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Jess in Australia

Hi friends and family! Thanks so much for visiting my page. Seeing that it's very difficult to write e-mails to everyone, this will have to do. Anyway, I'll try to post pictures and update you on what I'm doing down under. Please write a message anytime. I miss you all!


Diary Entries

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Location: Australia

Hi everyone.
I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've written. I've realized over the past four months that I am just not a journaler. :)

Nevertheless, I will make a final attempt to make an entry. Today marked my last day of school for the semester. Overall, I found Bond Uni to be easy, which is good seeing that my grades actually count. (Most students from the US who come over here only have to get passing grades.) I'm lucky enough to have all my finals two weeks early. . . How I got that schedule I have no idea, but I'm going to use the next month to play! I'm heading to Perth tomorrow night to visit my friend Caitlin (who is studying too) for the week. After that I'm spending some time in the Gold Coast before I have to leave, and then Jeanine, Dana and I are going to go sailing in the Whitsunday Islands (bottom of the Great Barrier Reef) before flying home. This semester has been amazing. I'm so glad you all could see pictures as I made my way around Australia. I look forward to seeing you all when I get home!!


Monday, 31 January 2005

Location: Australia

I am officially 21 years old! We celebrated a day early because my birthday was on a Sunday. It is definitely a perk being able to legally drink in Australia because we could start the festivities early. We started the night playing Gin and drinking wine at our place. After that, went bar hopping in Surfers Paradise. On Sunday we went to Fisherman's Wharf (an open pub on one of the marinas). It was fun to hang out and watch the Australian Open with all the locals.

School has been going well. I don't have any busy work in my classes, only two tests and a paper for each class, so it gives me plenty of time to get out and see the country. I'm planning to go to Brisbane this weekend with my roommate Dana, and we already have a 3 day surfing weekend planned. (That should be interesting . . .! :) haha)

I've posted pictures since my last entry . . .hope you all enjoy!! Anyways, life's great, I'm so thankful to be here!

Thanks again to everyone who sent me an e-mail or called me on my birthday, it meant a lot.


Tuesday, 18 January 2005

Location: Australia

Well, I just finished my second day of classes and my first week of school. This semester consists of two days of classes and five day weekends. Just pray that I can stay focused on my studies with all that free time ;) All the students are extremely nice as well as the professors. It's interesting because there are a lot of foreign students at Bond Uni as well as foreign professors. So one of my professors is from England, and the other is from China. We had orientation in Cairns, a small city up near the Great Barrier Reef, where we went diving in the Great Barrier Reef, held a koala at a zoo, and learned a little about the Aborigine people. It was an awesome time. We have found an apartment about 3 blocks away from school. So, to all you Fuhrmann aunts who were worried about me finding a place - I found one!! It's only about $380 US a month. That includes two pools, a work out facility, your own bed room and bath. We are very lucky and very satisfied with how things turned out. (I'll be posting pictures soon!) For the past week we've pretty much been laying by the pool/beach and going out at night. It hasn't really felt like school until now; its felt more like a vacation. Tonight we're off to a school sponsored "Drink the Pub Dry" night at a local bar in Surfers Paradise. Bond is really good about having events where you can meet other students, so it should be a good time. Can't wait to hear from all of you!! Miss you all - Jess

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Recent Messages

From Dad
sweetie, left you a vm on your cell, call home, dan made decision on school, plus last night was the Senior pronk.

Love you,

From mary jo colvin
Have a great time these last couple of weeks.Am looking forward to seeing you and hearing all your adventures.MJ
Response: Thanks Mary Jo! See you soon.
From Diane Dragan
Hi Jess, Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I just clicked on your site for the first time and I'd like to come and visit! It looks and sounds like you are having a great time. I'm sure the time is going all too fast. This year we have three different spring breaks so our house is pretty crazy. I'll have Steven,Danielle, and David log on. Carry on!!! Diane
Response: Hey Diane!!!
I'm so glad you found the site! I'm having a blast. I'm in Sydney right now with my friend Jeanine, so I'll be posting pictures of that soon. Time is flying by! I'm sad that I have to leave this beautiful country. Anyway, tell all the kids I say hi!!

Talk to you soon!
From karl berg dds
I am talking to your mom as i am writing to you. Make sure to brush twice/day, especially w/braces! your mom says so, not me. Hope you are having fun. It sounds wonderful. great pix.

Response: Hey Karl! Glad to hear you found the site. I'm having an amazing time. My friend Jeanine and I are heading to Sydney on Wednesday, so I've been busy getting school work done. Anyways, thanks for the note. See you when I get home! :)

From Carolyn
Happy Birthday...oh so late, I am chatting with your Mom and just figured out how to access your site and send a message. Too Fun!!! Love ya
Response: Carolyn. . thanks for wishing me a happy birthday, but that was about a month ago!! haha. Anyway, I'm glad you finally found the site! Hope all is well with you.

Love ya!
From Colin aka Swanny

I am so jealous that you have been able to go to all those places and I have only still toured around just Perth. When are we going to meet up and party in Australia?!!?? My cell phone number down here is 0405978204. Call me Jess! Love to here from you! Cheers Colin
Response: How are you going mate? Let me know when you're coming and I'll be ready to show you the amazing Gold Coast!!! I've heard Perth is gorgeous, so I am sure you're having an amazing time seeing that beautiful city. Try to catch up with Caitlin Mansfield if you get a chance - she's going to school in Perth too. Let me know if you need her number again. Send me an e-mail ( when you get your act together and are heading over to this side of the island.

Talk to you soon Swanny!!
Love ya!
From Mom
Hi to All! Dan & I just returned from Creighton U. Nick was a gracious host and gave Dan a glimpse of college life. He is very well known on campus - cars were constantly honking their greeting!! Well it is hard to pick a favorite city from your pictures. The whole country looks awesome! Good luck on mid-terms this week.
Response: Thanks mom. I'll talk to you soon. I'm so glad Dan liked the school. . .
From Jackson Nyman
Hey Jess!! Hope you're having a good time! Good Luck!
Response: Hey Jack!!
Thanks buddy, what have you been up to? I hope school is going well for you. . . Talk to you soon (and see you in 3 months!).

From Cathy, Kevin and Kat

How could you "possibly" be missing everyone with all this fun hanging around you! All I know is that 21 for me was 30 years ago... UGH! But, good news... I don't look that icky number. Just last week one of the Mgrs at work thought I was in my late 30's... so, you see you have something to shoot for! So, Happy 21st... :-)

Well, WE ALL enjoyed the snow on Bighorn Drive in Chanhassen. Especially, shoveling all 9" of it... how could you NOT miss that!! (Chuckle chuckle)

Sorry we missed your birthday, however, we have been knee deep in a 5th grade school project for Kevin (Invention) that took up ALL (literally) our days, nights, and weekends to the point I wasn't in bed until midnight, got up went to work and did it all over. Needless to say, everything got shoved to the side. Good news! The project was delivered on time and Kevin did very well! He better have!! Whew.

Just this week, Uncle Martin helped me get our computer back up and running as it had been down for many months. If not for him, I would not be talking with you know.

As for all this sage advice you're getting, now that you're 21... I'm not saying one word... that will be my BEST piece of advice.

Now, here's Kevin... Hi Jessica, on February 2nd on Wednesday at 1:45 pm in the afternoon when I was playing one on one with my gym teacher I was playing a basketball game with him. It was in the middle of the game! I got the ball back when he scored and he guarded me really well. So, I did a cross-over to make him fake block me and I hit a 3 pointer to school him and then the next day I said to my gym teacher "when I scored that 3 pointer, did I school you with that 3 pointer?" He replied, "Yes!" Yea!!! And that makes me a really good basketball player! See you, Kevin.

Now, let's hear from Katie Holmes... Hi Jessica, today in school we have a teacher Mrs. Lorenz and she is right across from my room. I was glad because Mrs. Lorenz brought in her puppy, Ringo, and he's a baby yellow lab. Did you know I want to be a Vet someday??!! Anyway, continuing... when I was in school and I met Ringo the second time and she was running down the hallway and all of a sudden she comes up an bites one of my friends fingers, Grant Munch, (yep, that's his real name; his nickname is Munchy!). It was funny because the puppy wouldn't let go. I heard from one of my other classmates that the puppy stayed in their classroom all morning... You have a safe time and I love you and see you in a few months... Love Katie....

So, we'll be signing off now and be happy and safe.

Cathy, Kevin and Katie Holmes
Response: Hey guys. . .
You all sound BUSY!! I'm glad to hear Kev and Katie are doing so well in school. Thanks for the B-day wishes . . . .

From mary jo colvin
Thanks so much for sharing your life over there.It's so fun to see all your pics.Happy belated bday.Looks like a good time was had by all.You are getting tanner as you go on there.You should be black by the time you come back to all us white folk.Enjoy!Love ya,MJ
Response: Haha. . .I feel like my skin has plateau; i'm not getting much color anymore. Tell the boys and Kim I say hi!!

From George and Charlene
Happy Birthday to you - Happy Birthday to you - Happy Birthday dear Jessica - Happy Birthday to you. If you sing this you'll get the idea. I know I"m late with this birthday greeting. By now being 21 is old hat for you. We finally got a chance to see your pictures. I looks like you had a good birthday party. I read all of your writings on my computer and you seem to be doing quite well both socialy and school wise. Have a good time and don't forget why your there school wise. That is enough for this time. Will try again on another day.
Response: Thanks for the note Nana and Papa. I had an awesome B-day and school is going well. I hope you had a good time in Las Vegas!!

From Chelsea
Hey Jess,
Happy Birthday!!! I am glad to see that you and your girls are having such a great time. I wish I would have been able to buy you a drink on your B-day, ohh wait I can't legally do that, but we will pretend! When you return I owe you one! Your pictures are great, it looks so beautiful!! Well continue having fun, don't forget to study, at least a little ;). Talk to you soon! Take care! Roomie, Chels.... WE miss ya around the house! And the girls say hello.
Response: Hey Chels!!! Long time no talk! ;) This summer is going to be a blast for the sole reason we'll be able to go to the bars! Tell the girls I say hi.

From Beth Whinnery
Happy Birthday Jessica -
It looks like you are having a blast - wish i were there. Now I have to say you did quite a bit of mixing on your birthday - how did you feel the next morning? Wine, jello shot, shot, beer, and a mixed drink - those are just the ones in the pictures - scary. i would have barfed for sure.
I was not a big picture taker in college - thank god becuase I would probably have as many pictures of me drinking as you do. The boys look cute too - make sure you are enjoying all of your experiences to the fullest - you know what I mean.

Love Ya
Response: Yeah, I'm not a picture taker either. . . all the pictures on the site are from Shelley's camera. The boys are pretty cute here. There are, of course, not so cute ones . . .but in general, they're cute. I actually woke up the next morning feeling fine, I think it's because I didn't have any beer. My parents called me at 9 in the morning; I had a glass of water; I went back to bed, and then woke up again at about noon. We then laid by the pool the rest of the day . . . and I didn't throw up once!

P.S. Don't worry, I'm livin' it up! ;)
Happy Birthday, Jessica. I know today is yesterday for you, but I bet the thrill of being 21 is still fresh in your mind. Just think you will always remember where you were when you became "legal". I sure can't remember where I was, oh yes in Wisconsin, with the cows! What a "world" of difference, it continues to amaze me -- I'm living through you. Keep the pictures coming, I feel I'm there with you. Oh, and from now on I will never doubt you again, finding an apartment, without any earlier arrangements... I should have known everything would come together. Always remember and never forget... The education you are getting isn't in the books and classes, it's the life you are living each and every minute you are there. Take it all in.....Love you lots, Cindy
Response: Thanks Cindy,
Everything is going awesome . . .I'm waiting for something bad to happen because everything is literally wonderful (too wonderful in fact). I will remember I was in Australia for my 21st, but I don't remember a lot of the night. It was fun to wake up the next morning and hear all the stories from the girls! :) I'll keep the pictures coming!!

From Craig Fuhrmann
Happy birthday!!!!
It’s great to see that you and your roomies are cherishing the moments. So, does turning 21 feel liberating? Enjoy ..Enjoy ..Enjoy.. Sophia, Noah and Beth send there love and hugs too…
Response: Hey Craig,
I think it'll really hit me when I can come home and order wine at a restaurant or run to the liquor store. The night before I left for Australia we went to the Oceanaire for dinner and I tried to order wine, but they denied me. So, it'll nice to be able to go to dinner and have a glass of wine in the US. Other than that . . . it was certainly a liberating evening. It was a blast. Talk to you soon.

From Nicholas Mendes
Happy Birthday Jess!!! Hope you had a good night out there even though turning 21 isn't that big a deal in a country where the drinking age is 18. Anyways, happy birthday and I will be sure to get all the stories from Neiners.

Response: HAHA. . .Nick, I had an amazing evening - probably one of the craziest nights of my life. I'm sure you've already gotten the low down and all the stories from that night, but thanks for the well wishes. I'll talk to you soon.

From Dad

HAPPY B-DAY! 21 years old, now you are a legal adult anywhere in the World.

Well, I really enjoyed the pictures of my daughter adapting to the Aussie Natl holiday. VB, now you are in the main stream...

Looks like all had way much fun, evidence are the pictures where your eyes are like slits... Obviously NO CLASS the next day :-))

I noticed that David looks like someone else you both know...

Looks like you guys are having a blast!

Love you,

Response: Thanks Dad - don't worry, I was in complete control that night! :)

Love you!
From Lynda robinson
Hey Jess, great pics thanks for setting this up. I can't wait to show Tom. He will really enjoy them. You girls take care of each other and have a great time. I keep looking for your updates k.
Thanks again, pics are fab.
Response: Hi Lynda!
We're having an awesome time! Last night we had a huge BBQ down by the pool . . .grilled some stake, had some wine from our winery tour, and played Gin. We had a nice relaxng Sunday evening. We're going to try to do something fun for Australia Day (1/26) and then of course my B-day on Sunday. Anyway, we're looking out for eachother and having a blast while doing it!! I'll tell Jeanine you say hi. Talk to you soon. . .
From Papa George
I sent one e-mail to you yesterday. I'm not sure if it got to you. I've had some trouble with my computer these past few days and have been woring on getting it to work. I mentioned last time that they had 9" of snow yesterday back home. I'm sure glad we are here in AZ and will miss it all.

It sounds like you are in the right place at the right time. Make the most of your free time because you'll not get back there for a laong long time. Good luck in your studies.

We will try to warite again later. We are getting ready to go to Las Vegas tomorrow, sunday.

Papa George
Response: Hi Papa!!
I didn't get your e-mail, but maybe it'll come in the next couple of days. I'm so glad that I'm missing all that snow. It sounds awful. Have fun in Las Vegas, you'll have to write when you get back and tell me all about it.
From staci (kelleigh's mo
Wow!!!! I'm jealous! Sounds and looks like you are having an awesome time and living in paradise. Kelleigh really wants to come down and visit 4 knows. I know she misses you like crazy and was crushed that she missed seeing u before you left. keep posting photos and updates. motherly advice....USE SUNSCREEN
Response: Hi Staci,
It's so great to hear from you!! I'm going to try to persuade Kelleigh to come down here, she would love it!
P.S. I'm using 30+ sunscreen . . . We tried to find something less than that, but It's very hard . . . at least I'm not walking around red as a tomato! :)
From Mary Jo Colvin
I have to say that I am greeeeen with envy.You are in a place that I've always wanted to see and you're living there!Sounds like you have a gruling class schedule.Ha-ha.I love the pictures and will tell the boys about your site.They are both back at school and Kim is back to being an only child.We're actually having dinner with your folks tomorrow night.Enjoy and i'll keep peeking in on you.Thanks for sharing your experience with us.Love ya,Mary Jo
Response: Hi Mary Jo,
Do tell the boys about the page, I would love to hear from them. Oz has been amazing, you should definitely try to come down here . . . it would be a great family trip! Hope everything is well at home; stay warm!! :)
From Spencer Tregilgas
Hey Jess,
Sounds like a great time down under. The time is going to fly by. Great idea your mom had to put up the site so that you don't have to write everyone individually. It's always nice to get a personalized letter but I know how it is to try to keep in touch with everyone individually and it's not easy. All the best and I'll pray for you.
Spencer Tregilgas
Response: Hey Spencer!! I know, hopefully this page will turn out great. Hope Cali is treatin' you well; tell Wesley and Meagen I say Hi. Keep me posted on any new acting gigs!!
Sure sounds as if this might be the hardest you'll ever have to work at having fun-NOT.
Looking forward to some of the pictures.
Word of advice.... enjoy..enjoy..enjoy :)
Hey Craig,
Thanks for the note. Oz has been a blast so far.
From Kathrine Jones
Hi kiddo-
Dad forwarded your address to me.
Glad you are there safe and sound!
My word, looks like you have plunged right in. You held a koala- wow, I will have to tell my animal loving daughter! You are a very conscientious student -you will do wonderful with your studies!
Take care, be safe so we don't have to worry about you!
- Kathrine
Hey Kathrine,
It's so good to hear from you. When your daughter becomes a Vet assistant, she should definetly make a trip to Oz. There are tons of awesome animals!! No worries, school will be great - Talk to you soon.
From Lou Cooper
I hope you enjoyed the Scuba. I am sooo jealous since I would love to dive on the Great Barrier Reef.
Do well and have fun !!!!!
Response: Hey Lou,
The Reef was amazing. We saw sting ray, awesome fish, and reef sharks. Someone in my group saw a turtle, but I've heard those are very unusual. You'll definetly have to come scuba here sometime! Great to hear from you!