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Germany 2009

I am temporarily working in Landstuhl, Germany. In between shifts I am trying to take in some nearby sights.

Photos - Click Below


The Porsche Museum

This is a brand new museum (to replace the old museum). It had only been opened for 4 days). On the negative side, I only came home with a hat. On the plus side, no speeding tickets on the way home.



Mainz was established as an administrative center of German Christianity in the 8th century. Johannes Gutenberg printed his famous Bibles here (and you can see examples in the Gutenberg museum). Interestingly, Mainz resisted the Reformation. Also, 80% of the city was destroyed by Allied bombers in WWII.


Ramstein Air Base

a few scenes from where we used to live. The trees are bigger and the old housing all torn down and replaced. The jr High school is the same though


Freidsheim-Bad Durkheim-Speyer

These are sites in the wine-producing region near the Rhein river


Worms, Germany

Worms is best known as the site where Martin Luther was denouced as a heretic and banned from the Holy Roman Empire



These are photos from the village and castle ruins in Hohenecken, Germany (outside Kasierslautern)

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From krf
Great pictures and text about Mainz--keep up the good work! Hope everything is going well. Ken
Response: Thanks Ken- you set the bar high....
From Linda
Henry says hello. Genevieve says "Send sausage." - L
Response: Thanks. Tell HenryI'm looking forward to my present