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Jim Wilts Travels 2009-2010


I've started this site to keep people up to date with my goings on.

My Basic Itinerary is China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, the US and home but how long this will take is unclear.

I of course have my facebook and a mobile to call me on which is +37259244867.

See you soon and please all stay in contact

Jim, Jamie, James


Diary Entries

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Location: Top of NZ, Fiji and some USA, Fiji

Hi everyone, firstly sorry for the delay in getting this blog up. It's been a manic few weeks and wifi has been pretty scarce so I've not been able to get the blog of mu iPhone. Anyway in this episode I've seen the north island of NZ, been to Fiji for two weeks and have arrived in LA so you'll get the first part of the road trip too..... Enjoy!

So i arrive in Wellington on the north island of NZ. This is a really nice city, some of the buildings and architecture seems pretty old or at least been influenced by a lot older ones. I had a great walk around, and had a few evenings in the local bars listening to live and acosutic gigs which was nice. Went to the museum which is free, loads of stuff in there as well as a collosial squid. It was obviously dead and encased in a kind if amber but it's the largest one ever found in tact. When they discovered it. It was alive and feeding on a fish being pulled in from a fishing trawler in the antarcic. It was definately worth a visit and especially for free.

Met a guy who's grandma dated this guy in high school, we all tried to guess who it could be but no one got it, when he told us I almost fell off my stool laughing. His gran dated Colonel Sanders aka The Colonel aka Mr KFC himself! Haha how crazy is that!

From Wellington i headed to Rotorua for the geothermal park. This area has masses of volcanic activity from boiling mud pools, sulpher lakes and steaming geysers. As soon as I got off the bus you can smell the sulpher in the air. It's such a weird place as there are loads of these steaming pools around the town and not just in the parks. 

Once leaving there i went to Taupo. It all revolves around Lake Taupo which is an old volcano from what i'm told, its now full of water so no chance of going off now. While here I did the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the Tongariro National Park. Trekked up Mt Doom which was pretty tough. Was about 22k in total over 6hrs so very tiring. On the way the tour guide tried to sell us a brekfast pack which had OJ and a bacon and egg pie. She tried hard but the Jew bloke next to me wasn't having going to buy one! 

From here went to Matamata, this little town was amazing. I stayed at a house just in town, the lady who owned it (Connie) was a total star. I had been given her details so wasn't sure what to expect but it was great. Had my own little granny flat type place in the garden and was allowed to wash my clothes there. I came here as Matamata is the town where the Alexanders farm, this farm is so special because it's where Hobbiton was filmed for LOTR. It was so great being there, being a big fan of films it was so cool being on the party lawn and standing outside Bag End.

On my flight to Fiji, as we were arriving the cabin crew made this outstanding statement "thank you for flying with us" bla bla bla " would all passengers who need a wheel chair please remain seated" haha no s**t!

While in Fiji, i stayed at Drift In hostel in Nadi, the owners there were great and very helpful with anything we needed. Fiji is such a nice place, very laid back people and everyone seems very eager to help where they can. I was spending £8 a day and this got me breakfast and dinner, sometimes lunch and even free beers thrown in as well so hospitality is top notch. Met loads of cool people too, one guy Kieron who it's like we've been mates for years. There seem to be loads of younger people in Fiji, met loads of 18 and 19 year olds (all of which thought I was no older than 24 which is a bonus). Funny speaking to them and hearing their views and chatting about stuff. Kieron is 26 so we were talking about tv programmes we watched as kids and the music we like. It's when you hear some of the younger lot talk about this too that i start to feel old. We were talking about if we could arrange a festival and could have 10 acts living, broken up or dead who would we have. In no order I had Queen, Marvin Gaye, Nirvana, The Beatles, Bob Marley, The Stones, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix. There are loads more I wanted but only had 10 so settled for these. The younger lot were saying stuff like The Spice Girls, Pendulum (who are a drum and bass type act) and Pink to name a few. I think the oldest people to be put forward were Wham and they didn't even know who Andrew Rigley was so the minds boggles. Haha, poor deprived folk when there is so much music out there. After a few days me and a few of the others went to an island called Mana,
this place is very tropical and very hot. Snorkled most days over the reef which was pretty amazing. Tropical cyclone Thomas battered much the east side of Fiji. There was a chance that it could come back around but hit us on Mana but thankfully it didn't. When i got back to the mainland after a week i stayed back at Drift In, been clubbing with the locals too and the guys from the hostel, not what we get back home but still a really great night. Was pretty wasted, drank some stuff called dirty pi which is lager, rum, vodka, gin and coke. It doesn't actually taste that bad but gets you wasted.

Now in the US, been around Long Beach and Orange County within LA. On Monday we decided on a road trip, we wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite, San Francisco then back to LA. This is about a 2000 mile round trip so quite a lot to do in 8 days and see everything. 
Grand Canyon was incredible, it's hard to get explain how a big hole in the ground is something worth seeing but it really is spectacular. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves on this one. 
Also been to Vegas, this place is insane. Unlike anything I've ever experienced basically because of the fact that there is so much money floating around and it shows in the size and grandure of the casinos. We were staying in one of the smallers ones on the main strip but it was only a 10 minute walk to get into the thick of it. At night it's amazing but suprisingly dull in the day just because the lights are off and everyone is chilling out. Great place though and I'll definately be going back.

So that concludes this blog, again sorry for the delay and it's shortness but it's hard getting time to write it now I'm coming to the end.

For those who haven't seen the rest of the NZ pics the links below.

For some pictures of Fiji it's this link, more to go up when I get back to LA.

Of course the pics from where I've been in the US so far will also go up when I get back to LA.

I'll be back in the 4th April at some point which I'm told is Easter weekend so I'm sure I'll be seeing most of you very soon. Take care and I'll see you soon. 


Friday, 26 February 2010

Location: New Zealand

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. I heat you've been having some crazy weather back home at the moment. I can imagine all that snow is getting on everyone tits by now. Well I will attempt to give you an interesting read from what have been a few mental and testing weeks. I am in Wellington at the moment but its been a struggle to get this far, although i am fine now i was pretty screwed at one point!
In my last blog I was in Sydney waiting to leave and move to NZ for some adrenalin filled activities and geek out on the sites and sounds which made the Lord Of The Rings films such a visual masterpiece (beside the SFX of course). Well the day before I was in a busy shopping center using the Internet, was having a Skype call with Mum, Dale and the dogs. I leave and go back to my dorm room; I go to buy something from the shops almost straight away and couldn't find my wallet. I looked everywhere and it was nowhere to be found, it appears I was the victim of a very brave pick pocket who must have grabbed it while I was on the call in the internet cafe. I went back to see the security tapes bit I was sat in a position where I was out of view of all the camera so couldn't see what happened. At this time it was too late to call home and get some advice so spent the next few hours screwing. I was leaving for NZ in a matter of hours and I had no cards and no cash so all I could do was cancel them. Once I could make a
call in the morning I spoke to Weasie about possibly transferring some money via Western Union but didn't know how it worked. To cut this long story short, Wease sorted it out for me and get some money transferred over so I could get it when I was in NZ. All I had to do was wait in Christchurch or Chch in NZ for my bank cards to arrive
from home (as Natwest wouldn't send them anywhere but home which was about as welcome as a fart in a space suit). Anyway they arrived and after 11 days I was able to leave and get my NZ underway. Thanks to Wease and Mum for their collective efforts in getting me back on track.
So let's carry this on with the highlights of my NZ adventure so far, and there have been a few. While being here I've been mistaken for being French and German. People
have started talking to me in various languages and I had no idea why. To this day I'm still not sure but I noticed that it always happened just after I had woken up with eyes like p**s holes in snow or when I am in my scruffs loafing about feeling sorry for myself about my lack of funds. I’ve come to surmise that I am only mistaken while looking like a dog’s dinner which I found pretty funny. Since having my funds and got my game back, its not happened once.
While walking in and around ChCh, I've seem some strange and wonderful things. I've been trekking alot in the hills and various walks I've found. One great thing which sticks to mind is the Barnet Park walkway which is in a town called Sunmer in ChCh. It's a good few hours round trip but when you get to the top you find a cave which apparently was one of the first caves in NZ to be used as a shelter by early tribe people. The views up there were amazing and well worth the walk. The weird things I've seen are a man dressed in a school girl’s uniform on a moped riding along the street, thankfully he got held at traffic lights so I took a picture, massive pervert! Another you will find out about later in the bungee section!!
I noticed very quickly that the people in NZ are very helpful. I got into the center of ChCh after arriving on the plane, I stopped to check the map for directions and within no less than 10 seconds an old lady came over and asked if she could help as I looked like I’d just arrived and maybe lost. The hostel I was in was an old jailhouse, ace place but was a bit pricey and the internet wasn't cheap so went in search of a better hostel. I found one which was cheaper and had free internet so tried to get in, after explaining my situation the people there were offering their computers to use to sort things, using their phone to call whoever I needed to. Very nice people and I've only had one bad experience here from or hostel when asking for anything was an effort.
I've just stayed at a place called Te Nikau Retreat in Punakaiki on the west coast. It's like staying in a hippy jungle; the dorm rooms are cottages in the jungle setting which is basically the native rainforest. Hard to explain but have a look at the pictures in FB, link again at the bottom.

I've discovered a new found hatred for people who snore. I don't mind a bit but when it sounds like thunder it's kind of annoying especially when it makes me up and I can't get back to sleep. What do I do but put on my iPod to drown it out, but I can still hear it so I turn it up a bit. It gets to the point where my iPod is so loud I can't sleep.... It’s a constant trade off with snorers or music. Snoring brass band with bass notes flying from everywhere or loud music??! And it's not just snoring either, people are even moaning in their sleep. One guy the other night sounded like he was being jacked off, very annoying being kept up or worse still woken up with that.
Met some Irish people, funny bunch... We were talking about our various travel tales and where we had been. They told me that they'd bought two cars and drove 600km into the center of oz when one breaks down. They manage to get it fixed and drive another 500km before it breaks down again. This time they are miles and miles away from anyone in the middle of oz. This time they tow the car (and the trailer it was pulling with all their gear in it) for another 1700km over 4 full days with 5 people in the knackered car. Haha, imagine being towed for 1700km whilst you pulling a trailer! Police caught them but let them off. They managed to get to where they were and sorted the car, luck of the Irish I reckon... Haha!
Not to put a dampener on the weather back home but my tan is setting in now, deeper in some places e.g. the colour of my feet are getting as brown as Gamps hands used to be. And I've still got Fiji to spend sunbathing so hopefully I'll be brown and a berry when I get back.
Before I got to Punakaiki and the rainforest hostel, we stopped of in Greymouth for the Montieths brewery tour. Was a cool little brewery, we were shown around the brewery then sampled 8 of their beers and ciders. Some were amazing but their black beer is like a thick Guinness, horrible but wasn't about to pass up a free drink of it.
The other day I put a load of washing in, wasn't till I opened the door that I saw my iPhone headphones in there; wasn't impressed. Thought as they were wet then a spin in the dryer wouldn't do them any more harm as they probably didn't work anyway. They came out and were still working, sounded better then before so maybe all the wax got blasted out of them, lol.
The number one highlight of NZ so far has been my trip to Queenstown. This place is buzzing with people and various activities to wet your whistle including paragliding, jet boating, luge riding, sky diving, mad dog river boarding (basically this is white water rafting in your own body board), helicopter riding as well as the legendary bungee
jump but the list goes on and on. The bungee is legendary here as its home to the bridge where the first bungee ever took place. I however, figured if I was going to scare myself then I might as well do it properly! I therefore booked the highest bungee jump in the southern hemisphere, it's none as the Nevis and it's a pod suspended over a canyon with an 8 second free fall. I was cool all the way over in the cable car to the launch pad until I saw how high we were up (something like 200 meters). They decided to do the jumps in weight order so heaviest first, unfortunately for me I was the beef cake of the group (as a result of some unwanted timber I've picked up while traveling) so I was first. They strap you up and go over what you need to do, and then the guy tells me to get up and walk to the edge. I looked down to where I was about to jump and I reckon at that moment my pants must have looked like the starting grid at Silverstone. But as soon as the guy said 3, 2, 1 I leapt out and went for it. It was an unbelievable experience, such fun! I bought the photos and DVD to go with it so you'll all be able to see that when I am back.
I also visited Franz Josef a few days ago to see the glacier, I wanted to climb it but as money is tight I decided I opted for the off piste trek up the mountain which overlooks it from good height. Was a great experience, shame I didn't get to actually climb is but its £100 I could do with elsewhere.
Lastly I would just like to talk about the local inhabitants, the Moawi's. I was walking around ChCh one day and a local Moawi music group were singing traditional songs in the centre. The dancing had incorporations of the Haka style dancing in. It was really great and it’s the first time I didn’t have my camera with me so only managed to capture it on my phone. Very annoying!! It was really great to watch as it showed they are very proud of the heritage and culture and are willing to share with people, very different to how I found the aboriginal people in Australia. Anyway, until seeing them in the flesh I didn't realise how big the men were. Young or old, their arms like a battle ships cannons and have necks like a birthday cake, they are monsters!!

So I think that concludes this blog, sorry it's not been as fun filled as previous episodes but with losing my wallet I've not been able to do as much as I'd have liked. In the next few weeks though I’m going to be geeking out in the Tongariro National Park trekking where Peter Jackson filmed Mordor, some of Rohan and Mount Doom for Lord Of The Rings so really looking forward to that. I will also be visiting the site where Hobbiton was filmed, more of the set has been left behind so will be good to have a wander around there. I am also going to Rotorua to see the Geysers, mud pools and thermal springs as well as some of the Maori culture a bit more. I have decided to know the sky dive and the black water rafting (abseiling, caving and rafting through underground cave systems) because I don’t really have the money left and don’t want to come home pot less as I am still paying bills while I’ve been away.
If you want to see any of the photos that have been taken so far in NZ which include the bungee and trek to the Franz Josef glacier and my trek in ChCh, please click on the link below to the Facebook page, again you don’t need an account to see them:

As always, I hope you are all well and enjoying 2010 so far. Would like to congratulate little Soli who is expecting puppies in a few weeks, hopefully we'll get a little Elsa out of it so all together everyone.... Fingers crossed!! Haha!

Peace and Love


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From Dad
Hi Son,
Not heard from you in a while hope all is well, get back to me if you can.
From Dad
Hi Son,
Where are you ,how are you what you doing? Get in touch when you can.
From Connie
Hi James, cool pics from Matamata nice that you took some shots of my house. Am looking forward to reading about some more of your travels and seeing the pics. keep safe and enjoy.
From Dad
Hi Son,
Just seen the pictures of Hobbiton looking forward to se the rest. Hope the trip to Fiji was ok and you've found your self a nice place to stay.
Get in touch on this site so we can arrange to have another talk on skype.
As always keep safe,
Response: Hobbiton was amazing, you would have loved it. I took loads but you can't really put them all up as i would have nothing to show you when i come and visit... Will email you in a minute! x
From Auntie
Hello Jamie - for some inexplicable reason we have been unable to access your blogs since Jan 18th, until your message today! Still can't get into the others though. Have been totally unaware of your incredible bad luck over the last couple of weeks, Mum never mentioned it! Anyway, looks like it didn't hamper your enjoyment too much. In fact I'm wondering how you're ever going to adjust to normality when you get back home after all the fantastic experiences you've had. Well Mum and I are having our own little bit of excitement today. We're going to see our Peter, as I'm sure you already know. How on earth are we going to get up the front when we're having to battle against hundreds of screaming teenagers? Hope we come out alive!! Meanwhile you carry on enjoying your incredible journey and be very careful! Lots of Love xxxxxxxx
Response: Don't worry auntie, think there is something wrong with it most of the time as getting photos on there takes forever too thats why i have just started to put them all on Facebook instead. Yeah it was a shame about the wallet but its sorted now, could have been worse and been my passport... Well hope you enjoy Peter, i can just imagine you both screaming and singing like the youngsters you really are at heart! See you in 5 weeks... xx
From Dad
Hi Son,
Just seen your pictures on your face book fantastic! that jump looks a bit high, am looking forward to seeing the video.Well today is Sunday and the ground is still white 18'' deep and -3 and I'm getting a little tired of it,nice at Christmas but it's gone on for to long now, could do with some of that warm sunshine of yours.
I hope to see you again on Skype so tex me when your about anyway,as usual, keep safe.
Response: Hey Dad, yeah it was high. Its hard to explain what i was feeling but it was amazing doing it and falling for 8 seconds into the ground! I'll email now about Skype! xx
From Rob
Jesus Jim, that's some real bad luck there with the wallet, that's your worst nightmare come true there whilst travelling, Glad your back on track, but filthy pick pocketing w*****s
Response: No worries mate, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger as they say!
From rob
cool mate, if you get time to see them, go and watch the all blacks for me or see a team in Fiji. The atmosphere down there would be electric. Your right about the time not elapsing in Raunds, I think time just stands still in Raunds! lmao
Speak soon mate.....
Response: Dont think i am going to get to see a game mate, a bit out of season at the moment here and nothing is on, i have looked though. Will try and see one in Fiji would be pretty ace!
From Rob
Alright Jim? Frightening thought, you'll be back soon, how fast has it gone? (don't mean to put a downer on you there!) How are you getting on?
Response: Hi mate, yeah its flying by. Only 6 weeks now till i am back to the everyday grind that is Raunds, i bet i will walk in the pub on the first weekend back and it will be like i was never gone! I have been trying to get my latest blog on here but this sites keeps acting up and is getting on my tits a bit. In NZ now which is amazing, more good times to come in Fiji which is my next stop!
From Dad
Hi Son,
I'm finally on line so tex me when you will be on line,Sunday morning, my Sunday morning, would be best. Anyway hope to see you then.
Response: Cool, sending you an email now. x
From Dad
Hi Son, still not on line yet but at least I can talk to you from here.
How's NZ seen any hobbits yet? if the beers anything to go by I should think you might have!
How are the people, I've heard that they are really friendly to us poms, what have you found? where are you staying in that fair country and are the hostals as nice as you're used to. Anyway enough of the questions I hope you are ok and still enjoying yourself and as always keep safe and get into contact soon, missing you. Dad
Response: Hi Dad, not seen any yet no but will be keeping a close eye. When i get to the north island i am heading to Hobbiton and where the fights were all filmed. I hear Mount Doom isnt quite so dramatic in real life. ;-) Yeah people are very friendly which is nice, looking forward to some sky diving and caving etc. Will speak soon and get that Skype working.. lol. xx
From Dad
Hi Son,
I'm still not on web yet so I'm dropping you a small email from here.Hope all's well out there,when are you going to go to NZ and where are you going to? and some more pictures please.Anyway better go and do some work, look after yourself and keep safe.
Response: Hi Dad, yeah am keeping safe, am back in Sydney at the moment waiting for my flight to NZ which is on Saturday morning. Can't wait. A new blog is going up later with a link to the facebook photos as i am having trouble uploading them on here. xx
From Auntie
Hi Jamie,
Well we're now half way through January and at last I've managed to catch up with all your fantastic photos. Still haven't managed to read all your blogs since early December although I have read the latest one. Why? You may ask. Well these new little twinnies have been occupying most of my time since they were born - haven't had time for much else really. They are so cute and so different, both so beautiful in their own special way. Obviously I've kept all your blogs so that maybe one day soon I can sit down and really catch up. Your having such a wonderful time so it's nice to know you're thinking of everyone at home as we are all thinking of you! Take good care of yourself, loadsaluv xxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Auntie, its ok the blogs are there for you to read when you are missing me and want to know what i am up to. Haha, i can imagine those two little girls are taking up your time, i am loving my time away but would loved to have been around when they were born. I have changed plans now and am looking to be home in April at some point so its not to long now. See you soon Auntie, love xxxxx
From rob
Two thousand zero zero party over its out of time, so now you went and partied like its nineteen ninety nine? is that what your saying jimbob?
Response: Mate thats exactly what it was, lol. You know me i love a bit of Prince as well! Must say though that i think Sign O' The Times is up there with that and When Doves Cry!! Hope this blog was worth waiting for mate!
From Stacie Marie
Hiya! Thanks for sending me a link to your site. I love it! Ha! You look like you're having a great time in all your photos - which are grand. I hope you are well new friend. :)
Response: Hey thanks for having a look. Keep checking it. xx
From Sarai
Hey Happy New year

Haven't received one of your blogs recently just checking you are still alive

Sarai x
Response: Hey, yeah had trouble getting the blog online but its up now. Hope your ok. xx
From Dad
Hi Son, I'm not on line yet but have managed to get on computer from one of the company I work for.
Great pictures again and I must echo your mums words that it was very strange not to have you at home at Christmas but it was great talking to you on the phone which helped.
I see that your sampling the local liquids,it good to see that you are helping the local eccomany and keeping someone in work.
I'll check the site when I'm back in the company and until then, as always, keep safe.
Response: Hi Dad, yeah is a bit strange not being home but its been a good experience seeing how the Aussies do it. New year was strange without all the boys but again, its not every year! Blog is written just need to get my iphone online so i can tranfer it. Let me know when you are on Skype and we'll arrange a call. Spoken to Mum and Dale on it as they now have a cam, Lou is getting one too so its been nice seeing everyone. Until then, be good. xx
From rob a
One in the eye for the germans then ay jim, keepin' it english!! lol Happy new year mate
Response: Haha, mate just keeping the side up! Happy new year to you too buddy
From Mummy Wilts
Have really missed having you around at Christmas but am so happy for you at the same time. This is the experience of a lifetime and you are enjoying every minute. I love that your friends took you to the jazz club on a monday - i'm sure gamps would have been sitting there with you with a few '' Oh yeah s'' .Your latest pics are just amazing. Am going to e mail you later with pics of the beautiful twins - am going to see them this afternoon so will take lots more photos. Take care and lots of love Mum x x x x x
Response: Hi Mum, yeah feels strange not being around but I'll be home before you know it, can you believe I'm in my 3rd month already!!! As soon as I can get to a proper computer I'll have a look at the lovely twins.
Love you! Xx
From sean know dat
G'day mate,
sounds amazing b,just think of all the work you are missing out on in the uk out in the snow and ice!!! im very jealous however i dont think you will be making any snow men!
hope you have a great christmas and new year young man, love you and take care x
Response: Whoop whoop know dat!! Yeah having a great time, you know me keeping things exciting! Have a good one mate and have a good chrimbo and new year.
From Bozzy Boots
I know what you mean about struggling to get into the christmas spirit in oz. On christmas day, me and ben had some biscuits and a Mcdonalds. Not quite the same. But hey - its only for one year.

So hows things mate? Sounds like you are having a blinder. Perth is a nice city and definitely agree with you about the view from Kings Park.

Will be thinking of ya over Christmas period mate.

Its gonna be some session when you get back mate.

Love from Booooooootss
Response: Things are great mate, been very busy! Ayres Rock was pretty special and was 40 degrees most days so pretty tough. Sydney has been great so far, treating me well apart from the raining weather (haha i know). Have a good crimbo and new year mate and we'll get smashed on my return! Jimbooo
From cj
hey buddy buddy. I don't need to ask how things are coz its quite clear you're having the time of your life. Startin to miss our conversations when you ring me from your 'special place' ha but i'm sure they will continue when you get back.

Gonna be really wierd not seein you at christmas but i will defo keep an eye out for ya at NYE.

Nothing to report here really....alan's still getting wrecked, matt's fat, maddix is still a pathetic lump of....well you know and Maz is still debating whether to shave it all off.

I can't even take the piss that i'm breaking up on Friday. Damn.

Well yake care my friend and keep on rockin. Loads of love Ceeeeeej
Response: Mate it's going great as you say, best thing I ever did!! I still miss our chats, take it as a compliment as that is normally
'me' time but nit for you kidda!! June is looking like my likely return time now so still a while but in time for the wedding and glasto!! Yeah keep an eye, ill be having a whale of a time!! Take care and have a good one mate.. Thanks for the message too, always good to have messages
from people back home..
From rob
G'day mate, china seems so far away now, Seems like a long long time ago. Still loving the blogs though. Have a good christmas and I'll be eagle eyed watching sydney harbour bridge on NYE for your laser. Time to let "the beast out of the cage!"
Response: Thanks for the message mate.. Yeah seems like a long time ago, can't believe I've been away for 2 months and no sign of coming home yet!! Make sure you and the family have a great crimbo and look out for my green laser at NY. Be good and keep enjoying thre blog.. Jimboooooooo
From Dad
Hi Son,
The pictures of you and the Tigars was something else!! and it still seems you are still enjoying yourself. Didn't realise that you was so near the famous bridge although film makers make thing look more spectular. Everything here is moving along well and hope to be fully installed in our new place on Friday just ready for Christmas.
Anyway look after yourself and as always keep safe.

Response: Hi Dad, yeah the tigers were awesome and a massive highlight for me so far. The bridge in the pictures is the real one, the one in the film was a bridge in Sri Lanka thats why its doesnt look the same! Make sure you get some pictures of the place when you are in and settled. xxx
From Weasie
Hello my handsome little brother. It's so great to hear from you, am coming onto this site all the time for updates (because you never answer my text or pick up the phone when I call (giggle) - probably having too much fun to talk to your sis !) Those pictures are amazing, quite the little photographer you are becoming. I saw the video of the cubs on face book, they are so adorable - would've loved to have been there. Everything OK here, we are getting ready for Christmas - yippee, can't wait. Tim is off for his flying lesson soon. Robbie is starting to get better after his back operation. Mrs Moo ate the chocolate advent calendar yesterday so was hyperactive and Gaz and Cez are OK, they both follow your travels too.
Missing you so so much and love you loads. xxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Wease, i havent been ignoring you i havent had any text or calls. For some reason i am trying to text out but its saying its barred so not sure if i am low on credit or something, i am sure i still have some though but its not working. Yeah pictures are coming on well, am trying to get more on here but they take so long and its costs me to use the internet here so keeping it to a minimum.. Will look into topping up some credit and let you know, miss you too sis.. xx