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Welcome to Jayne's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read, along with pictures. Please leave a comment for me. I will reply to them! If it is private, send me a normal email. Please keep in contact

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 09 April 2008

Location: Thailand

I did the cookery class with the worst hangover in the world! It was great though. Have got the boat today to Phi Phi,where the beach was filmed and James Bond. We are going snorkelling tomorrow which should be good. Am home on Tuesday!!!!!

Monday, 07 April 2008

Location: Thailand

Getting used to Thailand has been a bit difficult! There are no flushes on any of the toilets, you have to throw water down the toilet from a bucket!!! The food hasn't taken anytime to get used to though.

I got the night boat to Suratthani and was ok. It had about 100 mattresses all laid out together and you got allocated a number to lay in that space. You literally were face to face with the person next to you, although if you got it right you would all end up spooning!!!! I ended up next to a man from Denmark and his breath stunk!!! The boat arrived at 5am and then got a bus to Kho So National Park, which arrived at 9am, so was travelling for about 14hours.

Kho Sok is in the rainforest and our accommodation was treehouse style. We had to get used to hearing all the jungle noises all night!! We had loads of lizards and frogs in the room!!.

On the first day in Kho Sok we went on an elephant trek and our elephant ran off up the rainforest trumpeting at first and the guide chased after us!!! We trekked through the rainforest to a waterfall where they washed down the elephants. We went through streams and creeks and was great though very uncomfortable on the seats. The guide then let me get off the seat and ride bareback!! Was difficult at first, but once i got my legs under the elephants ears to stay on, it was good.

The next day we went on a lake tour. We got in the back of a pickup truck for 60miles into the national park. Once there they picked us up on a long tail boat to go to the floating village. It was a restaurant and huts floating on rafts in the water. Had an amazing lunch and then I swam in the water. After that we did a short trek, which took us to the bamboo raft with an engine on the back and to some caves. Whilst trekking they made us check that no leeches had attached themselves to us!!

When we were on the raft we saw wild boar, loads of different birds and 2 wild monkeys. Was great but a long day.

We are now on an island called Ko Lanta and I am booked in to do a thai cookery course tomorrow!!! I will let you know how that goes.
See new pictures.

Thursday, 03 April 2008

Location: Thailand

I am now in Thailand!!! We flew to Singapore and slept on the floor of the airport and caught a flight to Bangkok. Once arriving in Bangkok we got a taxi to Ko san road, which is the famous backpackers street!! It was an hour away from the airport and cost 4pounds! Bangkok was scary at first as so busy, but by the evening I loved it. Had dinner and beers for 3pounds!!

We stayed in Bangkok for a night and then got a coach, which took 7hrs and then a boat which took 1hr 30mins to Koh Tao.

It is abolutely amazing here! Just like paradise. Had dinner in a restaurant on stilts in the water and sat on the floor on mats and tables to eat our dinner. I had noodles, sweet and sour pork, a beer, a coke and 2 glasses of wine all for 4.50GBP!

Had a massage yest for an hour and it was great althought the lady made me strip off!!!! It was funny.

Heading to Khoa Sok National Park on the overnight boat tomorrow. Pictures will follow soon.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Location: Australia

Since last time I made an entry on here, we did the quad bikimg. Was really good and we were going 45mph up sand dunes and everything. We then all went back and did a little snorkelling, but the weather was just so hot. Our last night in Coral bay loads of us went to the beach for sunset and had a few drinks.

Then on Fri it was time to carry on with our tour to Perth, so the easy rider bus picked us up at 8.15am. It was awful. It was 40 degrees and the air coditioning was over heating the clapped out minibus so we couldn't have it on! We had the windows open, but it was like having the heat on full blast in your face coming from the air vent in your car. We were in this condition or 11 hours!!!! The next day was much the same, but we had the air con on a bit more. Made some good friends on the bus as there was only 5 of us. We stopped in Denham that night after travelling another 11 hours that day! At the hostel we stayed in that night the air con was broken and I nearly cried! We got moved to a cooler room. They had an orphan Joey at the hostel that I had to carry around in it's pouch!

The next day the weather was cooler. We went to Monkey Mia at 7am and saw the dolphins. Then we drove on to Shell beach, which as described, is completely made from shells. We went to various look outs and then ended the day in Kalbarri. We were on the bus for 12 hours!!! That night we went to a place called Finlay's shed for dinner. It literally was a shed where they did BBQ fish. It was great we all bought our own goon and the chef was on the microphone!!!! Was the dtrangest place I have ever been, but was packed!

On our last day we stopped at other various lookouts and had champagne to celebrate our herendous driving being over once we arrived in perth 12hrs later!

We have stayed at a relatives on Abi's in Perth. We have been to visit some of her family and they took us to a plce called Bunbary.

Looking forward to flying to Thailand on Monday.

See new pitures (Travelling 18, 19 and 20).

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Location: Australia

Yesterday i went on the boat trip. It was a struggle getting up for 8am!!! There was 4 of us from our dorm that went. it was so hot and really beautiful. The spotter plane spotted a manta ray and we snorkelled with it. It was 4metres wide, but they can get up to 7 metres. It was really graceful. We then went snorkelling in a couple of different areas and I saw a white tipped reef shark that was about 2 metres long! We saw a dugong as well, which is like a dolphin, but has like a trunk!! very strange. They say it is from the elephant family. We got back about 3.30pm and all of us fell asleep!! It really took it out of us, doing nothing! It isn't easy to sleep in the afternoon when you have 10 people in a dorm with you.

Tomorrow there are 7 of us that may do a quad bike tour. I bet the first thing my mum has said is oh no, not like Ozzy Osbourne!! and you guys at work I am sure can imagine my impression of my mum saying it!

Pictures will be uploaded soon when I get to a decent computer.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Location: Australia

Well the bus journey overnight was horrible as the air conditioning was on so high and the bus driver wouldn't turn it down. We had to get of the bus at 1.15am and change buses and the second one was warmer.

We are in Coral Bay now until friday and it is beautiful. Just like Fiji, but with electrcity!! I have met some really nice people here. Have been snorkelling and saw a turtle and a sting ray and they were all in the shallow waters. I then layed down for a sunbath and thought my snorkel kept touching my leg and when I looked down there was a big snake going round my leg!!! I screamed and jumped back and it went into the attack position and luckily decided not to attack me. We moved to a different section of the beach and a big spider ran across the back of my hand so I gave up! I asked the lady at reception and described the snake to her and she said it was the most dangerous one here!!!

Tomorrow there are a few of us from my dorm going on a snorkelling trip to see the Manta Rays so looking forward to that. Will put the photos on soon.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Location: Australia

Well it really has been hectic since I last wrote! We were picked up at 6am for the great ocean road. It was really nice weather and saw the 12 apposles and wild Koalas. saw different beaches and just the costal road.

Then the next day we got a plane at 6am to Alice springs, Which was really hot. Was 37 degrees. Quite a frightening place and full of aboriginals. The place was just so dry an dusty. The next day we were picked up at 5.55am to do an Ayres rock tour. That was great and saw all the rock and the different stories behind it and then we watched the sunset over it with champagne. We got dropped off back at our accommodation at 1am. So it was a 19hour day!!!! Then the people in our dorm got up at 4.30am and woke us up!!!

Since then we have caught 2 flights at 7am! one to Perth and then from Perth to Karratha. I am in Karratha at the moment and is 41 degrees!!! Just too hot. What makes it worse is that in the dorm I am staying in you have to put a dollar in the air conditioning unit every hour to keep it going!!!!

Tonight I get an overnight bus at 7.30pm and arrive in Exmouth at 5am! We then get on a tour at 6.30am, which is really cutting it fine. The tour takes us to Perth in 3 days, but you get on and off when and wherever you want to. We are only going to be on the bus 2 hours and staying at a place called Coral Bay for a week, which will be nice to relax. People have said it is amazing and just like paradise. Sounds good to me !! (see new pictures).

Saturday, 08 March 2008

Location: Australia

Since I last posted on here we have travelled by the greyhound down the coast to Melbourne. We stopped and stayed a night in Canberra just to say I have been, but wasn't anything to write home about, so I wont! We then stayed in a room above a pub in a tiny village called Albury for a night just to break up the travelling. The curtain was hanging off the wall and it was like a prison cell. I did wonder why it was so cheap!

We are now in Melbourne. It is going to be 37 degrees on Monday! It is 32 today. Our first night at this hostel was a nightmare! We were put in separate dorms for the first night. I was sharing with 9 men and it was a pig sty and the bathroom was awful. We thought we would go down to the bar as it was our first night and free champagne for the ladies. Anyway i would say it was an average age of 18 and we felt really old, watching these young girls, dressed up to the nines staggering around the dance floor at 10pm! while we stood in the corner watching, thinking I was 10 when this song came out!!! We went in our dorms and it went from bad to worse. We could hear the vibrations from the bar and every single word of every single song until 2am. The people in my dorm were in and out every hour! The people in Abi's dorm had female guests and kept Abi up all night (use your imagination)! We complained and got moved up to the second floor and are in with all girls of a similar age now, so all good.

Last night we went to a neighbours bingo night!!! was actually really good. Saw Libby sing and met some of the stars. When of the actors came over and said would we like a picture and I said yes please and passed him the camera to take a picture of Abi and I!!!! he didn't know what to say!! Was drinking wine all night, so as you can imagine, when the alarm went off this morning and I was still in my clothes from the night before and I had to get the coach to go to the Neighbours set and Ramsay Street, I wasn't too impressed!!!

The Neighbours tour was really good and we went to Ramsay Street and to the set. The street is a real street and is not called Ramsay street. The people who live in the houses have a contract with the film company.

I am meeting up with some friends that I know from Byron Bay and Sydney tonight. Doing the Great Ocean Road tour tomorrow and then flying to Alice Springs Monday, so it is all go. I will keep you updated. (See new pictures).

Sunday, 02 March 2008

Location: Australia

We went to Kate's parents farm in Blaney and stayed there for a couple of days. We rode the quad bikes around the farm herding the cattle and feeding the bulls. We also went with Philip (Kate's Dad) and collected some sheep and took them to the market! I loved it. They then dropped us at the Blue Mountains, but the weather was so bad that we couldn't see anything so caught the train home. Apparently this has been the worst summer since 1962!

Well I am leaving Sydney tomorrow. Have had a great time here. Went to see a pre mardi gras show at the Sydney Opera House and then went to a bar. We queued and hour to get in, but it was worth it and we didn't get home until 4am!

yesterday was the 30th Anniversary of Mardi Gras and was great. The parade went on for 3hours with fireworks and everything. I have never seen so many people in one place before. I met up with Valdie (my friend from Chelmsford) and a few girls i met in Byron Bay. Today am thinking that I am getting too old for this drinking 2 days in a row and late nights business!! (see new photos).

Monday, 25 February 2008

Location: Australia

Well, we are still in Sydney. We went to the Sky Tower in Sydney that turns 360degrees over the city and had dinner. I had some oysters to start and roast kangaroo for main. It was quite rare but just tasted like burnt steak! the views were great though and it was at sunset.

We headed in to Sydney yesterday as the QE2 had docked there and it was on it's last voyage before being made into a hotel in Bali. The boat called the Queen Victoria who is taking the place of the QE2 and was on it's first voyage was also there and they crossed pathways in the sea when they left. Loads of people there to see it.

Have been to Palm Beach where they film Home and Away, and laid on the beach for they day. Have also been to Bondi Beach. We have been getting so much public transport, but has not been to bad and we know all the bus routes and times in our heads!

Went out to a bar last night and was really good, except took 2hrs to get to the area we wanted to and 2hrs to get back, so got in at 3.30am!
See new photos.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Location: Australia

We headed to Port Macquarie, where there a Koala hospital and is the only one that specialises in just Koalas all of the world. We cycled there in the mid day heat, but it wasn't too bad! When we were at the hospital a Koala was brought in dehydrated and confused. They gave it some fluids and put it in ITU. There are permanent Koalas that live there, that are blind or have bad arthritis. Was really good.

We then got up at 5am to get the greyhound and an hr and 30mins bus journey to Port Stephens! It was great there and we stayed in dorm type cabins, with a wild kangaroo that lives there, a wild Koala and chickens! The chicken even got on my bed! We got a lift to the sand dunes and went sand boarding, which is good, but not when you have to run back up the sand dune in 30degree heat, to board back down.

We then got the local bus, the greyhound, the train, the fairy and another bus to get to Kate's family's house in North Curl Curl. When we finally arrived, we had to lug our backpacks up the steepest hill ever! Was great to have a bath though! The next day we went into Sydney and saw the opera house, the sydney harbour bridge and darling harbour. I met up with my friend Valdie, who I know from Chelmsford for a few drinks. He now lives here. We then met some people we met in New Zealand and had dinner with them in China town. We will be going into Sydney a few times.

New photos on travelling 13 and 14.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Location: Australia

Well we left Brisbane and got the bus to Surfers Paradise and it rained as usual! We went to the water park in the rain!!! After 2days we got the bus to Byron Bay, which is where I am now. I went out last night with some people I met and got in at about 3am and Abi wasn't happy as I woke her up so she would get in the top bunk and i could get in the bottom. I was frightened of being drunk and falling out! x

Saturday, 09 February 2008

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Sorry I haven't been on for a while, but the site has had problems. Since I last went on here, we managed to do the Whitsundays boat trip, which was really nice. We went to Fraser Island and saw a wild Dingo, Went through a rainforest and drove in a 4x4 throught the place and all over the beach. Lucy was sick within the first 20mins!! It was lovely, but poured with rain.

ince then we travelled down to Mooloolaba and stayed at a friend's parents holiday home and it was beautiful. We went to Steve Irwin's zoo and it was great. The best day ever. I fed the Kangaroos and held a Kaola and watched the famous crock show. Was fantastic.

No in Brisbane and Lucy and Alex went home this morning, so we are back to staying in a dorm and doing it rough!! It is so hot here. (see new pics, travelling 11 and 12)

Thursday, 31 January 2008

Well we have arrived in Australia!!! The first day we stayed in cairns and it was about 36 degrees and too hot and it hasn't stopped pouring down with rain since!!!

I went snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef and swam with a turtle and it was great. There is a huge fish that is a meter long that everyone knows called Wally! He swam up to me and let me stroke him a few times (Photos to follow).

Then headed down and got a ferry to magnetic island, but weather not so great. Was about 33 degrees, but either raining or really cloudy. We walked down to the local spot where the wallabies hang out, and fed them. They fed out of my hand and had babies in their pouches (Photos to follow).

There are so many parrots flaying around and at night, there are huge bats flying everywhere. On Magnetic Island we walked up to where the largest colony on Koalas live and saw none in the trees!!! There were death Adders to look out for though!!!

We are now in Airlie Beach and had to cancel our Witsundays boat trip as weather so bad. Apparantly Queensland has an average of 320 fantastic days of weather a year. Are you suprised I am here when it is awful weather!!!

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From annie
Hi Jayne,
Thailand looks bloody wonderful. You are so lucky. Make the most of your last days. You will have so many happt memories. Can't wait to see you when you get back. Take care. Love you lots
Annie xxx
Response: It is great here and i will come back another time. I will def be round when I get back xxx
From les
Can't wait to see you! Have safe journey home xxxxx
Response: I have missed you so much and can't wait to see you xxx
From jo
is it just me or have your boobs grown? gemma agrees.
Response: Oh my god, everyone has said that, but I think it is because I have put on so much weight! Talking of putting on weight how is your bump? x
From sunshine luvvies
Hello Jayne, wish we could be with you, everything looks fab. On the ward stuffing our faces with Easter eggs. Can't wait to have you home again and hear you tellings us all your funny tales of your adventures!
Our love to you and Abi, take care
Sarah.R. Ros, Teresa, Jenny and Hannah xxxxxxxx
From claire
princess i love your diary enteries but the part about the snake and spider doesnt make being apart u to scare everyone. only five more weeks and ur picking me up....yipee!! love you xxx
Response: I have to write the truth about what happens otherwise I may forget!!! 5 weeks and counting. Love you xxx
From annie
jayne fancy writing about the snake being that dangerous. you know what your mum is like. lol
Annie xxx
From Sylvie & Mike
Hi Jayne & Abbi
Hear you've not been receiving anything from us so here goes again. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I bet the episode with the snake got the old "rasberry tart" going a bit. Mind you I tend to think that Aussies rather enjoy frightening Poms with stories of deadly reptiles and anti-social arachnids. Brilliant piccies. Lots of love Sylvie & Mike
Response: It was really scary!
From Annie
Ok love you and Claire will be very welcome. See you both soon. Love Annie xxx
Response: I can't wait for Bobby's roast xxx
From Annie
Hi Jayne spoke to mum yesterday and she said you were comming home soon. Can't wait to see you and yes you do look really brown the brownest i've seen you look in years. Enjoy the rest of your stay and look forward to seeing you in April. Love you lots. Annie and Bobby xxxx
Response: I have never been so brown. I will come around when i get back and tell Bobby I will have roast beef. Will bring my girlfriend Claire too, so make sure he does extra spuds!!!!!xxxx
From Gail
Hi! I love reading about all your adventures, it all sounds fab! You do look really brown and chilled! We however are not chilled we are chilly as it's not 30 degrees here! never mind off to Florida in 3 weeks! I've got to work tonight and I've got a shocking hangover, good night out though! The selfish part of me wants you to come home early but you should try to go to Thailand if you can, it's great! Miss you, love to you both, Gail xx
Response: I will be going for a couple of weeks, thats all. Cant wait to see u and catch up x
From Katy
Gooday!! How are you both?
You both still look like you are having an amazing time!
Shame about the weather! (your feet look very brown jayne)
It's cold and very windy here at the moment with talk of snow!!
They released some of the line-up for the "v festival" today with more bands to be announced soon!- it looks ok though!
Take Care, Miss you, x x x x
Response: I know, I heard it was the Verve!!! They are my all time favourite. Hopefully i will get tickeys on ebay as will be out before i get home. It is really hot here today, something like 33 degrees. I am used to the heat though. Miss u loadsx
From Jan
Hi Jayne and Abbi , Thanks for your postcard. Left message before but dont think it was on here. Everything sounds and looks wonderful. You all look lovely and healthy (I like the brown feet) Miss you, and take care. Looking forward to hearing all your stories when you come back. Loadsa luv, xxxxxxxx
Response: I can't believe you have only just received the postcard!! I sent that 2months ago. Miss you all lots too.
From mum
Phoptos are lovely and I've never seen you look so brown.
Really missing you more and more.

Uncle Mike and Auntie Sylv came in on Saturday and they say they have been leaving messages but did you receive them.?
Response: I haven't received any! x
From Les
Hi Jayne, Just got back from ski-ing so have read all your stuff, still jealous and still missing you! Ski-ing was great, boys are brilliant now, really fast and doing jumps we can't keep up with them. Georgie has to wear glasses, wait til you see him their really trendy, he looks so cool, mind you he cleans them so much with the cloth i think he's going to wear the lenses away.....bit of a novelty i think! Well take care of yourself thinking of you loads, lots of love to you both. Les xxxx
Response: Oh bless him. I am glad u had a good time. Really missing home now. Love you x
From Annie
Hi Jayne glad to see you back.I have been looking most days.Those new photo's look wonderful and you look so happy. Don't you worry about us back here freezing our nuts off. lol. Stay safe and if you do come home early the roast will be ready and waiting.Love you lots. Take care. Annie xxxxx
From Lyn
Hi Jayne, heard you may be coming home early but i shouldn't worry too much about what Jens saying thats being at home all day does that sort of thing to you tends to let you make up stories, thing is if your coming home early then i'd warn your Mum in plenty of time as she had to let your room out, but don't worry there's only 2 family's in there at the moment and the smell of spices will soon clear with the windows opened when she gets the nails out, and don't worry about your car, that will also be ok by the time you get back, you wont even notice then dents in it and i'm sure michael will be able to get another bumper to match, and Lucy said who is Auntie Jayne and will she be home for my first day at school in a few weeks time. looks like you've had a lovely time, but enoughs enough now, see you soon, Love Lyn xx
Response: Yeah i am trying to decide whether to maybe borrow money for Thailand or come home, i am not sure yet. Glad all is good at home!!! x
From Barbara Watts
Hello Jayne,
Love reading your travel page and looking at the photos. You certainly are getting about the world.
Take care of yourself, love to you and Abi. Barbara xx
From Jen, Mike & Lucy
Jayne, you have been away so long you obviously haven't heard that our weather here is fantastic, well into the 30's everyday and there have been an infestation of Roos and Koala's all over the place so, to be honest, we're used to seeing them all the time now. Canvey is a-wash with crocs as well! Your car is fine by the way!!! We all send our love xxx
From clare
Hi Jayne,
Just doing a night shift, wishing it was my turn to go on break. Now after reading about you adventures I'm dead jealous!! Especially here at 3am we have lots of d+v
how nice!!!!!!
From Nickie Lund
hey Jayne your photos are fantastic you must be having such a good time. Look foward to hearing all the geat stories you must have. Take care x
From janice
don't die off shock getting amessage from me your trip sounds amazing hope you do lots of nights when you get back so i can see the pics take care love to you both
Response: I hope i don't do loads of nights!!! ha ha
From Marion
Hi Jayne, Finding you travel diary very interesting I enjoy reading your adventures. I do get the whole story told to me again on Tuesdays when mum comes round. As you can imagine there are a few exaggerated stories!!!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip and stay safe. Lots of love to you both x Marion x
Response: I am sure all the stories are exaggerated !!
From Katy
Hey Martin, really enjoying the pictures! the speedboat adventure looks amazing- bet it was scary whizzing between the rocks!! sounds like your adventure is still fantastic!! hope you continue to enjoy yourselves and be careful! i dont want to wish the rest of your travels away but can't wait to hear all of your stories.... will they start with a certain sentance off that tv programme??? " i tell you want it is pet" miss you. Georgie x
Response: I cant wait to come back and exagerate lol. How u doing Georgie? xx
From jenny
Glad you are having a good time. I am very jealous. Missing u at work.Hope u are not drinking to much!!! Give my love to everyone .Tracy is going to sydney thursday 31st jan for 2 weeks so u may bump into her . C u soon . Enjoy the rest of your hols .
Response: We wont be there by than and you would be proud as i am hardly drinking at all as too hot!!
From Clare
Hi Jane,
It's clare from sunshine, I'm so jealous you look like you are having the most amazing time. I think I may sell the kids on ebay and set off on an adventure (only kidding!!!, would'nt be without them!). It looks like you have seen some fab stuff, Its quiet on the ward without you. I can't wait to here all about it. The camper van looked great fun.
I will keep reading your adventure. love clare. Say hi to lucy too
Response: How was Florida x