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the pacific rim, a few hills and a bit of ice

Welcome to jon and marion's travel page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Location: Merimbula, Australia

Hi everyone or to those who are still checking out our now sorry excuse for a blog!

we have squashed the travel bug into our back packs and have them hidden at the back of the shed. soon they will be transferred, very quickly so there is no chance of an escape, into a deep dark closet of our new home, to be resurected at some time in the future....we already are planning a 2 week dog sledding adventure on svalbard in march 2010...anyone wanna come?

19 imlay st
merimbula NSW 2548
no phone as yet just our ancient mobile phone numbers

we will put up some pics of the new house with the hopes of enticing a few of you to come and visit and offer to work your butts off for nothing over summer in our new shop. come'll be fun!! groan!!! now you can see why we are already planning our next holiday, gotta have something to look forward too!!!

i sent off a bulk email to everyone i could think of so if i missed you i am sorry and for those of you who still read our page you will get the same info twice!

anyhow we are off now to shuffle stuff in the shed in eden to hopefully make moving a little easier.

we will be in melbourne during some of september, jon's sister anne and her hubby are having a combined 60th and then there is gordon's birthday a bit later so we might just have to hang around for a week or so again. hopefully we will be able to see our friends we havent caught up with since being home.

we do hope you are all well and happy
cya soon
marion and jon

Tuesday, 08 July 2008

hi everyone
we are home!!!
we flew in on the 1st of july, and are spending a couple of weeks in eden to catch our breath and decide what to do next.
i dont know when we get to see you all but our old mobile numbers are working again, though be warned, there is really poor reception in eden.
i cant wait to catch up with you in person.
its great to be home and thank you thank you thank you for all the messages on the blog. it was great for us. thankyou
cya all soon
love marion and jon

Monday, 23 June 2008

Location: Scotland

hi to all at home

for those of you who are concerned about us visiting somewhere warm for a change, we have been touring the british isles with martin and alice, where it is warmer by comparison....

and we have discovered it only has to be a little bit warmer for it to rain...constantly!!

give me freezing any day!!!

but we have had so many laughs with martin and alice, we have ended up with tears in our eyes and our bellies hurting!!

we all kissed the blarney stone in the pouring rain, we walked around the giants causeway in a light shower of rain, we discovered skara brae in a sun shower, we made the standing stones of strenness resonate to our voices in a light mist, we put up tents in a downpour, and watched brilliant sunsets from the west coasts of both scotland and ireland because of the storm clouds on the horizon...the colours were spectacular.

the green of both countries is extraordinary because of the rain, you come to the british isles you expect to get wet!

southern island is much like the rest of the british isles, but belfast was another world. the city is cosmopolitan now but the areas where the conflict went on still hold the tension and both the streets and the people carry the scars of their version of a holy war.

i had a hard time walking around the walled suburbs with their razor wire and 5m high walls, and though most of those have murals supporting peace, there are a fair few that honour those who were lost and quite a number that suggest that the war was ok.

england, ireland, scotland and wales have all had their own character and its been an interesting journey showing that even though these countries have been lumped together as the british isles, they are separate identites (and they definitely dont like you to forget it!!)

we are off today to check out st andrews golf course and then back to blair castle near martin and alices workplace. we have a pub meal planned for tonight and then i dare say it will be a teary farewell as we leave the kids to their lives and plans once again.

jon and i will be heading off to see some more of the west coast of scotland and then drive a bit through the english country side to see what we can see...maybe even catch up with hadrians wall somewhere along the way.

love and hugs to you all
we miss you
m and j

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Location: Orkney Islands, UK

hi to all at home

we are on orkney island having a ball with martin and alice. it was so good to see them again, i didnt want to stop hugging them.
we landed in scotland a bit late thanks to bloody george bush! so we didnt have much time between arriving in bruar where they live and work and heading off at 3am the next morning to the very north of scotland to catch a ferry to orkney.

the crossing was a piece of cake and we landed at saint margrets and headed straight to holm, prounounced ham, and did over the cemetary for where some of the gibson relatives may have been burried. the caretaker pointed us in the direction of both the living and the dead and we ended up dropping in on grandfather gibson's first cousin, billy gorn.

later the next day we bumped into his oldest son, allen. orkney is not very big!!!

we camped out at stromness and had a meal at the pub...we spent the next day touring some of the oldest known archeological sites in the world. the standing stones of strennes, and and ancient village uncovered by a storm in 1850, a stone ring that has amazing acoustics and a ring of originally 60 stones that was incredibly peaceful on the inside of it.

we are off to ireland tomoro and cant wait to see what we can see

love to you all
marion and jon

Monday, 09 June 2008

Location: Crickhowell, Wales, UK

hi all
we saw polar bear and walrus in svalbard!!! it was worth the scary ride through the pack ice to the shore to get some close was amazing!!
wales is good so far...we are in crickhowell near tretower looking for jon's be nice!!
wish us luck
love to you all
marion and jon

Sunday, 01 June 2008

Location: Malmo, Sweden

hi again

i just wanted to say happy birthday to all those of you who have a birthday in june.
Ethan and Nikita i know for sure i think Peter Christopher and mabye Sally Christopher.... and of course my mum and dad´s 49th wedding aniversary. let me know who i have missed. happy birthday to you all.

we have some time to kill waiting for our train so i thought i would share yet another travel experience with you.

on our last day in canada, we caught up with the guys from GAP, you know, the ones who sunk us in antarctica. we were to catch up with them at about 1pm and we were flying out at about 7pm so we needed to be in the airport by about 4.30 or 5pm......

to start with after we made our lunch date with them, i had this sudden rush of anger and decided i didnt want to go to lunch with the people who had almost killed us! it took a bit of time to get past that feeling but by lunch time i was ok again.

we went to their toronto office for a quick chat that became a bit of a reliving of the whole experience because the office staff wanted to know what happened...they only have the offical version. so we chatted quite a bit and found out how they all coped as well and how much this has affected their lives and the companies ethics and the industry in general.

we realised time was getting on so we ducked off for some lunch with lyndon file, the guy who listened to our issues after the sinking...he is a good listener! anyhow chat chat chat and at 3.50pm i say "shit!!!!...what time is it...we have to get on a plane!!!!"...and then it was the bolt to the airport.

"dont worry" lyndon says, its freeway all the way, you'll make it in no time".
peak hour traffic was in full swing.
it took us half and hour to go 2 blocks! we had to return the rental and get through customs...we were going to be pushing it...we didnt know the half of it!!!

we decided to split up, jon would drop me and the bags at the terminal, i would do the booking in stuff while he returned the car. sounds like a plan....

you know, best laid plans and all...

these are our experiences....

mine went
find a luggage trolley and manuver 5 pieces of luggage to the line that much fun! and then wait

his went
dodge the traffic while looking for the rental return lane

mine went
"next please"
"sorry you dont have seats on this plane, you missed your flight on the 2nd, your tickets have been cancelled."
stunned silence.

his went
shit...this road is taking me back to the city, where can i turn around....the road i think i want is just down there, can i drive down the grass embankment?

mine went
but we changed this flight ages ago, i have this piece of paper from american airlines.
yóu will have to go to ticketing to see what they can do for you.
groan...another line

his went
cool fun the grass wasnt too slippery and the oncoming traffic didnt blink an eye at me joining them in such an unorthodox manner!! not a horn honked or anything!!! now where is that exit to the rental returns...
oh shit...i just went past it!

mine went
next please
hmmm the flight you want is full, these changes werent sent through to us, do you need to rebook any of your other flights?
"yes all of them!!" i said through gritted teeth. "i would like to get home evntually." smile smile
they really should have sent this stuff through to us....
ok you are on a later flight to london, you cant go straight to copenhagen there is nothing available, you might try standby.
ok ok
there you go all the other flights are re-booked and re-confirmed now go back to the other line and book your luggage through...have a good flight!"

his went
ummm if i go really really slow, the other cars will get round me as i cross 5 lanes of traffic and almost do a u turn to get into the right probs!

mine went
"oh, we will put your luggage through as oversize because of all the straps and things, i will give you your boarding passes but you need to take your luggage to another place to drop it off"

his went
found the right lane to return the car...hand over the keys, they scan the bar code, and he walks over to the terminal...easy!

mine went
drop the luggage at the oversize desk, meet up with jon and waltz through customs...didnt have to take our shoes off or anything here, hardly even looked at us...

and we were in, and made it to the gate with enough time to buy some duty free and a snack before we boarded!!

travelling is soooo much fun!!!

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Location: copenhagen, Sweden

hi one and all
we have toured denmark norway and sweeden and are now off on another trip of a lifetime.

we are going to spitsbergen....just about as far north as you can get....we are hoping to see polar bear and wallrus! i cant wait!!!

not a bad way to spend our second aniversary together

we are not going by boat, because the one that usually goes there sunk last november with us on it....and they havent got a replacement boat yet...thank goodness. flying is just fine with me.

we have spent alot of time in cars over the last 2.5months and covered alot of territory. the east coast of canada was so polite, not a blade of grass out of place, very pretty in a bland sort of way. the most exciting thing we did was stake out the tip hoping to see black bear. and the other exciting thing was the sounds of the canadian night...we eventually found out the main mating call we were hearing was that of the loon. a quite large water bird. it kept us awake at nite guessing what it was.

scandinavia has been just as pretty and even its really really old history hasnt been enough to stir us much. the place is one big forrest and where its not forrest its water or farm land. there are alot of small interesting things but nothing stunning. even the coastline is not as dramatic as that of south america. but we have had a pleasant time. it would be an easy place to live except for the horrendous cost of everything. i will never complain about the price of petrol again.....we just paid 250 dollars for 68litres of desiel. ouch big time. everyone rides bikes we know why!!!

anyhow we are off now for an all day train ride from copenhagen to oslo to fly out tomoro nite for longyerbeyn. find that one on the map!!!

we hope you are all well and happy
love to you all
marion and jon

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Location: near stockholm, Sweden

hi to everyone

we are in sweeden and have travelled into norway as well...we are trying to figure out how to get to spitsbergen and aland for a look see. we will let you know how we are get on.

all good here and only a few days away from catching up with martin and alice.

we are thinking of you all.

contact is soooo difficult in the western world....i am longing for south america with an internet cafe on every corner!!

we miss you all and hope you are all well and happy


marion and jon

Friday, 02 May 2008

Location: Utah, USA

hi to you all at home

sorry its been so long
there is almost no internet access in the states because everyone has their own.....

since deadhorse alaska we

saw lynx, moose, elk, cyote, reindeer, caribou and fox in denali national park

flew to seattle washington and hired a car to see yellowstone national park...we were going to head back to vancouver and travel north along the rockies but tossed a coin and south won.

we went to mt rainer for a look and saw 225inches of snow so we didnt go to mt st helens because there was alot of snow there too

yellowstone was fantastic with all its hot springs...old faithful being the biggest and the best, we saw bison, pronghorn deer, elk, and heaps of snow

we headed south via oregon, idaho and are now in utah checking out the national parks here.

it still amazes me that there can be snow in the desert

we are heading for colarado to see monument valley

then into arizona and the grand canyon and the redwood national park

we might get on a plane then and head to the east coast of canada cause we will be a bit tired of driving driving driving!!!

sorry this is so rushed and we do have a heap of photos to share, but getting somewhere to do it is a problem.

we hope you are all really well and happy

keep the news coming from home...its a bit like christmas when we get a chance to open all our emails.... we love it

love to you all
marion and jon

california and death valley and yosemite

death valley was a bit like death...the polution from all the major cities in a radius of several hundred kms collects here. we could barely see the road in front of was very disapointing and very hot. we found out a week after we had left there that the temperatures were already into the 100's, we were very glad to be away from there.

yosemite access was closed on our side of the mountains due to the vast amount of snow. we would have had to travel a few hundred kms to get around to the other side so we gave it a miss. there is no moving the national parks people on their opening dates in summer. all the locals said the pass was open but they wouldnt open the park until the following week. we will have to plan better next time. it will be on our places to visit if we go back to the states.

we were very pleased that we visited the states after all. it was diverse and interesting and every hill and ben presented us with a different landscape. in australia you can go for miles without any noticeable changes, so we had a very interesting time in the western part of the country.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Location: USA

Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay Alaska

where the road stops and the arctic ocean begins!

almost the top of the world!

we left behine latidude of arctic cirlce many frozen miles ago.

tundra, ice, oil rigs and pipelines. frozen ocean and polar bears. truck after truck after truck. moose, reindeer, ptartrigman and squirrels. spruce, willow and silver birch. mounds of ice bulging out of what should be a flat expanse of water.

accomodation $200 a night with all meals included because there is no where to buy any food at all.
reached by 480 miles(not kilometers, but miles) of road from hell (or so the locals and the guide books say) but we thought it was pretty spectacular.

hi to you all at home from one of the most amazing landscapes we have seen so far. we were filling a water bottle from our store of water and it was freezing as we were pouring it!

deadhorse is about as attractive as its name is a company town based around the northern oil fields. there are men here from all over the world and slowly the trickle of women is increasing. there is zero alcohol tolerance and you will be tossed out of your lodging and the town if you are caugth with any.

there is no where to go here if you dont work

during summer 'the company' has organised tours of the oil fields and that is it. you can fly to Barrow, an isolated community, an hour west, or fly over some of the outer islands, but during winter all we would see is white. a pilot spotted a single polar bear over a month ago and that has been it on the polar bear stakes. boohoohoo!

the clostest habitation is 225 miles south through the Agitun pass where the overturned trucks and missing guard rails remind you to be very very careful in this part of the world.

on our way north, we got a flat tyre and chose to drive back for over an hour to coldfoot to get it repaired rather than push on without a spare...we may be crazy but we are careful!

and in the words of many of the souvineers you can buy here
'dalton highway, alaska - mission completed!'

love to you all
m n j

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From gorg & manda
Hey mum, did you get my email. hope all is good love gorg & manda.
Response: hi gorg and manda
how is YOUR store going...yes we did get your email and i am so proud of you and pleased for you. cant wait to drop in on you at your store!!! we are having a really good time with martin and alice...had heaps of laughs!!! camping has been a hoot!!
cant wait to see you and hug you
love always
mum and jon
From John Turnbull
Gday Jon and Marion,
Sounds like the fun continues, but do you plan on visiting anywhere warm! I am still relling from the thought of Jonathan frollicking with Julie Andrews bare...and now he is looking for his old roots! they would have to be pretty huge considering the tree trunks that carry him around! I know, I know...I will pay one day but you are a long way away at present and will probably forget by the time you return, thats what happens to old people! All is well here I now have a permanent position with Council as Bushland Officer and Nela is in her mid-year Uni break so we can do some socialising for a change. Our grandson Ronin has a mouthful of teeth and is on the verge of walking, April is due in 4 weeks and we enjoyed a great day with her, Paul and the Cruickies at the footy although the Demons just lost.
Love and hugs,
John and Nela
Response: Hi there you 2 and all the clan.
Sounds like the days are full for you guy's with the growing clan.
Congrats for the position John,..I am assuming that you will fell more comfortable with this move except when I get back????
You will have to let me know how it feels to be a grandfather some time. Yep its bad luck what is happening to the Demons again, you must feel a pride in the consistent performance and with the knowledge that when you fly down from northern NSW just to see them play that the result is a forgone conclusion......Mmmmmmmm!
Please give Nela a big hug from us and who ever else is around.
Love you Jon and Marion
From Arn & Judi
Hi Marion and John.
Glad you are having a great time travelling the world while we workers work! Just watch those icy, high latitude areas, as I think you have probably had more than enough excitement. Everything is good here in Smack Hill. Just got back from a few days in Adelaide, catching up with Loz and Mark, and Mark's parents who were over from NZ. Lovely to see them all. Jess is shaping up to exams, and Shane is working in a call centre at the moment and enjoying having some money for a change. Work is busy, but still good.
Look forward to more of your tales and photos.
Response: hi judi and arn
we are in the orkney islands with and met one of judis, dads first cousins, billy gorn. the caretaker at the local cemmetary pointed us in the direction of both the living and the non living relations...we had tea with some of them!!
marion has run out of capitals again.
glad you had a good time in adelaide. we have been having a great time with martin and alice. its so good to see kids again after you havent seen them in a!!!
love to you all on smack hill.
marion and jon
From dianne
Hey sis and Jon , Well time is going fast here so much happening with the boys. they go on there first weekend respite on the 20th ( phew it has been 4 long years since i have had any real time to myself)bugger my car playing up tho on the black friday !
well i have perused yr photo's kids are asking where are the close ups of the polar bears, and walrus! lol had to explain thefact you could become there dinner if you got to close!
wow im jealous of yr trip north justwatching a show called " ice truckers" they drive the ice highway from yellow knife up 300klms north.
im still stunned.
wales my dear and jons roots, hehehe my mind conjours up heaps of funny visions of him being the milk man !
well hope you catch up with martin and alice and enjoy yr time in the uk.
finally have my laptop on wireless it is so neatto be able to be in my room leaving a message, with out being asked to " hurry up mum ".
lol hope to talk to again real soon probably wont be next weekend its my birthday on the weekend they are away ! yippeee!!!!!!!!

lots of love dianne lance kane william and heath
ps kane won at his footy today .
Response: hi di and guys
yeah looking at the photos of the polar bears is a bit of a let down, but the real thing was worth it. we hope you have a great day for your birthday and you really really enjoy your time alone...sorry kids but she does work hard looking after you lot!
stay happy
love marion and jon
From mum & dad
Hi to you both, you're right about the places being to small to find on the map. Well On our map anyway. Just watched a video of the Montreal gardens and it's wow! did you get to Montreal in your time in Canada?
We had our week away IN a short version it was sat around or slept for 4 days then thier was a HUGE storm then went fishing and caught a couple ans fed the scraps to the stingrays, the lazy buggers hang around the cleaning tables, the next day the electric winch wouldn't let the boat off the trailer. so the next day we came well and truly POQ, lotsa luv
Response: hi mum and dad
we gave martin and alice huge hugs from everyone at home, and an extra big one from me. it was so good to see them. we didnt get to montreal this time, but wales and most of england and scotland has been picture perfect. interesting fishing trip?!!! glad i was here sleeping in a tent in the pouring rain! lol!!!
we are just about finished our brief tour of orkney with very good results and a big grin on martins face with finding some of his relatives and a bit of a sense of where the gibson side of the family began. its good to see him smile so much.
we are all well and happy and sending our love to you both
marion and jon
martin uses "aye" quite a lot now and within a few sentences of talking with some of the people here he sounds scotish!! go figure!!
From GL
When do we get to see the photos??????
Response: now!! but i just realised in my worry about loosing them, we sent some cards home, so there are a few gaps in our photo collection
From Eve
Hi Marion & Jon,

Finally caught up with you via blog - you're looking terrific and love the stories! Keep those cheeky smiles happening.
I am moving house, still Jan Juc, but on a bit of land, closer to Bell's. If you get back any time in the next year there's heaps of room for guests :-)
Love eve
Response: Hi Eve
sounds like your end of the world is very interesting at the moment. cant wait to see your new place, and it sounds like you will have a bit of room to get stuck into a garden. england has been a pleasant experince.
it was good to hear from you.
love and hugs
marion and jon
From dianne
hey there, back to the snow hey !
well i looked it up and apparrently Longyearbeyn isnt a back wood it is quite culturally connected with universities and quality motels and diverse things to do .
so enjoy yr trip to there sounds like an okay place to be.
happy 2nd year to you both and go get some photos of a polar bear!!!!!
yep flying sounds like a better way to go quicker as well!
lots of love di and boys.
Response: hi di
sounds like you found out more about spitsbergen than we ever will, we have been told that its a mining town with 50kms of roads not connected to any other place. to get to one of the other towns on the group of islands means boat or plane hopping...we will have to wait and see!
From dianne
boo, well i hope all is well over there. im hoping yr no where near the bushfires and the tornados and the crazy weather.
mum and dad have gone down to batemans bay for a week will be back on or about the 1st of june.
fishing they hope!!!! lmao .
well im bit like mum wondering how you guys are and how thetrip is going ? write soon so at least we know you are fine and doing well !
love to you both and be safe:)
love diand boys
got yr postcard of the dinosaur bones was the talk of the school for afew days, both heath and william took it for news!
william broke his arm in the holidays last month and just had thecast removed so he is happier and not so scratchy now.
kane played another game of footy today and did okay i guess, they lost to the other 13b team in the club which sucked.
well hope yr all well
love di :)
Response: hi di and guys
glad to hear williams arm is going along ok and that kane is learning to loose graciously!!!???
here is one for the boys to look up on the map...longyearbyen.
let me know how they go finding it. i hope to be able to send post cards from here...we will have to wait and see!
still not sick of living out of a back pack so we will keep at it til we are.
love to you and the boys
marion and jon
From Michelle
Where oh where have my travelling friends gone? Where oh where can they be?????
Hey there my dear friends. Just wondering where you are in this big wide world, and what you've been up to.
All is good here, bloody cold though. It's about 4 degrees at the moment (9am Thursday morning).
Hope to hear from you both soon.
Great big hugs,
Shell and Anthony xox
Response: hi shell and anthony
we are back in copenhagen planing a trip to spitsbergen to see polar bear and wallrus...
we have had a good time in scandanavia...though our timing has been a bit off. everything swings into action at midsummer in about 3 weeks, the upside is we have avoided the tourists and the mossies!!! gotta be happy with that! we went swimming and didnt fact today has been about 26 celcius...pretty cruisy really. hope you are both doing ok, school must be out for the winter break?
we are thinking of you
lots of hugs and love
marion and jon
hay mum and jon
just a quick note to say hi and let you know Tiah left for her Canberra camp this morning at 7.30am, not that she slept much last night she was very excited. They are gone for a whole week yay wont see her til around 6pm on friday night. hope your having a ball lots of love GLxxx
Response: hi gl
how did tiahs camp go...geeze i remember going to canberra for school think the curriculum would have changed in 40yrs!!!
we are having lots of fun georgie. thanks for thinking of us and keeping in contact even thou we havent really been able too...
love and hugs to you
mum and jon
From John Turnbull
Looks like you have had a hair transplant JC and what long sideburns you have....
You are both looking very relaxed...just keep on rubbing it in to us unwitting voyeurs what a wonderful time you are having...
Off to Melbourne next weekend, catch up with a very pregnant April, family lunch at the 'G and some footy, shopping, more eating, etc on the agenda
John and Nela
Response: Hello there Mr Turnbull, I see that your are still looking for trouble or you have fallen off that bike once you have removed the training wheels??? I do feel concerned for Nella with what she has to put up with.
All fun aside, I hope you two are well and yes we are still cruise around...just hit to Sweden and probably to Norway to check out the Fjord country and to see if I can catch up with a young boys heart throb..Julie Andrews running across the fields with her bare....... Boys.
Love to your family and yourselves,
Jon and Marion
From Fiona
Hey guys, sorry i couldnt talk more the other day. It was great to hear from you.
So now you will be in Copenhagen, have fun and try not to let too muchmoney slip through your fingers!! I have two more days at whistler, going bunjy jumping tomorrow...ehhh!!
If u get a chance to call again it will have to over the next two days then ill no longer have a phone. Miss you both
love fi xoxox
Response: hi fiona
hope your last days at whistler were good fun and you enjoyed bunjy jumping. we hope you had a great day for your birthday...we were thinking of you. let us know on here when you have a phone again. we arent sure when we will be heading home as we have just extended our stay in scandanavia by a week or so.
we are thinking of you and azza
love and hugs
dad and marion
From mum
hi all No news is good news I gather!! We've been to the boys footie a couple of times' it's good. We took 2 boys on the new Illawarra Fly which is a walk in the tree tops and we could see all over the Illawara area below the escarpment. It was a bit blowing and scared the kids out on the cantilevered bits. lots of love and hugs
Response: hi mum and dad
we keep sending stuff by snail mail!! computers are few and far between except if you have your own laptop then there is wi-fi everywhere, america is more amazing than we thought it was going to be...we will hang out here for a while.
glad to hear of your adventures.
love and hugs
we are missing you
marion and jon
From Georgie
Hay Mum and Jon thanks for the post card hope your having fun, are you away from the ice yet? love you
Response: hi georgie
thanks for you em
and you
mum and jon
From dianne
hey there happy but cold travellers!
man you guys like he cold bits of theworld dont you ? i showed kids where you were on the map and theya re stunned, from one end of the world to other, with a few thawing out sessions in the middle!
do they have highways up there? thought it would be just ice more ice and then a bit more ice.
well william broke his wrist on saturday the20th april so as you reached the end of the road william is going down a new one again ! lol this time he fell awkwardly and kane fell on him all 68 kilos of him !!!! wallah one broken wrist ! so much for an uneventful holidays for us.
lance is doing well with his karate, kane is missing footy ( non in holidays)william is an unhappy man at this time, heath is starting his treatment for anger issues( anger management for an 8 yr old wonders never cease to amaze me), heres hoping he and all of us finally get this all resolved.
well weather here isa bout as crazy as it can get it has rained on and off now for 5 days, gnerally long enough for a load of washing to be hung out then down it comes.
well i hope both you and jon are staying warm and drive safe, ps watch the bears from a distance,
hurry and get back to some where warm im tired of feeling cold all the time.
love and best wishes
di and boys.
Response: hi di
we are supposedly warm now...we are in the deserts of bloody freezing!!
might have to wait til we get home to warm up
love to you and the boys
m n j
From den and mim
Hello!!! It's our last day of holidays and we popped into the library so we could see what you have been upto.The weather has been mostly sunny up here, its making us jealous to here about all the snow. i caught a tuna witch was huge lol not really about 2.5kg it was great had alot of fun up here but have to go back home im taking the tuna back to gordon can have a taste of my glory lol hope to hear from u guys soon love ya both den and mim
Response: hi guys
sorry its been so long in answering this but you know how it is...been busy having a good time!!
love to you both
mum and jon
From Margot Hays
Hi Guys, Long time since I have logged into your sight and looked at the photos.(awesome) Went off to India to my 'heaven on earth' in northern India for some meditation etc. (in March) Had a great time. Glad to hear all is going well and you are now in Whistler. Have a ski for me. Take care. Love Margot/Albury
Response: hi margot
thanks for dropping by! we will pick up some tips from you about travelling in india for a jaunt there in the future. it has long been a place i would love to visit.
keep well marg
marion and jon
From dianne
hey sis ,
love the photos and hey what is this, you are not skiing ? too vertically challenging a sport for you hey ! what a difference to the sth america climate and atmosphere.
mum says you sound great glad to hear it cause you sure do look happy in yr latest photos!
also could you send veronica a highdy ho at her adress cause they a re with out internet or phone so cant see the blog for her self.
her address is 36 derby street bowral 2576 nsw.
also kane won his first game of footy 38 -0.
lance goes for his yellow belt next week in karate.
william got first prize at the moss vale show for his drawing of a leopard in grass.( still has crook ears god bless him)
heath is in the choir and the school soccer team and is slowly improving .
myself hm feeling every inch my 40 +years now, aches and pains and im not climbing mountains etc all over the world.

so lots of love and keep the photos coming lol , and watch for the yeti with that long tongue( the one in blue parka.. gooba!) he may rope you int o doing strange things again !
lots of love dianne and boys!
Response: hi di
i have been trying to get veronicas addy for ages...thanks for posting it! your guys sound like they are making names for themselves for all the right reasons...give them all a big hug from me. i got roped into a pub last nite and just survived the bus ride this morning...too much rocket fuel and too little sleep. i didnt see much of the scenery on the way back to vancouver! we head for alaska tomoro...cant wait!
love and hug to you sis
marion and jon
From Michelle
Nope, being totally honest here, their birthdays are both on the 23rd APRIL......not May, you silly duffer! No trickery involved..... (see, nothing up my sleeve)
I can't wait to see Canada, it's most definitely one of the places I am going to visit. you think Jaz would be able to pull a sled so that I can get some practice? If not, I guess I could get the kids to run ahead and pull me down the street, just a thought....
Love and hugs to you both,
Shell xox
Response: hi shell
well i just have to believe you then...
we have seen so many small dogs here...all freezing their little paws off!! i could see nathan and teghan doing that with you yelling 'mush!!!' ....not
love to you and yours
marion and jon
From Michelle
oh ohhhh, I think you're in trouble Miss Marion, there IS someone you may have forgotten who is having a birthday in April....and that is.....Miss Wendy!! (oh, and Anthony) uh huh!! YOU'RE IN TROUBLE!! hahaha
No big news here, same old same old. I really look forward to reading your blogs and looking at the wonderful pics you are taking, keep it up!! :-)
Enjoy your travels, and keep safe.
Lots of love and hugs,
Shell and Anthony xox
Response: what~!!! thier birthdays are in may! arent they!??? i keep messing them up. are you sure???
ok just in case
happy birthday wendy and anthony...though i think shell is trying to trick me!
dog sledding was fun, and so was snow shoeing...its snowing...again...
love to you all
m n j
From Alice
Hi Mum and John, if you are heading up to Alaska you would go through/ near to my relatives in Fort St John, so let me know cos they would love to see you , also do you have access to anytype of phone and we can call you as we have free calls let us know can't wait to see you our number is +4407519108698 txt us a number we can call you on xx
Response: hi guys
we dont have a phone...only skype...and i think you are 8 hours in front of us so timing is a bit painful. but we will catch up. we are still trying to decide how long we want to spend in canada. we do hope to head north, the snow is still pretty heavy further north so we will have to wait and see. and yep we would love to head to orkney with you. we want to do some of wales too to see where jons family is from and some of the west coast of ireland.
we will call ya soon
m and j
From mum & dad
Just had a look at the blog on the lap top as the desktop died of natural causes. will get another in due course. everyone has been sick with something or other, its a sick time of year.
dads been out with Peter a couple of times now its 2 windy 2 fish but they are checking out a good spot for later
lotsa luv
Response: hey mum, you will have to give peter a big hug for saving you from fishing duties! there are some big fish here...or as usual...some very big fishing stories! this place has almost as much water and ice as patagonia.
love and lots of big hugs
marion and jon
From Pete C
Since when has the abomidable snowman worn a french blue parka

Howdy guys, a lot of great shots here

Yo Alaska!

Lots of love to you both

Response: hi pete
jon (and/or fiona?!) needs a better disguise!
we are having a ball here.
thanks for being our accountant back home.
love and hugs to you peter
marion and jon
From GL
hay mum and jon
Happy Easter
the new jobs going good and i have taken on a new role that we havent been able to fill, the role is purchasing the land so its been fun lots of negotiating and playing real estate games. Ethan starts Aus Kick in 2 weeks and is looking forward to it, tho i think darrens more excited. they have been out practising ethan riding with out training wheels as well and tiah and i have been out shopping with all her birthday money. glad you finally had a chance to ring the photos are ggreat look forward to hearing from you again soon lots of love. xoxox
Response: hi gl, wow ethan and oz kick...i wish i was there to see his first game. take lots of photos for us. its so nice hearing news from home...been a bit homesick lately. i miss you all
love mum