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We're off to Spain, Prague, and Croatia

Follow us on our drunken trail of Barcelona, Ibiza, Prague and Croatia by sail. Josie, Teneeka and I will be busy working on our tans, (my wall extension) and building long lasting relationships with randoms.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Here we are again in Dubrovnik, for another two days after the Sail croatia. We went into old town this morning and did the walk around of the city walls. Weather is raining... correct raining and forecast is the same for the next couple of days. Very disappointing as were staying at a fantastic place Dubrovnik Backpackers Club, where were actually living with a family, they have a communal kitchen upstairs where Milka (Mama) makes us breakfast and snacks, and Papa is basically just responsible for handing out toxic welcome shots.

We were hoping to take a trip down to Bosnia today, the familyś son also a part of the hostel setup takes a group of about 8 for a snorkelling trip, food type adventure. We fly back out to Barcelona tomorrow arvo, so are basically just chilling in our "home" watching dvds and enjoying being able to load photos to the net without frustration. Check out facebook as Ive posted them there. Too hard to do both.

This will probably be one of our last updates before we come back because theres not much more to report. So well see you all very soon.

xox jess and jose, signing off!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Location: Split, Croatia

Its been a while since our last update (again apologies), we last spoke from Prague... I think??...

So that last news that I would have mentioned was that we were due to fly out of Prague on the 6th for Sail Croatia departing at 1pm that day. So Josie and I may or may not have had a big night, rolled into our hostel at 3am and set our alarms to wake up at 5am. On our way to the tram stop to the airport we decided (probably a bit inopportune) to check our flight details. It was leaving at 6am (not 8.05am like we'd expected). We said a few words (think you can guess) before bailing a taxi and asking him to speed his way to the airport to try and make it. We then realised on closer inspection the flight was actually 2 days earlier... Yes we were well and truly in holiday mode, not checking flights anymore we're so complacent.

So at Prague airport we're doing our own Amazing Race competing against the clock to get a flight to Split before missing the boat. *cringe worthy* $1200 return flights to Dusseldorf, Germany connecting later, we've booked tickets and are guaranteed to make it. hahhaha We CAN laugh about it now. Only just! So as you can imagine, Josie's birthday was a blast!!!! We had to make up for it once we arrived on the boat... that we actually missed after all that.
Caught a 2hr bus to the first stop at Markaska and by that stage with a few beers in hand we were well and truly relaxed.

Its been a great week on the boat, partying most nights. Our boat has a group of 25 from London (Aussie and NZer roomies and friends) but they've actually been great organising dinners, and putting in money for cheese and nibbly platters to hang out on the boat. We've met some great people, and I've met one particularly nice guy and had a Sail Croatia relationship hehe (wink wink, nudge nudge - more info at a later date!)

The boat has ported in Split tonight, then we fly out for a couple of nights in Dubrovnik before heading to Barcelona and home. I'm just settled in holiday mode, not happy about returning now. :(

Monday, 01 September 2008

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

We arrived in Prague today, for a much needed more "relaxing" stay after a few days in Ibiza. Fun times were had, but its interesting to say the least.

The first day we arrived in Ibiza thinking oh my goodness what have we done to ourselves. Our entire hotel was full of pommie gits, don't get me wrong it was a refreshing change from the 100's of Aussie travellers we've been meeting. But whoah. Checked into our somewhat dodgy hotel, so Josie may have had a wardrobe door fall onto her and a shower head fall in the bathtub, but nothing too serious.

We spent the afternoon lazing in the sun before purchasing our FATBOY SLIM TICKETS!! for a mere 50 euros might I add. So had a few g and t's care of our 20 degree hotel fridge, we couldnt understand the language barrier but basically understood from the handyman that came to fix allllllll of our faults that "girls that's as good as it gets".

This is the part where I admit i KARKED it about half an hour before fatboy slim came out, it was 5am when that happened might I add. It only starts happening at about 3am Ibiza time. We watched a set by Too Many DJ's and the whole club was an eye opener, water set us back 8euros and 20euros for spirit mixers pahhah. This club was HUGGGGGE, and put on a real burlesqueish, moulin rouge show with topless girls and very very nice boys :) so we well and truly got our money's worth.

Spent a whole day in recovery mode tanning by the pool, Josie got some "colour" not much else to report, except an attempted theft! [insert ohhhh here]. A guy was roller blading down the hill we were walking up and as he approached tried to subtly nab Josie's bag... luckily her quick reflexes saved the day. There may have been some language (#(%)@. She's still going on about it today!!! Had a lovely dinner on the Cafe del Mar strip, and enjoyed a pretty sunset and multiple sangrias (no still not over them).

Yesterday we hired a jeep (sounds cooler but it was a suzuki vitara) and went round the island. I was main driver but we all tried a hand at music and navigation and our roles were soon set. josie - not navigation, me driving and teneeka was good dj. Found a quaint little spot down a massive decent, for a second we thought our vitara would go over. Had a sweeeet lunch by the beach at a little family restaurant, met some expats now living in Ibiza who picked our accent and wondered how we'd managed to find it! They recommended a place for a Sunday session called The Blue Marlin.

So after a few more beers (no drink driving policy here - however we were responsible) we headed to check it out. AMAZING. like the left bank or cott, but on the beach. Large round beds with people getting served drinks, people had their dogs (and one cat - VERY STRANGE) so we chilled here for a few hours before attempting to find our way back to our bay in the dark. Proved quite easy.

So the group split today which was a bit of a downer, Teneeka was throwing up this morning and probably picked up a virus from Kesh who missed her flight and staying the night in our Schmicko digs.

Sorry its been a long one, but we've had 4 big days to make up.
Till next time, I'll promise to keep it short!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Location: Valencia, Spain

So its been a while since our last update (apologies as drinking and other activities have taken priority).

We left Barcelona tuesday morning - bright and early at 7 on the train to Valencia. Still with no contact from Busabout as to where our hotel was, we arrived at midday and had contact from Teneeka. A lovely hotel (nice change showering without footwear, and trusting your friends not to steal your stuff).

Tomatina was a HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGE day to say the least. We were allocated breakfast times, being that our tour group had booked out the hotel with 400 odd people, not to mention the other 1400 drunken Aussies we´d met the night before doing a Fanatics tour. So we were on the bus headed for Buñol at 7.40. Gaffa tape was circulated around the bus for those opting to wear havi´s (silly silly). We bought what were stein size mugs of sangria for 5euro and headed into the centre in prep for the start time. If you´re not aware they have a leg of ham attached to a pole in the centre of the town. At 10.30 a gun is fired and people compete to try and reach the ham, when someone gets it (because yeh it serves a purpose) a gun is then fired and the tomato haul packs start coming in. There´s one main street with artery streets off each side. Being girls we opted for the side street action. Still no safer.

About 5mins before the start the Sangria had well and truly taken effect and Jana and I were off in search off a loo (El Baño) A lovely Spanish nonna (i dont know the names in Spanish) offered us refuge and nuts.. very hospitable.. the locals get right into it. all on their balconies hosing the crowd down. and boy we needed it. It was one massive sweat pit.

So its basically a mass of tomatoes being shot out of these haul packs by the 12 odd people aboard, and if you don´t catch them, you´re picking them up and ditching them at others around you hahahah. We were all ABSOLUTELY feral by the end of it. We´re yet to see any photographic evidence as we took disposables, but i´m looking forward to it.

We had a huge night following. Many stories were shared, many drinks were had, and excuse my soft side, many friends were made (insert awwww here).

I´m a little sad to leave Valencia as we haven´t really had a chance to suss it all out. We got to the formula 1 track today, and hit up the beach. our first time. Josie and I befriended this guy at a Bagel shop ´Spanish Bagels´ NB: franchise opportunity. Just opened 10 days ago and fantastic bagels. We had... wait for it Brie and Grape.. strange but fantastic combo. So I´ve been spreading the word giving him extra business left cards at our hostel, so hopefully that helps.

We´ve got an early flight to Ibiza at 6am tomorrow and so we´ll have to be up and ready 4.30, so as its approaching 11.30 i´m gonna hit the sack. Hopefully we haven´t bored you with all the nonsense. We´ll be in contact again soon.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Its been a couple of days since our last entry. So hmmm what have we been up to. Hit up H&M for some bargains for tomatina, we´re told to wear all white (better effect for the tomato smears) and so we´re all kitted out with whites and dunlop volley´s.

Friday, Josie and I took a long walk to La Rambla, and found we could purchase Porcupines and turtles in the middle of the street, sadly our hostel would probably not allow it. We also hit up another of Gaudi´s temples the La Segrada Familia... 10 euros for an inside tour and that was quite overrated! We practically crashed.

Decided yesterday we´d take the double decker bus option tanning ourselves by bus around the city instead of walking. proved much a) cheaper and b) more effective. fun times.
Last night was a bit of a doozy. Were supposed to go out to a few clubs and had recruited a group of ppl from our hostel and then bawked at the 20 euro cover charge and drinks of 10euro so instead headed back to our hostel where cheaper drinks and salsa dancing classes were going off in the common room. We´re seeing Spain by hostel.

GHD has been taken from Dorm room and as you can imagine I´m NOT impressed. The lows that some people will stoop to. Not thinking about it. Moving on.

Off to Cooking classes tonight... more sangria, paella and gazpachos... ohhhh dear!

Over and out. Jess

Friday, 22 August 2008

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Wow, yesterday, what a day!!!
We took a recommendation from an NZ couple we met from Wanaka (Bern and Craig - he apparently knows you from school or something - small world names Callum???) to go to this small town called Tarragona about an hour out of Barcelona by Train. Was amazing, beautiful beach with small restaurants, and less touristy. We had a table in the sun and sat for hours drinking Sangria, and shared a mass paella mmm.
We sat on the beach for a couple of hours rating all of the bare naked breasts around us. Girls of about 14 with tops off, I found it a bit confronting but kept mine on nonetheless.

We made it back to our hostel around 7, with just enough time to get changed and ready for our flamenco tour. About 40 people from the group of hostels met at this tapas bar. Had sangria and mini baguettes before our free shots and flamenco tour. Messy night (but alas I'm making progess on my wall extension) and stumbled in around 6 this morning with some other girls I'd met at our hostel.

Today we're all feeling a bit worse for wear, but still in the mood for more sight seeing, heading to the Joan Miro museum, as we decided the hour trek to get to the Salvador Dali one, was a bit of a stretch for us all today.

Catching up with Jana and her friend Kerrie for a drinks and another outing tonight if we can all back it up... See how we go!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Location: Barcelona, Spain

After a much needed quiet night in last night, we woke up early this morning to find a lovely tall blonde girl in the kitchen area. We chose to ignore Teneeka until she came looking for a seat and found us. It was a teary reunion, to say the least.
We spent today at the Gaudi museum, was a real eye opener (yes mum, we´re actually doing cultural things, as well as consuming alcohol). We were shushed by a French cow, but continued on our typical Aussie rant, damn her. Annie P crew the museum had a fantastic souvenir shop, full of Cavallini gear, vintage posters, tins, matchbox music boxes, the girls literally had to drag me away. Our aim was to get to another site to view his other works, but we stumbled across a much needed supermarket, and decided to retire to our hostel common room for the arvo instead.
Tomorrow we´re headed for Tarragona, a 1hr train ride out of Barcelona, to finally get some headway on our tans.
Doing a tapas and flamenco tour tomorrow night, will prove to be messy, I´m guessing.... just a guess.
ps. Jana we also encountered the pregnant woman smoking walk by yesterday and Josie and I were barely able to walk past before dropping our jaws in disgust!!!! TERRIBLE.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Well Josie and I survived our flight.... just!! I woke up to find her spooning me (hard) much like the way Keely did on our last weekend down south. Not that I minded :).
Weàre no sooner off the aeroplane, and onto the bus into our hostel and Josie has been acosted by our bus driver offering personal tour guiding in exchange for our room number and hotel location ahahha. You guessed it, we declined.
We decided to try and stay on Spain time, so have delayed sleeping today, instead hitting the streets for some bargains. Had tapas at a lovely little spot. NB: Do not sit in terrace, or expect 20% surcharge. And if man says "you like tomato" and you reply "ah si", youàll be served the Spanish equivalent of garlic bread, you guessed it, bread smeared with tomatoes (probably much like the dregs of those weàre going to have all over us next week) Not knowing tipping rules, and being stingey Australianàs we neglected to tip ooopsies.

Jess and Josie. over and out. Apologies for all the annoying signs.... bahhh European keyboards...°°çòL"!!!

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From Jana
Shit you retard! i cant believe you missed your flights. You are OFF my list of potential amazing race partners.

Interested to hear about sail croatia for sure. Oh and good news you have a job when you get back...decorating my new room..yep i'm moving out in a week.
Response: sweet, you know nothing excites me more than a renovation rescue ahah. count me in. give me a budget and i will be on my way. see you soon. xo
From Keely
love the diary entries jess...i'm waiting to hear about the tanned and gorgeous man who sails the seas and has befriended little jessica...
Response: hehehe keely, who would have thought, yes yes you will be getting a detailed account whether you like it or not!! hahaha
Jess you alawys have a good storie to tell. Your Eman is teaching Bella very well so I here. Can't wait to catch up when you get back. By the way Mum has booked as in to go out on the Boat !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Response: uhhhh who is this? but yes, must catch up on the boat!
From Jacinta
Hi Jess and Josie, It's been great reading about your trip. Looking forward to catching up when you get back. What date do you get back? I'd love to see photos. Miss you both girls.
Love Jacinta xo xo
Response: thanks jc, yeh having a great time, we dumped the 30+ only yesterday for nothing so our tans are only just starting :(
From sue
Happy Birthday Josie! thinking of you lots... I know you will be celebrating in style on the sail boat!!
lots of love mum, dad, jehanne and bro davidxxx
Response: hi mom and dad, having a great time in cro, we missed our flights, and are more than happy to accept any compensation you may like to offer (that was jess)... had a great birthday, tell you more soon. xox lots of love josie.
From Jana
F* can you believe how much they charge at these places! Nothing makes you sip a drink like paying 20 euros for it!

Enjoy Sail Croatia, you'll be so relaxed at the end of it. And i'll try and get tomatina photos up, just need to find somewhere to print them...bloody prehistoric film camera.
From Sue
hi Josie, tried emailing you but it was returned, guess your box is full! Are you still in Prague? love mumx
From Elvis, E Man, Poochi
Oh Mummy missng you heaps... Looking forward to lots of licky smikies and cuddles on your bed when you get back.
G Mommy is looking after me, and I am training little Bella to be a good little Pooch.... Just like ME..........
From Sue
Jess and Josie make sure you don't drown in Sangrias you naughty girls! Your trip sounds like lots of fun, thanks for writing the journal Jess!
Miss you xx love mum/sue
Response: Hi mom, We´ll be in Prague in two days, and I will call you then and inform you of all our news. Love Josie and Jess xo
From kristy
loved the update... keep em coming !!
From kristy
hey lurver.....
sooo glad you survived the "red juice district" yesterday !! hope walter didn't get too stained ?? i suppose nothing a few granuales of nappy san won't cure !! haha
devastated to hear your loss (rip ghd's) - could that be the reason we see no photo's ?? are you looking/feeling a little fuzzy ??
we'll love you (almost) just as much !!
until next we meet, keep running amuck !! i want juicy stories on your return !!
mwa mwa
with love from your candy cow xxxxx
Response: i miss you xox in a completely non sexual way (ahh who my kidding) i´ve got dinner party ideas overflowing my brain. paella, sangria, and tapas!!! mmmm we´ll have to charge per head though, work something out.
From dusty
Jess we are so jealious of you . OMG the GHD'S i cant belive someone would take thme how low is that.
Christa has got her new Bichon called Poppy oh so cute.
Response: yay, i´ve met three other girls with bichons here (recruiting club members!!). my boss´s dog is called poppy too! GOOD CHOICE!
From Jana
Nice work on the p ranger site! Cant believe we missed the flamenco thing, i didnt check what day you had sent it so ´tomorrow´stuffed us up.

Fricken smokers everywhere..
Response: yeh how is it you get smoker's cough when you don't even smoke.. not fair.
From ann & Jacqui
Hi there Jess

Glad to know your still alive and well, heard about the massive spainair crash, was all over the news here.

Hope you came out of the tapas flamenco tour ok.

Have a great time Jess

Ann + Jacqui
Response: yeh, shame we booked everything by air instead of ferries, regretting that a bit now!!!
From Julie
Hi Jess,

glad to know you arrived OK and probably with your luggage this time!!!
Have lots of fun
Response: yes, its daunting wondering if its going to come out, but surely that can only happen once every few years ahha.
From Mum
Glad to hear you are "spooning" with someone you know and not any randoms!!!
Response: well i don´t have elvis, so i have to do the best i can, but alas there will be randoms... possibly Bull fighters!!!
From Mum
Hope your journey went well and Walter's too.
Look forward to reading about your adventures
Response: Walter has been getting upto mischief, spent the flight entertaining a small singaporean girl ahha and today he jumped off the hotel staircase (a fall of 5 levels) but luckily the net caught him. show you pics later.