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Welcome to our travel page. We are leaving NZ on the 8th of March 2007 and heading to London to work with holidays in Australia and Thailand along the way. We'll keep you up to date with all our travels through this page.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Location: London, England

Hi all,

Yesterday we braved the Waitangi Day pub crawl around the circle line, and survived!! (although a bit tired today).
I've put up a few photos to give you an idea of what it looks like when approx 12,000 kiwis all take on London at once. And in case you missed it, check out One News to see a close up of Danny doing the haka at Westminster, yes he's famous!!

Hope everyone is well. We will no doubt be having a few quiet weekends to recover from this one!

Love from us.

Thursday, 07 February 2008

Location: London, England

Have put up a few random photos as Mum was requesting some!
These are the only ones I've taken from New Year's which proves just how boring we have been. Will make sure I take lots at the Waitangi Day pub crawl this weekend, wish me luck!!

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Location: London, England

Hi all,

We got back last night from our trip to Bulgaria. It was a great week - the skiing and boarding was awesome, the hotel was pretty good (might have been better if they could have spoken English!) and there were 22 of us so it was a very social time.
We went up the mountain 5 days out of 6 and none of us got any injuries. Except the snowboarders who still have pretty sore bums and knees! Feel like we need a holiday now from all the hard work.
Our Christmas day was good, we went up the mountain and skiied for half a day then had Christmas dinner at our hotel with our whole group. It was a really nice dinner, so much food and alcohol it was crazy.
All in all a great holiday.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. Would love to hear from you all.
Have put up some photos and some more to come.

Love from us.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Location: London, England

Hi all,

Have put up some pics from my girl's trip to Malta. It was very nice and relaxing and good to get away from the cold London weather. It has been -2 degrees here today, so pretty cold.
1 more week til we go to Bulgaria for our Christmas skiing trip so let's hope it's cold there as we want lots of good snow!

Hope everyone is well back home and has a great Christmas!

Love from us.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Location: London, England

Hi all,

Well we are now back in London after our trip home for Pat & Fi's wedding. It was great to catch up with everyone even though the 2 weeks flew past and we were constantly busy. The flights back were not so fun, the last one from Hong Kong to London just seemed to drag. I have another cold so am tryign to fight that along with the jetlag. Had a great sleep last night though so am up early and trying to sort out some job opportunities. Danny is back at work so at least someone is earning some money!
So we're just taking it easy for the next couple of weeks, settling back into London life. Will be looking forward to our skiing trip to Bulgaria at christmas. The London weather is not too bad at the moment. It's a mild day today but the weekend was quite wet - at least it's not too freezing yet.

Will put up some photos from our trip home.

Love from us.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Location: London, England

Hi all,

Sorry I've been so slack in updating this lately.
What have we been up to, hmm let me think. Well, we went to Edinburgh last weekend for the All Black's game which was great fun. It was a very rushed weekend though but we managed to fit in a little bit of sightseeing on Monday morning before heading home. The game was good fun and there was plenty of drinking afterwards in a little bar called Dirty Dick's. The train rides there and back were a bit of a disaster as there were too many people for seats plus numerous stoppages. Very frustrating but we got there (and back) in the end!
Will put up some pics of Scotland now.

We're heading home in a week for a 2 week holiday. Looking forward to seeing you all again. I'm finishing up at work this Friday so will need to get something else when we get back from NZ.

Will catch up with you all soon, love from us.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Location: London, England

Hi all,

Photos of Danny's trip to Poland are up. Diary entry to follow....

Love from us.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Location: London, England

Hi all,

Well there's a couple of you who constantly complain that I am never in any of the photos (you now who you are!). That is because I am often the one taking them and always the one putting them on the site, so I get to censor what goes up. For example with the Paris ones, I was going to put up one of me and Danny at the top of the Eiffel Tower but it was a close up and I decided it looked like I had wrinkles!!! ha ha. So, it didn't make it onto the site.
So I will now put up a few random ones where I am in them.

Danny is in Poland at the moment on a boy's weekend. Sounds like there was a lot of drinking on Friday night and an attempt at sightseeing on Saturday. Will fill you in on that when he is back.
Jo and I had a big shopping day yesterday but I was rather unsuccessful and only purchased 3 items, totalling £60. Those of you who know me well will know that's a pretty poor effort.
We then had a girl's night out in Richmond. Had a terrible dinner, 4 of us had corn on the cob which was frozen so we asked for some cooked corn, and again it came out frozen. And some of the girls had parts of their dinners missing. All in all it was terrible but we had some vouchers to get us free mains so we got a cheap meal and free champagne for our troubles, and of course a lot of laughs!
We then headed to the only club in Richmond which was...interesting. Anyway, continued to drink and dance the night away and went home when the club closed at 2am (how weird is that?)

Hope you are all good back home. Will be seeing you all in only 8 weeks! Bye, love from us.

Thursday, 02 August 2007

Location: London, England

Hi everybody.

The blog has come alive, we have travelled! Went to Paris on Friday for 4 days and it was awesome. Got the Eurostar which is great, so quick and easy. And, apparently good enough for movie stars to travel on as Kirsten Dunst was on our train and was sitting in the lounge right in front of us! As you would imagine Danny was very excited about this and was gutted when he realised she was not in our actual carriage (something tells me she probably had a first class ticket). We were too chicken to talk to her or take a photo, but I think it made Danny's trip so that was good enough.

So we spent our 4 days doing a lot of sightseeing, which also meant a lot of walking. Saw the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the cemetery where Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde's graves are (amongst many others). We also spent it sitting in cafes drinking wine and coffee and eating delicious food, and watching the world go by. Those street side cafes are awesome for just sitting there for hours and people watching. We stayed not far from the Louvre in a cute little street that was full of cheese shops, patisseries, cafes and bars.
So it was a bit hard to come back to stinky old London after lovely Paris, but it was nice to have a bit of a holiday.

This weekend we are busy busy. Going to watch Jo and Greg's traithlon in the weekend, catching up with a few people for drinks and then going to a Wellington catch up on Sunday afternoon. The weather has actually been nice this week, sunny and warm and the weekend is meant to be good too so fingers crossed. Maybe summer has finally arrived!

Danny's off to Poland next weekend so will update you on that later. Will put up some photos now.

Hope everyone is well. Only just over 9 weeks til we come home, man time is flying. So see you all real soon!

Love from us.

Sunday, 01 July 2007

Location: London, UK

Hi everyone,

Long time since I've updated this. Life is good here. The weather has turned pretty crap, a bit colder and heaps of rain. And of course, the bomb scares! Haymarket and Piccadilly Circus station were closed off on Friday as they found a parked car with a bomb in it apparently. A little bit scary as it's not that far from my work and you start to wonder where else there might be others....oh well we are safe and well so no worries for now.

Not too much exciting stuff to tell I'm afraid. We have just got tickets to the Live Earth concert on Saturday. Who will be there - Madonna, James Blunt, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Chilli Peppers, Genesis, Snow Patrol and many more. Should be awesome! Then the next night we go to the Metallica concert! Busy, busy but we just couldn't pass up the chance to get the Live earth tickets.

Looking forward to Paris in July, will be good to have a holiday. I have 3 more weeks on my contract at work so will be looking for something else soon. Danny is still working away, probably going to a new building site this week.

Hope everyone is well back home. We will see you all soon in October, am starting to look forward to it!

Going to put up some photos of London now.

See ya.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Location: London, UK

Hi all,

Long time since I last wrote - no surprises there! Have just woken up on Saturday morning and am sitting up in bed on our new laptop. It is awesome, we have finally got the wireless internet working so I now feel that my life is complete. Terrible the way we rely on the internet isn't it?

Not much been happening here. We're both still plodding away at work. The flat's going really well. Weather's been a bit up and down this week but we have had some really hot days, up to about 25 degrees.

We have booked some trips. Firstly we're off to Paris for 4 days at the end of July for our 10 year anniversary. Then to Edinburgh for the AB's vs Scotland world cup game at the end of September. And we're going skiing in Bulgaria at Christmas. Oh and the Metallica concert at Wembley stadium on the 8th of July. So some exciting stuff coming up which we are looking forward to. And of course, home in October for Pat and Fi's wedding.

Tonight we're going out for dinner with Jo and Greg to Maze, which is one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants. It should be great and pretty posh I would imagine. There is even a dress code of no jeans, so Danny has to go out today and buy some dress pants! We are going in anticipation of my birthday on Wednesday. Thought I'd just drop that in there for any of you who might forget!!......That is if anyone is still reading this? Don't blame you if you're not, but I will be sure to update you all on the trips and other cool stuff when they happen.

Hope everyone is well back home and surviving the Wellington winter.

See ya, love from us.

Saturday, 02 June 2007

Location: Hammersmith, UK

Last of the Thailand photos are up. London ones and new flat ones to come.....

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Location: London, UK

First lot of Phuket photos up!

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Location: London, UK

I know it was so long ago now, but photos of Koh Samui are up and Phuket to come.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Location: Hammersmith, London, England

Hi all,

Well looking at the last entry, I have been pretty slack with updating this haven't I? That is because now we are both working life is just so busy! We're both enjoying our work but I find not finishing til 6, getting home around 7 then cooking dinner etc doesn't leave much time for anything else. Anyway, it's all good, we're still enjoying ourselves here.

We moved into our flat last weekend and it's great! It's such a nice place and so good to have our own room and bed etc. We've spent most of the week just getting settled in and taking it easy. It's a public holiday today so we're lucky enough to be having a 3 day weekend. Went to the IRB sevens yesterday at Twickenham. It was exciting enough just to be at Twickenham and even better to be at the Sevens and for NZ to win!! There were so many kiwis there it was unbelievable. Danny bumped into about 4 different people he knew from home which was cool.
It's no where near as wild as the Wellington sevens though. There was definitely drinking and singing and yelling etc but people don't really get dressed up like they do in Wellington and I'm sure the level of drunkenness wasn't quite as bad either.
Unfortunately it was a wet and cold day which only really got to us near the end when we started to get a bot cold. All in all a great day though. And tickets were only £7!!!

Had a good night out in Putney on Friday too. We had to go the Walkabout with Jo and Greg to get our Sevens tickets so had a few drinks there, then went on to Wagamama for dinner and then back to a lounge bar and the Walkabout for a few more drinks. I was ashamed to say I was hanging out at the 'Walkie' but it was actually a lot of fun, especially when they started playing awesome 80's music! So Saturday was a quiet day as we were all feeling a little hung over.

Not much else to tell I'm afraid. Mum has sent over our Lonely Planet books so we are going to start researching and start planning some trips.
We've ordered a laptop which should arrive on Wednesday and our internet should be going at the flat any day this week so I will put up the rest of the Thailand photos and pics of our flat as soon as we are all wired up.

Would be great to hear from you all!

Lots of love from us.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Location: West Norwood, London, England

Hi all,

Well it's been a long time since my last entry. Not much has happened except that we have both got jobs and we have a flat!
Danny starting labouring on Tuesday and is enjoying it, but the pay is pretty average. It's a start though, and he has a few others options he is going to look at.
I just heard today that I got a 10 week contract working at a TV production company. Sounds like it will be an interesting role, and is in a great location right next to the London Eye. Am so glad to be employed as it was getting pretty boring and depressing trying to fill in my days without spending much money, and on my own.

We're at Kathryn's for another week then we move into our new flat. We've got a 2 bedroom apartment with Jo and Greg in Hammersmith. It's on the top (4th) floor and looks out onto the Thames. Yep, we're really moving up in the world, ha ha! It is a really nice place though, all new carpet, new kitchen, big spacious rooms, fully furnished (down to the linen and towels) and even a carpark. So we're hanging out to move in and have our own place.

Haven't done much else. Went on the hop on, hop off bus the other day and saw all the famous sights - changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Harrod's etc etc. Was good to see a lot of that, but still so much more we want to see. We feel we can do a lot now we know we have jobs and will be getting some money in soon.

Will sign off now as can't think of anything exciting to tell and Danny wants to use the computer.

Love to everyone, Jose and Dan.

Thursday, 03 May 2007

Location: Putney, UK

Hi guys,

Not much to tell I'm afraid, we're both still looking for jobs and slowly starting to look at flats.
It is freezing today, but is supposed to clear up later on, here's hoping!

Went to Greenwich yesterday which was cool. Saw the Meridian line (0'00 longitude) and also walked through the old navy buildings which included a chapel and a painted hall. The painted hall was amazing, all the ceilings and most of the walls were painted, very cool to see.
I went out last night with Kathryn to a play Scott had done the lighting for. It was The Elephant Man and was very good. My first London theatre experience!

Having a quieter day today. I have my CV being put forward for 2 jobs that sound really good, so fingers crossed for those. Danny is registering with an agency for labouring work now and they said they could get him work on Tuesday so that's good news.

Will write again when I have something more exciting to tell!

Love from us.

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From Simon
Hey Jose,

Can you put up fotos of the Wilson whanau excursion? did you get to Angelinas? How was it?

Au revoir
Response: Hey Si, sorry for such a late reply. Assume you've seen photos on FB? Later.
From Aunty Robyn
Dear Josie and Danny
I am very sad - your Mummy tells me that you have photos on Facebook and that is why we can't see them here.
Trust all is well.
We are fine here but very chilly.
Love from the clan at home
Response: Hello Aunty Robyn. Oh no, I don't want you to be sad! Maybe you should sign up for Facebook - all your kids are on there. I sent Mum a link to the photos, I'll ask her to forward that to you and then you too can see them. We are well thanks, hope you are too.
From mumma
Come on miss Josephine and Danny
Whats happened to all your photos??? There MUST be something to show us?
Catch you later
Mumma Rose
Response: Hmmm, I shall have a look and see what I can find for you Mumma. I can post lots of drunken kiwis doing the Waitangi Day pub crawl after Saturday! Talk to you soon.
From Aunty Robyn
HAPPY NEW YEAR to both of you. Thank you so much for putting more photos up just for me! It's great that you appear to have had such a wonderful time in Bulgaria. We are enjoying having Nat home but now we unfortunately have to head back to work while she goes to weddings. With love from long sunny days to short chilly ones!
Response: Happy new year to you too Aunty Robyn. Say hi to Natalie for me and enjoy your warm weather, I am jelaous :(
From mumma
hi guys,
wonderful to see pics of your fantastic Christmas, you obviously had a great time. The scenery is very impressive. Shame several of the pics were very dark and you couldnt actually see who was in them. never mind
How did New Years Eve turn out? We seem to have lost contact after a while, presume you fell over in a drunken state???? Just kidding! We went to town and had dinner first (tania Geoff and me) at Istanbul then walked down to civic square, music not our style at all and nothing much happening, then went up to Molly's for a couple, music a bit better and v crowded, then Espresso for a coffee and cake, and Helen & selwyn Boorman joined us and we chewed the fat there for ages. Then all of us walked back down again to civic sq for countdown. But that was it! Just a countdown and then the music carried on and everybody wandered off! No flashes of light, fireworks, nothing....came back here for cuppa and got to bed about 2. Good night really. Had a couple of days splodging since, like some of us were painting, some of us were gardening! Went to Greytown for a day while N & F were there, N in camping ground with whanau and F in Solly's house N now gone on to Tinui with Tim etc It was stinking hot there yesterday, F said it was 34 in G'town when they left. Had agreat time with Strat's and F Mia & J etc in camp pool, then had tea with Solly's.Lovely day. Last night went to Natalie's B'day/At Home day at R & R's- one of the last to arrive so stayed til bitter end, but that was ok, Robyn was pooped but everyone else was in fine form! Good evening.Lovely day again here, but windy AGAIN!! NO fishing yet. Love to you both, Mumma
Response: Hi Mumma. Won't reply to you as we have talked since this message. Love from me.
From geoff
Great photos Josie - both of the ski slopes and the eating and drinking. Have not looked at your blog for ages and it was great to catch up. Hope your new year's bash was great. Took your mother to Molleys and other places on New Years eve - there were others older than us! Anyway it was a great night out. G
Response: People older than you - really? Only one more day of being 59 G, make the most of it! Talk to you soon.
From Aunty Robyn
Ooh, how lovely to see you in such an exotic place. It's been a long wait since your last post on 29 October. Love to you and Danny. Have a very happy Christmas and enjoy Bulgaria. And isn't Brenna the lucky one having Su-Anne to make her lunch - hope she got more than a peanut butter sandwich to take to school!
Response: I put those photos up just for you Aunty Robyn! Mum said that you check mine, Simon's and Natalie's and none of us put anything up.
You have a lovely Christmas too. Give our love to Roger.
From Su-anne again
Doesn't Danny know about Su-Anne? It's about time you told him the truth!!
Talk to you soon.
Response: I don't know, I think maybe I have never explained it because it's a joke that's realy only funny to you and me :)
Are you working this weekend?
From Su-Anne
Hi Jozie,
Malta looks really nice!
Just got a friend request on Facebook from Wera.
Nothing to say really, just got back from work and making Brenna's lunch for tomorrow, better get to bed,
Talk to you soon,
Love you,
Response: Hi Sue. Was just thinking about you. Danny just asked why you were making Brenna's lunch and I said because you are her mother. He thought it was someone called Sue Anne - ha ha ha!!!
Malta was nice, and warmer than here - it's been minus 2 the last 2 mornings and the lake at my work has a layer of ice on it!!! Will talk to you in the weekend.
From Meals
Miss you guys again already again xxx

Sydney on Sunday, bring the sun and shopping and Muse.
Response: Hey Meals! Am just about to write you an email, will do that now. Start saving to come over and see us!
From nikki
Don't forget the fags you old bag!!!
Brenna has organised you a tea party. And she's drawn you a lovely picture with....stickers! Brenna doesn't give stickers to just anyone!! And Liam has written Danny a card (courtesy of Brenna)
See you soon Su-anne.
Response: I won't forget your fags you fag. Oh I am looking forward to my tea party, and stickers - wow! Looking forward to seeing you soon.
From Nikki
You're as old as ya mumma's undies!!
Response: If I'm that old, you must be older because you will always be older than me, ha beat that!!!
See you in just over a week. Hope the planning for my massive welcome home party is going well. ha ha ha.
From Big Sis
You've got wrinkles cos you're getting old! Sorry, someone had to tell you. Countdown to 11 Oct!
Response: Thanks, what a lovely sister you are! Yep counting down til we see you all again, can't wait to give you all the kids a big cuddle! See you soon.
P.S I'm not really getting old am I?
From mumma
il you recipes you asked for ! I think I've just hit some button and wiped out the whole of the message Ive just spent about 15 mins writing??????/
Response: Yep ypu sure did! start again.
From Nikki
Hi Jozie,
Good photos. Great to actually see you in some of them! Brenna is loking at them with me and she thinks you look beautiful!!!
Talk to you soon,
Love Nikki
Response: Hi growls. I am beautiful, she is so clever!!! I will be calling you soon to say happy birthday to Brenna.
Going to put up photos of Poland soon too.
From Simon
Hi Jose,
Paris is great isn't it! Glad to hear you had a nice time there. I bet you are looking forward to coming home for a bit?

Same here... te anau is ... a little quiet... and...a bit 'small town'.

Response: Hi Si,
Paris was great, I didn't want to come back. Makes you look forward to your next trip away though so that's good. Sounds like Te Anau is getting better from your blog, hope it continues to. Yep am reallo looking forward to going home for a bit, only 8 weeks away!
Have fun at heli school. Love from me.
From Fi
Love the paris shots! Would love to go there some day. Talk soon.
Response: Hello, well why don't you just come over and we can pop over to Paris???!!
From Nikki
Hi Guys,
Good to see your blog has come alive again!! But Jozie, were you REALLY in Paris?? I didn't see you in any of the photos! I love the photo of Danny as the statue!!
Talk to you soon,
your sis, Nicola and Liam lisdfhiaegfikdfkhzdigh
Response: Hi Nic. Of course I was there! I was actually going to put up a photo of us at the top of the Eiffel Tower but I had tyoo many wrinkles in the photo so I didn't put it up for all the internet/world to see! That's why there's 11 photos when you can fity 12 to a page. Will send up a nice one of me in Paris separately. Can you text me what Brenna is into at the moment so I can get her birthday present? Ta, love from me.
HI ..To you both hope all is well. How was Paris . We loved the Latin Quarter and had fun and tiring days on the underground as B was Guide Rangi when we were over there .Old Grandad Frank Flipp was pleased to get back to the hotel of a night and get a gin into him ...he was buggered..ask B about that ...
Talked to B and he is looking forward to seeing you when he goes to London this week .
NZ is still the same ...Weather wise it has not been too bad for old Welly ...Auckland and north has had all the floods . The wind has not been around tooo much this winter . Must catch up with your Ma and Pa soon .
Take care lots of Love xxx
Response: Hi guys. We had a great time in Paris, it's such a nice city. Seeing Bee tomorrow night for a drink, will be good to catch up with him. We are still waiting for summer to arrive! Hope all is well with you guys.
From Charlotte
Hy j and d, been trying in vain to get hold of you both, to no avail! mark gave me a bogus email addy. I am in London - last week here and trying to invite you to some things this weekend! be nice to see you. can you send me an email! hope to hear from ya xx
Response: Hey Charlotte! Would love to catch up with you. I'll email you now so you have my address and we can arrange to meet - hopefully. Talk soon.
From Jodi & Ash
Hi Guys
Hows it going over in the big smoke??? Ash would like to say thank you very very much for her Disney pressie!! We are all good, I just got back from Sydney had a great time lots of shopping.
Hope to talk to you soon.
Big hugs Jodi & Ash
Response: Hey Jodi and Ash. Thanks for leaving your email address, now I have it! All is going well over here, we had a great weekend last week at the Live Earth and then Metallica concerts. So having a quiet one this weekend. We're looking forward to Paris in 2 weeks time! Tell Ash she will have to send over a picture she has drawn with her new felts.
Will email you soon, see ya.
From Fi
Hey guys, glad to hear you are ok, in what must be a pretty scary time. The photos of London are great - looking forward to seeing more. Your place looks really nice!!!! Let us know if you are still thinking of coming through Sydney on the way back to NZ we would love to see you!! Fi and Chris xxx
Response: Hey Fhinton! Lovely to hear from you. Yes bombs are a little bit worrying, fngers crossed they don't get too close to us! Will let you know about flights pretty soon, thanks for the reminder as I need to have a look at them. Say hi to Chris from us, hope you are enjoying your new job.
From mum
Sorry its me again! But I just had to say how lovely it is to see your photos "up" a couple I've already seen of course, but WOW you didnt say Greenwich had that gorgeous ceiling !!!! Robyn said they LOVED Greenwich.
And a nice one of the two of you on the Meridian Line! And fancy Danny having his photo taken with Gordon Tjietens - how special.
Great - Keep enjoying yourselves!!!! Love R
Response: Hello again Mumma! Didn't I tell you about the painted hall at Grennwich, it was very cool. Will tell you about it next time, we have heaps more photos of that day. Yes Danny was pleased with the photo of Titch! Talk to you soon, love ya.
From Aunty Robyn
Dear Josie and Danny,
Great to see some London pictures up at last. Trust you enjoyed Greenwich as much as we did - it was a highlight for me - and apparently they have ice skating and Christmas markets in December all around those gorgeous buildings. Have just spoken to Nat who thankfully travelled back by train to Scotland after a London weekend. Have a good new week.
And yes, Roger is well and so are all of us, but the Black Sticks lost this morning to Argentina in extra time - boo hoo.
With love from us here to you there.
Response: Hello Aunty Robyn. Yes we enjoyed Greenwich, we were lucky to get a hot sunny day. Shame it's not like that anymore, very dreary today, raining on and off and sunny spells too, very inconsistent weather here. Natalie chose a bad weekend to travel! Glad to hear she is ok though. Will try and catch you with her when we are in Edinburgh for the All Black's game in Sept.
Take care, from us.
From mum
HELLLOOOO! Is anybody Home???
You havent updated this for a while and all your readers are waiting for photos of London, we dont believe you are really there!!! We've got a webcam set up now so hope to see you soon!!!
Response: Hello!! Yes have been thinking it's about time we put up another diary entry, will do that now. Was goos to see and talk to you guys earlier!