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Jo and Lex's World Tour 22/9/06-11/11/06

Share our adventure to Hong Kong, Sydney, New Zealand, Fiji, NYC and Toronto. Have a look at our pics and leave us a message! Love you all, Jo and Lexi xxx

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More photos from Oz!




Hong Kong

Day 1 - After getting to Kowloon station we joined the very orderly and quick queue for a taxi (amazing transport system here!) TAxi was only about 2 quid, very cheap, thats what we like to see! Arrived at YA (more like 4* hotel) which even had a concierge service so no carrying our rucksacks! We got given a room on the 14th floor, very high up but at least it was a superior room - upgraded at last! Room was very nice and spacious but bcos it was so high up we felt like we were swaying (might just be the jet lag though!) We freshened up and ventured out into the very wierd, scary streets around us. Only saw 4 other British people and about a million hinese. People everywhere, about 20 times as busy as Oxford St in London! We came across Temple St so we had a gander at the market but everthing was tack. We went into the park/community area and saw lots of Chinese men playing chess on stone tables like in the movies - very cool. We went to find somewhere to eat that didnt look too dodgey and found a Chinese version of a fast-food place. We both had a bowl of chicken, veg and rice and a pepsi which cost 2pound per meal - bargain! We had a look in a few clothes shops and were shocked by how cheap stuff is - why is there no room in my rucksack?! By the way, the weather here is really wierd (hot but not sunny so no posing in my sunnies!) and there's a really strange smell which I think might be from the pollution - some people even wear masks and cloths over their mouths!

Day 2 - Found something wrong with our awesome YMCA - there's extremely thin walls! Someone had what seemed like an extremely long shower in the middle of the night in the room next door but it was so loud it sounded like the shower was by my bed. Having been awoken and not being able to get back to sleep, I looked out the window at 3am and saw loads of lights on in the buildings - why doesnt anyone sleep in this city?! We avoided Chinese food this morning and went for McDonalds brekkie instead :) There was still loads of people on the street at 9am on a Sunday! We Caught the Airport Express train to Lantau Insland and got a taxi to the Big Buddha. Taxi only cost about 11pound for 40min journey - decided we're conned back home. Although we did get a bit scared for our lives as the taxi driver madly overtook every bus (even on a blind corners!) and zoomed around every bend. Now no need to go to the island's Disneyland as already feel like we've been on a few rollercoasters!! When we got there we walked up the 200+ steps to the Big Buddha which was impressively BIG! Although it seemed smaller inside which contained chinese drawings and memorials for the dead. Then we went to the Po Lin Monastery - lots of buddhas and praying rooms, statues etc. All the Chinese were praying - felt a bit guilty for being there as couldnt see any non-asians. Saw some monks walking around which was cool. Lots of people were lighting incense sticks - our version of lighting a candle in a church. We ate at the V.I.P. vegetarian restaurant (which I think we were cooned in to) - soup was odd Aand gelatine-like but the rest wasnt bad. Went to a village by the monastery with lots of nice shops and restaurants (inc starbucks!) and a tea roon. Watched some girls perform a tea ceremony. I tasted some mooncake - gelatine stuff again :S We decided we wanted to get the cablecar back only to find out it had sold out for the day - grrr, annoying. We got a taxi back with a South African (we think) girl so it was even cheaper than the first journey! We got a train back to Kowloon station and decided to try to find out how to use our octopus cards for the tube. Approached by a nice Chinese-American guy wgi explained it to us. But to get back to the YMCA we had to go all over the shop - to Hong Kong Island and back, so got a taxi instead! In the eveing we headed to the Night Market again. We finally used our cards for the tube (very similar to the London Underground) and took a tube to Tsim Sha Tsui and walked up Nathan Road ("The Golden Mile"). This seems to be a nicer, Oxford-St looking area and decided we're staying in ghettoville! The market was still not impressive - lots of tac and sex toys! But we did buy some surfy shorts for 2quid each which will be great for Fiji!


And off we go!

The day has finally come! After 6 months of anticipation and excitement, Lex and I are off on our round the world tour! 7 weeks 7 coutries! I got up today at 6.45am today to get ready before heading off today to Lexiloo's house. When I got there I had a belated bday pressie from Chloe, a gorgeous pashmina which was stuffed into what was probably the only space in my jam-packed rucksack. Eeek, no room for buying stuff! We headed to bridgend train station (see foto). The train soon came and we said our gdbyes and had our last hugs. We clambered on the train with our little and large rucksacks and took over 4 seats and a table (not our fault the luggage rack was full!). The journey seemed to go ridiculously quickly and we were soon at Paddington having to deal with our awkward rucksacks again. We hobbled along the platform and saw kwabena waiting by the ticket gates. We went to buy our Heathrow Express tickets while Kwabena was in hysterics about the size and weight of our bags (miss you! xx). When we got to Heathrow, we were very confused by its quietness and lack of people, until we normally see airports in the peak of summer and there was no kids (wooohoooh). After sitting around waiting to check-in we finally got to ask if we could have an upgrade, but the check-in man was very odd and didnt seem to speak much English (cant put our finger on his nationality though!). he said yes we could and it could be free. Awesome, we thought. He said he'd put us on the invitation list for upgrade, but this turned out to be an empty promise, gutted!! Plane was delayed by 45mins (typical) bcos 4 guys hadnt turned up but had checked their bags onto the plane (grrr).

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Recent Messages

From jack kelly
hey looks like u having fun.....ur mum begged me to go on this lovely website of yours...nice pics...hope to c ya soon lv jak xx
From Karen
Hi there (in american accent!!). Dad and I have been watching Apprentice USA which was filmed in New York and have been thinking of you there. Perhaps Donald Trump is looking for two Legal Eagles to help him earn his billions! Hope you have recovered from the hangover and ready to hit the shops and sights of New York once more. Can't wait to see you next week but remember to savour and enjoy every last minute of your trip.
Love and kisses, Mum and Dad xxx
From Nikki
Hi huns, ive been checking on here everyday for any updates!!

hows things going in New York!!! im gutted im not there with you, make sure you take lots of pics!!

hope you had a brill time out there for halloween n shopping!!! make sure you have a cosmopolitan in true sex in the city style!!

take care and keep having lots of fun. missing you both!! see you soon, love me xxx
Response: hi hun, New York is great!! Went out for halloween last night and went as a fire women and Jo as a police women, check out the photos!! Were off to Toronto on Sat, but we'll be home soon! Miss you too, love lexi and Jo xxxxxx
From Phil
Hi Lex,
thanks for your Fiji e-mail, I got it ....5 times obviously too much of that Fiji dancing and wine!!
You must be ready for the London marathon with all that excercise you've been up to. The weather has been fantastic here we've had the swimming pool out, and surprise, surprise it filled up all by itself!!
When do you get to NY ? is it sunday? Haloween should be a scream, watch you don't bump into FREDDY.
Oh by the way don't forget to tell everyone about the best website in the world for learning to play a song on the piano without reading music. especially your friend in NY who works for the mag. Who knows we may be able to give you a job. We'll need some legal representation.
Stay cool
Phil, Gail, Evie & Elliot
From Karen
looking forward to you cooking us a fijian meal when you get home. Have you been to the Love Island beach yet? Does Fiji live up to its idillic reputation? I expect internet access is not available on the island but will keep on looking out for any new photos and messages.
continue having a wonderful time, soaking up the sun and experience of the islands.
Love and kisses from your envious mum.
Miss you.
Hugs and xxxxxx
Response: We saw where they filmed Love Island, its on the main island not a little one. Also our bus driver worked on the show! It is nice here but we've had a few days of rubbish weather, hoping its going to brighten up cos we're going to the islands 2moro! Cant upload photos here so will do it in NYC. I went in the mud and hot pools today which was really cool. I've been bitten 2 death tho :( Hope ur well. Love u lots, miss u xxxxxxxxx
From ellie
hey girlies!

Just got back from NYC and you are going to love it, it's amazing but really really cold. Thought i was going to freeze my nips off!
Hope your having an amazing time. Cant wait to have you home lex, and remember get ur thinking hats on about my party.

Love ellie and James
From Bengal Bear
guess who Lexi?
wat the hell is that weird man in ur pics from New Zealand??
i am in a lab session schiving off cs the man hasnt turned up. just thought id remind you to buy me lots of presents!!!!!!!
From Mike
Played golf with a proud Dad on Saturday 14/10/06. Have a great time


Mike Ferris
From nikki
Hey huns, hope you get this cos i know you sed there may not be electric on some of the islands!! im so jealous of the mud pools in fiji! sounds sooo good!!!

are there any other people travelling that way with you that uve already met?

nothing much has happened back here, just hunting for a better job.

cant believe you've still got another month left, bet its gone quick for both of you though.

well take care, have fun, see ya soon!!!!
Response: I went in the mud pool 2day, Lex refused to go in cos there was lots of leaves and stuff in there, lol. Then we went in hot pools, sooo nice, feel refreshed now before going to the islands 2moro and having no electricity! The weather has been a bit rubbish the last few days so we're hoping its going to brighten up 2moro! All the people we met in NZ are going the other way around the world :( but we met some cool people in Fiji so its all good. Only 3 weeks left now then back to get a f/t job :( Hope u get a better job soon hun. Take care, cya in a few weeks xxx
From ELL
From nikki
Thanks for being really good with ans the emails! i feel like im bombarding you with them! everything sounds amazing. Sorry im not sure what date you leave places etc. Hows it been going this week? I was watching gmtv this am and they sed america is preparing for halloween already, itll be fab for you!

well keep me posted, hope everything is still going great.

Lots of love me xxxx
Response: Hey, its cool to get messages so keep them coming! This week has been cool, we've been canyon jetboating today which was good fun!! Yesterday we went lugeing which is like extreme tobogganing. We're really lkin forward to Fiji now tho so we can have some sun and relaxation! Cant wait for the mud pools! Hope everything's goin gd bk home. Love Jo and Lexi xxxxxx
From Jo'as mum - Karen
I am off to Ibiza day after tomorrow (Wednesday) so will try and text you from there if I can. I will keep looking for more pics and messages on nanny's computer as it seems to be fast enough to view them!! I am going to be even more confused with the time difference when I am in another country now! Hope you are recovered from your cold. Did you manage to go on the heli trip. How is your singing coming along for karaoke nights? Eileen tells me that Queenstown is much more lively. She has been there but avoided the nightlife! be careful on the jetskis etc and just take a disposable camera if you go near any water!!!
Love and kisses from me, dad and Ashley. XXXXXX
Response: Hiya! We're in Queenstown now, so should be fun. Watched some of the people on our bus do a bungee jump 2day-scary :S We're sharing a dorm with some girls for next few nites met a really fun group of people that we hang out with. Cant believe we'll be in Fiji in 4 days tho! Lex and I were awesome on the kareoke the other nite. We didnt do heli hike cos of weather but we did a 6hr hike on the glacier instead!! Was awesome. We're doing jetboating and lugeing tis week. Miss you all loads, speak soon, love and kisses xxxxxxxxxxx
From nikki
Hi girls!! hows it going in fiji!? is it as fab as it looks on the tele??

missin you both loads, this website was such a fab idea. sounds like uve been sharing alot of rooms with guys.. hope you've been behaving, lol.

what date you in fiji till?? we'll keep me posted, take care, lots of love nikki xxx
Response: Hiya hunni, we're not in Fiji yet, we're goin on sunday! Looking forward to it tho, heard from lots of people that its amazing. We are behaving ourselves lol and we're sharing a dorm with few girls for the next 3 nites. we'll be in Fiji for 2weeks dont know if we'll have any internet access. Lex's mobile is a bit broke so txt mine instead. miss u, lkin forward to a girlie Hooter's nite out!! xxxxxx
From joanna & Lexi
I have sent two messages but you seem to have had only one. Wehave just come back from Barcellona. There for 5 days, exhausting. I think I walked so much I lost 3 incs. in height. It looks like you are having a great time so keep it up and look forward to seeing more messages. Luv. Nan and Mike
Response: We walked 6hrs on a glacier today so we know the feeling!! Hope you had a good time in Barcelona. Glad your checking the website and enjoying our photos, more will be coming soon! Lots of love, Jo xxx
From nikki and owen
Hey guys, photo's are amazing!! its funny cos i know where u are but it doesnt seem real! lol

nice to see your gettin loads of messages. sos which had been your favourite place so far??

How long do you have left in new zealand? Did you take any pics while you were out whale watchin?

well take care both of you! have fun, thinkin of you both!! lots of love Nikki

ps owen says hi and he wishes he went to aus too!!!
Response: Fav place=sydney!! We took pics while whale watching but the whales dont come up very much so the best ones are of their tails when they dive :) We're in NZ til 15th. Few people have done the fiji experience and said its really good so we're really lkin 4ward to that (esp the hot weather!). Hope ur both well. Cya soon. xxx
From Mum of Jo (Karen)
it's so lovely to see you both in your photos - modern technology is wonderful. You are still looking remarkably groomed considering how your rucksacks looked on departure! Glad to see you are not starving yourselves - I know you both like your food! Hope you got to cuddle a koala in the Blue Mountains. Have a safe journey to NZ. Look forward to seeing more pics.

Love to you both.

Response: Hiya! Thanx for the message. We did try to look good in the fotos mum, but I think this may go rapidly downhill in next couple of weeks as early starts every morning and very cold, rainy and windy! We've eaten really well so far but still think Ive lost wait (or just toned up)! Hope u keep enjoying the pics, lots of love xxx
From Your Cuz Jess x x
Hey Jo, just got told about your website! Really good idea, the pictures are awsome already! I would love to one day go to all these places, you must be loving it! You'll have to convince me that its ok living out of a rucksack for 7 weeks though before I conside it! lol. But if you can do it im sure I would be able to! Main reason for sendin message is to say a belated Happy Birthday aswell! I was looking forward to goin out for your birthday and then Ash said you were in London! you'll hav to take me out another time! Any way just a quick hi! Looking forward to hearing all your stories! Lots of love Jess x x x
Response: Hi Jess, thanx for the message and belated bday wishes :) Havin a brill time. Living out of the rucksack isnt too bad, although repackin it all the time is annoying! And no room for many pressies/souveniers which is rubbish! Sorry about my bday, all my friends were being rubbish and didnt come down so just went to see my bf in London. Will def have a big nite out when i come home!! hope ur well and 2nd yr of uni starts off well. enjoy freshers week! Lots of love, jo xxx
From Dad
U still out there?
not much coming through in the way of photos.
Don't forget to go surfing at Bonzai Beach!
love Dad xx
From nikki
hey guys i jus read your email bout sydney! glad ur havin a brill time and the experience sounds amazing!!!!

missin you both loads!!! nice to hear from u on a regular basis!!

love you lots, nikki
From martina
Glad you're having a fab time! You'll be pleased to know it's raining here! Lots of chinese then! Do you like the food? ENJOY!
LUV marty
Response: Hiya, thanx for the message! We're now in the rain too! In NZ, and its freezing! We went out on a boat 2day and saw 5 whales and loads of dolphins which was amazing! No snow left 2 go skiing though which is a bit rubbish. Food in HK is really bland, not like English takeaway! Hope ur well. xxx
From Chlo
Guys this website is great, almost like im there with you....actually who am i kidding! Maybe i'll set one up for my travels round uk, more rain and fake tan than you could shake an antique stick at! love you xx
From Nan Ibiza
Hi Jo, Just read your 1st message. Transport is always cheaper everywhere but u.k. It sounds like you are off to a good start. I am gloing to Barcellona on Sunday for 5 days - not as exciting as your trip - Look forward to the next message. xxxxx Nan & Mike
From nikki
Hey girlys!!! I tried textin you, not sure if you got them! I hope you guys are doin well and havin an awesome time! im so jealous of you. keep the emails comin, ive been checking everyday.

everythin is cool back here. me and owen are gettin on brilliant and are thinkin of movin in togther next week. so glad i decided to make it work with him. Looking forward to you guys coming home already!!

take care of yoursleves and take plenty of pics. have fun, lots of love, me xxxxxx
hi you guys avepav here im using the internet hope your both having a great time gails fine and home from hospital not much else going on here except its getting colder your in the best place make the most of it thinking of you always love mam xxxx
From Ellie
wooo so excited to hear from you guys. Sounds like your having and amazig time already. Make sure you keep in regular contact and keep safe.
Lexiloo miss you!
Lots of Love ellie xxxxx