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Hey everyone, im in Calgary Canada as you all know, Currently studing at SAIT, this is my online diary type of thing! enjoy!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Location: Canada

i went bobsleding yesterday, i know in my head it was a 59 seconds, but felt like about 20 minutes! the top speed our driver got us up to was about 127kph, so pretty quick! i was placed at in the back position on the sled, and thats the bit that has got no handles, so to stay on the sled, you have to push your elbows against the sled, and keep your sholders up towards your head. going up the walls was the scariest part, it really felt like the sled was going to tip over!
we went to the pub tonight for wings for 10c each and long island ice teas, i dont think i would like a night out on them (well i would, but would it wouldnt be good for the people i was with!)

all my final exams are finished and its really good to be done with them forever! at box hill its so much better that we just do a test at the end of a topic then all the time!
got all the results back the other day all good results, pretty happy with them all except management, that class was like goin back to class in year 12 (i got a C) but thats only cos he does ONLY multiple choice. so its a bit tricky! havent got eco back, dunno how that class will go (well i do, but dont wanna say!)

This is my last entry in Canada, as i am leaving for the airport in 8 hours time. i might put another one on in LA, since i have 9 hours to kill really hoping in the last 4 months i have aged to look 21!! (but i spose i was only 19 then! haha)

i have loved my time over here, there have been ups and downs, but in the last two and a half months, alot more highs so i am a bit sad to be leaving, but at the same time really want to get home. i think its more the friends and mates i have made here then the actuall place that im going to miss.

if this is my final entry, thanks to everyone for reading it, and making it worth while and thank you everyone for the messages you have sent.

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Location: Canada

the last week or so has been pretty busy up here, so not much time to get on and drum out any entries, so i will try and do a weeks worth here,
Monday we had a tour of the Calgary Zoo (there are pics up of this) the zoo was dead! was like walking through a ghost town! but that had its up sides aswell, since we could take as much time as we wanted to checkout the animals. it was an allright zoo, but the melbourne one is alot better, the calgary zoo just seems to be random, and the animals are just scattered all over the place, we seemed to find everything allright tho. the highlight would have been the Tiger who was walking about 20cm away from us, the paws are massive! we also got a behind the scenes tour which was pretty cool, we got to see all the function space and kitchens where everythin was prepared, was good to see, and i think specially arranged for us (being HRM students n all!)

shocking day! we had a accounting class that was going to be revsion for the exam and i really didnt want to miss this class, so i got home about 12am and jumped online to check my emails, then started to have a msn chat with daws, benny and mark and before i knew it, it had jumped to about the smart person i am, decided to stay up untill 8am to attend this class! well it gets to about 6am and im stuffed and needed sleep, so i decided to get changed then, and sleep in the clothes i was gonna wear! it all went to plan and i got all the notes i needed to, but the rest of the day was shocking!

finished 2 more classes today, and finished school (well classes) for the semester, my time here is really coming to a quick end, and i realise that i more then likely wont see 90% of these people ever again, bit sad really.

got up and did some grocery shopping today, then pretty much nothing untill the night time, when we went out to Cowboys! was a very good night, 2 beer bongs! and alot of Gas Chambers, and was home in bed by 1am! early night but dont think i could have handeled any more alcohol! i think it might do me untill New Years Eve.....(well at least till the first courtyard sesh!)

Had a HRM theme lunch today in the 4 9's building, was extremly cheap and really good food. for a Greek Salad and a Souvlaki wrap it came to about 8 bux! so wishing we had eaten there a few more times during the year.
in the past few weeks you would really think i had forgotten how to speak english! i have been asked to repeat myself sooo many times in department stores and food shops, pretty much everywhere, so ive just decided to say every word that has an "R" in it, to say with an accent. its just so much easier! ive learnt that canadians pronounce every letter in every word! and we are pretty slack! like say water....when we say it it sounds like war-ta!!

studying for exams. we have 1 exam a day all week long. i have not had exams since year 12 and really not looking foward to it, i have forgotten how to study for them! im pretty sure ill be allright, except for economics which is the one subject that has no reason to be studied, its the most irrelevant subject ever created. its basically common sence made nearly impossible to understand! but yeh, thats pretty much all i did today

studied for accounting ALL DAY! just did praccy exams and old tests, should be pretty easy i reckon.

Sunday, 03 December 2006

Location: Canada

got up at about 12 today, with the wind howling into my room! i forgot to close my window last night, so when i woke up, it was sooo cold! was a nice change from waking up boiling hot tho. thats the only thing wrong with this building, its allways way to hot! spent alot of today watchin tele, was a pretty big night last night, so didnt want to do to much! it was a guy in our classes birthday yesterday, he turned 25. ive noticed there are a lot more "older" people in school here then at home. in our class now there are about 9 who are over 23, compared to home...thats heaps!

been lookin at the cricket, its good there is a contest, hopefully there wont be a repeat of last year but at least the test wont be over in 3 days again!
Very much looking foward to the 23rd i think it is when the first Courtyard will take place! "Bowling first" (i know gav will complain and say i cant call it this early!!)
i dont have much time here now, so trying to get as much in as possible, im pretty sure were heading down to china town 2morrow arvo, its the 2nd biggest in Canada, so that will be good

Saturday, 02 December 2006

Location: Canada

today Joe, Rocko, Ron and myself were going to head out to Canada Olympic Park, so got up, dressed in about 8 layers, was about to get out to get the taxi and we found out that the mountain was closed due to the tempratures being too cold on the top of the mountain. i was told at the very top, it was topping -50, so pretty understandable it would be closed! and after hearing that i wasnt totally shattered we were not goin out there anymore.

After living in consitant negative temps, its hard to immagine how im going to cope when i get back home! whenever i see the weekly forecast here, and there is a 3 degree day, or even stoked!! so coming home to +35 will not be fun! deffinatly gives the guys an advantage in the courtyard cricket matches!!

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Location: Canada

Finished our last assignment today, i realised my time is really coming to a quick finish. 21 days till im home. i remember back to when it was like 10 weeks, and i couldnt wait to come home, i still want to come home, but i think thats mainly because of the weather we have come into.
When walking outside in these tempratures (a HIGH of minus 20 and low of around minus 40-45) you really need to be covered, specially your hands and ears, otherwise they really hurt, then go numb! not a nice feeling, also your nose and upper lip go numb, not alot you can do about it, unless you wear your scarf over it, and make yourself ninja like!!

Sunday, 26 November 2006

Location: Canada

bought alot of stuff this weekend, couple tees, a jumper, jacket new belt and belt buckle! My buckle is probabally the best one ive ever seen, its a flask that just slides in and out! so will be very good for goin to the cricket! also bought some skins for the minus temps we have got that look like they are staying now. i cooked and ate by my self for the 1st time in a while tonight, steak sandwhich. was pretty good, better then the ones at a restaurant anyway! i learnt the other day that when you order a steak sandwhich in Canada, all you get is a thick piece of toast and your 8oz steak. no lettuce, tomato, beetroot, egg!! not even sauce! or "ketchup"!

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Location: Canada

just came back from the cas n thought i should share some info! walked in with 20 bux and came out with 100! was pretty fun! makes ya feel sick tho when the ball is goin round the wheel!!!
this week has really been a boring week up here after sunday nights shinanagens!

yesterday i booked in for a run down a bobsled track! was reading about it the other day and decided i had to do it, it is deffinatly somehting that cant be done anywhere at home, or near home for that matter!
been keeping up to date with the cricket, pretty predictable. cant wait till boxing day tho!

nothing at all planned for this weekend, probabally just work on a project we have had all sememster! but pretty much, i think that this project is the last thing needed to do b4 finals, so thats pretty pleasing.
i was thinking about school n stuff last night, and realised that unless im forgetting something, there is no way i can be finished tafe after this, so pretty much conceeded im back for another half year, kind of depressing! specially when steve and andrew have both told me there done for good!

Monday, 20 November 2006

Location: Calgary, Canada

felt so sick this morning! it felt like someone was punching me in the side of the head, over and over again! went downstairs and saw our road brought back a massive piece of last night that i had forgotten about! that was pretty much it for today tho, really did very little. went down to LD for dinner had a salmon steak, i think it might have been the 1st piece of seafood ive had here in Calgary! i never fully realised how readily available fresh seafood is back home, i spose it does help when ur next to the ocean but!

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Location: Calgary, Canada

Headed down to the Gate at about 3 today, and my breakfast was a Burger and a beer! we started out the day by having to fill out a sheet of paper to win gift certificates, then at half time there was going to be a tournament to win a Calgary Stampeders jersey, signed by Quarterback, Henry Burris. so that was something i was pretty interested in, so i entered the competition, n got knocked out second round! luckily for me, the guy that won it, has no interest in football what so ever, and he decided he would sell it to me for $50. so got a massive bargain seeing as tho the jumper itsself is worth 120!!
after the Gate we headed over to Lous, just the local bar everyone heads out to, it was pretty good out there, we had the entire padeo to ourselfs. had a few more drinks there, somethin happened thats never happened b4......i got kicked out!! i probabally would have kicked me out aswell tho! on the way home we "found" a massive road sign, so that came with us on the walk back home! im pretty sure we just left it in the lobby!!

Saturday, 18 November 2006

Location: Calgary, Canada

Did the function i was talking about yesterday, 5pm till 10pm, just cleaning up rich peoples dirty plates....god forbid they actually keep the 1 plate for the night! it wasnt too bad tho, got some really nice Stella Artois glasses and a stella bottle opener, so that wasnt too bad!
were gonna go out after the function but no1 really cbf goin out, too tired, and have big plans for 2morrow the Grey Cup is on, so were gonna go watch that down at the gate. (grey cup is the canadian superbowl)

Friday, 17 November 2006

Location: Calgary, Canada

Went to a Wine and food show tonight, it was a Thankyou in advance for voulenteering tomorrow night. it was pretty good, got to try some real expensive stuff, it was good, but probably not worth the $100+ a bottle they were asking! towards the end of the night we found the Big Rock table, Big Rock is a Calgary brewery that does a range of beers and ciders. plus, this table were giving out really big servings, so we deffinatly spent a bit of time at this spot! after the show we headed out to a new place, called Ranchmans. again it is like the name would suggest, very cowboy like place! oh, i even got to ride a mechanical bull! just before i got on, i made sure the operator knew i wasnt a local, i think it worked, cos he made me stay on for about 8 or so seconds the first time, then my second go he chucked me off in about 2 seconds! so i dont think i will be much of a bull rider.....well there were deffinatly no offers comming in to attend the Stampede next year!

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Location: Canada

went down to the gym today for the 1st day in a while, was good to go for a run, ran 5km today so hopefully gettin some fitness back, just in time for cricket! so good timing. nothin planned for tonight...yet!

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Location: Calgary, Canada

Had a BOPPP presentation today, which is basically just teaching someone else, how to do something. i had to teach someone how to tie shoelaces, went pretty well but ive realised i tie my shoes different to nearly everyone, even the other aussies here!!

went down to the cas tonight n had a meal down there, wasnt as good as the Lions Den, but not too bad for a change. also had a bit of a change in the casino! changed up the routine a bit n played roullette instead of blackjack, end of the night, +$50 so very happy with that!

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Location: Calgary, Canada

Did some washing last week and didnt realise untill today that someone had nicked some of my clothes! was looking for my long sleeve cats top...gone, flames top..gone, lysterfield top, also...gone! there are a few other things that i havent figured out what it is yet!
only had 1 class today, finished by 12pm, so had the whole arvo to do whatever. i went up to safeway, bought some stuff for our dinner we had to cook up for our "Thank You for Vancouver". we made a stuffed lettuce leaf, ceaser salad, tenderlion steaks, roast vegies and a "heavenly pie" which was basically a lemon flavoured mousse ontop of biscut base. worked out really well, heaps better then i was expecting.

Monday, 13 November 2006

Location: Canada

Weekend not alot happened. saturday we did basically nothing, went down to the gym for about an hour, then me and joe went up to north hill and bought some blackjack equipment! i couldnt believe how cheap it was, back home it would be 70+ bux, here for the mat, card dealer and chips it cost $6! So saturday night a whole heap of people came up and we played blackjack all night!

we had dinner tonight at the VP of academics' house. Just a get to know you sort of thing, was a good night. we (the 4 aussies) are cooking a dinner for them on tuesday night, to say thank you for our trip down to Vancouver.

worked on an assignment all day, best time to do it, just before its due! so pretty much i wasted the long weekend! but it was good to do nothing for a few days, just kick back and relax for a few days.

Friday, 10 November 2006

Location: Calgary, Canada

This morning wasnt nearly as bad as i had been told it would be, today was pretty much a waste of a day, just did some washing and played some x-box hockey! tonight we went down to the Gate and watched the hockey, the Flames won again! 3-0 (and the other team not scoring is a very rare thing)

Thursday, 09 November 2006

Location: Calgary, Canada

last day of classes for four days this week, cos of the long weekend, they get a day off for Rememberence day on monday, which is more then we get, we only get 1 minute! heading out to Cowboys for the 25c draught tonight. works out to be about 75c a pint! so a pretty cheap night out. dunno how tomorrow morning will be, ive been told the next morning is really bad! we will have to wait n see.

Wednesday, 08 November 2006

Location: Canada

Still feelin pretty crappy, ill have to head up to the chemist n get somethin for it at some point. tonight we are headin down to the cas again, as big as it is!! then goin down to the Lions Den for a meal afterwoods.
Got a note slid under my door today saying "It has come to our attention that you have material in your window that needs to be removed"
That makes ya feel at home. My aussie flag isnt suitable to be placed in MY window, because other people can see it. never realised how offensive to look at it is.

Tuesday, 07 November 2006

Location: Calgary, Canada

Had 2 classes today, Accounting and Management. so very exciting day class-wise!
headed down to the gym this arvo, and yeh, pretty boring arvo aswell.
tonight was pretty fun tho, the Flames played the Dallas Stars tonight, and a big group went down to the Gate, n had a meal and watched the hockey, we missed a goal tho, and to make it worse it was a flames goal! it happened in the first 10 mins, and we missed it because the Oilers v Montreal game went into overtime! it was exciting to watch tho. all of us who were there bought a bucket of Corona's each! it sounds like a lot, but it lasted the entire game, and was pretty cheap (only 13 bux for 7 beers) at around 10 30 i was extremly shocked......The Flames won!! something that is very rare! cant say that around here tho, people get annoyed quite quickly. i suppose its like living in Geelong, 1 team, so any1 who bags them, some1 will be there to back them up!

Monday, 06 November 2006

Location: Canada

Not feeling the best today, gettin a cold i think, well its worse then a cold cos a cold is nothin! Today not much happened, i watched alot of tele today, the cable TV here is so much better here then Foxtel. A few people will know about this, when i talk about "my" tv channel that i would make at home. well they have about 10 of "my" channels here (my channel being a channel that shows only sitcom type shows!) so it wasnt hard to find something to watch.
I made dinner tonight for Kelly, Joe and Yuri, nothin special just a Sheppards Pie. the 2 canadians had never had it before, and lucky for me it turned out pretty well. so it was a relaxing night, just kicked back, and was in bed pretty early tonight.

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From Daws
"shotgun second bowler"

Bowling to an unacclimatised Juzzy will be quite the leisurely stroll.
Response: specially when ur walkin up to armstrong to collect all the balls that have just been "Craig Whited" past u!
From Tao in China
So proud of you mate! A true beaver legend. And I thought it was cold here (only -15)!
Won't be long until you feel that Aussie sun.
Response: Cheers mate! yeh its a bit chilly up here! shouldnt be too long till ur gettin these temps!
From Ben
gday mate, cant wait for you to get back so i can destroy you daws and gav in the first courtyard test.U reckon ur gunna be able to aclimatise to the 30+ degrees??. Cya soon, unless u decide to stay in canada to avoid the fury from the Armstrong end. Catchya mate. PS. "Batting first"
Response: "bowling first" the first few balls will be brett lee like, directed at the throat!! lol! might take a while to get used to the Positive temps!
From Steve
Hey mate, great to hear ur havin a blast, jst finsihed tafe today for the last time, thank god its ova, couldnt stand it really. lol. Na wasnt 2 bad. Now jst lookin fwd 2 cam's massive b'day in mid dec, gona b great. Me n andrew have decided 2 take u 2 graduation instead of our parents, u wud b more fun! lol see ya soon mate!
Response: haha, im jealous. i have to go back for another semester i think! shattering!! grad should be good, have fun! make sure u have a few CPL's for us!!!
From jacky
Hi.nice to meet you ! i am a student who studying a preparatory couse in a college in beijing in China. Next year i want to study TAFE course in your school in boxhill. I love cars so i would like to study automotive engineering, so i hope you can give some information to me. i have seen your webside, but i don not how to enrol your school. i look forward you news. Thanks !!!
Response: hey, Box Hill is pretty good, u will enjoy it there!
From Daws
Greg quick get over there! Someone stole Juzzys clothes!

Damn that sucks that Flames top was nice, and beaver tops are always good.

Dont think the Geelong one was much of a loss though.... :P

Tough break though mate, howd they take em you leave em in the machine?

Anyways not much is happenin here, I just started summer semester Uni, fitting 9 weeks worth of uni in 3 weeks so ill be busy.

Ill catch ya later
Response: 9 in 3....sounds fun :s!! u enjoy that summer uni stuff!
From Daws
Its really not happening Cassidy
From Dad
Your Dad says to tell Cassidy's Dad that he is dreaming.

Response: will do!
From cassidy
My dad says tell your dad, that were gonna keep the ashes! tell lynn shell says hi! hav fun :@
Response: cant see it happening Cassidy!
From Andrew
Hey mate what have those canadians done to you me and steve think you have gone soft sorry mate your out of the group so dont bother coming back lol nar just playing steve not happy though
Response: any danger of steve ever being online? haha! or is he too busy managing his 2 bank accounts!!
From Daws
Juz make sure you got my Ashes Dream Team email.

If you did, register, if you didnt, let me know.
Response: got it, im in...dunno if any1 else should bother...ive got the best team available!
From Gemma
Sounds like your having a great time! Lucky thing, well hope all is going well and keep enjoyinh yourself!
Gem :)
Response: Thanks Gem, havin a blast over here!
From Daws

That is gold about the no-no slip haha.
I hope you left it up there! :P

Ive finished exams! Let the sleep-ins begin! Only for about a week though then im back at Uni.

Not a lot happening otherwise, the Ashes starting to gear up everyone is looking forward to it. Everything is pretty low key at the moment.

Still havent seen Saw 3, will definitly see it next week sometime ill let you know what I think. Its been getting some poor reviews in the paper here, so im going off your reasoning here Juzzy, better not let me down!

Talk to ya later,
Response: its a good movie dont worry!
flag is down, but due to window getting wet, and makin the sticky stuff not so sticky! it will be back up soon!
From Tim
Hey Juz.
Aussies dominated west indies in the icc final for a massive 8 wicket win!
and we smashed the irish in the inter rules. awesome stuff.
take it easy mate....the beams sound so close!
Response: saw the ICC, didnt know bout the Int Rules! thats awesome!! u will get ya beams, they will be mine for sure next year!
From Miriam your friendly
Hey Hey Justin!! How you doing?! Just thought I would send you a little message just saying that i miss seeing you around campus! Hope you are doing awesome! Sounds like you are having a blast!
All the best
Response: hey, thanks. yeh its good, cold fun over here at the moment!
From Dad
Make sure you put some photo's of the dinosaur bones on the page for us!
AFL draw came out yesterday - not bad but only 2 MCG games (other than finals!!)
Vic's have had a bad satrt to seasons cricket & lost 1 day game & Pura Cup match to W.A. - only one way to go from here.
Talk to you soon.
Response: yeh saw the fixture, not bad..but not great. the vics seem to like to do that! they will go allright!
From Daws
lol good to hear the rollerskating went alrite in the end, nearly makes me want to try it again.

The new Dan Murphys looks like it will be pretty big, theyve expanded it over car parks and all that so it will be sweet.

Stud Park Pizza is gone, its now called Al's Pizza, it still tastes good though (well actually i think its better now) and its still just as cheap so thats good.

Not much happening over here at the moment its all pretty quiet. Looks like the Irish International series is gonna fall right on exams so thats that fun night gone. Cant wait til exams are gone gonna be so good.

Talk to ya later mate gotta go to work, catch ya
Response: thats no good bout int rules! uni's should check up on this stuff!
From Daws
See thats why I love living in Australia, snow and coldness get that away!

We had our hottest day in October for like 90 years or something ridiculous like that last week. Gonna be a damn hot summer here can't wait too see your reaction when you step off a plane from negative temps to 30+

Everything pretty cruisiy at the moment here, everyone too busy with studies really to have that much fun (well those of us who are studying that is)

Oh and we stopped playing indoor, maybe take it up again next season.
Response: oh serious? is it cos im not there to lead the squad!! haha! (maybe a switch to indoor soccer?)
yeh been hearing that stuff bout summer, deff gonna be a hot 1
From Andrew
Steve Is Still Playing The Solo Game Lucky I Am Here
Response: haha! good to hear!
From Andrew & Steve
Hey Mate Just Sitting In Davy's Class Its So Boring Good To See You Are Keeping Up With Your Diary 1 Week Has Passed & You Have Not Updated It Yet Not Happy. Worst Diary Ever. Also Me And Steve Are Not Happy Where Were We In The Pictures Of Your Last Night Out At Lou Lou Dissapointing Mate. Have You Joined The Club Yet
Response: hey good to hear class is thrilling! sorry im not keeping up for u, been out of the state for 4 days...i dont even know if u were there yet when the pics were taken, and steve was playin the solo games on the couches!
From Kinnas
mate.. cricket starts this weekend.. just bought a new bat, the gray nicholls fusion, it is similar to yours nice and chunky, but light and hopefully will make me some runs, i have nestled back into the 5ths as training did not see me again after our 1 session of indoor training, how is everything going over there? good i hope, well.... get back to me man...
Response: hey! nice to hear, u needed a new bat so james bourke could use the viking! haha! let me know how the first weekend goes and what the line up is like!
From ben and shaun
mate we are as drunk as skunks over here on grand inal eve! very excited wont remmeber a thing about tomorrow have fun watchin the granny. keep havin fun and give the canadians as much shit as possible about playin a pansy arse game. cheers, bnen abd shaun.
Response: nice typin boys!
Grand final was awesome! very good result aswell!
From Leanne
Hey there Mr Bungee Jumper, you had your mother worried sick. And I thought you were such a shy guy. Wasn't I wrong!!
Response: I gave her plenty of time to get used to it!
From Jarrod
Was anyone at the hockey or american povball???
Response: the hockey was only pre-season, but yeh, still got over 40,000 there, so that was pretty loud! american fooball, if the weather had not been so cold, would have been full, still a decent crowd but!
From Daws
And it sounds like ther definitly know how to mix drinks over there Juzzy!

Response: yeh! really do know their stuff, we have a cocktail night next tuesday, so a chance for a few more!