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Costa Rica - Becky & Joce Styles

All we've got is a couple of plane tickets and a guide book. Oh ya, and a big craving for an's hoping that's exactly what we get!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 05 March 2006

Location: St. Thomas, Canada

Just a quick Becky was sick all weekend, and got admitted to the hospital - she was fevering, throwing up, headache, a rash on her back - SHE GOT THE DENGUE!! Kinda funny, kinda not. We joked about dengue fever the whole trip. I guess thats what we get. She is doing alright, they hooked her up to IV to rehydrate her, and gave her some meds to keep the fever down, and now it will just run its course. She was discharged and just has to go back in every 12 hours for IV hookup to keep her hydrated, she'll be fine and back to work this week. how crazy is that?? Lucky for us she at least got it after we were home, that would have sucked to get it down there! Other than that we are both adjusting to 'normal' life just fine!
Oh and there are tons more pics up at myspace -

Wednesday, 01 March 2006

Location: St. Thomas, Canada

Sad that we are exposed to such coldness! Today before Becky headed out we went and got all our pics developed in London. We have half of them on CD so some will be post, they other half we are working on. Then becky headed home this afternoon - the end of the adventure. It was such an amazing trip. I could see how people get stuck living down there. The lifestyle is so chill and everyone is so nice, not to mention the fact that you are in paradise. We were just getting used to the lifestyle and learning spanish and it was time to go. I learned alot about myself and the world. There was this moment on the bus, where it was super crowded and this young mom got on carrying her baby and nobody offered her their seat, but this older lady sitting next to them started talking to them (in spanish) and then the mom handed her baby to the lady so she didn't have to hold it standing up. They clearly did not know each other, can you imagine that happening in North America? A lady handing a baby to a stranger so she could have a break from taking care of it? No way! Everyone that we met was like that tho, just so helpful, and reached out to do all they could for you. I know there are a ton of stories about theft and such, but we were lucky and never experiencesd it. We did meet some people who did, and you do have to be careful to some extent, but for the most part everyone is so great there. Its like you dont need to make friends, you already are their friend the moment you say hi. If i went back i would definately want to either have taken a spanish class here or do a homestay program down there. You don't need spanish, but so many times i wished i knew more so i could speak their language to them. But there are many other places i want to explore and go before i head back to CR!

Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

We did nothing all morning -- had some (Free) breakfast, and caught some final rays. Grabbed the shuttle to the airport, it was so busy! the line ups were huge, thankfully we came early! They were searching everyone bags by hand, maybe they don't have x-rays, i dunno. But when it got to me, they took one loook at my pack and just waived me through. Good plan, i wouldn't want to open that either. Besides the mess, the smell may take over the entire airport! The plane ride to miami was fine, but once in Miami it was Chaos! That is the most disorganized and confusing airpoort i have ever been in! It was fine on the way down, but coming in from and international flight and having to catch a connecting was insane. We had to get our bags and rechecked them and go through security again. Somehow we missed customs - ya seriously, we could be drug smugglers very easily - at no point were we directed to any officials. So sketch. Once on the plane we were delayed on the runway for like 1/2 hour before taking off, and then in Detroit because we were late landing they couldn't find us a ground crew to dock. They finally did, but them the arm of the walkway thing was broken and we couldn't switch gates for some reason so we waited til the fixed it. By fix it i mean they brought it close enough so that with a very LONG step or jump you would be on the walkway. Sketch. But we were here! An hour late, but safe and sound! Todder picked us up and drove us home where we arrived around 2:30 am. Exhausted.

Monday, 27 February 2006

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Another long day on the bus! Read by the pool until like 10:30, checked out and headed to the bus station. Grabbed a pizza for the ride, and hopped on! Once in San Jose we walked for a bit, got sketched out and hopped in a cab. We headed to the Mercado Artesanal fo those last minute souverniers. It s a pretty cool place, not too overwhelming or busy, and some pretty cool stuff that you can bargain for. Then we hit up the Super to grab some Salsa sauce and coconut cookies to take home. The restaurant, Nuestra Tierra, we ate at the first night was just up the street so we decided to eat there - seemed fitting. Had some good ole casados and caught a taxi to our hotel for the night. We decided not to stay in San Jose, not our favouritw place to say the least, and it is actually kinda far from the airport. And since we don't fly out til 2 tomorrow, we wanted to find a pool and sun to chill by in the morning. Not two things we have often found together in San Jose. So we stayed at this place like 2 seconds from the airprt, the Hampton (found a good deal on expedia!) and it is so nice! so weird at the same times because i feel like i am in Florida or something because it is so Americanized. We have a King sized, comfortable bed, which is a nice change from hostel bunks! And a hot shower to clean before we go on the plane! We sit in awe of the t.v in front of us, its been a while...Later we went and checked out the casion across the street. What an experience! All the machines are obviously in Spanish, and we can't figure out the instructions, so we would just put some money in and when we pushed too many buttons that made the screen flash or freeze, we would go to a new machine. It is quite possible that the machine we left was a winner, but we couldn't figure it out, and when we asked the staff they just kinda stared at us. It was a short lived excursion. I really can't believe we leave tomorrow, it feels like we just got here, but at the same time the last time we were in San Jose seems like an eternity ago...

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Location: Jaco, Costa Rica

Go up, took a book and did some reading. We did nothing all day but chill - swimming and sunning. So relaxing! We really haven't got too much sun this trip so its a chance to catch up on some tans!Went his afternoon and bought our tickets for San Jose, had some Nacho's at Wahoo's, did some shopping then went to watch the sunset. The beach here is really dark, almost black. very rocky sand. Good sunset ho. Tonight we had lobster tails - yum! I have developed a cough the past few days, and decided to get some drugs to help me sleep. I was thinking like advil cold and sinus. But the pharmacist tried to sell me more antibiotics in liquid form, which i would have to take until the whole bottle was gone, said the over the counter stuff wouldn't be good. So i ran away from her and her sketchy medicine and sent becky back in to get some simple tylenol cold nighttime. It sure works! Knocked me out so hardcore!

Saturday, 25 February 2006

Location: Jaco, Costa Rica

Well woke up to torrential downpurs...and Bryn is still sick. We decide to tak off - we came, we saw, we're glad we did it, but not feeling the rain. Stef and Bryn are gonna stay in San Jose they leave on the 27th for South America. They need to have Bryn better by then. Becks and I decide to head to Jaco, one of San Jose's closest beach town for our last days. So in San Jose we said our good byes. Sad. We have basically been together for 3 weeks. I feel like i am just gonna see them again in a few days tho, like meet up in another town. Weird. Pulled into Jaco fairly late, and stayed at the first place we found. We are basically staying in an attic of a bungalow. Random. But its clean, and close to the beach. Had dinner at this seafood place, garlic shrimp, coca light and tres leches for desssert - i love the food here, i will miss all the seafood. Anyways back to the hostel for some sleep - so much travelling in the past few days!

Friday, 24 February 2006

Location: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

I forgot to mention that the Wide Mouth Frog currently has a bird issue. And by bird i mean a bazillion birds that chirp SO LOUD starting at like 4 am. Since they were chirping so loud, we slept through our alarm which was set for 5, and didn't wake up til 5:45 - BAH! our bus leaves at 6!!Quickly packed, checked out, ran to the bus station - and after much confusiona nd crazy men we found our bus and were on our way! Thank God we pre-bought tickets! The ride was pretty good only 3- 3.5 hours, we got into San Jose at like 9:30 and found out the next bus for Peurto Viejo left at 10 - at a station across town. So we got a cab, and told him to go FAST! Stef jumped out at the intersection to run and try to get tickets, we were close behind - but the 10 bus was sold out. Sad, luckily Stef bought the last 4 tickets for the next one that left at 10:30.We got on that, with all our bags - since this particular bus had no underneath storagae for some strange reason. Picture an already full bus with a bazillion giant backpacks and surf boards, ridiculous! This guy was in our seat when we got on, and he freaked out when we asked him to move - thought we might get shot. He was so pissed!This bus was longer, pulled into Puerto Viejo at like 3:30 and ound Rocking J's. We wanted to stay in the treehouse, but they said there was no way it would hold all 4 of us. So Bryn and stef rented a ten and Becks and I stayed in hammocks. Went into town for some food, randomly there was an EARTHQUAKE!! Bryn got sick after dinner - projectile vomit styles. And it hasn't stopped. Not good. Hopefully not too serious. The weather here is rainy so hopefully it clears up tomorrow...

Thursday, 23 February 2006

Location: Quepos, Costa Rica

Up at 6 am to catch an early bus to Manual Antonio National Park - the bus was insanely packed. It was like a stampede to get on! The Park itself was cool. We hired a guide for like 10 bucks each so we could see more wildlife through their telescopes, it was worth it! bats, different kinds of lizards, 2 toed and 3 toed sloths, monkeys, tons of birds, fun! We totally lucked out and saw a sloth coming down from the trees to cross the road. COOL! Apparently the opnly come down like once every 2 weeks to take a crap, so it was quite an exciting moment! After the tour we checked out the town, tons of street vendors - typical beach town. Then trekked back to the park to go to Manual ANtonio Beach inside the Park. Once you pay admission once you are in for the whole day, there is a limited amount of tickets sold each day tho, hence us going early. Manual Antonio Beach is the prettiest beach i have seen here. White sadn, crystal clear water, perfect for swimming and snorkelling, and not crowded since it is in the park. It is so hot here tho, the water isn't even refreshing, so warm. We only lasted a few hours before grabbing some food in town and heading back to Quepos. We bought our tickets so that we would have a seat on the bus to San Jose tomorrow morning, and then explored the rest of Quepos since it was shut down last night. Just a chill night in the hostel tonight, watch a little tv, gonna shower than to bed for our early bus ride tomorrow!

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Location: Quepos, Costa Rica

Sp we slept in til about 9ish. So weird to be in a room that is quiet, and actually dark from curtains! I could wake up to this view everyday and never be tired of it! Had a hot shower, a long hot shower, feel clean for the first time since we have been here.Bad news today tho, Stef and Bryn didn't put their wallets in the safe, and this morning they are missing money. The only time someone was in our room was last night while we were watching the sunset and the housekeeping staff came in to set up the extra bed. We relize that it is our fault for not lockin git up, but it just goes to show you that you can stay in the cheapest hostels and have nothing bad happen and then spend hundreds and have even less security. Crazy. We had another posh, but delicious meal! We paked up our stuff and had it locked up so that we could check out by check out time buit still use the facilities for the day. The pool here is amazing! Infinity styles with a wicked view. I love it. We chilled til about 2:30 when we took the 10 minute cab ride to Jaco to catch a bus to Quepos. Jaco was cute, didn't really see much of the town. Had a couple empanadas while waiting for the bus. Bus was super full and we had to stand for a while, but got seats eventually. The ride was way longer than we expected, and made us believe for a minute that we may have missed our stop! It was dark by the time we pulled into town, no idea where to stay and some girl from our bus suggested checking out the Wide Mouth Frog a few blocks down the road. We walked, it got sketchy looking and we almost turned around but saw it at the last minute. We got a private room with bathroom for like 10 bucks each. Sweet. The hostel is super nice, pretty new. Kitchen, pool, internet, phone, TV lounge - really chill. Pleasently surprised. Went to check out the town (although most of the shops were closed because it was pretty late). Had some dinner, chimichungs, so good! Headed back and to bed!

Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Location: Punta Leona, Costa Rica

We got our asses out of bed , all hungover, at like 6 am. Pretty sure we just went to bed a few hours ago. Hiked up to Frank's to catch the bus to Cobano, then caught a bus to Paquera, then the Ferry to Puntarenas. I had to stop at a pharmacy in Puntarenas - seems the water shooting up my urinary tract from the waterfall jump caused a UTI - go figure. So after telling the pharmacist in english and actions, she figured out what i was saying (at first she thought i was telling her i was pregnant!) and i got some antibiotics. No doctor or prescription needed here, just ask and you shall recieve! Cheap drugs, yes! We found a Cab to take us to Punta Leona, this is the half way mark of our trip so we decided to splurge and stay at a supe swanky, expense place - Villa Caletas. We stopped randomly on this bridge along the way and the cabbie turns to me, and says 'come with me' sketch, but i followed. He was taking me to view some crocidiles hanging out in the river below they were so HUGE! i called the rest of the girls, snapped some pics and back on the way. When we turned into Villa Caletas the scenery and views literally took my breath away, it is this long drive up to the top of a cliff on a point along the pacific coast. So amazing. We check in, and they let us know stef and Bryn can stay with us no problem, there is a rollaway bed under the main bed in the room. Perfect. Our room is rustic, but nice. Our balcony overlooks the ocean, again amazing view. Candles and other cute decoratins around the room. Huge bathroom with mirrors everywhere - weird to see ourselves! For dinner we order room service - WOW! so good, steak fajitas, ceaser sald. After dinner we go watch the most beautiful sunset in this amphitheatre with heated seats. It is the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen. The pictures don't even look real. It was like an exaggerated painting - fiery red and it just kept getting better even when the sun fell below the horizon. We jumped in the Hot Tub and then back to the room to veg in front of the tv and fall asleep - long day!

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