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Jeremy & Sara Go Walkabout

Read about our journey from L.A to Brisbane and wherever we go in-between....

Diary Entries

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Well, we made it!
It took us about 24 hours from L.A to get to Brisbane (including our stop over in Fiji), but we made it!
We have been busy since we've been back: Getting Jeremy set up with an Aussie drivers licence, bank account, medicare card etc. Jeremy has already had an interview with a recruitment agency and we are also on the hunt for a new car! We have also taken time to chill out in this nice hot Aussie summer and spent many hours in the pool... ahhh... paradise!

Saturday, 03 January 2009

Location: West Hollywood, USA

Well here we are. Sitting in our now empty apartment. We are about to disconnect our internet (Our lifeline!) so we thought we would write an entry before we do.
We are looking forward to the new and exciting adventures that await us in Australia. But of course we will also be sad to leave our friends and family here in the US.
Things we will miss here include: Cheesecake Factory, Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper, Our apartment balcony with a view of the Hollywood sign, Brockton adventures, Cheezits, Melrose pub crawls & The Village Idiot just to name a few!
We're hoping some of you will come and visit us down under... a bed will be made up, and the BBQ will be hot... looking forward to seeing you in Oz!
Jez & Saz

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