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Jules, Pete and Chris around the world in 81 days

An easy way to keep everyone informed without clogging up your inboxes, you can read at you leisure as you follow us around the world in 81 days. From disneyland to skiing in Whistler, New York to Dublin, Rome to Luczern and to Ireland for a wedding and back, and happily many more we are off on an adventure you will wish you were joining us on.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Location: Sorento, Italy

Churches 50
Car Museums still 3

Well a lot has happened since the last time we were able to write an entry.

We left Karlsruhe and headed for Luzern, where we walked around the old city, seeing the lion carved into the stone (not sure about that 1), walked along the lake with tremendous views of the alps, viewed the old town walls, passed along the river and across the bridge made from wood that is supposed to be old but has been rebuilt because someone lit a cigarette in the 1990s (sorry about the gramma, but I cant find a few keys...maybe they dont have commas in Italian).

The following day we made the decision to ascend Mount Pilatus. Approximately 30mins on the gondola and we reached the peak. The lungs burned, and frostbite was a distinct possibility as we enjoyed the splendid views of Luzern below. Hammered by the wind on 1 side of the peak, we were bathed in glorious sunshine on the other.

We then had to leave Luzern and make our way back into France (Unfortunately). As Im biased in my writings I will hand over to someone with a more open mind on the french, but before I do, YES thay are rude, their wine is shit, the food boring and LITTLE and they smoke like chimneys....... CHRIS

Pete.....I agree with Chris in essence about the French but parts of France are beautiful. From here we headed to the south west of France and in particular the Dordogne Valley. We stayed in a beautiful little town just outside Sarlat called La Roque (Gageac) right on the Dordogne River. What an amazingly beautiful place. We spent two days here exploring the valleys, gardens, Chateaus (which there are a lot of) and were overwhelmed by its beauty. In particular we thought the fortifications built into the side of the cliff walls all throughout this region (a remnant of the defence systems of the old Bishoprics) were incredible.

We then made an arbitrary decision to head to the wine country to explore the "marvel of French Wine." We headed to Bergerac the provence east of Bordeaux and were based here for a fewdays. Well unfortunately our experinece here was that the wine was neither as accessible or as drinkable as it is back home. We tried in vane to get to a number of vineyards and managed only 2 out of 10...they were all closed. In this we managed to try the 3 signature wines of the region..the Bergerac red, Montbazillac- a sweet white and the Sausignac another sweet white. The synopsis.....these are not signatures that will be worth anything in the future and the wine is already dead in any case.

After a bit of frustration we decided to do a big drive east to Nice where we were based for a few days. It was great to get to some warmer weather and crack out the shorts and to see the beach again. We had fun exploring Nice on foot and also Monte Carlo where Chris even got to drive through the much heralded tunnel and hair pin of the F1 track.

Our next destination was the Cinque Terre where we stayed in Levanto the next town North. We cannot say enough about the Cinque was so beautiful We had an amazing 3 days walking between the towns and some Yummy dinners in Monterosso. My personal favouite though was the 2nd town from the north Levazza which had an unspoilt little harbour and beach which looked straight out of a movie set.

We next ventured to Venice where we were a little scared that being the easter weekend we would not get accommodation. Thankfully the Novotel came to the rescue and we were quickly into Venice and amazed by its charm and character.....despite the sprawling crowds. We essentially spent the two days walking around the maze of streets and where we could going into the back streets to see the "real Venice." Some good shopping under our belts and ofcourse seeing the main sights ie La piazza di san Marco etc and we headed to Florence.

How to summarise florence? Interesting ++++ expensive +++++ and full of tourists+++++++++++++++++++++++. Highlights were ofcourse the Ponte Vecchio at night and the amazing Duomo (The cathedral di santa Maria del Fiore) which was my favourite Church of the trip thus far. We walked up the Duomo and looked at the amazing roof tops of florence.

Unfortunately one of the few dissapointments of the trip was our attempt to get into the galleria dell'academia. After lining up for 3-4 hours we left in frustration as the line had not moved in 2 hours or more and closing time was approaching. The uffizzi was the same if not worse. Anew system is required here we think!

From florence we ventured to Perugia via Pisa which was well worth the deviation. We visted the Cathedral here and Baptistry and also walked to the top of the leaning tower (campanile) which was awesome. We used Perugia as a base to explore the Umbrian countryside and ofcourse Asissi. I could use a lot of superlatives to describe all of this but will elaborate more on our return. Of note was the basilica in Asissi and the little towns that line the hill tops.

We are now in Sorrento and have been to the ruins in Pompeii (a childhood dream) and have been out to the isle of Capri today. Tomorrow we head for the Hioly city of Rome and hope not to get swamped by the crowds. We will gladly be departing with our car in Rome which has been a blessing throughout the trip but the cause of more than one stomach in a throat throughout Italy.

We will ofcourse then finish our travel in Turkey before coming home. We will update the photos upon our return. We have added a few here but have not had much luck with the computer.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on our return Love to the Larges, Lockes and Salibas and everyone else.

See you soon

Pete Jules and Chris

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Odometer 5021
Churches, losing count, is written somewhere else but around 29
Museums - Does 10 sound good
Car museums - 3

Hi everyone, just a quick update to you all while we are in Karlsruhe.

We have stayed here with Marcus and Sylvia, and in Sylvias parents house for 4 nights now. We arrived here from Champagne, where we completed a tour of Möet and Chandon. Kerrie also flew over to join us for the weekend

Did you know that 70 000 bottles a day are popped of Möet, and we did buy a couple to add to that number (if anyone has an idea of how to get them home without breaking, now is the time to let us know). The underground cellars are amazing, there are over 28kms of cellars with hundreds of thousands of bottles - no joke. Möet still employ someone to carefully turn the bottles to improve the sediment being shifted to the bottom of the cork. There are 2 apprentinces in training at the moment. Hopefully we will put some photos up on the page.

After a Möet adventure, we ventured off into the country side, seeing some fantastic sites of the Champagne region, and taking some happy snaps. We stayed the night in Reims, which as Chris will tell you was like camping out for the night at a highschool camp. However, clean toilet, shower and warm bed....

Since being in Karlsruhe, we have eaten amazing food, lots of bread, meat and beautiful French cheeses. Frau Hoffman has been looking after us well, and we will certainly miss the spreads and meats for breakfast when we move on tomorrow. The temperature over here has now been at about 6 degrees for a week, and we are ready for it to rise again as it did today. A little more snow has hit Europe unfortunately and a cold snap. We made it to the Mercedes and Porsche museums. The Mercedes had a one hour queue to get in, brand new, and was very much worth it. I even have a photo to prove I was there.

On Sunday, we drove out into the Black Forest to a place called Mummelsee, where we are told that by throwing a rock into the lake your wish will come true, however it was covered in ice and the snowballs didn´t make it through. So I guess our wishes will not come true. After a walk around the lake, great Blackforest Cherry Cake, it´s kinda close at home, and some German lunch, we dropped Kerrie at the airport and walked through the town of Karlsruhe, of which Marcus was quite proudly showing us around. A beautifally restored castle, cute pedestrian zone, and if you ask Pete the best gelato of the trip.

Today, Monday saw us head to Schwäbisch Hall, the town where Chris´s mum grew up, and to Heidleberg. We found the house where Barbara grew up, and looked through the Church, St Micheals, where we met a couple of interesting characters. It is a beautiful town which has vineyards on the rivers edge, and lovelz traditional german buildings. In Heidleberg we visited the Schloß, or castle in English, however it was our first we have seen in ruins, with little attempt to fix it up. However still amazingly beautiful and justified its reputation.

Marcus has been an amazing tour guide even picking up some "additional" tour members along the way. Hehe I will explain that one later!!!!

We found the christmas shop, sorry to the mums we have no room in our packs, though it´s the thought that counts right?? I think Chris would have brought everything home if he was able and freight was free.

It has been a trip highlight to catch up with Marcus and Sylvia and family after far too long. Their gorgeous little baby Therese has grown up alot since the last photos and it has been really good to have the opportunity to meet her aswell. We hope that son we will be able to repay the favour.

Tomorrow we depart Karlsruhe with mixed feelings and are off for a fleeting visit to Luzern in Switzerland and then back into France for some hiking and eating. We hope everyone is well, and keep in touch.

Pete, Jules and Chris

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Location: Paris!!, France

Hi everyone.. we are in france at the moment, having travelled halfway across the continent to get here. Most of you know we were going to Ireland for a wedding. On the 8th we flew out of london and into dublin, picking up tali along the way. We somehow managed in london to get the warmest weather so far and landing in dublin almost snowing. Having a car was fantastic, only managing to get lost once. Our first irish beer had to be a guiness, being had in the oldest pub in Ireland, AD 600 (making it into the guiness book of worldrecords) and maybe thought to be the oldest in the world.

The wedding went well, and the reception was still going at 5 thet next morning, with bride and groom leaving after 4. The irish music was great and the aussies all managed to belt out a little khe san, down under, run to paradise, beds are burning... you get the drift.

We had a traditional St Patricks day, meaning avoiding the parade, quiet beers and lunch with lukes new in laws. It certainly appears the rest of the world celebrates St Patricks day more than the irish.

Thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes.... we had a great day travelling from ireland at 5.30am, arriving in paris around 9.30pm. The paris traffic is fantastic and somehow I was driving again. But relatively painfree, only a little frustration and alot of winging it. But here we have eaten crossoints, coffee, crepes, french onion soup and pastries to our heart content...... and our stomaches.

Having visited all the major things, the Louvre, Eiffel tower (all 700 stairs of them) the arc de triumphe, notre dame and all it entails. Tomorrow heading to champagne region and then onto Karlsruhe to stay with friends. We hope this finds all well, and lots of love

Julienne Pete and Chris

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Location: London, UK

Odometer 3400
Museums the same 9
Churches 15
Car museums - still 1

Well we have finished our week in London, well almost we still have to get the 50 miles to the airport tomorrow. We have had a ball, and can see why Aussies flock here in droves. Well I am writing for Pete and I, Chris is off at the west end!! (with Kerrie)

What can we say, I think we have seen most of the amazing sights a tourist should have seen, and probably a couple we shouldn't have. We started the days wandering the streets, on a seemingly Monopoly game board, seeing Leicester Square, Covent garden, Bond Stree, Trafalger Square, Piccadily Circus, West End, Big Ben, Parliment house.... the list is endless. We've ambled through Westminster Abbey and over to Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately missing out on the changing of the guards, though saw even better. We saw the arrival of the President of Ghana for a State visit with the queen. This was accompanied by a full military parade, 21 cannon salute, the Queens horse and all the queens men (well they were a marching band). This was a pretty amazing site to see. The queen left the palace in her rolls, and returned in her horse drawn carriage, we were close enough to see her pink dress and hat.

We toured the London Tower and saw the fantastic crown jewels only yesterday, they were the best finished so far, and the largest diamond in the world. 530 carats!! It was held within the septer of King Edward the VII and is called the "Star of Africa" The crown has the 2nd largest diamond in the world also. Koo-oh--noor, nice.

Bath and Stonehenge were amazing, with our photos turning out fantastically. Amazing to this of 5000 years of history behind both of them...

Pete and I saw the Lion King last night on the West End and Chris and Kerrie are seeing Wicked tonight. Pete and I adventured to the British Museum, seeing alot more Egyptian artifacts and mummies, including Cleopatra... graham you need to come here!

Pete and I have caught up with 2 high school friends of mine, and Chris, his best mates brother Grant. We are heading tomorrow to Dublin, for another friends wedding, where we will be catching up with Tali also. Then ends our UK adventure and back into mainland Europe. Chris will, I am sure, update you on his escapades when able, however has enjoyed his time with Kerrie.

We hope again this finds you all well, lots of love to you and we are only half way through the trip!! YEAH , Pete, Jules and Chris

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Location: London, UK

Odometer reading 3105kms
Churches 15
Museums 7
Car museums 1 (YEAH)

Our last day in Prague was awesome. As I had said we decided to take a day walking tour which turned out to be a really good idea. Prague was amazing. Our tour started in the main square in the new town (600 years old...yes this is new) the scene of the velvel revolution which lead to the collapse of communist rule in Czech in 1989. The city library interestingly was covered in repaired bullet holes from where the russian soldiers had decided to open fire upon it prob after a few too many Vodkas). After hearing about the amazing stories that had lead to the student protests that brought down the communist regime we headed to a czech bar for a beer. Then onto the old town.

The old town in Prague was also amazing. We started out in the old town square. The cathedral and glockenspiel something to be seen. Our tour guide was really funny and very well informed (a history major) who also gave us a personal account of living under a communist regime.

Lunch was had in a restaurant in an old cellar 8oo years old and the food was really good. Then we crossed over the amazing charles bridge and over to the prague castle. We saw the changing of the guard here was realy cool but not the same scale as Buckingham palace. The day ended with some amazing food in a smoky PUB reataurant. Food here was soo cheap and beer was cheaper than water. Literally 1.5 aussie dollars for a pint. Everything else however has become very expensive in Praha.

Next day we wre in the car and drove across germany to Cologne via Wiesbaden where we had to have our only compulsory car service. This was largely a travel day.

We spent 2 full days exploring Cologne which was amazing place. much of it was destroyed in the war and so only small parts remain of the old town. The stand out feature of Cologne is the amazing cathedral which puts everything else we have seen thus far (in terms of churches) to shame. WOW!!!1

We climbed the 502 steps to the top of the spire and what a view we saw. We also visited the treasurey which had some amazing artefacts. We also managed to stumble across some excavated Roam ruins that were found in the 50's in the old town. This was amazing. We actually walked down a corridor that was a sewer in 50 AD.

The next dayu we got in the car and went exploring all the little towns along the Rhein. This was truly an awesome experioence. Soooo beautiful. A highlight was the ruins of the bridge that joined Linz to ramegan that had been destroyed in the war and never rebuilt. We walked through tiny towns surrounded by hills covered with grape vines. WOW!!!!

Next we packed up and headed to London. drove from Cologne to calais and got the ferry across and after having a little trouble finding accommodation we arrived in London.

London is a cool place and there is a lot to tell so i will do that in my next update. Need to go now as the internet cafe is closing.

Love to all.
Pete (Jules and Chris)

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From The Denleys
Has been wonderful to keep up to date with your travels. Will be especially eager to hear about Gallipoli. Baby No.3 only 6 weeks away now. Hope we can catch up before then. Chloe is doing great at school. Term 2 starts tomorrow. Holidays have been great but I will miss her when she goes back. Olivia is getting fiesty but is still a great little girl. So smart and quick to learn. Best Wishes and love to you both Julienne & Pete.
Response: THanks... we had a ball at Gallipoli!! A close top highlight of the trip!! Can't wait to see you, hopefully before No #3. At Singapore Airport, home in 8.5 hours LOL!!!
From Kathryn
Hey hey great to hear you guys are doing well. Can't wait for you to come back and share your stories with me.
Love kathryn
Response: We will see you soon.... hope the weeks of work full time have gone well lots of love
From graham
hope the cinque terre were as good as reputed-safe trip down south! venice is amazing apparently-enjoy the have to tell and show me about your time in the Uffizi-you lucky sods-the best of the best.The Amalfi coast is Gerry's favourite place on this planet-return is included in the wedding vows.Please take some pictures of the bay of Naples and Positano.Hope you get to Pompeii.Stay safe ,love you all(3)-dad
Response: Some beautiful venetian glass to be delivered to your place in about 10-15 days... door to door, can you check it for us when it arrives please?? Lots of love
From Jenny & Bob Dyson
We are re-living some of the wonderful places we've visited by looking at your great photos. Hope you are all having a fabulous time. If I remember rightly, you don't appreciate all you've seen until you get home.
Response: Hopefully we will be somewhere to be able to load some more photos in the next little while... heaps to go.. watch this space
From Tali
Hey guys, I'm here in Istanbul now. I have an awesome view form my balcony, over the Bosphorous to Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque! Hopefully by the time you get here I'll have had a chance to look around and be able to show you the sights. The apartment is pretty cool, but I'm sharing with 4 other girls, so not sure if you'd be able to stay, we'll sort it out somehow though.
See you soon, Tal
Response: Hey glad to hear you are safe, not to worry about accom, already organised through the tour!! Will be in town on the 26th.. i think that is right? Will plan for dinner that night??
From Melynda
Hi Guys, sounds like you are having a great time - you really don't want to come back.
Have some great news for you... Ian is a dad: Maddison Sue was born 28/3 3.5kg and mum and baby doing fine. No other details yet but he did ring at 8am to brag that he wasn't soming in due to being a dad now. You missed a great night for Kristines farewell - Newtown dinner and lots of drinks.
Hope the fun continues and you all stay safe.
Response: thanks melynda.. Yeah all three of us can't wait to come back, kidding. Thanks for the news, another department dad!! Look forward to catching up on our return
From Tony Saliba
Hi all
The best way to get the bottles home is empty. They weigh less and if they break the bubbly is not lost.
Another suggestion is to wrap in a large towel.
Barb and Tony
Response: Thanks, we discovered a third.. just buy a samsonite bag!! See you soon, dinner on the saturday needs to be beryls potato salad and barb to cook a pork neck please!
From Johnny
I think I can help you with the Moet! Just shove it into a box with a heap of packing. Send it to me and I'll tell you how nice it was when you come back! Works for me! You are the luckiest bastards on earth! So wish I ws on the trip with you. I can't wait to talk to you in person about your trip. Aslo very curious about Marcus' extra tour members. Do tell!
Anyway we send our love to you all and hope you guys are safe and warm.
Take care John and Monica.
Response: Marcus got us a personal tour guide in schwabish hall, and he wanted to go touring for the day with us!!! even jumped in our car, we still don't know who he was... he was helpful
From Dad
Pete,did you ask Marcus and Sylvia about Katerina-she seems to have fallen off the planet.I will explain flying buttresses and Gothic architecture when you get home.Miss you all too.Have a safe trip and say a prayer for my grandfather at Gallipoli-I wish I could be there with you to see where he fought.Love you all.Looking forward to your safe return.
Response: We will dad.. you will need to plan to go for next year. lots of love
From Robyn Aitkin
Hi Jules,
Not sure when your birthday was, but happy belated birthday wishes from us all. Things are gearing up for the start of netball on the 31st march - yes, thats next weekend. Where has the year gone!!
I need to check a couple of things with you which can't wait until you get home. Firstly, the umpires for State Championships (which are at Sutherland this June long weekend) have to be submitted by 13 april. Are you available to umpire and if yes, what day or days can you do?
Secondly, NSW is running a Level 2 umpires accreditation course on 19 and 20 May. Do you want me to submit your name - they have to be in by 4 May? You need to do this for an A badge.
Love the website and reading all about your travels. Its making me very jealous!!
Response: Good to hear! I flicked you an email to make you jealous of our latest adventures, Good luck for the weekend! Julienne
From Graham
Hope the Moet was good. B good bubbly in Reims as well-Lanson not to be put down at all.I hope you have a photo of Notre Dame's Rose window from the inside.Nothing like it anywhere-did you notice the flying buttresses outside? How did they do it ?.Chris,it won't be long till you get to the merc and bimmer museums-hopefully--good luck buddy!Glad you are all well.Take care.
Response: Hey dad, yes we did see the rose windows and they were spectacular. Chris took some photos and did a good job given the low light inside. Must admit not sure what you meant by the flying buttresses. Can you explain as i did have a good look at the building. Definitely a fine example of Gothic architecture. But as i said on the phone you should see the cathedral at Cologne. Twice as high and just amazing. As are the crypts and the treasury beneath it. You will have to check this out for yourself......soon.
From Johnny
Hey Hey!
Sounds like the right things to be doing, eating and drinking til your hearts content and then some. How are the waist lines? Pants a little tight now? They should be otherwise you need to double your efferts. You have to come back fat, it's the rules of traveling in Europe.
Eat and drink some more for me. Mon sends here love and hope you are all well.
Take care!
Response: Waist lines took a massive explosion in the first few weeks and have stabalised if not decreased a little since then. Though I may be carrying a seat around with butt. Just kidding not too bad really at all.
From Suzanne
Happy Birthday Julienne!!!!
Am back at Jannali (only for another 4 days) The place is fine and spoke to Derek about keeping an eye on it.
Looks like I am on this show at least till the middle of July!
Love reading about the trip.
Response: Great!! So you decided to stay on the show hey1 Cool, when do you head away?
From Di and Simon
Happy Birthday Jules!! Not sure where you will be celebrating it but we hope you have a blast and still get spoiled. Love hearing of your adventures... madly jealous!
Love Di and Simon
Response: thanks guys, in paris for bday and heading to champagne tomorrow
From Daphie & George
Hi Peter & Happy Birthday Julienne. We're enjoying our 81 Days around the world without even leaving home-it is much easier on the back & legs . If you go to Northern England again remember that your grandfather was born at11 1/2 Acasia Terrace Ashington & Julienne please have a toast to Samuel Piggott remember without him you you could have been living over there instead in the Convict Colony .Much love
Response: We had a toast to him at the london tower!! lots of love julienne and peter
From maxine
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, should be early on the 19 mum
Response: thanks mum... we had a great day!!
From Johnny
Hi guys. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Prague. It was deffinently one of my favourite places and Mon's too. Thought I'd update you on the existance or lack there of, of your plants. All are still alive, some only just. Nah, all are well. The lilly pillies have been a little burnt due to some hot weather, but have been moved and are recovering well. The rest are loving it, especially the pineapple.
Drink lots of Guinese for me.
Keep have a blast.
See ya.
Response: thanks mate, drunk enough guiness for a while!!!
From Ivana Cola
Back from skiing Park City, Deer Valley, Canyons, Alta and Snowbird and all I can say is that UTAH snow lived up to it's reputation "BEST SNOW IN THE WORLD". It was sen...f...@#$&* am now skiing black runs, bowls, moguls -covered with dry knee deep powder, with so much confidence. We have put in on our "to do again" list.Park City is sooo pretty. Had 3 days in VEGAS (Disneyland for adults) prior to hitting the ski slopes. Saw Beatles Cir-De-Soliel show. Talk about fitness and strength!!!! We stayed at Treasure Island resort. Highly recommend it. Was a lot quieter than the other over the top, woggy mansions. It was Mafia capitol. You build big, but I can build bigger - so there!!!!! Had a buffet meal at Eifel Tower-was excellent. Enjoy reading your entertaining intrepid adventures.
Response: Am jealous, very jealous... Glad to hear you had some good snow, whistler started well, but didnt hold it up. LOL
From Gerry
Hope you have a wondeful time in Ireland and enjoy the wedding, the Irish hospitality and being there on St Patrick's day. All is good here.
Lots of love
Response: Thanks ger.. irish hospitality was good, and tiring though, love to everyone
From Maxine
Love the updates. A couple from here. Saw Flo for her birthday, yesterday and Ian. Fish & chips in the park. Loverly day. Suzanne is due up here shortly and look forward to seeing her again as we all look forward to your safe return. Love mum, all is well.
Response: thanks mum! wish grandma a happy birthday for me, we love hearing from everyone. Lots of love from london
From Andie and Paul
Hi guys
it sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Love the updates. They are keeping us well entertained. Paul reckons you should go to Amsterdam as you can "relax" more there in one afternoon than you could in 3 days in London! The boys are really well and have a new baby cousin. Pete and Trish had a baby boy, Matthew Vincent, at 1am today. All good. lots of love. Andie and Paul.
Response: That's awesome, make sure you send our congratulations to them, how is the potty training going?? kisses to you all
From Di and Simon
Great to hear of your adventures. Hope you bothered taking out the "optional" extra insurance on the citroen! Missing Amsterdam won't be too great a loss (there's plenty of pot and hookers in sydney anyway). Not much news to report from here. Keep having an awesome time - we look forward to your next update.
Love Simon and Di
Response: Citroen fully insured!! No damage, other than the hub cap. Which was a relatively atraumatic injury.. lots of love
From Lina
Hi Chris, Jules and Pete
Read about your latest scrapes. Glad I'm not in the back seat as I would be going 's...' all the way. Pleased to hear that you will be taking a couple of days rest. David was on business in Whistler. Take care.
Aunty Lina
Response: Yeah, wouldn't want you yelling s!@* all the time. Been there, done that.
From Paul & Vicki
We hope the three of you are enjoying yourselves as much as it sounds (and looks in the pics). All is well, Vicki doing the right thing most of the time and Paul being an angel as always!!! The baby bump is getting bigger and work at Parra is extremely busy. And yes the family car has been purchased (she pushed for a people mover!). Loving the updates and reading about each new adventure (Jules being right, Peter being wrong and Chris being soft!!!!).
Love to you all. Keep safe.
Response: Hi guys, wow a new car?? What did you buy? The prosche wouldn't fit a baby would it? Glad bump is doing well, and Paul is an angel (what has happened since we have gone??) Lots of love
From Ger
Just love reading your updates - the long term memory is alive and kicking (short term needs a bit of help). So glad you're having such a good time and good to know Jules has another string to her bow. Will we see her in Bathurst at the end of the year? Everyone well here, baby growing, Tim and Deb so excited that they have somewhere to live, Dad and Cathy busy as is Andie with the boys - Paul away a bit at the moment, John keeping you up to date, me just rolling along!!!! Love you
Response: Glad to hear everyone is well and rolling along okay. Nice to hear from you guys and what everyone is up to. An amazing tour of prague today, awesome!! Missing you all and love to everyone