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Hey everyone. Will document my travels here. Feel free to leave me a message!

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Tuesday, 06 November 2007

Location: Winton!, New Zealand

Hey everybody. Got home last Thurs after a big week in London. Great fun! Had some good times with Anton and the guys.

Very long flight home. Spent the weekend in Auckland and am now back sown South. Will head back to Auckland and work on 10 Dec.

Number now I'm back in NZ is same as the old one so 021 454 742 so if you have a new number text me. Will catch up with everyone in the next month. Been an awesome 9 months away but its always good to get home. Even if the weather is shit house!!

Friday, 19 October 2007

Location: Lincoln, UK

Hi everyone.
Its been a while and have been touring with the Air Force rugby league team and have had some interesting things going on. Haven't got much time so will list them for your amusement.

-Got on the train to Paris when leaving Frankfurt and a couple of hours in got a phone call to say I had left my passport behind. Prob had something to do with a very drunken send off!
-Lost my wallet first night in London. Not good.
-Played a game on Tues and got a knee to the head opening minute and split my head so have a good sized cut and a black eye now!
-Got robbed that night and my laptop was amongst a heap of stuff stolen from our hotel. Very pissed off.

Other than that have had a ball. Heap of nights out. Head to Manchester tommorow to play curtain raiser to the Kiwis then up to Scotland for a bit then down to London before heading for home. Only 10 days away!!

Monday, 01 October 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Well I finally all sorted. On advice from the physio I am told today that both my right adductor (Groin) and hip flexor are pulled and I won't be able to play for up to 3 weeks. The physio made me lye in my underpants today and absolutely killed me so its fair to say it is very sore. I had also found out last week that my flight is a paper ticket and not an e ticket so can;t be changed very easily. So I have talked to the club today and asked to be let out of my contract as once I return from injury we will only have one game left against a crap team. We had a good talk and they are stoked with the training side of things and the plan that I have put in place so have agreed. They are also paying my salary out which is a huge bonus. (I am broke!!) This frees me up so have made a plan.... Am catching the speed train to paris this friday and staying there fri sat with 2 of the guys partners from the team. Will be good to have a look around. Then head to London and stay with Anton for a couple of days before meeting up with the league boys and touring with them for 20 days. My goal will be to play the curtain raiser at the GB v Kiwi game for them against the RAF in Warrington on the 20th so will need to look after the leg till then. I can jog slow so will be doing plenty of that.

Told the boys tonight and although once again it is hard to leave everyone have made at least 10 great friends who I will keep in touch with and catch up with once they get back to NZ. Am looking forward to catching up with the league boys (except pods and his drinking habits) in a couple of weeks.

So the next couple of days will be sorting clothes and getting a few things sorted. Will let you know more at end of week. Home 2 Nov so look out...

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Location: Munich, Germany

Well a tiring week here. Played on Saturday and we won easily 78-7 although I tore my hip flexor which is got me buggered for a couple of weeks. Was pretty sore when I did it but m jogging slowly now. Headed to Munich straight after the game in our rental and was quite an entertaining trip down. We had 7 of us in a hatchback type thing that had seats in the back so we had a few beers. Its about 398 km to get down there and I think we would have averaged about 180 most of the way and got up to 210ish going down a hill once. Its strange but it doesn;t seem that fast as everyone is going like that. I never knew fords could go that fast though!

Went out Sat night to some clubs and then first thing Sunday we were into it at the Beerfest. Its awesome. The Beer halls fit thousands of people and you just sit there all day and get drunk. Not sure how many steins (1 litre glass) we managed on the first day but it was a fair few anyways. Monday was my birthday so after a slow start we got right into it and was probably a bigger day than Sunday. Not sure how many beerhalls there are altogether but we only went into 2. They were the main kiwi ones so was awesome. Caught up with all the Airforce people and friends from Southland so was all good.

Travelled home Tues in a flash as but little Merc rental so was bloody uncomfortable. Along trip even though we were going pretty fast. Last couple of days in the gym have been tough but feeling alot better today. heaps of rehab this week and no game this weekend as the German national side is playing here so should be pretty cruisy. Will watch the NRL grand final on Sunday otherwise pretty quiet. Hope the weather is good at home as its pissing down here and cold. C ya...

Monday, 17 September 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

A good win on the weekend by 70 so we are at the top of the table which is good. Missed the bloody All Blacks game which is disapointing and not sure what sort of way we'll be in to watch the next one at 6 on Sunday night as will be down in Munich at the Oktoberfest! Went out for dinner Saturday night as 5 of us were shouted by the principal of a school we had been doing some work for which was good. Then went out for a few until 2 ish. We then had a pretty big Sunday as was one of the guys birthdays so we had a big dress up session. You pulled a guys name out of a hat and then you got to dress them up as whatever you wanted. Pretty funny day although the body didn't enjoy the 9 am run this morn. Good to sweat the booze out though. Weather has been crap today and I think the week is meant to be shit which doesn;t really bother me to much.

So heading to the Beerfest in Munich straight after Saturdays game and its about 400 km away I think. Should get down there about 10 as we have a rental car and no speed limit so it shouldn;t take too long. Staying in a caravan we rented off the net so should be a laugh as have got a good bunch of guys to head down with and a heap of guys to catch up with there. Will put some pics up of Dress Ups yesterday. Enjoy!

Monday, 03 September 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Hey everyone.
Sorry been a bit slack the last little while and I have no excuse... Just slack!! We lost last weekend in our opener against a team that I can't pronounce. They were pretty good although our backs sucked so that didn;t help our cause. Had an awesome night out as it was the weekend of the biggest festival in Frankfurt which is a massive party on the river (rhine). All the team went out in Hawaian shirts for the Sat night and got home around 2. I think 80% of the population of town were there so it took like 40 minutes to cross back over the bridge. Sunday we decided to go and have a look as the thing was still on... A few cocktails and alot of Corona later we were out till 3 in the morn and had a headache Monday. Good fun though!

Trained pretty well all last week and got 2 new NPC backs in who are both pretty sharp and played another team called Heidelburg about an hours drive away Yesterday. We won 34-9 which was good. Made the coaches and man paying the salaries a but happier. Basically the team is funded by a guy who is early 40's and is worth approx 400 million dollars. He comes to all our trainings and comes to the apartments to have talks and stuff and so far I have found him really good. He pays all salaries and owns the 3 apartments we all live in. As well as a Hummer, Porsche, Jag, 4 mercs and a couple of BMW SUV's. One of the boys got a ride home with him yesterday and he was going mid 200's all the way home! Some of the boys headed out but had a bit much on today so flagged it. Just doing bugger all now and going to head to the movies tonight.

Things still going good but finding the coach pretty difficult to work with. He seems to stiffle most of the talent as guys end up too scared to try anything in the fear of being told off. Our video sessions are not very pleasant.. Am thinking of a few things for the next few months but will let you all know what I'm up to when its all sorted.. Will put some more pics up and talk next week.

Neice is doing well and over 5 pound now which is great. C ya.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Hey everyone.

Been a busy week getting ready for our first competition game. Having a quiet day today with a pool session otherwise am up to bugger all.

Weekend in Amsterdam was interesting. Took 8 hours on the bus cause of traffic and we basically had to get off the bus and get straight on the field. We won by 2 points so was a fairly tough game. Had a few beers at their clubrooms and then headed into Amsterdam on the train as was about 30 mins. Had a few more beers and then headed down all the streets with the Hookers in the windows which was a bit of a sight. There are hundreds of them!! Then we just cruised around until the trains started again at 7 in the morn. Was a long bus trip back the next day although most of the boys slept all the way.

We are playing a team called Hausemstan tommorow and I have no idea who they are or where they are coming from. Hopefully we start off the season with a win. Will let you all know.

Oh yeah I was an Uncle as of last Saturday for those of you who didn;t know. Hannah Lucia Price. Pretty small but all good!!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Hey everyone.
Been a busy week here. Weekend was cool. Travelled to Brussels and played the Belgium national team who were a pretty good side. They beat us 38-25 I think although it was a good game. Bloody hot. We got back to Frankfurt at 1 in the morn and me and a couple fo the boys thought it a good idea to go out for a look and we ended up out to 7 in the morn. Quite funny. We ended up in a bar where we had to have the lights off and you couldn’t make much noise. Pretty sure bars can’t be open after 5 here.
This week we have been training 3 times a day which is a mix between skills, gym work and team trainings. I’m running a lot of it which is good and have got all the guys into specific rugby programmes. The coach is ok. He’s an older guy who has coached fiji and waikato in the past and reminds me a lot of the short time I had under grizz… Not sure if I like the coaching style but we’ll see. Starting to look a bit better every day as the guys get used to each other. We played again on Tuesday against a team 20 mins away and beat them pretty comfortably. They had a bloody sand based pitch with heaps of stones and stuff in it so covered in grazes and stuff at the moment.
Have a pool sess and then a free day tommorow which will be good. Head to Amsterdam first thing on Sat morn and play the holland team then travel back on Sunday. Should be a good night out although will be a tough bus trip the next morn! Should have some good stories and photos after that.
Should be an uncle in the next few days which is strange but cool for those of you who didn't know... Till next week....

Wednesday, 08 August 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Hi Everyone.

Sorry been a bit slack but have only just got wireless sorted in my apartment so can use the internet anytime. Arrived here last Tuesday I think and have been pretty full on since then. My apartment is really good and I'm on the 3rd floor of the building which is the middle apartment of 3 that are all side by side full of players. At the moment there is one guy on the middle floor and a couple on the top floor with me. The bottom floor is the gym and kitchen. Think we'll be getting a couple more people moving in in the next couple of weeks. I have been busy assessing and writing up strength programmes for the entire team and am about half way through taking the guys through them now. This week we have been training 3 times a day so between training and running half of the sessions there hasn't been alot of spare time. Although I'm really enjoying it so can't complain.

Not sure what the go is with me and new clubs but managed to hurt my back on Monday although with physio the last 3 days it is feeling alot better. Hopefully good by Sat as we have a pre season game against the Belgium national side in Brussels. The next weekend we head to Amsterdam to play the Holland team and the season starts the weekend after. The boys are all pretty excited as have about 8 kiwis and aussie who haven't done much travel so should be cool. If I can't play this week I'll still travel as the trainer but hopefully I'll be all good.

My address here if anyone is interested is 9 Jakob-Heller Str, Frankfurt, 60320, Germany. I have also got a cell phone and that number is +4915224129937. Got no money on it at the moment as can't understand the lady on the top up message. Will take it to training and get one of the German boys to do it. Has been raining today but will get some photos of apartment and stuff in next few days once it clears up. If you google the clubs website should pop up with a picture so you'll see its quite big. The rugby field is the one with the track around it. I best get sorted for training but hope its not too cold whereever everyone is. c ya.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Location: Munich, Germany

Hey everyone. Been a busy few weeks and am now in Munich waiting for my flight to Frankfurt so will be good to finally get there tonight. A day late but we had a few more van issues so couldn´t do much about it. Had to pay some big money for the flight but should roughly get that back for the Chicago London leg anyways.

Have seen a few more places. We went up through a place called Alicante which had some wicked beaches. Once again the ladies don´t seem to like tops. Then onto Barcelona for 5 awesome days. We even did some touristy stuff as well as a few big days on the town. Went and toured through the Barcelona soccer ground which is the home on Ronaldihno and holds just shy of 100,000. Also toured through the Cathedral there which has been being built for the last 180 years ans is still a long way from being finished. Will put some photos up once I get my laptop on the net. Caught up with an air force girl Ana Barnao in a bar in Barcelona which was quite random.

Otherwise my mind is a little scrambled as been stressing out about getting here the last few days but the place I flew out of called nice was quite good as well. Was a bit sad to leave the boys as have had a wicked time but once I find out the draw will hopefully catch them for a few more weekends. Will update when I get to Frankfurt. So far the people seem really friendly and most speak english....

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Location: Alicante, Spain

Been a while since I've been on here. Lagos was awesome. 5 days went by really fast and glad to get out of there in the end as we would've got in the shit otherwise I think! Beaches there were wicked (lots of topless women, not that I'm into that though!), Bars were great and the weather was between 35-40 degrees everyday. Got to watch the AB's beat South Africa which was awesome. The owner of the bar found out about it and came knocking on tents and vans at 6 in the morn and gave people a shot of absinte then we followed him to a bar. Bit like the pied piper really!! Then it was free pints till the first beer. For those of you in the Air Force that know JT I ran into him watching the game. I'm suprised he woke up!! I am also now the proud owner of the 1 hour pint record at the Casa Rova tavern. 13 in an hour beating the old record of 8. We went back for another go the next night but I was no good. Dean is now 2nd with 12 and Anton and Gregor are tied for 3rd with 10. Safe to say we left our mark there. And a bit of other stuff judging by antons frequent trips to the bathroom!!

So we left there and headed to Seville and had 2 good days there. Hotter than Lagos so in the 40's every day. I had a friend from the Lions who moved back there so was awesome to have a local tour guide (and translator!). Not many spanish speak English so was very handy. I was also very lucky as managed to get glass in both feet in Portugal. The girls in our van did a great job and dug a piece out of each foot which was great. But 2 days later my right foot swelled up and turned all red so Miguel (spanish friend) got me into the a and e. I wouldn't have had a shit show on my own but he told them everything and got me into the doctor. She then scalpaled to more pieces out of the foot. Bloody painful at the time but relieved to have them out. Foot has gone down now so just got a bit of a hole in the bottom of my foot.!

So we then headed to Gibralta after going through Tarifa which is the Southern most tip of Europe where you can look across and easlily see Africa. So I prob won't go there but at least I can say I saw it! So then onto Gibralta which we then found was a colony of Britan so we had to go through Customs and do passports and stuff. We then found out that camping in Gibralta was illegal so after a look around (Skinny streets and alot of dead ends) we lined up for an hour to get out. Got the van checked again but they were pretty good. We stayed somewhere we arrived at dark and then got here yesterday. we are camping at a resort type place and its bloody hot. Thats about me I think. Have to be in Frankfurt on the 30th so should see a few more places yet. Hope it isn't too cold back in NZ. Go the AB's. Jase

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Recent Messages

From Horace
Yo. have not been in touch for a while, my bad.

Will be good times when you meet up with the Air Force league boys next week. Pods is excited about having a few beers...

Congrats on being an uncle!

So will you being staying a few nights in Auckland when you get back in November?
Response: Hey mate. Yeah will be cool to catch up with the guys. Not sure if it is good or not that pods is excited! Hows your new house going? Will stay in Auckland the weekend I am home which is the weekend of touch I think. Are you heading down? Whats the plan for New Years. Gisbourne?
From Leigh
Hey Bro, looks you still loving it. Congrats on being an uncle. Will send you an e-mail next week.
Response: Things are going well. Cheers... Something a little different! I hear your headed to South America?! Look forward to the e mail.
From Deb Cooper
Hey cuz - congratulations on being an UNCLE. Just popped in to see her - she is adorable. Bloomin small. Can't believe your brother is a DAD. Sophie (senior) looks gr8. Safe travels. Deb & Sophie (junior) xx
Response: Hey Deborah. Thanks. Haven't seen any photos yet but hopefully Mum will send some through. Hope all is good in Chch. Frankfurt is quite a good place. Had a few in Amsterdam on the weekend which was good fun!
From kim bevins
good to see you settled in mate. does this team like super sundays as much as the chicago boys did
Response: Not so many mate. had a good one last Sunday but they are pretty strict on the one night at the weekend a week. Pretty happy about it though after a crazy July!
From Davina
Ha ha i see when ya van broke down none of ya Dad's knowledge about cars and trucks rubbed of on you Jas.... ha ha nevermind...
Response: haha yeah i know. Never was my strong point!
From Deb Cooper
Hi Jase - sounds like u r havin a ball. I have been 2 the statue u were talkin about, mussle bar they call it. Same thing happened when I was there, a guy peed on the crowd and then jumped. I did mouth 2 mouth until ambulance arrived but was really toast! Have a ball and look 4ward 2 next blog. D xx
Response: Those bloody spainards are mad men!
From Jaz
Hey Jase, That yachting looks awesome. Hope you survived the running of the bulls. Everything is good over here. Had an awesome weekend in chch. In my final week of placement, its been mint! Talk soon. Love Jaz
Response: Glad your placement has been fun. I've got a Birthday card to send so will hopefully get it away soon. Better late than never!!
From Morry
Dude, We beat the O's, name on the cup for first time since 1964!!! Grey couldnt play coz he scratched his knee, so we couldnt bash him...aftermatch was a bit messy. Have fun in Europe
Response: Excellent work Morry. Would've been a big night in the SGT's mess. Tell Grey to harden up!
From Greg
Hey Jase, awesome photos mate. If your close by I will be in Hamburg from the 27 Aug staying at the Suite Hotel. racing on 2nd Sept.
Let us know if you be around.
Response: Hey Greg.

I'm thinking we will have a game that Saturday but I'll look at flying up after that and watching the race and fly back Monday. Flights look really cheap. Let me know more details when you get them. Say hi to the boys at the School for me.
From Morry
Dude - Did ya's win?? Hi to T & I hope he isnt leaving phantom pooz around the place!! Lucky buggers gettin to Indy 500, would be cool. Have a cool trip to world cup, we got Officers vs SNCOs rugby next week, we better beat them this year. Laterz
Response: Na we bloody lost mate. Very disapointing although the way we played up in San Diego you think we woulda won!! Make sure you smash Grey in that game!
From Mum
Great read Jase and love the photos!! T needs a haircut!
Response: Yeah I know!! It got alot of strange looks!
From Davina
Hey Jas....

Spoke to Aunty Denise yesterday and she forwarded on this page for me... How awesome is this... Lucky little bugger... be safe and i will keep track of this adventure of yours... ah so jealous Bye Davina
Response: Hey Davina. Yeah the travelling so far is going well. Only 5 weeks til head to the UK. Good to hear from you. Are you still in Auz?
From Deb Cooper
Hi cuz - i love checking out your site and seeing what your doing - sounds like fun - I am jealous! Sophie and I spent last night at your parents - was good to catch up with them - they are the same - still cool parents. Sophie and I slept in your bed - very comfy (even got new pillows). Take care and will write again soon. Deb
Response: Hey Deborah.
Good to hear from you. Yeah it has been fun so far over here.Getting to see quite a few places and its warming up now which is nice! haha is that right. I miss that bed as mine in very uncomfortable!!
From Greg & Matty
Awesome site Jas, Goodluck for the games this week.

Can you cross credit "monkey stuffing" to NZQA unit standards??
Response: Yeah mate hopefully we go alright. Will be my first chance to prove myself. Haha yeah I hope so cause we did the one process 2200 bloody times!! Hope things are good down South. Although I see Renwick have pulled the pin... Whats up with that???!
From Fitzy
Good luck for the weekend dog, your ankle will be sweet. Looks like it will be good times in Dallas!

Just read the game reports on the Chicago lions page, sounds like T is going alright.

Take it easy.
Hey Horace. Yeah hopefully should be alright. I hear your trying to up your IQ and are wearing glasses! T is going well although I'll catch him up soon enough. I'll send you a decent e mail to your hotmail.
From Lee and Pat
Mate... We are sending you some sunshine and heat to clear up that snow. you will feel at home!! Ankle looks darn sore. Enjoying your site.
Love Lee and Pat
Response: Haha just got back to Chicago tonight and alot of the snow has melted so thanks for the heat!
From gail & dave
Jeez you will be lucky to play rugby for six weeks looking at that ankle. Our new shop is coming along and should be open end of this month. DCC need to inspect it first and that is going to be a challenge. Whilst in China we were chauffered in a 6 seater buick and all cars in Beijing are left hand drive. A real experience there because no one obeys the traffic lights or rules or they would never get any where so all day you drive around in a hurry trying to take the quickest, cut everyone off, route and you dont' t have to wear seat belts which is worse. And of course you must honk the horn when ever you come up behind anyone biking walking or in a car. It was very exciting. Rest up lad and enjoy your stay.
Response: Sounds like a pretty interesting holiday. I've only driven once here in a pretty quiet place up at Westpoint but there are some bloody crazy divers out there. Hope ther shop is looking good.
From Mum
Tidy your room!
Response: Hey I only just moved in 3 day ago!
From craig & jacqueline
great to here you are having a good time. Mum forwarded this to us from your Mum, look forward to the next instalment. Take Care.
Response: Yeah its going well over here. Just watching the news and we are getting 5 inches of snow tommorow!!! Hope all is well with you guys.
From Mum
Hi, have just finished cleaning up from tea, was good to eat some veg and good old kiwi chops. Corey just called in, has had a busy time of it and is still working now. Dad has to be away and in Dunedin by 9.15 in morning so life has taken over again pretty quickly. I will have wages 2morrow and aheap of paperwork to deal with. Still...we are really lucky to have got away. Smokey is home and has grown heaps in that short time. Didn't want to talk to me at first. He will miss his playmates. Will say bye for now, the lack of sleep since monday night is showing and my brain is slower than usual. joke!! Great to talk to you today and this site is brilliant. Mum xxxxxxx
Response: Yeah was good to hear from you. We're hopefully getting a landline sussed soon. Will send you an e mail to home in the next .couple of days.
From Jolie
Have a great time... not sure I'd go to the gay bars either!! hee hee
Response: In Chicago now Jolz and its bloody cold. Although I must've brought some ok weather as the last 2 days are the first time in 2 months that its been over 0!