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A road to a friends house is never long

Diary Entries

Saturday, 07 April 2007

We are still in Melbourne. We are staying in our caravan at Joan's sister Margret's place. We are both working now Joan starts Tuesday cutting fabric out for lampshades just across the road from where I am working. I'm making stainless steel parts for boats mainly production type work and quite enjoy it. It takes me 10 mins to cycle from where we are staying. We hope to be back in NZ in about June. The weather is getting cooler here we hope to get to Ayers rock before we head back. I think we are both looking forward to being back close to our kids but have enjoyed the holiday here. Yesterday Easter Friday we visited an Anglican church we had allot to do with while we were living here when Aaron was born. It was great to catch up after 20 years with some of the people we were involved with the couple who Joan led to the Lord were on holiday so we will see them next week on their return. Melbourne has allot of memories for us both we visited the house where Joan lived when she was 14 it seemed strange to imagine Joan running down the path there as a teenager. The house where I was staying when we me had been pulled down but the flat where we lived was still there and seemed allot smaller than my minds picture. It was there as we drove off to come to NZ I waved goodbye to her mother which was the last time we saw her. Melbourne for me has allot of memories for us both.
Well till next time take care and God Bless.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Hi from Melbourne. after leaving the Blue Mts we went to Yass and parked up for 2 days from there we went into Canberra without the caravan. We visited the parlament building where we had a tour and a bit of a look around then back to Yass. From there we decided to look for some work so headed inland to Aubury, Wodonga looking for fruit picking. The country is very dry at the moment all the dams are well down we stayed at a camping ground beside the Hume Dam which is only at 3.8% full. From there we went to Cobram where I had checked there was workon the PC. As we were driving we spotted a fruit pickers wanted sign so stopped and registered with them. We set up camp and put up the annex intending to stay for about 2 weeks well that didn't happen. After working our guts out trying to fill huge bins from trees that had very little fruit we decided after 3 bins we had had enough. It worked out we earnt $5/ hr. The next day we set off traveled through Shepparton then on to Melbourne. It has been good having the wireless internet so I can keep up with the running of Bestbuynz Ltd. Bill Avenell is keeping things ticking over from NZ but I am able to do my part while on the road, it's great.

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Location: Katoomba Blue Mountains

Well we are getting further south now and feeling the difference in the temp here in the Blue Mountains. We traveled down the coast to Ballina then on to Emerald Beach just north of Coffs Harbour then on to Port Macquarie and to Cessnook in the Hunter Valley wine region. after 2 days we traveled to Penrith then from there to here Katoomba. So far the highlights have been a swim at Byron Bay, the stay in the Hunter Valley and the best so far is Katoomba with it's sticky date pudding in the Pub after meatballs on mashed potato and gravy YUM. Today we did a long strenuous walk from the camp ground from the top of the lookout down as far as we could to the floor of the canyon then along and up to the 3 sisters rock crops. On the way had to shelter from a sudden Lightning storm under a ledge for 1/2 hr while it crashed around us and rained by the bucket load. We have been looking to work sometime but not much around at the moment. We hope to head inland a bit then on to Canbera. Joan is just sorting the washing out that got drenched in the thunder storm it is still booming around now. We will be heading off tomorrow so will put it in the dryer. Well catch you again in the near future

Monday, 19 February 2007

Well we have just set up at our first caravan park we are at Tweed Head, Billabong caravan park. Last night we stayed at our friends place John and Suzie Jane we always feel very welcome there and it's great to remember all the memories from the past John and I grew up in Awanui together flatted together in Auckland then went overseas together. Today we had a aircon installed in the van. Seems like the wireless internet will be great so far it is performing well. It is great to finally be on the way.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Well "Valentines Day" Joan is sipping hot chocolate in bed it's 8am. We are still parked up at our friends Benny and Sharon's place. They are a very busy family with all they have to do running a 600 strong church that has been only going for just over a year. Joan and I have been helping out with the chores cooking and gardening. We have been waiting for a parcel to arrive from NZ but it is taking it's time. It has been really raining the last few days it's great to have a bit of cooler weather as we don't have aircon yet! It's amazing how quick the days are going we have been camped here now for just over 2 weeks. Lets hope it arrives today then we will be off towards Melbourne. We have been catching up with old friends I ran into a guy Geoff Cook at the market who I spent allot of time with before I met Joan it was great catching up. On Australia day we went and slummed it with one of Joan's successful real estate friends Chris Greenfield. It was amazing how well the selling of all our stuff went from the unit we had to sell allot as there is not much room in the caravan. The new people moved in soon as we moved out they have a 1 yr contract so we don't have the choice of moving back. The plan is to be back in NZ by September but we will see. We may work a bit on the way around. Well that's about it for now take care Regards Owen & Joan

Monday, 22 January 2007

Well after selling half of what we have to sell we find ourself in a sparcely furnished appartment. We have to be out of here on the 31st so all going to plan. We have our small van parked at Benny and Sharons just a 2 min walk away. Joan has replaced the coverings on the seats and I have put slats on the bed to firm it up. We visited an old friend of Joans last Sat Lynn Blair. She has a lovely block amoung the gum trees. We had a BBQ. We are enjoying the warm weather the days are a constant 28 to 31 deg so good!

Sunday, 07 January 2007

Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia

Just got this going today. We have been on the Sunshine coast since June. Michelle goes back to NZ on Wednesday. Today we brought a Caravan so looking foward to an interesting year. Who knows at this stage what will happen but looks like we will be back in NZ by the end of the year. But then who knows? With our friends in Europe ;-)

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From tess
hello there, im just at kates after the opua market selling bits and bobs... just read some of your doings...Yay. what a snazzy wee caravan, has adventure written all over it! cool strawberry picker on wheels too. We're still sitting bout 24 most days. pleasant temps. One flood a few weeks back. all in all it's just ticking right along.
sending love
Response: Hi Tess, thanks for mail see our latest on the blog main page
From kate
Great to hear you have caught up with John. Antsi. I think air con will be much more comfortable for the van. Very muggy here. Tess down tomorrow, we're off to a 60's party Friday night, then we have the Opua School regatta on Saturday. Tess is managing the stall for our bits while I make filled rolls and serve tea and coffe in the new Yacht Club. Should be a lot of fun. Especially when we close up to go and watch the dogs swimming races. They are pure madness.
Happy travels, and much love
Response: Hi Kate, thanks for mail see our latest on the blog main page
From kate
Happy Valentines Day to you both.
Have just dug up the second experiement of no dig spuds and got 1.7 kg's. Some are in the pot for dinner. Yummo.
Tonight we are going to the movies to see Al Gores film about The Inconvenient Truth.
Dave must have headed for the beach today as he's not home yet.
Beautiful day here, hope it's the same there.
Much love
Kate xx
Response: Hi Kate, thats great nothing like ur own spuds ay. We have just started our trip we spent the night at John Andersons in Broard Beach we got a aircon installed and have just set up in Tweed head