look and sound as if your having and amazing time; I'm jealous. Enjoy the journey and the sights & I'll catch you both when your back in Vegas! Later gators
Response: hey mate how is everthing with you? we are well though boot camp is hard i am seeing some amazin stuff i have over a thousand photos already and more to take so photo night at my house will be fun when i get back lol
From wally and franca
it was good to see your photos gallipoli looks amazing, you both look well and happy, make the most of your holiday, everything here is very quiet so you picked a good time to go away, stay well love mum and dad
From mickey
hello wally and jas,

Well i was wondering if you were going to have a few new photos,and you have done well.

You look really beautiful as a godess, it suits wally as well maybe you will have to keep the bedsheets.

Your photos are great, i would like to see a few more photos of you though jas, much more picturseque than big bro.

What date do you finish the tour?
My friend here said you can stay at there place if you come down this way, it is a nice place as well.

I have found a job as a pizza chef, nice restruant i dont know why the want me working there, but i am doing 60hrs a week so it will be good to get some cash up.

Still looking for a construction job but no luck yet, so that is about it for me.

So take care have fun and ill speak to you soon ciao
Response: hey mate we finish the tour on the 4 th of july will have to take you up in that offer sounds good as there are f--k all places to stay during summer in london.
will take some more photos of jas or when we catch up there are thousands of photos to see.
From Blake
Wally you're lookin fat!!
Response: blake thanks for the warm compliment just remember i am three times your size and you still havent gone through puberty yet so be careful when i get back love wally.
From Blake
You guys suck! Don't come home. Can I have your dog? It knocked up the cat next door.
Response: no no and no, i cant wait to come home and see you, why did you knock up the cat next door is your sex life that sad
From Kat
Hey Baby's,

Oh looks like you are having a ball!!!! Missing you both lke crazy already! All is well, and she Jas i am eating like a horse. I cant say i have anything exciting to tell compared to you's. So ill keep checking your sight and ill keep you updated. Love you both.......Kat
Response: hey gorgeous your lookin well.