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Diary Entries

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Location: Singapore

Well.... We are back in Singapore. Only for 6 hours this time while we waite for our final flight back to Adelaide. The big 12 hour one out of the way and the easy(?) 7 hour one to go.
Back to where we last chatted. We arrived in Gatwick from Cork on a low cost airline with another interesting flight. I will elaborate on this more after we arive home so our mothers dont worry too much. Anyway we made it and trained it into London. Trains are pretty good in london but, like everything else, bloody expensive. We arrived at our 89 pound (200 AUD) a night accomodation near Paddington station in London. Interestingly the most expensive and worst accomodation for the whole trip. We were stayinf=g above a very popular bar wiith windows in our room that didnt shut properly. Lucky we bought ear plugs.
Anyway we did the tower of london bridge the night we arrive. Beautiful by night with less people. By day we did 3, yes that is 3 walking tours. Really crammed in the fun. The first was old london (history) the second was royal London (You can probably guess this one) and the fibal was the Jack the ripper tour at night. Pretty grousome descriptions in that one. After all this fun we went to bed strait after.
Yesterday (I think it was, confusing with time zone changes) we had a pretty slow day. Went to the museum (Yes I know culture) and sat in the pub for a while. Ended up at Heathrow and flew out at 11pm. (running out of time so will cut this short).
Looking forward to getting back.
We are planning to post photos when we get back. If you are interested I suggest you check this site again in about a week to see some lovely shots of me (and some of Nicole)
Take it sleayest

Monday, 08 September 2008

Location: Cork, Ireland

Another humerous entry by Jason...
Last time we talked, we had arrived into Dublin. What I forgot to mention was that the car we hired is more of a shoe box with wheels rather than any substance of a car. A Nissan micra I think. Feel like such a poof driving it. Something that I could see Paul driving as it is close to a cardboard cuttout.
We went to the Guinness bewery on Sunday morning and suprisingly there were not that many people... They must have been all hung over from the night before. Pretty impressive place, although I didnt have the heart to tell them that i knew more than they did and I could brew a better beer with my eyes closed. It should have been good to for a 15 euro entrance fee.
Nicole got to try her first pint of Guinness from the brewery itself and loved it. So did I actually, something we could get used to drinking quite regularily.
After we drank some Guenniss we jumped into the car and drove to Cork. Interesting trying to get out of Dublin, with all of the one way streets. After about half an hour on the freeway Nicole and I started talking again...
Got to Cork late in the arvo and we arrived with a bit of a problem. We had no idea where our accomodation was. After driving aimlessly for a while we happen to bump into it.
Today we went to Cobh. I think they pronounce it cove.? This is the last port where the Titanic dropped anchor (ie. seen from land) before it went down. We got a pretty good tour and drank the local 'porter'. Come to think of it just about every activity on this trip has revolved around some sort of alcoholic beverage.. When in Rome (oh yeah we were).
Take it sleazyer
Jason and Nicole
P.S. Nicole with a bit of sense..
As i know this will interest my dad, the place we went to today was also were they took the survivors (and casualties) from the passenger ship Lusitania which was torpedoed by the germans in WWI

Saturday, 06 September 2008

Location: Dublin, Ireland

We made it to dublin!! After all that complaining about how hot it was in Rome it is pretty cold now. Now we know why we packed our jackets.
Last time we talked we were still in Rome. We made it to Paris and got of the plane in our shorts and t-shirts into rain and chilly weather. Nice change. We flew into an airport that is reserved for the cheapos so it was a fair distance from Paris. Bused it into the city then used the metro to get to our accomodatin. By the time we went through all this it was almost mid night. As the airport was just a runway and a tin shed we didnt eat until we made it to Paris. Near our accomodation was a McDonalds (only thing open) so we went in to grab a bite. They must have known that we were comming as their special was an Aussie burger which, when I ordered, the McDOnalds wench thought it was quite funny.
The next day we did a walking tour of Paris. Beautiful city but you already know that. In Rome ruins are like dog poo, in Paris dog poo is like dog poo, its everywhere and their is apparently 600 dog poo related injuries in Paris every year (something you have always wanted to know). After the tour we got close and personal with the arch de triumph and the awful tower with all the other tourists. Nicole was not all that impressed with the eiffel tower as it was just another thing she has seen that is big and impressive (wink wink).
That night we went on the neweurope's pub crawl. Neweurope is a company that does great tours in the major cities. Met a very funny irishman who took my 'to be sure, to be sure' jibes quite well. Made it home by about 1am in a better shape than we were when we went on the 'beer challenge' in Munich.
Next day I had a meeting with a guy related to work. His office was in the centre of Paris overlooking the main river of Paris (dont know how to spell it). I will be asking my boss to either install a river outside my office or move me to a better view.
After Nicole nearlly falling asleep we left my worky stuff to go through the Louvre. And yes we saw the sour faced cow (Mona Lisa) and some other impressive art.
Had to get up pretty early this morning for our train trip to the airport. Bloody flight was delayed and then, when we finnaly reached dublin, the bloody car rental company didnt have a car ready for us. I was about to tare them a new one. We drove into the centre of dublin to our accomodation (interesting traffic) which is at their main University college. From there I have until now smashed 2 Guinness and Nicole some local draught beer. Nicole is waiting till tomorrow when we do the Guinness tour before she tries her first Guinness beer. We travel by car to Cork tomorrow which should be a bit more relaxing compared to the hussle and bussle that we have experienced in the main cities.
Take it sleazy
Jason and Nicole

Tuesday, 02 September 2008

Location: Italy

Quick one - Rome has been, well, overwelming to put it nicely. The heat (I know we have gone on about this a bit), the sights, the ruins, the history, the people...
Ruins are more common than dog poo over here (I may have plagerised this from somewhere). We have seen all of the big touristy spots. The pantheon, Vatican city stuff, spanish steps, colesseum, roman forum and Palatine hill etc etc. Smashing loads of cash in the process as you can imagine. People here try to sell you anything on the street, in the train. When I mean sell I mean push stuff in your face and say 'you buy' a thousand times. And we have to say no a thousand times. Politeness has now deminished and if anyone approaches us we just yell 'NO' into their faces (a bit of an exaggeration). Also, their passion is very evident. A young couple on the train today were almost having sex in front of us. I nudded up and that soon douced their passion.
We went to Pompeii today, 3 hours by train each way. Very big and impressive but when you have seen big and impressive for a week (and in my case all my life) it dulls it a little.
That will do for now as Nicole is shaking her head a lot at me.
By for now, Paris tomorrow...
Jason and Nicole

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Location: Berlin then Rome, Italy

Berlin from Prague was a bit of a let down. Well anywhere from Prague would struggle. It rained pretty much on and off the whole time we were in Berlin. The walking tour was quite interesting, especially regarding the world war 2 history and then the subsequent cold war stuff. Berlin is a city on the move with construction going on everywhere. This sucked as it woke us every morning at 7am. Good to leave germany for rome. We had enough of their cleanleness and structure and punctuality… Really sucked. ;)
We flew from berlin (some budget airline port in the sticks) with easyjet. Easyjet sucks. Thats the best way I can put it but they are cheap. You get what you pay for I suppose. Nicole had a bit of a security scare when she went through a bag check with some sunscreen in her bag. Nothing that a caverty search didnt fix.
We finally arrived in an hour late after peddling the plane. An hour train ride and found our accomodation. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS air conditioning at last!!!!!
Today we have done a loop of a few sights, a bit of a quiter day a to aclimatise to the heat and get some washing done (Thats what is hapening now while I write this). We have had a fair amount of gelati already and are contemplating hunting down the shop that Bianca flagged to us next. Yum.
Will leave it there. Hope you are all well at home. We are just over half way now but more adventures to be had.
Jason and Nicole
P.S. Have uploaded SOME photos. Not many as it takes too long

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Note z is y and vice versa on this kezboard.
The beer challenge tour in Munich was verz chalenging. We picked up some "travellers" at the train station and drank them on the waz to Hofenbrau beer hall. It was quite weird drinking on public transport but it is verz much accepted in Munich. After smashing a litre of beer in the Hofenbrau beer house it started pissing rain. Funnz thin is that most of the beer hall places in munich are beer gardens. Reallz stuffed up our plans.. Anzwaz we ended up just going to random bars and smashing litres of beers. After about 4 to 5 beers I was hammered, and Nicole was ticking over quite nicelz also... Problem was that was about 4 to 5 litres of prettz strong beer, with a few jaegermisters thrown in. We met some prettz cool people on the challenge though which was good. Nicole even found someone who new some people she went to school with. Cant reallz remember getting home but the next morning we had to catch a train for Prague at 8.30am. Bit of a struggle as zou could imagine.. The next 7 hours were slightlz agonising.
We arrived into Prague main train station with no clue of where we were to go as the differences in the organisation of the Czechs compared to the Germans is verz noticable. Zou could definatelz see the change when we crossed the border into czech republic from germanz as everzthing looked not as neat and tidz.
Anzwaz we found our motel via taxi and spent the rest of the daz prettz much asleap recovering.
The next daz we got our bearings and went on an all daz tour. Prague is a spectacular citz. I stronglz recommend zou visiting this citz as it is absolutelz beautiful and much better than I remember when I was here last. Nicole loved it also and we have speant a lot of our time just wondering the streets and admiring all of the buildings. Cant saz enough as zou can probablz tell.
Last night we did the night tour which was OK, some funnz, some scarz bits but lame in all. Todaz was our cruisz daz doing a lot of sitting in ¨street cafes drinking beer. Verz nice indeed.
Tomorrow we head to Berlin bz train. Earlz start but should be good to get back to mz box head roots.
We will keep zou updated.
Bz the waz, would be great to hear from back home. Cmon leave us a message.....
Jason and Nicole

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Location: Munich, Germany

We traveled from Wiesbaden to Rothemburg by train (I mean 4 trains) which was quite easy considering. Go the german train system I say. When we arrived in Rothenburg it was quite obvious we had arrived into a tourist nightmare. You think of Hahndorf and times that by 1000 and you get Rothenburg. We were meant to stay there 3 nights but we sooned shortened that to 1 night. Great town though and the night tour by the 'night watchman' was very entertaining. The biggest dissapointement, which still plauges us till this day is the lack of pubs. There seems to be an obsession with cafe type places which is getting annoying.
The next day (21st) we took the 'romantic road' tour bus from Rothenburg to Fussen (southern germany in Bavaria). Long trip but very interesting. The views in the German alps were spectacular. We ended up in a motel in a small town near Fussen which the bus driver booked for us which was very close to King Ludwig II's castles. Cant remember or spell the names of these castles but the fairytale castle, the one disney is based on, was unbeleivable. We got to tour it first thing in the morning before the tourist buses arrived so it was fairly small and personal which was good. Yesterday we arrived in MUnich (or Munchen as the locals say) and went strait from the motel to a beer hall and sank a few litres of beer. Quite good.... Today we went on a 'free tour' (tips...) which was excelllent, although it did rain a lot. Munich has some interesting history especially relating to the formation of the Nazi party. Tonight we are going on a 'beer challenge# tour which visits several major beer halls in Munich, including Hofenbrau house. SHould smash a few beers there I suppose. Tomorrow we train it to Prague for 3 nights. SHould have a brake from pure pork and beer meals I suppose (No I dont think so......)
Jason and Nicole
P.S. Hard to upload photos here, will try in the next few days..

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Location: wiesbaden, Germany

end of the second day here in wiesbaden. was nice to get off the plane after 12 hours from singapore sitting on our asses. We were meant to have a quiet day yesterday but ended up walking about 20km around weisbaden. Quite a nice city, with plenty of street eateries and pubs. Right up Nicole and my alley (except we couldnt find a pub for lunch that was open yesterday). We also found out yesterday that the annual wine festivale finnished the day before we got here. I almost tore the place apart and demanded to be served free wine but noone here can understand me. It is fairly interesting here with the lack of english speaking of the locals. Understandable but every place I have been to previously there has been a lot more English speaking people. Serves us right for not being multiligual I suppose.
Today we spent the day cruising the Rhein river, my homeland. I told the locals that my ancesters owned this part of Germany and demanded respect but again, they didnt understand me(or ignored me). The landscape was impressive along the Rhein though. The vineyards were ridiculously steep. Got no idea how they harvest them (Katie would love to tag those bunches).
Have returned to Weisbaden by train and had tea (with more beer). Off to Rothenburg tomorrow with several train transfers. SHould be interesting, hopefully Nicole and I will still be talking tomorrow night.
Take it sleazy
Jason and Nicole

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Location: singapore, Singapore

Jason - We left Adelaide after dropping our child (Sparkles the cat) at a cattery in Magill. Nicole was not happy with leaving her child but I new the distractions of what lie ahead would soon dull the unhappyness.
At the airport we had some people seing us off. Haydn and Bianca were there to our surprise and Nicole was a bit worried that we had some stalkers on our hands with her wispering to me as they walked towards us, in a nervous voice 'what are they doing her' I quikly explained that Bianca's brother was on the same flight as us...
The flight was OK. Nicole is not the best flyer, especially when we hit some pretty rough turbulance but I dosed her up on a fair bit of alcohol that settled her nerves.
We got to Singapore and the heat and humidity slapped us in the face as we left the airport. The shuttle bus finaly got us to the motel which was quite nice. Funny thing was that the first night of our honeymoon we were in seperate beds... Dont worry we are still speaking.
We went out to the central Singapore markets for tea. Quite busy as you could imagine. Had some interesting food but seem to feel OK today. Great nights sleep so feeling good today.
Today we are in Singapore aiport waiting for our flight to Franfurt. Getting excited about sampling some genuine German beer. Managed to swing an exit row on this flight also so still havnt lost it with the ladies.... (Nicole isnt reading this as you can probably tell).
Will give another update when we make it to Germany..

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From Sheree Griff
Hi ya.... Well what a great time you are having. Are you home sick yet wanting your own bed? Well what a weekend we have had. I think we were only home to sleep. Friday night we had GWF (Phils work) black tie dinner where we were drinking Moet all night yummmm.. After the dinner at the Stamford headed to the Hyatt for more drinks. Jumped in a cab at about 2am. Had a crazy cab driver speeding and taking out the curbes. Was more fun with a lot of bubbles under the belt. Anyway when arrived home was laughing so hard jumped out of the cab and didnt realise until the next morning I left my phone in the cab. Call cab company and do not have so if you need to text us please text Phils phone until I get it all sorted. Saturday 2 kids parties - not fun with hangover. Sunday we ventured to the Adelailde Show which was great with the kids. 1st ride I took Caitlin on twas the roller coster. I dont think she new what she was in for. When she go off she was stunned, excited and when she stood back and took a good look at the ride she said mum you didn't tell me we went unside down. Good day in all sepend lots Jorja actually loved the rides however she still is scared of the clown game. Anyway must get back to work......

Response: living the high life hey? we are starting to get a bit homesick. sleeping in motels and eating out everyday for every meal soon gets boring and irritating. only 4 more sleeps till our big plane ride home
From Mum & Dad Reiny
On the news here there is a lot of rain and flooding in England, Wales and about. Are you getting rained upon?
Good to know you are having fun in Dublin. Your time is passing fast now.
We are living quietly!
I played in Horsham Tournament on Friday. We were -3 par so not so good. My cousin from Geelong came runners up in the scatch event so that was impressive.
I don't take after him, at this stage!! Keep Well Luve Mum
Response: Have fun on your trip, they are forecasting 40-60mm over the next couple of days so we did our "beach" trip today. dont know much about the floods in england only see little bits about them on the news.
From sheryll
hi guys, well i have just had my daily laugh reading jasons blurb, will miss them when you two get home. sounds like trip to dublin wasnt a big has been quite nice here, a touch of spring. went to your house yesterday, all,s well, sparkles is good and was quite friendly, think she,s missing her mum.see you sunday
Response: I dont think you should write things like that about jason he will start to think he is talented and we dont want that encouraged!!!!! I have been desparate for news on sparkles so thankyou for that, we had a theory that she will be nice to everyone and then we will get home and she will attack us. did you tidy the house? that would have been nice.
From Bri
I am so jealous - europe, warm weather - it's just not fair. Anyway it sounds like you're having a great time, so keep up the good work. Hopefully I'll see you guys when you get back and you can bore me with all the picture's you took.
Response: warm weather isnt all its cracked up to be! sweat dripping down your back is not fun! but still are having a good time anyway. im sure i will see you when i get back, however not at netball i hear!
From Mum & Dad Reiny
Tuesday here and we have had 17.5mm all up. Had a drizzle here this morning, but s'pose to fine up now. Dad came equal first in the footy tipping at Dooen, so won a bit of cash.
Have spoken to a few who have said how hot it is in Rome this time of year. It's about 16 C here at the moment. Fog this morning to.
Hope the trip is going well and you are covering lots of touristy things
Good to read all the news
Must do the vacuuming now!!!
Jack is in front of the fire
Love to you both
Response: Sounds as though the season is shaping up well. 30 baggers on the cards?
From Christine
Nicole - you became my absolutle favouritest person the other day when i discovered you had left instructions with the login and passwords to the branscan.. Was singing your praises all day. Sounds like you guys are having fun, catch up when you get back.
Response: im glad someone appreciates my throughness, yes we are having fun apart from the heat! will have to have a few morning teas to catch up on everything
From haydn
Hi Jason and nicole,

Just got back from IWGS, so reading up on your last week's activities.... It seems that we should have looked up pubs instead of gelati stores for you....
Tough to leave Germany isn't it? All that precision, everything is clean, everyone looks the same; inbreeding is good for humans too I say!

Haydn and Bianca
Response: Hope the presentation went well. Did you dazzle? Yeah the box heads are very precise... The train system is unbelievable. In rome now. F$%king hot here, not used to it. And the tourists... I suppose you know all this already. Hope the season is shaping up OK. Mum keeps telling me how dry it is but you know how farmers carry on...:)
From Mum & Dad Reiny
30th Aug. & received your text, that you are in Rome. It is just squeezing water out of the sky here at the moment, thank goodness. We hope there is much more to come cos the crops are struggling again. Dad and Andrew Saunders put two tanks into the paddocks this morning. It is about 11 degrees here today so far.
Dad is in the running to win the tippsters at Dooen Pub this weekend. Had a bad start as he missed out on the Friday night match Freo beat the Pies
Take care it is good to hear from you. Hope Rome is good fun for you,
Love Dad & Mum R
Response: We tried to send the rain in berlin your way.. You should have kept GLADIUS, it thrives under those conditions (havnt lossed my work speak yet) Rome is very warm as I have said to many people. Very very very impressinve though. The history is mind blowing. Will let you read more in the jounal update
From auntie kay
glad to see having great time and drinking lots of piss cant wait to see photos will be a real hoot enjoy love kay
Response: stopped drinking piss, now eating gelati!
From sheryll
gday nic and jase, thought id do a bit of australian just in case you are missing us. all,s well in aussie land, your wedding broke the drought there are good predictions for the farmers at the moment, been the best august for a while. what has weather been like over there? glad to see you got to berlin ok. am enjoying your blurbs so keep em coming
Response: Just worked out how to use this message function.. The drought has broken hear too. It has rained just about every day we have been on a walking tour.
From Sheree Griff
Well sounds like you are both will need to attend AA when you return home or get on a detox diet !!! We are all well here just the ususal weekly stuff. Has been still cold however has a couple of sunny days this week with 15 degrees. We watched the Varity Club cars arrive on the Parade last Saturday which the kids loved. Jorja now does not have a dummy At last !!! The dummy fairy arrived on Thursday night and took it and left her a beanie bear - which she loves. She only cryied one night for it otherwise she has not looked for it. Thank god.......... Well I will write again when I have more news.

Take Care Love
Response: The dummy fairy tok the dummy?? Where has it taken Phil to? Glad to hear everything is well in Oz. We fly to rome today
From Rhino
Well, well, well...sounds like you two are having a good time. It does however seem like you are having a fairly 'dry' trip. Why don't you smash a few more beers??!!
Response: Beer is soooo good here. Mmmm beer. We are both about over the pure beer and wurst meals. I am sure we are not drinking as much as you though. Hows the internet?
From george liakos
Hello honeymooners all the places that you have been sound very exciting and lots of fun. All is well with me but pam has finaly realised the extent of this treatment next week, on the 3rd of september is when she will start her 4 weeks in hospital.
Her spirits are still high and strong. We are both thinking of your great honey moon and hope to her all of your great adventures.

Lots of love George and Pam
Response: Glad to hear that. we are both well and are having a blast. off to rome tonight which should be good, will be nice to have something other than meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. hopefully pam can keep up to date with our travels whilst in hospital and play lots of party poker! love nicole and jason
From Mum & Dad Reiny
Good to hear about your travels. Hope you left an impression on the Hesse area. Sad they don't understand the lingo. The pics are great. Some really picturesce places. Been cool here and we are spending time with golf at Moor Park and home. Dad won 2 days, I won non. Oh well!!! The kids are having a great time with Sparkles, making a house out of cardboard boxes and playing with both cats making feed trails etc. Think both cats are being spoilt.
Catch you soon
Love to you both
Response: Germany is interesting, particulaily the differences from north to south. Berlin is very different to the rest of germany. Leave to box heads behind for rome today. Dad winning golf... now I know you are lying.