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Welcome to Judy and David's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Feel free to leave comments for us. We would love to hear any news/gossip from home!

Diary Entries

Friday, 22 January 2016

Friday 22nd January
So here we are again...... we have been home for a week now and are gradually settling back into familiar routines, and getting used to having to wear jeans and jumpers again!
We had not anticipated that we would experience jet lag as much as we did for the first few days. Our body clocks were out after the long journey from Colombo via Singapore, which left us feeling quite disoriented and very tired!
We arrived at Heathrow to an emotional welcome home from Joel and Florence. They were waiting in arrivals with a massive "Welcome Home Planet Rangers" banner (see pics.)
Loved the thought of them drawing and colouring in together....just like when they were little!!
After hugs and warm words we went to leave the airport when Joel said "we just need to return our mics " and at this point a young man rocked up with a huge camera on his shoulder along with a young woman with a clipboard. They introduced themselves as Jonny and Cara and began to unclip microphones from Joel and Florence's clothing. They explained they were making a documentary for ITV, about the comings and goings at Heathrow airport.
They had noticed the banner being held by Joel and Florence, so approached them for the story behind it! Before they got to them Florence had gone off to the toilet and knew nothing about it at this point. Joel was happy to give permission for them to film our reunion and the first Florence knew about it was when she returned and they began to mic her up!! She was happy to go along with it! They had been interviewed and then left to await our arrival.
So....we arrive oblivious to the fact that we are being filmed!!
We have no idea whether our arrival will be included in the documentary, or even when it will be broadcast. Jonny and Cara took our contact details so hopefully we will be informed if and when.....!!
After that bit of excitement we headed back to Wokingham. It was bloody freezing outside and no consolation that people kept telling us that it had been a relatively mild winter until now!
It was a joy to return home to a warm, immaculately clean and tidy house.
Florence prepared one of our favourite meals (cauliflower cheese) and it felt good to be home.
The next few days were a bit of a blur. David felt dizzy and disoriented and put himself to bed late Friday afternoon. He wondered initially whether the children would mind if they stayed at home in the evening but he dragged himself out of bed not wanting to be a killjoy for them!!
The plan was (how wrong can you be!) to go out for a quiet meal with Bryony, Joel, Rachel, and Florence once Bryony arrived that evening after work.
We wandered up to our favourite curry house only to be greeted by a number of our good friends from the neighbourhood sitting around the table!!
SURPRISE!! A lovely celebration of our homecoming organised by Joel and Florence! We also used the opportunity to celebrate Les's birthday which was that day!
Added to which, we heard the happy news that David's son Simon and his partner Kelly became parents for the first time with a beautiful daughter, Mia.
It was great to see everyone and to catch up on the local gossip!
It was good to have Bryony with us for the weekend and the following day the five of us walked to the Crooked Billet for lunch - their treat!! It was a beautiful day...if a little chilly walking across the fields, but so good to be back in the bosom of our family after such an amazing adventure.
The following day our good friend Geggs popped round for coffee and catch up. She had very kindly ensured that our birthday presents and Christmas gifts had been sneaked into the house for the children in our absence. From what we understand....this wasn't straightforward, and involved a number of people....including Rachel's Nan and Grandad!!
We're still not really sure how it all worked but it did...and the magic of Christmas prevailed! Thanks Geggs!
Later, we watched the Arsenal game in The Ship (it was as if we'd never been away!) and although they could only draw against Stoke, David's eldest son Mark who now lives and works in the States popped in with his partner Donna on their way back to the USA having had business in Spain the previous week! Another lovely surprise.
They had known there was an Arsenal game on, so came to find us in the Ship before even calling at home! How predictable are we?!?
So our blog comes to an end!
We have enjoyed writing it, although at times we have been frustrated with poor wifi. However, we are so glad that we persevered and made the time to write up each day. We are looking forward to sitting down together and reading it through, and to relive some of the wonderful memories!
Planet Ranger have the facility to turn the blog into a hard copy which includes photos and messages. It will be a great reminder of our fantastic time on the road together.
We loved knowing that people at home were following our journey and loved receiving their messages. Thanks peeps!!
The world is a big beautiful place and we've only seen a tiny part of it. Travel really does broaden the mind. It has confirmed for us that most people, no matter where they are in the world, simply want to live in peace and harmony with each other and with the natural world.

"Hagoonee" "Kia orana" "Kia ora" "Ya Minyah" "Ayubowan" "Farewell"

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Monday 11th January
We awoke very aware that today we would move on to Unawatuna, our last stop on our 129 day journey. It feels strange to think that after only 2 more sleeps we will be heading back to Wokingham. We are both SO excited about seeing all our family and friends again.
We have heard from Florence that snow is forecast on the day we return, so we hope this does not disrupt our journey home. In the meantime we will make the most of the glorious sunshine and beach in Unawatuna.
"Ayubowan" is the traditional form of greeting / leave taking in Sri Lanka which wishes its receiver peace and a long prosperous and healthy life.
We made a point of seeking out Darashn a young man who stands outside the grounds of the resort on the beach touting for business. He organises tours to various national parks but with mixed success over recent weeks he informed us. We have become quite fond of him over the past three days as he clearly spends a lot of time, shading under a coconut tree, trying to make a living, and we often stop to chat with him. Now.....standing under a coconut tree on a beach in sunshine, may sound pretty good if standing in cold and rain in Wokingham, but he has very little else in his life and yet he has bags of potential.
We also said "Ayubowan" to Aruna from housekeeping who we had also grown fond of.
After checking out of the hotel Darashn introduced us to his friend Tilanka who would be driving us to Unawatuna. It was a Toyota minibus, at least a hundred years old but nevertheless a step up from the Toyota we arrived in!
The journey was 3 hours long and another harem scarem ride on the roads of Sri Lanka. We are amazed that we have not seen any road traffic accidents. The driving is positively dangerous and solid double white lines, brows of hills, and blind bends, do not deter overtaking at speed...sometimes 3 abreast!! Drivers seem to think that all they need to do is sound their horn and this gives them the right to drive however they like. Added to which....many of the cars don't have seat belts fitted in the back. Scary!!
Tilanka speaks limited English but wanted to engage us in conversation as he likes to practice the language. (Shame he feels he has to turn round to talk to us and thus taking his eyes completely off the road)!!
He kept us informed of sights along the way. He pointed out a temple in Dondra and let us know there were 2 elephants kept there, which are considered sacred in the Buddhist religion. We stopped to see them, but we were distressed to see the elephants chained by one leg and not looking very healthy.
Arrived in Unawatuna amazingly in one piece.
We went for a stroll along the beach which is beautiful, but much more touristy than Ranna Beach, Tangalle. There are many restaurants dotted along the beach and little lanes just behind the beach which are buzzing with colourful shops, cafes and Tuk Tuks all vying for custom.

Tuesday 12th January
In counting down mode now!! One more sleep and then off to Colombo Airport for the long flight home.
We caught the bus to Galle to look round the Fort which other travellers told us we should not miss.
We've mentioned the traffic and driving before - the bus drivers must be the worst drivers of all!! Great to talk to locals, but the bus hardly stops to let people on and off let alone bothers about other road users! Today David feels sure he felt the bus nudge a scooter up its jacksie during the course of the ten minute journey!
We arrived in the centre of Galle and asked a couple of Sri Lankan's directions to the Fort. It was as though we were talking gobbledy-bleep-.
In the end we asked a couple of tourists for help and they were able to point us in the right direction with no problems at all!
Lesson learned for today....when lost in Sri Lanka - ask a tourist!
On the way to the Fort we were accosted by a chap purporting to be a chef at our hotel in Unawatuna. He told us he had a sick wife in the local hospital in Galle and wanted to borrow money which he would return to us at 5pm when he was back on duty. Yeah yeah!!
We offered him 100 rupees but he said he wanted more. He smelt of alcohol, and as most tourists stay in hotels in Unawatuna, we have a sneaky feeling he was pulling a fast one. We said goodbye and he went on his way.
The Fort area was initially built around the harbour by the Portugese in 1589. In 1640 the Dutch took Galle and destroyed most traces of the Portugese buildings. Although later the British took Galle from the Dutch, they extended rather than destroyed any of the the old buildings.
Today, you can still walk around the fort walls and admire the old buildings which are architecturally pleasing.
In 2004 the Tsunami hit Galle's new town badly and many people were killed. In contrast the solid walls of the fort meant that damage was fairly limited in the old quarter.
We enjoyed wandering around the labyrinth of narrow streets for a couple of hours. It was clean and the roads were well maintained....quite a contrast to much of the Sri Lanka that we have experienced.
We stopped at the old Dutch Hospital, which is now a beautiful conversion overlooking the sea, of designer shops, posh restaurants and cafes.
Whilst there we were lucky enough to see a giant turtle out at sea.
Another hair raising bus ride took us back to Unawatuna and we returned to the lane to book a car to drop us at Colombo airport tomorrow.
The booking system felt a bit hit and miss, so fingers crossed a driver turns up for us tomorrow!!

Wednesday 13th January
Awoke realising our next night's sleep will be in our own bed in Wokingham tomorrow, after a very long journey, which will take us to Singapore to connect with our flight to Heathrow.
We went for a last walk along the beach and the lanes before preparing for the journey home.
We have really enjoyed our short stay in Sri Lanka and have met many lovely lovely people here. The Sri Lankan people love the British, and they are very positive about the amount of aid that the Labour government gave Sri Lanka following the Tsunami of 2004.
The countryside and beaches are stunning.
At times we have struggled with the obvious lack of infrastructure, poverty and exceptionally poor living standards that we have seen along the way.
We have felt frustrated with the fact that, while people make sterling efforts to keep their own homes clean and tidy, much of the public areas appear rubbish strewn and dirty.
We have been amazed at how most families are personally very clean, and we marvel at how they manage this without running hot water or electricity in many cases.
We have noticed that most of the schools have a white school uniform and this always looks clean and white!! How some families manage it- God only knows!!
The contrast with our own fortunate lives is stark.

We will offer a final blog when we are back in Wokingham - thanks for sticking with us!
For those of you who don't know...we rose to number three in the Planet Ranger "most visits" chart for the last month - we want to thank all our fans, all the people back stage, our director, producer, script writer, and others too numerous to mention, not forgetting of course our mothers and fathers who made this all possible!!!!
Seriously though, thank you.
We've really enjoyed writing this together along the way. There have been difficulties with wifi when we've wondered whether we would be able to continue; uploading photos has been a mission at times when we've only been able to do one at a time etc.
However we are so pleased that we stuck with it and look forward to reading it at our leisure.
We are hoping to download the blog into book form and together with the photos and all the messages, it will be a lovely reminder for us in the years to come, of our "time on the road".

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Recent Messages

From Geggs
Welcome Home xxx
Response: Thanks Geggs. It's good to back! X
From Jon
Welcome Home Judy and David,
Hope the flight home was ok. Have a brilliant time catching up with everyone.
Lots of Love Jon XX
Response: Thanks Jon and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Hope you had a lovely day! We're readjusting to being home (especially the weather!!) It's been great catching up with the kids and our friends. Talk soon. Lots of love. X
From Julia & Jess
Whoooop you're coming home to the fold 😀 Can't wait to see you and hear all about it. Safe travels Julia xxxx woooof from Jess
Response: Hi Julia and Jess. We're sitting in Colombo airport drinking Ceylon tea. Can't wait to get home to see everyone. Lots of love x
From Bryony
Aw lovely final 'on the road' blog. Sri Lanka sounds like it's been a challenging and wonderful experience in equal measure!

That's so interesting that you mention the pristine white school uniforms as that's exactly what I saw in Uganda. Some places didn't even have running water and yet the children's shirts were always beautifully white?! And I was struggling to even keep myself clean!! Amazing.

Can't wait to see you this weekend (just in case I haven't mentioned that yet!). Greg will have to get you a replacement Twenty Pegs t-shirt, David, as I imagine that one's past its best now? :) Lots of love. Safe journey home xxxxxx
Response: Can't wait to see you too Bryony. Greg's twenty pegs T-Shirt has lasted well, given that it's been round the world...obviously good quality!! Just waiting for our lift to Colombo, and then it's homeward bound! Yeeha!! X X
From Gill and Mick x
Hi Judy and David, have loved reading all your blogs...there must be so many people looking forward to seeing you on your return....have a good trip .
Really looking forward to catching up with you again.
SO sad today to hear about David Bowie...I loved him and his music xxx
Response: Hi Gill and Mick. We too were very sad to hear about David Bowie. He was a very significant part of our youth. Such a great poet and musician. We'll organise a catch up very soon. Lots of love X
From Geggs
SriLanka sounds fascinating with wonderful people. The pictures are beautiful, especially the sunset. I hope you enjoy your last few days. Go safely. Not sure when you are home but have a safe journey and see you back in wet Blighty!!

I think you should continue doing your blog as we have all enjoyed reading about your exploits. Tales and Pictures of shopping in Waitrose and Friday night drinking sessions must surely be as entertaining as your trip round the world??!!!..... Xxx
Response: Hi Geggs
Thanks for travelling with us over the past months and glad you've enjoyed our blog. We're looking forward to reading it ourselves when we get home!!
We have loved Sri Lanka and its people, and so appreciate what we have back in Blighty. Looking forward to a good old catch up very soon. X
From Jane
Safe Journey back to blighty both- I look forward to catching up in person(that is once you are not quite so brown!!!!). I think this will be the start of many more journeys around the globe for you both - Take Care
Response: Thanks Jane. Let's hope we can get back to Blighty on Thursday. Florence has just told us that snow is forecast!! Look forward to catching up very soon. X
From Gill and mick.
Lovin your blog from Sri have seen so many different places ! Xx
Response: Hi Gill and Mick. Can't believe we only have 2 more days in Sri Lanka before returning to Blighty and a complete change in weather! It's been great having you follow us on our travels. Thanks you for your company! Look forward to seeing you soon. Lots of love X
From Jon
Hello Judy and David,

Sri Lanka is looking like a great place to visit. Strange to think that Mum was born there. Sounds like you are having a lovely time experiencing the culture differences. Makes our wants, needs and stressors in the western world look pretty ridiculous!!

Congratulations on reaching No 3 in the Planet Ranger charts. can almost smell the number 1 spot. Still got 1 week to make it but the wifi may make it a bit difficult now. Should of stayed a bit longer at the no. 1 wifi spot in the world!

Imagine it's quite surreal to think you will be back in Wokingham in 1 week. Enjoy your final week of travels and look forward to face timing with you when you get home.

Lots of Love Jon XXX
Response: Hi Jon. We've really enjoyed Sri Lanka and its very different culture. We've experienced nothing but kindness and welcoming hospitality from the locals despite their limited resources.
We were only saying on the beach today that we've been following the sun for the past few months, wearing little but shorts and a t shirt, and now we must get used to wearing long trousers and jumpers!
If Arsenal make the no. 3 spot we'll be happy, so no. 3 slot on planet ranger is not so bad! Thanks for following our blog with such enthusiasm Jon, we've enjoyed your company!!
FaceTime when we return! Lots of love X
From Mike, Candy's husban
Hi you two. I know i've been quiet on the message front, but i've also been following your mega trip - fantastic.
This is nothing to do with your break - sorry. I'm using it to pass on my congrat's to Joel for his bands New Year performance (i'm sure he'll see this) at the Ship. They were very good and really made the night a success - nice one Joel...
Oh yes, and continue to have a fab time D+J :o) x x
Response: Hello Mike (Candy's husband!) Good to hear from you and we're so pleased that you enjoyed the FILF's performance on NYE. We will pass on your congrat's to Joel and the band. Lots of love. X
From Jeanette & Pete
Hi again Judy and David - and a belated Happy New Year: sounds like you had a good one, just caught up with your latest antics. So jealous of all that sun - we've enjoyed a couple of glorious days over the Christmas period, but a helluva lot of rain as well! However, it was a lovely family time, with 8 of us here from 24th - 27th and then Sarah and the gang added to the pile until 29th: full on but great fun.
Our New Year's Eve was a little less raucous. We enjoyed a lovely 8mile walk along the Tees to the village of Whorlton with Jude, John, Helen and Dave, before crashing out in front of the fire with a glass of wine and a Lee Mack DVD: were in bed before the chimes. Not exactly rock and roll, but it meant that we managed a 6mile run with other friends on New Year's Day.
We've just returned from a couple of days in Whitley Bay. Si gets two free tickets to all Sunderland home matches through his work with them and he took Pete to the match between the bottom two clubs: it was Pete's first trip to a game for years and he thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. They set off on a cold and wet Saturday, in their humungous padded Sunderland jackets - and the lads came up trumps with a win.
Jess is ready to pop but keeping as busy as ever. It is great to be within a minute's walk of the sea and we enjoyed a wild walk along the promenade towards St Mary's lighthouse. We await the phone call now, I don't think it'll be long.
Jo's first day back at work today - and Henry's at nursery: haven't heard yet how it's gone. Amy has 3 more weeks in her current role as a school nurse and then starts her new role as a specialist nurse on 25th.
Your birthday presents arrived at Jon's on 29th, along with his Xmas present: so he didn't get to wear his red Calvin Kleins on Xmas Day!! He's kindly posting your gifts back to Wokingham.
Anyway, hope you continue to have a fab time on the final leg of your travels.
Love from Jeanette & Pete xx
Response: Lovely to hear all your news Jeanette, and Happy New Year to all the Balls! Look forward to hearing Jess and Simon's news!! Thanks in advance for the pressies. We'll look forward to opening them on our return. Lots of love x
From Geggs
Happy New Year. So thrilled once again to see you both in the last hour of 2015 and early hours of 2016!! Everyone was pleased to see you and certainly one of the highlights of the evening.

As you know, I surprised them all with my presence at the Ship as everyone thought I was in Suffol!!...Hehe. FiLF put on a fabulous gig. They just keep getting better and better. Then Donna was the DJ, she did a cracking job with everyone dancing into the New Year.

Can't believe you will be back in less than 2 weeks. Have a fabulous time in SriLanka. Go safe.

Lots of love as always Geggs xxx
Response: Happy New Year to you too Geggs. We were sorry not to be there with you all at the Ship, but our FaceTime contact went some way to make up for it!! We will try to keep in touch whilst in Sri Lanka, but wifi is very hard to come by here. x
From Karen
Happy New Year Lovelies! You didn't make it to Torquay! Don't worry I'll take you to AP's beach hut when you get back to Blighty and you can gaze at the English Channel and recall your adventures xx
Response: Happy New Year to you and Mark too! We'll look forward to the beach hut trip and we're sure it will more than make up for missing Torquay along the Great Ocean Road!! X
From Gill and Mick x
Hi, your seeing in of the New Year sounded wondeful...Happy New interested to hear about Sri no shortage of veggie food there xxxgill and mick
Response: Happy New Year to you both too!! Veggie curry for breakfast if we want it here!! Sorry for delayed reply, but wifi here in Sri Lanka is very hit and miss!! X
From Jon
Hello Judy and David,

Wishing you both a Very Happy New Year. Imagine Melbourne put on a good show for you last night. We went to Brissie and met up with Julianne's brother and wife who have a couple of International students staying with them. Face timed Gill, Sophie and Rob who were on the M25 on their way to Brighton when we got home.
Wishing you a brilliant last leg of your holiday, however think I can speak for all Aussies in saying Australia will greatly miss you and look forward to your next visit down under.
Wish I'd been watching the cricket when you were on tv. Would of loved to of heard what the commentators thought of Aussie Dave's hat and great marketing of the pegs t-shirt.
Doesn't need to be said but have a great time in Sri Lanka.

Lots of Love Jon XXX
Response: Hi Jon. It was great being in the centre of Melbourne last night. The whole place was buzzing with excitement...street acts everywhere, and a fantastic firework display! Hope Brisbane put on a good show for you too. Happy New Year to you and Julianne and Ben. Lots of love. X
From Malcolm
Happy New Year David and Judy wherever you are.
Response: Hi Malcolm
We send you and Loraine best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year from Melbourne. Off to Sri Lanka for a couple of weeks before heading home.
Hope to see you on our return.
Lots of love X
From Gill and mick
Hi Judy and David, just noticed that all those strange symbols and numbers that appear on my messages are emojis that I have inserted, obviously dont work on this blog xxgill
Response: Hi Gill and Mick. The same thing has happened to us when we have tried using emojis!! Very annoying!! Happy New Year. Lots of love X
From Jules
Hellooo David and Judy
Sounds like you had a great, if not a little unusual Christmas!
Thank you for my P J O'Briens postcard received today. I hope the Guinness tasted good!
Are you making it out to Phillip Island to see the little penguins?
Can't believe you'll be back soon. I'm not sure we can keep you as entertained but I'm sure we'll try!

Happy New Year. Safe travels. See you soon.

Jules xxx
Response: Hi Jules. Yes...Christmas was very different this year. Didn't make it out to Philip Island, as time ran out and we have been lucky enough to see penguins coming ashore in New Zealand....maybe next time!! Happy New Year and see you soon. Lots of love X
From Gill and Mick
Hi Judy and David, that road you mentioned has been noted and read out to Mick !😀
Our other friends were in the Bay of Islands a few weeks ago and sent me some pics as well, it really does look amazing.
Mick and I are in Thomas Hardy country for a couple of nights, realised we had a week off from grandchildren minding so as soon as we had the house to ourselves we packed our bags.There is a big storm called Storm Frank over the N part of UK so although no flooding here it is very wet.We had a lovely Christmas all the children and grandchildren on Boxing Day....very chaotic at times but I think ? they all love it 😀
Staying in a fabulous B/B in Shaftesbury at mo, back home tomos for our usual curry on NYE....Happy New Year to you both ,much love gill and Mick x
David...reading some of the other msges seemed I missed wishing you happy birthday sorry x gill🎂

Response: Hi Gill and Mick. Glad you had a lovely Christmas with all your family. Hope the rain hasn't dampened your time in Shaftesbury - a beautiful town!! It's 90 degrees here in Melbourne...not like our usual NYE! David says thanks for birthday wishes. Lots of love for a very happy and healthy 2016! X
From Geggs
Hello you two!! I have tried so many times previously yo face time but never caught you. So Very thrilled you picked up on Christmas Day. It was wonderful to see you both looking amazingly well. As soon as I stopped talking to you I face timed Giles and Flo who were in good spirits too to tell them I had spoken to you two as I was so excited. Can't believe you are back in just over 2 weeks. Enjoy the rest of your travels, have fun and go safe.

Wishing you both a Happy and Healthy New Year. Lots of love.
Response: It was good to speak with you too Geggsie! How fortunate that we had wifi when you called was troublesome for the following 2 days!! We can't believe we're back in 2 weeks either...that's the fastest few months we've ever known!! Good wishes to you for a happy and healthy 2016. Lots of love X
From Candy

We missed you at church last night Dave but said a little prayer to keep you safe on your travels.
Turkey about to go into the oven and picking up Callum and Kayley this morning...yeah...wish you were here! Candy x
Response: Happy Christmas to you all too Candy. David says thank you for the prayer and for thinking of us! Funny old Christmas Day for us! Enjoyed time in the sunshine on the beach, but missed everyone big time! Lots of love X
From Jon
Happy Aussie Xmas Judy and David
Response: And a Happy Aussie Christmas to you too Jon. It feels VERY different in the hot sunshine!! Lots of love x
From Kev and Fiona
Hello both and Birthday greetings from good old Blighty! Your blog has kept me enthralled over the past weeks - you should write a book Judy and then we can critique it at book club! I've also been to the place with more consonants than vowels and had a lovely meal with our friends who emigrated to Sydney some years ago. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas in Melbourne and look forward to catching up in 2016. Had an offer accepted on a place on the Finchampstead Road and hoping to move in January. We may be back in Wokingham before you are if it goes to plan! Hope this gets through as the msg I sent last night didn't! Love to you both from both of us xxx
Response: Hello again Fiona and Kev. Lovely to hear from you twice so quickly!! Wifi can be very precarious travelling, so sometimes the messages take longer to arrive!! Really looking forward to Melbourne, which we will reach on the 28th, so spend New Years there! See you soon. Lots of love. X
From Gill & Trev
Belated Birthday greetings Judy & David , have a wonderful Christmas & new year . See you both soon xxxxxxxx
Response: Thanks Gill and Trev and thank you for your cards. It was lovely to open them on our birthdays! Have a fabulous festive time! Lots of love x
From kev and Fi
Hello Both! Many Happy Returns David and what a fabulous place to have a birthday! Gosh, your blog has kept me enthralled for the past weeks. What a wonderful time you are having - really the trip of a lifetime. I've been to Wooloomooloo - the only place in the world with more vowels than consonants! You are having so many adventures I think you should publish a book when you get back and then we can review it at Book Club Judy! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas in Melbourne and can't wait to read up on your time there. A really artistic and creative city. Just to keep you updated on the house front, we've had an offer accepted on a place on Finchampstead Road and hopefully moving in January so will be back in Wokingham by the time you return! Yay!! Much love to you both from both of us. Fi and Kev xxx
Response: Good to hear from you Fiona and Kev. That's great news that you have finally found a house in Wokes!! Look forward to the house warming. Not a bad idea, getting our blog could fund further travel!! Not sure about discussing it at book club though! Haha! Thanks for the birthday wishes and lots of love to you both for a fabulous Christmas and new year. X