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Welcome to Dave's skydive adventureTravel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Location: UK

Well the two weary travellers are back home. We had pretty good journeys yesterday. Don't know why but the cabin crew seemed to think they should keep the gin and tonics coming. We ended up bringing some little bottles of gin home!! It was quite funny coming home, we've been reading some Lee Child books. One of them is now a film called Jack Reacher who is supposed to be 6 ft 5 inches tall and 250 lbs. guess who's playing him - Tom Cruise. Well it was one of the films on the flight and all I can say is he must have been on stilts most of the film because he's never 6ft never mind 6 ft 5 inches.
Got picked up by Peter from Point to Point. He's always a welcome sight when we come home especially at 9.30 in the morning after a long day and night. Just had a snooze and I'm about to start unpacking and put the washing on, sort all the suitcases out, etc etc - doesn't take long to get back to reality does it.
Well goodbye from Dave's skydive adventure, until the next time ....

Friday, 12 April 2013

It’s 7 pm on our last day. Can’t believe we’re off home tomorrow. Hope the weather is a bit warmer than when we left.
We’ve had a fabulous holiday, doing things we’ve never done before. Today was another great day. We cycled the Golden Gate bridge. It’s not just the fact that you cycle, it’s all the places you can get to to see the bridge that you can’t do on foot as it’s too far. Met loads of really friendly people on the day. Will just have to ask for extra cushions on the way home tomorrow! Met some folks from Phoenix who have advised on a good restaurant tonight, so it’ll be our last trip on the old street cars and we’ll miss the fabulous sea food.
Hope you’ve enjoyed our travels. Will finish off when we get home. Then invite everyone round to see all 1500 photos we’ve taken!!
Bye for now

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Boy, it got cold last night. It’d been really hot during the day, so went out for a meal in summer clothes and sandals and it was freezing. Must be getting us used to the weather back home. It wasn’t cold last night so don’t know what happened last night. Any way the meal was lovely. Dave had scallops and I had a mix of sea food – lovely and fresh.
Just got back from a day sightseeing – our feet are killing us!! Thank goodness we bought a 3 day muni transport pass – it was $22 and we used that amount in one day. It’s really great hopping on and off the old street cars. Forgot to mention yesterday we saw the sea lions at Pier 39 – there are hundreds of them all pushing each other into the water. Very lucky with the weather up to now (despite the brass monkey weather last night). It’s been lovely and sunny today – one of those days you put a woolly on and they take it off, then put it on etc depending on whether you’re in the sun or shade.
Walked up to the Coit Tower – THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY SEVEN steps – aarggghhhhhhhh – you don’t know that until you’ve done it. At one point when you’ve climbed over 200 there’s a sign telling you there are 174 to go. What to do – it’s not worth going down after already climbing half way. Need to put an order in for new knees now for both of us. It was worth the view. Lorraine, if you go to see it, take my advice and drive to it as when you get to the tower there’s a car park!!!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Journey from Arizona went ok. We were told we were going to get level 3 turbulence, whatever that means. They wouldn’t serve hot drinks in case some got spilt. Obviously never landed at Dublin airport – planes nearly topple over in the wind there and still they serve anything!!
Eventually found hotel. You’ll all be jealous now – we’ve got a telly in the bathroom. Can watch it while I’m drying my hair. Think I’ll get Dave to put one in ours when we get home.
Had a day out to Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Walk today. Got an old street car – they’re brill. Dave tried to get me locked up there but luckily they didn’t think I was the Bird Lady of Alcatraz so they let me go. We had delicious crab roll for lunch – one was big enough for two. Sat near a busker singing some rock and roll, unfortunately we can’t remember our jive otherwise we could’ve shown everyone how great we are at dancing!!
Then, guess what, we suddenly thought we’d been teleported to Blackpool. Low and behold an old Blackpool open tram went passed. Well we decided we had to go on it, so waited until it turned round and got it back to our hotel – brought back memories of Blackpool in the sunshine (well it didn’t really, San Fran is much nicer)
Back to Fishman’s Wharf tonight for some good sea food.
Have you noticed I’ve lost my cowboy drawl now – cowgirl days are over for now!

Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Location: USA

What a day we had yesterday because of the weather – forced to go shopping, then after lunch we were forced to go to the Bent Prop for beverages. I had a couple of margaritas – huge ones for only $3.75. I did have my shower and yes, most of my so called sun tan got flushed down the sink. Back to being usual slightly off white colour. For our final evening meal I decided to treat myself to the most expensive meal on the menu – surf and turf (see photo). It cost $17 (about £12) and it was really delicious. Dave had the sirloin that I’d had the day before and it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever tasted at a fraction of the price ($12 / £8). He ended up with surf and turf because for some reason (maybe it’s because I’m so nice – ha ha), they gave us 6 huge pieces of shrimp instead of the usual 3. Don’t think things will be so cheap in San Francisco. Hoping to try more sea food out there.

Monday, 08 April 2013

Location: USA

Well I was going to surprise all you guys and gals back home, by saying how much I’d enjoyed or not my own skydive. However we’re currently in the middle of a sand storm!! Got a phone call at 7 am to say all sky diving had been cancelled today.
So today we visited a Mall – J C Penny’s. Not been in one since all those years ago when we went to Florida. We’re taking bets on how many times we are asked ‘How y’re all doing today’!! When we got back we had a sit out. We’ve managed to go a little pink, but not sure if it’s from the sun or that we’re covered in dust – we’ll be able to tell when we have a shower later.
Off to San Fran tomorrow. I’ll miss driving our little car, it’s been fun. We only get to San Fran tomorrow evening so won’t have much to say before then.
Hope all is well in little olde England (funny thing happened yesterday – Dave got asked if he was German!!!!)

Sunday, 07 April 2013

Location: USA

We’ve finally had a lazyish day today. We went to Rawhide this afternoon which is another cowboy town, but much smaller than Old Tucson. We saw more gun fights and a so called comedy magical show which was a load of rubbish. David Copperfield doesn’t need to worry.
We’ve also done some sitting out and having a read which has been a real treat – it’s 5 o’clock somewhere as the song says.
Really enjoying Arizona – so different from anything we’ve ever seen before.
You should see the trains out here - the railroad runs along side the roads and the trains must be a mile long - no exaggeration (I am a woman saying this!!!) They all have three engines just to pull the carriages. Hey man they are awesome.

Saturday, 06 April 2013

Location: USA

Well howdy folks, Dave and I have just spent the afternoon at the High Chaparral. Just for you young folks out there, the High Chaparral was a TV series way back in the late sixties and early seventies when all programmes on the TV were westerns.
I started the day with a massage. Made the mistake of saying I would like a sports type massage. Well my yoga friends will understand when I say it was a ‘Fran’ massage!! It did the trick though and felt all released after.
Then we set off for Old Tucson – an old movie set which is now a visitor attraction. We saw gun fights, fist fights and I even went on an old stage coach. We drove through the Sonara Desert which is amazing full of those strange cacti. I wanted one, but Dave won’t let me have anything now I can’t carry and as they’re a bit prickly I had to leave them there.
We’ll be off to the Bent Prop again tonight for our evening meal. We meet lots of fascinating people there from all over the world.
Hope it’s warming up at home, it certainly is here – 86f!!!

Friday, 05 April 2013

Location: USA

Spent the morning in the saddle. Dave rode Silver and I rode Jasper through the Sonora Desert. It was fun, hoping we don’t get sore ‘butts’ tomorrow.
Went to see the first national monument in the USA in the afternoon – the Casa Grande monument – an ancient ‘native american’ monument.
I let Dave have a drink today because I think he’s deserved it!!
Hope we get a lie in tomorrow - luxury!

Thursday, 04 April 2013

Location: USA

Arrived in Phoenix last night and picked up our car. Managed to drive on the right side of the road ok and not frighten other road users too much (Lorraine, if I can do it, you’ll have no problems!!) Actually found our Sky Rider motel quite easily. Not as basic as I thought it might be, but not what we’ve been used to in Vegas where we enjoyed a one bedroom suite – all for the costly sum of $100 per night. We’ve paid more than that for basic B & B’s at home.
Well, I’m back at our motel after going to the sky diving school with Dave. He’s been in the wind tunnel which after watching made me realise – no I’m not going to have a go!! Looked a bit hairy to me. I’ve left him now to do his schooling and I’m off to find Walmart (need to take Tricia’s advice and get some pampers!!) before going back to hopefully see him do a tandem jump!
Can’t wait for tonight – they’ve got marguerites on offer Thursdays for $2 each, so I may have a couple or three. Poor Dave can’t drink so I’ll have one for him.
Later on in the day – watched Dave do his tandem jump with Aaron. It was quite a sight to see. He jumped from 17000 feet and slid in (on his bum). Aaron even let him open the parachute and steer it – brave man.

Wednesday, 03 April 2013

Location: USA

Our final day in Vegas and we went up the Eiffel Tower. Not quite the lovely views you get in Paris but it was fun especially while Dave got a senior citizen ticket!!
Later we walked to the welcome to Las Vegas sign where we got in line to have our pictures taken. This time it only cost a $2 tip which was well worth it for once. Strolled back and had another cheeseburger at Cheeseburger Las Vegas – they must be good. Just waiting at the airport for the plane. Got stung with $50 baggage charge. Will be making a fuss with US Airways when we get home as I can remember being told when I booked we were allowed one bag each, but hey man we’re not going to worry. Dave tells me I’m getting very Americanised!!

Wednesday, 03 April 2013

Location: USA

Just a quick note before we pack up to say the Jersey Boys show was great. We were on the second row. Had our picture taken before and when we came out they were on sale for $40!!! Guess what, we didn't buy one.

Just going up the Eiffel tower before we leave.

Ta ta for now folks

Tuesday, 02 April 2013

Location: USA

Just got back from a visit to the Hoover Dam. We had a lovely lie in this morning to 8 am!! What a luxury. Got a cheap and cheerful to see the Dam after yesterdays more costly trip. Our lovely driver had a cold and kept coughing and spluttering down the mike – and they still hint for tips. Our tip was to get some cough medicine!! The Hoover Dam was really interesting and a worthwhile trip. Got back to Las Vegas and we were starving so just been to Cheese burger Las Vegas – it was delicious (and I don’t normally eat burgers). Just getting ready to go to see the Jersey Boys so I can compare the show to the one in London.
On the move tomorrow for Dave’s big adventure. Not sure how easy it’ll be to upload so may be a few days before I speak again. Keep checking. Not got time for Hoover Dam photos – may be in the morning.
Speak to you all soon.
PS. Very hot here - ha ha!!!

Monday, 01 April 2013

Location: USA

Wow, what a day we’ve had and it’s still only 2.30 pm. We had to get up at about 6 am to get a flight to the Grand Canyon. We flew over the canyon to land at grand canyon south rim, there we had a good hour to take in the fabulous views before going on a helicopter trip over the canyon to the north rim. It was AWESOME!!!! The views were so overwhelming. Then it was a flight back to Las Vegas – bit bumpy on the way back but we made it ok!!!
Just having a minute before we go back on the Strip to see some more of the resorts (or hotels to you and me!!)
HI Peter, glad to hear you birthday went well.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Location: USA

By the time we got to the hotel yesterday we were shattered. Went for a little look along the strip and saw the Bellagio fountains – lovely. Came back to the hotel and crashed out – it was 5 am St Helens time.
Hope you’re not too cold at home as you won’t like me for saying it’s lovely and hot here with a breeze to keep it very comfortable. Had a walk along the strip and went in a few casinos. Bet $1 and won $1.75 – kept the ticket to say I’d won, so I suppose they won really!!! It’s quite a strange place – lots of fancy shops but overall quite tacky.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Location: USA

Friday 29th March evening - we enjoyed fish and chips then a bottle of champagne – lovely!!
Saturday 30th March- well what a day we are having. I hadn’t told Dave I’d upgraded the flight so we were forced to endure the Business suite at Manchester airport, Envoy class on the first flight with lots of lovely food and drinks, then the US Airways business lounge in Philadelphia where we had a lovely glass of pinot grigio. May have to go soon for my next meal (fourth of the day!!!) as we fly first class to Las Vegas!! You may think wow first class we’re sitting at a bar upstairs in a jumbo jet, well sorry to disappoint you, but first class internal US Airways is a little different! Yes the seats are wider and there’s a little more leg room, but that’s about it!! However they do serve our G & T’s in proper glasses, so I suppose that’s something. Our mobile’s didn’t connect at Philadelphia so sorry Peter I may not be able to do our usual text!!
So, just for you Peter, we’re well past beer o’clock!
I’ll sign off now as we enter turbulence and hopefully next time I’ll be able to let you know what the sights of Las Vegas have in store for us. Bye for now.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Some of you may be wondering why we are doing this blog. So let me tell you a story. Once upon a time Dave watched a programme about Sky Dive Arizona and decided he would love to do the course and sky dive solo.

Wizz on a few years to last March. It was Dave’s birthday last November and I like to plan early. So last March I was thinking of what I could plan for his birthday treat. First of all I thought of the Texas music festival he’s mentioned that is held every year in March, but unfortunately a week’s unpaid leave of absence request was turned down. That meant I had to think of plan b. Plan b turned into investigating whether a trip to Sky Dive Arizona was possible. Eventually by June I had booked a 4 – 5 day course and our flights to the USA. I have always fancied seeing Las Vegas so decided we would go there first, and if Dave survived his sky diving we’re off to San Francisco after.

Fast forward again to a couple of weeks before his birthday. We were out for a meal with Peter, Jeanette, Viv and Allan. I overheard the men chatting about sky diving and Dave mentioned how he’d always fancied going to Sky Dive Arizona. To me that was wonderful news.

Then forward again to his birthday. I think I could say he was a little shocked with his present. Excited and nervous. Probably thinking he’ll be much more careful what he wishes for in the future!!

Anyway time passes quickly and we’re due to set off for our little adventure on Saturday leaving Chris in charge at home. Hopefully we’ll update this blog as we travel around. If you don’t hear from us hopefully, it’ll be because we’re very busy enjoying ourselves and will have to catch up when we get home, but we will try to do our best to find a few minutes to let you know how we are getting on.

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Recent Messages

From Rach
Just a quick note to say I have loved reading your blog :-) it was not at all how I imagined you to write but youve managed to have a wonderful holiday and keep us all enthralled!! I do hope u will get another chance to write on your next adventure.Xx
Response: Thanks Rach. I really loved doing it - brought out the writer in me!! will hopefully do another next time xx
just been looking at your pictures looks great, bet you dont want it to end . see you soon peter jeanette
Response: No - it's going so fast, only a couple of days left. Will bore you to tears when we get home.
From Lorraine
I love reading this it's brilliant. We have finally heard today we have now been asked for 3 sets of dates which i have sent and passport details.

I know what your saying to Mayor Judge Mental.......
'Do you need a Deputy because i know one back in England that could fill the shoes of 10 men !"

Response: glad you're enjoying it. I'll be jealous when it's your turn over here. Good answer!!
From Rach
This is a fab idea!! Ur a brilliant writer ya know and ur blog has been a pleasure to read :-) hope ur both well and loving the states x
Response: Thanks Rach. Having a wonderful time x
From Lorraine
Wow it all looks amazing, so looking forward to our trip even more. well done Dave well impressed.
Response: Have you heard anything yet?
you guys sound like you going to need some big sleeps,sounds like youve not stopped yet,keep going for now peter jan xxx
Response: Got up at 5.20 this morning. Just sitting out in the heat (8 pm) enjoying a beer after Dave's sky dive day
Hi Guys
Hopefully you guys will soon get over the triedness,and Las Vagas will look a lot better , we will have our dinner at about six o clock then read your blog and the things that are going on and talk for the next half hour about were you are and whats coming next , looking forward to tuesdays blog ,
Had a good birthday on sunday all the family were at our house plus a nice surprize present from jeanette show you in a few weeks
Response: Sounds interesting!! Don't forget your bus pass!!
From John and Irene
Wow, sounds brilliant. Will Dave have have one of those helmet mounted cameras so we can all experience the "thrill" (or terror), and he can relive the experience.
All the best Dave, hope you enjoy the experience. When is the jump?
Response: we go to Eloy in Arizona on Wednesday. Dave does a tandem on the Thursday and then he does a few solo jumps over the next few days
From Chris
I might have known champagne and G & T's would be involved somewhere...

Glad you're having a good time, keep us updated :)
Response: Hope your enjoying a bit of piece and quiet!!