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Hi everyone. Welcome to my travel page following my trip around the world starting in Asia then Australia and New Zealand and finishing up in America. This is so you can all follow what I am up to and where I am at all times Hopefully some great experiences lie ahead. love Jules

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Hi everyone from Cananda.
I know I have been lazy. I meant to write sooner but, time passes you by and you just forget. Well, I am nearly home now just over another week left. I cannot believe that I will be home so soon.
Last time I wrote I was in New Zealand -The land of the long white cloud.
It is such a wonderful country,I thoroughly enjoyed it both islands I must say they are both equally beautiful very unique i might add. We visited a maurae village in Rotorua called Whakarewerewe it is a thermal village so, we got to see the geysers in action really col stuff.
Our tour finished in Auckland a very nice city lots of Irish bars like every where else around the world!!
Vancouver is my current port of call. I love it here and now I understand why it was voted one of the top 5 places in the world to live. It is such a lovely city you feel so safe waking around and it also feels really Christmassy cause it is cold and all the trees have lights at night time it's really sweet.
We went skiing on Saturday up to Whistler mountain such a great experience. It's a lot harder than it looks actually I don't think I am ready for the high slopes yet. It is something I would do agin though.
I find it strange having the cold weather again but it is a good start for what it will be like at home.
II am staying in LA for one night tomorrow night and then I AM ogg to New York for my last stop before home to see my aunt Mary and family.
Will put some new photos up soon. Bye for now from JUles x

Thursday, 01 February 2007

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Hi Everyone
Well I have made the break with a heavy heart I might add.I really miss Australia and I am not gone a week yet. There have not been many places to which I have been that I felt like that about. I just fell in love with that country and(all the gorgeous men that inhabit it wow)

I have a feeling that it will not be the last time I see it though it just is a really cool place to live so laid back which suits me to the ground.

But, if I was to talk about Australia the whole time it would not do justice to New Zealand.
I left Australia last Saturday morning I went out to mee Katie and Dennis the night before so when it came to board the plane next morning I think the alcohol made it easier to leave.
New Zealand is so beautiful but where has all the good weather gone? It is much cooler here the first time I have worn a SECOND LAYER and covered shoes in months. It is a very pretty country breath taking actually but I would not live here,parts of it are more isolated than Belmullet and that is saying something!!
WE are here until the 21 st of Feb all going well. Talk again soon slan from Jules x

Monday, 15 January 2007

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

Hi everyone
I am on the last day of my trip up the East coast today. I am sad that it is over cause I enjoyed it so much.
I am tired but is due to so many nights out.
The group wereperfect a big variety people from all over the world which made it so interesting.

Last time I wrote I was on the Whitsunday islands they are just pertfect words cannot describe how good they are perfect weather, perfect beaches, relaxed lifestyle,perfect food and etc etc.
We then went to Hervey bay to go to Fraser island the largest sand island in the world. WE stayed in a perfect location right beside the bar so not far to get home after drinking.
While there I went on a 4 wd tpur of the island everyone does it. Wow brilliant you would not get around the island unless tou have one of these big machines due to the sand and all the hills. We went to a very picturesque place called Lake Mackensie it is a very large freshwater lake and the sand surrounding it is so white unbelieveable.

We went caving in Capricorn caves the following day really cool!!

We went spent two nights in Surfer's paradise then we atayed in a luxurious resort it is a bit like America as in Miami or Florida doed not really resemble Australia.

Right now I am in Byron Bay a really relaxed hippy town. It is very pretty lovely beaches. Yesterday we went up to the Lighthouse which is situated in the most Easterlt point in Australia. You get to see the dolphins up there magnificent views.

Heading back to Sydney tomorrow and back to work for two weeks before I head to New Zealand.

I will be very sad to leave Australia as I am rewally settled here now and I have met some lovely people but all good things have to come to an end sometime. I will never forget it though and am so glad that I done it now best decision I ever made in life. Love you all have lots of pics to put up so when I am back in Sydney I will get around to it. Take care from Jules

Friday, 05 January 2007

Location: Cairns, Australia

Hi Everyone
well I made it up to the East coast in one piece.
I left my apartment in Bondi in the early hours of Tuesdaymorning. I had to catch a flight i the middle of the night well 7 0 clock which is the middle of thenight for me.

I joined up with the tour group the next day in Cairns and met upwith some loveky people. I am sharing a room with a girl from Limerick,London and Germany. We spent the first two days in Cairns which I really liked. We stayed outside the city in a place called Suburbia which is a really tropical looking part of Australia.
We WERE surrounded by rainforests.
I went to see Cape Tribulation on the first day and the Daintree rainforest. It is the only place in the world where two world heritage sites are side by side that and the great Barrier reef.

The mext day myself and the German girl Cordulla went horse riding a thoroughly enjoyable day although I had a pain in my backside afterwards.

We also took the sky rail across the rainforest in Kuranda well worth a visit it is an old aborigne village high up in the mountains.

Yesterday we had an 8 hr bus journey from Cairns down to AIrlie beach to catch the ferry across to the Whitsundays. I am here at present and I must say it is like paradise.
Today is really hot we lied on the beach chilled in the pool and drank cocktails at the bar pool which is really cool.
They are so worth a visit. I love it here.
Talk to you all later.

Monday, 01 January 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hi evryone
Happy New year from Sydney.
Well itis all over noW. I n one way I am glad Christmas is a tough one being way from family and friends. On a positive note though I can put it down to a good experience.

I really enjoyed New Year's eve it was amazing to be right beside the Harbour Bridge for the fireworks. We have al heard about them and seen them on tv but to see them for real is something else.
We all had a lovely Christmas though together and made the best of it.
Tomorrow we leave our apartment which has been our home since the 19th of September. I will actually miss it now I can honestly say. I go up the East coast tomorrow. But before I go I must goodbye to Gillian who is making her way to South America. I will meet up with her again when I get back to Ireland hopefully.
I Will mis Bondi I didn't think at the beginning I would be saying that but, you get used to a place a s well. Well I will let you know how I get on up the East coast. Slan from Jules

Saturday, 23 December 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone.
I said I better write a little note to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas. I am feeling the lonely pangs these last two days. Since I finished work on Wednesday I have more time to think. It is great to experience such a differnt climate in December a bit mad though!! Christmas time is meant to be cold and dark not hot and bright like here.
We heard that there may be showers Christmas day apparently it happened two years ago. Last year it was over forty so, I think I would not mind a little summer rain it would feel homely after all. The most thing I will miss apart from Mom's cooking is my family. That's what Christmas is all about well in our house being in the house all day we do end up nearly killing each other by the end but that's normal! we love each other deep down. I will miss everyone at home alot but then once Christmas is over it will be fine. There are loads of young Irish out here in the same situation. It's funny how one day can upset people so much.

Hope everyone in Ireland and the states has a great Christmas hard to believe it's here again. Enjoy I will have a drink on your behalf and will be thinking of ye all. Love and best wishes from Julie Beannachtai na Nollaig oraibh uilig

Friday, 01 December 2006

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone!
Hope you are all well.
I suppose you are all getting ready for Christmas. I feel like I have nothing to prepare for out here cause, it does not feel Christmassy at all. Even though the decorations are up and there are trees everywhere the hot wearther and long days make you think other wise.
Well, I am up in Brisbane at present. The family I am working for flew myself and their son up on Tuesday morning to his grandparents on the Gold coast until Sunday. They both have work to do and needed some peace and quiet probably from me as much as the three year old. I am not complaining it is lovely up here. We had lunch in Surfer's paradise on my forst day here a very tropiacl looking part of Australia wit it;e high rise buildings and palm trees.

Yesterday we went to a wildlife sanctuary nearby and I got to hold a koala and feed the Kangaroos it was an experience. The day before yesterday was over 34 degrees not very pleasant there is not a lot you can do in that type of weather except stay inside in the air conditioning. Last week in Sydney it touched 38 I was ready to leave it was disgusting.
I am returning to Sydney on Sunaday It was nice to see some where different for a change But I must say Sydney is my favourite. The girls have the apt to themselves alot the last few weeks cause I have done a lot of live ins.

I met up with Noirin Walsh nee Meenaghan last weekend we went to the Coogee Bay hotel a big improvement on Bondi very little Irish there which was a big change for us.

I don't know if everyone at home heard about the Irish guy Damien Leith from kILDARE WHO WAS IN THE FINAL OF Australian idol out here at the OPera house on Sunday last. well he wom and myseld and Ellen were there some go\irl came up to us outside and offered us tickets to get in lucky or what. Great night gloads of live bands and the Irish won. He is a lovely guy and a grea singer and fair play to him. I will never forget it.

That's all for now some peole are slowing down in their messages Come on people!!
Gotta go Talk soon take care from Jules

Thursday, 09 November 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

G'day everyone.
Just a quick note hope everyone is well.
I had a great weekend as per usual we ended up going to Irish bars I met Gerry Keane every night I was out good old Faulmore person. We ended up in the Mercantile bar on Sunday which is for those that do not know it "an Irish bar". It was a great night actually live bands,loads of Irish great craic. We ended up staying out till Six in the morning Gerry bad influence on me!!

On mONDAY i REALLY ENJOYED MY WORK EVEN THOUGH i WOKE UP WITH NO VOICE YES i KNOW ME WITH NO VOICE BUT i HONESTLY COULLD NOT SPEAK FOR THE DAY. I got to work in the Sydney opera house really cool. I had to look after an eighteen month old boy named Oscar both his mom and dad are ballet dancers and they were rehearsing for their matinee show. So I got to go behind the scenes sort of speak really nice. It's not every day you get to turn up at the Opera hose for work.

I had Tuesday off and then Wednesday I am with the same famiily for one week. I am enjoying it cause you get to meet real Australian families and experience a different way of life.
Gillian is off to Perth on Sunday for two weeks I am jealous but cannlot do everything country too big. Next time maybe.
Tllk to you all soon.Good luck with new car Mary safe driving . Bye from Jules

Friday, 03 November 2006

Location: Boni Beach, Sydney, Australia

Hi Everyone,
It has been a while since I last wrote.

I am settled back into Bondi after my Melbourne trip. Since I came back I have been relatively busy now, when I say busy I don't mean I have broke into a sweat working hard oh no.
I started work with a nanny agency and they call you at night or really early in the morning whenever to go to work. I am enjoying it though not working is great for a while but I would not like to do it any longer. Boredom tends to set in after a while and you need to check in with reality every now and again. I enjoy the work met loads of people and seen alot of Sydney through work. I seem to have improved at these early mornings also which is very unlike me it is easier to get up in the mornings here cause the weather is always so lovely.
I have enjoyed the social weekends here also it's good to go to different places and meet different people so far they have mostly been Irish,Sydney is full of us. I have not spent many days on the beach which is literally one minute away cause I get bored. It is so busy on Bondi beach anyway. At this moment we are all working and settling in to the Aussie way of life and I feel like the time is flying by. I will be back in Ireland before I know it. They have Christmas trees up in the shops out here with the last two weeks a bit ridiculous I think way too early and it does not even feel like Christmas cause of the heat. Well I have no exciting news really until I go touring again. Hope you are all well I miss everyone Talk soon Jules

Monday, 16 October 2006

Location: Great ocean road, Australia

Hi again
I thought I would just finish off telling you about the rest of my week in the south of Austrakia.
After that experience on the boat, we left Melbourne the following day,rented a car and started our drive of the Great ocean road.
We got a Hyundai Accent in white would not be my choice of colour now and it was automatic. We forgot that all cars over here are automatic as standard it took a bit of getting used to,but we managed. We stopped in Apollo bay on the first night defintley worth a look in,it's a little fishing village very quite but ,lovely. We stayed in the yha hostel it was amazing so clean and well equipped so anyone travelling down that way stay there.
The next day we got to see the incredible Twelve apostles they are some sight you can only see six from land some are hidden drom view they were defintley worth the view. Check out the pictures of them.
Of course the weather was sweltering that day up in the high thirties I got to have my birthday in the extreme heat that does not happen too often. We ended up in Adelaide lovely little city. We indulged in a bit of retail therapy it was my b day!! Great shops in Adelaide Talk soon keep the messages coming in Bye from Jules

Thursday, 12 October 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hi Everyone well I get around.
On Saturday we took a flight to Melbourne the cheapest way of doing it. It takes eleven hours by train but only one hr by air so we defintley chose the right option.
When we arrived in Melbourne we got to our hostel which what can I say was not a very pleasant experience it was horrible you could not possibly stay there. so,we complained got our money back and moved out.

We ended up going to a place outside the city right beside the beach called St.Kilda and there resisded a girl from Kerry who worked with Ellen in Abu Dhabi and through her we got an apartment for the weekend we were lucky.

We had a good old bbq there that night loads of Irish appeared at one stage you would think that you were at home.
St.Kilda is a really nice place but my goodness Melbourne is much cooler than Sydney you would defintley need a coat if you were to settle here.

On Monday we did a tour of Melbourne city lovely and we tok a visit to Captain Cook's cottage whish was shipped out from England brick by brick and re assembled in Melbourne I have pics of it will put them up at weekend for those who are interested in that sort of thing. I loved it.

Monday evening I defintley awoke my sense of fear we decided to go out and see the penguins as they come in at night to their nests. Yea fine you would think and how cute and I totally agree except I am not too fond of the water Oh the boat was tiny to start with and it was blowing a gale oh I thought I was going to drown I think everyone on board knew I was Irish all they could hear was "JESUS mARY AND jOSEPH" I never experienced such rough conditions and it didn't help that a guy from Persia who was with his wife kept telling me that we were on a one way trip. So I recovered anyway and live to tell the tale I will never marry a fisherman anyway!! well Now I am tired will write again soon. Thanks for messages for my Birthday. Love ye from Jules

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Recent Messages

From Mary B
Don't know if you still look at this Julie - just wanted to say how much I enjoyed looking at all the photos! Fantastic - what a trip to remember. Don't THINK we're going for Easter but hopefully see you all later in the year. lots luv mary xxx
Response: Hi Mary.
Yes,I still look at it even more so now since I got hometoi relive the wonderful memories. I can honestly say the best decision I ever made in my life. We look forward to seeing you in the summer it will be great cause Please God Mary will be home with the twins for a month. Take care Mary from Julie
From Cecil
I must say you had a great photographer on the night of the 21st if i do say so myself!!!!!
Response: Well Cecil you sure did everyone was talking about them and how good they turned out. You should write up your own portfolio I am at home now and you sre great sending messages when I was at the bottom of the world cecil was quiet. are you down at the weekend?
From Breege T
Hey juls
Photos look fab far from the weather we have here. I believe you will be back to us on saturday. Im stayinup the weekend so ill see you paddys weekend for a bevie or two!!! Im on tp at the mo two weeks nearly done and 3 more to do ahhhh its the infants you can imagine anyway see you soon
Tóg aire
Breege T
Response: Hey Breege
Thanks for message I am getting themoff you now that I am at home.The weather is depressing I have the cold got with the change in temperatures. See you at wknd Please God
oh my god tyhe babies re so big its unreal nearly have second nyt of nyts over me
Response: Yea they are gorgeous,very busy I must say. You will notice a big change in them when you see them this summer. Enjoy night work rather you than me FRom JUles
From mary
i tink ul get it thist time ie tries ringin all ur numjbers lnite couldn get thru im at wrk jus bk from edinburgh twas some craic off the plane yday went straight t quinns t watch ireland and england twas historic sinn fein had big protest they muted the english national anthem n quinns. im startin nights on the 5th of march so wont c u straight away. whats canada like what date exsactly re u home mom and dad re gone t party for michael gang hes 30 this wkend. no other news chat soon x
Response: Hey Mary
I CALLED YOU TO SEE HOW YOUR WEEKEND WAS. i CALLED YOU BUT NO ANSWER. I have no phone till I go home so I will talk to you from Mary's. Be good talk soon JUles
From Orla
Hey Jules

Hope you are well, by the look of those photos you look pretty good & seem to be having a fantastic time going around in a bikini!! When you get home you won't be wearing that for awhile. Heading home for the w'end and off to the piste next w'end. Talk to you soon. Orla

Response: Hey Ms Lavelle
I will not be able to text anyone now til Get home no phone.
My Irish sim got stolen in Sydney new Year's eve so there is no point buying a new sim becaus eI will be home in two weeks time. Yea I am having a great time weather was amazing. I am in Vancouver no bikini here,goin skiing tomorrow in Whistler so that will be different. NO other news enjoy yourself on the slopes and be careful you know you tripping on flat ground!! Talk and see ya soon luv Jules x
julie the photos re class very funny was at home at the wkend was good craic poor pat was sick on his birthday u wont feel til ur home now wish i was goin t america i miss the babies il chat soon take care love mary x
Response: Hey Mary
Yea God they are all sick at home it's terrible. I hope that they are all better before I get home. I was talking to Pat yesterday He was grumpy so he must be better if he was nice I would be worried. It is a pity you are not coming to New Jersey but then I didn't think I would be coming home so early either you just can't plan anything. As long as dad gets better I don't care we will have a good night for your 21st if I am invited!!
Take care lots of love your big sis Jules xx
From kev g
well j ules how s it going ? NZ looks class, does breege approve of ur new man though?
neway just thought i'd say hello, take care, kev.
Response: Hey Kev
Yea I think she does approve of him he will scare everyone else anyway. New Zealand is gorgeos very like home actually. I will be home in a few weeks so we can catch up over a few drinks. That will be something new for us I'd say. Don't work too hard behave yourself see ya soon Jules
From mAIRE
Response: Hey Mary
I am really enjoying New Zealand such a beautiful country it really is and now that we are on the North Island the weather is nice and hot again. Talk to you at wknd love Jules x
From mary
hey julie how re u all s well ere n coll for wk goin home today wil talk t u at Wkend hope u r enjoying yourself miss u love ur sis x
Response: Hi Mary yea all is well here with me enjoying New Zealand bery much. I am finished my tour tomorrow so will have a few days rest then all this travelling wears you out I tell you. Keep working hard at college the rewards are worth it in the end. LOve to all the family from Jules
From maire
Hi JULES great talking to you last night all well I hope this will be a good week I will text you Enjoy your last week in Sydney Love Maire
Response: Hi Mary
Great talking to you too I needed to talk to someone.
Please God everything will go well will be in contact Friday hopefully with good news. Take care Love Jules x
v jealous of u at the mo. weather stinks here. r u coming back???? looks like ur havin a ball...keep it up!
Response: Hey Lilo and Shazzer
Come back or not come back well if I had enough money I would stay ere it is amazing the best decision I ever made in my life. I am having a ball The East coast was amazing it was like a holiday within a holiday if you get what I mean leaving here this day week will be very sad heading to New Zealand. It will be hard to leave the good weather behind. You get very used to waking up every day to sunshine it is much easier to get up in the morning so they say,I still find it hard though. Enjoy school (suckers) Love ye from Jules
hey jules just a quick note am at wrk now comp broke n house again. dyin t c the photos it sounds great. we are all fine here goin home next turs for the wkend then its coll for a wk im nearly finished on my horrible ward! had a driving lesson last wk it was funny! marks cars engine went he aint happy my car s runnin like a bomb was out lnite had bad head goin t wrk kev g was up last wkend we had great nyt with him. brid t got a lovely focus no other news must go bk t wrk mind yurself chat soon x
Response: I am trying to get photos up but they are on a dvd and not everywhere has a dvd thingy on their computer. Poor Mark he is in bad luck with that car it is useless he might as well get rid of it and buy a decent one. I was talking to Kev G two weeks ago it was great to hear his voice he is still as daft as ever. I was talking to Brid as well she told me she was getting new focus. enjoy work talkj soon Jules x
hi julz

i can't believe u'll b leaving aus so soon it seems 2 hav gone really quickly. u'll be bak 2 the mhuire b4 u kno it! r wil u be taking another yr? its rotten here at the mo absolutely freezin so enjoy the good weather while it lasts. hav fun on the rest opf ur travels...
Response: Hey Eileen oh I absolutley love it oout here and my heart will be broken in two leaving. I love the lifestle and especially the social life which is a big drain on my finances. You only live once so, you gotta enjoy it while you can. I suppose I will come back although I still have itchy feet to go somewhere else I ma not readfy to go back to Dublin yet. seeing a sI will be stone broke in a FEW WEEKS it is probably the best decision. II love the school but once you get a taste of travelling you're hooked!!
enjoy work talk soon tell Noirin I was asking for her has she settled back again?
bye from Jules
From sean
hi julie,
i have only just found out about this site of yours from anne so thought id write a quick message. by the sounds of things, all is going well and you are loving to south america myself in 5 weeks to tour brazil and stop off in cuba....but only going for a bit....not the year like yourself. when do you come back?
anyway.....enough said....carry on enjoying it and take care
sean monaghan
Response: Well Sean my dear old cousin. Great of you to drop a line. I am loving it the best decision of my life. You will really enjoy Sth America that is next on my to do list but I thinnk it will be a while this has cost me my life savings but worth every penny.I will be back around the end of April it goes very fast when you are enjoying yourself. Keep in contact be good and don;t drink too much from Julie
From maire
alls quiet here at the moment hope youre having a great time up north I am counting the days until I see you I am so looking forward to seeing youxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Mary my favourite aunt in the whole world I am in a place called Byron Bay at the moment. It has been brilliant I really enjoyed it met so many nice people from all over the world which is a great experience in itself. I have seen so much in the last two weeks have loads of pics to put up so will do that when I gwt back to Sydney. I will be back tomorrow night and then have to work the next day. Off to New Zealand then Talk soon love to my fav cousins and Bill love u from Jules xxx
From mary
hi jules just anote im glad you are enjoying this 2 week trip I liked the New yr pics no news Bill is away for 12 days so I am busy they are sleeping now and so will I very soon oiche mhaith slan xxxxxxxx
Response: HEY a Mhaire
Ceach a bhfuil tu?
Ta me marbh ag an teas anseo ach ta se go maith.
Ni bheidh se i bhfhad anois go dti go mbeidh me thall agat.
From Gráinne
Hi Jules,
Happ[y New Year to ya. Hope you had a nic e xmas, you're back touring again it sounds fab. Had a quiet Xmas sprained the ankle stephens night a combination of high heels and drink! it's getting better. Heading off to London this weekend with college it should be a laugh. Enjoy the travelling. Slan xx
Response: Hey Grainne
I heard you sprained your ankle Shaz informed me. I hope you had a good night though. Yes I am travelling again having a ball up in Surfer's Paradise at the moment not too far from Brisbane. It is a bit coler thank God than Cairns which was so humid not nice weather. I will be back in Sydney next week fr two weeks and then heading to New Zealand.Enjoy London or if you have been already hope you enjoyed it. Take care of the ankle slan xx
From mary g thang
wel never got a reply howd u find the photos??
Response: Hey I loved them I sent you a message to say thanks good girl fair play to you.
julie hav pics up theyre under just for julie hav more t put up anothe rnyt take care speak soon x
Response: Thanks mary will go and check them now x
happy new year julie met gillians friend lnite pauline reilly from shanahee i was tellin her al bout ur adventures any buic since go on fill me n! love mary x
Response: hey Mary
Happy new year to you too. Thanks for the phone call.

Gillian was telling me that Pauline met you. Pauline yext Gillian t0 say she met you. Hope you had a good night. I am up in Cairns now at the moment got an early flight up this morning. Will be in contact. Slan love you Jules
hi jules - jim and rita - well to bad we are 2006 and you are 2007 you are a year before us happy new year once again - we love you
Response: Hi Rita and Jim
I am delighted that you have found my site Great to have you on board. Well I enjoyed the new year very much I was right beside the Harbour bridge to see the fireworks it was great. Yes I will be back at home next year for Christmas very lonely to be away from family at Christmas. I am going up the East Coast tomorrrow for two weeks. Hope you are enjoying new job. Takc care love you Julie
From kev g
hey Juls hows the form, how did the christmas go for ya? was talking to loftus lastnight in jj's he reckons the ole Turkey was very dry. i was flat out trying to ring ya all xmas with a number mary gave me but it doesn't seem to work from my phone. anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR to ya if i don't get talking to ya before then!
Response: Hey Kev
I would not take any number from Mary sure knowing the two of ye, you were both probably drunk when you got it. Anyway it is too expensive to be calling out here. I had a lovely Christmas and I doubt Gerry said that about the turkey actually I was quite proud of the dinner he got a good choice I will kill him when I see him!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and you behaved yourself. Enjoy new year from JUles
From gillians mam
hi from audreys mam great photos... you all look as if your having a great time . hope gillian is a good pupil!!! enjoy thr rest of your trip & happy new year !! hope to meet you when u return. ps u looked great at the mass getting communion
Response: Hi Audrey Gladyou got to see the photos. If I catch Gillian being bold now you will now about it straight away. We are having a great time it will be hard to settle back at home now. We did not see the mass on tv but when I go home I will see I didn't think we were caught on camera cause Gillian did her best to hide. Have a lovely New Year from Julie
Response: Hi Mary Mhartanin,
yea I was disappointed I did not get to talk to you. Glad you had a nice Christmas I got the pics of twins they are looking llike grown ups. I met Katie and Dennis last Friday night and we have arranged to meet up again for the New year. They are such nice people I am glad I got to know them. I was lonely here Christmas eve weather was not great it rained so,that did not help. Christmas day was lovely I had Gerry Paddy Harry out for dinner so that was nice. Himself and Mary Teresa gone home now. I will try and call you again I am just after trying now was talking to Chrissie not to worry will get you before New Year. Slan tog aire Jules