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Jason And Heidis Photos

Welcome to jase and heidis Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to browse over. Please feel free to leave any comments or messages and we will reply to them asap.

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Just a quick daytrip to York with Coxy and Chippa.



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Recent Messages

From Iverachs
Hi Guys,
Just seen your photos via Kristie. You both look so well! Just loved seeing that 'little' baby bump! Congrats to you both!! Can't wait to see you, don't know when, but hopefully soon! Heid, you look so much like Trish I thought it was her in Eurpoe!!!!
Lots of love to you both,
Kerry and Katie
From sarah
hi there!
Had a look through your web page. Looks pretty cool. Guess what? I bought robbie williams concert tickets.
See you soon!!!

Response: Haven't you had enough of Robbie yet?
I thought you were going to tell us something really exciting like you guys were engaged perhaps.
See you soon.
From Richie
Pic's are great. Looks like you are both having a great time. See you when you get back
From wellsy
Congrats on the bub mate shame to hear your not coming back you will be sorley missed keep in contact when you get back say hello to hiedi for me
From Bern
These are great! They look like postcards. What a memory for you both.
Response: Did you like the ones of switzerland. The ones that you were never able to get.
What did you think about the frogs legs and snails?
Unfortunately we were unable to get more on the site but we are able to change them if we want.
From Mum Ryan
Got the photos through really clearly and I am really jealous now, they are so beautiful. You both look really well and I could see that little baby bump. Andre Agassi looked so good. See you soon. Love Mum
Response: LITTLE baby bump? I look enormous in the photos. We were wanting to get a few more on but it didn't allow us but we are able to swap and change which is good. See you soon
From Etc.
hey guys,
photos look awesome! looks like your having a ball, cant wait to catch up for a beer when you get home.
Cheers Etc.
From Sheppo
JR & Heidi,

Looks like you've been having a shit of a time! Can't believe you travel half way around the world and still get harrassed by Coxy!! Say g'day to the lads and have a great time.


From trisha
do you think that you could have told us about this little site earlier... how cool does your europe trip look? Love you both Trisha
Response: We have only just set it up you knob. They have come up really well and I must admit that jase did it all by himself. Although he is a knob himself as with some of the little comments he has made.
Hope your happy that you found out the date that I am heading home too.........