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jodesandnick in NW America

A much lazier blog than last time, but hopefully still enough to keep everybody who wants/needs to know what we are up as to we travel through the North West USA and Western Canada.
We start in Seattle and then head across to the nearby San Juan Islands before moving across the channel into Canada via Vancouver Island before ferrying our way up the channels to the top of the Canadian coast near the Alaskan border. Then we will jump on a train to Jasper before picking up a hire van and trekking around the US (Yellowstone, Tetons and Glacier) and Canadian (Banff, Jasper and Yoho) Rocky Mountain National Parks. Finally we return to Vancouver before flying home.
PS the updates might slow down once we are in the Rockies.

Photos - Click Below


Yoho National Park CANADA

Yoho is next to Banff but is much less developed although just as grand. We did our biggest day hike (19km) up to a frozen alpine lake. Now looking forward to wine country - restaurants and wineries hiking.


Banff National Park CANADA

Banff town is pretty trendy tourist stuff, but the mountains, snow, lakes and hiking are what it is all about. Lots more hiking was done, and at times on the same hike it was sunny, raining and then snowing in the same day?!


Jasper National Park CANADA

Long days (gets dark around 11pm), lots of mountains, hiking, snow, and a glacier you can drive up on a bus make for a busy few days.


Icefield Parkway CANADA

This road between Banff and Jasper has the most magnificant roadside scenery and some long steep roads - so not too sure why we kept seeing cycle tourists?


Meet The Locals - part II

More of the local wild life, but this time from the Canadian side of the border.


USA Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is more about animal spotting (see the 'Meet The Locals' page) and hotsprings/geysers, but it still had lots of great scenery, waterfalls, snow and ice. Yellowstone also has the 'Old Faithful' geyser, but it turned out to be a bit of a downer!


USA Grand Teton National Park

The Grand Tetons are just south of Yellowstone and are known for great scenery and hiking which we were happy to absorb. There was still snow on some of the lower trails and heaps on the high passes, so we only did day hiking.


USA Glacier National Park

This park on the US and Canadian borders is fantastic - as well as great hiking it has a really scenic drive (Going to the Sun Road) that goes right across the middle of the park...except when the middle bit is under metres of snow and closed due to extreme avalanche risk, like right now?! Not to worry we just drove south and came up the other side.


1,500kms: Ferry & Train Travel

From the top of Vancouver Island we caught a 500km/15hr ferry up the Inside Passage to Prince Rupert then from there a 1000km/2 day train trip east to Jasper in the Rocky Mountains.


Vancouver Island: East & North

The North of the island is more remote whereas the east has some nice beach and touristy spots.


Vancouver Island: West & South

We entered Canada via this island from the US by ferry .... there were about 10 passengers going through customs max - perrrrfect!


San Juan Islands

For our first 5 days we relaxed in Seattle and then jumped on the ferry to these laid back islands.


The van, Nick and Jodes etc...

Various pictures as the page title suggests!


Meet the Locals - part I

These photos all come from our point and dont expect National Geographic stuff!

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Recent Messages

From Ritchie & Ken
Hi Jodes & Nick,
Lovely to hear from you today! We have now seen all the latest pics. All very, very beautiful, reminds us of our trip!
Love from sunny Qld
Mum & Dad xxx
Response: Dearest Mum and Dad, delighted you have FINALLY checked up on your daughter! Looking forward to a weekend up there....soonish. xx
From Heather (GD)
Hello strangers! Trip sounds great (yes, just received first & final email) :-). Sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Very jealous. Look forward to talking to you soon (but definitely not wishing the rest of your trip away).
Love Heather, John & Myla (& Robbie says hello too!)
Response: Dear GD, oops sorry about that, Nick and I were mixing up our Heathers! Not looking forward to coming home but are looking forward to catching up with everyone. Hope everyone is well and a special hug too Robbie. Love Jodes
From Heather
Great to hear from you guys! Looks like you're having a fantastic time - keep uploading the photos and making me jealous!
Enjoy the rest of your trip and will see you soon
Love Heather
Thanks you, Nick does all the hard work with the photo's and blog. Love me xx
From Huddo
Nick & Jodes, great to hear from you. Nick, you look pretty silly in your shorts in the snow.
Response: what's wrong with those lovely chicken legs?! Jodes
From Jodes & Nick
Hi from sunny QLD.
Great photos- keep them comming. Good to hear from you yesterday, but Jodes, you can have a glass of wine today for Dad's birthday!!! The right day for you. Troops arriving soon so bye for now.
Much love,
Mum xxx
From gwen sgobino
hey there great pics as always :)
stay safe whilest having fun. Everything good here steve left for the shack yesterday for 12 days.
So just me holding down the fort LOL
love ya :)
Response: Hey Gwen, always safe, you know us. Just watched Vancouver Canuks get smashed by Boston - very depressing. t's the finals and ice hockey is very addictive if not a wee bit brutal. 12 days? Is he up there doing reno's or just stocking the freezer with fish? Enjoy a bit of quiet time either way. Love to everyone. xx