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Jim's Summer Folly

I'll be cycling across Canada this summer (from Vancouver to St. John's). Many thanks to family and friends for their support in making this possible (including all those dog walks eh?). Some of you (a few? one?) have expressed interest in keeping track of me while I'm on the road. In keeping with the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll be updating this site (after June 21) with photos and BRIEF entries as time and technology permit. Hope you enjoy "the ride".

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Recent Messages

From Demmons
Fabulous photos, Jim! Just enjoying the site now since computer time available now that the our wedding is over. Your family wedding is just ahead...two exciting adventures for you in the summer of 2006! Congrats on both!
Response: Hey thanks P...

We were just looking at the photos of your beachside event. looked like a grand party. sorry I wasn't able to be there.

Response: hey dat looks great. Mike just gave me the name of a good little restaurant/bar very close to the hotel. See you really soon,
From Erica
Yay! The Ocean! Now you guys can be like good Murton children, and start pedalling really really fast all the way there- so you can jump in the ocean with all your clothes on...

Have fun! Love e
Response: yes indeed dearie... hope you had a good time in Ottawa. I`ll let you know where we`re staying in Sydney, in case you can pop out for a visit...
From kate Murton
Well I have finally got qround to working out the details of yourand my next big adventure...Hotel in Paris is as good as booked! Hurry have some laundry and packing to do...And, your wedding clothing is all set to go as well. what a couple of days off doesn't allow! See you soon. Love, K
Response: okeydoke hon...
boarding the ferry in an hour. see you on Sunday.
From Mary-Margaret
Dear Jim: The end is in sight.
I have enjoyed following you
across Canada. Glad you had
time to see your ladies in Ottawa. Have a great finish
and remember they need you
in Ottawa!! Love, Mary-Margaret
Response: Thanks Mary-Margaret. I`m glad you enjoyed the trip.
From Liza
Michel & Mia just sent me your URL...Way to go, Jim....I am SO impressed!! Hope it continues to be as much fun as it looks so far...and may the sun continue to shine on you all.
Response: It`s a blast, Liza. I`d recommend it to anyone as a way of clearing out years and years of `career stuff`
see you when I get back.
6 more riding days...
cheers, jimmy
From jody
HI Mr. Murton, That picture of Pancake Bay is amazing. It is one of my favourite places in the whole world. That picture brought back a gazillion wonderful memories. I can't wait to be back in Ontario. Jody
Response: ach yes, you'll be here soon, laddie...
From Ron
Wow . . . you are having a great trip. The photos are fabulous; especially the one in Rossport :) It looks just like I remember. I had many, great Lake Trout dinners at the Rossport Inn. I'm retired now. When does the next trip across Canada start . . . I'm in! Cheers, Ron
Response: You are retired now??? Congratulations, man. You'll love it as I do. We'll connect when I return. Sign up for the next one. it's the best way so see this country.

From Joe the Knife
Glad to hear you made it to Ontario! Betcha by now you're wishing you kept the motorcycle! Hey....Ron's retired now, so the three of us can start up a business once you get back...all for one and one for all!!

Response: yah, i just heard from Ron. that's great news. we'll set up a "meeting" in early september when I'm back for good (or until the next trip...)
I'm here with friends in barrie. he's got a motorcycle, so i'm out for a spin tomorrow. yahoo....

From cecilia Sev
Jim - great stuff - I'm slightly envious - but that is just me and not my legs - anyway just to say I will knit socks if necessary - good luck - cheers etc , Cecilia
Response: Hey there Cecilia...
Socks would be good. It`s getting a bit chilly out here...
See you when I get back.
From Sev
Hey Jim,
I'm impressed ! You are on a mission. It is huge, Jim.
Enjoy every moment of it. It is once in a lifetime event. Your fitness level is amazing.
Good luck !

Response: Hey Sev...
Thanks for the kind words. Sorry for the late reply. I had much better internet access in the first half of the trip....
See you in the fall.

From Dolores
Hi Jim: Kate put me on to your wonderful web site. I wish I had known about it earlier. What a gloriously grand adventure and incredible accomplishment for the father of the bride. I will continue to follow your progress and look forward to seeing you in September. All the best. Dolores
Response: Hey there Dolores...
Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we'll see you at the grand party in September.
From Clarke Webster
Dear Jim: Clarke wanted to
know how your saddle sores were? M-M
Response: Hey there.
No problems with them. I guess I'm tough enough now...
From Laura
Hi Dad congrats on making it to Manitoba. It appears you went instantaneously from prairie to forest...though I'm sure it didn't feel like it to you guys! I remember from driving here that it seems they made the border where the trees start. Wouldn't want to tarnish our good prairie reputation with those darn trees. Hope the bugs are biting - bike FASTER! Sorry i keep missing your calls...keep trying!

Love Lau
Response: yah hon, I'll keep trying. tried yesterday July 26, but still no answer...
From Jim Murton
Hey Neighbour your pictures and stories, looks like you are having a great time . Here in Ottawa we've been suffering through some high humidy and hot temperatures which brought on some wild thunderstorms last night. Your boys are doing well, Rylee and I have been taking them for walks. We've been giving Olie a ball to play with and he even seems a little frisky when he's out there with it.
Take care and continued success, enjoy the ride through Winnipeg and Northern Ontario !!
Response: cheers peter....
see you in a bit under 4 weeks (brief rest stop...).
From Bert
Hi Jim, truly impressive! Makes me remember the last time we biked large distance together, Lake George ..... does that count?
Looking forward to seeing you in Aliston next month.
Take care
Response: hey there bertie... Yah, i even get a rest day there... I'll call when I get closer to town... (can't remember the date...)
From From Don
Hi Jim
Receiving pictures loud and clear, thank you. Band has been shut down for 2 weeks.No Fun.
Hope you like the big hills in northern On. Hope you don't get fog at T-Bay. See the big goose at Wawa. Also Rainbow Falls. Stop at Batchawana Bay, Old Woman's Bay, Pancake Bay on Lake Superior. It's 1300 miles from Manitoba/Ontario border to Ottawa. Hope to see you when you pass through. Keep up the great work. Don
Response: cheers don...
say hi to the bandfolk for me. and wish them all break a leg at maxville....
From Paula
I sent you a message a few days ago but I don't see it in here. My message read something like this, " You are an inspiration to all of us 50 something year olds. Let us know when you will be in Alliston so we can come for a visit."
Keep eatin' your Wheaties.
Response: hey paula...
I'll let you know soon... hope your number is 722-4642 as that's the one that i have. if we can't connect I'll get a message to kate.
From Kate
Jim, glad to see you are safely into your third province! Enjoy Mr. Cinque's fine company, as I always do, and give the girls a big hug from me; good to hear you all having so much fun(even if I could not make out a word anyone was saying)! Much love K
Response: time with james was a blast... we'll have to offer him the house when he gets here in the fall.... be sure to work on that paris hotel reservation eh?
From Paula
Way to go Jim! You are one amazing 50 something year old.
Let us know when we can meet you in Alliston.
Response: Hey Paula...
We get into alliston August 8 and have a rest day on August 9 there. I"ll call when I get a bit closer,
From Laura
hey dad carson talked to toronto today - looks like it's a done deal - now just a matter of when...sometime in the fall. Carson will need to recruit andrew for a flight down to City Centre Airport for a chat during the week before the wedding. Woohoo! Ask Lewis if he can cut us a real good deal on a condo! Love Laura
Response: I'll let them know you're looking for something in the 50K range...
I'll call (maybe even tonight...)
From Jen
Hi Uncle Jim,

Enjoy reading your entries and seeing your pictures!! Looks like you are having an amazing trip!! You must have legs of steel by now!!!! Have fun!

Response: legs of steel , buns of almost steel... Keep on enjoying...
From Laura
Hi Dad thanks again for a fantastic visit in Drumheller. It was great to catch up and enjoy together a dinner of genuine and delicious Alberta Beef! I'm bursting with pride for you. Love Laura
Response: hey lauralu...
I'll call you from Regina. wait. you're going to the lake. maybe today. i'll try later. if not, we'll talk next week.
From Gord
Hey Jim, your travel log looks great. I can now say I am certified as a dog walker. Trew and I walked the dogs last night and we managed to bring them both home, fed and watered them and they were no worse for wear. Hooray! Cheers,
Response: oooohhhh...
Thanks so much for looking after the boys. have a great time on your vacation (next week???).
From Bobomacarowdo
Gawd, you're looking old Jim! Must be the camera. They say it adds 10 years. No, that was 10 pounds. Figured out who it is yet? Let me know if you are coming through Stittsville. Best wishes. Bobo
Response: not quite stittsville... Kate said you called a couple of nights ago. Hope you're getting lots of sailinlg in. (I'm not...)