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Welcome to Jen's Travel Page. This will log my wonderful travels for all of you to read. Feel free to leave me comments, like how great I am and how you miss me terribly! If they're not lame I will reply to them as soon as possible! Big love, Jen xx

Diary Entries

Thursday, 31 August 2006

Location: Australia

Magnetic Island:

Wanted to do some fruitpicking and spent a week in Home Hill, which I called Home Hell, in Tropical Queensland. I did one day and hated it. Stayed for Michael's birthday and then headed up to the magical Magnetic Island to work on a horse ranch. It was only an hour and a half away and I left Michael doing his fruitpicking on an aubergine farm. It was really hard work for him, but he had really cool people there and got on well.

Magnetic Island was fantastic! I spent just over 3 weeks here. Bluey's Horseshoe Ranch was brilliant. Lived on site with 5 other girls; 4 English; Becky, Amy, Charlie and Milly, and Kitty is from the Netherlands. Absolutely loved Kitty, she was awesome! Sneaky monkey! The girls are really cool and we went out a lot to the Horseshoe bay after work for drinks and nibbles. The ranch has 30 horses and I enjoyed every minute of working there. Well maybe not the minute I got kicked by a little shit named Roscoe, or when I fell off the donkey (Banjo is 11hh fluffy pony)at the beach. It was really funny, Banjo is being taught the trails and as only me and Milly could ride him as the others were far too big, whereas we were just too big, it was my turn. I stepped on him at the beach and as soon as I went to jump up, he went bucking crazy and bucked me off the otherside. It was hilarious and luckily it was only me and Charlie and a couple of young guys who we went out with for a drink in the eve. Anyway.......

The track took 2 hours in the bush and on the beach. At the beach we took their saddles off and went swimming in the warm sea. In the sea we did around-the-worlds, swam backwards and stood up on our horses. It was fantastic and I got to ride twice a day most days. As staff we rode horses too naughty for the public and all the horses were a challenge and a great ride. Cinders was only 13hh but went nuts on the way home, bucking, rearing, jumping and cantering sideways! It was fun riding her. Then Mango and Maverick, arab crosses, were very strong and stubborn. My favourite ride was Duke, and arab cross. He was very aggressive around the yard, but it was all a front. Riding him he was perfect and spooked a lot, afraid of the local cats and wallabies. Dale is a Clydesdale, his bro is named Clyde. Dale is massive and he was a good ride to, very strong! The weather was great and on my days off I explored the island, doing a WW2 forts walk, going to the different pretty bays, snorkelling which was fab, and catching the rays at the beaches. Saw lots of wildlife, wallabies everyday, possums, tree frogs in the shower and toilet and snakes!

Met up with Michael ok and he rode on my last ride, riding a horse named Mischief, a big arab cross, and he was a bit naughty. Michael did really well and cantered. That night there was a big full moon party on the island and we got free tickets and had the best time. Me and Michael got wasted and danced the night away to dance music. Coolness! Didn't leave the party till 4.30 and the girls started work the next day at 6am. I had a nice lye in!

Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Location: Australia

Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands:

Spent a night at Airlie, where we departed for our Whitsunday's Sailing trip. Airlie is a nice, small place and isn't a beach but a port. It has a nice man made lagoon where we spent time in the sunshine. Very hot here!

We did a 2 day sailing trip on an ex-racing boat called Boomerang. It was awesome and we enjoyed fab weather. It's not a big boat, but it fitted 30 people, 4 were the crew who were great. The other people were really cool and all up for a laugh, which is always good. The boat went super fast and was sometimes at a 45 degree angle up in the air. Sailed to the islands and stopped for the night. The islands are really beautiful. Enjoyed great food and a BBQ and playing drinking games and getting very drunk on the top deck in the evenings. The stars are fantastic and so bright here. Up at 6am the next morning to get over to the main Island, called Whitsunday. Went to a look out point and experienced fantastic views out over the beaches and islands. Then we spent the rest of the morning at the gorgeous White Haven beach. This has been the most beautiful beach ever! Bright white sand so fine you can exfoliate your skin and clean your jewelery, and I cleaned my rings and necklace so they were sparkeling. The waters are really shallow being the most beautiful blues and greens and really warm. I explored the bays and sunbathed. Then back on the boat where we saw a big green Sea Turtle swimming past. He came right up to the boat!

Then we sailed to our next destination for snorkelling. The water was a bit chilly, but we had wetsuits and the snorkelling was fantastic. Saw lots of vibrant corals and stunning tropical fish. Michael saw a reef shark, tapped me on the sholder, but by the time I turned, it was gone. They're very shy. Spent ages swimming around the corals. Then we watched the sunset on the boat.

Next day we had a little lye in and sailed home. We sunbathed on deck as the boat splashed through the waves. Had to cling on tight every time the boat went up almost vertically on one side. It was a thrilling experience. On the way we saw a whale. He came right up to the boat and was massive and was a blue colour. Had the best time!

Friday, 11 August 2006

Location: Australia

Fraser Island.

This place definately lived up to expectations and was absolutely beautiful. We went on a 3 day guided tour with a co. called Trail Blazer, and they were fantastic. Adam, our guide, is a legend. The blue 4x4 bus picked us up in Noosa along with 6 other girls from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Poland. They were all nice and Michael moaned that he was the only guy on the trip, forgetting about Adam. You'd think he'd be pleased! The bus was so comfy and it's huge windows allowed us to experience great views as we travelled through the Cooloola National Park and along the picturesque beaches. We drove down the gorgeous Rainbow beach, named by James Cook because of it's brightly coloured sand cliffs. The weather was spectacular the whole time we were there.

We went to Eli Creek. This is a beautiful natural creek with pure water running to the sea. We enjoyed the pretty views from the boadwalk and then hopped in and walked down the stream. The water only went upto our waists and the current was very strong. Then we went to Indian Head. This is a huge volcanic rock that caused the sands, pushed by the tides from NSW, to settle here, creating the island. The views are fantastic, spreading out over the island, it's sand dunes, rainforest, beaches and out to sea. We saw whales in the distance. We also saw our first Dingo here and caught sight of another 2 later. Then we went to the Maheno Shipwreck. This is awesome, it's skeleton stuck on the beach. It has 5 decks under the sand. The ship was on it's way to Japan for scrap metal and was washed ashore by a cyclone.

Back at camp we enjoyed BBQs and sitting around the fire, toasting marsh mellows. The stars are unbelievable here. We could easily see the milky way and the Aussie staff, who we got on really well with, pointed out all the constallations.

The second day we ventured into the rainforest. Did a really nice walk and admired the lush greenery and pretty streams. Then we headed to lake Birrabean. The lake has crystal clear water and bright white sands. It was gorgeous. We then went to lake Boomanjin, the red lake. The pure water looks red due to the leaf sediment underlining it.

Last day we got up half an hour earlier to see the sunrise. It was so worth it and so beautiful. Then we climbed sand dunes to get to lake Wabby, which is amazing and surrounded by an oasis. Then back to the mainland and down Rainbow beach. We stopped at a nice lookout and also saw wild Kangaroos. We hopped off the bus to get a closer look.

Tuesday, 01 August 2006

Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia


Stayed at a beautiful apartment loaned to us for 2 weeks free of charge by friends of my Nana. You're the best Nana, you really hooked us up! The apartment was on the gorgeous Marcus Beach. We spent most of our time sunbathing here. Enjoyed stunning weather and the Sunshine Coast lived up to it's name. Spent time in Noosa Heads and Noosaville, going around the quaint little shops. Did a couple of great bush walks. One right into the National Park and another along the gorgeous coastline, enjoying the panoramic views. We saw wild Koalas, big goannas, kookaburras and Bruch Turkeys. The wildlife in Oz is fantastic.

My birthday was the best day ever! Spent the arvo learning to surf on the beautiful Main Beach. By the end of the session, we were pros and I rode the waves in style! Michael spoiled me lots, cooking me a delicious full brekkie and 3 course meal for dinner and showered me with gifts. The only thing missing was the family. Big up the Hammonds!

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Location: Australia

Morton Island.

We did a day trip to the beautiful Island and had the best time. The weather was outstanding. It's the 3rd largest sand island in the world and not far off the coast of Brisbane. We did a 4x4 tour, which was so cool as the 4x4 sped, jumping and banging around, on the rugged sandy tracks. We had to hold on tight, it was exciting. Our tour guide, Hayden, is a typical Aussie dude and was loads of fun. Needed to work on the jokes though.

We did sandboarding on the sandy dessert. The sand dunes were stunning and we flew down steep big hills that were almost vertical. It was loads of fun and unbelievably fast! Then we checked out the gorgeous beaches. At the main beach there are 11 shipwrecks. They look so dramatic and were placed there to warn oncoming ships of shallow water. Apparently it was cheaper than building the standard warning posts etc. It was cool driving down the beaches. We saw a couple of pods of dolphins, playing and surfing the waves in the shallows. It was amazing. Then we went to a lookout point at the lighthouse where we saw Humpback whales, turtles, manta rays, sharks and dolphins below in the clear blue water. It was amazing.

We had a delicious lunch on the beach and spent time at the stunning Honeymoon Bay, where we paddled in the water. We also saw a sea snake washed up on the sand. Hayden, who's an expert on reptiles, flung it back into the sea. He was cautious as it was highly venimous, an Olive sea snake. We also saw lots of sea eagles. We visited the Blue Lagoon, one of the island's natural pure water lake. We had a swim, but it was pretty cold! It's full of natural minerals and nutrients that a good for the skin. It was very beautiful.

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Location: Australia


We had an awesome time in Brizzie! Spent 2 weeks with our friends, the Barnes family, and got completely spoiled! Did so much. We went to Sea World, which was loads of fun. The shows were cool and the rides were great. The walk through Shark Aquarium was amazing. We explored the city going around all the shops, Chinatown, City Hall, we went up the clock tower, the Botanical Gardens and the Roma Street Gardens (which were stunning). The Museum was fab. It was dedicated to Queensland and it's exhibits were so cool! The Gallery was nice, but they were in the process of renivating, so we didn't get to see all the collections. We did the XXXX Beer tour which was loads of fun. Enjoyed sampling their best beers and got a bit drunk by 4pm. The Kookaburra River Cruise was fantastic. It was an old wooden steam designed boat and we enjoyed the sights whilst dining on a yummy buffet lunch. We also enjoyed observing the city's night lights from a lookout not far away. We visited the weekend markets at Southbank and Riverside. They were beautiful and we also did a little rainforest walk. There was also an orchestra playing at Southbank and they were really talented. We saw the Broncos play and loose against the Tigers at the impressive Suncorp Stadium. It was loads of fun.

We also visited quiet mountain towns of Maleny and Montville, where the Barnes' have a property and enjoy spending their time. We tried to see the Glass House Mountains but it was a bit foggy up there. The towns were really pretty and full of cute shops and galleries, that I loved browsing around.

We were also taken to King's Island and it was beautiful. Just off the coast, we walked at low tide to the little island and explored. The views were beautiful as it was a gorgeous day and we saw lots of pelicans.

The best day ever was Australia Zoo! Crickey it was good! We picked the only day that it rained to go and we didn't get to see Steve-o. Damn! But we still had a great time. We got there at 9:30 and didn't leave till closing at 5pm. I fed Bimbo the friendly elephant. She was very muddy and her trunk scratchy. It was cool and she covered my arms in mud. We also fed more roos, stroked Koalas and got close to lots of birdies including Kookaburras. The shows were amazing; tigers, birds, snakes and of course a couple of croc shows. The Crocossem was massive.

Sunday, 23 July 2006

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Surfer's Paradise.

We seemed to have brought the weather with us to Surfer's. We got picked up in a stretch white limo by our hostel which was cool. Apparently Surfer's Paradise is Oz's Hollywood. After checking into the hostel we spent the day exploring the city and window shopping at it's boutiques and shopping centres. Didn't find anything I wanted to buy though, which is probably a good thing.

The next day the weather was better, sunny and a bit cloudy. We went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. This was fantastic! Here we cuddled a koala named Do-da. He was so cute, a little smelly, but very fluffy. Do-da tried to do a do-dee on Michael! He had to hold tissue under do-da's bum to make sure he didn't poo on him. He didn't, but did poo on the next girl. Ha ha! We also patted and fed Roos and Wallabies. They were gorgeous and we could have easily spent all day there. We watched the snake and croc shows and enjoyed observing the Oz wildlife. We also fed the Lorikeets. These pretty birdies loved drinking honeyed water and flew at us by the hundreds. We had them all over our heads, shoulders, arms and hands. It was a little overwhelming but fun.

The next day was gorgeous sunny weather - yay! We spent day at Warner Bros. Movie World. It was brilliant! We went on the new Superman rollercoaster 3 times. This was soooo fast, launching us from 0 to 100 km-h in 2 seconds! My other fave ride was Scooby-doo. This was surprising. It started off tame and then flew us around a course full of big dips and tight corners in the dark and backwards in parts. The Shrek 4D was awesome too. Had loads of fun.

The weather was wicked the next day and we spent all day on the gorgeous massive beach, soaking up the rays and watching the surfers (for their impressive skill of course!). We didn't leave for Brisbane until the afternoon the following day so we got to spend the morning on the beach again.

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Location: Australia

Byron Bay

We got the overnight bus to Byron as the journey took 13 hours. It was really good and we slept most of the way. We arrived in the morning in gorgeous sunny weather. We dumped our bags at the hostel and spent all day sunbathing and reading at Byron's Mainbeach, which is stunning. The next day saw equally great weather and we did a walk to Cape Byron. This took us to different beaches, up and down hills with beautiful views, along the cliff edges and on the way back we went through the bush. The walk was fantastic and we saw Dolphins and Humback whales. It took us to Australia's most easterly point and to the Lighthouse. It took us pretty much all day and I enjoyed having lunch at one of the beaches.

The next day had horrid weather, wind and rain. We had booked to go on a snorkelling trip but it was cancelled due to the weather and strong currents. We spent the day going around Byron's cute shops, most of which are surf shops. It was fun. We assumed the snorkelling was cancelled the following day, but it wasn't. We went to rocks off the coast where there were lots of tropical fishes. We were told there was a 98% chance of seeing sea turtles but we didn't see any. The current was strong and it was a challenge swimming whilst the waves crashed above us. I choked 3 times! Even the fishies struggled to swim in the current. It was disappointing. Afterwards we were told there was a 50% chance of seeing the turtles, which was annoying. Never mind. Spent the rest of the day recovering.

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Location: Katoomba, Australia

The Blue Mountains.

We went to the Mountains (really big hills and valleys) for the weekend. The weather was gorgeous, bright blue skies, but it was a bit chilly up there. We arrived about midday on Saturday. Got settled into the lovely YHA hostel and then walked to Echo Point to see the famous Three Sisters rock formations. Incredible views across Jamison Valley with the big blue hills in the background. We also did a little bushwalk to get closer to the rocks which was nice. There were lots of birdies and we saw brightly coloured paraquets, cockatoos and cute kookaburras.

The next day we went on a super long bush walk into the valley to see the Katoomba Falls. These were pretty, but they're suffering from a 5 year drought and apparently they are awesome when it had rained enough. We walked down into the valley by the Furber Steps and in areas it was pretty steep. The scenery was gorgeous and it's actually a rainforest. I never realized rainforests could be cold. After a few hours of adventure, we reached the bottom. We looked around the old coal mine and then caught the steepest railway in the world back up. This was really fast and quite scary. Then we got the glass cable car back to the other side of the valley. The views were stunning. Then we wondered to the beautiful Katoomba Cascades.

It was really beautiful and we had lots of fun.

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From Rachel
Hey girl, long time no speak. I forgot the web address and only just read your reply to my last message (Stupid, I know) :-( So sorry to hear about Shannon, she will be sadley missed :-( :-( I never got the e-mail you sent about it did you send it to the above?

On a more positive note hope things are well over there? Looking forard to having you back and hope to see you on the 16th.

Lots of love

Response: Hey hun!

Yeah it was to that address. Nevermind! Sent it a life time ago.

Can't wait to see you! So glad to hear you can make it! I wasn't sure as you're always a busy bee!

In san fran and love it! Not long now till we're home and it's xmas.

Miss ya big time!

Say hi to dave and pat the dog for me!

From vixen
Yo yo yo!!

Well hello, How are you?!

I cannot wait for you to come back!!! And slutsky's even if jess is a boring teacher now!!

miss u and love u!!

v xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s give sexyness a snog from me
Response: Hey Vixen!

I'm soooo excited!!!!! Can't wait to see my no.1 gal! I'm sure Michael will be looking forward to seeing you too!

5 days left! San Fran is such a hot city! Off shopping tomorrow - yay!

Take care hun,

I can always count on you for never being boring!

Love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx !
From Kelle
read ur email sounds like u r being really brave!!! enjoy the final 6 weeks cant wait to have u bak!!! kelle x x x
Response: Hey hun!

Can't wait to see ya! Keep the 16th Dec free for our welcome home party at the one and only mcclusky's.

Say hi to J. Take care, lots of love, Jen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Nat
Hi Jenbah, how are you doing? It seems to be a long time since you updated this! The horsey job sounds perfect for you! Where are you now? What are you upto? I just looked through your pics, they made me very jealous, glad to see you are being a proper tourist and taking pictures of your meals! Take care, Nat xxx
Response: Hey Nat!

Doing good thanks! In New Zealand now and lovin' it here! Have less than 6 weeks left :(.

It's been soooo long since I've seen everyone! I miss you heaps! Hope the place in London's going well and all your plans are on track.

Ever the tourist me! Taken loads of road signs as well!

Take care, love Jen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Kelle
hi jen just a quick note to say i aint forgotten ya!! wen is it u get bak? kelle x
Response: Hey hun!

We get back on the 14th Dec. We'll hopefully have a big shindig back at slutsky's when we get back, so you better come!

Take care hun. Less than 6 weeks left :(

From louise
Hey Jen, just thought i'd do a quick check to amke sure you're still alive and having fun!!! all ur pics look fantastic i am so jealous i dont think u understand!!! i hope u are both loving it still.... u look very nice and tanned and pretty... u biatch!!!! anyway... keep updating the site cos thats about as far as the rest of us are getting to all them exciting places.... anyhow... i have to get back to my funa nd exciting emails that are waiting for me!!! love ya and cant wait til u come pack so we can all have a massive party in slutskys again!!! mwah.... say hi to the other half for me!!!!....p.s. sorry i missed ur bday i didnt realise.... oops!!! good to see u had fun tho!!! xxxxxxx
Response: Thanks my lovely!

So good to hear from you. At the mo I'm having the best time at a horse ranch, swimming the horses in the coral sea everyday. It's so beautiful here. My tan is a rockin now too! Ha ha!

Miss ya big time and can't wait to meet up!

Take care hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Jess
Hey jen, i know there is a time difference but surely not by that much.........we havent reached 27th sept here yet!
hope everything is good with you. i am settling into school and epsom-the excitement!
take care
jess x
Response: Hey Jessbah!

Glad to hear all is well and school's a blast. Can't wait to meet up with you in epsom! Am living on Magnetic Island at the moment, working on a horse ranch. It's awesome! The weather is tropical, i see loads of possums and wallabies and the riding is great! We ride through the bush and on the beach and then take the horses swimming in the warm sea.

I love it! Left Michael doing fruitpicking and we're meeting back up in 2 weeks time to travel upto Cairns.

Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Kelle and J
hi jen hope u had a cool bday!!! we did get the postcard cos J's parents still live at the old address so i can still pick up mail from there - thanks hun!! looks like u have really influenced jess - shes moving to epsom! crazzzy ladee! well keep having fun! see u real soon i think! kel and J x
Response: Hello!

Glad you got the postcard. So happy jess is living in epsom, nat in london and you're in morden. We can all still meet up lots!

Having a great time on Magnetic island working at a horse ranch. Love the riding and the horses. The weather's hot and we ride through the bush and on the beach. Then we swim the horses in the sea. It's so cool.

Take care guys! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Carly
Hey jenny!

Hows things? Thank you for the postcard it was great. I made my Mum read it too me over the phone before she forwarded it too me! (How sad!) Your pics look great, how long are you extending your trip for? Glad your having fun honey, say hi to micheal too.

Bye bye xx
Response: Hey hun!

Thanks for the message. We're getting back on the 14th Dec. Just in time for xmas! I worried that you might not get the postcard so that's good!

Above the tropic line, in north queensland, so it's hot! Working on the tan.

Take care. Lotsa love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From jess
hello, sorry that i sent your bday message to the wrong address, thanks for the postcard :) have some random news for probably think i am mad but i am moving to epsom in september! its close to school and cheaper than london so when you get back from your travels i will be living near you! hope all is good with you and micheal. nat and i went round to kel bah's new place on monday and had pizza. argh i just saw lightning so think i will turn this computer off. take care x x x x
Response: Hey Jess!

What!?! No way! That is so cool! I can come and bother you whenever I want now! And Kelbah's so close too. It's wicked.

Can't wait to see Kel's new place and meet up with all you crazy laydees.

Good luck with the move and work.

Loadsa love
From Barbie
Happy Birthday Jennifer!

No doubt you will be celebrating in style, doing something amazing! So take loads of photos-yes, this IS an order! Hope you are still loving everything, make sure you keep us all updated. Missing you lots xxx
Response: Hey Barbie!

Thanks for the message. Had a fab b'day learning to surf on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast. It was awesome and did you proad. Now I'm a pro, riding the waves in style. Had a few wipeouts though!

Having loads of fun and extended the trip, so we get back on the 10th day of xmas, 14th Dec! Will defo have to go on a wild night out when I get back. But that's 4 months away.

Miss ya loads hun! Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mum
Have a good one. Love the Singapore photos - lots of fond memories there for us and for you guys now! Love and miss you loads.
Response: Hi Mummy!!!!!

Thanks loads for my B'day card. The singing cow is so great! And for my prezzie. You're the best!

Loads of love, Miss you!!!!

From Jenny
Just thought i'd leave a meesage to say:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Have a brill day.

Response: Hey Jenny!

Thanks loads. Had a fab b'day! Surfing was awesome!

I heard about you and Tanya getting more piercings. Crazy chicks! I won't even get one set done! Have a fab hol in Devon.

Take care.

From Kelle (Kelbah)
hi jen - is michael ok? sounds like you're still having an off-da-shizzle time!!! can u send some of the happiness my way!! everything looks amazing in the photos! i've survived my first year teaching!! woohoo!! don't want my kids to move up to year 1 though!! get some more photos up! have some more fun and speak soon! luv ya!! kel x
Response: Hey Kelbah!

So you're actually teaching now! That's awesome, well done! Yeah still enjoying ourselves. Michael's good thanks and he says hi. Did you get your postcard? Think I might have sent it to your old address by accident.

Staying with friends in Brisbane and been putting lots of pics up to take advantage of the free internet.

We went to Australia Zoo and crikey, we loved it! Didn't get to see Steve-o though.

Take care hun. Say hi to J for me.

Big love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From louise
hey jen... i got ur postcard the other day and just looking at ur pics is making me soooooooooooooooooooooo jealous!!! looks like ur having a fab time?? where r u off to next? hope you two are still having loads of fun and adventure travelling the world while the rest of us sit in our (unairconditioned) offices!!! weather is great here though i do have to say!!! miss ya. xxxx
Response: Hey Lou Lou,

Glad you got the postcard. Thought you'd like that! Still having lots of fun. In Brisbane at the mo with friends and been super busy. Off to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast next. Then Fraser Island, Bowen, Whitsunday Islands, Townsville, Mission Beach, Cairns, Port Douglas and then down south to Melbourne, Tasmania and Canberra. Then New Zealand.

Loads left to do! No rest for the wicked.

The weather back home is better than here. Since going up the East Coast it's been nice and warm thankfully. Will be hot when we get up North.

Good luck with your work. Can't believe there's no aircon.

Miss you too! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Kelly
Hello u sexy beasts, my god your both lookin stunning since i last saw u which was god knows wen!!!

i am just gonna climb in a box and post myself to you as epsom is rubbish and i cant wait till jan wen i am off to russia!!! lol, yes russia in jan, -40 i believe it can get to but we shall end up in thailand!!! interesting.

tell me which horse kicked your poney and i shall go and kick it in the nuts!!! and then run...well woddle!

its so hot here but we lack the lovely beaches u have brighton aiint quite the same!!!

did u have funny gettin onto the elephant, we struggled i though i was goin to hurt it!! we also managed to stale our elephant, and it refused to move for some reason, bendin its back leg occassionally, scarin the hell out of us as we were tipped back, lol.

anyways sounds like u r havin a fab time, keep lovin every min, i go to uganda on the 8th aug, the weather is thunder storms out there...great!!!!

catch ya laters
Response: Yo yo!

Kel you're the nuttiest person I know! Russia! Brrr it's cold out there! I love that you never do the conventional. How do you get to Thailand? werid! Good luck in Uganda. Take a brolli and mack.

Ah, my poor pony! When I find out which horse it was I'll let you know. Hefflelumps are so uncomfortable, cute though. I fed one called Bimbo at Australia Zoo yesterday, which was cool. Crikey mate!

Take care hun. You crack me up! Can't wait to hear about all your travels.

Miss ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Rachel H
Hey guys, how u doing, hot? it is here! Thanxs 4 the postcard and hope all is going well, dont forget one koala and one kangeroo for me please oh and a dingo too!

Miss you loads keeps us updated.

Rach, dave and braccus! xxx
Response: Hello my lovely lady,

I just sent you an email. I've had terrible news that my beloved Shannon had to be put down a couple of days ago due to severe injury. Am devastated. She was the best horse ever and I miss her :(

Kangeroos are nice but I could never pack one in the suitcase. You don't want a Koala, they really smell! And I don't think Braccus would apreciate another dog around.

Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mum
What great photos! Especially love the KL ones. You look great and I miss you terriblier. Looking forward to my pressie!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: G'day mum!

Thanks! I've taken over 700 photos now! Crazy.

Made it to Brisbane today. Catching up and have another barbee planned.

Lots of love, miss you loads!
From Katie
Hey love birds,

The pix look great. Things are pretty much the same here. Work, out, sleep, work...u know the score. May be a new fella on the horizon. May not. U'll be pleased to know bit nicer than my usual brand anyway!

Thanks for the pressies. Think you may be on to something there-not the luckiest person going.....or is that most sensible! Any way extra luck can't hurt can it.

Hope you're both well. Miss ya loads.

Response: Hey Kate!

You should love the Prezzies, I thought I got you the best ones ever.

Good luck with work and try to find a nice boyfriend please! No more drama! Anyway better go, off to sexy Byron Bay tonight.

Big Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mum
You're great and I miss you terribly!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: G'day Mum!

You're the BEST! Miss ya big time! You're so funny.

Have finally sent you prezzies in the post but because we're poor we're doing it overseas and it'll take 2 months. Sorry!

Loads of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From jess
hey jen i have a job now-yay! so excited but scared of being a grown up hehe. going to cornwall today and then off to poland with natalie, glad you have still having fun, i cant believe you have been away for 3 months. take care x x x x
Response: Hey Jessbah!

WELL DONE MISS BROWN!!!! I knew you'd get something soon.

Nat said you're off on an adventure to Poland. Good luck and have loads of fun! Enjoy your home town. I bet Cornwall is fantastic at the mo with all your good weather.

Say hi to Nat for me.

Big love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Barbie
Hello my love!
Loving the photos, it all loks amazing, v jealous! Trust you to go elephant riding! Oooh you lucky thing living in Darling Harbour-I love Sydney I want to come over and join you!! And a job too, nice one Jen! Keep that money rolling in. Thanks for the updates and emails, love hearing all the news. Just seen the posting about 112 being at the works...I am gutted so wish I knew about that-this website just brings me so much knowledge!
Take care, keep telling us all your news
Miss you xxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey Barbie!

So great to hear from you! I know my web page is rockin! Darling habour is so beautiful.

The job sucks so I'm gonna quit already. It's no place for a princess like me! Got something else lined up for next week so will see how that goes.

Miss ya BIG TIME! Don't forget to fill me in on all the gossip. I bet there's been loads since I've been away.... Can't believe we've been travelling for almost 3 months.

Take care babe
From Vix
Hey Hey,

Sounds like your having a great time!! Love the pics especially the one of Mike with his shirt off can you please add more of these!! Heehee!

Well I'm missing you lots take care with those hunky Oz boys!

Love ya

Response: Hey saucy minx!

I thought you'd appreciate that one. Hope alls well. Done so much cool stuff in Sydney so far. It's a fab place! I won some whale watching tickets last week so we're gonna go see the humpbacks on their migratory route. Can't wait!

Take it easy like peasy.

LOTS OF LOVE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From erin
hey my lovely lady
wow pics look amaizing
doesnt seem real!
certainly wasnt enough pics of u though! lol
have been feeling so jelouse of ur amaizing travels that i had to book a holiday. we r going to mexico but unfortunatly not untill september 2007! damn it
never mind. just have to dream of those beautiful white sandy beaches ur on
missing u
love erin
u and me all the way!
Response: Hey Bitch!

So glad you like the pics. I'm not photogenic, but will put some more of me on since you insist!

Mexico will be fab! I'd love to go there too. Just don't go crazy with the tequila.

U and me all the way!

Loads of love, and love to Steve and Troy too
From Paul
How u doin sweet cheeks?
Don't know when the films gonna be ready but there can't be much longer left! I email the director and he said we may need to go in sometime to do some dialogue cause some of it got a bit damaged on set but he said that it won't take long and then it will be finished! YYEEEEAAAHHHH BBOOOOOYYYYYYEEEEE!! Don't know if it's goin to any festivals this year but it is, hopefully, goin to the Cannes Film Festival next year! When it's finished I'll send you a copy of the DVD!

Thanx stinky
Luv you and miss you loads!!!
Paulo XxXxXxXx
Response: Coolness! Thanks stink!

Sydney film festival is being held soon. But not gonna go. Hope the saving for the hol is going to plan and that you're revising for your last few exams. Good luck!!! Try to fit some revising in though, please.

Lots of love,
J xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx