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Slight update... 2009 was last post, the 'girlies' are off to Disney World now 24th Jan 2012.... can't wait!!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Location: Home, Ireland

9 sleeps left before we embark on the epic mouse adventure!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Location: Brisbane, Australia

You guys could have told me about the speed cameras and cops!!! Sleepy head was snoring and I was driving back from Hervey Bay to Brisbane, getting very bored - so had a game of cat and mouse with a guy driving a black something or other, and only seen the cop in time to see him wagging his finger at me.... Of all the places - I go and get caught in Australia!!!

Had my excuses worked out

1. My contacts are drying out and I didn't see you in time to slow down.
2. In Ireland we get a 40% contingency
3. I think I dropped something!!

Anyway, it's our last day in Brisbane. Am ready to come home now, this place is fabulous, but your NEVER dry!!! We're heading back to Syndey for a couple of days now to Coogee Beach and then we're flying back so this is likely to be the last time on the page before we're home!

Miss you all - see you soon. Paul - don't forget to bring me a jumper!!! Thanks a mill!

Thursday, 05 February 2009

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me... ;o)

We arrived in Brisbane on Tuesday, pulled the flights forward. It's a tad hotter here than it was in Sydney, but Paul and Anne have a spa in the back garden so we're sorted!

We went to Surfers Paradise yesterday and then out to the local pub where Noel used to drink - looked like something out of the wild west!! Anyway, we're off today to the theme parks and to the Warner Brother studios to meet the looney tunes for my birthday yeah!

Hope your enjoying the snow - we're both annoyed we're missing the only good snow for the past couple of years, mind you - we'll survive. 36 degrees in the sun yesterday at 3pm and 27 in the shade.

Monday, 02 February 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hello my cold friends, ha ha, I’ll be laughing on the other side of my face in two weeks when we’re back and have gone from one extreme to the other!

The temperature has cooled down noticeably over the past few days and is sitting at a more comfortable 28 degrees.

Noel arrived at the hotel yesterday morning at 07:40 am bright and breezy and wanted to go out. So, we walked all the way along Darling Harbour, up along the Rocks and then into Circular Quay, caught the ferry from there to Toronga Zoo, walked around there, caught the ferry back to Circular Quay and then a water taxi back to Darling Harbour.

2 beers later and I was nearly propping him up to keep awake! Poor soul, haven’t ever seen him as tired!

Today as they say is a new day. The project is complete and we’ll be heading out this evening for dinner and a few drinks, hopefully I can hold these better than I did on Friday night! 2 glasses of wine and I was away with the fairies, 2 more after that and I’m pretty sure I was setting the world to rights. 1 more and I had to go back to hotel to bed! (Light weight!)

I hear it’s snowing back home….. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Henry, I will make a conscious effort to stop the pictures of animals (even though they are really cute!) and take more of “buildings and stuff”! Any specific requests – just let me know.

We're heading to Brisbane on Wednesday and won't have direct access to the internet so pictures and updates may be less frequent.

Anyway, I’d better go and find where I left my sun block….. (and husband!) ;o) xx

Sunday, 01 February 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

G'day mates,

First day, very hot, absolutely wrecked. Time for a beer, hopefully I can stay awake through this one, good luck!


Hi folks, Jen here - fab day, wee bit cooler than the others (don't know what Noel's harping on about!) need to keep nudging him to stay awake so I'd better go and make sure he's not asleep in the chair.... ;o)

Love u all! xx

Friday, 30 January 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

I hurt myself yesterday. Split my sides laughing at myself…… Have just found out that I’ve been getting off the bus several stops to early and walking around 3 times as far as I’ve needed to because the bus stops only 5 minutes walk from the office! I’ve only one more day of travel left now…… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – grade A Muppet! Hope everyone is well. xx

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

Is it possible to melt? I mean a human, is it possible for us to melt? I think I’m melting.

Managed to get lost again today, is there a gene built into woman to confuse the neurological path between the map sensors and the feet? In fact I won’t say I got lost, nope, I found a new way to get where I was going! A significantly longer way, but a new way all the same! (have a stock of plasters now for the blisters – see, know your limitations and embrace them!)

You would think that all this walking in circles and doing it in sweltering heat would assist my body in shedding a few pounds – doesn’t appear to be! Must be the mean Scottish blood in me refusing to let anything get away. In fact Noel, this must be the reason I refuse to throw out clothes, books, shoes, handbags, anything! Not because I’m obsessive, I’m Scottish, it’s in my blood – see you can stop nagging now!! ;o)

Thank you for all the messages, I enjoy reading them – get quite excited when they come through actually!

No new pictures for you today, it’s work through the day and con calls in the evenings and that’s pretty much how it’s looking until I finish up this project (fingers crossed) Saturday afternoon.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

Do you know who I feel sorry for? Donkeys. Walking and walking and walking - it's just not fair. Left the hotel at 08:30 this morning and walked to circular quay, caught a bus from there to The Gap Park and then from there onto Coogee Beach. Weather was pass out hot. Bought a bottle of water and within 10 minutes it was so warm it was undrinkable. Left Coogee Beach and headed to Hyde Park, left Hyde Park to go to Woolloomooloo Bay and from there back to circular quay and onto the harbour cruise. Boat docked back at circular quay and I stumbled down the road in the heat. Bought a Calipso ice pop and had it against my face for so long it was practically gone by the time I opened it!

Anyway, finally asked someone to take a picture for me, is certainly not flattering in the slightest, have no make up and a sweaty face!

Has been a fab day, thoroughly enjoyed all of it, but now i'm going to have a glass of wine and flake out in my lovely air conditioned hotel room. xxx

Friday, 23 January 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

I put the make up on, the make up slides off. I wash the face, put the make up on, the make up slides off. The make up’s going in the nearest bin! Never been a vain person – but permanent panda eyes and streaky foundation never did a girl any good now did it? And I still have this wretched cold, there should be a law against having a cold in a warm country. They have scented toilet paper in the ladies by the way! Not that I go around sniffing toilet paper – I was blowing my nose! Ah lads – where’s the glamour gone eh? Slide streaky panda face with big red blowing nose! Ah well, you know what they say? Alcohol kills all known germs, and you got it…… Today’s Friday?! Woho! You know the voices? Well as I’m sure I’ve told a couple of you already, their adopting an Australian accent now, which is highly annoying because some of the time I’ve no idea what their saying, anyway right now their telling me “Apples, she’ll be, go have some amber fluid”. Prize for the first person to tell me what that means. Ready, steady, go!

It is gorgeously hot and bright out side, forgot my sunnies (hee hee sunnies – see am integrating myself into the culture!) and everything goes a funny kind of black when I walk back into the office because it’s so bright outside.

Got a taxi yesterday, before jumping in the guy said in an honest to the big man up stairs Aussie accent “G’day” I thought great! An Aussie taxi driver, he might actually know where I need to go – all of a sudden he turns and says “were you wanttogototoday. Lady?” in a not so Aussie accent! Had a rather impulsive urge to say “To Tracey Island Parker, and step on it” but I suppose it wasn’t really the time or the place. And come to think of it, Parker wasn’t Indian… Hm… the mind boggles.

So I’m thinking that I might do something really interesting this weekend, might go sky diving – or rocky mountain climbing – might even go 2.7 seconds on a bull named FuManchu. ;o) Or I might just go for a walk and stop off at a wine bar on the way back (translation, I will probably go shopping and then find a touristy night club!)

Oh so desperate for someone to gossip with. Seriously…. It’s not like I can even start any. Did you hear about Kylie? See – it doesn’t work, you don’t know who Kylie is!

Did manage to get to the office this morning using the bus (without getting lost! Wo ho High fives all round!) Leaves from the QVB for those of you who know the area. It’s not a bad journey to be honest, get to cross the harbour bridge and see the Sydney Opera house each morning / evening whilst the sun is shining and the wind in the hair riding my Kawasaki (ok the bike was a lie, so was the wind in the hair, am on a sticky busy bus!) – could be worse!

Oooh there was a cockroach in my cupboard this morning, I asked him nicely to leave but apparently he’s claming squatters rights – Aussie cockroaches, what can I say – they’ve no manners!

And on that note, I will leave you all with this link of where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing on Australia Day
Please try to be very very jealous, it makes me enjoy it more! ;o)

Miss you all xxxx (no really – I do, I’ve no one to go out with tonight! xxx)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

Well folks whilst I thought I had the jet lag beaten, I am sorely mistaken! In a rather valiant attempt to convince my body the time on my watch was correct I took myself out for a walk last night with the intention of finding where my bus should leave from this morning Needles to say and true to form, I got incredibly lost and have no idea where I ended up! (lovely city though!) I did however find a pretty impressive looking submarine (pic attached) so by using my incredible powers of deduction, I presume I was on Darling Harbour! Despite this, I then walked around the corner and over a bridge and found my hotel within a 3 minute walk – should I mention it took almost an hour to get to the harbour? No, probably not! Still didn’t find the bus stop though!

And to all those people who said I wouldn’t come across spiders, my response to you is you’re a bunch of big rotten liars! (yes I mean you Noel and Paul!) The picture uploaded was hanging right in front of me as I rounded a corner, I forced myself to back away as much as the camera would allow on zoom and then take a picture and RUN just to prove my point!!! And this one did wink at me! I must admit I was rather proud of myself for not screaming however the incessant scratching was starting to freak out the strangers next to me as was examining every tree I had to walk under before getting to it and then running under or past it, which ever was easiest!

I did however find the bus stop this morning, and managed to get on the correct bus was feeling rather smug and thinking “aren’t I great! Look at me navigating Sydney all by myself”. This positive attitude swiftly came to a halt when I walked in circles for around 30 minutes once I got off the bus, ended up hailing a cab and found out that I was only round the corner in the first direction I took! Never do I claim my navigational skills to be one of my talents! I think they need a spawell!! Ha ha!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Location: Ireland

Hi all, Just thought i'd point out that the weather forecast is for highs of 30 and lows off 16, but don't feel too bad, I'll be in an office for the first two weeks!!

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From paul
thanks for that, now im definitly depressed hahaha.
Response: give it up!
From Emma
Oh and PS, LOVE your hair!!!

Response: Thanks! As you can see, may be slightly more difficult to have an up do for the wedding!! ;o)
From Emma
Oh behalf of everyone in the bloody freezing cold scew you!! LOL

Oh and happy birthday lol

Love ya!
From Paddy Gilley
G'day Jen & Noel,

I am so jealous after looking through all of your photos, it looks like the holiday of a lifetime. Belated Birthday Greetings Jen. Have a great time for what ye have left of it.

Take Care,

From amy
hope u had a fantasic birthday!!!! am soooooo jealous, u get to spend ur birthday over there in the amazing sun n ill prob b spending my 21st in hospital in labour!!! ur photos look brilliant, really looks like ur having a great time. love u both millions n ill c u soon amy xxx
Response: Ha ha - we'll have a belated birthday party for you hunny xx love you lots xx
From Martin
Hi Noel, Jen
Hope your having a ball, certaintly looks like it from all the photos. Happy belated birthday Jen.
Hope your catching some waves photos of that just yey....or maybe I just cant see you ...your so far out to sea...I know you like to do that every now and again...fall asleep on the board. ha ha. Anyway enjoy the rest of your break you two, and have a drink or two for me.

From all da wards
hope your having a good time over there lots of luv.... xxxxxxxxxx from all the ward family.xxxx
From H
Noel where's the surfing pic's have you tried it out ?????????? Still very cold this side enjoy every min of the weather and barby's it's goiing to be cold coming back. Jen it look like you've adapted to the ausie ways of dressing? it's not goiing to work back home
From paul
weres the pic's of brisbane????
Response: Their coming!
From janet ward
hi jen and noel just to let u know were 2 foot under of snow it drifted alot last night have the surf boards out ,scootin down the hill..great crack! sounds like ur havin a ball .say hi to all in brisbane for me ..heno jan and the boys
From Siobhan
Gordon just asked me for link he wants to send you loads of work stuff
Response: Try it..... ;o)
From Siobhan
Hi Guys looks like ure having a great time its snowing here, Henrys son wanted to know if Santa was coming again. get some cream for ure noggin wardy hehehehe
From Richard
Thanks 4 the picture. Tell noel hes still a mupet. Im suprised noel didnt wakeboard off the back of the ferrey. Have a great time.
From mum
Your imagination is so fantastic you make me laugh (even when your serious) i can hardly wait for the next instalment xxxx
Response: Were you on Dad's port?? ;o)
From heno
love the lobster look .some things never change.less pics of ****** animals and more of sites [building] any work out there!enjoy the break .snow forcast for tues will keep you updated see ya
Response: Snow?! Ha ha - it's cooled down to 28 degrees today
From Rosa
Jen, Just to let you know [You may not even be interested] that SA bet Australia in criket!!!! Trust you are having a wonderful time. Take care Rosa
Response: Having great time, thanks Rosa!
From H
Hi Jen
Noel was like a 10 year old today knowing he was going to see Australia.... i mean you.
Enjoy yourselves H
Response: Yeah yeah.....
From Aine ward
hey jen its aine here, hope every things goin well over there and cant believe its gona be over 40 degrees if your out in that you'l be as red as a crab!!..hahaha xxx
P.S: if you can will you try take more pictures of sharks and kangroos??.. xxx
Response: I will of course! We're going to the Australia zoo next week where there should be some pretty good pictures to be taken!
From Richard
No i'm not joking. It looks like a dog. Tell nole he's a mupet.
thanks have a good time in the zoo.
Response: Which one? I'll tell him he's the count from the muppets?
From janette
Anybody ever tell you what a lucky so and so you are. Lost or not you can swap me emptying cupboards for the new kitchen anytime. Just as long as his lordship is in tow. Love ya xx
Response: Ha ha - no thanks! xx
Response: Have to admit, the weather is just glorious! There's a heat wave on the way in due to hit on Thursday, their predicting temperatures above 40 degrees! Factor 30 all the way I guess ;o)
From janet
hows it goin u lucky sucker ,noel was just over and sorted us out ,it doesnt sound like work at all well ur missing nothing at all here doom and gloom ,never got to thank u for the dresses thanks have to get one of those shoe horns to get me in to it but i have a month of rabbit food to look forward to.....nose starting to twitch allready. noel all excited about going it will be busy with the panto this week doing the make ups its a bit of crack iv young henry been trained in to do the lighting which he is enjoying hes nearly done a full week and ready for the off its the panto crowd that asked us to the ball . well slan for now and enjoy
Response: Shoe horn by backside, you and I are the same size! The other dress is hanging in the spare bedroom if you want that one. Whilst the pictures might not show it, there's still a fair amount of work going on, but the evenings are so light it leaves plenty time to catch a few sights!! Looking forward to Noel coming over aswell, it's great fun out here, but a wee bit lonely on my own!
From richard
hi jenn richard ward hope everthing ok send pictures of kangroos and tazmainen devil if you can ?
Response: Hi Richard, pictures of kangaroos on the link under "wildlife park" but I should get some pretty good ones when we go to the Australia Zoo in Brisbane when Noel comes over and the holiday starts! (yeah!) Not sure what a tazmanien devil looks like - are you winding me up by any chance??? ;o)
From henry jr
hi jen lovin the pic's while your over there sun bathing were freezzzzin our but's off in this irish bleedin weather ps;DON'T be hittin on those aussie lad's your a married woman
Response: I'll send some sunny warm thoughts to Ireland!! ;o) Would I EVER?! I'm a married lady! ;o) I'll have my own surf lad here in 4 more sleeps anyway! ;o) xx
From Emma
Apples, are you talking appletons rum by chance my dear lol?? what did i win???? LMAO

I am extremely jelous, did i mention its -35 and snowing here...grrrrrrr

(miss you too lol)
Response: Actually I never thought of that! But no! ;o)