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Jason's asian trip

Welcome to Jasont's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 17 November 2005

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Ok, I now back from the Everest region & im sad to say that everest has claimed another victim, as I am so phyically, mentally, emotionally & spiritully finished.

On day one of the trek I started taking my malerial tablets for india, as it was a week before i was going to be in Varanasi. So, after a few hours into the trek the old stomach started to rumble & by the time we got to Pharding & my arse erupted & carried on & on & on, like the jet wash in Sainsbury's. Anyway, over that night I also developed a fever with aching joints & weak muscles, so this was the point where I should of learnt a lesson to stay in bed to recover & lose a day closer to everest!

However, hindsight is a wonderful thing & ever if Bibek my guide/friend was of to suggest this I would of refused & just got on with it, as I had based my whole trip around Everest & with the problems I had with my knee which stopped me going too Base Camp in the first place, there was no fu**ing way that I was not going to see it after all my efforts so far. So, I wont you to just imagine what it is like to trek up & down mountains with the shits which keep dehydrating your body, a fever & weak muscles.

Anyway, as you can see by the pictures & got there at last, but unfortunately the the cost of my phyisical, mental & emotional health. So, im sad to say after a visit to the hospital when I got to Kathmandu, I had actually been hit with a double whammy. It was bacterial poisoning which caused the diarerria & the inflammed bowel & the malerial tablets were just adding full to the fire.

When I got back from the trek all in wanted to do was just come home because I just couldnt see how I was going to attack India. As I dont know if you are aware but it is a harse place & environment at the best of times. I did think about just flying over to Goa & relaxing on the beach for 2 week, but I just dont know if my stomach is going to get right & the hygiene isnt up to any good standard.

Anyway, by the time I get back Christmas will be a nearly a month away & I have been lucky enough to avoid all the hype which starts from sept/oct. Well I say that & its stikley not true....

A few weeks ago when I was steaming round Annapurna, I bumped into 4 middle aged women who were from Lapland. They were at a teahouse having a break & drinking out of santa mugs that they bought with them. After about 30mins talking I relised that they seemed to be a bit over friendly, which in other circumstances would normally be ok. But, they were all excited when I told them where me & Bibek were next staying the night, as they were planning in staying at the Himalyan Hotel, which is a sucluded teahouse on its own in the mountain at about 3200m.

Now, it was plain for us to see what their intensions were for us when we got there!

Now as he know there's nobody better to take advantage of this situation than yours truly. But these ladies (loosely used term), were more like 6 foot 5 santas helpers on a quick holiday before their busiest time of the year. Not only that if they got ahold of Bibek & me at that altertude I think it would of killed me, especially when the day after we were going to head for the base camp.

Although, Bibek Im sure would of taken it in his stride. I can tell you a few stories about his success with the foreign traveller women, plus the nepali guys seem to have a bot of a reputation with the ladies over here.

Anyway, when we got to the tea house & we noticed that there was nobody else there, we decided to carry on another hour & a half to the next place, advert our fated destiny. We never saw them agian - thank god!

Ok well thats about it from me, unless I choose to go away in NY for a week or 2.

So, Dad make sure you dont come to the airport without the endland game!!

Vin, get my chariot clean & ready!!

And mum get the roast on Im coming home!!



Friday, 11 November 2005

Location: Nepal

Hi All,

Yes, Im back!! From my 12 day trek to Annapurna base camp, which I managed to complete in 9 days. The trek itself was a lot harder than I was lead to believe, as I have previously explained the how I managed to hurt my leg/knee in a dodgy none western toilet in china. The first day my leg was great, but by the 2nd & 3rd things went downhill rapidly. Going uphill was physically though but I found that part ease, it was the descents that were causing great problems. But by the 4th day I found that by stretching & massaging myself 3 times a day & not trying to protect the leg with the poles that it eventually went away.

The views were stunning & the nepli people were great (expect for the Maoist insurgents – will explain my later). The tea houses’ started ok then went further downhill the further up the mountain I went. To the point on the 3rd day when I was probably the last person to reach tadipani that there was no more room in the inn & has was put into Room 101 (literally), it was just a wooden box built on the side of the tea house & my guide had to sleep on the lounge table.

My guide’s name was Bibek & he was great. He's a sound guy & talked a lot about flora & fauna, culture of the nepli, & the countries history & current situation….

The current King came to power in 2001 after the previous King had their regular monthly family party. And he had paid of the security forces to kill all the family who attended the party while his family made there excuses that they were staying in Pokarra. So, 13 people were killed including the king (his brother) & their family & brother & sister. Although, his other brother’s wife was out of the county & he had her killed when she returned. There is much more to the story, but thats the brief.

The country has also had problems over the last 11 years with a minority group could the Maoists. They are communist,s & for years previous were had tried getting recognized through political talks, but were getting no where. So, they took to arms & headed to the mountains. The Everest region is well protected by army & the tourists are safe, but every where else has had problems for years with the Maoists preying on the tourists for money. They basically stop you on the mountain tracks & ask you to buy a (unofficial) permit to enter through the mountains. The cheeky f**kers then give you a receipt from ‘United Revolutionary Interim People’s Council’, saying that you willing donated to their cause.

Yes, that’s right, if anyone was going to be caught that day it was going to be me & I had to pay 1000 rupee’s 8GBP!!

When we were on our 1st day we heard through the grape vine that the army was ahead of us trying to flush them out of the mountains, so at that point I felt quit safe. Then on the 2nd night 4hrs before we got to our village, that they had caught to of them in a tea house 2 doors away from ours. Then from then on it was fine, we heard no more until we got to the my last night & my guide found out that they were in our guest house & they had taken money from some Dutch people earlier that day. (will explain full detail when im back)

Then, after an edge night we got on our way & headed for the finish & that was where we met the terrorists on the path, & they demanded the money.

Back to the trek - By day 5 we reached Deurali at 3200m & when we got to the snow covered Machepichu base camp at 3800m, I was feeling good & had no signs of altitude sickness & agreed to head up Annapurna base camp 4200m. In hindsight was not the best decision I have ever made, as I new that once you go over 3000m you are only meant to go 400m per day. But in my defense most people start getting signs a lot earlier (mild head aches, loss of appetite, weakness & feeling sleepy, vomiting & nausea).

It was about at 3900 that my energy suddenly dipped & the mild head aches started. I could see the camp & it looked a lot nearer than it was & Bibek said because the symptons had only just started it should be ok by the time we are there.

We got there at 1400 after starting out at 0900, we went straight for something to eat as I hadn’t lost my appetite (which seemed like a god sign!). Bibek, said that as I hadn’t long had the symptoms & that the head aches should pass once I acclimatize in about an hour. So, I went for a wash & went for a quick sleep to see if thinks got better. But they just got more intense, so at 1600 I made the decision to not sleep there & descend straight away because in 2 hours it would be dark & I would be stuck, & it could be fatal. So, after about 300m descent I felt right as rain, energy back & no head aches. We bypasses MBC & went straight back to Deurali which was 1000m up & 1000m down in one day, which was hard work.

Having said all that the place was stunning (see photos on my website), but I would have to say, that now I have reached those heights & it was so cold, that Im not sure whether I will trek any further past that altitude again.

After, the trek stayed in Pokhara for a few days, which a real chill, until a got thrown out of my hotel for no reason ( explain anyother day short of time). Saw some of the funniest things I have every seen....Picture this...
..Famlies cant aford car so most travel of a motobike. I was on my way back to Pokahra from my trek & we past a bike with dad driving & the 4 yr old son in front of him, them wedged between him & his wife on the back was a fully horned Ram (sheep) with its tonge hanging out. (I was from the top draw!!!)

Then, a few days later on my way white water rafting, I saw to goats standing on top of a bus tied with 4 pieces of rope - (stunning)

Anyway, after Pokhara I went 3 days rafting/camping down the Seti River for my birthday, then had 3 days safari in chitwen before arriving back in Kathmandu to plan my trek off to Everest, which I leave for tomorrow.

Then, when I get back I'll be off to India starting at Varanasi (the Ganges), then Rajistan, then possibly Goa. (subject to change). I have had to sacrife Tibet for India, as everything has gone against me to try & get there since the day I started planning (four 3 months ago). So, I had better take the hint, that somebody in the sky doesnt think I should go.

So speak to you all soon('ish)

Love Jx

Sunday, 23 October 2005

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal


Hello Jason,
Vin said its ok for you to have an extra 2 weeks off.
Hope your having a brilliant time.
Keep sending in your up dates- keep us amused!
Take Care, Vin, Jim & Ashton

-----Original Message-----
From: Jason Thornton [ m]
Sent: 23 October 2005 18:45
Subject: Trip extension


Hope everything is going well & you have landed some good contracts? I
Ros said that they are moving offices this week & I forgot to chase her
the heathrow shuttle she was looking into. Give her a call to see whats

My time is running out & my time in Nepal is going to take longer than
planning, which means i only will have a week in india. So, is it
alright if
i add a 2 weeks extension on my trip? I will be back on about the 4th

I hope youve had a chance to read my emails?

Im having great time, but it seems be flying by.

I will only have 1 more day to get your reply, than I'll be up in the
mountains for 2 weeks, so I will not be able to get on the internet or

All the best,


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