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Welcome to My Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 08 July 2007

Location: Ecuador y Peru y Santiago, Ecuador

¡Hola mis amigos!

¿Como están?

Llegare en Australia este jueves, 12 de julio 07… Muy pronto!
I`M COMING HOME ON THE 12TH OF JULY! I leave Chile on the plane to Australia on the 10th of July and two days later i get home. Well... after a more or less 24hr flight and loosing a day (Wednesday) somewhere in the air!

Yo fui a:

ECUADOR – Quito (The 2nd highest city in the world) y Guayaquil
PERU – Lima
CHILE – Santiago (Otra vez, esperando ir a mi casa)

Estaba en Quito I stayed with a family in the city and studied Spanish which went really well. The family was really nice and didn’t speak any English which helped improve my Spanish along with the 4 hours a day of private lessons that I was having. So by the end my Spanish was a lot better… YAY, I really wanted to be able to speak Spanish more or less properly when I got home. So a little pissed off about that one that I can’t speak it as well as i wanted to, but I do pretty well i think.

While here in Quito I checked out of a few of the Churches as they are the best I have seen on my trip. They are just simply amazing, massive, old buildings which make you go wow… also checked out the Pichincha volcano, walking up there was an effort and a half! It was 5000 m above sea level, so walking was hard with the altitude! And when I got there it just looked like rocks on top of a mountain, so was not impressed! Ha ha ha.

An odd thing about Ecuador is its all in American Dollars. And… for some reason I struggled with this currency the most since being away, the sizes are silly and you have $1 notes and $1 coins… who knows why I could understand that 1,600 Colombian pesos was $1 dollar in Australia and deal with these massive numbers but couldn’t understand the American money that was in English. Stupid Americans!

The Ecuadorians a very interesting looking… umm… I thought they were ugly, but I did just come from the coast of Colombia with all the beautiful girls! Fili tells me that the people from Ecuador are not ugly they are just indigenous and that’s different some how??? I think it’s just a nice way of saying ugly…

Next I was off to the south of Ecuador on a bus on my journey down to Lima in Peru… The first bus was for 8hrs to Guayaquil the other main city in Ecuador. It was beautiful it had amazing gardens, a massive big walkway along the river with restaurants, cinemas, the works… it was really crazy to see after seeing the poverty in Quito! After only having half a day in the city I jumped on my bus to Lima for 28 hours! Yep a bus for 28 hours! It didn’t turn out to be that bad, as I was so lucky I had no one sit next to me the whole way. Plus I chatted to a few locals on the bus to keep me entertained along with trying to understand the dubbed English movies they were playing…

While being in Lima I checked out a few things down town which was really nice and also the local ruins… which were crap I think they made the whole story up! But never the less interesting experience on the buses... The traffic here is crazy!

My last day in Lima there was a political problem and as I was staying in the centre near the president building… and there was a total lock down so missed my plane as I could not get to the airport in time so had to arrange another ticket… crazy! And off course there was also a massive riot on the streets for the whole day. I was even walking on the street when the police let off the smoke gas stuff, that stuff really hurts your eyes!

I forgot to tell you all last time that when I was in Bogotá in Colombia I ate ANTS! And they tasted terrible! What was I thinking!!! Just incase you were wondering, no they were not alive when I ate them! That’s one thing I never did while traveling was hold back the food. I have this tendency eat everything even if is strange and from a dodgy looking cart on the street! I have meet so many people who won’t eat stupid things like eggs and fruit because you might get sick, that’s no way to experience anything! I ate everything I could try and drank the tap water about 80% of the time… and the only time I was sick was when I had an ear infection which is not related to the food! Lucky me thinks!

And now I am back in Santiago, where it’s so so cold 10 degrees max during the day! The other night I went out parting with Nelson, got a little drunk… well really drunk! It’s hard not getting drunk when you get a rum and coke and the glass is ¾ full of rum! Got back to the hostel at 8.30 – 9am still very drunk and I was even kicked out of a random girl’s house by her mum! Ha ha ha! Very long story.

Now I just have two days left before going home, just chilling. Its crazy how 5 months has passed so fast! It feels like only a few weeks ago I was getting ready to leave Australia! But all in all I have had a good time, as you have all seen! Its great just unplugging from the world for a while, but I’m ready to come home as most of you know! Can’t wait to eat Australian food again and have good coffee which has been killing me not having! But most of all I cant wait to see mates which I have been missing so much and Elmo Dog!

Back to reality very soon… Looking for a home, car, job and all… back to square one!

This is probably going to be my last entry… so don’t forget to leave a comment for me. So far there has been 604 people look at my website since i have been gone! Crazy, thats like 120 times a month. I am FAMOUS! ha ha ha!

And for those who don’t have my email its and my mobile in Australia 0410 415 012.

See you all soon!

JYE :+)

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Location: A bit of everywhere, Colombia

Hello Vegemites!

How are all the Vegemites in Australia and all my other friends around the world?

Well since I last wrote to you all about a month ago I will probably have a little bit to say and I am sure I have a lot of images for you to see too! Ok, I have checked out these places since I last wrote:

COLOMBIA – Medellin (a week more), Cartagena, Santa Marta, Taganga, Parque Tyrona y trekking to the lost city for 6 days before returning back to Bogotá where I ended my trip in Colombia.

Well… after a week more chilling out around Medellin in Tatys mums house, which was awesome. Taty`s mum was super friendly and I had my own room and bathroom, cable tv, breakfast, lunch and dinner made for me everyday and someone to practice Spanish with and its one of the best areas in town with view of the district. You can’t really get better than that! So, enjoyed every moment of that! The main last activity other than going out for drinks and meeting up with Andres and Cindy was going paragling over Medellin which was awesome. I had to wait around for nearly a whole day waiting for the weather to become better but finally got to go and it was great also did some massive spin that was so fast I felt as thought I might have passed out if we went any faster!

My last day in Medellin was running around saying my goodbyes and thank you`s along with lunches and drinks of course with everyone before racing off with Andres and Cindy to the bus terminal to head off to Cartagena. Wow arrived in Cartagena to 40 degrees heat and it felt like 100% humidity. I almost died when I hopped off the bus as Medellin was about 23 degrees most days and it was cloudy when I was there. So, I was pretty unlucky with the weather when I was in Medellin… But Colombia was now making up for it ten fold! Wow! After the shock of the weather I found a bus that would take me to near the area I needed to go. But kind of found out on the bus it doesn’t really go near where I wanted but it was defiantly closer than the bus terminal so once again some lady scared for my safely got me safely to my hostel, gotta love it.

Well let’s see what I got offered in the first 5 mins of being there… A gram of cocaine for $5 dollars US, Prostitutes for $20 US, Marijuana for next to nothing and you can just images the rest of the stuff! After getting away from these people I had a guy follow me for about 30mins around while I was walking around looking at the old city as he wanted money, he would not leave me alone I was starting to get pissed off, but eventually he left, thank god and got to enjoy the city more or less without hassle from other street beggars.

The old city in Cartagena was really pretty had really cool colonial style buildings along with pebbled streets, good markets, a lot of history and just lots of little interesting things as you will see in the photos. I only spent a few days here in Cartagena. So, managed to go partying which was awesome, also went scuba diving for two dives near the island Rosaria and stopped off for a few hours to chill out the tropical Caribbean beach on the island! Really really nice! The diving was good too, but I expected a little better but still really enjoyed it, its amazing going swimming when the water is 26 degrees no chance of getting cold at all!

At the hostel in Cartagena I ran into another Aussie named Paul and we headed over to Santa Marta 4 hours away on the north east cost of Colombia. Santa Marta is a bit of a dodgy place… so stayed there for one night before heading over to Taganga 15mins away to this small like fishing village. Unfortunately the water is a little dirty and polluted so not so best for swimming. But, I actually really liked this little town, everyone is really cool and helpful and you can get any type of fresh juice on the street for a $1 so I think I had thousands of these! While in Taganga i meet up with a few other people from Belgium that I meet in Cartagena. So, I had a few mates to hang out with, awesome. While here I went for another two boat dives, it was really, really good. I think it’s one of the best dives I have ever done! We also organised our 6 day trek to the lost city (Ciudad Perdida) in the JUNGLE.

LOST CITY TREK (Ciudad Perdida)

We woke up to another hot day around 35 degrees! From the hostel we all crammed into a little mini bus over to Santa Marta where we then all jumped into old 4 X 4 Jeeps which would take us to the entrance of the national park to the lost city. The Jeeps were very interesting I must say. We throw all our bags on the roof along with all the food for the trek the tour had organised like eggs, frozen meat, fresh full dead chickens just dangling off the side… it had the works! 30mins into the journey the Jeep breaks down and it had something to do with the petrol. They fixed the problem by putting a coke bottle of petrol in the engine bay and take the fuel from there… the coke bottle was not tied down or anything and didn’t have a lid... So you could see the petrol spill out all over the road (that’s not dangerous, fuel spilling all over the road and the engine) so every 20 mins we would stop and repeat this several times until we finally made it all the way. This was not the only interesting thing getting there, with the heat the meat as you would expect started to defrost so had blood dripping from the roof on us while we were sweating to death in the back of a Jeep with 7 other people... it was quite an experience just getting there!

Well after arriving we had a 4 hour hike head of us, and most of it was up hill, wow I have never sweated so much in my life! It was so hard. I was having second thoughts if I could actually do this for 6 days along with everyone else in the group. But, when we finally made it to first campsite (well, a shed where you sleep in hammocks outside) this is right next to the river! So, a swim after that was so awesome and is the best feeling ever. Just before dinner the tour guides gave half a shopping bag of pot for the tour group to smoke, what kind of a tour is this! It gets better as the second day we all woke up early around 6.30am to go to the cocaine little dodgy demonstration which was interesting, I didn’t realise so much crazy stuff goes into it. I am amazed that they thought of putting all these chemicals together to make cocaine! Well as you would image we all had to have a try, before trekking on… check out the pictures.

The second day trek was not as hard as the first day thank god, but managed to fall into the river while jumping the rocks to the other side. So had really wet trekking boots, I was not the first one to fall in thank god! However, after arriving at the hammock shed we did more swimming in the river, card games, naps in the hammocks and smoking, which this seemed to be the norm most nights.

The next day was a challenging day, 6 hour hike, through little villages, 9 river crossings and after this 2000 moss covered stone steps to the lost city! WOW when you finally get there you see the views of the whole jungle from the top, it was so amazing to see! It’s incredible to think this was once a massive ancient city and is now mostly covered by the jungle. Unfortunately the local indigenous tribes won’t let anyone uncover more than what has been uncovered which is no much at all!

The campsite on this night was a little tree house where we all slept on little mats, like one be sleep over! Ha ha ha. But, to get to the hut you need to cross another river so with my second pair of dry shoes I fell in again!!! What’s the go with that! As it is so hot and humid all the time nothing dries out so you end up wearing that lovely wet sweaty shirt the next day and for me now i had a choice of two types of wet shoes! Don’t worry I manage to fall in another time at the same crossing and scrap open my leg, I was really entertaining for the whole group! The following day we were explained the history of the place which is crazy before heading back down the millions of stairs and though all the rivers back to the last campsite. We were luckily enough to have torrential rain, it rained nearly the whole 4hrs hiking back. It rained that hard it was hurting and surprisingly for the first time everyone was cold. But no time to stop and think about it as we needed to cross all the rivers as they were filling up really fast! GO, GO, GO!

But the last few days we all just wanted to get back. On our way out in the Jeeps we were all searched by the army as they love doing over here in Colombia you get searched so many times! After we all got back we headed out for some more partying to celebrate!

After a rest day back at Taganga half the group from the trek headed to Parque Tyrona, a beautiful national park which has awesome beaches where you can sleep in hammocks on the beach and just do nothing! But getting into the park you are searched again! They pull everything out, they even asked if I had drugs on me and said if I could take of my clothes, I said no. So, I was frisked that much I would have preferred to stand there naked! I REALLY HATE GETTING FRISKED here its sickening, its 100% more invasive than anything at home! But other than the uncomfortable entrance the rest of the experience there was awesome, it reminded me of the beaches at home as I could get up and go running on a beach and swim when ever I wanted, it does not get much better than that!

After our little beach get-a-way i headed back to Bogotá for a two nights. While there I check out one of the most famous night clubs called Cha Cha`s. It was nice! On the 40th floor over looking Bogotá city and a cool DJ. The only catch it was really expensive, as expensive as an expensive club in Sydney. But all in all had a great night before flying over to Quito in Ecuador the next day where I am now…

I have organised to stay with a host family here in Quito for a week and take 4 hours a day of private spanish lessons so hopefully i will be speaking spanish better after a week of solid spanish speaking!

For those who read my blog you will know that i will be hopefully coming home in two weeks on the 12th of July, after 5 months of travelling... I will have the same mobile number as before when i arrive 0410 415 012.

Colombians have to different ways they show height, one where the hand is flat is for animals and one where the hand is vertical for people, interesting…

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From Mauricio
Hola Jye:

como estas???.....antes q te vayas vamos a ir a comprar la poelra de Chile!!!......


bueno te veo .....y sino ya sabes q tienes unamigo en Chile!!!!

Abrazos y saludos
From Magdalena
Espero que tengas un muy buen viaje de vuelta a tu hogar!!!
Espero verte nuevamente por acá, en Chile, y ojalá no piernas tu español y que cada vez aprendas más.
Esperemos que la próxima vez nos veamos en Bonda Beach... ya que nos toca a nosotros viajar!!! jajajajaja
Fue un honor conocerte y espero que a pesar de la distancia continúe la amistad.

Buen viaje amigo!!!!
Cariños, Maida.
From Margaret
Hi Jye
Wow I can't believe your trip is now coming to an end. I feel a bit sad as I have been living vicariously through you for the last 5 months. Well I am now on the Gold COast working and we seem to be settling in ok. Went to Lennox Head and Byron bay over the last couple of weekends - very beautiful and only an hour away.
Anyway I hope your flight home is good - maybe you will even get the upgrade that I got. Ciao for now
Response: I know, its all over! I LOVE LENNOX HEAD, its so relaxed and nice there there! Yeah an upgrade will be awesome on the plane i can only hope! See ya! Jye
From Jeong =O)
Am I the only one who didnt know you were coming home so soon??? Gee I need to re-gain touch with the world! Well sounds like you've been having a blast & the pics look GREAT! Keep Smilin! xox
Response: Ha ha ha... Its been up on my blog for ages that i was coming home!
From Jess
i cant believe you are coming home so soon, the time has gone so fast it is unbelievable. i bet the sun is so nice and that you are now black, so not fair, just bring some back for us Sydneyites.
see ya soon
love Jess
Response: I know.. coming home! its gone really fast but also feels like i have been away forever too! I would love to bring the sun, its nice as! I bought some warm clothes for when i get back as i have been told the weather is crazy there! See you soon! Jye
From Candy
Hi, Wow your treking sounds interesting jye.
Home in 2 weeks l can't believe it's been 5 months, it's gone by so quickly hahaha.
I like your photos.
Talk to u soon.
Response: YAY... i know the time has gone so fast! I so cant wait to see all my friends, but i am sure going to miss all the sun over here! Jye
From Tom Belgica
Hi ,

Dont forget to put the diving pics online :-)
Response: Ha ha ha! i will. The internet is really really crap in ecuador! it keeps crashing when i try to do anything! GRR. Jye
From Felipe
Jye hows it going, I decided to finally write on your web page. I take it you must be trekking at the moment as you have not been sending emails. The stories are awesome and it sounds like you are really experiencing South America. Keep up the emails and the website it provides plenty of motivation for the rest of us to plan our travels.... See ya mate. Felipe
Response: YAY after 4 months i got a comment from you! Thanks Brother Fili! Will do.. Working on an update now before i leave Colombia. Speak to you soon mate! Brother Jye
From Ollie
Dude we what to see the hot colombian birds mate, show us da fotos hahah yeh
Response: Off to Cartagena tomorrow so hopefully will have some more photos for the boys... Thanks for your message, i hope everything is going well for ya at home. Jye
From Sister Kate
Sorry was so asleep last night dude. you know I got to bed at 9pm :) trying calling me about 11am thursday, my time. I will be studying at the uni, but i'll take your call AND i'll be awake.

hope all is well

xx xx
Response: HA HA HA Love it, thanks Kate... i might try calling you at that time... Love ya! Jye
From Alli
Hola Jye! Que tal? Estoy en Sevilla y mi encanta! Clases de espanol terminada en el Domingo. Enuff of that guff! In a month i am just getting sentence together but only still inthe present!!! Aaarrgghh! i am impressed, and inspired, by u...that my spanish can only improve! Head to the coast of spain up to Barcelona for the next 3 weeks and then to meet Celia in Portugal about 24th June. Where are u headed next? Thought u were gunna work in Santiago?
Congrats on the solo travel, its hard core. Keep smiling babe! xoxo A
Response: Ha ha ha.. thanks Alli, i am going to go back to Santiago in Septemeber and might work then... But for now just travelling, im heading up to Cartagena next for Suba Diving and the lost city a 6 day trek near Santa Marta, then back to Bogota and over to Ecuador, Peru and Boliva.. and so on... Yeah, i am heaps hard core... funny. Yeah spanish does get better, but its never easy! I am at a stage where i dont think my spanish can get any better without staying in a place for 6months and doing the work study thing, so might do that in Santiago... Love your little emails.. i need to see images... SMILES Jye
From Federica
Hey Jye,
great page! Sitting in the office in Buenos Aires, working on boring stuff and having temperatures around 5 degrees outside (well, with blue sky and sunshine, which is nice) I am a bit jealous reading about your new adventures. Cuidate y que pases un buen tiempo en Colombia! Besos, Federica
Response: Don´t worry Federica, you will be travelling soon again and the weather will be awesome then and you will speak awesome spanish too which will make things so much easier! Have fun in Buenos Aires, i hope they dont have anymore floods there. Hasta luego. Jye
From Silvia
Hola muchachito!

!Me hace tanta ilusion recibir tu parte de viaje!. Las fotos son fantasticas y tu narracion muy entretenida.

Sigue disfrutando
Un beso
Response: Yep conoco su email... ja ja ja, estoy feliz que te gusta me pagina de viaje y las fotos. Mi espanol es mas o menos pero yo entiendo mucho y hablo bastante viajar... Entonce estoy todo bien! Hasta Luego, Jye
Hi Jye,
You are sure getting around. You don't seem to have put on any weight, don't they have any fatty food over there.
We had a lovely trip down to the Snowy only home a week and it is snowing down there. Season opens next week-end. Pop caught some trout, trip was magic but do not like the Sydney traffic, especially with a caravan on. Next trip to the Blue Mts in September. Catch you later. Love from your favourite Nan & Pop. X
Response: Hey Nan & Pop,
Yeah eatting lots of food, don´t worry. I walk, trek and do lots of activities... so its more the case that the fat does not get a chance to stick! ha ha ha... Glad you had a great time down at the Snowy, yeah i know Sydney traffic is getting worse each year! Jye
From lee
man, you sure living the life.

you look well my friend and very happy. keep up the updates - its making a few of us guys real jealous.....back to work for me :(
From Sarah K
Hey Jye
Just wanted to drop you a line & say hi & that i hope u are well. Sounds like your having a ball. Enjoy the rest of yout travels cause you aint missing anything at home. Look forward to the next installment of your journey.
Sarah xo
Response: Thanks Sarah! Hope your are enjoy everything there, you guys going to play a winter comp?... Jye
From Diego
Hi jye awesome pic´s hahahahah que estes bien cuidate q tu viaje en colombia sea bueno y te extrañamos ! =) ojala te veamos en septiembre , las fotos del football game estan muy buenas

bye jye !!
Response: Gracias Amigo! Jye. Estoy en Colombia en Bogota y mi gusta es muy interesante... pero hoy hay lluvia! grr! Hasta luego. Jye
From Mauricio
Hi!!! JYE.....

Esta Super bien !!! contada la histotia de tu viaje en Santiago.........espero q en Colonbia te vaya muy bien y que conoscas muchos lugares......un abrazo grande y que bueno fue encontrar un amigo de Australia por Chile.....

cuidtae y disfruta de tu siguiente viaje .....

Response: GRACIAS AMIGO! Hasta Septiembre cuando vuelvo! Chao, Abrazos! Jye
It looks like you are having a great time! keep having fun and enjoy every minute of your trip! remember: You only live once!!!!

love ,
Melmo says hi, he misses you!
Response: Thanks Becs... Love your comments! keep them up! Will call you again in a week or so i guess with new goss!
From Rachel
Hey! Hey! Hey! Good to hear from you again! It feels like you left a year ago! Your pics are incredible!! Oh by the way I quit Mase!!! Yepeee!!! Finally! It took me two years but I've done it!!! I hope you well! miss you!
Response: Well done! What are you doing now. No working at all.. ha ha ha. Cant wait to have a Mase coffee though! Jye
From Mauricio
Hi!!!.. my fried.....

How are you?? I go to speak in Spanish..........

estuvo muy bueno el paseo a los Saltos de Petrohue y obviamente tambien estuvo rebueno las cervezas en Puerto Varas y en el hospedaje...... a pesar de la vieja @@~€€¬ la recepcion que insistia que teniamos que dormir antes de las 2 am......en fin.......espero que te guste Chile...y ojala conoscas Santiago muy bien.......el viernes me llamas .....porque el sabado podriamos hacer un asado (barbiquiu??)....
abrazos y nos vemos....

MAuricio Correa
From Margaret
Wow Jye

Now I am jealous. Sitting here at work looking at your pics and wishing I could go back with Bill. Well I do have a little news I have quit my job finally and we are heading to the Gold Coast to live in mid-June. With a bit of luck we will live on the beach and the weather will continue to stay nice and warm. Today up there it is supposed to be about 28 degrees. Even Sydney is going to be a warm one today - 27 I think.
Anyway continue to have happy and safe travels. I am sure your espanol is going great but I know what you mean it would be awesome to just find yourself not thinking as you open your mouth. Take care
Cheers Marg
From Dad
G,day how are you? You are looking well from what I can see in your photos, thanks for the postcard and the phone call. Keep having a great time. Love Dad