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Jeffrey's Hawaii Adventure

Hey all! Thought i'd keep a journal of my upcoming trip to Hawaii. I'm leaving on November 12 (really early) with my buddy Gus-Gus (the coolest 4-legged friend ever!). I'll be traveling to Maui to deliver Gus to his parents, Steven and Alexis, and staying with them for 10 days or so. During my visit, i'll be staying with them in their little condo, except for a 5-day period where we will be house-sitting for friends of theirs in a gorgeous, mountain-top home... you can click here to see pictures of the home we'll be "taking care of". Click on the links to the right to see the photos that i'll post... and stay tuned for more updates!

Diary Entries

Monday, 19 November 2007

So probably my last journal entry while i'm actually on the island... what an incredible last 3 days... last 9 days! I've experienced so many different cultures and lifestyles in such a small span of time and space.

We traveled "The Road to Hana" on Saturday, a 45 mile, windy road that brings you around the other side of the island/volcanoe, and takes over 3 hours to drive (see pictures to the right).

Had the chance to see the show at the theatre that Lexi is now working, and how bizarre/cool was it to see her up on the stage giving her opening speech, similar to the way i've watched her do the same at SRT for many years.. that's when it really hit me that they've really moved here!

Today, Steven and I flew over to Pearl Harbor on Oahu to do the tourist stuff - a 20-minute flight on a 737 - pretty bizarre! The Arizona memorial was very moving! And touring the battleship Missouri, where the surrender agreement for WW2 was signed, was pretty amazing, and reminded my of my Navy days!!

Alexis' Dad arrived tonite and will be here for a week... a gentle reminder that i'll be at 35,000 in 24 hours... i'll really miss this place, the dogs, the culture, my hosts - there's no doubt with me that i'll be back here sooner than later!!!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Late Night Game Update:
Yahtzee (electronic): Jeffrey with a new high score of 412
Rummy: Jeffrey still in 1st place
Dominoes: Jeffrey in 1st place.

I'm just saying....

Friday, 16 November 2007

Rummy Update #3:
First Place: Jeffrey
Second Place: Alexis
Third Place: Steven

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Location: Maui

So i've started working on a business plan for my new World-wide House/Dog Sitting Business... any investors?? Spectacular is not even close to describing this place. The pictures i'm taking (see photo link to the right) can't begin to capture what it's like here.

As i type this, i'm sitting on the back deck overlooking acres of green, hilly grass with horses and helicopters below, backdropped by the Pacific... oh, and Gracie - the black lab - laying on the lawn in front of me (see one of the pics to the right).

There are 3 dogs we're sitting - not sure what kind the 2 small ones are, but little Scruffy rules the house, Ollie is the elder of the 3 at 14 years of age, and Gracie is a lover and is 4 years old.

Tonight we're heading down the mountain to see a comedy show at one of the little theatre's to celebrate my birthday. Tomorrow we'll be spending making some plans to fly over to Honolulu on the island of Oahu to do a few touristy things, specifically visiting Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. Wish you all were here!! :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Rummy Update #2:
First Place: Jeffrey
Second Place: Alexis
Third Place: Steven

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Location: Maui, USA

Hey all... made it safely to Maui on monday night... man, these guys moved far away!!! Gus was quite thrilled to see his owners after 3 months away from them. It's wed and finally recovering from the flight and the cold i've had. What i learned on the flight: 1) when flying with a cold, invest in lots of drugs. 2) $5.00 for a nip is a good investment.

Day 1 was some rest, breakfast on the deck, a 3-minute ride to the beach, with Alexis, Steven and Gus (see links to pictures on the right) and a nice walk, and then a beautiful drive to LaHeina for dinner by tiki light and a margarita (another good investment when you have a cold!).

Today, Wednesday, we travel to the other side of the island for our house/dog-sitting gig, where i'll be spending the remainder of my trip living up on a mountain in a large home with what i hear is a pretty amazing view... more on that later!

Enjoy the few pictures i've added so far, and feel free to leave a message using the form on the right. Aloha :)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Rummy Update #1:
First Place: Jeffrey
Second Place: Alexis
Third Place: Steven

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Recent Messages

From The Battye Famioy
Hi Jeffrey,
We're all so happy that you made it to Hawaii. How great for Alexis and Steve. We drove to NH on Wednesday (11 hours) and it has been a nonstop blast since we got here. We love seeing our friends. Speaking of which. we are going to A Christmas Story this Saturday for the 3:00 show. We would love to see you if you're around. Welcome back!

Response: hey john! well it was certainly great seeing you guys on saturday!! Looking forward to our next chat!!!
From Alexis and Steven
It is important to note that the Rummy game never was completed and therefore - there was no winner. The Domino match was also never completed.
We will let Scruffy take your place and let you know how it all turns out.
We loved having you here and hope you visit again soon... perhaps next time in reality though. Staying here on the mountain is a true vacation - next time you need to learn how the common folk live :)
Response: Gee, i wonder why the rummy game was never completed??? someone was too tired to play the last couple of nites, hmmmm. Miss you all, and alexis and steven too :)
From Mike, Donna & Liz
I've been to Oahu and Kauai before Donna and therefore before Liz. Donna has been to Oahu and Maui before me and therefore before Liz. After seeing your pics we'll have to all go back to the islands with Liz. Glad all is well and the trip a success... The Groovers
Response: hey guys! great to hear from you... let me know when you go and i'll be your tour guide!!! :)
From Stephanie
I cant believe that your trip is already over! It seemed like i just saw you yesterday! Well anyways, it seems like you had a great time on your trip; and i am extremely jealous from all of your pictures, but i believe that i have to challenge you in a game of rummy, i dont believe that you beat the experts Alexis and Steven. We'll have to see about that.
Response: Hey steph! I know, this one went by wayyyyyyyyyy too fast! And you're on for the rummy challenge... i didn't realize how good i actually was at it!!! :) Hope to see you soon!!
From Gerardo Nunez
Nice Roomy!!!!

I am happy to read that the experience and time spent in Maui is of great ventures. Welcome back home!
Response: thx roomy... lots to share!
From Hannah
heyy goofy!! looks like you had fun!! I wish I went there too =[

But you are bringing me next time!! =]

-Boo Boo Head (aka Hannah)
Response: hey miss hannah!! you betcha, you're as good as there... just some advice: you gotta let Alexis win at rummy occasionally! luv ya and cya soon!
From MOM+J
Response: Yeppers, this was a good one! See you all on thanksgiving... can't wait!
From Meghann
It looks like it's been an awesome trip Jeffrey! It snowed today!! Though I don't think any of it's still on the ground. Hope to see you soon!
Response: Hey meghann! Snow.. arrrggghhhhhh... will touch base with you upon my return!
From Alan
Hi, Jeff...sounds and looks as if you had an AWESOME trip. Have a safe flight back and Happy Thanksgiving!

Response: Thx Alan! Unbelievable trip... you guys have a great t'giving!! :)
From Kimberly
i am so JEALOUS!!!! ARGH!!!
I'm glad you are having a great peaceful time though!!!!

I've kidnapped baxter and bell and am bringing them to the gym with me to run on the treadmills. I will return them as fit and trim as ever! :)

Big hugs!
Response: hey kim!! long time... ready for that drink one nite next week? i'm thankful someone finally got my 2 kids some aerobic exercise.. they've been gettn a bit too lazy!!! cya soon!
From Jinke
um. how come my message didnt make it to you from the other night?? I dont see it in the list down there???
Love Jink, Matt & Dan
Response: hey you! i did get ur message, but i have to filter them for all eyes, so there must've been something embarrasing in there!! :) can't wait to see you guys next week!
From Jane
Hey Jeff,
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Hawaii looks beautiful, and you look like you are enjoying yourself. Take care,
Response: thx jane... it's pretty amazing here.. keep watching for more pics. and hi to the girls for me please! cya in december :)
From Gregg
Happy Birthday Dude...
Have 2 for me.
Response: thx bro! well already had 1 today... so shouldn't be too hard to meet your demands! you guys gotta plan a trip out here!!! more later.... :)
From Cindel
Glad to hear you and Gus arrived safely and happily. You all look wonderful!! Glad you're recovering, Jeffrey, thanks to island living! Our greeting and hugs to Alexis and Steven. So nice to see you looking so happy! And I'm in love with the mountain house and its views!! Only 3.5 mil, I see! Enjoy!! Love to you all.
Response: supposedly some of the cleanest air in the world on this island... that and some brandy has cleared me right up! i'll pass along hugs to A&S, and hi to Francois for me please! looking forward to coffee in december!! :)
From Kathy
I am thrilled that Gus Gus has made it home! There is nothing sadder than a lonely dog who misses Mom and Dad! Jeffrey - have a drink for me. I will be thinking of all of you as it might snow in the next day or so! Fame auditions are this week so I will let folks know that Gus made it.

PS It's Greg's Birthday today, (48) not that he really cares!
Response: Hi kathy! Will do on the drinks... i think i'm getting hooked on bailey's and mai-tai's! hi to everyone back there... need a drummer for Fame?? :)
From Gerardo Nunez
Yo Kid,

Great to read and see from your ahsome experience. Enjoy the bright star and maybe if possible try to indulge your taste buds in a tasty Hawaiian tuna dinner. I read that the food is fresh as it can be to finish have a toast for all of us.
-Ciao, Gerardo
Response: Yo yo roomy! thx for the and scenery is wonderful here! i'll email you soon :)
From Dad
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birhtday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Jeffrey,
Happy Birthday to you!!!
At least you didnt have to hear me sing. Have a great day, enjoy the island and we will see you soon!
Response: Awww, thx daddy! i may have to call, however, as it wouldn't be a b'day without hearing your singing voice... earplugs are ready!! you'd be proud - at least 1 drink each of my days here so far, including a shot of brandy last nite and something else the nite b4 that i don't quite remember!! love you :)
From marjie
hey betch!
hawaii looks like fun! =) and thats a cute dog haha
lov marjie
Response: hey there marjie!! you would love it here... next time i'll bring you instead of Gus :) hope you have a good b'day!! lol... love and miss you... see u next week!!
From Sis
Aloha, Betch!
Hope the margueritas did their trick. I love the shirts...very island! The pictures are great. They look like postcards. And Gus...what a cutie-patootie. Happy Birthday tomorrow, old man! You are catching up to me!! I love you. Sis
Response: hey sis! actually, a shot of brandy last nite, and bailey's the nite before seemed to finally begin to knock it out of me... i can breathe today!! amazing here... i'll be uploading pics 2nite... looking forward to seeing y'all next week! love, betch :)
From Lisa
Hi Jeffrey, so glad you arrived safely. Hope you feel better. Give that Dascoulias couple a great big hug from the Forsleys
Can't wait to get together when you come back to hear all about your Hawiian adventure.
xo Lisa
Response: Thx, lisa... hugs delivered... hugs back to the kids for me please!! :)
From Niece
I hope Maui is fun. I am still very jealous :) Everything is fantastic here and my parents say hello! Oh and tell Alexis and Steven and Gus I said Hi!

We miss you!
Response: Hi niece!!! It's pretty amazing here... you'd love it! I'll tell everyone you say hi, and see ya soon! Love, uncle
From Sam

Happy Birthday (tomorrow)!!

Hope you have a great time!

Love ya!
Response: Awwww, thx!!! I honestly forgot about the b'day thing - so thx for remembering! :)
From Fran
Congrats on making it all the way there! Hope you have a most excellent adventure!
Response: Thank you miss Fran! Hi to Kate for me too... cya in december!! :)
From Em, Molly, Ben & Mar
So much for movie night! After this trip what a let down that would be!!
**glad to read you get the benifits of a nip~Maria**
Response: Well i'm still looking forward to a movie night-without the nips!! Hi to the kids for me plz! :)
From kathryn
hii jefferey!
how's maui? you are very lucky!! the pictures are very cool keep putting them up! i miss my downdown buddy and his ice coffee!
Response: Hey kathryn!!! It's pretty amazing out here... don't think it's really hit me yet... i'm thinking of opening up a Breaking New Grounds here...hmmmm :) see you soon!!