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Jase's funfilled adventures

Hey there all!!!!
Well its time, I've packed up my things and am headed off into the wild blue yonder. This time its on my own and with no plans at all. So stay tuned, keep in touch and feel free to come join me at anypoint.


Diary Entries

Wednesday, 01 June 2005

Location: San Fracisco, USA

Ok Kiddies here is the next installment and let me just say i had an absolute ball of a time thanks to my little travelling buddy Anna Bananna!!

So it all started about 6 weeks ago when Anna turned upto work (in the bar) wearing a hat that actually fitted over my dreads and looked good. We started chatting and i found out that she had gotten it from San Francisco and was heading there in a few weeks to do a BIT of shopping on her way back from Mexico.

I booked my flights a week before i was to leave, leaving it ot the last minute. Some things never change!

The day came. My flight was at 1115am. I set my alarm for 6am allowing plenty of time to get up finish packing and get public transport to the airport. BUT due to working a lot of over nights and lack of sleep i hit the off button and thought it would be a great idea to lay back down and close my eyes. 3hours later i woke up in a panic threw on some clothes zipped up my bag bolted downstairs and had to call a cab.

I got to the airport at 1015 thinking i was going to be really late and miss my flight only to find once i finally got through check in that my flight was delayed by 45minutes.

The flight was short and sweet only about 2 hours. So there i was touched down in San Francisco. i found my way to the BART (Bay Area Rail Transport i think). Caught a train downtownand started the hike to the hostel.

My first impression of San Fran was it was a lot like Sydney very busy alot of hustle and bussle and heaps of couriers. Not like Vancouver which is a little less fast paced.

We had organised to stay at the Green Tortoise Backpackers which was a 15minute walk from Montgomery station on Market st.

The Hostel is an old hotel converted. The "Ballroom" /dininghall/chillout area was awesome so much of the old architecture there.

I got there a day earlier than Anna and had a pretty eventless night. It was time to catch up on some wuch needed RnR. The next day i got up around lunch time and headed out through the city.

So there i was Cameras in hand very much the tourist and went for a wonder. I had about 4 hours to look around and walked from the hostel to the centre of town. Then hooked a left to the water and wondered around the old piers to Fishermans wharf and Pier 13. I got some great shots of the sea kions, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. See the pics page.

I continued up to find the famous cable cars of San Fran. There was no line up and i just jumped on not sure what the arrangement was if there was a charge i just kept quiet and blended in. So away we went bells a ringin up the hills and throught the city. I t was at that point that it finally sunk in......


The cable car ride was great and took me right back downtown where i started from. Which was fantastic because i just jumped on the BART and headed back to the airport to pick up Anna.

So i picked Anna up and we treked back to the hostel. The rest of the day was pretty lazy. We headed oput to the edge of China Town and got some dinner. Then headed to The Salloon San Francisco's oldest bar and had a few drinks.

Had a fairly early one which was good.

The next morning we walked down around fishermans wharf and did some shopping. As we were walking we saw some tandem hire bikes and decided what the hell lets go.

Hired one and off we went. We were both surprised at how easy it was the only thing i need to take into account when turing was the extra length a few times there were a few close calls in Anna being knocked off the back.

After riding around the shore in the direction of the Golden Gate bridge. It was amazing standing at the old fort at the base looking up and along. The weather was fantastic not a cloud in the sky and really warm.

So we climbed the hill, what a team effort that was (Yay team!!!) and started the game of doge the pedestrians and other bikes on the narrow foot path.

We stopped half way across and asked a guy to take our picture such the touristy thing to do hehehehe.

When we got over the other side it was all down hill to the ferry the left out of Salsalito and back to the Port of San Francisco. All up the round trip took 4 hours and it was so cool to ride a tendem and even just to be riding.

Next on our little adventure was a night time tour of Alcatraz. The tour Rocked was heaps of fun and even a little scarey.

The next day we went to the hippie district to do a bit of shopping. I ended up getting my labret pierced and then we did a pub crawl got really drunk and tried to find our way home to the hostel on connectting busses that didn't end up connecting!!!

That was an expierinece! Back at the hostel and the place was full. there was no room for me to stay so they let us sleep in a booth in the gorgeous ball room ( passout rather that sleep. On the provisor that we were out in the morning.

The next morning was real rough and it took us a while to get anywhere. We headed out to the Gay didtrict and had a look around. Very Pretty Darlings!!

We made our way back and snuck up stairs to shower before making our way to the airport to drag our sorry butts on the palne and head back to the real life.

So Anna Bannana i had a wicked time and enjoyed everything.

You rock !!! Thankyou for everything

Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Location: Canada

Sorry there was a technical with the last entry lets continue.

I got the job on the front desk and am loving it. I am getting paid which rocks finally some money coming in. Although not the best it stops me spending the old savings account and leaves that for travelling. There is myself Chad and Pete that split the overnight shifts from 11pm till 7am up between us as well as doing other day shifts to break it up. I also work with Kel, Hanna, Corinne and Lauren all are very cool and are really fun people to work with. Its always a laugh and so easy going.

The other staff rock as well there is Hesh, Amy, Teresa and Anna in the bar. Nick, Ritchie and Mike in the kitchen. Josh and Kit do activities and night security.

Check out the hostel at click on the virtual tour and then on vancouver. You may even want to play a game of wheres Jase as i get my head in there as well.

I have had a few big nights but due to the fact that i was asking for some time off to go to San Francisco i got rostered on lot of overnights on the weekend wich was great i saved some cash.

Ryan that ran the bar left us and moved on to Toronto to study. Things just arn't the same without you here dude.

Myself, Josh, Nick and Kit moved into the newly built staff room. We have 2 sets of bunks in one room where we all sleep and in the next room we have a couple of couches 2 tv's, 1 for dvd and video, 1 for the ps2 and a fidge. Livin it up in style.

Well that pretty much brings it upto date. My next installment will be about my trip to San Francisco. So stay tune it won't take as long as this one to get and it will come complete with pictures.

Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Location: Canada

Alright so i have been really slack and this one is going to be a very brief encounter of the last few weeks so i can catch up and it not be such a chore to do.

Yes mum i know its only a chore because i let it go to long but whats changed since homework at school. hehehe

So i left you with 3 days left at whistler basically we spent one day wandering around looking through the village and then at the stalls they had. The concert koicked off again so we kicked back in the Longhorne for a few cold beers, played some free pool (aussies reigned over the poms again) and enjoyed the show.

The next day was spent riding Whistler mountain which was a blast. That night there was a slide show happening of some local photographers so i headed down to check it out. The girls followed later on.

We got up the next morning and caught the greyhound back to Vancouver.

So the next few weeks went way to quckly thnigs are not really in order but this is what happened.

Stace mooved on to Victoria and came back then headed of to England, then came back again and then headed of to Montreal.

So 2 weeks after the first trip to whistler a group of us hired an 8 seater van/truck thanks to Richie and Trina's organisation. The trip was started to be planed but the boys in the bar but to no avail seems we got a little stuck. So at the last minute after everyone had given up Richie and Trina come through with the goods giving every one an hour to get ready before we left. There was Amber and me, Rich, Trina, Jess, Lou and Craig. We stopped of at the bottlo grabed some grog and to Richies pleasure was able to talk the guys to give us a bucket to chill every thing in. They dont sell cold beer over here only hot!!!!!

The drive up was fun the concert was amazing Xavier Rudd was the final act for the festival and he was awesome. If any of you get the chance check him out its a must.

Bec and Lou finshed up their 12 months of globe trotting travel and was very sad to pack the bag one last time and head back into the real world. Bec i am going to hound you to save cash and get out again!! Lou have a ball with the boy when he comes over to do europe!!

Boordie, Richie, Rob and I found a place that serves you 4Ltr jugs of beer!!!!!!!!!! see pictures.

Amber and i had some great times together. Had some really nice tapas, tried some Elk. Then the time came for her and Claire to move on with their trip of the states. A month of non stop action by the sounds of it. Can't wait to see you again gorgeous.

Amy the front desk Guru who trained me up when i got the job on the desk packed her bags and headed of on a huge road trip with her man Chris. We all miss you guys and things are strangly quieter without you Ammes its just not the same.

Boordie Sugar and myself went along to the Anzac service they had over here. It was a pretty big

Boordie and Darcey finished up their renovation work in the hostel and moved upto Kelowna and then on to hicksville to start a huge housing project. You guys are missed at the bar we had many a good time and it sure is alot tammer around here without you two!!

Saturday, 09 April 2005

Location: Canada

Sorry for the long delay people i have had so much going on lately just struggled to get time to get this done. here is half the story the rest will be along very soon.

Saturday night we went into daylight savings and it was cool because i had training for the night job and i only had to do 7 instead of 8 hours.

Training was pretty straight forward nothing to serious tidy some bathrooms the kitchen and clean the bar as well as be seen around to keep people quiet. The hardest thing is not to get the work done to quickly so i have nothing to do. Do a little bit then walk aroud, watch some tv and then do some more.

Sunday i slept most of the day then went down to the Beaver with Waz and Bec for dinner and 1 beer!!!! Yeah right turned into a huge night.

I woke up Monday feeling very shady and declared i wasn't drinking till i goto Whistler for the weekend. Everyone was pretty surprised and wouldn't believe me. So it has pretty much turned into i'll show you thing.

Monday Waz, Bec and I walking around downtownwent down to the water front and had a llok at the view. Standing there looking out at the bay with the mountain ranges looming just over the otherside. It was amazing.

Waz and i dropped Bec off at the homeless shelter she was helping out at and then walked back to the hostel.

The hostel organises activities an Monday night was Ice Skating. Waz, Bec, Amber, Claire, Rob, Mike and I walked the 7 or 8 blocks to the ice skating ring only to find it empty and i mean empty!! They had melted the ice and drained it for the spring.

So there we all were all keen to skate and no ice so after a brief group council we decided to got bowling. Now the closest bowling alley was 1/2 a block from the hostel so we walked back and i was suprised to find out that it was 5 pin bowling. The ball is the size of a rockmellon and the pins are smaller. It made for a very interesting night ther is definately alot more skill involved.

Tuesday was univentfull

Wednesday Bec's friend Lou flew over from Toronto to spend a week with us till they both fly home to England after both travelling for a year. Wednesday night is comedy night the hostel gets discount tickets to Yuk Yuk's a comedy club with stand up comics. There was Waz and a couple of people he met, Bec and Rob, Lou, Amber and myself as well as a few others from the hostel.

The comics were hilarious it is a Pro /Am night so there is a mix of professionals and amatures but you couldbn't tell which ones were the amatures. After the comedy we dropped a few off at the hostel and kicked on to the Yale a blues club just up the road. We called it a night at about 12 and i was strong and din't have a drink at all just oj.

Thursday was pretty cruisy it was my first overnight on security so i pretty much did nothing.

The first shift went well not much happened just a few drunks to put to bed and a game of hallway cricket to stop at 3am.

The next morning i woke up with full onslaught of the flu that was goping around the hostel. I was not impressed at all and felt like crap. I got up to see Bec and Lou off as they were heading upto Whistler a day before me.

Whilst i was about downstairs Kel, the assistant manager, called me over and offered me a job on the front desk. I jumped at the chance i figured it was about time to start earning some cash instead of blowing it all. It was alll going to happen when i got back from Whistler on the Wednesday.

After seeing the girls off i went back to bed and slept right through till i had to work. Just my luck the night i am sick is a new moon and all the crazy's are out and there are a hell of a lot of crazy's in Vancouver.

The first of the crazy's started to get angry because we wouldn't let him check in. Luckily the police and security guards patrol the streets so it wasn't long before they arrested him and took him away. For the rest of the night there were police cars all up and down the street and an abulance here and there.

After my shift i went to bed to get a few hours sleep and so i could catch the 1130 greyhound upto Whistler. I slept in and missed it and had to catch the 3pm one instead.

I got there about 5ish and checked into the Shoestring Lodge. I was staying in a 6 berth dorm with the girls and a few other people for the first night and then Stacey joined us as we moved into a 4 bed dorm on the Sunday.

Sunday was a mixture of pleasure and pain. The pleasure was to finally snowboard for the first time in a year. It felt so good to be riding but the pain came very quickly as my new boots started to become unbareable. I called it a day after lunch and headed down to the base to wait for the others.

There was a festival going on at Whistler to celebrate the end of the season. there was a stage in the village and bands playing. So i went to the pub and had my first beer in a week. Yep i stayed true to my word and didn't drink for a week. The girls finished up and met me at the pub, we watched the rest of the bands and then headed back to the hostel around 5. We all just chilled out and went to bed pretty early.

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From Narelle
Hey Jase

Great to see all the photos! I do miss canada!

where are you these days? what's all the news?! drop me a line when you have a free moment!

Response: hey there Nazza!!!!
Well i am still at Sun Peaks at the moment.Lynda and i leeve here for India Nepal and Tibet for 4 months. On April 21st. Then home for a bit.

What you doin?
From Dad
Come on you Slacko Keep up with the reports i am running out of things to read.
Iv'e read the News Papers, the Magazines the Novels and the Bible so come on lift yah Game Dude.Not to mention that Mum whants to keep up with what your upto. Ha Ha.
We All Love You.
Ow Nicolle and Glen's Birthdays this weekend.
Response: yeah yeah i know there is no excuse
From Dan
It's getting cold here mate and at this point, I'm wishin' that it wasn't....but that's probably 'cos I'm not where you are! Hard to swallow Oz snow after bathing in Nth Am. Trying to get down at least once this year. Won't be the same without ya champ. Catching up with everyone on Sunday over mexican for m' bday. Synchronise tequila slammin and corona chaser 7pm AEST ;)
Response: Happy birthday mate
you can have your tequila i have been kicked on to bicardi rum 151 proof and i'll be sure to foolow that with the corona.
I know what you mean the few days of spring riding were better than most full on winters back home. thinking of you guys stay safe.
From Steve & Keren
Jase, good to see you are not getting bored!!! Keep well and make sure you have one of two for us.

Ke & Steve.
Response: thanks guys not sure of that word BORED??? means but yep i am having a blast i just got back from a few days in San Fransisco. wait for that update which will be soon.
From Azz
Jase, livin' free and easy and prospering I see!
What else would I expect from you! The pics are great and just making me all the more annoyed that I can't make it August this year!
Heard you met one of my Uni pals - keep an eye on her, she could lead you astray! hehe
Keep up the good work,
Response: Dude what the!!

you mean your not comin? bummer man i was talkin you up over here the girls will not be happy.


yeah how funny sitting at the front desk when Elisha comes up and asks if i know this Aaron character. Small world.

Take care mate keep me updated
From Dad
Gee jase with all that fun filled time your having and and showing all those ladies around the place i don't know how you could possibly have time to have a job.
Like the pic of your first room , sure looks like your at home.
And i know it must be so hard on you Jase and i do understand that someone has to do it. Ha Ha
So glad your havin heaps of fun and loving life, it sure is agreat feeling for Mums and Dads.
Love ya Heaps and God Bless you and keep you safe.

Response: thanks dad.

You should see the rooom we are about to move into. they have done some renos. there will be 4 in the room which is a little cramped but we get a lounge room off to the side which will rock.
luv ya
From Ardle Jan
Great pics. We missed you on Mother's day. Keep up the good work representing the Ozzie wit. must be in the genes.
Rotza Ruv xx
PS I like the lost dog trick. cute dog
Response: Thaks Ardle Jan i miss all you guys as well.

hehehe you know me always witty and cheeky.
love you
From Mum
Great photos Jase! Thanks heaps for ringing on Mothers Day. I had a great day with your call, seeing Nicolle, Glen & our lovely granddaughter Lorelei and the rest of our family. It was great catching up with how you are going. Have you received our 'present' yet? Lots of love, Mum XXXXX
Response: Hey mum.

Nope no care package yet i've just about used up all of my friends vegimite so i hope it gets here soon or she is going to freak.

Glad mothersday was good.

Luv ya
From narelle
g'day spunky! so you are working on my old ground!! great to hear!!

I miss canada, so i hope you are having a ball!!

catch you later

Response: sure am baby but it just aint the same

or so the few that are working here keep telling us.
There's only Kel, Chad and Corrine.
I just checked out your page you are really rockin around good to see.

talk soon hon.
From Rachie
Hey Jase
Great to see you're having such a good time. Thanks for looking after my little sis.
Loves ya, Rachiexx
Response: No probs rachie it was great to see a familiar face. i hope she had a great time and it sounds like she is still livin it up on the rest of her trip.
love ya
From Mikey and Ali Sluis
Hi Jase, sounds like you're having a great time over there - great location, job offers and new friends... we love hearing about your travels - keep it up!
Response: Thanks guys glad to hear from you hope are both well
From Mum
Hey Jase, where are your updates to your journal? I keep looking ---- I guess you are having such a GREAT time.

Love Mum xxxx
Response: Sorry all i have been really busy have been working 6 days and going to whistler and stuff all will be revealled very shortly i promise.

love you to mum
From Dad
Thats my Boy
Go Hard or Go Home
Response: Yep hain a wicked time!
From Dan Fay
Have you actually met any male friends on your journey jase? - hehe. You're quite the story teller. Lovin' the episodes. You're visiting the beaver a fair bit though - you sure this is a pub? - haha.
Response: haha yes my friend i am meeting guys as well. its funny i was reading through the entries and was thinking the exact thing. i am still putting together the next eposiode stay tuned
From Cameron
Jase, Justin wants to know if you want to come back for his 30th its in June, were hiring quad bikes and hitting some sand dunes. Let me know if you can make it.

Also ive read some of your messages, stay away from Moosehead beer, your being kind to say its their version of New.
Response: Sure thing i'll come home for his 30th and you all can come over here for mine in August. Thats fair. Sounds like you guys will have a ball bummed i will miss it.