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Hello everyone, as promised i have set up a mini blog so i can let you all know what is going on with me and my adventures. I promise it will not be too deep and meaning full but i hope you will all enjoy it. Please ignore spelling mistakes too! Thank you for reading!!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 04 March 2012

Location: Thailand

Hello lovely people. ok so i am back in the water.... Yipppeeeee. finally everything is coming together. i had a disasterous try about a week and a half ago and then left it a few day. I have now been out for 3 days diving, 8 dives in total and they have been amazing. Firstly shark island, sadly no sharks, but still wicked a wicked dive site. then Japanese gardens and green rock. I saw Eel, rays and all those beautiful little fish you all have in your fish tanks at home, Only hundreds of them. The sites are beautiful too, coral and rock and funny little creatures i cant begin to tell you about. I will borrow my friends underwater camera next week and get some pictures.
I have just come back from a very rainy (i hear you all laughing) day on the boat, but the plus side was it made the visibility amazing. Firstly Twins, two pinnacles close together. it was an amazing 50 min dive, loads of fish, two eels and a ray. Then on to White rock, again amazing visibility, but we got attacked by not 1 but 3 trigger fish. Now Trigger fish are what we spend our time looking out for, and trying very hard to avoid. They are territorial with their territories going in a V shape, smaller on the sea bed and getting bigger as you go up. Unfortunately we have no idea how big these territories are. Add into this the fact the March is apparently their 'vicious' season and you get a small problem! or rather large as the ones we came across today were bigger than my leg in length! we were swimming happily along, checking out the rock, looking for the resident turtle and suddenly all three of us had one following our fins! ok so trying not to panic you either blow bubbles at them from you reg or get out you dive knife..... all three then decided to follow the girl, renee who was leading the dive.... they have seriously nasty teeth and i have seen people with stitches from their bits! Poor renee, they wouldnt leave her alone, even after she had kicked them hard. we had to swim fast and hard to try and get out of their way, Thankfully they gave up...... after that i spent the rest of the dive looking around for another one...... ah!!!!
As you can probably tell i am having the time of my life now i can dive again, and everyday gets more exciting..... dont expect me home too soon!!!!
Check out the new photos i have put up, there are a couple of my foot so i am sorry if your a bit grossed out!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Location: Koh Tao, Thailand

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, i know, useless again. You would think that my being injured and out the water would mean i would have masses of time to write this blog, but the days just seem to get away from me...... Island life is terribly taxing......

So Today my stitches came out! Woo Hoo!!!!! the scar is looking pretty spectacular and will be a lovely- if not happy - reminder of my time out here. The doctors have told me i should be in the water within a week which has made my day. You have no idea how frustrating it is to live by a spectacular beach, with a beautiful sea, and to watch all you friends going out on the boat everyday, and you cant even paddle in the water! I have survived though. Thanks to a couple of other friends who have kept me company, drinking cocktails in the middle of the afternoon, going shopping and generally laughing and joking for days. Do I sound miserable......i hope not as truley i am having the time of my life.

The whole point of my coming out here was not just to dive, but to spend some time away, thinking about what is to be my next move in life, and the last two weeks have given me ample oppurtunity to do this. Dont get me wrong, i change my mind every day, but at least i am thinking!

So my day to day life tends to start with Breakfast at Zest - AMAZING coffee shakes - at about 10.30. Afetr this i will head to the dive shop, with others who are actually going on the afternoon boat, just to say hi, catch up with last nights stories and find people to play with for the day. Then probably head to Wind Beach, it has a deck on the beach and you can sunbath, and relax and drink....... I'll have a nap in the afternoon - essential - then back to Wind beach or Fizz - They have bean bags on the beach which i have to admit i have fallen asleep in a couple of times!- to watch the sunset. So far i have only missed 2..... Then it is off out for dinner somewhere, a few drinks a the Simple life bar and then to one of the bars on the beach to watch the fire dancers etc.

So as you can see, not too shabby! I move into a new place on saturday with 4 other DMTs (Divemaster Trainees) which will be great and then, bring on the diving.......

So, anyone coming to see me! Let me know.
Check out the photos on my facebook page if you want

Saturday, 04 February 2012

Location: Koh Tao, Thailand

Ok Ok i know i have been useless...... I have a pretty good excuse..... but i will get to that!!!

Life here continues to be amazing. My new hut is luxury and i have had some time to enjoy the beaches and scenery as well as the night life. I find myself to be so content sitting on the beach reading, chatting with friends and generally chilling out to the extreme. All those things i have not done for years!

I have not been diving for the last 3 days and sadly wont be for another week...... As on Tuesday evening a drunk person on a motorbike ran me over while i was walking down the road. Firstly i am ok, but i have had to had 12 stiches in my heel and ankle and have been back and forth from the doctors(who have been amazing and LOVE me) to have antibiotic drips and pain killers. I am on crutches and so look like a fool but thankfully thailand has some amazing pain pills so i am not feeling anything! Mummy keeps asking for pictures of my stitches, i will when i can bare to look at it but at the moment, NO WAY. My friend told me it lookslike something from SAW. So for now they are under the bandage and will stay there!
It is very annoying but as with so many things in life you must not let it get you down. So chin up, and as i am told by my instructors, this gives me a chance to work on my drinking skills..... No, i actually havent had a drop for 3 days - SHOCK.

So my life here carries on, apart from being seperated from the wonderful sea which is sad, i will be spending the next few days trying to explore. Photos will come, there are on my camera but the cables are in my room.... sorry, ill put them up later today.

Love to you all, let me know whats going on with all of you xx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Location: Koh Tao, Thailand

Hello everyone.

Thank you all for the messages and for wanting to continue reading my blog. I am alive and well and happily living the diving life here on Koh Tao.

i Arrived last wednesday, having been upgraded on the plane for Kenya.....a first and one could really get used too!!!!! i spent one night in Bagkok and then headed down here. Koh tao is Lush. Beautiful weather, wonderful diving and lots of great people to hang out with.

I live in a small apartment about 10 mins walk away from the beach and although it is pretty basic i feel at home there. The diving is great too. So much fun to be under the water again, i have completly forgotten everything from the last time so its a good thing that i have started from the beggining again. On my second dive i got to see a turtle..... amazing, as most of you know I LOVE TURTLES! so this was really special. Today i did a Wreck dive, and although the visibility was pretty shocking its is still an amazing thing to see. Tomorrow is the night dive.... cant wait.

Life here is pretty easy, I dive, drink, party, sleep and then do it all over again, its a hard life.......
I miss you all back at home, but not enough to come home just yet i am afraid.... why not come and visit me!!!!!

Love to all and i promise some photos will be up soon.....i just forgot my camera today.


Monday, 16 January 2012

Location: Kenya

New Photos too, look to the left of my page x

Monday, 16 January 2012

Location: Kenya

Hello all my friends,

Thank you to everyone who is follow me, it must be very dull but i am chuffed with the response to my blog. I am the 5th Most read! Woop!

So what has been going on.......

On Thursday I visited the wonderfully Italian Malindi for some retail therapy, Thank you mummy. There is the most beautiful jewellery and Clothing here it has made it very difficult to decided what to pack into my rucksack...... if only I could actually carry something bigger, Note to self-find strong man to carry my ever increasing rucksack! I haven't visited Malindi for a whole day, mostly i pass through on the way somewhere else, and really enjoyed myself. Thanks to Jessica, my partner in crime, we ransacked various shops before heading to The Driftwood, ( for yummy food and Fresh juices. I am starting to realsise that this is rapidly becoming and 'where to eat' of my travels....... well I do like to eat, but hopefully there will be other things to read about too!

On Friday I had the first of 3 (yes i know i am spoiled) days Deep sea fishing. I love to go Fishing, i hope this is not a surprise to any of you. The pirates are still up in the north around Somalia,there are currently NO warnings for us down here, and having had a long chat with various worthy sea captains, and checking in with the coastguards I felt it safe, if you stay close to shore and near home.... I am happy to do this. We follow a great ethos in Tag and Release fishing, apart from those such as Tuna and Felusi which are delicious to eat. Friday was with Albatros. We fished out of Kilifi into choppy sea but feeding birds. We had a wonderful morning bobbing around chasing the hope of sailfish and marlin..... chasing.......having a beer, chasing.......! t was wonderful, i love being on the sea. We had a successful day in the end with 2 beautiful Felusi - well done mummy and Jessica and a big stinky Baracuda - nicely caught Peter. I had great success and caught not 1, not 2 but 3 large pieces of SEAWEED!!!!!!! AH. Well I cant complain.

Saturday, day 2, Fishing with an old friend Benji Bowles on his boat Cold Shoulder. Benji is an amazing fisherman and it is always so nice to go out with him. On the boat by 8am, bacon sandwiches, sausages and coffee and I felt sure today i was going to catch a whopper....... I did, of SEAWEED! Again we had a great day though, we raised 2 sailfish and saw lots of mackeral and Benito. None of them were interested in us though and having chased and searched, had a beer and caught another SEAWEED! we headed home.

Today, Monday, we headed out on my favorite boat Delta -(www.rodwellfishingkenya) Ken is an amazing skipper and has put up with my moans and shrieks - and my 2 hour long fight with a Marlin - so he must be a saint!!!! we as a family have been fishing with Delta or Centa for 15 years! Yes they keep letting me back, its shocking. We fished out of Mtwapa, Mombassa, headed out into the and chased birds, benito and birds...... the fish wanted nothing to do with us. But Ken is amazing, I have never had a days fishing with him when we haven't caught anything. We headed for home, Incidentely i was napping on the bench...... and suddenly out of nowhere we were hit by a pack of Sailfish....... First line went, mummy shrieked!!!! then another, then another, finally my line went. We had 4 sailfish hooked at the same time, I have never witnessed this before by the way. Up stairs Ken was directing us, 'Jo, you need to go under your mums rod, then over snoos.....yes and now do it again.....' Sadly I lost mine but 3 sailfish were brought up to the boat and duely released without harm. They are such beautiful fish and Jump clean out of the water when they are first caught. Amazing. In all thats fishing, it is always amazing to be out on the water, it feels so natural to me, and some days you will catch a fish, some days you wont..... There is always next time.

With my fishing over i want to mention a problem that the coast is having at the moment. Most of the locals are fishermen, ther go out in the smallest dug outs or bigger ones with sails and fish to feed their families and make some money too. Recently the waters have been hit by the prescence of 'Ringnetters'. These boats go out with about 50 people on board (highly dangerous to start) and use big nets to scoop up all the fish they can. I would not have a problem with this is they stuck to the law. They are required to be at least 5 miles off shore, away from the reef too. I have witnessed, and photographed them less than 1/2 a mile off shore, on top of the reek pulling in everything. I saw 2 sailfish trying to jump out, and around 8 men diving down into the nets to 'make sure they are closed'and to cut the fish up. I know it sounds silly, i love to fish, but this is just barbaric, i am not being very detailed, and it is ruining the fishermens chances. AH!

Tomorrow evening i fly to Bangkok, spend 24 hrs there and then head down to KOh Tao, woop! 'excited face'. A round of thank yous to everone in Kilifi for making the last 3 weeks amazing, Jessica, i miss you already, and everbody elase i cant wait to see you next year-or sooner- who knows!

To Thailand, watch pout I am on my way, does anyone have any 'Must do's' and 'Must donts' for while i am there?

For now goodbye, tune in for news on Thailand xx

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Location: Kenya

Photos so far x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Location: Kenya

Good morning Guys and Girls, thank you to all who have viewed my first entry. So i am still in Kilifi, very relaxed and being pampered by my mum....... is there any surprise i am still here?!!!
First off a quick plug for my friend Harriet who has stared her own blog
. it is brilliant and everyone should sign up. I can not wait for the next installment.

Now back to what i have been up to. Quite an adventurous few days, ish. Last time i wrote it was Saturday so i shall start there.....
Saturday was my friend Jessica s birthday so we visited the boatyard, ( where old and young boozed the day away in true Kenya style. Samosas and wine, is there really anything else you need on a Saturday in the sun, on the beach, looking out to sea? We followed this with more wine and then a moonlight booze cruise up the creek. Rum=Yum......

A swim and some tunes later time to return to shore...... now any of you who know me will NOT be surprised by following incident..... as the boat started, i lost my balance and face planted the engine, not the propeller end though, left side of the face, arm and body. Clumsy should be my first name! Currently sporting a beautifully shiny black eye and some lovely bruises..... I am fine though so do not worry (if you were that is!) Ha ha!

Sunday brought me more turtles, this time not baby ones but the really big ones, swimming up against the cliff to munch on whatever green loveliness grows there. There were at least 70 of them, i guess, popping up and down causing a lot of excitement. I LOVE turtles!

Monday morning to Mombassa - ooofffff! (as my sister would say) Yellow fever injection done, blood group determined.... I have never known mine - O+ - and i dont know why! -errands run, off to a delicious Japanese restaurant - Misono near the nakumatt in Nyali. If you go to the area check it out, everything was great. I am not an avid fish eater and i had a whole plate of sashimi to myself, shock horror!

The full moon rose that evening, here it comes straight out of the sea, blazing red. We sat on my veranda, sipping wine...... I sound soppy but it is an amazing experience to see it.

Tuesday i learn t how to properly drive a speed boat - always useful when your about to jet off and become a scuba instructor..... coming into the jetty, off the jetty, into moorings, off moorings, soaking my mother as i sped passed, hee hee, lots of fun.

And now i am sat here, about to go for a walk on the beach, followed by dinner with Rula Lenska..... any of you know who i am talking about?.....

My true adventures begin on Tuesday next week, and i cant wait, for now this may all be a bit boring, i am just giving you a run down on my life here but who knows what will happen in the next 4 months....... I can not wait to find out.

Goodbye for now,

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Recent Messages

From Livs
Sounds so perfect! Glad foot is on the mend. Grey and miserable here with no sunsets or afternoon naps :(
Response: oh dear poor you. missing you all and think you should come and visit me....M x
From Anne Graham
Dear Jojo,
Great to get the latest news, and you sound to be having a great time. I'm in N'bi with the Phayres having a happy time. Malise will be out on the high seas again with Mum and Rene; they were in the lead after yesterday, so we'll see what they manage to catch today! We have been based in Karen except for 3 nights up in Nanyuki which was fun. We had a day's safari there, and have spent a day in the N'bi Park. Both days we saw loads of animals, including some of the 'big' ones and lovely birds, of course. I come here to see U, Rob and the girls, so spend my time playing with the 3 girls and just sharing their daily lives. Time is running out, and we had back home on Thursday, by which time we'll have been away 3 weeks.
Lots of love, and good luck with the diving.
Response: Dear aunty, so goog to hear you news. And I am so glad you have been having a ball with all the phayres. I am back in the water but not diving yet.... Snorkelling though which is almost there. More photos tonight.... Love to the clan, big kisses, jojo
From Claire B
Josephiono!! I'm loving your blogs x so glad to hear your managing to keep positive! Ha ha ha ha x beanbags..... I would have one constantly implanted on my bottom!!! All is fine here, Lewis and I are embarking on the house route, we've been told our mortgage limits and it's slot better than last year! Just now starting the trawling of agents etc, you know the drill, although it's very exciting, so worth it x boys are doing well, little monkies all the way, Max is getting more feisty so I'm more like a referee, than mummy at the moment!! :) hee hee x music is going well, I'll be sure to let you know, we have 2 new songs being released over the next month, then we're really close to having the album finished!!! :) have to go for now but look forward to next instalments x x take care my sweet, you deserve to have a blast x x big kiss and hugs x x good luck with the move, hee hee, it'll be the lightest move ever!! X x bye for now my sweet x x love banf x x
Response: Banfield i love your messages. so glad your well. I do miss you but not enough to come back just yet im afraid. Masses of love to your boys and please keep writing about what is going on, I love hearing about it big faT kisses and hugs...... X x
From Graham
Hey Jo!
Sounds like your having an amazing time, I'm loving reading your blog, it's such a nice way to keep up to date with you! London life is much the same, I'm currently on tour doing a show down in sunny Somerset which is really nice, the guys I'm working with are really cool too! It's good to get out of Porters for a bit.... I'm probably gonna look for a new job when I'm back....

Been thinking about coming to see you... I've got very itchy feet haha!

Love Whoopsie Pops :) xxx
Response: come come, oh please do. You would love it here. Seriously....... lst me phone so my new number is +66847578561. text me yours please. ah i would love to see you. Glad you having a good time on tour, i am still out of the water but my stitches come out on wednesday so hopefully it wont be too long xx
From Caroline C
Poor you, don't let anything stop the fun! Count your lucky stitches you're not in the UK tonight - Sophs is at a standstill on M40 in thick snow! We're in a Siberian blast! xxx
Response: oooffff, sounds cold..... i am very happy and enjoying relaxing on the beach, just had a massage on the beach with the sea lapping beneath the table! Bliss. Love to you all x
From Uncle D
Now that is bad luck! Poor you. Hope he fell off at least. Get better soon and go back to enjoying those fishes!
Response: I know, stitches come out on wednesday so hopefully i will be back to enjoying it all soon. Lots of love to you all xx
From Holly Blackwood
Hey gorgeous girl, you make me laugh sooooo much, only you could go to the otherside of the world and get run over by a motor bike!!!!! Love you lots and lots xxxx
Response: Ha ha, i know right! Clumsy as ever!!! xx
From sam
Hey girl - you made it! Night diving sound my idea of hell, but I bet you love it! Keep loving it all... and ignore all those petty comments about spelling and grammar - no snese of where you are AT ALL! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Safe swimming! Sam'n'Zak XXX
Response: Missing you Sam, but having a blast. Cant wait to come back and tell you all about it, love to zak x
From Harry Hewetson
HI JoJo,
Sounds like you are having an awesome time. Looking forward to hearing more about Thailand and the diving as it is something I am considering as a new career. I fell in love with it whilst we were travelling - we dived on the Caribbean coast in Colombia, Belize and Mexico. We also swam with whalesharks for a day!
Do you know much about Phuket? I ask because (weirdly enough) there is a Bikram yoga studio there; I am slightly addicted to Bikram yoga and thus, it is another potential line of work I am considering SO could kill two birds with one stone if the diving is good round there too!
Have THE most fabulous time; enjoy and savour every moment.
Lots of love,
Response: Harry my darling. Life here is amazing. I adore diving, it is my own personal escape and just the most magical experience. I know a little about Phuket, the diving there is amazing but it is very expensive. Look into how much they will charge you for the course as it ismuch cheaper this side of thailand. Let me know if i can be of any help, and if you fancy a visit.... i am here till May xx
Response: love you too xx
From Luise
So glad you arrived safely and are already feeling at home. Just dont ever take a boat anywhere with an Italian capitano tempting as he may be!!!!!
Response: ha ha, i promise i wont xx
From Harriet asher
Hi my love, hope you are safe and settled in Thailand, please keep safe and can I have your skype address please. Love you x x x
From Sue Clarke
Loved hearing your news.... especially the fishing ... what a thrill to have 4 on line. Sad about the drag nets and love the face I am sharing a blog with you. A first!!!
From lucy
Joanna, your spelling is atrocious but otherwise it is very nice to hear all the news
Safe flight to Thailand tonight
Response: Ha ha! I am doing it on purpose! X
From Eloise
Sounds horrid!

Minus 5 over in here, enjoy the heat!

Response: Upgraded on the plane-Boom! Miss you xx
From Claire Banfield
Josephino! Loving it! I'm on the bus, just finished work, deadly quiet, and smiling away whilst reading about your exploits! I'm going to tell Lewis about the fishing, he'll be very jealous! X x can't wait for more x so pleased youre having a great time x take care for now sweetpea x love Banners x x
Response: Thank you lovely, i am having a ball..... miss you all though. Big kisses to the boys and your boys and tell Lewis i will take him fishing xx
From Emma Freemantle
Jo, darling
so exciting reading your travelling tales
I am so happy for you and know you are going to find a lot of dreams coming true
Keep safe
Response: Love you Emma xx
From Rollo
Love the blog! By the way watching turtles should not lead you to turn turtle.......
Ps your kind parents educated you well enough to know you were NOT ' sat' anywhere!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxx
From Klee
Hey Jojo!

Glad you're keeping safe. I should have thought to mention the yellow fever jab! Sorry! We were so concerned about money lol! At least it's not one that hurts. Kenya sounds idyllic (especially the *here imagined* views of Mount Kili). Very jealous. I know it's illegal but if you could smuggle home a baby turtle that would be pretty cool (joke!) I guess a picture will do! hehehe. Enjoy the rest of Kenya and safe flight on to Thailand x
From Claire Banfield
Hey love! Glad you're having a great time x x I shall be following your travels x x Rula!!!! She was married to Dennis waterman??? X x Hope it was a nice a night x x be careful my sweet x look forward to the updates x x We're celebrating max 2nd birthday today! At 19:22 I shall be having a very large drink :) big kiss x love from me and my boys x x
From harriet asher
p.s how do i actually "follow you" xx
Response: i have formed a facebook group as i think this is the only way. join and it will tell you when i blog. You page is amazing lovely. So impressed......hope mine gets as many hits! Miss you x
From harriet asher
love you jojo and love your blog - going to be an avid follower. thank you for plugging mine. keep in touch and keep safe xxx
Good Luck Fairy and I can't wait to read all about your adventures! Thinking of you and wishing you well on your travels. XXXXXXX
Response: My wings are ready for the off, i cant wait to start adventure No. 2. Love to you Fairy xx
From Malise
Jo Jo as I always say, take more water with it!!!
Response: Thanks Uncle....... having a ball. Thank you for reading xx
From Joe Sargent
Say hi to Rula from me, I once served her a salad in mcdonalds in holloway road! Boom! True story. How come you two are dining buddies? Xx
Response: Ha ha, mr Joe, she is staying with a friend out here, they went to school together and we are dining there tonight. I partied with her on NYE and she ROCKS!!
How the devil are you anyway darling x