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Based in London until further notice.... Hope u enjoy reading my 'oh so amazing stories' and seeing my 'what theee' photos.... : )

Diary Entries

Monday, 27 August 2007

I have just returned from Barcelona. 3 of 6 UK offices hit our sales target and therefore were whisked away to Barcelona for 2 nights!! 16 ladies... was lotsa fun!

I have added a few photos, however the rest are on facebook....

I was promoted last week (YAYYYY) and am now a consultant. I am very pleased and looking forward to making some commission (though this may take some time)!

Not much else to report, trying to work hard and save lots so I can party with you all when I am back in Australia!!

Hope all is well!

Tuesday, 07 August 2007

Location: San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian - Round 3

Well one of my home away from homes is San Sebastian - in case no one noticed...! So my work friend Nicky and her flate mate Leanne and I decided to book a 2 day trip there....! We basically just chilled out, drank too much and soaked up the sun... oh and ate amazing tapas!

Basically just a bunch of dumbie drunkie photos.... the true Birts abroad way!

Off to Barcelona with work in 2 weeks! Cannot wait...

Speak soon All!!

And for those who I haven't ranted too yet - coming home from 14th Dec to 7th Jan so keep some time free!!!!!


Thursday, 02 August 2007

Location: Greece

Hi All!

I had the most fantastic time in the Greek Islands - to those who have never been- if you go ANYWHERE in Europe - make sure you do the islands...! Here is a bit of an insight into the trip

Arrived at Athens at 3am local time to a HEAT WAVE... such a nice change from raining at 17 degrees in London... I stayed with Rach and Kel and then woke up to explore Athens. It was about 39 degrees that day! I have always been told Athens is a hole, so was pleasently surprised by the lovely cafes, restaurants and shops... we met the group and chilled out having various drinks and walks around until boarding the ship in the evening.

The evening was a very drunken, reuniting, fun event... as we sailed away from Athens aboard an amazingly facilitated cruise boat (spa, sauna, restaurant, bar etc) we drank numerous vodkas, cocktails, jagers etc. After a few drinks the group decided it was time to eat... me being a slightly drunken idiot decided dinner was not an option and stayed on top deck by myself - until I met a whole family of Brazilians... when the group returned from dinner, I was not in good form... but decided to continue on until the early hours anyway!

Waking up on a rocky boat with a hangover is literally my idea of hell. All I remember is attempting to walk to Rach and Kels room (staggering more like as the boat was seriously rocking) and being sick in their bathroom. Out of 7 of us only 2 weren't sick that day!!! Finally we arrived at Mykonos where the drinking continued....

First and only destination: Paradie Beach! As you can see in the photos, paradise beach is a huge day-time beach party with DJs and numerous bars where people are running around in bikinis/g-strings, dancing on tables, hooking up, having shots, skulling white wine, swimming in pools, beaches etc...! We had a really fun day/eve causing a muck there as the photos show... !!! This definately is THE party island - it holds to its name. Rach and I stayed on and had a really good night... too many sambucas though. : (

Arriving in Paros and slightly less hungover than yesterday was lovely. We decided to hire scooters/mopeds and cruise around the islands by ourselves... there are so many beaches and bays and we wanted to see them all! I think it was the best idea - although I must admit driving a vehicle for the first time in 1.5 years was pretty weird!! We went to punda beach club, which is similar to Mykonos's Paradise beach minus the sleaziness... so DJs, bars, beach chairs etc... just not as insane. We spent the day there swimming and chilling - it was lovely!

We had a nice dinner that night - squid, fish, prawns galore. In Greece, you can order wine by the kilo... offering to share with Rach I was told, 'get your own kilo' so thats just what I did. We all head loads to drink and eat... and then Kel, Rach and I headed to the local clubs...before we went we had some very storngly mixed jagers back in the room... damn you Kel and Rach... lets just say my tolerance to these crazy Aussies measures wasn't 'up to scratch'. Basically, mid shot I started laughing, which turned into coughing, which turned into vomitting. Classy hey? The girls wouldn't stop laughing...

After getting it together we headed out.... in Greece it is completely acceptable, and expected... to dance on bar tops (Maegen - this really would be heaven for you) and the bar guys even pull you up! We had a drunken ball running around all night....!

Sifnos was the last island... again we hired scooters and explored the islands. It was so much fun! I miss being able to drive so much... so cruising these gorgeous coastlines was just beautiful. These islands are so stunning! We spent the day in various beaches, bars... my favourite one being the one in the photos. Basically this bar is situated on a cliff face.... restaurant at the top with beach bar down the bottom. Instead of being on the sand it's literally at the sea... you lie in your chairs and the water laps up under you. Just stunning! I want to go back and hire that place out one day... it's design and layout is cooler than I could ever actually imagine! That night was another booze infested night on top deck as we sailed back into Athens...

All in all it was a fabulous holiday and I really loved catching up with everyone! Such a blast from the past - but really good fun. Make sure you all go to Greece it's seriously paradise...

Well my liver is recovering at the moment... better be quick as I am off to San Sebastian tomorrow for 2 nights with my friends Nicky and Leanne! Olllaaaay!

Love and miss you all

Sunday, 15 July 2007


I don't think anyone even reads this anymore - but what the HEY! Well it's been a fun summer thus far, despite having no sun... climate change is really getting to me dammit! Anyway lotsa music festivals, nights out etc. Have added some photos...

Head to Greek Islands in 2 weeks with Rach and Kel - cannot wait. Then i'm off to Barcelona in August with the work lot. Should be good fun. Had Wayne stay last week, saw Rach and Kel the week before. I love Aussie visitors... bring it ON!

$Not much else to report! I hope all is well, speak to you soon!


Sunday, 27 May 2007

Location: London, England

Hiya (had to do it Nikki)!

Like a true Brit I'll start by discussing the weather - I'd like to say we're in full summer mode now however that would be a lie. It has gone from sunny at 25 degrees (on Thursday) to 2 days of solid rain! : ( Come on summmmmer!

Not a lot to report, had a few nice/massive nights out although because my camera screen randomly broke I don't have many photos! When people send them (aaaany day now) I will post them up here.

Work has been very, very busy lately with all the Aussies arriving and quitting their jobs for summer.... speaking of which, I am planning a trip with an Aussie mate at work - thinking of doing Turkey for 7-10 days in July/August which'll be cool... other than that I have been spending (wasting) all my money heading out in London! It's just so much fun and there is always so much going on, very hard to resist I tell ya!

I am officially coming home for Christmas to the Gold Coast so all you Syndey-siders have full warning to be home for Christmas/NY's...!! I cannot wait to see everyone, can hardly believe it's almost 2 years!

Anyway, keep up with the emails... they keep me sane!! And to the one's heading this way shortly... SEE YOU SOON!!


Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Location: UK

Hey everyone...!

Been a while since my last update, and what an exciting month or 2 it's been! Had Ainslie, my Aussie-living-in-Canada mate visiting for a couple of nights which was lovvvelly. We had an awesome Chinese dinner in Bayswater and caught up...! So surreal to see her... : ) She's still Aussie, Canadia hasn't gotton to her yet!

A week or so later one of my dearest friends, Sian, came and visited for a few nights. We had a ball, shopping, eating, markets, sight-seeing, drinking and just generally catching up! I felt a bit of a local showing her around the sights on London.... can't believe it's been 14 months since I arrived!

Easter weekend was absolutely amazing!! I really got out and about and cramped in so much into 4 beautifully sunny days! Met heaps of new people and trekked around areas I didn't really know....I think I trippled my geography knowledge of London too.

I went to the London Zoo (so cruel by the way- never seen such bored looking kangaroos and gorillas), Primrose Hill for a picnic and drinks, lots of bars in Chalk Farm... another night was spent in Camden at some open roof beer gardens, Hyde Park & Kensington Park for powerwalks- whoo Alex- we rock! Hampstead for a lovely pub lunch and 'fun fare'- which scared the bejesus out of me, Belzise Park and Regents Park Gardens! It was so sunny and beautiful here I don't think I stopped smiling all weekend. I do feel a little rough today, I'm sure there is more alcohol than blood in my system, but on weekends like that - it's a crime not to!

Well, it's a 4 day week so no complaints here...!! It'll be 25 degrees on Saturday so I think another all day picnic is in order. Amazing how much the sun affects London life.....

I hope everyone is grand back home! Speak soon! xx

Friday, 23 February 2007

Location: London, UK


Well as you can see from the photos it snowed again! This time we were prepared and met at Kensington Park really early in the morn for breakfast and snow fun....! It was so nice and a lot heavier than the inital lot!

Alex left London last week and I miss her heaps ; (...... Katherine leaves this week too! Devo'd. Feeling a bit sad, but its OK 'cause I know someone (i.e. Maegan, Leah, Carolin or Binx) will be coming over here soon! Won't you girls!? ; )

Had some great weekends out lately, checking out more of the London bar and club scene. Went to watch a band play at Old St last Sat night, it was heaps of fun.....then onto some more bars and this wicked club called 93 feet east- its at Brick Lane in East London- its kind of a hippy/funky/alternative area.... seeing these 6 glamoured up chicks hanging out in a skip bin at 5am summed it up for me!

Work is still going really well, my work crew are heaps of fun and I have been thoroughtly enjoying the events we've been hosting! No more airport stops I hope!!

I am also looking forward to my trip to Paris in April! I am also thinking of doing a last minute trip to Portugal or somewhere in the next month or so as I have a surprise visitor in Europe! Sian, one of my closest buddies has surprised me with her presence in France!! YAY!!

Congrats el Salvador, you're new degree sounds wicked and I know you will do amazingly! Enjoy sunny coast!

Nikki, ditch the Aussies and come back here innit!

Ciao Amigos!


Saturday, 27 January 2007

Location: London, England

Happy Australia Day!!

Well I cannot believe its been exactly 1 year today that I have been here.....such a milestone too. Its been an awesome week! One of the best in a longggg time.... Crazy antics thats for sure.....

Firstly, I woke up on Tuesday morning to Alex ringing me and excitedly telling me to look outside...! There was snow everywhere!! I rang Yoonie and woke her up with the same excitement... this must have travelled from phone to phone to every Aussie...! It was so pretty and surprising to see! I couldn't believe how heavy it was! I am now waking every night since checking to see if it will snow like that again!

Anyway, Wednesday night was another crazy day for me.... I had a free drinks work function... after a few champas I headed home on the tube to 'doze off' (aka pass out) next thing I know I woke up thinking... this isn't Hammersmith station!? After sleep walking for 20 mins (i.e. I still have no memory of getting off the tube and swiping out and walking around for 20mins) I started to read the signs around me 'Terminal 2' etc.... holy shit. I had ended up in fricken Heathrow Airport!! WIth only a 5er on me I was a bit worried about getting home, after calling Yoonie and hearing her piss herself laughing down the other end for 20mins she agreed to spot me a cab fare. 50 pounds later (noooooo)!!!! Moral of the story - never sit on tubes after a few 2 many wineos, that way you (hoepfully) can't fall asleep.

Yesterday was Aussie Day, a day where all the Aussies of London congrgate in yellow and gold and eating Lamingtons! Had a wicked pub lunch with the girls from work... most Aussies I know were smart enough to take the day off! Anyway, I attempted to go to a walkabout near my house after work, but the lines were ridiculous!! Yoonie said she lined up from 3pm till 6:30pm to get into one! Nuts... anyway ended up at another pub and having a few too many shots of sambucca with my lovely house mate and fellow Aussies... happy Aussie Day everyone!!

Speak soon xxx

Wednesday, 03 January 2007

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Happy New Year!!

Had a great Christmas and New Years and the realities of work are unfortunately kicking in. Apparently 3million Londoners have decided to have another week off work (as you do) and the tubes and buses have been deserted! Least I get a seat now...!

Christmas in Lincoln was great. Its a really cute, traditional town. The pubs, shops and streets were so festive and friendly! My first cold winter... what an experience! I had a lovely week watching tv, eating lots and drinking stupidly... Chris and his fam were really accomodating and ensuring I become ultra lazy. Thanks for the texts and calls, muchly appreciated everyone! ALSO a massive thank you to my beautiful friends who sent me amazingly thoughtful gifts. I was so excited and surprised by each and every one!!

Nikki and I headed to Scotland for New Years- spent 30th in Edinburgh which is beautiful! We saw some cool hogmonay celebrations and Scottish lifestyle... spent New Years indoors- the weather throughout the UK was horrible! Celebrations were cancelled throughout most of the UK becasue of gale winds and rain- probably the crappest weather I have witnessed. Anyway, was a good excuse to have a party and head to come clubs! Dancing with crazy Scots to 'I would walk 500 miles' was priceless..... getting on a flight very early new years day still drunk and unshowered was also priceless... I had to spend 7 hours of New Years day travelling from Scotland back to London, worst hangover to date!

Well, back to work.... I am having my first interview this afternoon... whoooooo! Wish me luck, take care all!

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Location: London, UK

Merry Christmas!!

Well Christmas is just around the corner and I am enjoy all of the festivities! I'm off to Lincoln to stay with Chris and his fam on Friday.... : ) When I get back on 28th, I have a couple of days to relax then off to Glasgow for an authentic New Years Eve! Hmmm authentic, yes....

Had a few work parties which have been great fun! Have been to Oxford, the theatre to see Billy Elliot, loads of bars, restaurants and pubs! There are so many parties going on its madness. Had some great news at work on Friday too!! I got a promotion : D My boss is letting me take on a new project for the company, setting up a new recruitment desk at work specialising in legal secretaries and support staff! So yeah, I was so so thrilled when she told me and am really excited about making it a success (and getting more mulah)! First I must figure out what exactly legal secretaries, executives and paralegals DO! Well, i'm offically a shark now Clouds, watch out! hahaha oh and other good work news, my boss is taking us to Paris in March if we all reach targets! YAY! : )

Well its getting mightily cold this end of the globe, I am really feeling it! Wishing for a weekend away to Cairo or somewhere in Africa just to feel some warmth! (Nicole, weather is totally interesting).

Speaking of the Nikkster, she is off to South Africa, Australia, NZ and the USA soon! She comes to have one last weekend in London after NYs and then buh bye!

Well, thats it from me... hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas and New Years Eve! To my Fam - remember the time difference, any calls on MY Christmas Day as opossed to yours would be much appreciated.

Ciao Ciao! xxx

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From maegan
congrats on the promotion - i am very proud.

cant wait for you to be back here drinking vodka and jaga bombs with me!!

Response: Yeeeah! Only a couple of months now... cannot wait either!! xx
From nikki
primarni to the core
Response: no I'm not!

OK... so maybe I am. But all I get is compliments... compliments I tells ya! No one can even tell....
From Carolin
I love your eyes in the orange dress!!!! look so nice, you look so brown too ahhhhh, what a life Julia, a different destination every weekend, ur very lucky. Miss u xooxoxxoxo
Response: Yeah this is a rarity... 3 holidays in 6 weeks isn't normal! I am going to try and stick to the UK until at LEAST November. Then I'm thinking Koln in your home land! One of my Brit mates used to live there so should be good fun!

Speak soon babe xxx
From nikki
FYI ke = Que
Response: so's your face... yeah
From nikki
can you spell primani?

nicky has a whorish mouth
Response: Nicky will read this and hoepfully know that it is an anchorman line... otherwise you sound whorish.

Primarni forever, I am going all out tomorrow... huge £30 spending spree there... yep, bags full...
From nikki
are you sure you guys didnt just go to some beer tent in london?
Response: ke?
From maegan
loved the update - looks like you guys had a blast. (glad to see your a shade browner as well! ha ha)

I thought sex on the beach was just a drink as well - hmm maybe we have a bit of learning to do julia?

Glad to see you and Rachael did the signature pose at the end - all class, i am sure are parents are proud!! ha ha

miss you - not long till christmas xo
Response: Yeah see, I can get some colour on me!! Yes we did that awful pose just for you....
From Claudia
Love the photos!! Looking very brown!!! Looks like fun.. soooo jelous!! xxxxxxxx How yummy are those mini kebab things.. and they put chips in them tooo Mmmm.. =) Love YOU xxx
Response: Gyros... pronounced' Euross'! We were addicted to them... such a wicked time, I had a BALL! xxx
From rach
i think i am just going to cut and paste, you covered it well!!
you forgot to mention that our alcohol got confiscated on the last night and that silly welsh b*tch screaming her remarks...haha!!
Response: haha did we get threaten to have Greek police waiting in Athens or did I dream that?? Stupid Welsh cow... xxxx
From nikki
you look like pink ham when your sunburnt.
Response: you look like a pink ham when NOT sunburnt
From Uda
Uda still reads it
Response: love you uda!! xxx muaha
From maegan
hope you have an excellent time on the cruise - i told the girls to give you a massive hug from me!


PS: get that pom skin of yours nice and brown
Response: I will be coming back SUPER brown... then am off to Spain a week later! San Sebastian - 3rd time lucky!! xxx
i still read it juuulllesss!
Response: Only 'cause you work in an English workplace! haha p.s next tuk tuk meeting needs to have NO msg. I always have nightmares!
From Leah
I'm still an avid reader!! Well maybe not avid - but I checked today!!

Beyonce looks like a black barbie - damn, she's fine!!!! Please elaborate on the "fake tears" part.

Woh!!! Hold on... Wayne got hot *insert flames here*
Response: Hahaha about Wayne factor. He just got a job at my work! So cool!! Beyonce basically broke down mid some emotional song, had Yoonie and I welled up... then we heard the next day she has done it the night before... same part of song! Everyone laughs that we even believed her in the first place... doh! xx
From sally
i read your page Jules!! i get heaps jelous though!! Have an amazing time in the Greek Isles. miss you heaps beauty ... hurry up christmas time
Response: haha nice one! I will have a ball in Greek Islands... leave Wednesday! CANNOT WAIT! X
From maegan
i still check to see if you have anything interesting to inform us about!
Response: ohh my loyal reader! x
From maegan
Please dont say your officially British. . .. we will get the sun to like you again when your here for Christmas!! We just might have to make sure you slip slop slap for the first couple of days!! ha ha
Response: Yes good idea! I have to prepare my skin for the Greek Islands next month... would be nice if the sun came back out here to let me do so!!
From maegan
OMG - your poor arms - they are so sunburnt!!!

Look at what that place is doing to you!! ha ha
Response: I know! I can't handle the sun anymore - officially British! xx
From me
where's my B?!!?!!

and sure are sunburnt!! how's the arm looking now?!?!?
Response: The burns have faded... until this weekend! 25 degrees again baby!
i see you in your black hoodie!
Response: haha I see you, in the green top... I see you! Felt like I was at some 'Hail Mary' let's get our vision back event....
From yoonie
dude i'm so bored at work today. this arvos been the longest couple of hours of my life!!!!!! i need to get outta here and into a pub asap!!!!!!!!!
Response: BEYONCE TONIGHT!!! Can't WAIT!
From sally
hey dear Julia!! Thank - you for the birthday message ..... Things have been so full on!! I am so so dreaming of going to South America - We need to get to El Salvador. Speak soon
Response: Hey El Salvador! Hope your birthday rocked your world... : ) South America would be amazing hey...!? Speak to you soon xx
From yoonjin
me bored at work = more updates to kill time please!
Response: my camera brokkkke... gutted. So need to rely on people SENDING me photos... = could take some time
Hey, no London and France will be the same trip next december and Italy too!!! With Brianne, we're very excited.

America this september.

Response: Ah sounds like a PLAN! Nice! xx
From Leah
Pumba is sooo cute!!! I'm in love!!!

Plans are underway to arrive in France next december!!! incuding stopover in London if you'll have me!!!

I managed to drink 4 out of 4 easter long weekend days. I'm sure that's why i have accas at the moment. DId you know AMerica don't get a four day weekend? sucked in.
Response: So when are you going to the States? Is London and France a different trip? I think you should come to London after your American holiday...!! How exciting for you - something to look forward too!! xxxx