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Josh Edwards Tripping Photos

These pages are photo journals of some great bushwalking spots in Tassie as well as a few other trips here and there.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 08 April 2007

Location: Mount Anne, Australia


Easter 2007, Mount Anne, Described as Tasmania's Premier Day Walk.

Gorden/Franklin National Park 2hr's West of Hobart.

Garrick and Myself tackled this one, in pretty misty and cloudy conditions. We didn't have a map, didn't know the area and as a consequence had a little trouble finding the peak

Getting to the last part was pretty hard, we first climbed the peak very close to Anne, thinking it was a little too easy, only to then see a very faint outline of a bigger mountain, so we climbed that. On the way down, the mist cleared a bit, and we could see once again and ever bigger peak.

This one turned out to be Mount Anne, and it was every bit as good as i had been told. The last climb was heaps of fun, although i would be hisitant to do it wetter conditions, and if icy not all.

Not that it is as bad as Federation of anything, but having a guy fall of another mountain and die that weekend gave a reminder that accidents can still happen. Especially as most of the drops offs on this mountain would have resulted in pretty severe injuires.

Check out the photos.

Monday, 12 March 2007

Location: Eddystone Point, Australia


March Long Weekend - 10th-12th March

Surf/Beach weekend.

Memorable events:
- Adam's Cruiser losing a belt 15min from camp.
- Taking Josh's Peugeot on 4WD track and putting a rock through the sump
- Stacey's trailer slowly falling to pieces
- Spending the weekend using creative methods to fix cars so we can get back to Launceston (including wooden stakes in engine blocks and chewing gum sump patches)

Wasn't a photo frenzy trip, but took a few sunrise photos one morning toward the lighthouse on the point.

Check out the pics

Tuesday, 02 January 2007

Location: Australia


The last day, we all go home tonight.

As we got closer to the end we started to meet more and more tourists comming in from cockle creek for the day. This was a good sign.

Got to watch a pack of dolphins go and investigate a surfer from the cliff side which was prety funny.

Met Sarah's parents at Cockle Creek who supplied a welcomed BBQ and comfy ride back to Blackman's Bay.

After a quick shower and some clean clothes we packed all the gear into a trailer and headed down to the Taste of Tasmania. The food was good, but somehow not as good as i had been invisaging it back on the track.

Drove my car back up to Launi with 5 people and a trailer. Hit 1 strolling Echidna at 120km/h on the midlands, not sure if he survived, i was more concearned with the 3 tires that managed to hit it.

By the time i reached home it was the next day, and had work the next morning. Probably should have taken time off

The trip was over.

These are just a meer micro sample of photos from the trip. Anyone interested in looking at the full trip can check them out in a Photo Album I have made.

Monday, 01 January 2007

Location: Australia


Time to leave surprise bay and get back to the walking. A long day ahead of us, with a lor of muddy rooty hills.

Passed through Granite Beach camping spot

Was happy to to get to camp, and the realisation that i would be home in bed tommorow was a disturbing thought.

Went for a dip in the stream and the ocean. Where the creek was freezing and the ocean a lot colder. Which was especially weird seeing as the sea was much warmer then the creek at Suprise Bay. Who would have figured.

Pasta Pack for tea. Kinda getting over them.

Check out the pics

Sunday, 31 December 2006

Location: Australia


Day 5, a rest day to soak sore feet and chill out as oppose to climbing precipitous Bluff, which was the alternative.

Wicked spot for a rest day. Beatiful Day! Today is the last day of 2006 as well

Highlights include:
- Making Spears Bows and Arrows for hunting
- A Tiger Snake sneaking up behind us from the water
- Nick hitting the tiger snake with an arrow (sticks don't penetrate scales very well though)
- Swimming in some wicked surf
- Excellent game of twighlight beach cricket with a perfectly made kelp ball
- Texas Holdem'
- Joram making stupid fish traps that didn't catch anything....surprise surprise

We had dinner on the beach to a pretty specky sunset.

Whats for tea Gaz....pasta pack YES I love pasta pack.

Check out the Pics

Saturday, 30 December 2006

Location: Australia


Day 4, conquored the Ironbounds and the vibe around camp was good. The joys' of bushwalking had returned.

Solid sleeping has not been a feature of this trip for me, so while i was laying in bed in the early morning (about 4am) i decided i may as well take some sunrise shots from Deadmans Bay, turned out to be a fantastic idea! check out the pics.

By this stage the metho bottle had been passed onto garrick, and i had received the 2lt Goon bag, which was filled with really really bad port. The reaminaing juices gave my water a slight bitter taste, which was actually quite enjoyable under the circumstances

I think it was on this day that we agreed to take a rest day at Suprise Bay. As you can imagine there were many discussions about what the suprise at Suprise Bay was. I was betting on the surprise been that there wasn't actually a surprise.

Today was a long day, various terrain. A last climb through a long hard range proved to be very taxing on my patience. But with a very quick descent at the end we were at Suprise Bay.

Whats for Dinner tonight Gaz...pasta pack....YES I love past packs!!

Check out the pics

Friday, 29 December 2006

Location: Australia

SOUTH COAST TRACK (day 3 of 7)

Day 3, have to climb the Ironbounds.

The climb was.....well hard. Garrick was carrying the water/metho bottle that morning, and failed to fill it up before we left. It was natural to assume that there would be plenty of water along the way, but as it turns out there wasn't.

After the first stint of the climb, we could hear a waterfall someway off the track. Garrick was nominated to go and retrieve water. In what was ment to be a simple exercise, 30min later we were getting weary of waiting. Was the waterfall really that far away.

Turns out Gaz was almost back when he realised he left his camera at the water fall somewhere, and had to go back and retrieve it. Good work Gaz!

The rest of the morning was an uphill grind, until we hit the top for lunch.

Garrick carried a beer all the way just to have at the top..... I hoped it was warm.

A bastard of a climb down to Deadmans Bay. Very steep, muddy, and very rooty. Type of terain that you can just see numerous ankles rolling.

Camp was a very nice spot, open fire was nice, and the trip was starting to become fun.

First crap for the trip, i must have been the first one that day as the long drop was only about 40cm deep, and covered with so many maggots you didn't know what was underneath.

Whats for tea tonight Gaz?......Pasta Pack!! YES i love past pack.

Check out the pics.

Thursday, 28 December 2006

Location: SOUTH COAST, Australia


The mornings weather was looking jubious, or dubious as i found out later that day (english joke).

Put on a jacket, don't put on a jacket, put on a jacket...argh, soo many deecisions, this trip is ment to be relaxing.

Run with the jacket plan, then i can laugh at the others scrambling for there jackets when it starts to piss down. It didn't start to rain, and i had to take mine off cause it's so bloomin' hot walking in a jacket.

Good start to the day

Today proved to be as bad, if not worse then the first day. My motivations for this trip were in serious question. I started to think about where i packed the plastic knife for easy access when i would have had enough.

Today consisted of cut grass plains surrounded my mud. The terrain was spectaculary similar to the 2k in front and behind us.... that been cut grass plains with mud.

We tacked our first hill, I thought it was hard. It was apparently a 400m high climb. Tommorow we do the Ironbounds, a 1000m+ climb. Obviously i couldn't wait for the joys of tommorow.

On top of that i had to share a water bottle with gaz that made your mouth evaporate at the end.

There were 3 river crossings, of which you take your socks and shoes off, walk across, dry them, put them back on, and then marvel at how you have gone 10 meters in 20min.

The 2nd river crossing i honestly couldn't be stuffed and just plowed through with boots and socks. It seemed like a much better idea before i started walking after it

The last 2 hours consisted of games, where i was convinced we just had to get to the next set of trees, again, and again, and again. for 2 hours!

Decided to have an open fire to rekindle spirits. We are allowed to have one right......ummm.....well the people over there are.

Nick: well the map says that you can only have it at these sites and not//..........what nick, we didn't know any better.

Whats for tea tonight Gaz...Pasta pack, YES, i love pasta packs.

Check out the pics.

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Location: SOUTH COAST, Australia


7 day walk from Malaleuka to Cockle Creek.

The plane left at 7am, which ment that we had to leave South Hobart at 6. As i reasoned with myself that morning having a poor nights sleep, i thought we didn't have to get out of bed till 6, yes this will definetly allow me to have a few more minutes sleep.

As it turns out it didn't, and all i achieved was a mad rush having considerable consequences as mentioned below.

Flew from Hobart to Malaleuka in a 6 seater plane in conditions that could be described as poor.

Garrick, Nick and myself flew in at 7am, and had to wait for the second plane to arrive with the others that left at 9am.

highlights of the morning include watching someone carry a vomit bag off the plane, and teasing Nick about his new girlfriend, the parrot girl.

I think it was at about 10am, before the others had gotten there, that i realised i didn't have a drink bottle for the next 7 days. This was going to be a problem. But i felt better when i mentioned it to Nick and Garrick, as Garrick had done the same.

Fortunetly i found a near empty metho bottle in the Par Avion's stock room. was going to do the trick, plus you got that great metho after taste, Mmmm.

I think it was about this time that i wished i had breakfast.

Luckily there were some chaps making pancakes in the middle on no where for free!!! Breakfast at last, and a coffee.

We reach camp, Whats for dinner Gaz....Pasta pack for dinner. Yes!!. I love pastapacks.

The first day was boring, and i hated the most part of it. My legs weren't used to the work and i wasn't having much fun. If the next 6 days were the same as this i was going to cut my foot off with a plastic knife and fly out in an emergency helicopter.

It rained that night

Check out the Pics

Sunday, 23 October 2005

Location: Mount Ossa, Australia


Winter 2005.

Liam, Garrick, and myself

1 day walk into Pelion Hut, and 1 day walk up Ossa and out in the dark.

Ossa spend pretty much all the time in clouds, however we got a 15min window of sun when we hit the top. Was perfect for lunch and view to make it worth while.

Trip consisted of many snow fights and Liam's rendition of Kelly Clarkson's since you've been gone on more then one occasion.

Check out the pics

Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Location: Australia


2 night walk up Pellion East. Cradle Mountain/Lake St Claire National Park

Liam, Garrick, Jords and Myself

1st day into Peilon Hut.
2nd day up Pelion East and back
3rd Walk out from Pelion Hut

Cold nights, but got the gas heating up to about 28 degrees, so it was bearable

Check out the photos.

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