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Jon and Lozza's Travel Adventures

Welcome to Jon and Lozza's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us.

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Location: Samui, Phagnan and Phi Phi, Thailand

Hi all... this time an update from Thailand.
We arrived here just over two weeks ago. Spent a night in Bangkok and flew straight out to Koh Samui the next day. We hired scooters and went around the Island, visiting the main waterfall and many beautiful beach spots.
We stayed five days and moved onto Koh Phangan, approx. half an hour boat tip from Samui. Phangan is much less commercial and muh less populated than Samui. We took advantage of this and stayed in a small bungalow on the beach- though we had to battle the killer size snails that infested the lush gardens...
Next we moved onto Koh Phi Phi. After a 10 hour boat-bus-tuk tuk-bus-boat ride we finally arrived. Met some nice people from Perth and spent the next couple of days lazing around and going out with them.
We are now in Phuket, where we had to endure a 1.5 hour boat ride on 2.5 meter seas... half the people on the boat were sick... including Loz. Not very nice. We arrived safely, thank goodness- because at one point we all thought the boat would capsize!!
Next we are off to some of the drier Islands at the top of Thailand.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Location: France, Italy, Switzerland..., Italy

Since our last update we have seen quite a bit... so here goes!

We made our way through the French Riviera, stopping at St. Tropez on the way. It was a really nice place, though not as 'fancy' as we thought it may be. Nonetheless we spent the day on the beach gazing out at massive boats!!
We stopped for two days just out of Marseille in a small place called La Ciotat next, which was lovely. I think most of the French population was at the beach we went to! It was the French National holiday that w/e, so we watched fireworks and had some champa's down the beach.
We moved onto a small place just out a Nice, where all the beaches were pebbles instead of sand- not entirely comfortable! Nice was very much how you think it would be, lots of boats, palm trees, bouvelards etc.
Next stop was Tuscany, Italy. We drove through tunnel after tunnel to get to Italy... there would have been at least 50 in total! We made it to Viareggio on the Italian Med coast and stayed for two days. Though we couldn't afford the 35 euro lounge chairs on the privately owned beaches, we funded our fetish for Italian food instead- pizza and wine!
Next stop was inner Tuscany. We stayed in a small town in the Chianti wine region. Words, nor pictures can describe the sheer beauty of this place. Rolling hills, meandering roads, medieval villages, vineyards, vineyards and more vineyards. Spent the day travelling around the Chianti region, visiting the villages, taking in the scenery and eating far too much Italian food. Went out to a small authentic Italian restaurant that night and ate the best ravioli ever!
Moved on to Switzerland next. We stayed just near Ponte Tressa on the most beautiful lake. We only stayed a day and set off to France again.
On the way we went through the Swiss Alps and crossed many small Swiss villages. We arrived in Epernay in the Champagne region in the afternoon after a massive 9 hour drive! Visited the Moet and Chandon Champagne house the next day and got ready for another drive to Calais.
We are now back in London for a week then we leave for Thailand on the 7th of August.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Location: Med Coast, Spain

Another update for you from the Med coast...
Our last stop in Portugal was at a big tourist town called Albufeira. We lazed around the pool alot and did stacks of absolute nothing!! That night we went to a local bullfight (not Loz's cup of tea)- even though it wasnt as brutal as we thought, it was very staged and melodramatic.
Since the white sands and rocky beaches of Portugal, we moved onto the Med coast of Spain... alot hotter and much less touristy.
The Costa del Sol (complete with black sand!!) was our first stop at a town not far from Malaga, Vele-Malaga. Our camp site was more a load of sand, than a pitch, nevertheless the locals were very nice, and it was great to get away from the prime tourist beaches.
Next was Cabo de Gata, we think their main clientelle here were the local flies- which of course were in abundance, a cue to move on!!
We then made our way to La Manga, Mar Menor, which was amazing! It was a 22km salt water lagoon that is soo warm, people can swim all year! Plus they say the mud there has medicinal properties- gee I thought we were going to be blessed with amazing looks after swimming there...
Next on our list was Ibiza... which was alot more family oriented than we thought!! We booked into our accommodation at about 11pm, after a lengthy 5 hour ferry trip. Went out to Pacha and met some really great people. The next day we spent it feeling sorry for ourselves... fueled with KFC we were ready to go again for the sunset session at Cafe Mambo... which was amazing!
Next we were off to Valencia, which was nice, but very dirty. We didnt get to see much of the city because it was closed, so (again) we lazed on the beach with the rest of the entire Valencia population (sooo busy!!).
Next we stoppped at Sitges, a smallish town near Barcelona. We went on a couple of Cava tours, which was great!
Journied through Barcelona to Sete in France today, where our next stop is the French Riviera!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Location: Lagos, Portugal

Hello all
Since our last entry we have ventured through the north of Spain and down the coast of Portugal. On the way we past through San Sebastian, where we were lucky enough to catch up with some friends (again) who were travelling at the same time. So we enjoyed a few brews with them! Jon and I sampled the many tapas bars the next night... so much yummy food!
Our next stop was Santander, a smallish town by the beach at the top of Spain. We spent most of the time on the beach and before we knew it, we were on the road again venturing to our next stop, Salamanca.
In the heart of Spain, Salamanca was a real historical visit. The town was full of medieval buildings and small cobble-stoned streets. After a vino or three and a dodgy nights sleep we were off to Portugal.
Figueira da Foz (sounds more like a small dog than a name of a place) was our next stop, a small sleepy town that was rather run down. Nonetheless it was nice to be away from the crowds for a change. Spent two nights there and we moved onto Lisbon.
We treated ourselves to a hotel visit- where we could actually wear no thongs in the shower (the tribulations of camping)! Immersed ourselves in some luxury pool-lazing and some local site-seeing. Again, before we knew it, we were moving on again, this time to Lagos (a mini England- the population: 5 Engish for every Portuguese- j.j!).
So far we have been relaxing by the beach every day in 28-30 degree weather. We also went to a Aqualand type place today- much better than Adventureworld!!
Anyways, that is us signing off for now...

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Location: France

After conquering the oddity of the Eurotunnel (the train that goes from Folkestone (UK) to Calais (France))- we set off on our travels to our first stop, namely Rouen. A smallish French town at the the top of France. We only stayed a day, and where we then ventured to Camembert- an even smaller town (not even on the map!) about an hour from Rouen. It was a really pretty town, made up of a cheese factory, a tourist office and 2-3 houses! I think the population was approx 10-20 cows!!

Our next stop was Tours which was a larger town in the middle of France. It was really lovely. We went to a small town just out of Tours, Vouvray, a vineyard laden region! Just up our alley! :)

Next stop was Bordeaux in the south of France. Again, wine region! We did a small wine tour of a Chateux in St Emilion. It was really amazing. The town itself was also really stunning.

Currently, we are in Biarritz, off South of France. It is a coastal town (which is quite expensive)- luckily, we are staying at my old bosses place which he very kindly let us use for our time here! We have been lapping up the beautiful sun and working on our tans- well more like working on our pastey bodies!! We are lucky enough to share our time here with Jas and Marf- our ex-house mates!! So that has been fun!!

Anyways- we hope all is well for everyone! Next stop- San Sebastien- Spain... Adios

Friday, 06 April 2007

Location: Newquay and Cotswolds, UK

We began our Newquay adventure with a 7 hour drive down to the Cornwall coast. We were so excited about driving again that the timing didn’t faze us! Traffic was chaos in places though we were lucky enough to encounter some lovely sites and scenery- rolling hills, farm animal laden paddocks and lush greenery. We arrived in Newquay late afternoon, where we began checking out the local sites; Fistral beach and the main harbour, and checked into our accommodation. That evening we went out for dinner and drinks at a local Mexican bar.
The next day we were up bright and early, beginning our day with a long walk along Fistral beach (the main surfing beach). We were a little chicken- where we didn’t venture into the freezing English waters. Instead we settled on the beach taking in the sun and watching other’s freezing themselves in the water!
We spent the afternoon indulging in Cornish delights like pasties and fish and chips. We sunned ourselves a little more on and treated ourselves to some local shopping.
That evening we enjoyed drinks at a few local bars and clubs (Joni even busted out the ropes- look out!!).
Arose early again on Sunday morning putting our heavy heads aside and decided to set off to visit the Cotswolds near Gloucester. Our first stop was Bourton-on-the-Water which was the best stop of all. We joined the rest of the crowds in admiring the picturesque and charming sites of the small village set on the water. The trees were blossoming, the water free flowing and the honey coloured houses reflect the shear beauty of the collective Cotswolds. Our next stop was Stow- not far from Bourton-on-the-Water- a smaller village town dotted with many antique shops and eating houses. Our last stop was Buford, which largely was one long shopping/ eating strip- so it suited us down to a tea! Took in the small old-fashioned shops and restaurants and it was time to set off again on our journey home! Back into the swing of busy London life…

Friday, 19 January 2007

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Hello all!
We have just got back from a weekend in Dublin- which was beautiful. We stayed with Amber (friend from back home) and Alan.
We arrived late Friday afternoon and enjoyed a night in with dinner and wine with Amber and her flatmate. On Saturday morning we were up bright and early to explore the city with Amber. First stop- a famous chocolate house called Butlers. A hot choccy to warm us up and we were off. We caught the dart (train- it still makes us laugh now!) to Dun Laoghaire, a sea side town 30mins south of Dublin city. We battled the weather to entertain the small town and stop for lunch. Saturday afternoon we trecked to the Guinness Storehouse to taste test Irelands finest and see how its made. We all enjoyed a free pint at the Gravity bar- with beautiful views of Dublin to take in. We walked back through Dublin, checking out Dublin Castle and Christchurch. We spent Saturday evening on a pub crawl and in the Temple bar district with Amber, Alan and her housemate. We topped off the night by taking a horse and cart to a nightclub called Leggs. Oddly, they didnt serve anything but wine and champayne (?)- not that we had problems with that! After a great night out we strolled home in the wee hours on Sunday morning to crash after a great night.
Sunday was a lazy day- Amber and Alan drove us to the airport early afternoon, where we took a scenic route to take in the surroundings.
Back to London now...

Monday, 15 January 2007

Location: Courchevel, France

Hello all!
We successfully made it through the Festive season, embellishing a great Christmas and New Year. To top it off, we were off skiing in Courchevel in the French Alps on the 6th of January!
We sunk a few too many alcoholic beverages after our plane was delayed three times. Originally we were to take off at 13:30, though never left the ground until 18:00ish. So it was a long wait!
We arrived in Courchevel in the wee hours of Sunday morning.
After a couple hours of sleep we were up and into it, with all the group snowboarding by thew afternoon. The 4 girls took snowboard school and the boys hit the slopes to go it alone. Loz gave up snowboarding after a couple of days to return to the safety of skiing (which we might add, was alot better in the long run!). We both tackled some red slopes and Jon even conquered a black run.
Courchevel was an expensive resort, though lovely nonetheless. Expect to pay at least €8 for a plain sanwich, and up to €12 for half a pint!
We enjoyed plenty of French wine, bread, pastries and cheese. We had some beautiful meals in an Italian (go figure) restaurant, and enjoyed many after ski drinks. All in all, a well earned, well enjoyed holiday!

Thursday, 28 December 2006

Location: London, UK

Merry Christmas all!!
We hope that you all enjoyed your Christmas back home! I am sure Santa spoiled each and every one of you!
Christmas here was quiet, but nice. We spent Christmas eve ice-skating on an open-air rink which was very festive. On Christmas day we enjoyed far too much food and drink with our house mates, a good friend from work and her sister. There was plenty of fun and laughter shared!
Cant wait to hear from you all, and have a great New Year!
Love us xx

Sunday, 26 November 2006

Location: London, UK

Happy Birthday Jon!
It was Jon's Birthday on the 26 of November and we celebrated in true London style- with plenty of lager, a funky pub, with great friends. Aunty Gaye and her daughter Mel were up so they came and joined the party, as did Michael M from Brighton, along with some work friends and our house mates. Lets just say there were a few sore heads in the morning. Jon and Michael woke up and suggested the hair of the dog (drink) was the only solution- Loz had to pass.
We are off to Jamie Oliver's restaurant tonight to celebrate the special day- which should be lovely!
Until next time...

Friday, 13 October 2006

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Hello all!
We have successfully made it back to London town- after a very enjoyable holiday- and a little too much absinth! (I am surprised we survived!).
We arrived on Friday evening, settled quickly into our hotel, where then we were off to the closest pub! It wasnt far too walk (and never was) to the nearest watering hole. We enjoyed a few different places and got nicely acqauinted with the local beer!
Saturday we woke quite early and were off to see the sites! We wandered through the cobble stone lanes, ancient courtyards experiencing the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque facades and sites. We ventured through both new town and old town, taking in the infamous astronomical clock, cafes spilling onto the pavement, buskers, horse-drawn wagons and the all important warm Vino (hot wine)!! We journeryed to Prague Castle, taking in the magnificent clifftop outlook. The castle comprises of an impressive church, with complete with its artistic marvels. Next was Charles bridge which is impressive and a site to experience on its own.
Saturday evening was spent wining and dining, indulging in the finest Czech beer and enjoying a night out- Mecca it was! We spent most of the evening there and arrived home early hours of Sunday morning.
Sunday we spent a lazy day taking in more sites, with a little bit of shopping and lazing around Kampa park. We revelled in more beautiful (not to mentioned cheap) food and beer on Sunday evening.
Monday was our last day, which we spent enjoying a cheap lunch and then it was off to the airport!
Overall Prague was a quite yet busy city, with beautiful architecture. Czech people revel in the expertise with wood- toys, dolls and ornaments, and Bohemian glass and crystal- all more beautiful than the next!
Back to London life now...
Ciao for now...

Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Location: London, UK

Hello all!
Although this isnt exactly a travel entry, we thought we would update you all in what is latest in London!
So we have finally moved house! We ended up moving out with two couples; one couple being our neighbours in Bayswater (Marifie and Jason) and the other couple being there friends from Queensland (Candi and Pat). After many trials and tribulations (as you do when house hunting) we found a place that suited us all; a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house (yes a HOUSE!) in Fulham. It is a little bit further out of London, and a 10-15 minute walk from the station, but it is a really lovely area!
The move itself wasnt exactly a breeze... we moved all our stuff in the rain! And because we dont have access to a car... we just loaded up a taxi with all our stuff and Marifie and Jason's! The taxi driver was really good about it- which was nice!
So I think we have settled in now. On the weekend we sampled Fulham's finest bars and restaurants- with a little over indulging- but hey we needed to celebrate!
Check out the piccys... take care all.... until next time....

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From Jo S
Oh my gosh, you guys look brown as!!! And I loved your pink top Loz on the spanish coast photo - very nice!! Um, now something more intellectual...nope, nothing there!! Hope you're having a wicked time. Looks & reads like you are!! Ah, so jealous!! Keep smiling beautifuls.
Love ya,
Jo xox
From Tony & Judy
Great photos!

See you soon
From David P
Cool Pics!
We're off to Copenhagen tomorrow... Whoo Hoo...
From Kathleen
Hi guys your journey's are making me anxious to leave Mandurah and all resposibilities and come join you!
We're going to be building on our block and as soon as the weddings done a little travelling is DEFINATELY on the cards. We need to escape the square!!
Missing you heaps and thinking of you all the time Lots of love Kathleen xxx
From Jo Christy
I'm coming over soon guys hope we can hook up!
Response: No worries... I'll have the bong packed
From Di and Tezza
Always great to see your pics.
Great little car and you both look happy and well. - A real mum comment!!
Know you have heaps more fun in store.
Sorry to be a pain but just reminding you to put money in the United Credit.
Will talk again soon.
Love you lots and looking forward to more pictures.
Luv Di and Tezza
From Pop
Hi Lauren/Jon, thanks for the interesting travel update and snaps. Will provide you with my update as soon as possible. You realise that I am so busy doing nothing, there no time to do a thing.
Much love ....Pop
From From Auntie Gaye
Greetings Possums!!! Thought you'd lost my email address. Glad you had a good birthday Loz! Happy Birthday! Saw Michael M the other day. He's going great. Heard you caught up with Ton and Lorraine which is great. Take Care Love A Gaye
Response: Hey Gaye!!
Thanks for the Birthday wishes :) Yeh it was great catching up with Lorraine and Tony- we want to catch up with Val and Al before we leave as well. Hope all is well for you back home! Are you busy at work? Hows Mel? Take care Gaye- love you lots!
From Nat
Hi Jonny and Loz! Love the pics, skiing looked a ball! Gr8 to see you're having so much fun!! Home from our Mex, LA, Japan trip tomorrow, will email you through some pics! Love and miss you both lots! Noons
From Pop
While you were skiing, I was swimming. However the mountains looked beautiful, and despite the cost, I'll bet the break was enjoyed by all. Have fun, keep sober!
Pop 17 Jan 2007
From Pop
Dear Loz & Jon
It's nice to see you enjoyed Xmas with friends, with all the usual trimmings. Ofcourse it was necessary to have a 'hair of the dog' after the night before. Believe me, moderation makes it easier on the constitutuion.
I had my celebrations at Bakers Hill with Christine and Mike and some of the "Greats". A very happy and reasonably cool day. Am still playing bowls, but have given golf away for a few weeks, due to sore shoulder.
Have even had several swims. Avalon is lovely at this time of the season, chrystal clear water and little seaweed.
Everyone sends their Xmas wishes to you both. Happy new year too.
Much love.......Pop
From Doug Stoneham
Jason Duffy is my evil!!
From Jen Jen
I see pongo has a red bull in hand- getting rev'd up for a big night out!!! hehehe.... GO THE ARAB, GO!!!!!
From Pop
I love your travel journal, what a wonderful way of keeping us all posted on your latest travels & adventures.
Happy birthday greetings to Jon, I'll have a cold one on your behalf on the 26th.
Love to you both, Pop
From Cass
well dont you guys just look very cute!!!
im glad i got a mention!!
keep having heaps of fun! love ya's both heaps!!!
From Pop
The new "PALACE" looks very comfortable, and no doubt much more affordable with shared accommodation.
Glad you are both emjoying the experiences of world travel. Gives a different view and outlook on the various cultures. "GO RINTI" and enjoy every minute of your time there!
Weather here is warming, spring is on our doorstep, and I am keeping good health, despite the fact that my golf is rotten.
Love to you both, keep the news coming. POP
From Tyson
get a fosters in ya
From ebony summers
loving the pics kids. glad you guys are having a ball...keep em coming
From Jo
I know I could walk around the corner and comment on your pics but god those beaches are stunning (CRAZY GOATS!!!) And what is it about windmills that are just so pretty!!! Anywho, your pics are awesome (where are all your other adventures - do you have to take them down?!)
From Pop
Hi Lauren & Jon
your adventures in Greece sound wonderful, so glad to receive this latest means of being kept abreast with your travels. Keep smiling----
much love, Pop
From jess & marcus
Hi guys sounds like you had the best time! It was good to see photos of you both, we almost forgot what you look like it feels like you have been gone for sooooo long. Mum and Dad said they saw you and went up to your flat when they were in London. Mum said you are really enjoying yourselves and you were both loving the life style over there! We haven't really been doing much lately, the wheather has been pretty horrible and we are just hanging out for the festive season to come around again (although it won't be the same with out you guys). The boys have booked a trip to Sydney for 6 days in Jan 07 to see Tool and to go to the big day out over there as well. Looks like the girls might miss out on the action! Bree's 21st B'day coming up soon, should be good the theme is dress formal hair abnormal. Good for marcus he is either going to straighten it or fluff it right up into a fro.
Will talk to you soon. Miss you. x
From jess & marcus
Hi guys sounds like you had the best time! It was good to see photos of you both, we almost forgot what you look like it feels like you have been gone for sooooo long. Mum and Dad said they saw you and went up to your flat when they were in London. Mum said you are really enjoying yourselves and you were both loving the life style over there! We haven't really been doing much lately, the wheather has been pretty horrible and we are just hanging out for the festive season to come around again (although it won't be the same with out you guys). The boys have booked a trip to Sydney for 6 days in Jan 07 to see Tool and to go to the big day out over there as well. Looks like the girls might miss out on the action! Bree's 21st B'day coming up soon, should be good the theme is dress formal hair abnormal. Good for marcus he is either going to straighten it or fluff it right up into a fro.
Will talk to you soon. Miss you. x
From Kate
hi there lovelys!! You sound like you had a wicked time in the greek islands!! and your pictures were lovely - what were those goats up to?? hehe well now your back in London ill have to come and say hello sometime and have a catch up! whats ur plans from now? speak soon, Kate xxx
Response: Hello hunny!
I only just worked out how to use this function (so doey!). Anywho- thanks for leaving us a msg! How is life treating you? What you doing for work etc. At the moment? Where are you livving?!!