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Friday, 05 September 2008

Location: Westfield, Canada

Just a Quick post to let everyone know I'm home in one piece.

I'll get around to a wrap up post and some more pics, soon.

And to calling everyone =]

Friday, 29 August 2008

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

OK, so My airline shuts down, my visa maxes out, and the hostel I'm staying at loses power. Apparently, Odin himself is attempting to stop me from returning to Canada.

Never fear, I have a flight from London leaving sunday, and now I just have to make it a few hundred miles there, no biggie.


Excitement and intruigue at every turn =D

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Well, after a short stop over in Holland and a small fiasco at the UK border, I am finally back in Scotland awaiting my flgiht home.

Always remember, keep fresh batteries for your camera. At three points in this trip I have run out of battery power. Once cave exploring with jay in ireland. Once on the London Eye, the tallest ferris wheel in the world. and finally in Holland, where I couldnt find a store to buy batteries in =/

Anyways. that aside. It has been an amazing experience. I've seen 9 countries end to end (and quickly poked my head into austria via train). I missed Italy and Norway due to time and transportation problmes, but hey, that just means I'll have to come back !

Hope you all enjoyed reading and all the pictures that were posted. I'll probably update once more before I go home, and again after I land. Post up a few more odds and ends pictures for everyone to see. Hell knows I have enough of them on my camera =P

What I need now, is a vacation from my vacation. about 3 weeks of sleep and not drinking would be a welcome change I think =] Everyone take care !

- Rob, Official Adventurer.

P.S. Excuse all the pellign mistakes over the past 3 months. My own bad typing skills coupled with foreign keyboards of unknown design and allegience have my posting an adventure in and of itself !

Monday, 25 August 2008

Location: Berlin, Germany

Well, Berlin has been a lot of fun. Though I skipped a few of the things one might normally associate with doing in Berlin, I had an amazing time. The hostel was absolutely awesome and the people I met here were fantastic. We spent every day Going out for dinner at different places and going for drink in the evening.

The group was mainly a few blokes from England, a group of Americans traveling together, Matt from Minnesota and Thomas from New York, and a Pair of sisters from Sweden. Todd, the guy who ran the hostel in the evening was great and gave us all the best tips for places to go in the city.

If you're ever in Berlin, visit the south west quarter and go to the restaurant Kuckle-Eck. The food was authentic German cooking and some of the most delicious I've had on this trip.

We went to a Bar with Live music and dancing ( Yes, I danced, I know...) and had a lot of fun ! 5 - 1litre steins for like 7 euros ! It had a huge patio with tables and hanging vines from tent roofs outside. Was great.

Have some pictures to Post up, may do that now.

Next I'm off to Holland tomorrow, then back thought England and Scotland to Catch my flight home on the 31st. Sad that the trip is going to end, but at the same time I have plenty of stories to share with everyone back home, and I could use a rest anyways =]

Rob, Signing out

Friday, 22 August 2008

Location: Berlin, Germany

Spent the last few days wandering around berlin. The city itself is actually has a very rural feel to it, The parks and monuments are quite beautiful.

A few Pictures there of are now posted up, two new pages in all ontop of the other six from a few days ago.

Trying to figure out how to get to Norway, having some difficulty on that end =]
Talk to you soon !

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Location: Berlin, Germany

I am a Potato !

Arrived in Berlin, Germany this morning.

The hostel is really nice, and the people here are great. The city isnt that impressive, but then again, I suppose it was bombed flat not too long ago, so we'll let that slide. Going to go exploring tomorrow and see the more intruiging sights.

6 or so New photopages to look at ! Have fun !

Using a Mac to do all this on. It's kind of like indian wrestling with octopus made of butter. I'm not sure either of us are quite sure whats going on.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Location: Luzern, Switzerland

Whew, well.

It was insisted, repeatedly that I go to a party with some guys from the UK. Nicholas, Matt, and Geoff said they had a friend who lives here and he throws the best parties. Anyways, I figure, what the hell, onlz in switzerland once.

The party was....

The...Party was.....

Well, heres the PG version for the younger and more senior members of our audience:

....It was a Party.

For everyone else, forward your questions at a later date.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Alps ! or close enough too. I am so excited I can hardly spell. (no wait, thats the keyboard...and just me.)

I had to fork out $220 for a night train to berlin...on the upside, i got upgraded to 1st class sleeper because thats all the tickets they had left...for free ! The swiss are so nice =D.

The hostel in berlin has picture up load services, so it says, so look back in 2 or 3 days for 3 weeks worth of pictures =]

Anyways, Some things to do, so I'll post to you all later !

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Spent saturday in Geneva.

Gorgeous city. Lake geneva is completely surrounded by a mountain range that back drops the entire city. Every thing is so clean and every street is beautiful. I explored the city for the better part of the day, going on an excursion up the lake on the southern edge. I have some gorgeous pictures I cant wait to upload. Everyone there seems to speak atleas 3 to 4 languages. Deutch, Fernch, Italian and English. And are really friendly.

I made it to Zurich late late last night and eventually found my super expensive hostel.....60 francs a night. But it is a great place to explore from. Ive been invited to a party this evening so I think Ill attend that, and tomorrow explore the lake nearby.

Tuesday Im going to take a train to the south for the day and see the alps, stopping in lluzern and the worlds best named city, Zug.
Beautiful down town Zug.

Ill try not to fall off anything. Till next time.

Zug Zug.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Location: Paris, France

Last night was fantastic !

Myself, and 7 other Canadians (and 2 Aussies) went out on a night on the town. We spend a few hours at a Canadain pub ! in Paris ! It was called The Moose, and was exceptionally cool. After a while we wantered the city at night and came accross a carnival, with rollercoastes, rides, and lots of games and delicious food.

Got a few great puctures and had a blast.

Going on a Pub crawl tonight, because what I need is more booze, just like I need a Volks wagon to fall on me in my sleep...

Anyways, Having problems with my plan to go to switzerland, geneva has nowhere left in the city to sleep, and I for the life of me cannot book a ticket to zurich online. You can't do it ! It can't be done. All they'll do is fricken MAIL it to you. It's retarded.

I'm going to book a few nights in Zurich and just try to work my way there, hopefully, something will pop up.

Tally Ho !

Monday, 11 August 2008

Location: Paris, France

A few new Pages of Pictures for you all !

In Paris, for another 4 days. From there the battle plan is Geneva and Zurich for a few days. up to Berlin for 4 days, through holland and Belgium, spend a few in Norway, then start working my way back to fly home. !

Trips wraping up a little faster than planned, but these things happen, some places are More expensive than you would think =]

Hope everyone out there is well, and Don''t worry, even if it's cut short 30 days, I'm still havign the best trip Evah !


Monday, 11 August 2008

Location: Paris, France

*pant* *pant* *pant*

Made it ! Hostel in Paris at last !

Ok, fist things first. One of the most hilarious things happened to me trying to find this hostel. Now I'm sure to someone not of my stature it may have been frightening, or at the very least creepy. Fortuneately, being a giant, it fell squarely into the "Try, not, to laugh" category.

After Wandering around Paris for 3 Hours trying to find this hostel, I'm approached on the street, at 1:30 am, by a man. Not just you're average run of the mill man, but a Shirtless, Semi-Drunk, Gold chain wearing, head shaven, Fanny back wearing man.

This man, who eventually introduced himself as Abdoiran, really, really wanted to talk to me, he may have needed to talk to anyone, or anything, but he saw me, and decided " Abdoiran, you are going to talk to THAT MAN, right there"

Now, Abdoiran speaks zero english, I attempt to get accross that my french is really bad, and I can hardly understand him. I have no idea what he's saying, but I do catch some things.

This is what I managed to figure out:

Abdoiran speaks french, but he isnt from france, he is from Morocco, and when he comes to france, he sleeps on the subway.

Thats pretty much it. But he keeps going, and going. He reaching into a trash can, pulls out some paper, and starts writing number son it for me, not phone numbers, or addresses, just numbers. He talks like an english tourist. By way of that I mean, to make you understand, he just talks slower and louder. and points at himself.

I eventually get across to him that I'm looking for a hastel, at which point he takes his shirt form around his waist, and runs into the street, flagging down cars, and asking drivers where the place is I'm tring to find, and tells me, Go Right ! Go Right ! only more frencher. And says goodbye and runs off into an alley way after giving me a pat on the back.


The French are so friendly, well, the moraccan ones anyways =P

Saturday, 09 August 2008

Location: London, England

Greetings and Salutation !

In London once again, with some Brand new pages of pictures for you all !

Stonehenge was awesome, The place radiates more power than a hydro-electric dam.

I've booked a ticket to Paris for tomorrow, We'll see how well my bad Canadian-French holds out =]

Hope you're all having a good summer, Looks like I'll be back early september, I still go out too much for my bank account to handle =] Oh well, c'est la vie !

Tuesday, 05 August 2008

Location: London, England

Greetings From London !

Here I go again on my own,
going down the only road I've ever know.
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone.......

London is HUGE. and Directions to hostels are POOR !
Was a little lost, turns out Swiss cottage is not a street name, but an entire section of city. Thanks however to the marvels of modern technology, I am arrived.

Tomorrow will be a little sight seeing I think.

I'll keep you all updated.

Miss you all !

Monday, 04 August 2008

Location: Ireland

Sorry it's been so long since an update !

I'll try to toss up some pictures this evening.

Alright, so whats new to report...

Tomorrow, I'm London bound ! We're heading on a train to london to drop Jay at the airport so he can catch his flight home. Turns out his trip is over a bit (lot) sooner than expected due to, well, being broke.

I however Am going to spend a few days taking in London and am then off to stonehenge ! From there, it May be Liverpool, or Warwick, or Dover and Paris, Havent decided yet !

Seems I too will be heading sooner than I thought homeward. As, while tallying my budget for this trip, i neglected, ie forgot, to include a DRINKS budget......oops

I party harder than my bank account likes =/

Never the less, I still have a while to go, and fully plan on seeing Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Norway befor making my triumphand and poor return.

Hope everyone reading this is well, something may eventually happy on this page more exciting in the next few days

.....I bought a dozen books o.O

- Rob

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Spent today at the Guinness Storehouse !

It was fairly awesome tastic, Free Guiness at the end !
There was a tour of their rather large fascilities and all sorts of nifty things. I'll toss up some pictures in the next fe days =]

Dublin has been great, fantastic city, great scene.

Later for now - Rob

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Ich bin ein Dubliner !

Two, count em' TWO new picture pages.

We just rolled into dublin a few minutes ago. The hostel we're staying at is great, free games, free internet, free breakfast.

We met a girl named melissa on the bus to Blarney castle, who was from, you guessed it, Canada, just like everyone else we meet thats not from Austalia. She was from Calgary visiting ireland for a fictional writing seminar. So we spent the day with her and explored the castle gardens. Lots of fun.

We stopped off in Kilkenny and visited the castle, home of the Butlers !

Not as cool as some of the other castles we've seen, but thats my opinion. Jay likes the fully restored decorated castles, where as I prefer the busted-ass ruins of castles. =D ah Well.

Anyways, we're off to the Guiness store house and gravity Bar tomorrow, to drink all afternoon, and take a night boat, the crime solving boat, to Isle of Mann !

Choo Choo !

Rob Out !

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Location: Cork, Ireland


Check em out everyone =] Just a fraction fo what we have, but some good shots, and some bad ones =]

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Location: Enniskillen, Ireland

Woot ! Go Subterranean nautical cave spelunking !

So, the other day we went to visit the Marble Arch caves outside Enniskillen. The caves are about 50 meters underground and stretch for about 4 kilometers. We went on a 1 kilometer tour which included a boat section through an ancient underground river system. Lots of pictures, if I can find a freakin' place to upload em. It was really cool and makes me want to get a wetsuit, some rope and my headlamp and have at er'.

Enniskillen is a pretty rocking place for a rural town. The country side is gorgeous and the people are really friendly. There was a rock concert in the hostel the other night, local bands, but not half bad !

Anyways, Today we're off to Cork. going to hop a Bus down and save out legs =D

Time to check out Blarney Castle =]

Monday, 21 July 2008

Location: Omagh, Ireland

Internet Ho !

It's been a long time since we've been anywheres with access to post online. So this one will have a lot of catching up to do! Almost a week ago we left Glasgow, where we spent a few days visiting my new friend Anne from Hull. We went to the most awesome candy shop ever, It was the pinkest, 4 storyiest candy shop I've ever seen. We also caught a movie at the worlds tallest theatre, which was pretty nifty.

The next day we set of for Troon, our last port of call in scotland, which was an all day, all up hill bike trip away. The ferry ride from troon was pretty cool, it was a giant catamaran, about 6 stories tall, and went about 4 times faster than the orkney ferry went.

Landing in ireland we set off along the coast to the north. the scenery was incredible, the road wound around mountains right agaist the sea the entire way. A few days of cucling and we made a stop at the Giants Causeway, a really unique natural attraction. All the rocks along the shore are honeycomb shaped pillars jutting out of the sea. We have a ton of pictures and hopefully we'll find a place to upload them soon.

We spent a day in port stewart and went to Dunluce castle and their fummer fair was on, so we got to explore for free and see some nifty festival esque things. On the way back, we spent a few hours at a gorgeous beach, cave exploring and relaxing in the water, which was still warmer than the bay of fundy.....

Up next will be a subterranean boat trip through the underground marble caves near Enniskillen. Hopefully we'll get a chance to post again soon, and update some picturepages....picture up your picture pages, time to let bill cosby do a picture page with you !

- Rob

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Back in Glasgow.

We spent a day in Inverness again on the way back from the Isles, Saw Paul and went out for another night on the town. Met a girl from Hull oddly enough, had a great time telling storys and sharing drinks.

The next day we set off for the isle of Skye, Which was a gorgeous place, we spent a night on the shoreline inside a giant mountain ring. It was an incredible place.

We set peddle back for Glasgow and who do we run into ? Our friend from Hull ! SO tonight it's out for a few drinks and food.

Ireland bound tomorrow !

Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Location: Around !, Scotland

New Picture pages !

Rob here. Just returned from the Orkneys where we say the mini version of scotlands stone henge. Theres a larger stone ring in the far north, that was once comprised of 60 stones !

We saw Patrick Stewarts house....the Earl, not the Captain sadly. and had an amzing time.

Theres some shots of Inverness up and a Haunted Castle we stayed in.

Yes thats right, the hostel was a castle !

Still looking around for a place to get a day.

We'll do a longer update ater the Isle of Skye.#

Until then, don't cross the streams

Tuesday, 08 July 2008

Location: UK

Greetings from Kirkwall !

Jay is making a longer post today, So I'll keep mine short.

There are two new photo pages up for everyone to check out. And enough pictures on the camera for 2 or 3 more once I actually have time to upload them all.

We stayed in a haunted castle, which was an experience.

Anyways, look for more updates soon !

Engage !

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From Wayne
Welcome home, hope your time was as amazing as it sounds.When you get rest up have a beer for me lol!
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Can't wait til you get home and regale us with stories!

Have fun your last couple days abroad, bb

Response: Aye aye captain !
From Uncle Leo
Hey Rob!
Sorry I took so long leaving you
a message.The pictures are
amazing.I wish I had the ambition to do what you've have done.Looks like fun. See
you when you get back.
Response: hey Uncle Leo ! hey, a little free time and a bit of cash and anyone can go on an adventure here =] round trip ticket was only $650 to scotland ! Thanks for dropping by, glad you liked the pictures =]
From Dad
according to their website ticket sales are not available for the bus from halifax airport to sj will get further info and let you know asap keep havin' fun!
Response: wooo more good news !
From Derrick
Hey Rob, how was Paris? Did you find le ours dans la biblioteque? This is of VITAL importance.
Response: Hehe hey man ! I infact did end up telling someone I was the Bear in the library. The look on their face was priceless.

Paris was great, the people are friendly and theres so much to see. Good to hear from you man !
From jake (cals bro)
wow thats some trip, glad to c ur finally gettin to do it. just checked out all the pic and read half ur blogs.
well good luck witht the rest or ur trip. and ill proly be readin ur blog
Response: Hey Jake, thanks for droppin by.

Hope you liked my shoddy photography.
From Elenaaa
Robbbb I miss youuuuuuu. But I am greatly enjoying reading about your adventures!

ilu big bro
be safe, don't get the herps.
Response: Haha awwww I miss you too little miss. Glad you're enjoying the pictures and entries !
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Thought you could keep me out of the loop could you? Hmmmm? Well, I've found you! Muhahahahah!
Response: Haha Joe man !

Did I forget to give you my journal address ? damn, sorry duder.

I'll see you soon though, take care man, and feel free to poke around the site.
From Tazz
Hey Rob,

I absolutely love the pics, Makes it feel like we are right there with you.
Keep having fun!!
Response: Yes ma'am ¨!

it's an adventure trying to upload them in some countries =D

Hope you're all doing well !
From dad
seems to be alot of rail service esp. in switz. saw some pics of interlaken and area amazing scenery might be worth a couple of days if geneva doesn't work out good luck with transport keep your stick on the ice
Response: Im sure it will work out, been trying to find gifts for the family, just little things, hevtn found anyhting for you yet dad, but I do have a few books I think youll enjoy;
From dad
3 hostels in zurich 3 lucerne 5 interlaken if the option appeals circus hostel in berlin has top reviews circus II if you want dorm instead of private circus is private room hopefully geneva will open up a spot have fun and take care keep up the posts and pics
Response: Got q hostel booked in zurich for 3 days. now just have to get there =D
From Andrea B.
Got London post card. Thanks! :D

I got your msgs from 4 am. :|

Hope your weather is nicer than what we have been getting in Ottawa. :|
Response: My pleasure miss =]
From Dad
grats quest completed get some pics at the louvre and visit the left bank and get some pics if you have time enjoy paris i think those 5 digit numbers may help with directions ??????? take care
Response: Will do, Saw Notre Dame today and plan on the Eiffle tower and the Louvre tomorrow. I've got till friday here, so plenty of time, then off to Geneva
From Voom
Hey dude!

That was really funny. It's never a complete day without a shirtless man to guide your way. lawl
Response: lawls =D
From Wayne
Hope you are enjoying your trip and having the time of your life.This is a once in a lifetime trip so I wish you all the best and come home safely!!
Response: Thanks Wayne !

With a little luck, it may be a twice or thrice in a lifetime trip =]
From Andrea B.
Gots me third post card! Thanks!
Response: *smiles*
From JAy
Yo rob! Keep up the good work not getting killed! Turns out I had to spend 24 hours at the airport because my flight was delayed about 7 hours. But I'm back now, all your books and such intact. Dont' forget to take some pictures I can photoshop myself into!
Response: Aye aye captain !

Still alive no doubt, hopping a bus to stonehenge here in an hour or 2 from Salisbury. Plenty of pics as soon as I can find a new cable.
From Josie
Take it all in, these will be the stories your children and grandchildren will ponder with wonderment :)
Response: Looky here shunny, when I was your age, I walked to scotland ! up hill, Both ways !
From dad
check in input need more input and pics take care
Response: New Post up ! Pics to follow soon, hopefully
From Voth
Yup, it has for the most part. We need some adventure to come this way :D
Response: Road Trip !
From Voth
Rockin' Awesome stuff! :D. Stay away from bad horror movie Scenarios! :O Next time your back this way we gotta get together.
Response: Voth, Dude !

I'll have to make my way to the Chi sometimes.

Hope everythings been good with you man.
From Troy 'the Bert' Hebe
Hey guys!

Just checked the pics, totally awesome. When do you boys think you'll be returning to north america?

I'm looking at maybe moving my trip back to new brunswick into late septemeber instead of mid October.

hit me back with your educated guess on your progress and return time ^_^

keep up the good work boys

Response: Jay will be heading home a lot earlier than expected, I'm planning on continuing on my own, but the way I seem to party and spend, I may well too be home a bit earlier than expected =]

cest la vie , the rockinest flame burns awesomest !
From Therese
Looks like you are having an awesome time... im jealous!!! Hope all is well, Drink lots and be merry!!! hahaha

Have a good one


Kris and myself miss ya!
Response: Taz !

Hehe yeah, having an awesome time, off to another new country in a few days =]

Miss ya =]
From Mom W
I picked up the first 81 pictures you posted and then got home to find your new pictures. Look great. Was talking to a man at work and he said the Blarney Stone is on the second level of the castle. Many people at work green with envy.
Response: Hehe Just went today, Hope everyone enjoys the pictures =]
Have you found a Maserati made of panzerati yet?? OOOooooooo NNOoooooooo
Nice picks You may be having to much fun. I will have to make sure to get alote of fun from rome. Or I will look like a pansi.
Keep to it dudder alote of people from work say hi only one wanted the site. weird.
And Lee is gone yea hip hip hip hopapotomus.
Nothing Er A bad ever happends to the Kennedy's
Response: Haha, Hey Kris, Yeah having a great time, Have done so many cool things, even just this week alone =]

Take care man